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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Ryan Mauro (Higher Education) Trump-Biden Town Halls

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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October 16, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Ryan Mauro (Higher Education) Trump-Biden Town Halls

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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October 16, 2020 5:00 am

As President Trump and former Vice President Biden face voters at dueling town halls, what role will the explosive Hunter Biden scandal and Big Tech censorship play in voters' minds? We'll bring you the latest. Plus: The Clarion Project's Ryan Mauro joins me to talk about the influence of foreign money on American higher education, laid out in the group's film, "Covert Cash." That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This Janet Mefford today archived broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to collect Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know town hall simultaneously. I guess you could do something like put two TVs and one of your eyes or you could have the Internet on one eye and a TV. On the other.

It's a little tough to do that. We did our best to try to do both town hall simultaneously. I concentrated a little bit more on the Biden and was able to watch a lot of the Trump just on the Internet and kind of following up and going back and looking at it.

So we do have a report on the town halls and BC had on Pres. Trump ABC had on Joe Biden and the big question going into the Biden town Hall of course was will George Stephanopoulos, the former Clinton hack actually raise the issue of Marie's mama and the scandal that has been broken wide open by the New York Post this week that was heavily censored on big tech social media and of course it never came up. It went on for an hour and 1/2 something along those lines. Marie's been everything came up, but he did ask hard-hitting questions like, at the very end of the town hall George Stephanopoulos.

I mean, he asked Joe Biden weld Trump over at his town hall talked about co-bid 19 testing. If you do have another debate with the president before the election, will you demand that he has a COBIT 19 tests wow, so hard-hitting, I guess there was nothing else to talk about George Stephanopoulos.

This is why you don't put Democrat and Democrat hacks into positions of quote unquote journalism. That's why because their affinity for their party and their agenda trumps everything that I want to go first to Biden. There was a lot about Biden. Generally speaking, it was this is my take. It was boring. He talked and talked and talked and babbled and babbled and babbled and at one point, I believe that he was really trying to just fill enough time where nobody could ask him about Marie's mama.

They had a number of people Pennsylvania voters in the audience. It was supposedly a divided group so you would think that would mean half Republicans have Democrats. The only Republicans they introduced during the course of the night were disaffected Republicans who have voted for Democrats, K-6 supporters, people who are unsure, but then they had a bunch of progressive Democrats who are just loving on Joe Biden. There was only one conservative it and mean it was so's the whole deck was stacked against any kind of meaningful answers on anything but I want to go to this particular answer because I think this one is going to end up being the one everybody remembers that had to do with one of Joe Biden's favorite subjects. The LGBT agenda. This was from a mother. Listen to this question. This is cut eight I'm the proud mom of two girls eight and 10. My youngest daughter is transgender. The Trump administration has attacked the rights of transgender people banning them from military service and weakening nondiscrimination protections and even removing the word transgender from some government websites. How will you as president reverse this dangerous and discriminatory agenda and ensure that the lives and rights of LGBT Q people are protected under US law, not loaded at all.

I'm sure that she just thought that up off the cuff and nobody coached her at all on that particular question. Are you really worried about your eight-year-old going into the military. Why don't you worry about your eight-year-old having some kind of mental problem that is confusing him and making him think that he's a girl and by the way, when she was referencing the weakening of protections against discrimination were you not aware of the Bostock decision handed down by the Supreme Court just a few weeks back where they came up with this idea that somehow federal civil rights law already protects sexual orientation and gender identity, so there was no mention of that.

But listen how Joe Biden answered at this is cut nine flat out just change the law of ruin eliminate those executive orders number one, you may recall on the guard who said that I was raised by man who remember our being dropped off my my my my dad was a high school educated and well read man who was a really decent guy was being dropped off to get an application center varsity Wilmington, Delaware corporate capital, the world of the time these two men on getting out to get a an application for lifeguard African-American because it was a big swimming pool complex and as to when well-dressed leaned up and hugged one of interest when mother I'm good now. The court, the light and turned my dad my dad would receive. Joe is simple. They love each other the idea that an eight-year-old child or 10-year-old child massage though I decide I want to be transgender so I think I'd like to be a big make my life a lot easier should be zero discrimination what's happened is too many chin gender women of color are being murdered, what does that have to do with anything she's talking about transgender's in the military for her eight-year-old and he goes off on a whole LGBT Q plus agenda ranch, but did you catch the most interesting line that he uttered the idea that an eight-year-old child, or a 10-year-old child decides you know I decided I want to be transgender. That's what I think I'd like to be. It would make my life a lot easier.

That's what he said now I can just hear the human rights campaign going berserk. Nobody decides they want to be transgender. They are literally the opposite sex. Inside, then they are outside and they should have the right blah blah bubble, but the one thing you can say to the LGBT community that makes them insane is implying that there's any measure of choice in any of it because that takes away the main narrative they want to project which is that they were born that way, and therefore they should have all kinds of rights written into the law and somehow found in pieces of federal law or or some kind of court decision that that is just completely off the rails.

Unbelievable. Then listen to this. They did discuss court packing. You'll recall that Joe Biden before talked about the fact that he didn't want to reveal whether or not he would pack the courts in light of this judge Amy Kony Barrett hearing that's been going on yet he doesn't really want to do that because that would become a headline, but George Stephanopoulos brought it up again. Listen to cut 10 about the question of expanding the court hears what he said exactly one year ago tonight a democratic debate. He said I would not get into court packing. I would not pack the court. That's not what you're saying now is the nomination of Judge Barrett reason enough to rethink your position. What is the nomination of what I wanted to do. George you know if I've answer the question directly from all the focus would be on what's Biden to do if he wins instead of on. Is it appropriate what is going on and should study this is the thing with the present love to do always take our eye off the ball. What's at stake. One of these Peter suggests visitors number constitutional scholarships are just as well that the release for five options that are available to determine whether or not you can change the way in which the court lifetime appointment takes place consistent arguably with the Constitution. I have not been a fan of practical core tracking because I think it just generates what will happen every whoever wins just keeps moving in a way that is inconsistent with what is going to be manageable so you're still not a fan but I'm not a fan of them say depends on how this turns out.

Got that. Then he went on to say he'll come out with a clear position before the election.

Depending on how they handle this George Stephanopoulos again questions what does that mean and he said I'm open to considering what happens. From that point on, meaning the vote for Amy Kony Barrett's nomination and whether or not she gets put on the Supreme Court so clear as mud.

Whether or not he'll actually do anything before election day to let people know how he sees court packing is just a he's noncommittal. He talks all over the place.

Everything he talked about he rambled when they talked about crime and the crime bill and whether or not he was for the police or against the police for something like 15 minutes and I thought you know Georgie could take a short break and maybe ask him about his son China and money funneling to you 100 Biden was put on the board of Marie's mind and he was getting contacted by Ukrainian officials about thanks for letting me meet your dad been a good thing for voters to hear about but I guess that's just not something that a Clinton hack wants to bring up not in polite company anyway. Did Republicans in the room you want to get them upset. Unbelievable.

Tron was another matter were to get to him right after this you listening to Janet Mefford today. Kevin Sorbo of the hit films. God's not dead and let there be light gives his thoughts on the scourge of abortion greatest attacks on America was perpetrated by her very own Supreme Court. Subsequent to that there have been 70 million babies in the womb. Some of the most that is more than the entire population, Canada, Australia, combined, and that's why Kevin Sorbo also supports pre-born. I wanted to invite you to offer your full support from the Ministry of pre-born leader Dan Steiner, pre-born is very focused and very successful at saving pre-born babies from abortion you join us in the cause for life by letting a mother see her baby on ultrasound and hear the heartbeat shall choose life 80% of the time for $140 you can help save five babies lives to donate, call 855402, baby.

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You're listening to Janet River today. No, here's Joe Jolene Townhall's boy that was some fun on the one hand you have the Biden town hall in which he was never asked about the increase rewritable bombshells scandal that the New York Post broke this week about Hunter Biden in the emails found on the laptop and money funneling to his father, and introductions made between him and the Ukraine and also then as you know Joe Biden his admitted this openly. It's all over the Internet that he pressured the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who is investigating Bre's mom to basically trump was impeached for what Biden did. This is basically what's going on. But George Stephanopoulos was too concerned about things like masks and fracking is fracking with fracking again. That's never been addressed ON the green new deal which Biden referred to as the new green deal.

That's not what it's called Joe Biden at at any rate it that that was one side of the aisle over on ABC, then on NBC you had a debate.

That's right, there was a debate except the debate was between Pres. trump and Savannah Guthrie.

Let me let you listen to some of the exchange.

This one was about herd immunity cut one do you support herd immunity strategy. Actually, just so you cannot be worse than the problem itself do the right thing were expected to lose 2,200,000 people and maybe more than that 210,000 people want versus what you should never happen because of China. It happened because of China and you have to get that understand that should have happened. It shouldn't have happened. Then she goes on to ask the burning question of the evening, because this certainly has never been addressed before white supremacy and whether or not Pres. trump denounces it. How many times has he denounced it already on on 10, 12, 15, 25 times, but she had to ask it again. Listen to cut to watch from the premises for years, but you always do a Joe is Joe volume. Whether or not he denounces it the same basic show with Lester Holt that he was asking questions like Biden was a child will die what you I didn't like the premises. What you and explosion you feel to do so every time I'm sure the list is a white supremacy question I'd announced white supremacy and frankly want to know something I did amounted to five and I denounced these people on the left that up burning down our cities that are run by Democrats.I will let you about QA nine yeah I don't want to talk about the laugh and the violence and the looting and the murders in the streets and NT 4.0. We want to talk about any of that.

Let's start by queuing on that's the burning question that I'm to get to next list by queuing on and your association with Q and on what is the point of this queuing on is a big nothing, and in fact the left is just as an aside, the leftists in the evangelical camp have been on a queuing on Rand themselves for the last several weeks. Why because they want to make conservatives look kooky.

That's why there are some people who are really into queuing on their some people who are mildly interested in queuing on it's something that people you know.

Look at to varying degrees, but trumps like I that I queuing on a mean I'm against pedophilia, but that's about as far as it goes.

Oh no no no no queuing on queuing on it's a joke. Why anybody on the Republican side of the isle would show up with any of these people who are just completely unfair and these are the people who are supposed to be fair and balanced moderators of debates or questioners. These people have no good faith at all and you can see this so starkly in the differences between the way that Biden was treated and the way the trump was treated and the big elephant in the room with Biden was left completely untouched. Just as we knew it would be.

It's disgraceful. Now let's go to Savannah Guthrie again asking trump how he will accept the election results was a cut rate.

Will you accept the peaceful transfer of power you have said repeatedly.

The only way we lose this election is if it is red simply not true that neither candidate can lose it fair and square as well.

What I see thousands of balance right dollars being given out by the millions and thousands of dumpsters and when you see balance within the military dollars. Margaret and garbage.

We can go one single case hundred 50 million both your own.

There is no why all that he's not doing a very good job every day thousands in Ohio. The great state of Ohio 2000 and another location of the Carolina 500,000 application no. No, there's a tremendous problem. Let me just talk about the peaceful dreams they spotted what you call and they sighed heavily in my campaign and they tried to take down the duly elected city resident and then they talk about with you peaceful transfer and the answer is yes. I will but I wanted to be an honest election and so does everybody else what I see thousands of balance dumped in the garbage can have my name on it or not, there is no widespread fraud you are sowing. You say that you do read what you watch, I do day about balance corrupt fraudulent millions that are made are raised by 1% right now. I wanted to be lead really when I want this to be clean. Do you notice in that exchange how little Savannah Guthrie actually picks up on trumps point which is any kind of fraud any kind of ballot dumping in his case where his name was on the ballot is a disenfranchising situation in a presidential election. And you can bet if this kind of thing were happening to Joe Biden they be going berserk.

Just be fair, they can't they can't be fair, I like to this to this is where Donald Trump called out the media and the deep state cut for you about the peaceful transfer. What I spent three years fighting off these maniacs and now it turns out, everything is there that they were the ones that dealt with Russia. It's too bad peaceful transfer. I want that, but ideally I don't want to transfer to someone with bright mount. Good thing he got in that line about the fact that the people who were really colluding with Russia or on the other side. The people who are making it all up. Now we know from the Brennan notes that Hillary had put this whole thing together and Obama was briefed on it and that was never raised either. That was never discussed at all. What about the Supreme Court, Trump was asked about Merrick Garland, never having had a hearing and does this speak to GOP hypocrisy. What changed. Here's what he said on that score. Cut five is a whole ballgame changed when I saw the way they treated Justice Cavanaugh, I have never seen any human being and I'm not just talking about Supreme Court. I have never seen a human being treated so badly with false accusations of everything else. I have never seen anything like it and you know what the truth is, like it or not, the ballgame changed a lot. There is never anybody treated so badly is now just as Kevin.

I would actually make a case, perhaps the president Trump has been treated worse. He had to go through an entire impeachment hoax. He's had to contend with the deep state he's had to contend with all of this vast corruption and bast corruption in the media.

I mean he he's been taking it on the chin since day one and is still there and by the grace of God. It's incredible what about the issue of abortion.

This did come up. This is kind of an interesting exchange. I'm gonna give you my thoughts on it after you listen this is cut six. Would you like to see Roe versus Wade overturned all and I would like to see a jurist, a brilliant person who has done this in great depth that has actually started this issue on time.

Make a decision and that's why I chose her. I think that she's going to make a great decision. I did not tell her what decision to make and I think would be inappropriate to say right now because I want to do anything to influence her I want her to get approved and then I want her to go by the law and I know she is to make great decisions for our country will would like to see Roe V Wade overturned an abortion band of them would say most of them would. I am telling you, I do want to do anything to influence anything right now I don't want to go out tomorrow and say always trying to give her signals as I didn't stick to her about it the right thing and doing how she's going to find out for you might not find it may never get there. Now you could say why did he just come out and answer it because he's trying to get Amy Connie Barrett through. That's why his record speaks for itself on the pro-life issue. I don't have a problem with that.

It just is a way of getting the media off his case and I'm okay with that because I know what a strong pro-life president. He has been Trump also had. I believe a strong close listener cut seven people sitting out there love you. Some of them were sitting right around there is some who will never vote for you people in the middle there. People who aren't sure there are people who want to know why they should give you a second chance and how you might improve in a second term because of the great job with the strongest economy in the world would close that we are coming around the corner. Vaccines are coming out soon and our economy is strong we are at a level with jobs like we ever been before, builds our military buildup orders. We had no borders. We had known nothing so much.

We give you the greatest tax cut in the history of our country.

Regulation is important that we created new levels of jobs that nobody thought was possible. Next year is going to be better than ever before. Our rights president Trump with Savannah Guthrie over on NBC and send in a nutshell, we got more to come here on Janet Mefford today stay with us will be right back. This Janet Mefford today archived broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis.

Your gift of $116 will help to families.

Please help today by calling 888-247-5499.

That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to here's your host Joe Palau is the time that a lot of high school students are beginning to apply for college next year and is if the pandemic didn't complicate things enough, there is another tremendous infection on our nation's campuses. The millions of dollars that many of these universities have been taken from foreign entities that are diametrically opposed to American ideals.

Some of them are even sponsors of terror. What kind of impact does all this money actually having in our academic institutions and what could this compromise due to our nation as a whole. It's laid out in an important film for the Clarion project called covert cash or to talk about it now with Ryan Morrow this Shulman fellow national security analyst at the Clarion project where he spearheads the Clarion intelligence network Ryan, great to have you with us. How are you I'm doing wonderful enthronement on well thank you for being here this is kind of overwhelming. We've seen a lot of these new stories coming out in recent months about Harvard and Yale and Duke and some of these other institutions taking a lot of foreign money. How bad is the problem is way more than I even realize when we first started project so there's been like little whispers and reports here and there about quote form financing to universities over the years and so Mike, you have the Clarion project we did a very long project where we all be publicly disclosed transaction schools are legally required to make and we tallied up the amount you want to find out where the money coming from, according to what universities are willing to do when they choose to obey the law and what we found. The number two going up the current hold that from 2012 today about $17 billion coming to American colleges and universities from foreign countries and that includes at least $5 billion. Universities broke the wall by not declaring and then later had to declare because the education department was launching an investigation they declared it and then retreat about money and provide the bride a lot of money although it covered completely white China Carter Saudi Arabia Russia Pakistan will all be Quakers that are not billing for donating for the humanitarian good of America rights will that's an awful lot of money. $17 billion at how many countries are contributing that money. I mean, you mentioned some of the worst ones.

China and Russia and caught her in and places like that, but how many countries are actually funneling money into the US academic institutional system, money and donations of an older amount or from the contract you did today. So allies of you are doing all yellow countries are neutral, all basically every single college reporter. The anomaly here is how much of a proportionately third coming from countries are relatively poor.

Known for being selfish with their money and filled her investing money in American colleges and universities. For some reason that we don't know about the big problem so if you have $17 billion and blurted coming from avid theories of the United States and those avid theories are known to be very little money.

It really the question what the return on investment. What are they getting that is so worth that money when they could be spending that money on their own military or their own corrupt lifestyle, especially fury when you're talking about the poor countries that you just mentioned what you think the answer to that question is clearly was some of these countries. They want to buy influence, but what what you think the overall reason is that you have so many countries wanting to get their cash into the American colleges and universities version because our country is for sale and approve every democracy or constitutional republic.

Whatever someone you know called it when we have a free country. The ability of adversaries by" always going to be private with proctoring about that were stupid and that the money universities true to declare which again is just a tiny fraction of the overall about a minuscule fraction is publicly available. Having our adversaries. They eventually were going to wage an ideological war on your soil gets what were going to tell you when were doing it to show you how were doing and we are going to walk through your front door because you're stupid and going on all encoders very common, something that we can do to put an end to the bite, it seems like common pollution gold advance very quickly in Washington.

Everyone focuses on what the controversy is what the big fight is about the competence I feel like hey, maybe there's more transparency when China is funding by the American College Of the it's like everyone to all course within about a topic of conversation on real it's unreal. Let's talk about some of these countries China, for example, not really at the top of everybody's list at the moment over the Wuhan virus met that China has given $1 billion to US higher education. A lot of this is you point out in the film goes to run these Confucius institutes tell us a little bit about those who do an amazing example of a version of the United States and having our adversaries will buy it. So the money that coming from communist China to the college and university. But what they're blatantly doing but they say that the computer for periods are part of their fall power quote County Court though that's what this is to spread propaganda and then will we know, because they barely hide it in the way of recruiting students and then you know universities of your all university professors repeatedly of them getting arrested for hiding their Chinese funding so we know you are Spidey propaganda bases and we let them operate what we do that that Charles Lieber, for example who you highlight in the film, the chair of the Department of chemistry and chemical biology at Harvard, was arrested for lying about payments he was getting from the Chinese government, how frequently are we seeing these kinds of connections between Americans who ought to know better than to do the dirty work of China actually getting busted for doing that so many example that I lost track. I told Michael about trackable but it became too much, and so in the case was only for other about espionage all that and maybe not just about the ideology of it though because when you develop military weapons and the technology of China. A lot of that's not straight from the military, but the technology that you made weapons.

You can feel that and get by. That way, so that is very dangerous for us even when people tell well they're feeling secrets from a business or medical fee growth.

All that can be used for China's war machine profit. The best example of 1/3 example by then we came across is that Connor gave about $340 million to Northwestern University and we look into what I was for and actually publicly come about with four that with the bring over student from Northwestern University to help Carter expand Al Jazeera, his/her propaganda network in the world that arguably treatment it is noted Al Jazeera's anti-American and about again your taking money from Al Jazeera sponsor defender students that help build that. I mean his treatment and then we found out that a professor at that rule on who tweeted out on 9/11.

Happy 9/11 that were the biggest error we look into where you get is funding and he got huge grants from a terror link organization encoder broker $1.3 million. That's grotesque mean here we have a pipeline then from the Medill school of journalism which is supposed to be one of the most highly respected journalism schools in the country to this what you're talking about. It's it's disgraceful. It takes all of their credibility away, among other things. The mathematical curious to it an ethical and moral issue transparent everything that the wrong in the world that you autopilot could be summed up in the glory and everything in the film covert cash, which by the way, when people go to the website to watch covert #3, you can look in the according to the declarations we have the money coming to your local college in your local university and for the reason we don't know about what going on in the blackhole of congressional about the gators called it. Where will over the money going towards is because we haven't had a ham in some cases when you contact the University colleges you will get answers were asking people to do it just goes website. Watch the film look at refunding your local school and if you want even think you know you care about what is about to find out here since I that's I signed it out were to take a very brief break will be back with the clearing projects Ryan Morrow talking about their films, covert cash, stay with us you listening to Jennifer today. Are you in need of a healthcare program year and logging is a member of Liberty help share your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year.

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A lot of families in America right now are focused on college whether you have kids in college right now or you have a high school student who's getting ready to go to college next year, you better be aware of what the Clarion project has been putting out there in their film covert cash.

This is really important.

There are billions of dollars that are being poured into the university system in this country and they are being funded by some very disturbing sources and countries and foreign entities that do not have American ideals to heart. Do not take them to heart at all. In fact, they are subversives Ryan Laura with us from the Clarion project right you know people might ask the question why is it when you mention 300+ million dollars from Carter to Northwestern to try you know when and then they have this connection Al Jazeera. Is this offsetting tuition in any way. You are the millions of time allotted. Since it does this mean that I can get a little lower bill in the mail.

Then if forgetting all these hundreds of millions of dollars from other foreign entities is that helping students at all not at all.

We know them from the Department of Education and Congress so that the go to lower the students at all and it's amazing to me how universities are so pompous and an overview of what they think they'll have to follow the law because what you will about University.

They know how to do accounting know how to take tuition. They followed a number of the arrival but then all of a sudden the all when it comes before funding. You just don't declare it even though you have to by law a little bit sketchy probably evident quote purposeful illegal activity or at the very least, arrogant, pompous, that's right. But here's another example that you highlighting covert cash MIT, which I guess is expanded this relationship with school tech. This Russian big other half is money. I guess you had mentioned is from the sketchy Russian oligarchs got this. This is so sleazy. Have you gotten to the bottom of why MIT is doing this.

Had they answered any of your questions thus far. We got nothing yet but will await will all vote for researchers, but the reason the money going to school for that but they can help develop the knowledge of their own purposes, and the individual connected to the entity that donated the MIT from Russia has been sanctioned and been called out of the international community for his corruption and basically acting as an agent of influence for the prudent regime of Russia is not hard to connect the dots on the law and again that I think a lot of the usually fall there's been proposal thing any transaction above $50,000 has to be disclosed right out $250,000 and that's not like allotted any donation or foreign contract worth $250,000 and above. Have you be delete this quote bent over in shipments of 249,000 like unbelievable to me. I think it all had one without care. The amount we get $10 and about what the limit, but you have to put at least two or three something what the money going towards how we do that, that's not required to be a public disclosure when many of the school get taxpayer money and parent paying for their kids to go or hip pain for their own tuition like you in her classroom don't deserve the note or professor getting money from Carter.

Of course right. I mean, especially if they're putting in uncashed on pallets and delivery way, I'm kidding, of course, but I mean you're seeing this kind of corruption in the in the American University system, what, what about you note some of the theological influence that comes with this I mean this is that this is a subject on which you're obviously an expert, but you highlight in the film that DNC. I'm sorry the UNC Duke grants the Middle Eastern studies program at Duke that favors Islam.

Surprise, surprise.

Has Duke been forthcoming at all about what's going on there mean that's that's a problem as well because then the material that the students are receiving is biased in favor of the guy who's giving them the money to do it, or the entity that's giving them the money to do it in the first place right all not aware of university paying anything more transparent that we are one of the cold out what you ordered for being particularly nontransparent about all but we will talk about the public closure kind of like low hanging fruit when it comes to death because that's like the leave you money. Our adversaries put into our system.

The most blatant examples. What about when our theories are like the Muslim brotherhood or whoever took the trunk and the funnel money that way that's not required to be so filled with school board including a fraction of what is coming through conventional method than what about unconventional methods, which is where they buy the textbooks for all or guest speakers coming in the wake of funnel money and so really look at the iceberg I would. We can even imagine what the pole mounted in a few days you mentioned before, if this is not offsetting tuition. What are you finding that these universities are spending this money on.

Clearly there setting up particular programs, but are they spending it on fancy buildings or you know extra stuff on campus. Steve, do you know to any extent what their spending most of this money on light research programs would like it sounded benign, but there is no nefarious purpose all about not in America first program right The regional foreign partner. We want to invest in that programs are, you don't have cooperative relations through all of you through the program began another way of feeling expertise or recruited by the good way of getting that conduct in the 90 can you see which student you can probably recruit or radicalize builders that they are funding complete programs like the confusion basically spoke to the school pay you get a free Chinese language and culture program and we take care of or give up the word out and then you cash in on all the tuition students find out, spend all the money they suffer from mounted student debt will rather live Apple money you get the key because the Chinese government paying for all the so about getting rich on the part of the universe as well and it also should point out advise silence at a time when, for example with the CCP. We don't need any more silence on the CCP. We don't need any more people covering up for the CCP. What is the real ramifications of this Ryan because if you have a whole host of people across the United States whose silence has been purchased with this menial money from the Communist Party of China and Russia and Saudi Arabia.

How does that harm the United States in the long run because that that that's undermining. Obviously our Republic major body all over the place you're technological advancements are being stolen so grab it.

Don't have to spend the money doing the research and wait for you to develop spend all the money and you'll it they can spread their ideology on campus which is over the long-term. Going to result in the destruction of the United States if it happened and we make matters worse, because how many student understand and take pride in American history or the Constitution to really know what our student are not equipped unit from the right.

Anti-American ideologies are bankrupt, but you are through have the critical thinking skills to be able to detect them to Buncombe and reject them but all our very spending goes and nothing no movement never read a quote from the founding fathers.

Unfortunately, you're right about that. And in mentioning you just mentioned in passing groups like the Muslim brotherhood might hit you don't get setting up fronts. They do this all the time here in America but do you know of any Muslim brotherhood groups that are actually funding universities as well because that's another angle to this story.

Oh yeah, so going back to the ED note from declassified FBI document that the international threat of Islamic thought, which is a Muslim brotherhood trunk connected to all and really well no not part of it. Donate millions of dollars to pay for chairmanship that University of the fund Islamic studies program and they say it right on the website now where that money coming from disorderly review. It's been reported that a lot of coming from foreign country I would assume that the case because I don't come across many donors to the international Islamic no that radical group. It's probably coming from over you but we know the part of the multiple network and the EDB FBI actually had buy inside the mobile brother network and he reported that guided her doing that they believe they fed up with group called international Islamic thought will be will follow in an unmoving amount of money that you can't trade their goal is going to infiltrate academe and look what happened. There is there that is really disturbing, that is, all of it is really disturbing, especially when we do have laws about disclosure and and they're not doing the right thing.

But you know Ryan, this just points out why people need to watch covert cash and also like you said become a citizen journalists and demand to know from your kids school. Or maybe your school where you getting your money from, and if you receiving money from one of these anti-American countries, you know, where's who's giving it and what's it been used for and you know demand some answers. I think this is such an important project.

You can go to Clarion cash and watch the film for yourself.

I highly recommend it. Ryan Mauro from the Clarion project it Ryan. You do such great work and it's always great to talk to you. Thank you so much for being with us back yeah you bet. Take care and God bless you. Really appreciate that kind of good investigative journalism.

We need more of it we have to leave there, but we thank you for being with us here in Janet Mefford today.

See next time

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