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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Andrew Bostom (Syria and Turkey)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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October 22, 2019 1:43 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Andrew Bostom (Syria and Turkey)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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October 22, 2019 1:43 pm

New data shows a sharp decline in the number of self-identified American Christians, coupled with a sharp rise in the number of "nones." With evangelicals increasingly embracing social justice, does this portend the end of Christian America? We'll talk about it. Plus: Some Christians have complained about President Trump's military decision in Syria, but what should we really know about the situation? Islamic scholar Dr. Andrew Bostom explains. That's next time on JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is sponsored by Hartford Lebanon to Christian ministry, working among 2 million Syrian refugee families have been displaced for just $29 a month you can help Hartford Lebanon reach out in Jesus name to a family of six providing them with food, Christian education survival essentials and the gospel. Please call now 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or Janet met, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know have you with us for another brought mass IMs on a high.

I really am. I am on a natural high from the stand against conference which took place this previous weekend in Des Moines Iowa and Boyle tell you what I have been to a lot of Christian conferences over the years I have spoken at a fair number of Christian conferences over the years and this was one of the best ones I've ever been to.

And I mean that absolutely sincerely. I have rarely been to a conference where every speaker was just knocking it out of the park and where the stakes were so high and are so high in the entire subject that was the topic for that particular conference in this case it is standing against Mark and the infiltration of Marxist thoughts into our churches into our denominations into our seminaries into our parachurch organizations and into our youth ministries. Sometimes I pull back a little bit from what is going on to try to see it with a little broader context and I am amazed that we have gone down the tubes as much as we have an idea you feel hopeful because I know the Lord is the Lord who can do anything. I am hopeful that the Lord can and by his mercy will turn this around, but it has to begin with a core group of Christians who say though none go with me.

Still I will follow you, Lord, and I'm not going to sit by, and I'm not going to stand for this infiltration of social justice into my church into my denomination or into my seminary may be local seminary or the denominational seminaries that your own church happens to financially support the stakes are so high it's almost beyond description. And I was talking on Saturday night at the fundraiser banquet work in 1/2 as far as I understand and ability for you to be able to listen to some of the speeches and hopefully will be able to even broadcast what I had to say in my remarks here in a few days or so working to get to that, but one of my focus is when I spoke on Saturday night was my own history and my own family regarding social justice and I shared a story about how my grandparents were in a social justice church in the mainline. My mother went to that church.

She ended up leaving that church because she said I'm not getting anything out of it and then by God's grace because she had a friend of hers share the gospel with her who was a new Christian. My mom became a Christian when she was in her 40s, but she had been in mainline Protestant churches.

All of her life and she never heard the gospel one time. Not one time and I always think of my own family history.

My own story because the way I look at it is if my mother had not escape social justice and all of this liberalism in the mainline that would've had unbelievable repercussions for me and not only that it would had unbelievable repercussions for my own kids. How would I have ever become a Christian.

If we had stayed in a social justice liberal mainline church.

All of my life, but because my mom became a Christian because the Lord sought her out like he talks about the shepherd seeking the sheep leaving the 99 to go find a wand and when he finds it he puts it, the sheep on his shoulders and rejoices as the Lord hadn't done that and used a faithful Christian to reach my mom with the gospel. I might never have become a Christian, I would be doing this show right now.

I wouldn't have children who know the Lord. It's it's staggering and I was trying to make a point to a lot of people at this conference.

You've gotta consider this. It isn't just a problem because you want to have somewhere to go to church to hear the gospel, but it has implications for the next generation for your kids.

Where are our kids going to go to church if we lose the gospel if we lose the Lord Jesus Christ is preeminent and his word as preeminent in the churches and we replace that with a Marxist influenced political objective.

That is all about making sure we feel guilty because we need to be about social transformation rather than about the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here's where it all comes home to roost, as it were. There's a story in the week about this new data from pew research Center and as they describe it in time magazine. The portion of Americans with no religious affiliation is rising significantly in tandem with a sharp drop in the percentage that identifies as Christians based on phone surveys. Hughes said 65% of American adults now describe themselves as Christian, but that is down from 77%, just 10 years ago. Meanwhile, the portion that describes their religious identity as atheist or agnostic or nothing in particular now stands at 26%. That's up from 17% 10 years ago.

So the atheists the agnostics and the nuns and when he asked those numbers are rising sharply while the number of Christians or at least self identified Christians is dropping sharply that is not the direction we want to see those numbers go both Protestant and Roman Catholic ranks are losing population share, according to pew. It said 43% of US adults identify as Protestants, down from 51% in 2009 will now we could say from that that evangelicals don't necessarily identify as Protestants though we certainly are Protestants, but I don't know who all falls into the Protestant category if it's liberal mainline, or is losing ground to their losing ground like crazy and have been for years.

But if it's evangelicals losing ground, that's another matter. But how is social justice can turn it around 20% are Catholic, down from 23% in 2009. Pew says all categories of the religiously unaffiliated population grew in magnitude. Self-described atheists now account for 4% of US adults. That's up from 2%, so they have doubled in number since 2009 and I realize those are small numbers but doubling is not good. Agnostics accounts for 5%, up from 3% a decade ago, and 17% of Americans now describe their religion is nothing in particular, up from 12% in 2009. This comes at a time as they point out when there are some big challenges and they cite in the Catholic Church and in the Southern Baptist convention. They talk about the fact that these organizations are beset by clergy sex abuse scandals, the United Methodist Church, the largest mainline Protestant denomination faces a possible split over differences on the inclusion of LGBT Q people when you know it's really funny about that when we throw this in here because I was looking at a story this morning from the Presbyterian Outlook. This is the Presbyterian Church USA. The mainline liberals and they were talking about the fact that they allowed the acceptance of same-sex marriage and the acceptance of homosexual clergy has been awful for them. You've had all of these people peeling away and saying enough is enough. I'm finally out of here and they are in a downward spiral financially and in terms of people peeling off so you know every time you go in the direction of the culture and you become more progressive than thou. Your church will die. It's just the way it is. Your church is not going back to the original social gospel movement, which is something I talked about. Also on Saturday night.

You look at Walter Rauch and Bush Walter Rauch and Bush was one of the gurus of the social gospel movement in the 19th century and then into the early 20th century and this was a movement that was highly influenced by German higher criticism and by Darwin. They know they were the intellectuals. They had it really down. They weren't gonna look at the Bible is something that was just you know in error and why would you do that all the cool kids over in Germany are telling us why that couldn't possibly be the case.

So what did they do, they saw the plight of the urban poor and they decided what we really need to do to revitalize our churches are Protestant churches is we need to adopt this idea of social gospel, the social gospel. What is the social gospel all about will. It's about basically creating the kingdom of God here on earth which I think is just amazing because if you know anything about the Bible you know that Jesus said, my kingdom is not of this world. How much clear-cut the Lord have been my kingdom is not of this world. That's what he said but that's not what the social gospel purveyors said they really believed that it was all about social transformation and here's what a lot of people don't realize even if you know something about the social gospel, you might not realize that all it is is socialism all it is is socialism and taking the moral propaganda. The propaganda of socialism is Rauch and Bush put it, and giving moral power to it by trying to make it sound like Christianity. But it's never been Christianity. Jesus kingdom is not of this world and it is about the ability of the Lord to save sinners. That's why he came in Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners. That's what the Bible says we need salvation because we are lost we are dead in our sins and transgressions. We need a Savior we have no hope.

Without Jesus Christ we have no other Savior. And no other mediator between God and man than the man Christ Jesus and how the world did we get the idea that somehow we have to be about social transformation. It's never been true, it's never worked. It's never grown churches. It's never transform society.

So why in the world, we buy into it. I don't know. But when we come back organ to talk more about this and also get into the story from the week on the coming end of Christian America.

Could it be, will talk about it when we come back and listening to Jennifer today.

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That is down from 78% as recently as 2007, while the ranks of the religiously unaffiliated atheists and agnostics is on the sharp rise we can talk about the statistics and yawn and move on with our lives. But as Christians we can't do that. I been talking a little bit about this stand against conference that I was at over the weekend in Des Moines, Iowa.

It was great to meet so many of you who came and it was just tremendous encouragement to me to see all of these people who love the Lord and are greatly concerned about the rise of social justice in conservative evangelical circles coming together praying together and really informing each other about different angles on this particular problem that were facing is the church of Jesus Christ. I was mentioning before we went to the break Walter Rauch and Bush, who is a social gospel guru back in the late 19th and 20th centuries, early 20th centuries. He said the kingdom of God is not a matter of getting individuals to heaven, but of transforming the life on earth into the harmony of heaven and what I did during my speech was. I was talking about some of the quotes from Walter Rauch and Bush and I was laying those out so people could understand what the social gospel is, and also so people could see for themselves and hear for themselves how the old error of the social gospel is absolutely with us again. It's just repackaged its repackaged and this thing has been repackaged multiple times since the original social gospel came into being, but I want to read some of these quotes to you because I think this is really helpful for us to get our minds around the error and the lack of biblical truth that is in the social gospel, and I really care how many times they repackage it. It's the same false gospel. In fact I talked about it as a different gospel Allah Galatians chapter 1 where the apostle Paul gets as mad as he ever gets in the New Testament when he's saying I am shocked that you Galatian Christians were turned so quickly to a false gospel a different gospel. There's no other gospel but the gospel of Jesus Christ. And even if we or an angel from heaven, preach to you a gospel that is not about Jesus Christ and him crucified, let him be accursed minutes as mad as Paul ever gets and there were there again were there again, so let's listen here a minute on minute share some of these quotes with you. This is from Walter Rauch and bushes. A theology for the social gospel, I kinda joked at the conference, I read Russian Bush so you don't have to.

It's awful.

It really is painful to read Walter Rauch and Bush. It's so bad I was marking it up with a pen as I was going and I said this whole thing is can be filled with Inc. I'm just going nuts in the margins here.

Here's the first quote he says this. If theology stops growing, or is unable to adjust itself to its modern environment and to meet its present tasks, it will die.

The social gospel has become Orthodox.

It has taken the place of conventional religion in the lives of many outside the church.

It constitutes the moral power in the propaganda of socialism. So what is that it's the moral sounding smokescreen that convinces people who are insurers who happen to be a bit naïve that socialism is actually of God which we know it is not because socialism in the idea of Marx's history of theology of history I should say is these societies go from capitalism to socialism and then when socialism is perfected becomes communism. Communism is the mortal enemy. Both of humanity and of Christianity is a theistic God replaces the state and look at all the bodies hundred and 40 million people killed in the 20th century, under communism, it should be a no-brainer that we never revived this doctrine from help quote two from Russian Bush, the social gospel is the old message of salvation but enlarged and intensified the individualistic gospel has taught us to see the sinfulness of every human heart, but it has not given us an adequate understanding of the sinfulness of the social order and its share in the sins of all individuals within it the social gospel seeks to bring men under repentance for their collective sins and to create a more sensitive and more modern conscience decision is doing there he's saying the collective matters more than the individual.

But think about this for a moment, I point out that God is not only the God of Israel, as Scripture says, and he certainly is the God of Israel, but Scripture also says he's the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and think of all the times the Lord interacted with people individually. Throughout the course of Scripture Jesus Lazarus come forth and he says Paul Paul why are you persecuting me and he says the key has come down.

I'm going to your house today.

Even in the Old Testament. The Lord reaches out to Adam he reaches out to Moses he reads it, reaches out to Jeremiah and says before I formed you in the womb I knew you. The Lord loves people individually. We are not some faceless collective that has been tasked with socially transforming society into some kind of utopian communist paradise. But that's what these people had in view. Here's quote three theology needs periodical rejuvenation is strong and vital when it expresses in large reasonings. What youthful religion feels and thinks audiences who are estranged from the church and who would listen to theological terminology with Frank scorn will listen with absorbed interest to religious thought when it is linked with their own social problems.

We just point something out here. Is this not exactly what we are seeing with groups like the Gospel coalition, the Aral Sea were also more of the Southern Baptist convention, JD Greer, these people who are part of the SBC in particular their push in the stuff like crazy. You're pushing it like crazy. We have to be where the people are because we need to have a voice in the culture and we need to have resolution nine passed at the Southern Baptist convention's annual meeting where we can use critical race theory is an analytical tool to help us better understand how to reach it's nonsense people.

We don't need anything beyond Scripture to understand that man is sinful and needs a Savior and that our commission from the Lord Jesus Christ himself is the great commission. It's not anything that comes from the brain of Karl Marx or Vladimir Lenin or Trotsky or any of the rest of the old Communists and the Bolsheviks is nothing to do with Christianity. These people hate Christianity, hate it why you think so many Christians lost their Bibles, and of loss their Bibles under communism because the Communists know that the Bible is diametrically opposed to what they want to do they know it, but somehow today, Christians can't figure it out. This is the same stuff we need to talk about black lives matter and we need to talk about white nationalism and white supremacy and white privilege and you guys are all a bunch of racists. It's a bunch of garbage bunch of garbage.

First of all, you can't look out at an entire congregation of people and never say to those people. You're all guilty of the same sin and especially is not possible to do that by accusing them of being guilty of a particular sin because of the amount of melanin in their skin to ridiculous and I would say anybody who's in a church where your hearing that kind of claptrap audit get up and walk out. In fact, you have my blessing get up and walk out if your church is doing that you get up and walk out and then tell the pastor were not putting up with that that's not biblical right, I gotta get back after my little rant here to quote for the kingdom of God must be the Commonwealth of cooperative labor for how can we actively love others without serving their needs by our abilities.

If the kingdom of God is a community of highly developed personalities. It must also be an organization for labor for none can realize himself fully without labor a divinely ordained community therefore would offer to all the opportunities of education and enjoyment and expect from all their contribution of labor. It's just Karl Marx pokes from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. It's just dressed up in religious garb and it has emptied out the mainline and one of the things that I think is really important for us all to recall is that millions of people sat under this garbage for the last eight decades nine deck more than that.

What good did it do them and I often think if my mom had never had a friend share the gospel with her and how that would've affected my family.

How unbelievable that is inconceivable to me to think about that, but it makes me even more distraught when I think about all the people who never escape the mainline who never heard the gospel and then what happened to their kids what happened to their grandkids. And worse, my mom had a place my parents with us. They had a place to flee to when the mainline went nuts and they said were here. Somewhere to go. Think about this for a moment if our Bible believing conservative evangelical churches will really trade this gold of the gospel of Jesus Christ for the fools gold of the social justice gospel where the world or any of us can go. I mean, it seems inconceivable. I know to a lot of us to imagine that there would ever be a dearth of churches where you could hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. But I'm already hearing that I've probably been hearing that from people for 10, 20 years.

It's so hard to find a good church and what are they say are they bad Christians for saying that know their faithful Christians and and I hear this all the time for people. Where do I go to church and we have this mega church down the street and it's all entertainment and fog machines and they give me earplugs when I walk into the sanctuary because they don't want me to go death listening to the so-called worship music and it's all China Christianity light self-help stuff and yet I'm not getting fed now want to move on to the meat of God's word and they're not going through the Bible and teaching me the Bible so I go to this other church and its liberal and it's all social justice and I try going to this conservative church. At least I thought it was a conservative church and I walk in and I'm told I'm a racist. Where we are any of us can ago if we don't preserve the truth.

That is what is of utmost concern to me and it is dire. There are groups and there are funding groups in particular that are paying big money to push this garbage into evangelicalism. Why because Marxism needs the church to fall and I know that sounds like some kind of a grand conspiracy theory, but you think. For example, about the national immigration form. It is beyond proof and that the national immigration forum is funded by the open Society foundation from George Soros funding this group which then funds the ads for the evangelical immigration table and this is the liberal open borders group that is headed in part by both Russell Moore of the Aral Sea of the Southern Baptist convention and Jim Wallace, an avowed Marxist tell me that this stuff is not going on right in front of us and we don't want to see what's right there because I think we would much prefer to have easy lives where we could just go to church and then go home and we never had to fight any battles but you know what, if you're Christian you will always have to fight a battle. What you think. Ephesians 6 is all about. And there is a time. I know in the past when you look at all these great ministries and these great pastors that came about and they just preach the word that was wonderful but maybe were the generation and I think we are working I have to fight for the word of God, and it really is our duty to do so were to come back listening to Janet today. Stay with us this Janet met for today podcast is sponsored by Hartford Lebanon. The Christian ministry, working among 2 million Syrian refugee families who've been displaced for just $29 a month you can help a heart for Lebanon reach out in Jesus name to a family of six providing them with food, Christian education survival essentials and the gospel. Please call now 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or Janet met We are back on.

Janet met for today.

Well, one Pres. Trump recently announced the drawing down of troops in Syria. He came under lots of criticism. Some said his decision to see support for the Syrian defense forces was a bad move because of the signal that it sends to the Kurds, America's main allies in the fight against ISIS.

For example, Pat Robertson said I am absolutely appalled that the United States is going to betray those democratic forces in northern Syria and we are possibly going to allow the Turkish to come in against the Kurds but now even Sen. Lindsey Graham who initially criticized the troop withdrawal says he's optimistic that the situation could turn out very well. What should we think about what is going on in Syria and the role America should play in that region. And what about the Kurds. Morgan to find out more now from Islamic scholar Dr. Andrew Boston is just written about what we should understand about the situation. He is associate professor of family medicine, the Warren Alpert medical school of Brown University and the author of the Legacy of Jihad among other great books Dr. Boston. It's great to have you with us again how are you doing very much for we waited on. I'm glad to have you here because I have seen the media. For example, say evangelicals are all going to turn on Pres. Trump for how he's treating the Kurds and I said most evangelicals haven't the slightest idea who the Kurds are or what the situation is in Syria so what you make of this whole situation. What's your take on it. I can tell you that the period of American evangelical country understood quite quite good abusively. Kurds were no they are very nomadic. The multiple people that were slaughtered in middle thousand years ago followed be the easier it will be in the anti-Crusader pious Muslim jihadist but but they they have a very long and very ignoble history of the path of prologue to the present of brutally persecuting non-Muslims, particularly Christians. All, but also also UTD the the situation for Jews of the limited number of Jews became of the domain was not good either, so that that left the chronic history into the present and even even though now you have different occur distractions where, for example, northern Iraq where the Viking 91 head of the fact go the ministate of of of Curtis. That is a sharia state.

It is infinitely governed by if the walls are drawn up and in compliance largely with the sharia about the underlying source so that together with certain kind of of society.

But even those that are in the area that we that we are be the border between Turkey and Syria that they the fighting back folder back group is is Marxist but has been parole for a long long time. They you could see one night when they when they would liberate the various devices and conquer the real event that they would they would put huge batterers of a photo on the, the founder of the PKK and some believe even you know, originally a KGB trained but regardless you know in an open Marxist so that their ideology they they have their own territorial claims vis-à-vis Turkey, Iraq, but even or even Iran like that they have established what looks to be a semipermanent maybe permanent enclave and in northern Iraq so that there really should be no real misunderstanding of who they are actually in terms of the Marxist fighters that we supported. There was a great exposé about the Wall Street Journal, of all places good.

2015 and it really describe it is actually quite fanatical Marxist and Maoist so so that that should of been there their ideology to the state department you this night.

Now you can argue Janet that look, I mean you will be the enemy of my enemy is my friend yells, though, that they that they may certainly did bear the brunt of of fighting it again phthisis however, I don't understand how people can think about this logically workable. Where would they have been without our logistical support without without our military support without American running bombing campaign for the view think they will walk you more than 11,000 people and they might've lost significantly more number two is that again they have their own territorial aspirations. They have been ethnically cleansed in the areas of a few provisos of other of not multiple they've always been rather predatory towards non-Muslims obviously stated they haven't been nearly as brutal as ISIS was, but they are they are routinely condemned by both Kurt Christian and you ziti organization because of their proprietary nature and and there's little no reporting for their typical oppressive weight again to visit him, not comparing them to phthisis in terms of the genocidal brutality but but they but they are they are both thuggish and proprietary in their own way what this is interesting because I have always heard the Syrian Civil War described as the bad guys versus the even worse guys and so it's kinda difficult to say one side is better than the other because they're both also. But what about Turkey because you have heard one pointing out, for example, that the West is standing by terrorists for supporting the current and yet you look at Turkey leaders are Islamist. How are you any better. Somebody figured out what worked workable going back to auditor and even before auditor to be an impartial beat beat beat me Kurds were were were were impressed by the Ottoman all but but because of because of the fraternity of Muslims often used as agents of terror against Christian and you ziti community, you completed the American consul describe the bill biblically rather than effectively and reading through the US archive. The grip of the committee about the group that took place in 1894 to 1896 directed against Armenian communities will certainly will want your jihad genocide of your minions you could see be the truck using the current killing agents. Basically it is American reviewing the literature right now and it is an American consul report. For example, Leslie Davis, who was the US consulate in World War I, Eastern Turkey put together a report that ultimately came out kept secret but it was all it ultimately came out in 1989, 1915 report eyewitness accounts, gruesome photographs and it was it When it finally came out with cold water.

Health problem that he described quite vividly how the agent of abuse with killing of of the of the Turks of the terms of the Armenian by the Turks were often local. Curtis tried so but but Turkey yes Turkey is a very predatory state and and it had it that you would be with the with the nationalist aim of of the Kabbalah that did not fit with their plans did not fit well with with current. The current old nationalistic aspiration, and so they been brutally oppressive to the public, Kurds for the past hundred years, and in turn, you see this generation to fight BB the Turkish threat. The Kurds you know of all their own Marxist parent organizations both both the PKK and the white PG so it is really a morass. Janet that this is this is what we're dealing with a no one you know that mean it's not great to have a Turkish invasion is not great food, and so you know the Turks are arguing was precipitated by the ongoing terror campaigns of the white PG PKK Howell how seriously we should take those claims if it's not clear, but that there they're not there.

Not without any thought that other work school right so so now when you look at what Trump is doing against their will now be a five day pause on the offensive and will see what happens after that but is it your opinion that we shouldn't be there. At this point. How do you see America's and yet I feel very strongly about that. I I see no role at this point for for for US forces than in fact what you're beginning to see it it it doesn't necessarily reduce the tragedy of all this, but it felt like I have been trying to point out the long-standing tragedy you beginning of the US moved out of the way.

Basically, you're beginning to feel fracturing of of some of these forces so you see a movement of of the fairings. Of course they are backed by the Russians in the Iranian again to confront the Turks you see even the Kurds. No real whining with us now with with variable to a certain extent. They were opposing and by the way, just a lot of friction as you can imagine between urea and Kurds who have nationalistic aim approach upon.

Just a moment. Dr. Voss. We do need to pause very very quickly will pick up the conversation on the other side of the right Dr. Andrew Boston with us here in Chennai for today will come back right after this hi this is Janet map or it may be hard for Americans to believe, but there are many people in Lebanon who have never heard anything about Jesus. That's exactly why hard for Lebanon is there working in the nation that's currently home to more than 2 million Syrian refugee families who have been displaced through no fault of their own, every day. Hartford Lebanon is reaching out to these families in Jesus name telling them about him, and providing food, Christian education and survival essentials and the Lord is changing lives one little girl will call Shayna was one of those refugee kids who had never heard of Jesus until she enter hard for Lebanon's educational program. When Shane was given the assignment to write about a defining moment in her life.

She chose to write this we were in Syria and we knew nothing about Christ the Lord. When we came to Lebanon, I joined Hartford Lebanon school.

It is there where I got to know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and that he can save my sins and that whosoever worships him will have eternal life, and you know what Shayna learned who Jesus was, because someone here in the United States supported the important work of hard for Lebanon and you can support them to right now you can help rescue a child like Shayna and her family with food, Christian education and survival essentials for just $0.98 a day. That's just $29 a month to rescue a family of six. Call now 888-247-5499.

That's 888-247-5499 or there is a banner to

These families need immediate help and more than that.

They need Jesus Christ and they need to hear the gospel that can save please help the important work of Hartford Lebanon today. Again, that number is 888-247-5499.

That's 888-247-5499 or there is a banner to Thank you so much for what ever you can do and God bless you for today, Pat Robertson did not like the fact the president trumps and were going to fall back on our involvement in northern Syria. He thinks that's terrible, because we are allowing the Turkish to come in against the Kurds but Dr. Andrew Boston Islamic scholars with us and he is saying don't romanticize the currencies. Explain a little bit about that region, and why it is he believes that Pres. Trump really is on the right path here and it's kind of funny because either. Even Sen. Lindsey Graham, now Dr. Boston has said this could turn out well.

Yellow is the Kurds or the hurling potatoes that are troops who are pulling out and I think they have about a thousand troops now crossing into Iraq to fight ISIS but what do you think that this will have much of an effect on the rebuilding of ISIS or the defeat of Isis. How do you see that issue.

I could look at a comical wimpy grandma all over the map. He came out so stridently against the and and now he's seeing part of some possible never thought of it. Look their credit for the local party drives me crazy. It's always been that need the love of nations with large anybody look at Turkey look at Pakistan going back. You know to be what now seems we will be be before Al Qaeda either. Although a logo they regrouped to a certain extent I mean it.

It's always been possible theoretically possible that you could you could have a combined Muslim wars that would that would do.

Basically, the US says that been forced to do which is which is okay.

Congregate, you know, under the rubric of the organization of Islamic cooperation don't really destroy Al Qaeda and really destroy all in the areas where it is that I never got a big reason for that turkey again. Turkey has a very powerful army.

Egypt was certain extent of the powerful lobby of the Egyptian troops going in and confided I other than maybe one of Beutler defects that I could enclave of the Sinai or something like that. But there's no there's no actually deal with their likely think there's much, much ideological and fraternal weekly fugue organization, even if it's not coming from some of these Muslim governments from their people and this is the conundrum so it turkey and prevent the, the, the rise of but what will they do they have the will to. That's always been the question yeah now what about the potential for, and Iran Israel war. This is something that was raised in the Washington Examiner.

I believe that the Syrian withdrawal could spark further problems there between Iran and Israel. Do you think that that's a likelihood I will pick it make you more likely than it was before we removed. Initially, 25 people and maybe 50 and even if we will move before 1000 II just think audit space without the ludicrous proposition because especially if you're gonna have a field Turkish court that better now. Their objective somehow run counter to Iranian objective. That's a lot more you will echo much larger force offensively will potentially antagonistic to run a thousand US troops of any stripe I fly.

I don't really I don't I don't think that that I think these fears are or are so exaggerated in Israel.

Israel have Israel have to do what's good for Israel and defend itself and you and even before we remove any group you use all over the last six months. Periodic Israeli raid therefore strikes the federal to take out things that they thought were developing at the potentially acute threat that will go on the path of what we do, particularly when it comes to moving 25, 50 or even without good point is also kind of weird for me to see all of the backlash against the withdrawal of troops coming from people who thought it was perfectly fine when Pres. Obama called Isis the JV team and refused to intervene at all. I mean why are we taking any of these people seriously.

When Obama was in the white house. They couldn't care less about ice as they thought it was wonderful that we were ignoring it exactly will your political love your love right whatever hypocrisy, what what what were the wiping has really become a moral creed like Mitt Romney just absolutely off I go absolutely awful when it went to grab it. We can fix that. You know he would be in trouble. Funny character will be good to eat.

It does appear to be the guy that you would have a stadium reflected for a thousand years. You don't so, but so he's at least convinced the Romney is just so complex and uncollectible look a lot like whatever issue a bill turn it into the latest you know Babbitt is a campaign issue gets dropped so ill, that's pretty well I'll talk a little bit about what you think regarding Isis and the nano return of Isis, as it were, because Isis is been beaten back quite a bit in the last several years since Trump came into office and there are people who are wondering well by pulling out of Syria will we be emboldening Isis to be able to grow and metastasize again and will that pose a further threat to the United States. How do you see that issue will it all made people live in all up in arms about our our withdrawal and an uncertain you know if the Kurds start getting involved with real fighting ISIS again. We we probably we probably would within the barn. I don't think you know I attacked the fact that she attacked the all white Syrians, you know there's more than enough manpower and and matériel. The fight I I think it's I think it's insane to believe otherwise what what we can't predict and this is been the conundrum is the wealth of fight I we can't predict the you and I like why innovation of the Kurds because you did see a group that was willing to take the take Isis on they they did need a significant amount of logistical support to succeed, but what will willing to take them on again. I can imagine why you know, faced with extinction. They wouldn't bite them again but but but but who but who went but who really knows about. The point is that you know if regular if we if we get re-involved from aircraft carriers with him and do tactical bombing missions. You know that being the appropriate you know, I guess I wouldn't have a problem with that.

But the idea of fitting our troops and continue imagine if you would having a thousand men facing invading armies from each side Syrian army of Turkish army, I mean that there is no purpose to expose our our arm into that kind of danger. It all makes a lot of sense and this is something that I think a lot of people don't understand the other question that comes up a lot is we have a NATO ally in Turkey, even under Erlewine and that complicates things as well. Does it not to. I mean, should we be pitting a weapon we have nuclear weapon bill after all these years of the Cold War relic you know I think there guarded by NATO at this point it that's another that's another conundrum. I think you should be very very active plan to get those weapon out of there but but but again, here the hypocrisy.

Talk about hypocrisy of left right whatever turkey turkey which which law-abiding within 10 years, about either, but 1974, 45 musical jihad invasion and occupation call it thanks to both of fight by my mother should've been picked at an angle back rights all is great with turkey which it was felt Cold War began before the World War II era. Everyone was courting turkey turkey turkey turkey. It it it it it first and foremost want to maintain it territorial integrity that during World War I but not all Soviet no and also what did during the cold.

What year it it it it it has a very, very realpolitik you don't policy but but also have had a special thanks to Linda Ataturk under the guise of pants around his, and it certainly has the neo-Ottoman photo jihadist that ration now, but I think it's always been a very, very duplicitous so-called analog and again the hypocrisy about turkey bothers me a lot. I am very concerned now though given given it. No, really more traditionalist storm.

We would be rather for the attic meeting now about what yeah… But absolutely such a great point and it's good to know that things are very complicated in the Middle East and it's very important to learn from people who know more about it than we do.

Like you, Dr. Boston, but we thank you so much for your wisdom.

Thanks for writing us is going to have you. Are you take care and your to check out his website. Good stuff. Thanks for being with us here in Chennai for today. Look forward to seeing you next time last

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