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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Mary Grabar (Howard Zinn / Rewriting History)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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October 7, 2019 2:19 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Mary Grabar (Howard Zinn / Rewriting History)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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October 7, 2019 2:19 pm

Socialist historian Howard Zinn has had a devastating influence on history students through his bestselling-but-inaccurate book, "A People's History of the United States." Mary Grabar, resident fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization, joins me to expose the progressive textbook of choice and its revolutionary author. Her book is called: "Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America." That and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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That's 888-247-5499 or Janet met reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know request, you probably know the name Howard Zinn. He is the Socialist historian whose best-selling 1980 book, a People's history of the United States has served as the textbook of choice for progressives to indoctrinate scores of schoolchildren into hating the United States and seen its history is one of exploitation and slavery and oppression. Zinn even set himself back in 1998 that his goal in writing the book was a quiet revolution as he put it, not a revolution in the classical sense of the seizure of power but rather from people beginning to take power from within the institutions very telling and it is time to delve more deeply into how one man his turn so many Americans against America and exposing his great historical errors of the truth about American history can triumph so were to do that today with Mary Graybar.

She is a resident fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the study of Western civilization and the founder of the dissident prof education project she taught at the college level for 20 years and today will be talking about her book debunking Howards and exposing the fake history that turned generation against America Mary wonderful to have you with us today. How are you doing great being with you. I am so excited that you wrote this book. I'm gonna give it to everybody I know who is under the age of 25. Make sure that understand what is going on here with this guy who has done so much damage and and yet I I would imagine a lot of Americans don't even know his name necessarily right, I mean book, God has broken all publishing record sold over 2.6 million copies thanks to the fact that it very often used of the textbook and more and more frequently in each year of the book sells more copies than the year before that just about unheard of in the publishing industry, so it's a dream come true for his publisher and for his heirs lemming.

He died in 2010, but he did not live a simple life he lived a life of luxury. Thanks to the capitalist system that supported his communist message now isn't that ironic and typical typical kind of interesting you say in the book that a lot of people might not realize his formative years were spent at the epicenter of the American communist movement. Can you tell us a little bit about his life and what his new involvement in the Communist Party was about an and kind of his background, giving people a little bit more insight yeah well Howard was born in 1922. He died in 2010. He was born to Russian Jewish immigrant parents who did not do very well they work. Financial successes you have a sort of great by according to his autobiography.

They lived in Brooklyn, which in the 1930s was the epicenter of the communist recruitment movement. So while was a teenager. He writes about these older boys coming in and recruiting.

They were communist and so the New York City area of the University's mayor.

These were the places where the communist movement was recruiting members, and he writes about going to a peaceful protest on Times Square when he was so I think about 16 and all the sudden the police came in and you know just started knocking heads and he was knocked unconscious. The name came to in a doorway and realized that the American system was irredeemably corrupt and that Mark did have a point, and from there it was the work that a loading dock for I think about a couple years. Then he worked in the shipyard and he was recruiting people to the Communist Party. He went to graduate school. He did earn his PhD from Columbia and while he was working on his degree. He was also teaching in a number of local colleges as an adjunct but he was also teaching at the Communist Party headquarters in Brooklyn say that in his autobiography, so that his autobiography title is, you can't be neutral on a moving train, but you learn that from reading his 500 page FBI files and that FBI file which has been analyzed by a very good authority on such matters. Ron Ray – you have felt grateful he was a member of the Communist Party reveals that you know who.

99% accuracy that Howards and was a member of the Communist Party from about the late 1940s to about 1953.

For several years. He denied that he was questioned by FBI agents in 1953. He adamantly denied it. He denied it through his whole life and his friends, who wrote biographies of him.

You know, pooh-poohed the idea that anyone would accuse them of that. But he did what was typical of Communist Party members at the time which was to drop the official club membership and to infiltrate the institutions with his ideas, and in his case, he went into teaching and while he was still writing his dissertation.

He was hired by Albert Manley who was the president of Bellman College for black women in Atlanta now Spelman College was a small liberal arts college very Christian and when Zinn was hired in 1956 the motto and everything in the handbook pointed towards that. There was a dress code. There was a curfew chapel attendance was mandatory every day and job, but Howard wanted to change all that. He stirred things up made students of rebel against all authority. He led them on civil rights protest they work the best way to accomplish civil rights. He meant it more to be a sort of the disruptor of society and he also led them against the administration.

He stirred them up so they started rebelling against the rules.

They did not want to go to chapel. He admitted he was an atheist and co-I have my you have a didn't like the curfews are the dress codes and so he was clashing with the administration so finally in 1963 Albert Manley fired him with the S then and his family were about to leave for summer vacation and with the letter as they were leaving in the mailbox was a check for a full year's salary now. I would've thought that was a nice deal but was not happy with it even though he started teaching at Boston University.

The following year and you know he demanded all kinds of things. The American Association of University professors looked into it and there was a lot of back-and-forth but Albert Manley had a trump card he said he would get Howard plan on a moral charge because Howard Clinton was caught with student probably one of many many incidences, but he was caught with a student on a dead-end rate late at night supposedly talking to her about her boyfriend problem. So there was a lot of back-and-forth and I go into it in the book he actually called this black college president to a plantation overseer. Good grief, ironic that at Boston University, where he did the same thing with the students after he and I got tenure led them on anti-Vietnam War approach has you know had a lot of time to engage in his radical political activities because he really didn't do much teaching. He bragged to his biographers about the fact that he didn't know of signed papers or tasks. Jesus has student journal.

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We are back on. Janet met for today.

You may know about a People's history of the United States that huge selling history book by Howard Zinn, the socialist historian button might not know what you need to know about him and about the bad information in that book were talking with Mary Graybar who is joining us. She's a resident fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the study of Western civilization and founder of the dissident profit education project.

Her book is called debunking Howards and exposing the fake history that turned a generation against America, Mary, before we went to the break you were talking about Howard Zinn's background, how he left Spelman got a year's salary offer. And then he was to be brought up on moral charge and then he ended up writing a People's history of the United States what what led up to the pending of that book you have written a few other books they were not scholarly at all.

He never wrote anything scholarly. After he wrote his dissertation which he turned into a book which was respectable so he knew how to do that, abide by writing it in the late 1970s by the time he was pretty much a radical celebrity. He had been in the news because he was always at these of the Vietnam war protests leading student, he and father Barragan had gone to North Vietnam brought back three American POWs, so he was in in the headlines and how he was asked to write this book and they didn't think that it would really take off. But in the late 70s. He also went on the worldwide John Chino. He spent four months in Paris teaching. He had all these grant you really have the dream lifestyle of any academic where you don't really have to do a lot of work here. You know going around the world studying what you want and doing it in a kind of leisurely way and charting your own course. So he was asked to write this and he described it. Now he finally sat down and to write it and and I describe it in a chapter of the book where he said he just went into his office. He brought all the books with pages marked often. You know he was a he called himself a fairly fast writer less than a year. The reason you would flow fast was because the copy of plagiarize about that.

What a shock like my like some students I've had you known I was teaching of a sitdown the night before papers due and they come up with it the next day Roy was like no you don't do that is not what you said like for instance, he lifted his description of Columbus's first encounter with the Indians from another book that was just one example. Yes, a short paperback by his comrade in the anti-Vietnam War movement's name was Hans Koning and it is not the worst.

It is not based on any historical research Hans Koning was an activist and a novelist and playwright, and a sometime radical journalist.

He was not a historian so Howard then Brad in his autobiography into his interviewers that you know he'd read Columbus's journals and he didn't realize know the true history of Columbus until he did this research even though he had a PhD all that all baloney this week because because what he quotes from Columbus's Journal is an Hans Koning book, or there is a short book. But even there when he quotes from when he quotes very selectively to give the opposite impression of what Columbus intended so he makes Columbus out to be this evil capitalist to commit genocide on these uniformly peaceful, gentle natives in order to get gold because he is so greedy and of course that is the Western way of doing things you know capitalist don't care about human beings so he lays out these critical passages and very deceptively so that you know if he's that Columbus is referring to the fact that they would make fine servants. He's talking about the Indian and doesn't let you know that this is the opinion as Columbus is expressing at the hospital tried something and then with ellipses. He leaves out words like I know that they are a people who can be made free and converted to our holy faith. More by love them by force. So he leaves out those words. You know where Columbus is expressing his desire to save their souls and to do it in a gentle way with love. He leaves out the fact that Columbus instructs his men to treat these Indians with kindness since so it's a very, very, very pointed history that is leaving out all the good parts basically and twisting history clicking file he violates all the rules that the American historical Association has what you are on the on the website of the AHA and I've kind of copied some of those in and I show how everyone is violated and no one seems to have unit I think I'm the first person to have written a whole book and shown you methodically how he does this over and over again. And these are not these are all deliberate. You know that there are just too many for these to be mistakes or you know. Examples of bias. They are deliberate misrepresentations and you know outright lies about American history is discussing into think that this book has sold over 2.6 million copies and continues to sell well in spite of I I am so grateful for this information you've got in the book. What about you know when you talk about his attack on capitalism you talk about the fact that he stresses capitalism is at the root of racism and the same narratives that Zinn put forth in this book we hear college students talking like this today were of an oppressive nation and slavery in the Civil War and then what people like me will point out will wait a minute week we fought the Civil War and it ended slavery don't we get any credit for having ended slavery ourselves, and it's just a nonstop barrage of nowhere evil or evil capitalist were evil capitalist you see that in light of the fact that he also leaves out all the good parts about communism meet. He doesn't tell the truth about communism, but capitalism is incredibly evil. Even though communism has all of this long line of dead bodies behind it mentioned 100 million that were killed in the 20th century by communist regime. You know he does admit that you know Stalin was it not a good leader. You know, and that he did some bad things, but he just overlooks what happened to Ho Chi Minh is presented as a freedom fighter that he is a true Democrat because he read the of the Declaration of Independence, you know that in 1945. Is he you know took over the then present every Soviet back insurgency, whether it's in Greece or in the Philippines or wherever that these were local communist movement that this is what the people wanted but if you read the actual histories which I've done, you see that really the Communists were terrorizing the people you know that the ordinary people. The peasant farmers. They were driven out of their homes and this happened around the world. Whether it's in Africa or in Europe any place he he he just completely misrepresents what these movements were he leaves out the fact that they had Soviet backing and it's the same thing with with Vietnam and and a particularly egregious example occurs with Douglas Pike's book on the Vietcong where representative is saying the opposite of what he said.

Douglas Pike was an American service officer there any work there from 1960 until he wrote his book 1960 and 1966 called Vietcong and Douglas Pike was describing what is the communication strategies that the Vietcong were using all these communication strategies were agitprop. They were methods by which the villagers were sent set up against each other were the village leader who was very important to their society was the best divested of respect and all it ultimately led to murder and torture and characterization of the South Vietnamese villagers so Douglas Pike you know describe the agitprop. He claimed that the Vietcong were committing genocide.

He bagged that the Americans send in the military to help these people that he had come to really love is this friend the South Vietnamese, but Howard then says that Douglas Pike is praising the Vietcong for teaching communication strategies Douglas Pike is accusing them of genocide.

Howard then is saying that Douglas Pike is saying that the Vietcong were good guys because they were teaching communication strategies. That's incredible so deceptive man this is. Is it so helpful that you wrote this book so because there are so many people who are enamored with Howard Zinn. They don't know about the plagiarism they don't know about the you know the twisting of facts they don't know about incidents like you just mentioned where he takes what actually happened, and twists it so it means the opposite. When he puts it in his writings and this is absolutely essential reading.

I think for everybody who knows somebody who's been influenced by Howard. Since I want to give up that title. Again, it's debunking Howard Zinn exposing the fake history that turned a generation against America primary Graybar Mary, what a wonderful book and it was so great to talk to you. Thanks a lot for being here.

Thank you for having me was a pleasure now thank you for me to have a great day and will be right back on Jennifer today.

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We are back on.

Janet met today I'm to take a little time and dissect some of what Bible teacher Beth Moore had to say at the CRL see carrying well conference which just concluded in Dallas. This was the reaction to the sexual abuse crisis in the Southern Baptist convention and before I dive into this. I just want to let you know in case you have not listen to me for years and years that back in 2012, I started talking about sexual abuse in the church and at the time. Almost nobody was really talking about it I just happened to notice it because I was covering a lot of different issues in the church and this one tended to come up and there was a lawsuit that was filed against sovereign grace ministries and there was that whole scandal that went on and I became very concerned about it because there shouldn't be any cases of sexual abuse in the church of Jesus Christ and it just grieved me to the court to see that it was happening and it didn't occur until around the me to movement exploding that. Finally, you have some of these leaders say no yeah it's a problem. Let's have a conference so I'm not trying to individually critique every single person, but it just kinda is interesting the timing where the Houston Chronicle put out a story and you had the no spiking of Paige Patterson and you had all this stuff go on and there's a lot of political stuff. People really need to understand this going into it. There is a lot of politics involved in the Southern Baptist convention. I've covered the Southern Baptist convention going all the way back to my student days as a journalist in college, so I know whereof I speak.

This is the most probably one of the most political denominations in the United States.

Maybe because it's so big. At any rate, you need to know that going in one of the things though that has come out of this Houston Chronicle exposé on the Southern Baptist convention's handling of sex abuse in all of these victims have come forward is a critique of the theology of the old guard in the Southern Baptist convention, i.e. the leaders of the conservative resurgence and what these liberals have done is they have taken the traditional view of what Scripture says about the roles of men and women rooted in creation and analogous to the relationship between Christ and the church and are trying to lay blame for sexual abuse on a traditionalist view of the Bible, which to my understanding is insane. It's insane to make a direct connection. I'm not saying that you can't discuss how various viewpoints may have contributed to people not wanting to talk about this or that, but let's just be straight about this going after somebody's traditional view of Scripture as somehow being related to a sexual abuse crisis is a weird argument. So Beth Moore was one of the speakers at this carrying well conference, I just want to go through and play some of the audio from what she had to say. She has been very big on this issue of men and sexual abuse and she herself. I understand had experienced it herself.

So I feel sorry for in that regard, but she had some very strange theological things to say in my view and I want to give a hat tip to Reformation Charlotte for putting this video up on their website. Let's listen first to Beth Moore talking about the connection if there is one between complementarity and is more the traditionalist view of male and female roles in Scripture and the issue of sexual abuse. This is One alright so what you heard her say there and perhaps you couldn't hear it very clearly because it was a little bit of a difficult audio quality there but she asks the rhetorical question does complementarity and theology because abuse the answer is no, and says sin and grow selfishness in the human heart because abuse demonic influences because abuse, however, has a culture prevalent in various circles of the SBC formed and burgeoned out of it contributed to it, absolutely and heavily on a second hang on a second. Second, she is really painting with a broad brush or is there a lot of people who were listed in the Houston Chronicle stories as far as people who were tied to the issue of sexual abuse a lot of different pastors a lot of different perpetrators. Do you know the theology on male and female roles of every single sexual abuse perpetrator in the SBC for the last 30 years Beth Moore because it would seem, you would need to know what their view was on Scripture in order to conclude that complementarity and theology has contributed to it. Last I checked, when we went to the me to list of guys who were nailed to the wall for sexual harassment, sexual abuse, inappropriate sexual conduct. Let's see how many of these men would you describe as traditional conservatives, much less Christians. Matt Lauer Al Franken Harvey Weinstein Chris Brown less moon versus Morgan Freeman, R. Kelly, Tom Brokaw, Charlie Rose. Shall I go on all those guys conservatives they're not feminist at all, they would believe that the woman's place is in the kitchen, probably not.

I don't know but most of those guys are rank liberals and we all know it so it certainly is not the case that sexual abuse is merely a problem with people who have conservative views of women that's an insane remark to make and noticed she doesn't back it up. She doesn't back it up with any hard statistics or any hard facts or naming any names or giving any sorts of examples of the complementarity ends are the problem. She does paints with a broad brush, throws it out there and let you digest it moves right on. So let's listen to the next thing she said this is cut to an again that is just a bizarre point.

It's bizarre and it's illogical and might I say it's irrational. First of all, I find it very telling that the first thing out of her mouth and that clip is the fact that the world is watching to see what we say who cares Beth, who cares what the world is doing. I know you only care about the world when the world matters to you, but last I checked, we reject the world because we have embraced the Lord Jesus Christ and we don't do things as a church or as a denominational body merely because the world expects us to do X, Y or Z that is ridiculous.

We are not of the world. We are of Jesus Christ.

So why would you bring that into it.

Secondly she does a really interesting twist there and she changes the subject to complementarity and is in being linked to inerrancy which it is and then puts out this fallacy that really it's a red herring. It's really it's a red herring has nothing to do with what she's trying to say about sexual abuse and the crisis of sexual abuse if you want to call it that the Southern Baptist convention. All of a sudden she brings up the idea of egalitarianism. This is the liberal view, the feminist view of traditional roles being men and women are completely equal and they can do any job they want, including ordaining women and women can be pastors or pastors as is. I like to say and then says will these complementarity ends say that we have a low view of school. She can say we, but she said that egalitarians have a low view of Scripture what you egalitarians do to some extent, have a low view of Scripture because of the way that they use the hermeneutic of suspicion I'm to get into that a little bit boys that have to do with anything what she seems to be doing is tying complementarity and is him to the fruit as she mentions the fruit so in other words, if you complementarity and you believe in inerrancy. Your fruit is sexual abuse of the perpetrators are egalitarians and how many of them were complementarity is because I also think it's very important to point out that anybody who commits sexual abuse is a bigger problem than the pastor who had to deal with it and perhaps didn't deal with it right.

I'm not excusing that they should deal with it right. But isn't the rapist the worst sky so wouldn't we need to know what his views were on male and female roles in order to pay for such a broad brush. It seems to me we would need to know that. But that wasn't part of it. There's more to come stay with us you listening to Jennifer today. There's been a leftist takeover within conservative Christianity ungodly socialist ideas are coming to prominence ideas like social justice, critical race theory and cultural Marxism and leading figures within mainstream evangelicalism are showing themselves to be untrustworthy as shepherds and guardians of the truth. If you are Christian who wants to know what to do about this serious shift away from biblical truth that I invite you to join me at the upcoming stand against Marxism Conference Taking Pl., October 18th and 19th in Des Moines, Iowa posted by the enemies within the church project to stand against Marxism conference will inform you about this dangerous infiltration of postmodern thought connect you with other concerned Christians I teach you how to defend biblical Christianity in your own church.

Register now for the stand against Marxism conference October 18-19 in Des Moines, Iowa. For more information you can visit stand against that's stand against See you there hi this is Janet my for let me tell you about go Fran and collate their refugee brothers who were orphaned during the Syrian war and now they live in a tent in a farmers field in Lebanon. It's a sad situation but every other week when Hartford Lebanon's hope on wheels educational fund truck shows up there, usually right on the front row singing worship songs and reciting Bible verses in the middle of despair, though frantic leader finding hope in Jesus, but this only happens as you give $29 a month will help bring Christian education, food and survival essentials to boys like this and their families. Call 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to click it. Janet met for just $0.98 a day. You can help a refugee family of six for an entire year to the great work that hard for Lebanon does every single day. Please call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or Janet map back on Jennifer today. Thanks for being here talking a little bit about Beth Moore, the popular women's Bible teacher who spoke at the ER LCs carrying well conference regarding the sexual abuse issue in the Southern Baptist convention, and if you ask me.

This is just an excuse for laying out how they're going to get women into leadership in the SBC and this is been coming for a long time but it's very obvious when Beth Moore stands up there and tries to conflate complementarity and is in, or the traditional view of male and female roles that is outlined in the Bible with sexual abuse its did that sick crazy.connecting. That doesn't connect mean you can believe that. But you would have to lay out the argument, prove it when you well. I want to get into more of what Beth Moore had to say because here she morphs into talking about what seems to be her main goal and that is the solution to the sexual abuse crisis is put the checks in charge listen at three so you will will mean you're listening to these women as you go girl yeah what she said. What is she saying is what she said there was. You have women who are abused by the system itself. Her words, not my words. Her words abused by the system itself and seminaries, and churches sexual abuse abused by the system itself. It seems to be what she is saying is that women are victims of some sort of systemic abuse merely by being in SBC institutions or churches where women are not in charge because women have no women to turn to what you don't have any friends you don't have any mother's sister's cousins. There are no women to turn to. You can't turn anybody.

It's just one look argument is this: women in leadership because women have been hurt and the system is abusing women and if women were leadership everything would be solved. Do you know anything about the history of the liberal mainline Beth Moore.

I did, I don't know she does.

I really don't know she does but she goes on listen cut for all yeah what what she just say what she does state don't throw out the woman, what is that even mean misogyny. The dislike or contempt for women ingrained prejudice against women who's a misogynist. In the scenario, just to name anybody are the rapists misogynists perhaps are the pastors all misogynist perhaps. But again, she does not clarify, is she talking about women who are sexually abused, which is extensively the reason for this conference or she talking about what she just mentioned previously that women in general are victims of an abuse of power by these complementarity ends by the patriarchy by these men who hate women debts are really really outrageous thing to say. Are you truly implying that every complementarity and pastor out there hates women. Beth Moore prove that that's what I'll say prove it, the feminists are constantly trying to say where is good.

His men were smart. His men were as capable as men then show the rational thought that any intelligent man would say if you were in your position where he would actually try to prove his point, instead of just push emotional buttons.

That's a totally female thing and I can get away with saying that one more cut is in the cut five is she.

We are where we both kind of interesting.

Are we allowed to question leaders like you, Beth Moore, because she's gotten into it previously. A number of female Bible teachers wrote an open letter to Beth Moore trying to get her to clarify her position on homosexuality.

She wouldn't even answer it. So if you're going to contend that you can't have any sort of pushback against leaders. You might want to lead by example Beth Moore start answering some questions instead of just insulting people on twitter which I've seen you do on a new unit on numerous occasions and so have many other people.

Yeah, I agree we need to watch for wills, but wills can be women as much as men folks, that's just the truth of the matter.

Now when we get into a little bit of analysis on this one of the books that I think is been very very helpful, at least for me on the issue of women in the church and egalitarianism, which I think is just can absolutely explode in the next year or two. In some of our conservative denominations dealing with ordaining women and going back to the same liberal perspective on Scripture. The book is women pastors? The ordination of women in biblical Lutheran perspective and the reason I like this but is very scholarly.

The Lutherans historically have fought this feminist egalitarianism for a long long time and they've lost plenty of their churches to this viewpoint.

So there are some wonderful articles in here. One of the articles that I think is quite good is by John C+ and he's one of the editors of this book and he talks about some of the what I think is ultimately to be a really important thing and that is some of the overlap here that the same arguments that are made for women in leadership that is the ordination of women, which is a step beyond what were just talking about here is the same argument that is made for affirming homosexuality here. Here are some parallels in theological argumentation. The advocacy for women's ordination and for the ordination of homosexuals in the blessing of same-sex unions is put forth in the churches. As a matter of social justice. Right.

Secondly, church Lee, acceptance of women's ordination, the ordination of homosexuals in the blessing of same-sex unions has been fueled by powerful liberationist movements within the culture rather than by biblical understanding. Did you hear Beth Moore go into some kind of deep biblical analysis of what she saying no. She mentioned Paul saying if I become your enemy now by telling you the truth. Later on in her speech, but is it she's arguing from the Bible. She's arguing from emotion and most importantly, Galatians 328 there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus for a long time.

This is been argued that this means men and women are equal. That's not what it means. Galatians 328 is talking about the fact that every Christian regardless of his or her sacs or his or her nationality there all one in Christ Jesus.

Because Jesus saves us all the same way and we all have the same standing in Christ before him what they have done though is they have severed redemption from creation.

So why do I mention this because once you topple on the issue of women and women's ordination and women in leadership, your next step is homosexuality. It's just a foregone conclusion. It will be so SBC members and pastors. If you see this advancing.

Just know where you're going to end up just know where you can end up because that is where you connect your good and up.

Gregory Lockwood also has a really good thing to say on his chapter in his chapter on the ordination of women in the same book and I want to get to this very briefly, but he says what it comes down to is whether to adopt an understanding of the entire Bible is the word of God, together with a hermeneutic which allows Scripture rather than culture to interpret Scripture weren't known as the hermeneutics of appreciation or whether to follow a critical approach to the Scriptures, which, to a greater or lesser extent, questions the authority, clarity and relevance of foundational texts, an approach that has been called the hermeneutics of suspicion. Just ask yourself as you see this hero see crowd begin to push, push, push, push the boundaries of biblical truth, whether or not they are using the hermeneutics of appreciation, allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture or if they are using the hermeneutics of suspicion and emotionalism in emotional social justice arguments to twist the word of God into what they believe the culture would say better than the word of God itself. I'm sure will take this up again, but I got ago serving with us. See next time on Jennifer today

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