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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Jason Lisle (Apologetics) Howard Rotberg (Relativism)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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October 21, 2019 4:00 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Jason Lisle (Apologetics) Howard Rotberg (Relativism)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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October 21, 2019 4:00 pm

Atheists and skeptics say the Bible is full of contradictions. Closer examination of the passages in question show that's not true, but how do we prepare in order to prove it? I'll talk it over with Christian astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle, founder of the Biblical Science Institute and author of the new book, "Keeping Faith in an Age of Reason." Plus: America has accepted ideologies like moral relativism and decries those it sees as allegedly Islamophobic. But when tolerance reaches an extreme point, what will result? Howard Rotberg joins me to talk about it and his book, "The Ideological Path to Submission ... And What We Can Do About It." That and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is sponsored by the stand against Marxism conference hosted by the enemies within the church project.

Join us October 18 and 19th in Des Moines Iowa for the stand against Marxism conference. Register now more information is that's stand against Our confidence is in Christ alone, I know never been on the Internet you know it is the is skeptics claiming that the Bible is full of contradictions and of course they were saying that before the advent of the Internet but online discussions being what they are.

They found a very viral forum for their propaganda. Is it in true is it in fact true that the Bible is full of contradictions. No not true. But when somebody says that to us.

How should we respond. That's were in a tackle today with Dr. Jason Lyle.

He is a Christian astrophysicist and founder of the biblical science Institute today will be discussing his book keeping faith in an age of reason refuting alleged Bible contradictions. Great to have your Dr. Lyle how are you good to be on the perimeter of me on. Well, absolutely. I love this subject and I think this is really awesome. Your book addresses every alleged Bible contradiction that you seen on the Internet. That's a pretty mammoth undertaking it was but it was it was enjoyable and frankly most of the ones that that the atheists claim you just read the passage carefully and it's pretty slow.

Contradictions right so what were your sources to go to sources for Bible contradiction claims well okay to get the claims that there is a there's an Internet meme that is been circulating for some time that lists 449 alleged Bible contradictions and skill level graph that lists each and every one of you using you notes, it looks intimidating 439 or some of them are duplicates in some of the same type so it reproduces down to about 420 and it's it's kind of accumulation of basically all the other you all the other claims that are out there. I thought that will be a good list to use two to analyze these things will effectually based the book I took that list and went through in and investigated each and every one of those 420 alleged contradictions and I found that not one of them is legitimate production.

That's great. This is going to be such a great resource for people's wondering what your take is on how effective some of these arguments have been in undermining people's faith in Scripture that is people who go on the Internet they see one of the sites they read the mean and they say all wow even if they don't look at any of the evidence for any of the contradictions just seen a long list of contradictions. I'm sure can be effective in making somebody somewhat skeptical. Do you think that they've been fairly successful in making people doubt the Bible so and it's unfortunate, but people are not rigorously rational often and there is a psychological effect that when you see a great number of claims there is an inclination to think well even if all of them weren't right Shirley Shirley for couple of yes to be legitimate contradictions and if there are legitimate contradictions in the Bible isn't really the word of God and so I think there is there's an intimidation factor. There were you list all of these things and logically called out of the policy development ruling relist all kinds of all kinds of things rather quickly and you don't really go into detail on any of them naturally what this list was. It was the policy of elderly but it is persuasive. It does have a tendency to persuade people and that's why I encourage people to be logical to investigate the claims to you and even if you don't go through and investigate all all of them. I think it's sufficient to go through and say okay, which let's pick what were your best arguments here you Mr. nonbeliever what your best case and then go through thoroughly investigate that if there best cases in the good one and that means the lesser arguments can can really be dismissed.

Yeah, great points that would you say was that whole long list of some supposed Bible contradictions that you analyzed that there is one that really towers above the others in terms of being challenging to answer so many of them are just so on their face ridiculous and salacious, but is there any that fall in the category of being serious issues that we really do need to get a good handle on and explain adequately that you read two different passages and paradox forms in your mind. You say how can these both be true.

I think of me to be investigated. There were a very few that were in that category, but none that when you when you think them through.

There were none that were genuinely contradictory.

I would say that there were list of the back because as I answered these.

I kept track of the errors in reasoning that the critic would have to make in order to come to the conclusion that the these two verses are contradictory and so on and on page 236 of the book I listed the critics errors in reasoning and the number one error is simply failure to read the text carefully. That is, if it's somebody even a child of Fort were to read the text and read it carefully and think it through the woods, they won't know that those are contradictory at all hundred 95 of the critics errors were that of that category.

Only about only a few that I have to go back to the original language. There are few that we have to do that nine found of this war in 20 list nine of them. I had to go back to the original Hebrew and Greek.

Because there are some places were English translations. They don't fully capture the meaning of the original very few most English translations are quite good that there are fewer had to go back and check the original language resolve the issue, or where there there are textual variations and so you eat any of the Bible has it been copied perfectly. That surprises people is been copied very well, but there are very slight changes in some of the wording and I found that that answered about the other eight cases where the person was looking at the wrong ancient variation. But if you look at a different variation in there's there's no contradiction at all is very few that really required careful scholarship. Most of them you did if you just read the passage carefully because it's not contradictory and that really says something about BAP is to promote these kinds of list that shows what they are not interested in careful scholarship there just they just really don't want to believe the Bible are willing to do anything right. Persuade people. That's not true. Early nonsense as you said before, so let's some of these categories, one of which has to do with numbers where you have one passage in Scripture claiming X number of people were present. For example, another passage says there was a different number of people what we do with those sorts of passages first section of the book. I divided the book into the various kinds of alleged contradictions of people claimed a lot of those were result by recognizing that just because something is mentioned in Scripture doesn't mean it didn't happen. My silly example.

I don't think the Bible ever mentions that John the Baptist use the restroom but we did at some point in his life and output just because we thought mentioned to them. It's not there. And sometimes people will list you know they'll say hey there were three people present and then another Christendom as long as is will there were six people present. Well, that's not a contradiction because of six people were present but necessarily three people were present and three more three is a subset of six and so that that's one of the common errors in reasoning that beat that the critic makes. In fact, one of those cases is where Jesus heals a demon possessed man a man who's possessed with all kinds of the Legion and then you read another gospel count this as we killed two men well that's not a contradiction because if he healed to that he necessarily healed one in another, and there are reasons why the various authors of the of the Gospels selected out certain details to include others to exclude it in the one account where we we meet one of the two people again. What you don't. It makes sense that he only needs to list one of the one of the two expect to be the other person wasn't crucial to the point that the author wanted to make. And so it wasn't necessarily to include that information to me wasn't there. It just means that you didn't include that information. So a lot of the quantitative differences are answered in in that respect, it's just a question of what people chose to include or exclude or even even the very first one in the book, which is how many it's in the question of how many men did did the chief of David's captains kill second Samuel says 801st Chronicles is 303, the text carefully and if I did have to go back and check the original manuscripts, but the to be clear, one of them killed 300 men at one time with a spear and presumably the other 500 were killed with some other weapons total of 800 and so you just read the text carefully you can see there's no contradiction there, just the question of what details you want to include sleep when you talk about the gospel accounts.

One of the main things that people pointed out over the years apologetics experts as if you had the you know you have eyewitnesses and so as you say there there in a report different things that are necessarily contradictory, but if they were all absolutely in alignment, then the criticism we would expect would be collusion. These guys all got together and decided what they were in a right and the fact that it's absolutely exact in each gospel count means that these guys are not telling the truth right when you have different people witness an event and write about it or speak about it you expect.

What I would call compatible differences and so if somebody says well you know the witness a car accident that car was red is not a contradiction. No, no, that's exactly right Dr. Jason lie with us.

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You know it it it's really interesting and I came away with a greater appreciation for the Bible having having written this book. I think it's something that people want to read it will say okay here are some details that I have thought about it and it makes sense.

The Bible is very coherent expected to be is the word of God so sure what when you talk about the crucifixion. For example, you also address the issue of the tearing of the curtain in the temple which we read about in several gospel accounts. Why did they think that that's a contradiction as far as the timing of the curtain rep. I'm not sure I'd have to look at the I had to look at the number and in particular but a lot of times it's it's they just haven't read the text very carefully. It's really what it comes down to you, read it very carefully and and we need understand to that.

Sometimes the order in which something is recorded is not necessarily the order in which it happened. Now, if the Bible does give in order that we need to take it seriously that that's the order which happened but all the time in our everyday language. We will sometimes be telling a story in them. Will backup the soul by the way, you know that this is happened previously, we we almost apologize for going that in her English culture is very common in Hebrew because they depended be more focused on theme than timing. In fact, the Hebrew verbs don't really have tents in the same way that English verbs do and so just their way of thinking about things a little bit different, but that doesn't mean that there are genuine contradictions that just means that we need to think about things. The way that the author would have when he broke the text and so you know if the weapon orders not given. You can't assume that order is there, and so that might alleviate some of the some of the paradoxes that occur in people's minds when they read the text. It's really good to know you know you would mention the bifurcation fallacy and that was the second most prevalent fallacy that you say you found among these alleged contradictions. Explain what the bifurcation fallacy actually is equates an either/or fallacy. People say either this or that and you think about anything but wait a minute, doesn't have to be limited to those two options, and just as an example of a causality, often causality is multifaceted.

There there general that they tend to be more than one cause for particular events for sampling a number 140 in the book who makes people deaf and blind now. Exodus 411 and John 913 for God but but Mark 917 25 indicate an unclean spirit is responsible 10 wait a minute, why can it be God.

In some cases an unclean spirit, another's or why can it be God in the ultimate sense, and then God using means another set is like who provides for all of your needs will.

God does will than what you work for living well because I provide for my own needs to God uses the work that I do as the means by which he provides for me. And so, if you will be a bifurcation to say either God provides for your means are you do because the fact is, both of those are true and that that's often the case in Scripture. The Bible endorses dual causality and so that's just one example of the bifurcation fallacy. That's great. Some of these things we been talking about numbers we been talking about the timing of events, but when you look at some of these alleged Bible contradictions sometimes will come up against a serious what somebody would regard as a serious theological issue that is in play and that comes in your cause-and-effect chapter. For example, and this is one of the biggest questions I think of all to answer is salvation by faith alone and this is been an ongoing theological dispute for centuries. Obviously, even within Christendom. How do you answer the questions of locate these verses talk about salvation through faith alone because of Christ allowed these talk about works is that a contradiction and how do we resolve it. 139 in the book that that's a very common but with a very common objection was Abraham justified by faith or by works.

Romans workers is by faith. But James 221 says by works in that case it it's it's you happen. Take a look at what the word justification means nothing about salvation.

Justification can mean salvation, under certain circumstances, and so we need to recognize that that a word that the meaning of a word depends on context, but in the context of James. James is talking about said faith versus a genuine faith and in James chapter 2 is pointing out that a person who has genuine faith in God will do good works.

Now the works are not the cause for salvation. They are the effect of salvation is that's actually a sexy different fallacy that people told of false cause fallacy. People will see two things that go together and they will assume that a is the cause of B that's not necessarily the case. It could be that a and B go together because they are both caused by C or it could be that because of, say, for example, sticky tar does not cause heart attacks but they are correlated. If you if you take a look at days when tar is sticky you'll find that more people have heart attacks is based not just topics. As far as causing artifact heat is causing the car to be's mechanical and heat pins that cause more heart attacks and so just because two things are correlated doesn't mean one is the cause of the other yes good works is correlated with saving faith. If you're saved, you will tend to do good works you that will be a natural result of that faith in the Bible teaches that very clearly and throughout and so it's disappointing that people say well yeah, people who do good works go to heaven well if there say they go to heaven right and because they're saved. They do good work, so there is a sense in which one good works.

You go to heaven. There's a correlation there, but one is not the cause of the other salvation is because of her doing good works will now did you find on the Internet or when you are looking at the meme of all these alleged Bible contradictions that you saw what I often see online which is there contradictions between what Jesus taught and what Paul taught that seems to be one that comes up again and again. Yeah, I occasionally yell at me nuts. Certainly people claim all kinds of different things there but again I don't find anyone that's that's genuine up all certainly understood Christ teachings and in granite he wasn't one of the 12.

He was the one that was a good that became an apostle out of season is at work but is teaching is fully consistent with what Christ taught in my head I haven't found a single counterexample. Yeah, I haven't either know when you get to differences in details, which is another section of your box. I think for example of one that I also hear quite a bit, which is the two creation accounts and we see differences in the book of Genesis. How do we reconcile these creation accounts. How do you have to handle that one surprises me that people think that Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are somehow contradictory. I guess what course I spend a lot more time in that area is someone who specializes in defending creation. But let me just clarify Genesis chapter 2 really is just giving us a more detailed account of the events of day six.

And when you understand that you read it you follow-up fully consistent with what Genesis 1 Genesis 1 just gives us very brief details of basics.

All it tells us is that on day six God made the land animals and he made Adam and Eve, but that's really the image data that why me to lose a few more details with the big plants were made for Ebony to eat. Genesis 2 gives us much more detail. It tells us that Adam was made first, and that the animals were brought toward Adelaide already been created, but they were brought to Adam and he was to give names to them all and then after that was done. Then he then God made Eve know there's no contradiction therebetween.

Genesis 2 and Genesis 1. They're not different creation accounts with just just chapter 2 is giving a detailed amplified account of the events of day six and and probably from Adam's perspective, I might my personal conviction will would be dogmatic on this my personal conviction is that Adam himself probably wrote chapter 2 Genesis from his perspective and then of course that document we get past them, and Moses later incorporated that into the book of Genesis, but people often wonder where it where did Moses get his information when he was a he was a scholar. He was Prince of Egypt and he was, he would've had access to the Hebrew documents and to end.

You know, he would have been able to compile that intercourse God could have given it to them supernaturally, but I think Moses would have access to these previous documents so there's no there's no contradiction between chapter 1 and chapter 2 chapter 2 just giving us more details. This is interesting that's a lie when you look at the totality of the contradictions that you are addressing in your book. Are there any in particular that you think every Christian ought to be ready to answer just because these are the ones that tend to come up most frequently I would say I can't think of any of that stand out. I think it would be helpful for people to really study the Gospels in particular because that's the place where critics will jump on it because there we do have four different accounts at sometimes of the same event and so I bet that's the place where it's easiest to pick on differences that in details of the of the events that people record but there aren't contradictions there and again it be good people. People read those for accounts and and in particular like the resurrection I was one of the ones that was. I found really enjoyable to study is the different accounts of the resurrection that you get the four Gospels you just read one gospel. You get some picture of what happened you read another one. It fills in the details as you revise the picture that forms in your mind the first time… That's what it can be used as a reference book and you can look up any of these absolutely the name of keeping faith in an age of reason, Dr. Jason Lile with us so good to talk to you. Thank you so much Dr. Lyle.

Thank you. RI S will be right back content. This Janet met for today podcast is sponsored by the stand against the conference hosted by the enemies within the church project. Join us October 18 and 19th in Des Moines Iowa for the stand against my conference. Register now more information is that's stand against prior culture for taking ideology springs from an excessive faith and tolerance.

Things like relativism and diversity, but where is all this so-called tolerance, leading us, especially when it comes to an increasing embrace by the left of Islamism and how do we fight back or an attack that today with Howard Rothberg, a Canadian writer, businessman and president of Mantua books and today were to be talking about his latest book.

It's called the ideological path to submission, and what we can do about it. Love you and you hear Howard, thank you so much for being with us. Thank you for having me. Now I know we talked about your first book. This is the sequel to your book tolerate some I know people will remember that interview that we did and we talked about what that is, from your perspective. Maybe you can explain for people who are just tuning in for the first time what tolerates him actually is before we talk about what we can do about it. Thailand is an excessive regard for the value of tolerance as opposed to our historical Judeo-Christian values. She just set up freedom and good values you told me people who feel the tolerance so important have moved into an ideology which is something I don't really understand. They often tend to think if they are fair and pacifist and they don't have any ideology when in fact the belief that they don't have any ideology, is there ideology. The color realism as an ideology then is an excessive regard for tolerance towards people themselves are intolerant to know where you live girl and who could take our went to end all tolerance, so it's really really a bad idea to worship. Tolerance is the greatest good for sure yet you talk about some of these ideologies that have emanated from tolerance and things like inclusive diversity and cultural relativism, but one of the things that you're really making a point about in this book is how these ideologies end up paving the way for as you say, as submission of the free world to Islamism and I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on that why it is you believe that as this tolerance becomes tolerance and becomes a submission to Islamism. What is that connection therebetween tolerate some and why is it that we are headed toward an acceptance of Islamism and my contention in the book a variety ideology have spun out of this idea of tolerance and its basis in cultural relativism which which, for the benefit of the listeners. Cultural relativism is the idea that all cultures are equal and that there's no no regard to telling people that one culture is where it's better than another course that goes against everything that we should be believing in and in order to to understand this. This idea of submission.

The course is yielding to some greater power and that we have to distinguish between regular Islamic folks and those who are part of radical Islam or holy calling, Islamism who seek conquest into a call worldwide caliphate, who seek to submission to values that are far from from ours. And why would example, feminists make common cause with Islamicists or Palestinian activists when the is Lamis have a very backwards view towards towards women.

So we say left this little whether it's out of self-hatred. That kind of a masochistic view of overcoming their own guilt over their work.

Things are done that they start to submit to the knee and this is a problem when you have ideas like tolerance, respect and empathy as your main goals and in the book I talk about Hillary Clinton giving each of the square. She said we have to respect our enemy.

Well, this is ridiculous.

Respect is a deep admiration for those whose achievements or abilities you think are great. Well our enemies shirt certainly are deserving of our respect what we respect. Likewise, we can't respect those who use violence, honor killings, abuse of women and children and beheadings and all of the problems of the is Lamis I we can't respect them. Hillary go so far as to say we have to emphasize with them and then we have a whole host of people in the Western world now saying compassion and empathy are the biggest goals in the spins out of color tolerance as well and empathy in the book. I look at the work done by various social psychologists and empathy is an attempt to make yourself understand somebody else's situation or position as if you where that person in the crucial part of expression is as if so, you really to empathize with another person. You have to have a clear idea of your own values and that you're not susceptible to taking on their values, but you're just going to look through their eyes will having your own values, which should hopefully an American candidate steeped in the in the Bible, Judeo-Christian values, if you don't have strong values yourself.

If you departed from all religions in your secularist relativist.

It's very easy to to decide that you like those values better. So empathy is a very dangerous dangerous concept and Americans almost have the president who was preaching respect for the enemy and empathy with the most evil people around so that's it see the gist of how tolerance and spins out into various other ideas.

For example, there's rather would be is Lamis. The radical is people who follow Islam are always going on about how they're facing is llama folding all over the place and if you look at media is more Islam Ophelia that his love of Muslims and then there is actually is llama phobia and is llama phobia is used as kind of a sword as opposed to a shield. In other words play by constantly complaining about is llama phobia. They are attempting to get people to find more and this is this is a big problem as well is when you talk about Hillary Clinton to this is the same woman who went over to Istanbul and not only was trying trying to empathize with Islamists but also was trying to reassure them all. Yes, I know we have that pesky First Amendment problem over in the United States but will just use these old-fashioned tactics like peer pressure and shaming then will get people to do what were to me Mrs. I'm sorry but I find that treasonous because she is trying to get the Islamists to undermine what makes America, America, and this is amazing to me that so many Americans will not fight back at some point and say wait a minute. This is against everything that we stand for your best friend in nature. Lady named whom between who is connected to the Muslim brotherhood Lamis organization and the American media didn't see anything wrong with this but of course the infiltration of their ideologies into the American government in the securities to homeland security and in the highest rooms of power under Obama and the Clinton the Secretary of State created a one aspect of submission session is to allow the chambers of power and submission is to give up your values however to come back. The ideological path to submission, and what we can do about it.

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That's 855402 baby but there's a banner to click enchantment back to Janet effort. Today my guest is Howard Robert, author of the book the ideological path to submission, and what we can do about it. And this is a sequel to his great book tolerance and we did an interview about that a while back, and this is an important sequel Howard because you're talking about where this is all headed talking about the problem of Islamists and how we have seen many on the left and those who would say they're all about tolerance and empathy basically submitting to this now we have.

For example, the Muslim brotherhood, all its front groups present in the United States of America. They have a stated objective of stealth jihad in Western civilization.

The left is helping them along. What about the reaction to deaths from people who are patriotic Americans who understand how important it is to keep the current Constitution and in place and to keep our laws under the Constitution of the United States. How do you see this is fixable because I know you do say you're a bit pessimistic in the short term. Go to the people in the American heartland who voted for Thompson who understand understand one important thing that is llama's radical have declared war against America declared war in 9/11 and that's equivalent to two when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and Obama instead of some problems with wishes well but Obama cores one immediately upon being elected in apology tour through the Middle East telling them how America really has the same system of justice and tolerance as they do and was sorry for all the American interference in obviously bad guys are results of American actions which of course is not not true but also the average American than the average American who follows Christianity and Judaism is not you know fallen prey to the secular ideologies of tolerance and submission. They have a gut feeling that in a time of war. We have to take steps to defend ourselves rather than to submit and go on some blank following Daniel pipes and other astute observers of Islam to say that you know there is that we can allow into the country. People who are going to make their religion reconcilable with our great values, liberty, freedom in the women's rights, children's rights, all of that but we cannot allow into the country into positions of power. The Lamis have created a very horrible threat to Western Western liberties, and we saw that Obama and Clinton were very submissive to Zionism and in fact Hilary made out great lies Secretary of State that to win the Benghazi happened. This was the reaction the spontaneous reaction to a Christian Coptic guy from the states who did and she loves the movie when of course they knew that that wasn't so, so they feel free to lie in pursuit of their ideology.

We have to look at really distinguishing between those Muslims who are reconciled their religion reform. It is necessary to accord with our values unwelcome here.

Those who are in any way allowing Muslim organizations to take theoretical path should be dealt with accordingly as in wartime and in other words, it must be resistance to allowing certain of them into the country and if they take certain actions that attempt to force us into submission in our own countries. We must not fail to deport in the book I end up with a discussion about how we must be careful not to hurt civil rights of good people, but we must not be afraid to tackle the problem of dealing with people who are trying to enforce through the variety of techniques. Terrorism is one of the main techniques which weakens our our will to carry on and I took a look in the book a great deal in France, and Sweden as being the template for societies that are submitting every day now and I talk about some books in the entrance where they are really showing a decline in the French the friendship morale and in Sweden. The no go zone.

The way the which Sweden has jeopardized the health and safety of their own women by bringing in people who come from a culture of rape in a culture of atrocities to show how open-minded we are is fine, but she gets open-minded, your brains fall out. That's right, that's right, you know, I was hopeful for a little while there. That, at least in the Netherlands. They might be able to actually put good filters in charge who has it has their number, and is concerned about his own country and and yet you're up over and over and over again. Like you've mentioned, and in some of these countries, France, and Sweden, and Germany, and all the rest. These people don't seem to be in large enough numbers rising up and saying this is gonna spell the end of our sovereignty is a Judeo-Christian Western civilization. If we continue to allow our leaders to lead us down this primrose path what what you make of the rising given up and I found something very interesting. When I started this book that that those countries that have a tremendous guilt such as Germany touches Sweden Sweden pretrade itself.

It was neutral during the second world war. In the book idyllic chapter planning. Sweden was neutral. They empowered the Nazis a tray produced iron or not she expertly allowed the Nazis to go across Sweden on the way to defeat in Norway and France itself, of course, got a seat in the Security Council just there with the allies but the Vichy government under martial attack course will cooperate with the Nazis. When the Nazis asked for €10,000 for the concentration camps. They gave him 15,000 so these countries and and in some respects the left and America's very similar in that they often pretrade America's a terrible country that abuses Blacks and Native Americans ensure there were there were mistakes made and by and large through affirmative action and other techniques which we try to atone for those things. But in a world where there is no more confession and religion, religious affairs, people don't have religion.

They begin to act out of kind of masochism and submission to the to the evil people as a reaction to what they perceived as America being just as bad as these other countries, which is a real shame, and is a real threat to everything we hold here it is been very successful in employing all sorts of tactics over the years to push political correctness on us. This cultural Marxist philosophy on us that we don't even know he's being put on us. Is there a way to reframe culture to get people to think correctly insanely on these things. In other words, a possibility of turning the tables and saying hey we can employ some straight tactics that are very honest and very straightforward in order to reeducate the culture on why were going down the wrong road first. Well, we have to understand what's going on, we have to understand that Israel, for example, if the first front in the will in the Islamist war and that Israel is a right in the book has been able to keep a real positive patriotism and nationalism and a social resilience. I was in Israel writing my first book, copacetic catastrophe during the second intifada, and the massive number of suicide bombings that were going on all around me when I was there and why are Israelis still positive.

Why does it rank high on the happiness index because they have value, says that we are doing the right thing. We are even treating the enemy in our hospitals because we don't want to see people die needlessly without charge, you know, so in America and Canada can't do what Obama did an American or Justin Trudeau in Canada. Justin Trudeau said, our main value in Canada is now inclusive diversity and I as a child of the madman. My father would print the Nazis Auschwitz concentration camp and his parents were killed by the Nazis in the concentration camps and is an eight-year-old sister were killed. I am appalled when people say diversity is is important when they have welcomed not see SS members and other killers from the concentration camps to come to Canada United States. So why are we welcoming people themselves may have been guilty of terrible genocide against ICDs for Christians is genocide against Christians going on right now and area in Iraq and the Coptic communities of Egypt yeah that's exactly right Howard. That's why people need to read this great the ideological path to submission, and what we can do about it Howard Robert with us how it was wonderful to talk to again thank you for great talking for having time with us today. We really appreciate you being here got bless you Thanksgiving with us and we'll see if it's EMF

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