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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Danny Faulker (Astronomy) Ryan Lokkesmoe (Paul)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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October 17, 2019 4:00 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Danny Faulker (Astronomy) Ryan Lokkesmoe (Paul)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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October 17, 2019 4:00 pm

How can we apply the biblical model of creation to the field of astronomy? Dr. Danny Faulkner, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina Lancaster, joins me to talk about his book, "The Expanse of Heaven: Where Creation and Astronomy Intersect." Plus: What should we know about the lesser-known figures in the Bible who served vital roles in the spread of Christianity to the world? Ryan Lokkesmoe, lead pastor of Real Hope Community Church, joins me to discuss his book, "Paul and His Team: What the Early Church Can Teach Us About Leadership and Influence." That's next time on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Fellowship in the Word
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This Janet Mefford today podcast is sponsored by Hartford Lebanon to Christian ministry, working among 2 million Syrian refugee families have been displaced for just $29 a month you can help hard for Lebanon reach out in Jesus name to a family of six providing them with food, Christian education survival essentials and the gospel.

Please call now 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of.

And that means believe that about how and why he created the world, but when it comes to studying the field of science. How we apply the biblical model of creation specifically to the field of astronomy will join me now is Dr. Danny Faulkner.

He holds earn graduate degrees in physics and astronomy and is distinguished Prof. emeritus at the University of South Carolina Lancaster where he taught for over 26 years.

Dr. Wagner serves as editor of the creation research Society quarterly and also as a researcher, author and speaker for answers in Genesis. Today we will be talking about his book the expanse of heaven where creation and astronomy intersect and it's so good to have you here, Dr. Faulkner, how are you doing great snow. I know you wrote this book sort of is a follow-up to your previous book, correct right because you had this previous book that talked about the cosmos in about astronomy.

This is more of an application.

It seems of the biblical data, how it all fits together with that be correct. No book about a year and 1/2 ago I was on biblical references to biblical phenomenon objects from the respondent ineluctably, that would be frustrated because looking for more exposition upon the creation science of astronomy.

This is a lot of information there but intentionally avoided those want to bring the book to be a companion book, I will call SQL companion book, so we designed the book to about the same size, with the physical and social sort of width and height of everything I'm looking, go together. The maps that I think it from the biblical creation perspective.

I think the two of the go to, complete to a discussion of the topic fantastic what what you think we need to understand the creation science of astronomy will astronomy like all the other sciences.

Most every area of human endeavors been affected by evolutionary ideas. The idea of the things came about naturally the world of the universe itself, and then think of the world came about naturalistic week over a long period of time building computers to that's quite contrary to the biblical worldview will receive everything coming into being over six days, six normal days and 3000 years ago George about the chronology. So we creation side of every we discussed biology with this geology and when I do astronomy as well as photos will known by many people but it certainly is one of those I have been affected by these evolutionary ideas.

Yes sir.

So generally speaking, how has the study of astronomy been affected by say the assumption of naturalism. What do non-Christians. Scientists say about astronomy that really goes against what the word of God tells us the universe came into being by itself about the Big Bang.

That happened supposedly €13.8 billion ago but then the of the Russell solar systems, the Johnny-come-lately about 9 billion years after the Big Bang. Supposedly, the solar system finally came about and that again from a naturalistic origin from a large gas cloud the start of the contract which informed segues gradually geology and biology as the earth cools and hard surface after another billion years or so. Love in life becomes to appear that that's what builds or merges right into evolutionary ideas of geology and biology. And again, we know that the stars were made after the earth, but according to the current thinking many many stars preceded the earth by billion years.

The gang that would've taken the billions of euros just to get the start of of the earth. So all these are contrary to the first few chapters of Genesis pretty clearly I think Sir you also say in the book that the Big Bang model of a couple of decades ago, doesn't have any resemblance really to the Big Bang model of today what's going on in the Big Bang side of things. How are things changing always a very plastic model you dominant cosmogony for about a half-century or so discovery of the background radiation. I will call the cosmic backwardation be back in 1965, changed all that. And over the years we've seen a change in the rate of expansion for about 50 km/s to about 80 calls per second per mega parsec and a change of the age show much of my life.

There were saying the universe was 16 to 18 billion years old and Elder well this thing is 13.8 billion+ or -1% of the past 20 open up about 30 years, even during the introduced inflation every rapid expansion literally universe supposedly much faster than the speed of light. They also reduced dark energy and dark matter.

Those things were considered in the end I called logical model 30 years ago an elder definitely include one on all sorts of things that have been changed over the years while losing 4 billion years is no small thing. That's about years to losing 20 cell slope sexually with a when they first suggested that back of the early 90s there was a special or has because we were told the globular costar clusters were 15 billion years old and they had to be younger than the universe something or even pushing for over 20 billion. So for about a year though they were, scratch their heads. How could things in the universe be younger than the old universes. All they finally did a workaround on that one that has the same necessity is the mother of invention and to try to argue that the reevaluation prior to the change in the age of the earth into the universe that wouldn't of gone very far. Yeah live there been was a huge deal back in the early 90s that is really interesting.

So as a Christian who is an astronomer and understands these things. How do you integrate your knowledge of God's word with the field of astronomy and work in that field in such a way that you are going against the grain, as it were, and coming up against some of these false ideas that really are not even for somebody who is in an astronomer can see that is not true to realize that point out that we creation scientists are not science.

We will of science with better life calling. Also, we don't have a quarrel with most of science is a socially practiced today we make a division, sometimes with Total Recall historical science and other observational or external plans of the special external finances working on the world as it exists today, observing that starting a testing of developing ideas and models and theories about how the world now works but historical science is trying to address things that happened in the past and there the rules of evidence are very different. Have all sorts of the there is about the past, but how can you test, you can't test them directly. That's a little research I do not do publish work in the clips and binary stars.

I'm dealing with stars as they now exist for the most part that's that's pretty much pure straight science and that's probably 90% of science really that's a really important distinction that yes there's a huge amounts of overlap between Christians are scientists and and secularists are scientists and that needs to be restated for sure. So when you're looking at the field as it is right now with all the recent discoveries and assumptions and so forth.

What you seen is the biggest issues in astronomy at the moment. What are astronomers most concerned with right now. One of the biggest things we have out there is dark matter that the perplexing thing. The first evidence for durable what we think it might be why we talk about others with abundant evidence out there that there's a lot more master matter in the universe than what we can see we can see a lot of matter in the form of stars white even dust and gas. We can do a good census of that and the weekly total all that up and then we we also can get the dynamic mass versus mass that's determined by the gravity of schooling on orbital motion, typically within galaxies and also clusters of whole galaxies and stars over the past 80 years we've consistently found that dynamic bass outstrips the visible mass lighted mass by a factor of 5 to 10 is like the tip of the iceberg and yelled for the for about 50 years astronomers pretty will ignore dark matters. All little sidelights only pay attention to. But the research papers in the 70s it brought that to the forefront. Some of the 1980s, astronomers began to wrestle with this.

Now the big question is what is it and we've eliminated most of things to come up with its pretty clearly if dark matter exists. I think it does if not normal matter the stuff were made of protons, neutrons and electrons is made out of something else and that's something else. We haven't even simplified yet so II think citing that we have a clue what this is fascinating.

There's a lot more to talk about breaking come back with his book the expense statement hi this is Janet Mefford. Let me tell you about go Fran and collate their refugee brothers who were orphaned during the Syrian war and now they live in a tent in a farmer's field in Lebanon. It's a sad situation but every other week when Hartford Lebanon's hope on wheels educational fun truck shows up there, usually right on the front row singing worship songs and reciting Bible verses in the middle of despair, though frantic leader finding hope in Jesus, but this only happens as you give $29 a month will help bring Christian education, food and survival essentials to boys like this and their families.

Call 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 where there's a banner to for just $0.98 a day. You can help a refugee family of six for an entire year to the great work that hard for Lebanon dies every single day.

Please call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or Janet there's been a leftist takeover within conservative Christianity ungodly socialist ideas are coming to prominence ideas like social justice, critical race theory and cultural Marxism and leading figures within mainstream evangelicalism are showing themselves to be untrustworthy as shepherds and guardians of the truth. If you are Christian who wants to know what to do about this serious shift away from biblical truth that I invite you to join me at the upcoming stand against Marxism Conference Taking Pl., October 18th and 19th in Des Moines, Iowa posted by the enemies within the church project to stand against Marxism conference will inform you about this dangerous infiltration of postmodern thought connect you with other concerned Christians teach you how to defend biblical Christianity in your own church. Register now for the stand against Marxism conference October 18-19 in Des Moines, Iowa.

For more information you can visit stand against that's stand against See you there today and it's great to have with me Dr. Danny Faulkner distinguished Prof. emeritus at the University of South Carolina Lancaster and author of the expanse of heaven, and he also is research author and speaker for answers in Genesis and were talking about where creation and astronomy intersect. It's fascinating. You are a little bit.

Dr. Faulkner before the break about this dark matter whether or not it exists, and we don't even know what it's made out. If it does exist is having a biblical understanding of creation and God's created order inform you when you're confronted with new ideas like this and and in helping you to sort through it all, while holy, holy calling approach to my work with my wife, were made to do what I'm doing.

I believe God is made a fascinating world around us by always marvel of the human body and the line we find in their physics every every science of these really remarkable things in the strongest of different.

It has beauty. It is wonder is a lot of mystery. I do believe that perhaps God is held back.

Certain things from yesterday trying to challenge us sees made us curious creatures, and is also given us the ability to actually investigate these things, so I want to his people is found in science through four centuries ago.

I will call what think God's thoughts after him. If God made dark matters and behooves me to try to figure out what it is, how it works and how it fits and it's really great that the 21st-century a major part of the creation, the main may not be totally notable so sure. So things like black holes would that be part of the dark matter of which are speaking though… Black holes are very different.

We've actually cool black dark. You know, maybe it's all the same category.

Who knows we could tell the stuff that fell into black holes to make the most part be normal matter and those were actually first theoretically predicted more than 200 years ago and respect of the 1960s and the first evidence of black holes emerged in the late 60s and around 1970, we find these things we think in binary star systems. Again, something I started on Staples time but other times and the if one member of the binder system is a black hole strong gravity of it come the pole and its companion started actually with material wealth and political and if it falls inward. It gets very hot to begins to give off x-rays and by studying the x-rays.

These minor systems we can we can figure out there's a black hole or not that's been done actually from number of systems in most assets over the past 30 years large with the Hubble space telescope. We produce the most large galaxies, including our own Milky Way as part of their harboring black hole supermassive one set the course of the 1% of the Milky Way is more than two has more than 2 million times the mass of the sun, just huge and the pattern we see playing out to all across the check galaxies we seem to have this at the center, but these are very different things applicable point masses very small, very compact, dark matter seems to be a spread out instead of being at the cores of galaxies would tend to build the Halo suite, the hinterland, that's amazing all the latest, concentrated toward the middle, and end all the all the mass seems because a trend away from the middle and that has me stumped. I have no idea that his party's slow mixing. That's a big, big subjects. So now when you're looking at some of the solar system entities.

For example, understanding the bodies in the solar system you talk about the fact that the Bible never says the sun is a star as the sun really different fundamentally from stars. And there's so much out there that we don't know about.

And yet we have a lot of these controversies that come up on earth where people will say well if there's life on earth. There has to be life elsewhere. How can we be so arrogant where you stand on issues like that of if there could be life anywhere else. So far we haven't seen evidence of that, necessarily on the moon or some of these other closer bodies to our own earth, but where you where you begin to even address that sort of issue approaches to the direction we all started with Scripture and then they returned the scriptural approach you Turned of the Bible and find a passage and so 00 beings on the planet solar aren't being from another planet yet, but what questions in life that are not directly answer to Scripture, and what we do is we apply structural principles to those and try to reach some biblically-based answers about all to my answer start with. I don't think that there's any life like us out there little life in general out there all roofing or unique. I want to make sure people understand. I'm not talking about angels or demons that are not like us are fundamentally different.

I do believe they exist from Scripture, but the what if there are other beings like us on other planets truly like us. They are living souls have eternal destiny is like us.

And my question is do they look what's your eternal destiny or the other need of salvation to restore a publishable career. If that is the case of an why have they given that state and one possibilities could be for Adam Samuel. Jesus came to redeem us and the baby that's ineffective them as well to realize that on the other planets of worthy aliens were the planet and then Jesus came and died of alien world. So if you want to spread the gospel.

The solar plant to the gospel message may begin something like this long time ago in a galaxy far far away. No course of the science-fiction storage. Maybe you could say will maybe. Each one of these planets. There was an animal like a little head like we have only earth fill in the sense that I could be accepted require that Jesus go to each of those planets. It is going to redeem them to redeem them by doing what it is on this planet. But that means he has to do repeatedly from planet to planet planet.

But we know from numerous passages in the New Testament that the Lord Jesus did not go to the planet. When he left the earth.

He went to heaven to sit at the right hand of the father. So I think quite literally Jesus did die once for all of the third possibility is a never felt when to send Phyllis creatures but the Romans eight makes it pretty clear that the entire creation is groaning under the plaintiff Manson that the reason why there will be a new heaven and a new earth found in Isaiah's a computer and also in Revelation because I think the creation itself requires redemption and so will you have these perfect creatures living in a concentrated world and that's a host of ecological problems as well. So things so basically you argue the point. I think we are unique in the universe.

On the other hand, the science has something to say about you we been looking for extrasolar planets.

These are planets orbiting other stars. We been fighting now for over 25 years and the we found 3600.

So far, and none of them are likely earth. There are a few people suggested maybe earthlike, but it usually takes me 5 to 10 minutes on the Internet. Find three reasons why they're not there often times orbiting around unstable stars very closely with with probably in orbit. The rotation and overwrites the same. So keep one face on the side times torts and eruptions on the stores are lethal so well I haven't found one yet that I thought was a potentially earthlike and over 3600 known planets now out there.

You would think that the that's a pretty good database, we can reach a conclusion based on the data we now have that life is unique to the other study is a source Rex Trussell told to try to pick up radio broadcast from other brother's planets we've been collecting, probably terabytes of data on this radio telescopes for years and no signals been found strong observational scientific evidence that suggests were alone in the universe to school now. I know we don't have a lot of time left. But I have to raise this because you have an appendix here on is the earth flat and why even write about a flat earth seems to be a subject that has resurfaced of late. I have even seen Christians talk about this. Maybe they been lying to us and the earth is it really spherical. How do you approach a subject like that with Christians who are well-meaning but sane.

Not sure that the earth is really round. Maybe it's a big conspiracy.

I would spend the last half of the study actually written on a number of times your website and engaging people with the I have compassion on people.

I think there's been no fool and think of my job is to try to convince them otherwise they try to argue that the Bible teaches the office what the church used to teach a slot. Neither is true that the first instances you can find of anybody really saying the Bible argument supposedly for flat roof go back to the 1800s. It's a fairly recent invention, died out in the early 20th century and was so kind of rebirth by social media. Velasco, three, four, five years, so it's a rising probably getting a lot of inquiries here at the edges of Genesis in your speakers are getting that question a lot.

I'm getting the question so it's a surging thing that we need to be vigilant about sure.

So what's the quick answer. How do we know the earth is round, other than astronauts are taken pictures of it or you know the eclipses of the moon receive your shadow. Follow me on the moon and it's always around shadow. The only object that always cast around shuttle. Regardless orientation is is a sphere that as you travel north himself on the roof which I've attention when I do I notice of stars in the North get hired as a go farther north to get what would disappear below the horizon of self and vice versa. Go southwards here where I live now know the Kentucky I can't see it.*Rob Canopus little will you still himself: about 4° father so it rose every winter evening for a little while.

That's because run the curved earth, to the best arguments that you don't need space telescope you could do these by yourself. You can see this for yourself done this many times and there are many other evidence as you can use as well.

Those were too big to think about lest you worry I'm not somebody who believes in us S so I'm not now asking for a friend. I really do believe that this is no problem believing that just goes to show you that when you are taking the Bible and you are dealing with questions of astronomy, you also have to be able to use both in the most intelligent and wise way. Which is why this is such a great book to have that sense and it's called the expanse of heaven where creation and astronomy intersect and I just think this is so so good to consider the creation science of astronomy and being able to talk about the issue of yes we live in an think I created in six days and that the earth is young and that we can understand these things about astronomy as God's revealed them to us with Dr. Danny Faulkner again the name of the book, the expanse of having so good to have you here.

Thank you Dr. Wagner is great to have you write will be back right after this this Janet Mefford today podcast is sponsored by Hartford Lebanon to Christian ministry, working among 2 million Syrian refugee families have been displaced for just $29 a month you can help Hartford Lebanon reach out in Jesus name to a family of six providing them with food, Christian education survival essentials and the gospel. Please call now 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or Janet when we consider the early church we usually think of the apostles. We think of people like Peter, John, James, Andrew, and probably most of all we think of the apostle Paul, but what about some of those lesser-known Christians who were maybe only mentioned in Scripture a few times, but were indispensable to Paul's ministry.

Who were these people and how can we be encouraged by their lives and ministry were an attack that today with Ryan Locke smell. He is the lead pastor of real Hope Community Church in Houston area and author of the book will be talking about Paul and his team what the early church can teach us about leadership and influence writing great to have you here. Thank you so much for being with us should thing you know I'm thinking about first Corinthians chapter 12 when I was going through your book. The I cannot say to the hand. I don't need you in the head cannot say to the feet. I don't need you on the contrary, those parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable and that seems to really apply here is your focusing on Paul's team to people we don't often think about very much right very singular figure. When you read because so much of acted about his life. You read all the letters and have unique all you know Christ parts of the Gentile. So in a sense he is in a category on his own but he was a part of this broader team of people who were like you said indispensable to what is ministry look like and he spoke about them with very lofty term to my fellow workers and he spoke about just how much he relied on them. Vital roles they played, but you can't overlook them because many of them are just mentioned in passing, in portions of his letters that are easy to skip over the beginnings of the very ending.

It seems like politics, making some comments about young people you know it doesn't seem that relevant to our lives in.

We Are now Names anyway.

Get over it and but these were people who Paul what he said about them. They were just incredibly integral part of what he was doing so to find out what that looked like you got a can't take all these passing references and put them together in the picture yes begin to emerge of this inspiring thing to see. Yeah, it really is to put at the top of the team will kinda go down the list here little bit tight for example, you think of people like Barnabas and Barnabas the Holy Spirit set him apart with Saul for the work that God would allow them to do you think Barnabas but we know that much about Barnabas. We obviouslybutwouldyouputhimatthetopoftheteamlist.Oneofthepeopletowardthetop.CertainlytheearlystagesofPaul'sministry.BarnabaswasintegralandhewashewasacriticalvoiceinhelpingtherestoftheChristianleaderstoevenview.PaulisalegitimateChristianbackground.YoumentionedthatyouearlymissionaryjourneyswithBarnabas.So,certainlyintheearlydaysofPaul'sministry.Idon'tthinkhehadabetterfriendandBarnabasreleasefromwhatwewillberead,sohe'sdeftlyonthatlist.Ithinkyouknow,IwouldsayLukeishighonthatlistassumehe'sactuallymypersonalfavoritememberofPaul'steamthatdoesn'tgetalotofpressbecausehetraveledwithPaulalot.He'smentionedafewtimesbynameinPaul'sletters,butagainjustcomeinpassingyoutogetalotofpress,buthePaultalksaboutbeingwithhimandtravelingwithhiminthefactthatLukewrotethegospelofLukeandactsofthosetwobookstogetherbywordcountaremorethanallPaul'sletters.It'sover27%oftheNewTestamentjustbyLukeandsoincrediblyinfluentialpersononthehistoryofChristianity.Generally,butcertainlyinPaul'sministry.HewasakeyplayersoIputthemupthere.Timothy,I'dsaytowardthetopbecausehewasseemstobetheprimaryprotégéPaultookunderhiswingandsoyouhavethatmentoringrelationshipwithhim,amongothers,likeTitus,butTimothyseemstobeastandoutcasebutalsojustcomeonalogisticalfront.Ithinkthecouple,PriscillaandAquilarightIwouldputuptheretoobecauseyouknowtheyweresupportinghimfinancially,logistically,spirituallyinmultiplecities,Rome,Corinthsystem,sotheywereahugehelponthesupportsideofthingssothatyoucanjustkeepgoingdownthelistofallthepeoplewhomadesuchanimpactonwhathedidknowwhenyoulookatfigureslikeBarnabasandTimothyandLuke.Forexample,willalltakeLucasexamplecouldyoutalkabouthimisyourfavoriteoffstageinfluencerwhichIlikebuthewasinterviewingwitnesses.Imean,hewasassignedthescenesyouseeLukebecauseyourreadingwhathewrotewhenyou'rereadingthebookofactsinyoursceneonhisismentionedbutwhyishethemostimportantoratleastyourfavoriteoffstage,influence,orisitbecauseofthecompilingthathedidoftheeyewitnessesandallthat.Soyouworkresonatesdownto21stcentury,morethanmanyoftheothermembersofPaul'steamrecentmoredirectwaybecausewehavehiswritingsandlikeyousaidyoupeopleofhavecalledLukethefirstchurchhistorianforthatexactreason.Hewouldhe.YoulaidouthismethodologybeginningofthegospelofLuketravelingaroundspeakingwitheyewitnessesbeingdiligentchroniclewhathappenedforthepurposeofbuildingupourfaithandIjustthinkit'sneatthingthatsomeonewhoplayedsuchavitalroleinwhattheNewTestamentendedupbecomingthegospelofLukeandactsthinkingcanimaginetheNewTestamentwithoutthoseworks,soforhimtobeofthatstaturebuttheninclearlyanintegralpartofPaul'sministry,butstilltokindabealittlebitbehindthescenes.IjustfindoutaveryinterestingexampleandIthinkitcanbeinspiringtopeopletodaybecauseIthinkpeopletodaydrawveryclearconnectionbetweenthemorevisibilityyouhavemoreinfluenceyouhavenodirectcorrelationbutLuke.Ithinkofsomeonewhoshowsthatthat'snottrueinthelastingimpactofwhathedidandhewasnotatleastfromwhatweseeintheNewTestament.Oneofthosefiguresthatwaspushedtotheforefrontwillknowmuchabouthimbygraphicallybutwhatwhatwowwhatanimpacthesurewhatwe'vedonewithoutLukewouldhaveknownmuchaboutpolicy.Thinkaboutitjustright.Yeah.AndwhataboutBarnabasinparticularbecausehewassuchakeyfigure,butagainmorebehind-the-scenesthanPaul.Whatsortofroledoyouseehimtakingwhenyou'relookingattheoveralloverarchinginfluencethathehadonPaul.IthinkIthinkhewaskindoftheconnectionpointofmovingfromaJewishpersecutorofChristianstoanearlychurchleaderEEIthinkyouhelpthemmakethattransitionpictureintroducinghimtothepeopleheneedsnooptionforhimandwe'lldoalotofdescriptionofit,butthereareanumberofyearsthereearlyonPaul'sministrywhereBarnabaswaskindofkeycontactnoPaul'sbackinTarsusandBarnabasgoesandgetsthemtheretogetherinAntioch.Thereisearlymissionaryjourneytogether.SoIalwaysreallygethisfeetwetasatravelingevangelist.Barnabaswastheguywhat'sreallyinterestingone.Myfavoritestoryburiedintheleadbacktotrytogetthroughitand14isonthecometolife.StrawresidentsstaycalmBarnabasforZeusandHermeschapter.Ilovethatthiskindofrusticpaganenvironmentwheretheydon'tevenunderstandeachother.Speakingadifferentdialectthatisalanguageconfusion,butitsaysthattheythoughtthatBarnabaswasHermesbecausehestartedaroundbecauseyoulikethespokespersonzoosotherethinkingokayBorisandPaulettefitsthebill.Soclearlyjustrighthandman.Hewastherementorandcallbutthenbecomingmoreofateammate.Ofcourse,andtheretheresplitovertheissueofMarkyesthat'sanotherthingwetouchonthebookofjustministrydifferencesinisolationabsolutelywill.There'smoretotalkaboutwillgotoabreakandcomebackwithmylocksonhisbookiscalledPaulandhisteamstaywithusforreturnrightaftertheascensionofthemillionsofAmericanswhofeeluncertainwhenitcomestohealthcareasaChristianareyoulookingforhealthcarethatdoesn'tviolateyourmoralsandconvictionswerehappytoinformyouthatthereisasolutionandthatsolutionislibertyhealthcarelibertyhealthcareisacommunityoflike-mindedChristianswhoworktogethertopayfortheirmedicalcostsallowsyoutodecidehow,whenandwhereyouwillaccesshealthcaresoyoucanmakethebestchoiceforyouandyourfamily.Startingat$199amonthforasingleupto$529amonthforafamilythat'smomdadandallthekids.Thisishowhealthcareshouldbeformoreinformationcall855-585-4237orvisitlikeyourliberty.comthat''renotsurehowyoucanmakeadifferenceinapositiveway.Ministryofpre-borninviteyoutohelp.Bethechange.Pre-bornisthelargestprovideroffreeultrasoundsinthecountryandrightnowthepre-borncenterintheheartofNewYorkCityneedyourhelptostayopenandhelpwomenchooselife.Whenawomanseesherbabyonanultrasound.8/10times,shallchooselifehereandseemymaintimehearingtheheartbeat,maybecryanditwascertainthatIwasgoingtokeepmybabyforever.Wouldyoujoinwithpre-borninhelpingtheNewYorkCityMonsencrisis.Chooselifefor$140youcansponsorfiveultrasoundsandhelpsavefivebabieslivestodonate,dial855402,baby.That's855402babyorthere',butit'sreallyinteresting.Weholduptheapostlesasweshowedaswonderfulexamplesofpreachingandsettingtheearlychurchinmotionbytheproclamationofthegospelanddiscipleship,butreallywhenyoulookatsomebodyliketheapostlePaul.Howcouldheeverhavedonewhathedidwithoutallofhisteamaroundhim.Thosepeoplewhosenamesyoumightseeasyou'rereadingthroughthebookofacts,butwedon'tknowawholelotaboutthem.ThereisabookoutnowPaulandhisteamwhattheearlychurchcanteachusaboutleadershipandinfluenceRyanLocke'smomiswithus,theauthorandalsoleadpastorofrealHopeCommunityChurch.Solet'stalkalittlebit.AsyoumentionedaboutMarkbecauseMarkisanotherunityoumentionedinthebookthatmarkedinfluentialfigureinthehistoryofourfaith,havingwrittenthegospelofMarkandbeingintheearlydayscallcirclebutthenpartofthissplitdoitall,BarnabasandsoyouarerightabouthimandoneofthechaptersinthebookundertheheadingofyellowprovidingrelationshipsafterdisagreementbecauseMarkhadbeenalongwithPaulandBarnabasonpartofamissionaryjourneyandthenbailedonthemandthenlaterongoingonthisnextjourney,PaulandBarnabashadthisbitterdisagreementaboutwhethermarketcomealongandthatreallydividedthemforquitesometimeandIwillhavethewholestoryofwhathappeneddowntheroad,butwedoseeinPaul'sletters.About10yearslaterplusor-10yearslaterhestartsmentioningMarkagainasbeinginhiscircleaboutbeingveryvaluabletohimandministry.Andofcourseyoumentioned,towritethegospelofMark,andhewasalsointegralintheapostlePeter'sministryinRomefromtheancientrhetoricalsources.WehaveanmanyscholarsbelievethatPeterScottbehindthegospelofMarkalittlebitbutIthinkittellsusaboutPaulandhisteamisthatPaulcouldhaveabitterdisagreementoverMarkyouwanttoworkwiththemlikeyouI'mnotevengonnacontinueonthismissionaryjourneywithus.Itwasareallyroughsituationand10yearslateryoudescribehowvaluableheisandIthinkthatteachesusthatnumberonethatdisagreementsandfriction.It'sgoingtohappeninministry,butthedoorwasleftopenonsomelevel.Thebridgeisnotburned.Thereisabeenthemaintenanceofthatrelationship.OnsomelevelforMarktothenbeginappearinginPaul'slettersadecadelaterasthisprovencoworkerofhisyeahandsosothatdisagreementcanbedishearteningwhenwereadaboutMax,thatwasn'ttheendofthestory.Ithinkthat'sinspiringandinstructiveforus.WhatissecondTimothychapter4,forexample,wherehesaysdoyourbesttocometomequicklyforDimasbecausehelovedthisworld,hasdesertedmeandhasgonetoThessalonicacrescentsisgoingtoGalatia,TitustoDalmatiaonlyLucaswithme.GetMarkandbringthemwithyoubecauseheishelpfultomeinmyministryandthenhegoesontotalkabouttokickassandimaginesomeofthesepeople.Soit'snotjustinthebookofactsthatyouseesomeofthenamesyouseethemthroughoutthestereoexactlyinthebookthatallhisteamandthelessonsfromhowtheyworktogetherhavealwaysbeenavailabletous.BearintheNewTestament,butthere,hidinginplainsightbecausewhatyoujustreadagreatexample.That'sreallyeasytoskipover.Ifyou'rejustreadingtheportionlikeyeahokayIgotallthesenames.Thesepeopleareright.Ifyouskipoverthat.Butthosenamesarethereandseehavetostartconnectingdotswithotherplacesthattheywerementionedandliningthingsupofthebookofacts,andonceyoudoalotofthatworkwhichisreallythefoundationalworkofthisbook.Theirroleandwhattheydidstartstoappear.It'snothidinginthemoreyoustarttomakethoseconnectionsandsoyouneedtoseethewaythosethingslineupinoneofthethingsIreallyappreciateaboutpassageslikethatoneisyouseethateverythingwasnotrosesforPaulallthetime.YouknowAlexander,thecoppersmithdidhimgreatharmonytalksaboutNadimDimasdesertedmeandalltherest,soheImeanwayswecanrelatetothisCantleyinmodernchurchlifeofthiswonderfulChristianbrotherandnowhedesertedmeandwhatIdoandhowdoIresolvetheconflict.HowdoyouapplysomeofthattothemoderndaychurchandhowweshoulddealwithconflictandwhatwecandrawfromhowPauldealtwithhisteamagreatquestion.Youknowyouwanttotalkaboutthefactthathisteamseemtoberelentlessaboutreconciliationandthattheywantedtorestorerelationships,evenwhenitwaspainfulandIthinkthatthelessonforusislikeyousaiditwasn'tRosiewereallkindofdisagreementallkindofdiscordshockinglysimilartowhatwedealwithtodaycompetitionbetweenleaders.Competitionbetweenchurchespersonaldisagreement.Somepeoplefindeatingmeatsacrificedtoidols.Othersaren't,howyounegotiatethat,ImeanitparalleledherstrikingwithalotoftheconflictinthechurchtodaybutcallinandthepeoplearoundhimseemtobecommittedtoreconciliationprettyrelentlesslyandtheexampleofsecondCorinthians11.Thelettersaregreatillustrationsoutforus.YouknowyourbrokenpotofbrokenrelationshipwiththeCorinthians.DescribesecondCorinthians,youreaditlikeyou'rewalkingintothemiddleofafamilyfightandyouhavenoideahowitgotstartedandyou'rejustlikewow.Andbecausehe'sreferringtopreviouslettersthatarenotfirstCorinthianssohe'sbeenhavingthiscorrespondencewasverytearful.Hedescribesit,andhewantedtocontinue.Paulwantedtocontinueincertainministry,buthejustcouldn'tshakethebrokenrelationshipwiththeCorinthiansoascendingTitus,oneofhiscoworkerstogo,mediatethedisputeandthenyougetevenseethejoyandreliefallfeltwhenheheardfromTitusthattheyhadcomebacktoaplaceoflovefootball,youjustoverjoyed.AmidsuchanemotionalrollercoasterofthatletterandIthinkthelessonforusonthatisnumberone.It'sjustgonnabemessylikejustthefactthattheyhaveadisagreementIthinkisabigpartofthelessonacceptingthatit'sgoingtohappenbutthenshowingthatishurt.AsPaulwasaspainfulasitwas,hedidn'tjustwritepeopleoffevenjustgiveup.Hestilllovethosepeopleandandbelievethatthereisawayforthemtocomebackintofellowshipwitheachother.SoIthinkthat'sachallengeforustoday.ItreallyisyouwriteaboutthatwhatyoumentionedearlierPriscillainaquillandthere'salotinintheBibleaboutthem.Youknow,whenPaulsailedforSyriawiththemfromCorinthandlefttheminEphesusandtheywereveryinstrumentalinhelpingApollo'sunderstandsthewayofGodmoreadequately.Iaskedtalksaboutthataswell.Therearepeoplementionedandprofessesanotheronethat'smentionedwhoareveryimportant,buttheydon'tgetalotoftimeintheBibledescribingthem.Youknow,herewasourfirstwhoisthisoriginalevangelist.Hewasdoingalotofworkthere.ButPaulwastheonewhogotmoreink.Whataboutthatangle.Itcanattacktouchingonwhatyousaidearlierthatjustbecauseyou'reoutofthelimelightdoesn'tmeanyou'renotcrucialtothebodyofChrist.AbsolutelyIthinkyouknowyoumentionedgotheregreatexamplesaboutyou.ThisappearstobetheoriginalevangelistoftheLikertValleywherecolossiisregionofEphesuswhichcoursebecameveryimportant.Paul'sministry,buthewasn'tthefirstonethereinsomeofthesesituationsandsoPaulspeaksaboutthemasbeingveryonlytalksaboutprophecytalksabouthowvaluableheisnowtoanswerthelettersbecauseIknowyearsbecausehewastheirfirstexperiencewithChristcarryinglettersthesamelettercarriersimagineit.Imaginewhatourworldarefake,likebelikewithoutEphesiansorColossiansletters,Pauldictatedthoselettersarewelcome,andthenhanditofftosomeonelikeIcouldjustthrownextsemesterpoppersandthentheywalkedfortwomonthswhiletheystrugglingtofindfood.Theirriskofbeingallthechallengeswillwanttotravelandjustpainfullyslowcommunication.TheylivethattheyhaveEphesiansintheirpocketandgotdeliveredby.churchandinGod'sprovidencehecomesoutsoyeahtheideathatyourinfluenceisdirectlycorrelatedtotheamountofattentionyouget,orIncanspilledaboutyouisnotsimplynottrue.Andso,importantlessonsmustkeepinmind.VerysurewhatthenameofthebookisPaulandhisteamwhattheearlychurchcanteachusaboutleadershipandinfluence.JustagreatreadbyRyanlocksmithisbeenwithusRyansomethingtohavehadyouthinkyousomuch,absolutely.Godblessyouandthanksforbeingwithusallrightwillthankyouforjoiningushereandasalwaysseenext

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