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Janet - Mefferd - Today - What's going on in the Southern Baptist Convention?

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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November 4, 2019 11:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - What's going on in the Southern Baptist Convention?

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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November 4, 2019 11:30 am

What's going on in the Southern Baptist Convention? The supposedly conservative Dr. Al Mohler will be nominated to become the SBC's new president, but what about all those social-justice warriors at his seminary? ERLC head Russell Moore, who distanced himself from the word "evangelical" in 2016, now says that word could be "born again" (hint: it's political). And the onetime ERLC fellow who openly endorsed Revoice is now joining the faculty at a Southern Baptist seminary. What does it all say about the future of the SBC? We'll talk about it all on the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Tri-Star pictures. A beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story. A beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters November 22 is Janet River. Today, our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that I sort is everybody great happy with and I had talked about last week about the latest developments in the southern Baptist invention. Particularly some of these churches that have been leaving the Southern Baptist convention because they are very concerned about its leftward drift. The critical race theory. The intersection malady. The social justice push the women in ministry push all of this stuff is really beginning to unnerve conservatives who want to stay faithful to God's word and that is just one of many things going on in the Southern Baptist convention, which as we know is the largest evangelical denomination in the United States, which is why I talk about it is much as I do.

I'm fully aware that a lot of us are not necessarily Southern Baptists but the Southern Baptist convention looms very large over the entire evangelical movement for a variety of reasons and not the least of which is because it overlaps heavily with organizations like the Gospel coalition which touches on lots and lots of different churches and denominations. So I want to dive into the news and there's a lot of news to get there and I think you're gonna really find this to be somewhat enlightening, especially some of the cuts him to play for you, but one of the big stories out of late last week was the fact that Dr. L Moeller, the president of Southern Baptist theological seminary site, the Southern Baptist theological seminary is going to apparently be nominated as president of the Southern Baptist convention at the annual meeting in June.

HP Charles as reported by Kentucky today. The pastor of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church came out on twitter and said he will be nominating Al Mohler as president. He says Albert Mohler is the statesman leader we need at this precise moment and then he added Southern Baptists know and trust. Albert Mohler, he is a proven leader in our convention capable of uniting us behind our shared commitment to biblical truth and the urgency of the great commission at this hour. It's crucial that Southern Baptists come together. We need the conviction to stand boldly for Christ. We need the zeal to mobilize our resources to spread the gospel. We must do so together. I believe Albert Mohler is the man to lead us forward in that unity. Dr. Moeller issued his response shortly afterwards saying thank you for your confidence.

HP I would be honored to serve Southern Baptists in any way and would do anything I can to lead and serve faithfully and well. So that is the news that Dr. L Moeller who already has. I believe probably more power than anybody in the whole Southern Baptist convention will now seek to lead it. Now you might be saying to yourself, J yeah this is great because he's a conservative hero and because we've seen so much of this social justice nonsense and the Southern Baptist convention that it would make a lot of conservatives really excited to see him at the helm. After all, he's the one who took over the leadership of the Southern Baptist theological seminary back in the 90s when they were all in on women pastors and he turned around and fire the liberals. This is how he really ingratiated himself to conservatives. Many many many years ago. How ever, however, and I think this bears discussion what has been going on in the last several years has thrown a lot of conservatives for a loop. And rightly so, because it has created a lot of cognitive dissonance. What am I talking about since the advent of Russell Moore is sending to the top of the ethics and religious liberty commission and he was at Moeller seminary and everyone is pretty clear on the fact that Russell Moore never would have ascended to that level and taken that position had it not been for the okay and the approval of L Moeller and L. Moeller was very supportive after he was named to that position. Ever since that time, and I've trapped it ever since I have followed this very closely. Ever since Russell Moore came on board. There has been a decidedly leftward drift. I have never heard Dr. L Moeller, the erstwhile conservative hero go after Russell worn out one time, even when all of the voices were raised, mine included a few years back trying to say in in the wake of Russell Moore's troublemaking during the election campaign season going after Donald Trump and insulting him and drawing an insult peck from Donald Trump. A lot of people said at the time this is not cool. This is not the way somebody get such an austere position in the Southern Baptist convention ought to be behaving. If Russell Moore's and never trump her and he was, that's his decision, but he shouldn't be making the entire convention look bad because he's acting like a little bit of a brat so I don't recall L Moeller ever kinda getting on his case or anything and everybody was asking this question.

If L Moeller is a conservative hero and he sees you know, Russell Moore, who works for a Democrat Democrat congressman at one time saying all these things when he comes into office about conservatives are kind of this caricature of Elmer Gantry and Yosemite Sam and saying that it he was listening to Christian talk radio enough. All he knew of Christianity was what he heard on Christian talk radio. He hated to and never apologize for that. By the way, that was my first foray into following and talking about Russell Moore but it was interesting to note the silence from Al Mohler and in time. People began to notice that simple way to minute, wait a minute waiting Moeller is not a liberal L. Moeller is a conservative so not only why isn't he speaking up. Maybe he's just obeying the 11th commandment of the SBC which is don't speak any ill of another Southern Baptist or maybe there's more going on to this than we know. And so people began to question what is going on here.

Now this was interesting back in August.

This is actually August 1 and Baptist press. There was a headline that said Danny Aiken, who is the president of Southeastern Baptist theological seminary and Al Mohler dispute the claim of a liberal drift in the Southern Baptist convention. Of course I read that burst out laughing but they said at the time, just briefly biblical authority remains firm in the Southern Baptist convention to seminary president said in response to a forthcoming video claiming looming liberalism in the SBC.

This is a reference to Tomas's upcoming movie that caused a stir about a month ago or two months ago so there reassuring Southern paps all know, everything's fine, don't worry. I mean we know that they have been all sorts of stories that have come out about liberalism in critical race theory, and social justice garbage going on in our seminaries.

But don't worry.

Just don't don't worry about it. Everything is grades. There is no liberal drift despite the fact that there was resolution nine that was passed at the last Southern Baptist convention annual meeting from this particular story. The resolution on critical race theory and intersection alley adopted at the SBC annual meeting in Birmingham to find the defined the former. This is ideologies that are not merely oppose but are actually antithetical to the gospel of Jesus Christ as a set of analytical tools that explain how race has and continues to function in society and the latter is the study of how different personal characteristics overlap and inform one's experience now resolution nine was a disaster.

It never should've passed it never should have been put forth. It never should've gotten any support at all, but it did and it passed.

Now what happened in the aftermath of that was Dr. Moeller came out after the fact and went out against critical race theory went out against intersection alley talked about how problematic they were and yet it was hard for people to not notice the fact that he didn't say it when it counted. He did not make us think about it at the time that the resolution is being passed. So why was that why was it that he waited until after it had passed to speak out against these very issues. Not only that, it was revealed by our friends over enemies within the church who have done some great work John Harris's done some terrific work exposing a lot of the social justice garbage across the spectrum of evangelicalism had put out a video a few weeks ago and I'm gonna play some of the excerpts of that.

I think we played some of it before but were to play some more of it and it was a video of several employees at the Southern Baptist theological seminary, one of which was the Provost and by the way, former producer of Al Mohler's old radio show the Albert Mohler program Matthew Hall Matthew Hall was the producer of his radio show. At one time.

Now is the Provost at Southern Baptist theological seminary, and two other professors saying some really over-the-top things that boy would really be hard to deny that there are all into social justice and all into critical race theory and then you have the reaction of Dr. Moeller when he was at John MacArthur's shepherd's conference a few months back when he was confronted about social justice and speaking up about social justice. Now when we come back from this break. I want to play those cuts for you. I want you to hear them for yourself and I want you to evaluate where you think he really stands on all of this stuff. He says he's against it.

And yet there several people it is seminary who are all for it and he has made the point in the past, and I'm gonna play it for you that you should look at who he platforms to decide what he really believes will dive into that when we come back to listening to Janet Mefford today stay with us. Start beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story of the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers I am a cynical journalist showing kindness you love broken people is for you among the millions of Americans who feel uncertain when it comes to your health care as a Christian are you looking for healthcare that doesn't violate your morals and convictions. What were happy to inform you that there is a solution and that solution is liberty healthcare liberty healthcare is a community of like-minded Christians who work together to pay for their medical costs. It allows you to decide how, when and where you will access healthcare so you can make the best choice for you and your family. Starting at $249 for a single up to $529 a month for a family that's mom dad and all the kids. This is how healthcare should be for more information call 855-585-4237 or visit light your that's like your and regain control over your healthcare costs 855-585-4237 or light your

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I'm gonna hang onto it though. For a couple minutes before I talk about it first.

I want to go to the enemies within the church story of a few weeks back Al Mohler has made some very good comments about his concerns about social justice. Critical race theory intersection alley and all these things, but he didn't fight resolution nine at the Southern Baptist convention when it actually would've mattered. When he could have stood up at the microphone and backed up people like Tomas goal and said this is a train wreck. Don't you dare pass this and believe me, if he had had the courage and conviction to stand up and do it. I don't think I would've passed because a lot of people in that convention are not going to do something that would make Al Mohler upset. He just has too many fans. That's my opinion anyway. At any rate, let's go to these comments because enemies within the church compiled a video here of some of the employees at Dr. Moeller seminary you judge for yourself whether or not these men are in line with the position that Dr. Moeller has stated regarding social justice. First let's go to Matt Hall. Dr. Moeller's former radio producer and current Provost at the Southern Baptist theological seminary.

This is One I went through pretty good college education. Good seminary education two masters degrees that a large evangelical seminary and really was never confronted honestly. Maybe it was and I just missed it but I don't recall being confronted with categories of questions of race, justice and reconciliation and including in history classes. So when I went off to do my my graduate work at a secular state University and was there confronted with those categories, but without a gospel without any Christian categories. I had to really trust connect the dots.

I went off to my state University experience for grad school had an interest start reading things in American history, but frankly never been at the X be exposed to before was all these expresses dresser looking in my past.

In the rearview mirror and realizing that the way I interpreted that the web navigator that in my community was very much a racialized lens and stows and blew up my whole world had a racialized lens.

Let's listen to more from Matt Hall.

This is cut to his race biology with ideology. Currency is powered has to do with status. I am a racist is that freaked you out with. So if you think the worst thing somebody can call you is a racist, and you're not thinking biblically because guess what I struggle with racism and white supremacy until the day I die get my glorified body in a completely renewed and sanctified by because I am immersed in a culture where I benefit from racism all the time okay and avowed racist and white supremacist is the Provost at Moeller seminary.

Why is he in that position. If he is an avowed racist is that what were against his and that what Russell Moore has been screaming about for the last several years and lecturing people about and going after people for being white supremacists but just not admitting it here. You have a guy admitting it and he's the Provost dissenting little strange to you, and I don't think he's resigned as of last look a few hours ago at the website he still employed there. Now let's listen to this. This is from the Southern Baptist theological seminary's assistant Prof. Curtis Woods listen to cut three this whole idea of colorblindness is not informed in my opinion about Scripture and also when I hear people say bouncing around me.

I will and will and is in is okay.

There's no liberal drift. Though in the Southern Baptist convention. Everybody calm down. Let's go to another assistant professor at the Southern Baptist theological seminary headed up by Dr. Al Mohler this is Jarvis Williams. The associate professor of New Testament interpretation is the cut for whiteness is not about your biology is about an audiology is a biological fiction but a social fact race.

Use our experience a construct of people created for the purpose of advancing a racist agenda flowing out of Europe into America was okay, now you've heard from three employees of Al Mohler's at the Southern Baptist theological seminary. I want to go back though to an important moment at the shepherd's conference. Dr. Al Mohler was one of the people up on the dais at the shepherd's conference and extremely awkward exchange was held because there were gospel coalition guys there who are all in for social justice than you had Dr. John MacArthur who has been a very prominent figure in the statement against social justice of the Dallas statements.

It was extremely awkward. But this moment I thought was quite telling of this is from for the new Christian intellectual, which, but some of the music bent underneath it, but listen to this excerpt of what Dr. Moeller said in light of what you just heard cut five.

I am not going to be forced into a twitter conversation hundred 40 hearers about these issues.

I have been trying to lay it out for 30+ years and understanding of how evangelicals should engage the culture and I cut my teeth apologetically confronting cultural Marxism during the entire network of issues of the left who I invite to my campus by site who I platform pretty good about the message that I'm sending their yeah that's what he said now put that in the context of the clips that you heard before that of three of the employees on his seminary campus were all in for critical race theory social justice race is a social construct white supremacy. I'm a white supremacist timer racist. It will be with me until my glorified body is given to me and then you contrast that with Dr. Moeller saying look at who I platform I been against this stuff for 30 years. Just look at my record who I platform that's what you can understand about where I stand. That's the problem.

Is it that's the problem. These are not being shoved out of the seminary. He is not at any in any way shape or form stopped in any capacity by somebody above him from having stood up at the last Southern Baptist convention annual meeting and protesting loudly the inclusion in the passage of resolution nine and he didn't do it, it's that you ask yourself is it even possible for somebody who has incredibly strong conservative opinions and beliefs and convictions to sit there and watch this stuff go on, especially in light of the fact that he's gone for three decades standing up against Marxism and cultural Marxism and then sit on his hands when it matters. This is what I'm talking about. So this brings me back to my theory and it's only a theory. It's only my opinion. I'm not saying it's a fact.

And I could be wrong, and I hope that I will be wrong, but my first reaction to this notion. I hurt now this is been make in the room arounds for for quite a while now so wasn't totally surprising when it finally was announced that he would be nominated as the next president of the SBC, but my first thought when I heard about it as I thought. This is actually a really brilliant woke strategy and here's why I say that Dr. Moeller has such a strong reputation as a conservative hero with so many Southern Baptists who do not follow the day-to-day stuff who might not stay on top of all of the developments in the convention who might not know about these social justice warriors that the Southern Baptist theological seminary, but are merely saying I've got a couple really good Dr. L Moeller books in my library and they really made a big difference to me as a Christian and that's about as far as their knowledge goes, so you have a lot of people like that.

Oh, I know of Al Mohler. He's a really strong guy.

Oh yeah, he's the guy who throughout the women pastors back it then you back in the day. I mean, he was graded throughout all the liberals that that's the extent of their knowledge and so they're working on that premise. But here's what's going on what's really going on is that you have all of these people who have been put in positions of power across the Southern Baptist convention in the last several years. Al Mohler really has been behind it all and are not conservatives. Ask yourself why or why why is Russell Moore, the head of the E RLC he was Mohler's Provost and Dean David Platt was Mohler's fellow TGC Council member.

He was put at the head of the IMB in 2014, Jason Allen, 2012. He was Mohler's bait, vice president of institutional advancement Adam Greenway replace Paige Patterson at Southwestern Baptist theological seminary. The Wall Street Journal recently did a piece on that I'm to get to that in a couple of minutes he was Mohler's Dean of missions and evangelism. Tom Rayner was with life way he was Mohler's Dean of missions and evangelism cavities. Al went to the North American Mission Board in 2010.

He was Mohler senior pastor Danny Akin was Mohler's academic Dean, and Paul Chitwood went to the IMB, the international mission board in 2018. He was Mohler state convention Executive Director are you beginning to see a pattern and thanks to the capstone report for putting this altogether a lot of people that Elmore has connections with and they gone to all of these different seminaries in positions of power in the SBC and people are working on this whole idea that he's a conservative hero will then wire a lot of these people not conservative heroes that have ended up in positions of power throughout the SBC.

At his behest. Could it be that the conservative hero designation will serve him well in that position so he can be there and the conservatives will kinda calm down about the social justice stuff and meanwhile the progressive you know movement will continue apace and social justice will keep on moving forward through the Southern Baptist convention because the conservatives will be a piece hail molars at the home his conservative okay what he's been around for a long time as progressivism's march to the institutions and when it has mattered. He has not bothered to get involved to stop it.

In fact, he became very defensive when he was asked about it at the shepherd's conference and there is more to stay with us will be right back.

This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Tri-Star pictures. A beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story of a beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters November 22 Janet Mefford today talking a little bit about the changes in the Southern Baptist convention Dr. Elmore to be nominated as the next president of the 2020 convention coming up and I'm just working my way through some of this stuff. Russell Moore Mohler guy from back in the day ahead of the year. RLC this guys total leftist. I mean really it's as Soros funds, the national immigration forum, which funds the evangelical immigration table of which Russell Moore is one of the main heads is guys push leftism since the day he walked in the door. He was smiling like Howdy Doody sitting in the White House with Pres. Obama. But the minute Donald Trump became president. He spent the last several years, lecturing Christians about how they lost all of their convictions. All of their biblical convictions yeah okay okay yeah while you fight for open borders and everything is left as you try to turn the pro-life issue into a social justice issue by playing off Ron Siders old-line from 1987 I'm to get into that a little later on the show later this week but anyway this guys leftist okay Hazel so we can't look at this whole situation and say there's nothing to be concerned about. I know that Danny Akin and Al Mohler have assured Southern Baptist that there's no liberal drift talking about okay what about this guy, this guy, this guy dad not happening what you see in front of you is just a mirage you like in the desert you think you see water, but really it's just sand as far as the eye can see. Okay, fine. Let's go back to one of the thing is, I think this is a very important point to make. You might remember there was a very powerful documentary. It came out on PBS back in 1997. It was called battle for the minds and this documentary and fact my husband watched it at the time I didn't get to see it at the time but it's on YouTube now, but it profiles key leaders of the Southern Baptist convention during the conservative takeover of the SBC and in particular, it talks a lot about Dr. Mohler and his ascension in the Southern Baptist convention. I think it's interesting to listen to some of the stuff now is people are considering whether or not he should become the next president, which I have no reason to believe he will become the next president. I think it would be wildly wildly unlikely that he would not become the next president because he rules the SBC already but go back to what some of these key leaders in the SBC had to say. Back in 1997.

Why does this matter because as we are seeing this cognitive dissonance taking place between everybody's views of Al Mohler standing on inerrancy standing on this. The data has been a conservative hero.

It's not just the fact that we now have the social justice being pushed at his own seminary, and he won't stand up against resolution nine and he gets defensive when he is asked about social justice at the shepherd's conference, but you guys remember re-voice.

What about all the re-voice ties. What about Nate Collins getting his education at the Southern Baptist theological seminary, the founder of revise and then being hired for the faculty and his father was also on the faculty and the two of them were joining hands with Alan Chambers at a certain point right before Chambers dismantled Exodus International and that all went on and he was no openly known as a gay Christian who is married to a woman.

This is all known weight we get word back about this people sappy. Everybody knew who Nate Collins was and that he call himself.

Yeah, he was gay Christian, but he was celibate.

He was married to a woman and all the rest, and it was shortly after we made a big deal about re-voice that all of a sudden a Collins no longer have a job at the seminary so little things like this come back into my mind. At any rate, what this documentary focused on was the fact that when Dr. Elmore came into the Southern Baptist theological seminary back in 1993 I believe it was he was this great conservative and there was a big fight over women in ministry and eventually all the liberals went, but here are some reflections from first, the Rev. David key pastor of First Baptist Church in Union point Georgia and then Dr. Hanley Barnett, who is senior professor of ethics listen to cut six when I met Dr. Mohler 1984. He was in the presence office serving as a special assistant, Roy Honeycutt, Al, was the epitome of all the southern seminary man, and in relation to women in ministry. Southern seminary was very supportive of that Tom of women in ministry in various leadership positions within the church that the celebs convention. I thing David for ugly laws of the fast food resolution prohibiting women from being pastors. Why think of the start of the process move one of his own right here on this campus tempts that kind of it was published in the Courier-Journal, but now that's the posttest here for a faculty member coming. If you believe in the ordination of women. You are you you you cannot be a faculty member. Now people listen to this.

I will write because Al Mohler was more liberal back than he did lead a protest movement of his own against this resolution against women in ministry, but he had a seachange he was a liberal and then he became a conservative and he's talked about that and so watch while here's some comments from again, David key, and also Dr. Charles Hawkins, professor of Christian philosophy.

Listen to cut seven coming to the New Orleans convention, whispering to me in the press room on Tuesday morning knowing that I was a moderate that it did not look good for our side and then after we had been defeated that point and Roy Honeycutt clear that any politicizing from our part was over a mobile return to Georgia and his editorials took a hard right and began to become very political and very fundamentalist theirs is great story was told about Southern son. That you may have noticed Us that the cross on top of the chapel is a weathervane. The story goes that every morning everyone has to go along to see which way the theological Windsor Park so they'll know what to teach the day and Elmore. My assessment for much personifies that story now. Who knows whether or not these two particular individuals are telling the full story you're telling the truth or what have you have to just kinda take it for what it is. I just find it to be interesting now. Interesting now because it sure looks like that same dynamic could very well be in place where you say you believe one thing and then you do something else because perhaps the theological Windsor shifting keep that in mind one more cuts of David key and Hawkins disclosing their true sense at the time. Now that this is back in 1997 dear true sense of Dr. Mohler. This is got a firm may, having known Alan watch this transformation of all that often. Other people would call him a fundamentalist. I would correct them and say he is an opportunist that there's a difference of conviction.

I don't want to say that he smell not convinced and convicted against women in women's role in the church. But just imagine that if Southern seminaries atmosphere and political correctness changed once again back in favor of women serving in the role. I'm convinced that I'll Mohler would shift with. There's no doubt appears that Al is been driven by his own ambitions has no core convictions and has just changed as was necessary to further his own ecclesiastical letter who will well that's pretty serious now. Again, it it doesn't necessarily mean that these men are rights.

These were just two key leaders at the time who were voicing their opinions. But, again, for those people who are experiencing a little bit of cognitive dissonance between the conservative hero ideal that they have of Dr. Mohler and how he's currently been acting it, it does shed a little bit of light if it actually is the case that the shifting with the theological wins has been a part of the past, then why would we believe that we can solidly trust him into the future to be a conservative hero when there has been shifting in the past. He may well be this wonderful conservative hero but then you have to answer the question what conservative hero would be allowing social justice warriors and critical race theory pushers into a seminary.

What conservative hero would not be fighting against resolution nine. What conservative hero would not be slapping down Russell Moore or dealing with the fact that Karen swallow prior who is an ER LC fellow and an endorser of re-voice has now been put on the faculty at the Southeastern Baptist theological seminary where Danny Aiken is the president what what about the discussion that what about women in ministry in the Beth Moore flap is there going to be great, great movement on that CHS seems a little bit strange to me were in a dive is more stuff to when we come back regarding Russell Moore and regarding Southwestern Baptist theological seminary stay with us will be right back. Hi this is Janet Mefford for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, and ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope. I saw his heart beating on the screen knowing that there's life growing inside me sonogram changed my life. I went from just Candace to mom thinking everybody that is given these gifts, you guys are giving more than money. You guys are giving bath which you make a leadership gift and sponsor a machine today. These lifesaving machines cost more than most centers can afford your tax-deductible gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in a needy women's center and save countless lives for years to come.

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Janet met for today.

Karen swallow prior one of Liberty University's best-known professors is Christianity today put it, will be leaving her post there to join the faculty of Southeastern Baptist theological seminary.

She's a feminist. She was the one who was at the lead she really was the lead person in the push to get Paige Patterson thrown out of Southwestern Baptist theological seminary.

She's yeah she's liberal and she she poses with some of the homosexual activist people put pictures on online about that.

She openly endorsed re-voice and she calls anybody who criticized her for that and extremist because apparently it's extreme as to believe the Bible and she's SPE BTS so I guess you know liberal feminist women are advancing in the Southern Baptist convention wears a conservative hero when you need one.

At any rate, the Wall Street Journal did this piece called generational divide among evangelicals shakes prominent seminary.

It's all about Southwestern Baptist theological seminary trying to heal the rifts after scandal and unite students and donors with widely divergent views and some of it is really is just depressing to me into pressing you have Adam Greenway saying my immediate predecessor envision this being more like Buffalo Bills wild West show. I want people to think more like Southwest Airlines. Happy place, a national brand that's how he's gonna brand the seminary's like Southwest Airlines. It's a happy place and again seminaries mean happy places but that's not really the purpose of a seminary is to be a national brand and a happy place and invoke views and of the people think of airlines and you know joking stewardesses when they come here seminary. Nothing in Southwest but is that really what you want people to think Rev. Wayne Deckard who is a former Southwestern trustee was quoted as saying the previous generation. Their priority was missions and evangelism and preaching the new generation.

He said, is far more interested in the social justice movement, though he supports complementarity and is him.

It reports Adam Greenway said he's trying to create a big tent partly. That means emphasizing what women can do, not what they can't, including celebrating women's Bible teachers and ministry leaders. He has been pushing for ideological diversity that will end well yeah it's a great idea. So that's what's going on at Southwestern Baptist seminary and again when I go back to that map Greenway comes from the molar tribe.

So there you have it and it's kind of odd, isn't it because Dr. Moeller at one time was very close with the conservative resurgence crowd so what gives their theological when shifting who knows now and this brings me to my Russell Moore update because I you gotta mention Russell Moore when you're talking about the SBC Baptist press recently reported on this gathering at the Museum of the Bible little panel discussion, hear the sounds fun Thomas kid, the history professor at Baylor University. Russell Moore, the head of the air LC and good old to beating on you but we lay from the Gospel coalition, pastor of Anacostia River church in Washington DC. The topic of discussion was who is an evangelical. The history of a movement in crisis now. I might remind you that back in 2016 Russell Moore wrote a piece for the Washington Post why this election makes me hate the word evangelical, and he talked about how he was so upset about Trump that he's referring to himself as a gospel Christian use of the gospel Christian but that seems like something really naughty to get all worked up about. So here's what the story says it is keynote address kid said he remains optimistic about evangelicalism. Despite its politicization, especially in recent years by you guys. He cited as an example, the 2016 poll results that showed 81% of self identified evangelicals voting for Trump, someone say I'm na´ve to hope that there remains a core of practicing Orthodox evangelicals who really do care more about salvation in spiritual matters than political power kid told the audience. It's true that millions of practicing evangelicals are part of the 81% that we should not define evangelicalism by the 81% C Trump voters are awful.

Just keep that in mind at rude being an evangelical entails certain police practices in spiritual experiences. Yet we understand that a means gospel at Rudy means belief in the gospel. Belief in the inerrancy of Scripture course. He says its devotion to an infallible Bible, infallible or inerrant, it's not the same thing. Then, the story says nine evangelical Americans, however, may have a variety of impressions about what evangelical means but one certain association that people make with the word is Republican.

I can whisper the public and the term evangelical has become fundamentally political and popular parlance today.

Another likely Association nonevangelicals make with the word is white adding pollsters assume evangelicals white in his response to kid Russell Moore said he's not ready to surrender the word evangelical quotes.

This is from Russell Moore. I think when it comes to evangelical, it's possible for a word and it's possible for a movement to be born again.

We met back in 2016 you wanted nothing to do with the word evangelicals who political here if it's about the gospel. It's about the gospel regardless of who's in the White House and mine. I just remind you air LC types who has politicized the gospel more than anybody I know is Russell Moore all that guy does is go around to do politics.

We think the evangelical immigration table is about what you think. Evangelicals for life is about. It takes for these people about preaching the gospel going out door to door with tracks and that this is unbelievable. Listen to this tweet to he put this tweet out last week and this just blew my mind. This is I'm quoting directly from his tweet lesson. Racial bigotry and injustice are not trifling secondary matters but are objects of the wrath of God. The gospel is to crucify such Satanism and bring about a people modeling, love, justice and reconciliation sites Ephesians 2 and three. This isn't a distraction but right at the core of mission couple questions. Where does the Bible say this chapter verse reference where where does the Bible say this and I made a point not too long ago and I made it in my point and the sand against Marxism conference a couple weeks ago that Russell Moore back in August had published an article on white nationalism in the gospel in the Christian post and during the course of that article.

He said that the gospel condemns he was talking I found this this is everywhere in the Bible the gospel condemns this gospel doesn't condemn anything. The gospel is the good news.

It's not bad news. It doesn't condemn anybody that's the job of the law. The law condemns us. It is her schoolteacher to lead us to Christ because if we understand how far we have fallen away from the Lord and that were in open rebellion against him and that we are sinners in need of a Savior that is what will make us wake up and say Lord forgive me, have mercy on me center paint.

That's how it works.

Billy basic stuff here is talk about the gospel.

The gospel is to crucify such Satanism.

So, racial bigotry and injustice are now Satanism, Satanism involved worship of the devil. So if you have any racial bigotry or worshiping the devil, where does the Bible say that I'm really being serious here. The reason that I'm saying this and making this point is because more and more and more and more these guys are not giving people the Bible they're not giving you chapter and verse there, at least if they're giving you chapter and verse the rip in and out of context when I saw a reference to Matthew 25 the progressive's favorite passage about the sheep and the goats and Russell Moore during one of his pro-life addresses at the evangelicals for life conference was just taking it out of context. He was making an inaccurate application I should say of that particular tax you gotta watch these guys.

Anybody can take the Bible and say lose what the Bible says. Therefore, you gotta do X and become a progressive and vote first so or don't vote for him. Whatever they happen to say, but it doesn't make it true.

It doesn't make it true. Why do you think it is that the Bible is very strong about warning us about people coming into the church. You know it if someone came into the church and said hi.

I'm an atheist, can I be your pastor, I think most of us would probably turn around and say yeah probably know, get out. Nope you not even a Christian, but you know that's not how people really turn the church around from within. They turn the church around from within by mixing truth and error and that is why we have to know our Bibles and that is why we have to cite Scripture, and that is why we have to take tweets and speeches and articles and read them with a fine tooth comb and compare them to God's holy word to see if these things are so exactly like the Paris instead with the apostle Paul for which they were commended, and rightly so. That's what God wants us to do.

He gave us not only hearts and emotions, but he gave us brains and everything goes through the brain and trickles down to the rest of us, but we have to use our brains, we have to compare what is going on here to the word of God and we have to be wise as serpents, but innocent as doves.

We don't want to improperly accuse somebody of something they did not do. We don't want to judge people's motives because only God knows the hearts we don't want to jump to conclusions unnecessarily. We want to be fair to people even if they are people on the other side. However, I think in the context of what is going on. We also have to look at the evidence before us and sometimes put the two and two together that you might not want to put together because it is a cognitive dissonance issue and we say we just don't want to believe what's right before our eyes about what is going on.

This is where I think Southern Baptists really need to consider what is going on and to pray for their denomination to make wise decisions, and above all, to test these guys by the word of God and not to be able to be not to be mean about this but just to say everybody's under the authority of Scripture and I don't care if you have a great reputation for the last X number of years as some kind of biblical hero you're still under the word of God. And if you're out of line with the word of God. It's my job to correct you, the priesthood of all believers is something Dr. L Moeller believes in so it's fair were at a time. Thanks for being with us here in Chama for today great to have you along the scene next to Sgt. for today is brought by Tri-Star pictures of day in the neighborhood based on the true story neighborhood starting to be reasonably tested leaders. November 20

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