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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Gad Saad (Identity Politics) Todd Nettleton (Persecution)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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October 10, 2020 5:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Gad Saad (Identity Politics) Todd Nettleton (Persecution)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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October 10, 2020 5:30 am

How are the infectious ideas of our time killing common sense? I'll talk about it with Dr. Gad Saad, professor at Concordia University and author of the book, "The Parasitic Mind." Plus: The International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians will take place on Nov. 1. We'll get the latest on how believers worldwide are standing for Christ under pressure with Todd Nettleton from The Voice of the Martyrs. That and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today archived broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of began ever day. It seems we acquire new examples of how out of its mind are altar is, here's a case in point Hebron can be a Boston University humanities professor recently tweeted out that we should eliminate the term not racist from the human vocabulary because, as he sees it. We are either being racist or being antiracist but you can't just be not a racist. And it's this kind of thinking that is making our society and increasingly oppressive one where social justice warriors and feminists and sexual radicals tell us how we have to think and talk and engage in live, even if their positions are completely disconnected from common sense. In reality what happened to reason and what ever happened to freedom and questions on the table were to tackle them today with Dr. Gad sat, who is professor of marketing at the John Molson school of business at Concordia University and host of the popular YouTube show. The sad truth, and author of the book will be talking about called the parasitic mind how infectious ideas are killing common sense.

Dr. said so great to have you with us. How are you I'm doing well thank you for being here. We are really in this timer infection is on people's minds because a covered 19 but talk a little bit about people in America and the West who have made this move from valuing free speech and reason and rational thought to embracing these idea pathogens as you like to call them. What is happened with us right back.

Argue that while Oracle would cry very serious water no speakerphone on this been a global pandemic of the human mind that's been raging for 40, 50 years now was on with the University ecosystem, but now these dreadful ideas keep their way into every nook and cranny of society. And so, in the book. What I do is I argue that in the same way that animals could be rectified by actual brain worms, rendering them maladaptive in their behavior. Human beings can be rectified by idea pathogens ideas that can cause us to walk into the abyss of infinite lunacy unconcerned without rejection of reason and science and common sense surely dreadful arms we need food to feed it out for sure and you talk about the fact that it has been over the last 4050 years. As you just mentioned that these ideas have taken root and really messed us up at 02.

What would you attribute the origins of this problem.

It would be postmodernism. Would it be something beyond that, I mean we talk a lot about identity politics and social justice.

And all this better. What is the original bad idea that led to where we are now certainly postmodernism grant that just because it rejects them all that you basically said there are no objective truth. Everything is constrained by our subjectivity are personal biases you might imagine how that's a very nihilistic very science position because I do wake up every day thinking that there are natural truths to be discovered. Otherwise what's the point of getting out of bed golf course truths change what we thought was true scientifically. 300 years ago we might've updated 300 universal science and public recognizes that truths are provisional but we do wake up under the working assumption that there are truths postmodernism completely blows that premise out of the water than the normal everything is subjective and why have all these idea factors are started, we could talk about other other I get back all share an original, but Sawyer of some noble cause right so militant feminism started off with a reasonable idea light. I mean we we all agree that men and women should be equal under the law. That's called equity from the problem with them.

Militant feminism as it pushes it much further well for us to ensure that we don't live in effect for school, we must reject that men and women are are different. We must make them indistinguishable beings.

Everything that is different about them must be the social construction of nothing must be people biology. So in the pursuit of an original global goal. To that end up murderer murdering and raping truth and that's simply wrong. You're right about that and in their really hypocrites when it comes right down to it, because as you mentioned, yet postmodernism is all about. There is no such thing as absolute truth which they you know, obviously now have turned on its head and they are the ones who are acting like the intolerant Puritans that they have previously accused Judeo-Christian you know Americans of having been in in a previous age. I mean who engages in this kind of hunt and kill sort of thing more than the left. Right now in the postmodernist. They're the ones who are going around with their cancel culture if you don't think right and if you don't it and you know toe the line on everything we want to do with identity politics and you lose your job, you'll get kicked off social media that there got me there really hypocrites when it comes right down to it a lot.

Someone who is one of the rare man probably undoubtedly finally say with with no pretense of false modesty. The professor was more most outspoken about a very wide range of academic sacred cows and I can tell you the way that people come after me. If I criticize Serena Williams because of her crepitus behavior at the end of the final couple years ago before she was a sore loser. Then I start getting people tagging my university because how dare I criticize a noblewoman of color. Now imagine it from my perspective, I escaped Lebanon as a Lebanese Jew under imminent threat of execution because we saw and Lebanese Jews what identity politics. What tribalism does to society. So imagine all 45 years later, but on seeing this exact same reflex of tribalism being instituted as part of the central platform of one of the two American party for its insane and that's a really good point because you've been through it. You seen how it ends up and you see how destructive it is to a society. So why don't these people see this is in a matter of putting their feelings above any sort of academic thinking skills.

They may have required along the way acquired along the way, why it goes back to what I said earlier, when I mentioned that in the pursuit of a original global goal.

They end up murdering trousseau yes of course we should live in a society that is for you. If possible, from the additional bigotry and so on.

But in the pursuit of that laudable goal. We don't then start attacking another group of folks are not. For example, white fragility and white supremacy and white privilege and and and the rest of it has become a completely normal life and acceptable way to attack a whole bunch of people who share a similar skin you. How is that different from the earlier races and so the cognitive and inconsistency in the moral hypocrisy is simply slow right it's the most racist thing of all to display that kind of prejudice when you don't even know people. How can you presume to know what they're thinking or what their life story has been if you've not here. If you have no in intimate knowledge of that person. You have no right to just say no use this sweeping generalization to describe every person with a certain skin color Doppler ads frustrate underwrite it's frustrating. What about this idea that you can't express truth though if it offends somebody or somebody gets his feelings hurt if you say something a certain way because obviously we are emotional people, but we also have to be thinkers and use reason and logic.

What what what about this idea that if I hurt somebody's feelings. I'm to be at fault. No matter whether or not what I said was true. Right. So here I would argue that we need to look at two ethical system.

There is one ethical system called deontological ethics which basically operates with absolute truth. So for example if I were to say to you, it is never okay to lie, that would be a logical statement. Consequentialist ethics is where you say whether you should do something or not, as a function of the consequences of your actions. So for example if you want to have a long-lasting marriage and your spouse says do I look fat in those jeans, you might want to lie to protect the feelings of your spouse and have a happy evening if not a happy marriage. Now the reality is we all navigate through both ethical system sometimes will consequentialist the boundary argument logical, but when it comes to matters of the truth with a P we should always only be be in the logical. I never sacrifice 1 mm of the truth to pursue some noble social cause right and that is a really important thing for people to understand because I think that sometimes you do have people operating with the wrong kind of you know, consequential ethics, as you mentioned before, when really they need to understand the difference between those two categories were to take a very short break were to come back that with Dr. Gad said the name of the book is the parasitic minds will be right back on Jennifer today if you could provide God's word to a Bible list believer elsewhere in the world would you through the ministry of Bible league international you can send that Bible today.

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You're listening to Janet River today and know you're welcome back right have you with us and great to have with us Dr. Gad said Prof. of marketing at the John Olson school of business at Concordia University and author of the parasitic mind how infectious ideas are killing common sense and they certainly are things that you talk about with freedom of speech and other concepts that we have long held as a society to be very very important you save these qualities that we historically held to are much better concepts on which to base our culture in a society, then the current popular ideas of diversity and inclusion and equity, and of course we see those especially on college campuses.

That's just been driven home all the time but why is that why why is it important to return to those original concepts that really have made society function in a more much healthier way because they are really two things you want to write about what chapter 1 of the parasitic mind. What are two ideals that I seek to always defend and pursue.

I call these truth and freedom while you Pursue truth if you're not free to say what you want. If you're not free to engage in free inquiry like building the ark coupled together they go together so that you now have the scope of forbidden knowledge right so pursue certain scientific project.

If it's going to hurt someone's feelings that don't study sex different. Because if the results come out in a way that is against the thickly correct orthodoxy was then that wouldn't be good. While I don't base my decision of which research questions the Paco or not as a function of the downstream effects. I think about if we apply this to visit don't study physics because the Americans are going to unleash to with chronic bombs on the Japanese in World War II right so I am a pursuer of knowledge and truth. Therefore, my only objective is to be honest in that pursuit.

So I adhered to the scientific method with full honesty I'm not biased in my throat. Now how people use or misuse that knowledge should never be something that determines whether I should do the project were not so freedom of speech, freedom of inquiry at the pursuit of truth is what elevates us as human being. That's what led me to leave Lebanon come for the wife millions of people leave horrible societies because of these values of the west, and were just giving them away and make grand collective suicide is unbelievable. Yeah, it really is. But it is are we back to the same problem. If you have a generation or maybe to now that have been steeped in the idea that there's no such thing as absolute truth. How do you even bring them around to the idea that truth and freedom are inextricably connected and we have to evaluate or else were really in a collapse ideologically as a culture well look at the long battle that having a chat. It took 4050 years of brainwashing to get us to where we are that the problem is not to be eradicated overnight. But what we could certainly do to expedite the process of recovery is to not subcontract our responsibility onto others, so I often get is emails from people from parents from students from professors. They made up the fact that you so much for the fight that you're doing you know it gives me great hope, please don't mention my name but I support you last sentence is right there is a problem.

What what what are you so afraid and publicly if you don't even have the courage to publicly support the one who's putting everything on the line that we are certain the battle, but if collectively we all decide we've had enough you can teach my children that voice to can menstruate right away. This doesn't mean that I will support transgender rights when it comes to all people living free of bigotry, but a socially liberal and become but again in the pursuit of that laudable goal. I don't murder truth I don't accept the fact that my children are going to learn that sometimes boys menstruate, and sometimes girls menstruate. No only women menstruate, that's right there no pregnant man I and it just drives me crazy and I think a lot of women crazy you not a man you don't know what it's like to be pregnant and this is the bio phobia. I love that term that you you coining you talk about the fear of biology which comes up not only with the transgender ideology but radical feminism can you speak to that problem of bio phobia and why it is that people are so willing to accept anti-scientific concepts mean just the idea that Bruce Jenner and a corset on the magazine cover would cause everybody to say let's call him.

She from now on and you look when you are you people all knots. That's amazing when you problem somebody help them. Well, the first of bio phobia delight that I noticed was in my scientific work so in my scientific work.

I'm known as the person who pioneered the use of evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology to study consumer behavior.

So the idea is that until I came along, typically consumer. Psychologists thought that consumers simply learn their preferences.

I five but if your peers at your parents that your lap I can treat everything but biology and so emotional. For Steve this idea that biology is relevant to explain the behavior of the mosquito gives you brought your dog. But don't you dare say that biology matters for the human condition and saying what you mean any when a woman goes to her menstrual cycle. She has different Midori preferences on which bike you will look all that but yet somehow the social sciences. You were allowed to say that that was the first fusion of bio phobia that I saw and since benefited many of the other cases that you enumerated yeah it's an and this thing is it's so illogical and it's so out there. There are almost no words to describe how frustrating it is to be caught in that web where you are demanded to bow the knee to what people are saying to you men can be pregnant and men can become women and women can become man and all of this you begin to think you're the crazy one. After a while when you're surrounded with this because there's so much pressure to conform how insane the whole thing in 2017, I appeared in front of the Canadian Senate to testify on a bill, the bills called Bill 316, which has since passed which was seeking to incorporate gender identity and gender expression that the will to hate crime, rubric, and I came along because I want to support supportive of the right of transgender people to live free of bigotry, but I wanted to warn against the slippery slope. I want to tell people look, here are some of the ideological consequences of some of this lunacy to which at the time of evolutionary psychologists I study things like those I will have the file in the private. At the end of my very sober testimony.

One of the liberal senators pointed to me and said your pro-genocide. Your approach which I answered.

It may not be a good idea to be telling someone who escaped execution Lebanon that he support general this is the kind of discourse we have. Why in the world would he accuse you of being pro-genocide because perspective is why is it that you will be testifying here against the bill that seeks to protect transgender people.

Well of course that's not what I was therefore sought what I was there was to say things like, well, if I'm picking up my evolutionary psychology class.

I am talking about sexual selection, which is one of the mechanisms by which you know species evolve Darwinian theory while I talk about male and female so someone going to come to be in for Prof., your tangible, but got 873 genders. So I was basically trying to demonstrate that to have the government dictate what we can say or what we can say what is hateful or not is a very very bad idea right. The tyranny of the minority then holds us on a leash for all that all he saw is why would you be testifying here.

You must be a genocidal media site. It is an and it really kinda cuts the discourse off, doesn't it. When you are all all of a sudden shouted down whether it's being called pro-genocide or your white supremacist or you're a big hitter your homophobe or whatever so many calls you the power of the insult seems to have gained a lot of power indeed has an edge that you're either a victim or your baguette and nobody gets to be in the middle and what bugs me about that and there's so much power given to the two people call that most of cowardly folks and doing nothing because they don't want to fall prey to that population. What I would say instead is activate your inner honeypot your chapter 8 I like a honey badger is extraordinarily fierce is the size of a small dog but you have six adult lines approach it and they run away out of intimidation right because it is so fierce, so end up exactly how I conduct myself if you come after me, you better come correct.

As we say because I'm coming after you worse than a honey badger.

Not because I'm arrogant not because I mean, but because I believe in my principles and I'm ready to defend them.

And if you come after me with these kinds of insult. I'm coming after you after your parents after your dead ancestors. There is no end to how far I go so you have to really muster doc type of spine right now that you are indignant, people using you and wrongly accused.

While that's great and and the thing that really strikes me when you're saying that is what gives you that kind of fierceness and that kind of courage to do what you did, explaining there is conviction and and when you think about younger generations coming up. If you have you no generation Z being steeped in identity politics and intersection analogy in all of this nonsense. That's just being crammed down their throats 24 seven. Where did they get that education to recover what has always been common sense I and the family. Certainly, that's a very important place, but what of that.

How do you do that when you're talking about an educational system that by and large, has capitulated to this identity politics mentality.

While that's the beauty of the dreadful but also brilliant right. Think about it if I could draw an analogy in advertising.

There are certain moral, legal and ethical principles that dictate when you're allowed to target advertisements to children and typically the argument is should only target children when they have the cognitive ability to know that you're trying to persuade them to do something like buy something so it might be 10 years old. My proposal that's the beauty of the brainwashing I got a get Google children as early as possible so that when they are 20 they don't have the honey badger can ship the fight against your nonsense. Well, it's all such an important subject for everybody to wrap their heads around and really take to heart what you're saying because an entire culture really is at stake when we are surrounded by this kind of illogical thinking and I'm really grateful for your book. It's called the parasitic mind how infectious ideas are killing common sense. Dr. Gad sat with us so good to talk to Dr. said keep up the good work and thanks for being with us.

You're welcome. God bless you and will be back right after this. This Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to collect and chant map Janet River today and here's your host Joe Mefford thanks for being with us.

Just recently, more reports have surfaced about the Chinese government toppling crosses from churches in one of the Communist Party officials was quoted as saying Ross is must be removed from all churches because Christianity does not belong in China is just one of the many accounts of Christian persecution across the globe and that's why on November 1, believers across the world will be recognizing the international Day of prayer for persecuted Christians, which is a global prayer movement on behalf of believers who boldly witness for Christ and any cost and in the run-up to November 1. The voice of the martyrs is releasing some strategic prayer resources and also short film to bring attention to this great great problem working to discuss more about it today with Todd Nettleton, spokesman for voice of the martyrs and host of the voice of the martyrs radio so they do have you with us.

Todd, how are you doing I am well thank you for having me. It's a pleasure in your ministries very much on top of this issue. Obviously, what is the extent of the suffering that Christians are enduring, worldwide right now. Can you give us kind of a big picture on the subject of persecution and what Christians are going through. While Christians around the world face different challenges depending where they are more than 70 countries, though, where Christians are currently facing some type of persecution and that can range from what we might call discrimination hey you can't live here, you can rent an apartment here you can have a job here all the way up to places like North Korea were Christians are literally laying down their lives rather than deny the name of Christ right so it is very scary. What's going on out there and talk a little bit about the international Day of prayer for persecuted Christians. This is an important thing. I think for everybody to take time and really spend some time on their knees for our brothers and sisters what what all goes on. On November 1 tell people a little bit about that, while the international Day of prayer for persecuted Christians is a direct response to their number one ask from us. You know when we go as voice of the martyrs. Our staff sits down with persecuted Christians around the world and we say were going back to America were going to talk to the church there were in a talk in the media there. How can American Christians help you. What can we do the first thing they say every single time we asked that question is pray for us and so the international Day of prayer is a direct answer to their request that we pray for them in the challenging thing to me and I think convicting for all of us. Is there prayer request is not hey pray that we won't be persecuted anymore. Pray that our government will change in our suffering will end what they're asking us to pray for his pray that will be faithful to Christ. In spite of the persecution in spite of the suffering. So I think that's a like a fair convicting prayer request for us. But as you mentioned voice of the martyrs has prepared some resources short video you can show in your church service. You can show in your Sunday school class. Some downloadable resources, a church bulletin insert some slides with specific prayer request. We want to equip every church to be involved in this international Day of prayer for persecuted Christians. I think it's fantastic what you doing you know it's interesting going back to what you just said when you do discover that persecuted Christians tend not to say please pray for us that the Lord will alleviate our suffering and you know and strike down our enemies or what have you, and they tend to talk more about pray that I'll be faithful to Christ.

Even in the midst of all this. Why is that because I think for even for many Western Christians that is the surprising thing and they probably do wonder, why don't they pray for an end to their own persecution explained that Todd you know I don't know that I have a sort of doctoral level explanation, but I have a theory and one of the theories that is it. Often times when we come to Christ in America. The gospel presentation that we hear is you come to Jesus and he is going to make your life better here on earth.

Things are going to get better for you. You know he wants to meet all your physical needs. He wants you to have a better job.

And so we come to Jesus with the idea that that our lives are going to get better in a place like Iran nor a place like China or a Muslim country in the Middle East. The gospel is not that is not hey come to Jesus in your life here on earth will get better. It is come to Jesus. He will forgive your sin he will walk with you through whatever happened, but your life here on earth is probably going to get worse.

So there's a good chance your family is going to reject you.

There's a good chance you're going to be persecuted. You could even end up in prison. But Jesus will be with you in prison. So when you come to Christ through that kind of a gospel presentation when hard times come you don't sort of have this feeling will I wonder what happened. I wonder you know what God not paying attention or are how could these bad things have happened to me it becomes just yet.

This is what I thought was going to happen. This is what Jesus says in the Bible would happen to those who follow him. And now it's happening to me but I can experience his goodness, I can experience his presence in the midst of it. So I think it has to do with the philosophy and sort of the way we come to Christ in the first place. That's a great Syria think you're right on the money about that and what an example. These Christians serve for us to do here. Sometimes these faulty gospel presentations come to Jesus and everything will be hunky-dory in your life which is never promised in Scripture, that's really important you would mention the short film that you guys have put out call Jeanette Central African Republic and I did watch that really moving video talk a little bit about this place, the Central African Republic and what's going on there for Christians, while what is happening in the Central African Republic is there are in the midst of a civil war there is battle back and forth between different groups, different tribal groups.

But what is happened in the midst of that Civil War is Islamist factions in Central African Republic have sort of use the cover of the Civil War to specifically target churches and Christians and pastors and so were to the point now where eating in the country right now there are 30,000 displaced Christians who have been forced out of their homes forced out of their villages. Some of them living in camps, some of them living literally in the bush but they are under this sort of pressure and persecution.

Like I say yes there is a civil war going on. Yes, there's all kinds of unrest but in the midst of that they are being targeted specifically because they are followers of Christ while well 30,000 Christians. That's not a small number and I understand. Also, some of these missionary stations and homes are being burned down, and a lot of these Christians are living in these makeshift shelters is that still the case that is still the case. Many of the missionaries have had to leave the country because of the unrest and because of the violence that many mission stations have either been overrun or they been completely destroyed and like you say, Christians are living in camps there, living in tents there living under tarps or in some literally out in the bush play what what what kind of help are they receiving a means for all these thousands of Christians who are just kind of in dire straits. What what kind of help are they getting from from other Christians and from you in organizations that what's going on there to help them.

While there is a real effort to get help to them in the form of humanitarian aid even like tarps and tents and cooking pots and some just basic necessities as well as food and shelter. There is also an effort voice of the martyrs as part of that to provide spiritual help as well, along with those humanitarian aid, Bibles and training for pastors and one of things we been involved in is helping people deal with trauma and training one person who can then train eight people who can then each train eight people and and get that training out through because so many have had to go through trauma and are trying to recover from that and they're trying to wrestle with their faith. At the same time, of how could this trauma happen if God was watching over me and so being able to do that from a biblical perspective and being able to help people work through that and pray through. That is a significant need right now.

I can imagine is the situation in Central African Republic compared to the rest of Africa. Right now you don't because it's in the midst of a civil war. It is a little bit different than like in Nigeria we we see some of the same kinds of atrocities. Some of the same kinds of attacks in northern Nigeria, but it is pretty much it's vocal or is the pool Lonnie.

It is Islamist coming against Christians, if not in the context of all. By the way, there's this group fighting this group and the group over there. So I think it's a little more chaotic.

Maybe in the Central African Republic, but like you say it is. It is a place where Christians are targeted for their faith similar to what we would see in northern Nigeria or in some other places in Africa. Boy there really is a need for prayer and that's why we are highlighting November 1 which is the International Day of prayer for persecuted Christians and when we come back. I want to talk more with Todd Nettleton about what else is going on. For believers across the world. There's some good news as well will be right back on Janet my for today. How much is one life worth. Most of us would say life is priceless and we be right after all.

What is the value of someone created in the image of God were asking Janet that for today listeners just like you to help us save babies through the ministry of pre-born.

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Thank you for saving a baby's life for several years now Syrians have been pouring into the country of Lebanon to seek refuge amid terrorism, and civil war. Now, the crisis in Lebanon has escalated in the aftermath of cover 19 a crawling economy and a devastating explosion in Beirut at the spiritual crisis in Lebanon is the most devastating crisis of all because many people there have still never heard anything about Jesus. That's why Hartford Lebanon is on the ground ministering to hurting refugee families in the South and the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, providing emergency supplies, Christian education, Bible studies and worship gatherings for these refugee families and the impact is incredible. Your investment of $116 will help to families impacted by the crisis in Lebanon to get emergency supplies that they need to survive during the next 60 days. But best of all these families would hear the gospel of Jesus for the very first time a gift of $58 is enough to help one family.

Can you help call now 888-247-5499 your listening to Janet Mefford today. If you're just joining us, we are talking about the International Day of prayer for persecuted Christians coming up November 1.

You can get involved.

Your church can get involved. The voice of the martyrs has all sorts of great prayer resources and even a short film that you can watch and also show to others you can go to DOP DOP and get all the resources you need to participate. What an important thing it is to pray for our fellow brothers and sisters around the world were suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. Todd Nettleton is joining us.

We're talking a little bit about the Central African Republic. Todd and you are mentioning this is place where there is a civil war going on and you have 30,000. Some Christians have been displaced and driven from their homes there. Lots and lots of bad news.

You also though I know have highlighted some other African nations and given updates on some positive developments.

For example, in Sudan. Can you talk a little bit about what is going on in Sudan right now. While Sudan is a country in transition.

Islamist dictator Omar Al Bashir was overthrown last year they put in power. A what they called a transitional Council but is supposed to be a three year process leading to elections and a civilian government so were one year into that transition process but just in the last few months there have been some major developments for Christians in Sudan and for people who care about religious freedom being in the month of July. The apostasy law was repealed in Sudan. This is a law that says if you're a Muslim and you say tomorrow I want to be a Christian. That's against the law and it carried a death penalty so they overthrew the apostasy law in July and August. The government signed a peace deal with some of the rebel groups, which didn't necessarily affect Christians but it affects the stability of the country and in just peace and the standard of living there then in September, the government promised not to base new laws on sharia law. The Islamic law because we want to have laws that apply to every religion equally were knocking a base all of our laws on Islamic law so you can see these things happening, and Christians in the country like White House.

This is serious. Develop for us. We have talked with our contact in Sudan and one of things they have said repeatedly is right now. Nobody's watching which is kind of a funny way of saying hey the government has other fish to fry right now, they're worried about this. They're worried about the laws they're worried about heading towards elections right now.

Nobody's watching us. The church, so while that's true, were going to go hundred miles an hour working to do everything we can to advance the kingdom.

We don't know what will happen in two years when they're supposed to be elections. We don't know what happen in five years, but the windows open right now and we are going to go through it and so that's the attitude of our Sudanese brothers and sisters while that debt is something of a miracle really Todd because Sudan has been a hotspot for quite a while and to see those big changes that really indicates that God is answering people's prayers doesn't it does and I had a conversation with our Africa regional director on your radio about this and we talked about the fact you know you think back a few years to the story of Miriam Abraham Miriam Abraham was a pregnant born into a Muslim family a Christian.

She was charged under that apostasy, law, and she was sentenced to death and people around the world heard her story and prayed for Sudan. My colleague Peter Gothic who work here voice of the martyrs spent 14 months in prison in Sudan for his work and people heard Peter story and they prayed for Sudan and we talked about the fact I think what we're seeing in these positive developments is the fruit of all of those thousands and thousands of people praying for the nation of Sudan were experiencing the answer to some of those prayers and soon needs that so encouraging to Eritrea. There's also some good news there pertaining to prisoners having been released so that's a good good good development as well that Christians have been released from prison recently but yet they're still Christian still imprisoned there as well. The good news is 69 Christians over the last about six weeks have been released from prison. Some of them in been in prison for more than 10 years so this is long-term prisoners being set free, the government is blaming covert they're saying hey you know we have a covert problem. I've heard some thought, but that's really a play for international aid tears sort of the bad news. There are still 500+ Christians imprisoned in Eritrea, they have not been set free. Even if they is covert in the prison system and the government hasn't changed the laws they haven't said that you, the evangelical churches. Okay, it's fine for you to hold services now. It's fine for you to be open so the laws haven't changed their still 500 and prison but boy we celebrated.

We praise the Lord for 69 Christians who been allowed to go free and reunite with their families. That is wonderful. Are they all natives of Eritrea or are there any missionaries from other countries who are part of that population. Those are all as far as I know, Eritrean Christians, but none of them. This is one of the frustrating things about Eritrea. None no Christian imprisonment has actually been charged with a crime. None of them of how to trial. None of them had a lawyer you just want to get arrested and you disappear into the prison system and like to say for some of these.

They've been in prison more than 10 years now they've been set free incredible so continue to pray for Eritrea on the Christians there who are still imprisoned without trial or a lawyer. I can't even imagine how frustrating that is mentioned also that the outside of the interview, Todd. The situation in China as we know there has been increasing persecution there is that the CCP cracks down not only on Christians but also the Uighurs and some of these other religious minority groups there in China you I know have asked for prayer for the family of long ye this is a pastor serving a nine year prison sentence. They are for leading an unregistered church. Can you give us a snapshot not only of this pastor, but of the other pastors in China and Christians who are suffering along the earlier hero of the faith.

This is a pastor who led an unregistered church. He was arrested. He was sentenced right after Christmas last year to nine years in prison. He had actually acknowledged and really counted the cost ahead of time. He'd written a letter he'd given it to some of the leaders of his church and said hey when I'm arrested because I probably will be when I'm arrested, released this letter publicly in the letter basically said I love the Lord. I understand that following Christ in China has a cost and I'm willing to pay that cost.

I'm willing to go to prison. In fact, when his sentence was handed down. He said I'm not going to appeal the sentence. I will serve my sentence joyfully because that's what Christ has called me to do here is the reason were asking for prayer for his family, his wife Jong wrong with their son Joshua. They are under very intense pressure from the Communist Party right now Jong wrong is basically being kept in isolation. She's not allowed contact with members of the church. Even members of her family, so she is very very isolated. Joshua is picked up every morning in a police car and driven to the Communist Party school where he can be indoctrinated all day long with Communist Party dogma and so this family is under very intense pressure now here's a little silver lining in the story are contacts in China say if in prison if long, ye had compromised if he'd agreed okay, I'll just be quiet all stop talking about Jesus. Probably his family would not be under this kind of pressure. Probably they would've eased off on his family so what this means is that he is standing boldly and strongly inside the prison, but his family is paying a price for that outside the prison.

My well, God bless him and the rest of that family. That's got to be very very scary for them and we will keep them in our prayers and again as were talking about the November 1 international day of prayer for persecuted Christians with voice of the martyrs, Todd Nettleton, you have these great resources that your offering it not just for individuals right for churches as well. How do you recommend that churches use these resources in order to bring attention to the persecuted Christians plight it all the resources help us know who were praying for. So whether it's the video that we talked about from Central African Republic, though the bulletin insert some of the other resources that we have. They help us know who were praying for but our hope is every church will do something for the international day or per some will make it a special part of their prayer time someone will develop devote the whole service or the whole day to praying for persecuted Christians. We had churches that actually will put on an underground church service, don't meet in the basement that week. They'll circulate the secret knock that you have to know in order to get in the building that week showed different churches will do different things like to say that the hope is every church will do something to remember our persecuted brothers and sisters. Well I hope so as well and I know that some churches might be doing. It's the second Sunday right because of the election, but either way you can get those absolutely second Sunday third Sunday but pick a Sunday. Pray for our persecuted family.

While that's excellence.

We do need to do that. This is such an important gift.

I mean, to the rest of the church to be able to stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters across the world. So check out the resources from voice of the martyrs for the international day of prayer for person persecuted Christians just got a OP and you find everything there Nettleton, thank you so much for being here with us again and thank you for what you guys do will be praying for you as well and thank you so much for the information. You are welcome. Thanks for having you bad. Take care God bless you Todd and thank you for being here with us on Janet my for today. Always a pleasure to have you with us and we'll see you next time

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