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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Tom Gilson (Apologetics) Tessa Longbons (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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September 25, 2020 2:38 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Tom Gilson (Apologetics) Tessa Longbons (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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September 25, 2020 2:38 pm

How can the character of the Lord Jesus Christ impact the way we do Christian apologetics? I'll talk it over with Tom Gilson, senior editor and ministry coordinator at The Stream and author of the book, "Too Good to be False." Plus: Several Christians were arrested recently in Moscow, Idaho, for protesting a local mandate over masks and social distancing. But were these believers really being persecuted? I'll give you my thoughts on the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today archived broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to Janet River today.

Our confidence is in Christ alone. Genex perspective. There are a lot of ways you could make the case for Christianity. You could talk about the reliability of the text of Scripture.

You could focus on the empty tomb, or you could point to the uniqueness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Salvation by grace through faith alone, compared with every other religion on earth and point out its uniqueness.

But what a perspective that focuses on the character of the Lord Jesus. My next guest puts it together in a fascinating new book that were to talk about author and speaker Tom Gilson joins us today.

He serves as senior editor and ministry coordinator at the stream and blogs that thinking sent today will be talking about his book too good to be false. How Jesus is incomparable character reveals his reality time wonderful to have you with us. How are you well and it's great to have you here. This is really interesting you take an approach to the Lord in your book that you say has not been taken in a very long time by other authors. This focus on Jesus's character, why focus on the sort of person Jesus was as a means of showing his true identity of this approach is very unique in the whole Bible we approach our work in. Over the greater than I realized when Eric reported pushers of following him greater than most of the real life of unique getting to the point monitoring their beauty and character Christian very much experience our trip and we can get used to it. Fiber is a few new Jesus character that I think to use to their so-called story of Christ when it comes to their explanation for where the gospel came from. They created a theory of storybook, but basically depend anybody can write a story this point, listening right now to helicopter the point that if it was all gone, that we need to understand how Jesus is better than we knew nobody made up the story because it is too good story to people how I agree with you there. So when were talking about Jesus's character. What makes his character unique.

It almost sounds like a dumb question when I ask because we know what made Jesus unique is the only begotten son of God. He's sinless.

We know all of that as Christians. But what about his character was so unique. What stood out for you in your study thing one point but have always been true, but we may not caught before it, because we haven't looked these kinds of question one has been gripping the longest juices flow more amazing than we realize come to that conclusion.

If I think I actually done this with different groups think with me about all the powerful people that you know about the Bible for not doing a comparison with me about all the powerful people in history.

History imagination to surrounding milk was in fiction novel movies, whatever.

Think of all the people have incredible power and in the stories, not that one must think about all the people in all the stories in all history who have a rentable compassion or other centered their self sacrificial giving you notice about those two completely different.

Yes exactly, you don't have really powerful people who are really other centered Jesus is the incredible exception to that rule. Yet I think it even when you have people who are powerful.

For example, if you talk about Marvel heroes there saving the world are saving America or what have you, that they might give the puppy back to the little kid that that that can't compare to what Jesus did for sure for sure Superman by the way, with believe creators remodeled her man after Jesus having trouble power you very good especially in the early versions Superman but talk about goodness are part of all powers Superman fly through space. Jesus created space the same level of power even in the level of goodness work.

What would actually ruin the word drop me to my knees to worship was when I realized Superman would use if you fishing along his coffee. Jesus never used this extraordinary power for its own benefit over it with only for us to this characters and stories go, fiction or otherwise. There is nothing that comes in you where your Jesus you just found so far from the crowd.

It's extraordinary you're right about that and that's that mean that's a new angle that I think a lot of us haven't considered, and I think immediately about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness by the devil and starving and he didn't mean he could defend himself. EE was the one who fed the 5000 for the loaves and fish is an and multiplied all the food for the crowds out of compassion for the crowds. He didn't give himself any food. I mean, that's amazing. Another side of it may well what about his resurrection did you do that from so I won't know what backed up a little bit.

You don't get a resurrection without dying first. Yes and she is not just the didn't have to die person to didn't have to die at all because he did notice the nature back it up a little bit further in the best way to put this in context, you start to read a couple years ago about a guy in India who sued his parents for wrongful birth just ridiculous, but from now the newborn and he got the sense that if you give an advance informed consent he would've been okay with it. Jesus gave it didn't comport. Informed consent to come to earth.

The helpless baby to grow up in a family to live with all of our junk to suffer an unjust trial.

Brutal beating crucifixion envelope for you didn't have to love is. It is well and and consented to be born and consented to Diane mean Jesus says in John 10 no one takes my life from me. I lay it down of my own accord, and I have authority and that's another thing that you talk about in the book is Jesus is his own authority. He rarely actually cites Old Testament Scripture. He mentions Old Testament strips her son but he usually speaks just out of his own authority, which is absolutely unique you Scripture for background information. When he speaks truth upon his own so that all the prophets of the Lord never speaking for God when they did that she spoke to God. But what you said was you heard that it was but I think you didn't.

He didn't look at anybody but himself as having the authority to speak scriptural true, you and I can get away with only he could.

At the end of the sermon on the Mount is the crowds were astonished were he spoke of the authority as one having authority, not is there interested in are you still think that Maddie spoke with our real boys. What it really meant what you spoke of you if isolated. This is the latest right and did it with absolute humility. How many people even in literature as you talk about her legend would have all authority and not be brash about it not be in a kind of counting their chest. I'm in charge here. He never did that is another thing that makes it hard to believe. The skeptic's version of world legend Jim from his there's there's a very difficult to create a connection there were essentially your wife everybody's like all of history depend on me and yet he does it without losing that sense of humility you think is an easy story to make up for 2000 years of his work is absolutely true. As you say, and this is why the title of your book is too good to be false to come back after this, click break Tom Gilson with us listening to Janet my for today.

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Right now, you could see their wave of people in great anticipation at what God would further do and all mitts in the years to come because I believe that the crisis and see you as a loan crisis. Unfortunately so but I also believe that the right now we are starting to reap what has been sold for many many years in the lives of the refugees.

We are seeing churches full of student refugees. We see Muslims coming to Christ was seeing children now being the greatest testimony and the evangelist within their communities. This is the result of many years of hard work and great I believe by faith fought great.

The results are coming in the near future.

Your gift of $116 will allow hard for Lebanon to help to family survive during the next 60 days. Call now 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to 888-247-5499 your listening to Janet Medford today and no USAir on Janet my for today. My guest is Tom Gilson who is senior editor and ministry coordinator at the stream and author of too good to be false. How Jesus is incomparable character reveals his reality and what an eye-opener here. It's like looking at a multifaceted diamond and seen brilliance that he had not seen before but really it's actually something that you mention about Jesus time in your book that he had a surpassing brilliance. For example in how he answered the Pharisees and how he put together the parables can speak to that a little bit on how brilliant Jesus was and how he spoke to people sure there were ample anybody could do that.

What makes you stand out here is that you have the right answer for everyone you try and I don't and you you never get that he would ever walk away from a conversation going. Yeah yeah I could do better next time. He had the right answer first time every time when it was someone coming them in the need for more.

There was someone coming them. Like the Pharisees were trying to trap him whatever he was hit with including the trial before Pilate before the Council had the right answer for every occasion that no matter how simple the words come out of your mouth. You can't do that without being really really brilliant. Now that's right that's right. And yet, not over-the-top with rhetoric either.

I mean I see sometimes people who are into different philosophies or different religions give credence to something just because the person who is talking about.

It was a very verbose you know very very intelligent sounding any Jesus was very simple. I mean, you think about the woman caught in adultery. He who is without sin. Let him cast the first down brilliance but absolutely simple and everybody got the point and I don't see anybody else in human history who was able to talk like Jesus for good reason. I tried want to try to give an example of my book and I had to put in front of the policy. Like you wouldn't believe are that one line you just quoted many thousands of years later, we are we repeating that life. So much in so few words it did. It was wonderful.

Something else to talk about are so many good things people have to read your whole book so they get the whole thing time here, but you talk about his paradoxical leadership and this is something I don't think I've ever thought about before. He never learned from a mistake he didn't improve.

He made a point of not giving straight answers. I mean he would in many ways fail. Some of these leadership lists that are put forward in best-selling self-help books. Whitney would leadership there and grab school. A lot of things wrong you can be my friends if you do what I command you got that's not how leaders talk. The only way you can personally guaranteed to fail. Okay Jesus broke that rule is not a failure of a leader. 2000 years later he's got a movement going strong so why, why was he an exception to the rule we have to look at what it was, well, okay, if you never make a mistake then you never have to admit to a mistake where if you have all authority you can speak as if you have all authority and if you have the kind of love that he had people will follow you around. I wish I could see what it was the cause some people to know that he was for real.

It had been corrodible.

I agree, it had to be incredible. I it's just amazing. And yet, as you see in the book. He's not just unique that Jesus was uniquely good and you touched on that sum but we know the Lord was sinless, but he never used his powers for his own benefit, as you said before, I can you speak to the goodness that he hatches the profound goodness that he did not know retaliate, obviously. And he didn't put people down a you just absolutely sinless and it came across to people he encountered whatever probably would you live, you want to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you cross me. I forgive them credible integrity of character. People trying to knock them off course everywhere. Family, countrymen, and look for the big news opponent. Everybody was trying to knock them off course, but he knew it is therefore which was to seek and save the lost (for many preach the kingdom and he stuck with that integrity is was always under challenge and yet he left it out and it's just again it hits you afresh when you you going to all of these details in your book.

Well I had decided that before but but totally true. And yet he was God. Obviously that makes you absolutely unique in human history, but it makes you unique. If you are in a people who reduce Jesus to a great teacher or great prophet who else is claimed to be God who live the life to back it up, and when was raised from the dead to prove it. There is no comparison for you along the middle part of the book is devoted to the skeptics challenge the story of Peter came about.

There was a real Jesus.

He was a leader who died they were bombed okay want to do now. Oh well moment on the resurrection that it could still be the leader oversimplifying it because I don't have much time do it the right way but in the story spread all around the Mediterranean and I got change the telephone to work getting changed along the way and finally where the four Gospels that were working on for different theological and political purposes, and they all landed on this unbelievably unique, incredibly good character.

I don't think that I don't think the skeptics! Where the gospel came from the gospel that we have when a gospel or for the gospel.

The mishmash of a person is not scrambled personality right so so how does this actually all this evidence that you're showing both Christians and skeptics alike. How does this also confirm the historicity of the Gospels. What is that do for our defense of the Gospels and and those writings, in and of themselves being part of the canon and actually being the word of God and showing the skeptics see this all ties together negative negative would be the wrong and I think what you do if you just look at the skeptics theory, which only been able to just barely touch on here thereafter to work there. The answer is obviously wrong either innervate got another alternate. There, in a come up with oral story must be true.

So you put them in a position where they got scrambling their lesson.

Yes that's right from the point of view we got a character who is different from all the rest of humanity, both in reality and imagination tells us something every religion, even the communist want a piece of Jesus are put into Jesus, there's the socialist everybody Jesus because everybody recognizes there something in him) predicated, everybody recognizes or something. Why don't you go look at him and feel for real exactly this rights what they want him on his own turn on their own terms. They don't want him on his terms which was a problem going all the way back to the New Testament, we saw the same route and dwelling on it during Jesus day yet one of the chapters that you also have in your book. Time is how Jesus became so easy to take for granted and is not just the way you phrase that because I think that's also sometimes true of us.

We just take it for granted that Jesus did all he did and said all he said and accomplished all he did what your thoughts on how he has been taken for granted. Over the years, culture why it goes back. In our culture when we when we think about the environment of revolution.

We start to think about how the world is a mechanical and so don't need a God so it would begin to think that we can solve everything on our own human terms. And so we don't do that.

You look so much good philosophy is not good thinking, but that the way we fell in the there's this whole thing about pluralism, worry, God. The gospel is just one truth among many, because we got travel transportation everything the Christian world got to know the non-Christian world okay what we can be so proud to say we got the only true so we would put Jesus as one among submerged him based on a long picture who you in the midst of a lot of other worldviews when in fact we write far above the other side of it to this grant will be perspective on the individual perspective we get you hearing the stories we forget that if we look at him from a different light. We can be surprised all over again and feedlot is greater than I know that's true. You know I always think about what we discussed when it comes to Bible study that the Bible is simple enough in its basic message for anybody to understand, but it's deep enough that the greatest scholar can ever plummet steps, but the same is true of Jesus himself, I mean Jesus is the word obviously but when we look at the character of Jesus. We look at what he said what he did and the fresh perspective that you're bringing to the person of Jesus.

He really is the diamond you can admire too much signing and that's even an understatement there and you cannot possibly look at Jesus and not find something new in him to you that does not make him newly you know, worthy of worship in a way that you might not of thought of yesterday right.

I'm hearing a lot of readers experience from the Internet reviewer. You never heard of the distinguished Prof. of viral University.

This is new for me for worship. But it's reflecting what happened to me better Christian over 40 years. I knew the doctrine of Jesus. I knew I could worship him. I know I should worship him.

But when I started seeing him this way. I couldn't help but fall on my face, for God's sounded so great. We get to leave it there but the name of the book too good to be false by Tom Gilson. You can check it out in time. Just a delight to have you here. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. A good conversation. I did two things will be right back. This Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499.

That's 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to collect and chant Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe back when it comes to the state of abortion in the United States.

A new report out from the Charlotte leisure Institute indicates that the long-term decline in the abortion rate in our nation may be slowing and chemical abortion has a lot to do with that sort of find out more about this now from Tessa long on to his research associate at the Charlotte leisure Institute and author of this report, called new abortion trends in the United States, a first luck Tessa so good to have you with us. How are you now glad you're here to little bit about this report and what you were trying to really as sassy as you are looking at the latest abortion trends abortion reporting handle that level guide white data either going to voluntarily share it with the centers for disease control and prevention, BP will publish national report by well and we wanted to get back to work at the latest state so we look at all the available report for 2018. To see what was going on with abortion and which direction abortion rates were had to get a general idea of where things that national report is very good. So when you're looking at medical abortions. The typical abortions that people think about when a woman goes into abortion abortion clinic and has a you know, a regular abortion surgical abortion. Where do those abortion rates stand at the moment. From what the data is telling you medical abortion one better. I engaged with the abortion or RU-486 had been increasing at almost exactly 20 years RU-486 abortion pal was approved by the VA and we got a ride and medical abortion, United, particularly in the last 10 years of data between 20 and 2018 and all of the eight report that we look at medical abortion plan got by almost 9%. So we increasing making up a larger and larger proportion of all abortion United eight now around 41% of all abortions will write back his increasing trend. Yeah that's really disheartening and and we've seen a lot of abortion clinics close over the years. We know that the abortion giants Planned Parenthood and the like have really been all in favor of chemical abortions is a way to keep the abortion rights up what what about nonchemical abortions. Do we know the stats on those with the women who actually go into the clinic and have an abortionist kill the child though abortion, medical abortion Eric had actually creaked a little back compared to local abortion or medical abortion and other which Ron Baxter to go abortion you would have to go in the actual feature transitioning to abortion where you would just take combination apparel to abort the baby Shaq right and of course it's difficult when you have an option of taking RU-486 or the like to know it's not the same as being able to stand outside abortion clinic in protest and pray and try to speak with the mothers to dissuade them from having an abortion. What sorts of challenges has chemical abortion created for the pro-life community in our ability to really impact the rates of abortion and bring them down. If not, eradicate them altogether hot. What kind of challenges. This would you say for pro-lifers.

There are multiple challenges are only when you can't rely being medicalized abortion. Well, we are concerned for the women you will be undergoing chemical or medical abortion Eric black on black medical oversight more dangerous opportunity for informed and really reaching out to the information that might change their mind before they undergo a medical abortion… Me concerning my bag. Not knowing where the pills are going we can bear falling into a very concerning and well something that we been paying close are worried abortion is increasing very, very, very good. I mean, that's very important for people to understand, but the abortion industry says that these chemical abortion protocols are safe right but does the data back that up.

While part of the problem is there really a lot of very, have been reported.

The drug ration that really now VI distributor at the abortion pill.

It only required to report back only got that they are aware of no woman had a very serious complication but survive or if there's a gap that occurred by not immediately link.

The abortion pal wanted their doctors to treat a woman aren't aware that she was undergoing a medical or chemical abortion reporting Food and Drug Administration though. It's really difficult how how many women are being impacted by that mention all of the unborn baby. Good points long can you take RU-486 or some of these other chemical abortion pills during the course of a pregnancy.

Is there a point in the gestation of the mother where you can't take the pill anymore and it will work out what is the time. When they would recommend you take it in order to abort well pushed and pushed ID abortion three be working great.

Aware that if economy black affected with increasing and at the beginning Jack very early on and recommended back abortion help you by that way pushed out to week in 2016. Recommendation and now we been abortion and are quite Planned Parenthood promoting you and get a share even VI and court concerning the kind there's always a concern that pregnancy.

What completely accurately woman could be by taking the abortion pal too late. There complication right because that's many weeks after the heart starts beating. So when you're looking at some of this legislation, heartbeat legislation, for example, would that ever be able to be used to reign in chemical abortion use with these pals that I mean, it's hard to regulate his net once a woman has the pills can't very well go into her house and figure out what week of pregnancy. She's taking it exactly. Another concern that I wanted to know maybe completely sure I could to eight that she may unknowingly go past that that benchmark up when not have medical or a doctor they are to make sure that she felt not only unborn baby harm like unborn native mother's situation.

Yet now, did you find there were particular states were chemical abortions or abortions in general were higher than they have been in the past.

What are you finding out when you look state-by-state group based on your overall, abortion.

We look at that are protective of white eight that are more permissive of abortion back in the abortion telco pad unfortunately gone up a little bit between 20 and 2018 gone by, much greater margin in the permit compared to protected which with encouraging that they're ducking right on indicate based on how they approach abortion policy brought to our day. The applicant state.increase of more than 4% in 2018. While being a black and white tennis while well and we don't want to see any percentage hike at all in the rate of abortion, obviously, but it does make a difference legislatively. What is on the books and I suppose this is all the more reason to continue to work and to pray for this good legislation that we've seen enacted across the country in various states and also some of the action.

A president tromped to continue to fight for the lives of the unborn. What you can check out this test along bonds with us from the Charlotte leisure Institute. Thank you so much Tessa for your work and for being with us today you to take care and thanks again Jennifer today. Kevin Sorbo of the hit films. God's not dead and let there be light gives his thoughts on the scourge of abortion.

One of the greatest attacks on America was perpetrated by her very own Supreme Court. Subsequent to that there have been 70 million babies in the womb. Some of the mothers that is more than the entire population of Canada, Australia, combined, and that's why Kevin Sorbo also supports pre-born.

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With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there is no network so you can choose your phone doctors and hospitals. Liberty health share is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens.

Find out that's Liberty health or call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561. You're listening to you and come back and I hope I can get through this in 10 minutes and given my level best efforts, there were a number of Christians who were cited during a protest over a mask mandate and social distancing mandate in Moscow, Idaho. This is where Pastor Doug Wilson has his church. A lot of people know Doug Wilson and some of these people at least were from that church in that fellowship. I will play though some of the audio from the man who was arrested one of them. His name is Gabriel ran. She's a Moscow Republican for the laptop County commission. He is running. I guess in November against the Democrat incumbents.

He was one of the people who is cited and is involved in a podcast or I guess you would call her podcast call cross politic, and he and some of the other people who were involved in this particular protest talked about it on a recent show.

Listen to cut 1R Mayor on Monday voted to extend the mass resolution through January for Google requiring everybody in town where you canceled since to wear a mask, so you need to master the social distance larger should went to City Hall and Gerlach.

I would suggest church community went to City Hall and went to sing psalms in the parking lot is City Hall and were singing songs. We just kicked off the first Psalm I'm standing there with my mom and were closest to the police and pastor Wilson warned us that if you guys are good social distance. The police are communicated to me so everyone got a little closer student closer one of them started singing psalms and the cocci we cocci lot to me and my mom for closest singling anybody out and all you are you guys are just together.

My mom's like working with you guys. My arm and then I grabbed my buddy Tyler is Tyler and I said the cost was about were not. After that, the cop came to talk to me and is your license to write you a ticket you don't need to do this you will need to do this you will need when you took it and because of you. Give your license or said look better than this. You know you it's your job to actually defend the people is actually for the citizens not right now the mayor the boss. Your job is actually the people. Okay, but we understand that the police arrest according to what the laws actually are insight people under ordinances that are passed by local government, who are elected by the people. That's our constitutional Republic works we get mad when the BLM protesters who are breaking the law don't get arrested by police don't we. Why is that because we have laws on the books and this is very different. I would say in terms of attitude versus what I experienced years ago when I had spent some time in Operation Rescue protest those Christians went into those moments fully expecting to be arrested and fully cooperative with police.

They were fine with being arrested. They understood that there were consequences to standing up for what was right dating in cops faces and say you have to do this. You don't have to do this they went along with it because they knew the cops were just doing their job now. Yes the cops have not arrested BLM protesters in a lot of circumstances and that is frustrating, but it's not that they don't have the right to do it they choose not to. What are we to say, as Christians don't arrest us under the law because they got away with it.

That doesn't make much sense to me now. Listen more. Here is said by Gabe listen to cut to the reason why we don't know the emergency live streams and eyes because I got arrested for not social distancing, or wearing a mask while singing psalms and public City Hall.

You have to wear a mask because the virus apparently knows better when you're opening your mouth for food.

When you open your mouth for this whole thing when we are also guy got booked and Joe Joe for about two hours as they were debunking the home walking out and I go by their office, which is right next to them didn't booked out and there's usually office into one master and sit and run as they should.

They get arrested because they are social distancing wearing a mask and wanted everyone to just get out or no not wearing a mask they should get arrested right you guys are applying arbitrary right.

I just asked him in what year are you going to arrest me and gave knew that it was better you don't mess up the footage.

Do you know how the mood here and I understand they're doing a show but from the very beginning of the show.

It's very frat boy like I don't know how else to put it. There's a lot of humor and joking around and sound effects, and I thought this doesn't sound like a serious sober conversation about constitutional rights, nor is this an issue over freedom of religion. Think about this for a moment how many months have I spent standing up for the small pastors in the large pastors who have worked in California to get their sanctuaries back open.

Did you know in the state of Idaho. Their churches have been open since May 1. They're not fighting that serious battle of obeying Hebrews 1025 that's a biblical command to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, and we did suspend that all practically all of us at the very beginning.

But when we saw that there was a double standard and left his protesters got away with it.

But Christians were stymied in abortion clinics in liquor stores got away with it. But Christians were stymied. We had pastors who would stand up and start filing lawsuits, and rightly so rightly so it look, I understand hypocrisy as well that would be maddening to be arrested or cited for not wearing a mask or not socially distancing, and then see that the cop doesn't have a mask.

Of course that's maddening. I don't blame them at all and I don't have any problem with the mask mandate protest. I don't have any problem with that at all.

I think that your right as an American to go before the city Council or whatever magistrate hereunder at in your particular jurisdiction and complain about it and work for change. I guess there's even talk about having a referendum, but I'll tell you something else that bothers me about this when I watch the footage they were very much in the cops faces and again this is a big contrast with what I saw at pro-life demonstrations totally different attitude. There was not an attitude of compliance and politeness. I'm not saying they were overtly rude, but there was one Christian. In particular, Using profanity. He Using profanity to the cops and the other Christian standing next to him were laughing and agreeing with it. I thought to myself what witnesses this for Jesus Christ to stand up in the face of a police officer who is just doing his job and you to start using profanity and claim that you are representing the Lord God Almighty and you're his ambassador that is flat out wrong. Then they were claiming some other people were claiming and Doug Wilson made this claim as well in a blog post that he put out the people were being arrested for singing psalms. There was another comment on the show cross politic their arresting people for singing amazing Grace arrest you for singing amazing Grace.

They cited you over the issue of not wearing masks and not socially distancing, and gave mentioned in his comments that you are just a couple of minutes ago that he did it on purpose.

He put his arm around his friend Lisa were not family. I mean he was doing it on purpose. Fine. But then expect to get arrested and here's the other portion of us out of the whole thing.

Of the five people cited.

This is according to the Moscow Pullman daily news of the five people cited, it says to also were arrested for suspicion of resisting or obstructing an officer in the fifth Gabe ranch was arrested but not charged with allegedly refusing to identify himself to police. Now I don't see any sort of biblical justification for resisting or obstructing an officer or for refusing to identify yourself to police. Now you can make the case why don't have to to be like that though you trying to make a broader point about masking and social distancing, and the lack of necessity for it in your opinion, because, although there has been a spike in coping 19 cases in that area there in that county people are saying is it's come on, masks don't work in you and I made this case as well. A lot of these masks don't work. I think it's ridiculous to but there's a way to do it, not by swearing at cops and refusing to go along with what they ask you to do and getting in their face is insane. You work for the people to obey the law there.

The police we want the police to obey the law.

That's what they're there to do the thing that bothers me the most about it is this. This is not about freedom of religion, any anybody in Moscow, Idaho.

He who has a problem with the mask mandate and social distancing requirements can go to the city Council and protester have this referendum. I'm fine with that.

Go ahead and do it. But this undercuts. If you are deliberately trying as a Christian body to make trouble for the police over something that doesn't involve a biblical command and the government tyrannize in Christians than what you're really doing is you're undercutting the seriousness of the fight that's taking place in states like California, where those people can't even get their sanctuaries open. Those people are finding a religious liberty battle. This is a religious liberty battle. This is a freedom battle. You can find it. I'm not against that. I'm not saying that you shouldn't fight it but I'm seen churches have been open since the beginning of may want to just praise the Lord that you can be in church and worship freely because your brothers and sisters in California don't have the same freedom you do and maybe your energy would be better spent. While you're protesting your city Council and appropriate ways, helping your brothers and sisters in states where they can't even go to church and obey. Hebrews 1025 so let's not equate both of these battles is being equally serious and let's behave like Christians when were doing any sort of protesting. That's paramount to leave it there.

Thanks for being with us next time I can

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