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Carter Conlon (Prayer Event)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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September 23, 2020 5:30 am

Carter Conlon (Prayer Event)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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September 23, 2020 5:30 am

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently said she attended in-person Catholic communion, even as she chastised her archbishop for protesting the COVID-19-related ban on indoor worship services. Now, her spokesman claims Pelosi “misspoke." We'll talk about it. Plus: On Oct. 6, pastor Carter Conlon of Times Square Church is hosting a prayer event for revival in America from a historic Pilgrim site in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Why? We'll get his thoughts on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to click and chant map generate reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, soil these Christians as we know came here to seek religious freedom and that brief journey that culminated with the Mayflower dropping anchor at Plymouth Massachusetts was the foundation upon which our nation was built. But today, as we know America itself is in deep trouble.

It's in trouble, not only from political upheaval and moral decline but at root, it's in trouble due to our spiritual decline is a people who came here seeking to honor the Lord and no longer in great measure, do so now. Psalm 85, six says will you not revive us again that your people may rejoice in you and that's why my next guest is inviting Americans across the country to pray with him on Tuesday, October 6 when Times Square Church in New York City will live stream its worldwide prayer meeting from Plymouth Massachusetts organ to check in now with the organizer of this prevents Pastor Carter, and from Times Square church. He is Gen. overseer there and host of the nationally syndicated radio devotional.

It's time to pray and a new weekly radio program, a call to the nation and is also the author of several books including it's time to pray harder so great to welcome you back. It's great to have you here. What I can't think of a more important. In my lifetime. For Christians to be praying for our nation and I know prayer is what you do you have a huge focus on prayer I'm I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the times that were living through right now 2020 has been a year. A lot of people will look forward to never seen again. But how if you been looking at this, just as a pastor and as a Christian all that's been going on in the United States we really just in this year were going. We don't have a spiritual awakening and turn back to God to give you the ability and are our discourse about politics or morality were Loretta moment, such as the Lord wants book the prophet Ezekiel describing the nation on the stomach rock throughout the whole body from top to bottom with the children are sought from around make up the hill to those not have to judge the nation and tragically, the next conclusion is found. No one in our Lord is looking to establish a moment of mercy for America if you can find people will come to know God forgive us for what we did with her 400 years and how we returned back from you about the social I cannot believe that this is a mercy moment for this country are willing to risk all I pray that it is an and that's it on the hearts of so many Christians I've been talking to in the last several months what you think. We have not seen more of a groundswell of prayer from Christians, I mean FCIC pockets of it, and I've seen some Christians really concerned about revival but not as many as I thought I would have you seen that as well. Do you think it's harder to see Christians who are really spiritually focused on where we need to go not just where we are. Such a lifestyle in such opportunity and prosperity, and freedom of the course. If you follow biblical whenever God blessed people all through the book of Job people returned away from the forgotten begin to tomato themselves with the people of the no living relationship with God, and I think America redone largely the same record often know the these valuable rights in our Constitution to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on fortunately became the doctrine of the church were much of what we preach to me all across the nation was about my life. My liberty and the pursuit of my personal happiness and produces a lethargy, lukewarmness McCulloch Dr. to be unable to recognize teaches us when were directly to the sense of losing everything that Dr. and I'm hoping that I know you are true as well. Look there are people were going to wake up in the sense to the moment but were presently doing because we were done, moment country right now we don't have a spiritual awakening. There is darkness ahead of us that neither you nor I want to be around her experience so godlessness but wants to swallow the very fabric of the society, and I'm sorry to hear from this country. What I can honestly see, if we don't turn back to God with humility in the heart. I do till I couldn't agree more with you, so talk a little bit how it was that you decided to do this from Plymouth. I know you can be praying from lot number one this is the site of the first house in America where these pilgrims prayed talk a little bit about the site that you've chosen. While we were reading a book called Mayflower and asked me if we could stop in Plymouth to see this.

The stone world. You know what you wish to brother and first put their feet on when they landed here and we went thereunder were sitting on a bench overlooking the area were this Plymouth rock to 100 company called my name was the only sure wish that there was a dog is my mom with my husband and myself or the people praying with you and your worldwide permitting for the last two years and she said my mind. My mom and dad on the house on the corner would know we were discussing through the historical house. My wife is so when one of going to the thousand know what you house building 7090 on the very foundation of the very first house built in the part in an arc of their employment. And you know so the owner of the house told me that he threw 1/2 years before you Baltimore telling him to sell his business. He was a contractor to go to Plymouth to buy this house was for sale at time and just wait and while he was waiting. It joined us in our worldwide permitting on through the night and when you begin to praise of God. Is there a way that you could make that I could meet this not referring to me and then in August I'm sitting on a bench 30 yards from his house is obviously got no I'll try to get through this really quickly fight cancer so one into the house and we begin-can we just take a moment to parcel prayed together in the house and there was an indisputable presence of God in this house so stirred me but I went back to my hotel room that night and I couldn't sleep and in the middle of the night to start the press with more me to this house. This is obvious you. Let me hear you let this man to buy this house and his wife and soul. What is it that you're trying to speak and as I was praying the Lord brought my mind back to second Chronicles chapter 6 and chapter 7 of the Old Testament were Solomon dedicated Temple in the presence of God was there in the middle of Israel and giving them the land by not by their strength, but by his mercy and Solomon didn't when the temple was built. We should Lord give your people are taken captive by a foreign power weathers within their own borders and places near or far. But yet in captivity they rethink about their ways and return back and pray towards this temple.

And please hear their prayer and forgive them and bring them home and so it was that night in the next chapter. Chapter 7 the Lord appeared to Solomon and he said I've heard your prayer and if I have to send pestilence or blight or rise up in the middle of your land, you should famous verse comes the end of my people are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and I will kill her glance. Solomon now my eyes are open, and my ears will be listening to the prayer that is made in this place in my heart will be there perpetually.

In other words, if you stray from me. I will still be waiting for you to come back to this place that context that I felt the Lord say to me I want you to come back to the place where America spiritually began worth gathered and gathered with no plan hardly any, hang on, Pastor Carter, and is with us were to pause for a quick break will come right back down the hallway go. Franca led to little boys from Syria were orphaned four years ago, but when they came to Lebanon with her aunt's refugees. Hartford Lebanon was waiting for them-11 I was there to provide Christian education, emergency supplies, and the hope of the gospel to these two boys. Now they listen attentively to the Bible stories their hearing and or memorizing Bible verses. They have hope now because of what God is doing through hard for 11 on your investment of $116 will help to families to get emergency supplies that they need to survive during the next 60 days. But best of all, these families will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, now 888-247-5499 here's Camille milky founder of Hartford Lebanon to explain why he's encouraged right now. You could sense maybe from what was the excitement right this sense of God has us here in a time and location in history that is unprecedented. This is an opportunity time God's eyes opportunity. Find like never before.

Right now, you could see their wave of people in great anticipation at what God would further do in our midst and the years the cops because I believe that the crisis in Syria is a long crisis.

Unfortunately so but I also believe that that right now we are starting to reap what has been sold for many many years in the lives of that effigies, we are seeing churches full of seeding refugees. We see Muslims coming to Christ was seeing children now being the greatest testimony and the best evangelist within their communities. This is the result of many years of hard work and great I believe by faith father grade the results are coming in the near future.

Your gift of $116 will allow Hartford Lebanon to help to family survive during the next 60 days. Call now 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to 888-247-5499. You're listening to Janice Mefford today and here's Jeff.

Well we are back. Thank you so much for being with us and it's great to have here. Pastor Carter, and from Times Square church.

He is Gen. overseer there and a wonderful prayer event is coming up on October 6 he will be live streaming the worldwide prayer meeting from Plymouth Massachusetts. Of course this is the 400th anniversary at the arrival of the pilgrims to the New World and why these were Christians who knew what suffering was all about, and they also knew what prayer was all about and I'm sure they would be very concerned if they were alive on earth today to see the state that America is in it is time for God's people who are alive on earth right now in the United States to come together and to seek the Lord, perhaps like we've never sought him before to repent and to pray for a great awakening to come again on the United States. Carter you were really talking about a wonderful passage before we went to that last break and second Chronicles 6 and seven and how this really inspired you to go to this site, lot number one in America, the site of the first house for this prayer events do you have a sense of what you will be praying for what you are going to be saying and what you're going to be sharing from the word of God for people who are participating in this prayer that you will break. You know all was the promise of God little bit of strength and from not getting loose incredible miracle called America Baltimore killing me and wanted me to come back to the place where the country began 400 years after construction and ask him for forgiveness for what we do with our freedom. And so I'm going to open the permitting by asking naming the sons of America, asking God to give us to forgive us for what we did with the freedom that he gave us and then from that point we people from every walk of life here in America from uniformed police officer to possibly even members of our government druthers to single moms, and all be praying together, you can turn for a moment of mercy on the nation. In the days that happened during this rating obedience to God. I think what really makes this a different permitting is called by God himself is not people deciding to get together to pray as wonderful as that is put in my opinion at least. Anyway, actually God himself asking us to come to have a meeting with us to deal with the issue of our failure. In a sense to properly honor him with the freedom that it's wonderful to you when you talking about naming the sins of America. Clearly that's a list I could go on and on and on but when you're looking at Christians he would mention just a few minutes ago when we were discussing this, your concerns and I share them about Christians who have become complacent. We've had so much and when we really mirror in some ways, God's people in the Old Testament, God bless them tremendously. And then they forgot him. Is there a sense in which you think Christians have fallen guilty to that sin as well that we have forgotten God in so many ways. We taken him for granted, you will theologically so focus started to become predominant in the house got in America for probably the left more know where the bulk of people are, you not to be given for the sake of others are not. Not to even talk about suffering a sacrifice for the kingdom of God became about what can God do for me this week and not focus brought the Christian church in America into place of incredible weakness that we realistically of the culture itself was with having done a very dark corridor door in many cases, I don't think people even know where the culture was going.

Carolyn religiousness we can get into a bubble, and we don't know what's going on around know that the alarms being raised and people are realizing while we are really fighting darkness. You are were were in a situation where there are not many will even understand how to fight this this present darkness is no way to go back to the basics of what church is all we spent about from the beginning and begin to pray and pray for an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit. I don't see any other way. For now, I don't either. And you know we do have a history and United States of revivals we think of the great awakenings. For example, Jonathan Edwards, a great colonial preacher is is comes to mind, and some others you know even the during the time to IL Moody, the revival that took place then and there. There have been periods of time throughout American history where religiosity was on the wane and people were morally decadent yet like you will note here, and I think rightly weren't uncharted waters. In many ways, but what about the hope for awakening because I think sometimes it's easy to look around us and lose hope. But really, we have all the reason to hope because God can do anything God can do the impossible.

We say that we say we believe that but do we really believe that you will notice 300 and 403 over to one baby was born on the way saw things 104 land 51. Personal were left alive after the first year and in the position of open possibility were America started I'm surrounded by enemies. They had no provision. No, no, go for land there was there was nothing but a promise from God that he was bringing them to place the land were men and women and children could worship God really according to his word and according to conscience so that it was really all just about the freedom to worship God and he gave them up promise that he was taking them to the land, but the it's almost like you took away all of their strength were the critics that we achieved it by doing the install gathering this little house which we are going to be in 400 years later the exact same place they just prayed that I don't know. I don't know what their prayers sounded like. But I know that there were impossible place and out of that little beginning in that we little beginning came this incredible nation that has really realistically possibly been the envy of the world and in solar going back there in God we are we are weak where we could and we think we are their arms, our enemies all around us are our plans and our posturing in our postings. All failed societies person right around us. We were at the place were calling evil good and good evil one.

The work driving you at all. All are out of all of our institutions but got yet another weakness here we are once again and as you were once merciful to them.

We are asking you Lord to be merciful to us and give us give us a moment of awakening give us mercy moment in American this is going to be a crime but my heart is not believe many people will be praying with us. Amen.

How can people participate. I know that there is going to be an opportunity to participate virtually that for people who are listening to say I want to be part of this on October 6.

How can they do so just go online through it's time to pray with all one word s

All information is there. Or they can join us TFC times per church.NYC times were church New York City and it will be streamed live by worldwide permit he is up. We do have every week to 200 countries around the world and they can go there committed to directive the contacts we can email during the permitting comments and such like in the end, we will install be praying together and believing for this incredible mercy moment for the nation so wonderful and so needed think we will know if the Lord answers the prayer for awakening. I mean just based on what you understand about previous times of awakening. What begins to happen when the Lord does answer that cry out for mercy. The first is going to happen is that people begin to realize the you know we have straight bar from what we were called to be straight far from God. There be a sorrow that comes into the heart for for the way. Maybe we treated his presence in the way we live and there's a sudden desire and the heart to just get back to God Don't know how people like in the parable of the prodigal son that come to themselves wherever they are just start heading down the road to I'm going back to living for God.

I want to do it his way. I want to find his will for my life turning from sin. People who are engaged in practices that shouldn't have, will suddenly come under the conviction that they get back to God again in living relationship through his son Jesus Christ. This these things got up and made right in my life and begin to turn away from from the space and turned back to him again. It's really got to go to, but it's not a matter formulating some new plan. We don't have one now that is just him coming in honoring his own name. Book of Ezekiel chapter 36.

Verse 22 and onward he just is not doing this for your sakes is the one doing it for my namesake and got my purse with more. You deserve better than this. And then no one spread across long shame of Facebook you belongs mercy. So, I'm just asking for the sake of our children for the sake of our families for the sake of the unborn Lord have mercy on us one more time then so beautiful I mean because that's exactly right. It's about God's glory and God's preeminence. It's not about us and and we need to return to him and have a heart for him and you know what really strikes me card when you look at the United States and how many people you it's kinda become fashionable in some circles to kick the United States is terrible. It's awful. It's awful you think about how many missionaries have gone forth from the United States of America. Just in the last hundred and 50 years and what a difference that has made as a platform for sending people out into the world to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and how many churches implanted and how many people have gotten saved because of that. That alone is a reason to say God has blessed this country beyond measure. In the preaching of the gospel around the world and to be able to be revived and awakened again that we could renew that same vision and can continue to be a great missionary force that that's another side benefit of of really seeking the Lord at this time. Lord, let us continue to be a place of freedom where we can preach the gospel to the whole world absolutely absolutely it's really important Exactly. So what we are running out of time but I just want to point people Carter to the wonderful websites that you mentioned.

If you want to participate in this time of worldwide prayer from Plymouth Massachusetts out you can go to. It's time to or you can also go to Times Square churches website is TSC.NYC. This will be 7 PM Eastern on October 6, Pastor Carter, and with such a joy. Thank you so much Carter for being here. God bless you this, Janet met for today archive broadcast is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon were trying to provide 100 refugee families with emergency supplies and the gospel. During this urgent time of crisis. Your gift of $116 will help to families. Please help today by calling 888-247-5499.

That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to you're listening to Janet Mefford today and no beers while we here at Janet Baffert today really love the ministry, Hartford, Lebanon, and that is why we are so excited to be helping them again to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ and practical help to those people who are in such great need. On the other side of the world, but this year as you most likely know the recent explosion in Beirut has made a bad situation in Lebanon even more challenging. Amid the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, and the impact of a crumbling economy that's complicated by the reality of the coronavirus pandemic. There's just a lot going on and there are literally millions of people hurting and without hope in Lebanon right now, but Hartford. Lebanon continues to bring critical aid and hope through Jesus Christ to the people there so we are once again delighted to partner with them at this critical time your investment of $116 will help to families receive the emergency supplies that they need to survive to the next 60 days. And best of all Dell also received the hope of the gospel which lasts forever. I gifted $58 will help one family and we want to help at least 100 families in the next 60 days. So if you'd like to help. Here's the number to call 888-247-5499 once again 888-247-5499 or there is a banner to right now working to take a few minutes to visit with James Ward who is Executive Director of Hartford, Lebanon, and hear more about the situation over their team so great to have you here for your partnership with you have made a huge impact over the years, but grateful to be going up again with now were so glad to be able to help in any way we can because we love you guys to this has been an especially difficult year as I was mentioning, and Lebanon. After a series of difficult years. Can you bring us up to speed a little bit on the situation on the ground over there and what your ministry is been involved in doing in in the wake of all these challenges will production. The last year have been incredibly for the nation of Lebanon typically the people in Lebanon and you merely million call Lebanon home, economy, food shortage of the explosion that took place just over a month to month and 1/2 ago had left the country in a state of despair and our team on the ground has been able to bond quickly became the explosion in Beirut in an instant, over 6000 people were injured and over 300,000 left home.

All the other cries that have been going on in the country.

Partnering with local churches in the identified nearly 750 family that we are coming alongside of partnering with helping to secure their home and move back into their homes, providing many of the things that when I call go go online and give will help provide the portion hi Jean match with you bedding material. Beautiful families need to survive during this difficult goodness. And you know, I know there are still a lot of people in Lebanon who have never heard of Jesus Christ and you guys have made such incredible progress in making disciples for Jesus over there in the Bekaa Valley and in the South there in Lebanon talk a little bit if you would James about that the work that you do every day. I mean, even without the explosion Beirut, which is added all sorts of challenges to an already difficult situation. Tell people a little bit about the work that you do and how you reach these people who have never heard about Jesus on every program rerun everything we do all about leading people into that growing a life that you have the option to come along five been build a long-term relationship with them and ultimately becoming the FileMaker" we have programs that target out with children. Hope education program for refugee children, effectively school their kids, and learn families that we serve. Most children come from diabolical background.

Yes the opportunity that we have the build relationship with them and share Jesus Christ with them. We have accept ministries where we provide shelter to thing refugee families desperately need families come from very very traumatic background for coming to the nation of Lebanon. They have nothing." For the first people to welcome them and provide for them. Help educate their children help to get them in a place where they can live and survive on following come in contact with Parker Lebanon and it just let their worldview and their love to a place about why why why are they serving what were our team shot him on the ground relationship serve the family.

In the Bible.

Men, women and children to become followers of Christ that ultimately it's really neat. Everything that you're doing over there and and it's it's really stunning to me how many people I've heard so many stories about the people that he's been helping the children in particular who talk about their love for Jesus and they learn the Bible and they want to know more about the Lord and and now they have hope of eternal life. Are you finding the receptiveness to the gospel increasing in any way.

In light of the fact that now there have been these added crises kinda piled on top of it. Unfortunately, paradox of ministry that the work more cold, the greater the opportunity to adopt more people are looking for something. Hope you're in Lebanon today. Family and adult come to faith in Christ number. You are our model organization that we want to lead people to hope never been a greater share on in Lebanon that there are people in looking at the question. The government had failed them.

The culture many of the strongholds that they have believed in them and looking client and leave them turning to cry miraculous way as they come in contact with the truth of the gospel may experience what grade and what look like a culture where many time hard-fought how absolutely well and again I want to get out that phone number. If you can give a gift of $116 today, you'll be helping to families get this practical help that we've been talking about the emergency supplies that hygiene items, and also the most important thing is hearing the gospel $116 helps to families for the next 60 days and we want to help at least 100 families.

If you can help dial this number it's 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or if you go on your computer you can find a banner and chain of

Let's talk teams just briefly know we don't have a lot of time left maybe another minute or so, but one of the things that we talked about before is the window of opportunity that the Lord has given to your ministry right now.

I mean just the Syrian Civil War, which is been such a horrific thing that's been an amazing thing that got his done because there are so many Muslims coming into Lebanon and so many of them are coming to the Lord.

I mean, that has to on some level, even in the midst of the crisis is to encourage you all. So right. I think the bigger mission at all and that no people. I have been cut off from the gospel for years and are in Lebanon. Most of our Lebanese been crying for year and now "glad you got it brought the mission. To Lebanon, but gently.

I personally most excited about what God has brought the mission field, Lebanon window left in them spiritually to disciple the but ultimately I believe the long-term impact and strategic nature of our ministry the opportunity to help mobilize followers of Jesus back in. I last saw the places of the world leaders disciple nice is that's insane. It absolutely seems we've got a run, but you can call now to help hard for Lebanon's 888-247-5499, James Ward, thank you so much and will be right back. Are you in need of a healthcare program you're unlocking is a member of liberty how share your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there is no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Liberty health share is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out that's Liberty health call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 Kevin Sorbo of the hit films. God's not dead and let there be light gives his thoughts on the scourge of abortion greatest attacks on America was our very own Supreme Court.

Subsequent to that there have been 70 million babies in the wombs of the mother is more than the entire population of Canada, Australia, combined, and that's why Kevin Sorbo also supports pre-born.

I wanted to invite you to offer your full support from the Ministry of pre-born leader Dan Steiner, pre-born is very focused and very successful in saving pre-born babies from abortion you join us in the cause for life by letting a mother see her baby on ultrasound and hear the heartbeat shall choose life 80% of the time for $140 you can help save five babies lives to donate, call 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or there's a pre-born banner to click and chant you're listening to well with the Ginsberg news. This piece of news kinda got pushed to the background, but I gotta bring it out to the foreground is this to me is a very big piece of news.

Relatively speaking, of course, it may or may not have come to your attention that the Catholic archbishop of San Francisco, held this march to protest Cova 19 worship regulations this past weekend and there were hundreds of Marching to St. Mary's Cathedral saying we're essential there really upset because it's not fair.

They are either big surprise San Francisco. It's not being fair to churches.

If your Nordstrom you can open up at what 50% capacity, but they're not allowing any worship inside churches in San Francisco. It is band and this archbishop wrote a piece over the Washington Post on this. I love the headline Americans right to worship is being denied by governments. I won't be silent anymore. Just briefly he says I never expected that the most basic religious freedom, the right to worship protected so robustly in our Constitution's First Amendment would be unjustly repressed by an American government, but that's exactly what is happening in San Francisco for months now, the city has limited worship services to just 12 people outdoors worship inside our own churches is band the city recently announced it will now allow 50 for outdoor worship with the goal of permitting indoor services up to a maximum of 25 people by October 1. Less than 1% of the capacity of San Francisco's St. Mary's Cathedral so you can understand why he would be up in arms. It's a really good piece. Actually, I appreciate that you have people not just evangelical Christians making the same argument hey we have rights here under the First Amendment. The government cannot clamp down on us for dinner. We have rights here that supersede local tyrants so this was the report from ABC News Sabin because Nancy Pelosi to House Speaker who happens to be from San Francisco and he happens to be Roman Catholic weighed in and there's a twist was the cut one sanding is like a penis that you take away a lot of our souls.

These Catholics want the right to safely worship indoors restrictions this can go shopping at all the shopping malls which connect were very happy that we're doing this and it's about time someone set up for the churches all are tired of being treated unequally try to being discriminated against.

Currently, outdoor services are permitted with a maximum of 50 people. Recently, the Archbishop invited dozens of parishes masses on the masks made it very clear he wants her to be held inside not outside as we want to be reckless with a lot endanger public health. We can do it safely and we just want to be unimpeded from doing so breeds offices indoor worship service is presumed by the end of the 25% capacity to statement her offices. We need to continue to follow the guidance of public health.

But with every step of reopening.

We need to remember that the virus is still very much present and we have to move forward safely. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was Catholic said this respect I Archbishop and I think we should follow science now why does that matter. Well, it's not surprising that Nancy Pelosi would want to keep the churches shut down even Catholic churches speaks apps. They didn't include a particular portion of what the House Speaker had to say in that same speech where she admits that she's been to church.

Isn't that interesting.

Maybe after she got her haircut. She showed up for in person church listen to this because now they're doing damage control over, and Nancy Pelosi spokesman's office. Listen to this.

Cut to Nancy Pelosi's office is walking, and that she made on camera appearing to it that she violated San Francisco's month-long ban on indoor and interchurch in San Francisco recently and I did receive Communion search maybe holds 260 people there were probably 12 people in their dairy space, but that was it would be around these agency reports his finger Pelosi's office released a statement saying that she misspoke and asked for and participating regularly, and church services. Virtually well isn't that interesting. So KGO there in San Francisco where that was broadcast says she appeared to admit that she went to church appear to admit she flat out told you that she appeared in church. I have been to church in San Francisco recently and I did receive Communion. The church maybe holds 250 people there were probably 12 people there here and they are very very spaced, but that was it. That's not an aside, that's not something that could be misinterpreted.

She flat out told you that she was an indoor church and now you have some scrambling on the part of her spokesman as you hurt a little bit from that report their Pelosi spokesman Drew Hamel told the Catholic news agency. This is what he actually said this speaker misspoke and if oxymoronic is that she is not been in San Francisco since September 5 due to ongoing talks around Cova 19 relief and appropriations will hang on a sec. worship has been banned way before September 5 so when was it that Speaker Pelosi was inside a Catholic Church receiving communion where there were 12 people in attendance. But the Archbishop is allowed to have anybody inside St. Mary's Cathedral seems to be the Archbishop has a little bit of spiritual authority over Nancy Pelosi. I could make things a little bit difficult for her and I certainly hope that he does. This is the same arrogant woman who is talking to us talking down to the American people with her subzero refrigerators in the background. Just like Marie Antoinette. I'll let them eat cake. I'll look at me like another step I have all this wonderful ice cream. I always stock up on all of this stuff. Tone deaf much as people are losing their jobs during the pandemic is people are not allowed to have their livelihoods during the pandemic and you're doing just fine that that was pretty tone deaf. What about the hair salon and then she lies about the hair salon owner, or at least contradicted the hair salon owner and now the hair salon owner was getting tons of death threats and ended up having to close down her hair salon is Nancy Pelosi's special folks, don't you know she's allowed to go to a Catholic mass, but you can go to church in California, at least not in San Francisco you can go in other parts of California. If you stay outside. Nice how the state, his gain control over the church and these are the same people who scream separation of church and state when it suits them and then tyrannize the church when it doesn't. And then, in her case to make it even worse. She acts like a complete hypocrite.

It's unbelievable now. It's not that I shouldn't use that word. It is not unbelievable.

It is completely believable and these people get away with it because their side will never ever hold them accountable as long as you are doing the left's bidding. As long as you were dying every either progressive, so I ate a diet and crossing every single tea you can do anything you want to do and they will not call you on the carpet and they will lie for you and they will cover up for you and they will change their positions based on what you're saying today versus what you said two years ago that was completely contradictory or even yesterday.

Nobody will hold you accountable on that side and then when the other side tries to hold you accountable. It's just brushed off. Moving on. This is what is so outrageous to me. We have had as you know, because I've been covering this continually for months starting back in April.

These churches in California who want to open open your doors, how many times do we have to say this if millions of churches thousands I should say is probably not the millions in the state of California, but thousands of churches. If you would all open your doors on the same Sunday they can't get you all they can jail you all they could try to find you all, but it's going to be a bigger PR nightmare for them if they're seen going after Christians.

Why are there only a few churches that are willing to do this, why and why in the world would you stay close in California went clearly by the behavior of the speaker of the House of Representatives, going to church is just fine as long use you socially distance. She didn't even say whether or not she was wearing a mask is that not important. There may be 12 people that they were spaced we wearing a mask she's above reproach. Nancy Pelosi doesn't Question why would you question her. It's crazy. This is the same woman just a few days ago who was questioned by George Stephanopoulos on whether or not she would use the tool of impeachment to stop Donald Trump from getting through his Supreme Court nominee and she said good morning. It's Sunday morning at me she's basically doing what Jacob Blake's father did when he got into an uncomfortable situation in his interview about his son's criminal record and he started talking about Brussels sprouts this and this is journalism a real journalist would put these people on the hot seat and refuse to let them go in till they gave a straight honest answer, or at least an answer that they could be challenged on or refuted on because alternative information is out there that shows that their liars this is crazy if you're living in California, especially if you're in San Francisco right now and I know we've got great listeners in San Francisco is helping your church and make San Francisco explained to you why you have to stay close when Nancy Pelosi can go to church anytime she wants to believe for a minute that she misspoke do you thou shalt not bear false witness. Thanks for being with us on Jennifer today will see


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