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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Steve Green (Why Does the Bible Matter Today?)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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November 12, 2019 9:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Steve Green (Why Does the Bible Matter Today?)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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November 12, 2019 9:00 am

The Bible is the most popular book of all time, but fewer people are reading it and believing it. Why does the Bible matter today? Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby, stops by to discuss his new release, "This Beautiful Book." Plus: How is Soros-laced progressivism already demonstrating its dirty election tricks, especially in evangelical circles? We'll discuss that and more Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Tri-Star pictures. A beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story. A beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters November 22. Janet River today. Our confidence is in Christ alone, the Lord our God says that soil is no Bible's popular book of all time. But polling shows us that people are reading it and studying it and believing it, and yet is the Bible itself testifies in Hebrews 412 the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, why does the Bible matter today were to talk about that today was Steve Green, president of Hobby lobby and cofounder with his wife Jackie at the Museum of the Bible and he's also out with a new book it's called this beautiful book.

An exploration of the Bible's incredible storyline and why it matters today.

Steve, it's wonderful to have you here. How are you I'm doing great big red great to have you on what you say. This book is about explaining the story of the Bible from your perspective, how would you characterize your perspective on the Bible for somebody who's not familiar with the Bible at all. Well, I think that what I am trying to do it. I just read the Bible. If you're to pick it up is a brand-new book and just read it and say will you hear peers, what I did and I really wanting to take it as much as I can from the Bible's perspective. Here is what the Bible is saying about himself versus being anybody else's thoughts. There's a lot of different thoughts about what the Bible is saying in meaning in, for example, who the God of the Bible is there some is that he's a genocidal maniac. Well, the Bible says him and so if we were just to be honest and tell.

This book story from its own perspective. That's what I'm trying to do now obviously there are a lot of stories in the Bible. But there is a bigger overarching storyline.

How would you explain that big picture of the Bible.

If you to really summarize it distinctly. What would you tell a non-Christian somebody who's not familiar with the Bible about what the Bible is true storyline and overarching storyline.

This really become part of my underlying goal to show that this book really has a story that connects it all in database details of a good creator God created all things and that it was good but because of man's sin, that relationship was broken and he had to send a son to pay the price. That relationship could be restored. For those that accepted, and so that bed is this book story and if you read and understand it from the perspective a lot of the stories that seem to be somewhat disjointed. Make a little bit more sense when you understand the bigger picture. As you read through this. The Bible yeah that's very well said, you start out when you talk about a lot of the important characters in the Bible throughout your block. You begin with the story of a name that a lot of people may not even know this is myth for Bischoff this is Jonathan son mentioned in second Samuel, why bring him up. What you think is the importance of this more minor biblical character to the unit to the story that you're trying to outline in your book where it really four couplings want to show that if it is an easy story to miss. You have to go to a couple of different sections and piece the story together for you to understand it story and sometimes the larger story of the Bible can be missed as were reading different stories, and so the fact that this one could be easily overlooked is an example.

But then when you put that story together. It really does tell the story of the Bible as an overall the overall story of the Bible of this ship who is thinking that he is going to be killed by King David, because he was son of Jonathan, a potential heir to the throne and is kind of inferior David invites him in to eat at his table when that to some degree is the story of the Bible were God invites us back into the relationship with him.

So this is the story it's easy to overlook really tells and sets the story for goal that I have in in this book is to try to explain what that overall story is of the Bible. That's great. You're right that really is a hint of what we see later on, especially in the New Testament how Jesus Christ reached out to so many people who a lot of people didn't think matter to know the lepers and so forth. This is a very important theme going back to the creation story that one of the things that you emphasizes the character of God that is evident in the creation story little bit about that.

If you would, because when were talking about the character of God. You mentioned before that many people think of God's may be some kind of moral monster, a genocidal maniac. What have you. What is the truth about what the Bible says regarding God's character.

Yeah, I think that it is important for us to understand how the Bible pictures of the God of the Bible, and really what I try to point out is there there is to two aspects to God. He is a loving and merciful God, but is also a God of holiness and justice in those two can seem to be conflicting but good analogy would be the son you wheat we are.

We have to have the son to live.

It provides warmth and life on our planet. But if you got too close to the sun, it would incinerate you and so while there is good there is danger within the sun, and so God has this holiness and justice about it that prevents us from having a relationship with him because of his holiness.

And yet, because of his love and mercy he has made a way for us to be restored and in those two elements God's love and mercy and kindness and in God's holiness or something. We have to understand, and we were trying to lay the groundwork only on in the book that's great Steve. What you say to somebody who might hear about the initial story in Genesis about the fall of man and God's creation before that and say well if God is good. If God is loving God's mercy as you Christians say that he is, then why in the world would he allow the world to fall into sin in the first place. Why didn't he stop Adam and Eve from sending rail that becomes a part of love for us to be able to love. We have to do it is by choice. If I am forced to love somebody that that that doesn't work, that's not the way love works. Love is a choice and so for us to be able to love God. He had to give us the choice he did that by putting a tree in the garden and everything was acceptable, but but that one tree that gave us the right to choose not to follow him to disobey him organisms not to love him if he had not put the tree there, there would've been no choice was to disobey and because love requires a choice and he gave us that choice and as we disobeyed mankind that created the problem with the relationship because of the holiness of God exactly well and you see the gospel throughout the entire Bible. I think that's one of the most exciting things you discover when you begin to read through the Bible and you see that red threat going all the way from Genesis to Revelation. One of the early characters in the Old Testament that people need to know about is somebody you emphasize which is Abraham and people will know for example, the story of Abraham and Isaac, and how God tells them to sacrifice Isaac and then at the end he doesn't have to go through with it. What is the picture of the gospel there what people need to draw from that because there are many who will just say all Abraham you know is kind of this minor guy. Yeah right. Everybody knows his name but is he really that significant.

Is he really that important to the bigger story and a great example willlive: willingness to fight his own son, which is a type of our Creator God that sacrificed his son and sent to Summit that he might pay the price so so the analogy there is is very clear and and Abraham was given a promise and that's part of the focus that we show about all the nations of Europe would be blessed through his descendents, and you think that's quite an interesting promise but but it's a promise that we we we show that in the New Testament is fulfilled by Christ and so Abraham is one of the neo-key characters within Scripture and is one that I highlight in the book to show how that this really is the story of the Bible is tied throughout the whole book of Abraham being one of those key figures yeah well and of course Abraham is mentioned later on in the New Testament for sure is an example of faith that it was his faith in God's promise that saved him that it wasn't the sacrifice, but really was looking forward to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Exactly.

And so there are just so many analogies that could be made at all, when you're attuned to what the overriding story is and you see that red threat, as you alluded to throughout Scripture and see all this is another type and shadow of what Christ is doing is pointing to Jesus and throughout Scripture. When looking for the lot. It will take a very short break.

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That's 855-402-2229 855-402-2229 where there's a banner to beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story of the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers showing kindness is your medical professional. Here's a way to move from success to even greater significance. Mercy ships as an urgent need for pediatric registered nurses will be joining dozens of volunteer medical professionals blessed by the opportunity to get more information by visiting mercy mercy ships bringing hope and healing to the world's forgotten today. Thanks for joining us. The Bible really is the most amazing book or collection of books as we know, 66 books put together between two covers that we call the Bible. But there are many many people who are not familiar with the story of the Bible and this beautiful book is the latest from Steve Green, president of Hobby lobby and we are talking about the Bible's incredible storyline and why it matters today at Steve before we went to the break we were discussing Abraham a very important figure in the Old Testament as well would be Moses. People will talk about Moses and Moses his role in the exit as his role with the 10 Commandments, and so forth. But how do you point to him as being one of the most significant figures in the Bible and someone that everybody should know about a key role within the Old Testament is referred to often even in the New Testament does, one that led the children of Israel out of Egypt and out of bondage in again there is a type of what Christ does cross leading us out of the bondage of the sin that we have as part of our nature and the focus that I have for Moses is again another promise that God makes to Moses that there will be another prophet like him come after him and the questionable who is that prophet, and there there are three promises. The one from Abraham and Moses later in King David and what I show that in the New Testament. It shows that Jesus fulfilled that promise that that prophet that was coming that is referred to and predicted is is Jesus.

And again it is an effort to show how that this book is all tied together which is part of what makes this book such an incredible book is that it is you mentioned 66 books but 40 authors over 1500 years make a story in and Moses is a part of that. Absolutely I can never get over as a Christian. The fact that you do have the 66 books that are in such harmony and what other book in the world could return to you and say over 1500 years.

You have all these different people.

All these different backgrounds, different languages, and yet there is an incredible unity to its that point to the case that we we all say as Christians that this truly is the word of God, and that's one of the evidence is foreign and so what where I going as we are telling this book story is pointing out the incredible makeup of this book.

There is nothing that even comes close to this and as you mentioned this. This is a best-selling book every year, and of all time.

And so it is a story that is told that is written over 1500 years. Imagine writing a book, starting a book today and somebody 1500 years from today is going to finish that story and it go through 40 riders.

That is what happened with this book, we can try the children of Israel.

Going back to Moses is leaving Egypt, and God is guiding and directing them every day. A pillar of fire by night and cloud by day continue to walk away from from God so you know he's there every day and yet Margaret is God has given us no less and in his word.

This this story is incredible, and yet how many of us sit it on a shelf and really don't engage with it and are not following the God of the Bible so that the children of Israel would trade what they had for what we have and I am hoping people recognize the precious gift God has given us in his word going into the New Testament. Certainly, people will know that's the story of Jesus. Jesus is born as a baby in Bethlehem and we know how it goes from there, and it leads to his death and resurrection, and then ascension into heaven but you call him the unlikely King. Why do you call him the unlikely King well you know when he is born in a major hump in a manger in humble means and never did anything that the world recognizes significant yellow never traveled very far never held political office was no wonder never owned a home.

It's like you most unlikely person and yet he changed the world. Unlike anybody else magazine is matter fact in the year 2000, came out with the publication, the hundred most important events of a millennium last thousand years, and it was Gutenberg prints the Bible that event changed our world in the key story of that book is Jesus so he he has had an impact on the world like no one else. No doubt about it. One of the things that you tie back to the Old Testament and I appreciate this so much because I'm fascinated by the prophecies, the fulfilled prophecies in Jesus that the Old Testament outlines, but one of the things that you mention is that Jesus fits into the story of the Bible going back to the Passover and again were back to the time of Moses for those who are not really familiar and have not read the account of what happened with the blind and the angel of the Lord. How does Jesus fit into that because for many people that that is something they've not known before.

And again, another great type and shadow in the Old Testament that is pointing to the New Testament that is pointing to Christ, and that is that is God is cursing Israelites or the Egyptians, for not letting the people go though the last one was the firstborn was was going to die in the only way for the Israelites not to have their first born to die was to sacrifice the Passover lamb and put the blood on the door post and it is really just the type of what Christ did for us that he will sacrifice that we might have life, so that that Passover that event that no comes early in the whole story. The Bible is again pointing to the event of the Bible and that is what Christ did for us all on the cross and sacrificing that we might have life. It's wonderful.

It's just wonderful little bit about the Bible's claims. This is a section that you have in your book, which I think is very very important.

There is a God.

The Bible is his word.

It is inspired as it says it is one of the Bible's claims for itself what should we make of those different claims and what are some of them beyond the ones that I mentioned yet will imagine writing a book and you say of God's word and see what kind of response that you get in yet the Bible time and time again is claiming to be God's word, that is a very old claim to last forever. Yes and imagine you writing a book. Again, the thing you're your last forever. That is a bold claim.

And this book happens to have survived more than any other ancient document that we have. It has survived in an incredible way and makes a notable claimant affected it.

If living again. Write a book and say that your yearbook is living it. It can paperwork and yet it claims to be alive and that it is sharper than any two-edged sword, and they can make that claim because if it is what it claims to be.

If it is God's word and as we read it that living God shows up and speaks to us through his word and in that way.

It is living and can speak to our hearts and and I'm sure many of your listeners can attest to that. That is a read through God's word. They clearly are hearing God giving them guidance and correction or comfort are so many ways that God can speak to us through his word.

So in essence, it is a life all that such a good word that you brought up that it's living and active that goes back to Hebrews 412 which I quoted at the outset of the broadcast. But when we see in that verse that it pierces as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and is able to judge the thoughts and I and intentions of the heart. What about that aspect of the word of God because that's going beyond saying God gave us the words of the Bible there inspired by the Holy Spirit as Scripture testifies, but it also talks about what the word does in the lives of those who believe that even the book, but what I did this dangerous book word really is dangerous to not know this book because were apt to not follow the guidance and direction. It gives us life, but it's also dangerous to know this book because it does cut and sometimes it convicts us and it tells us that we are doing wrong, but that is for our own good, and in some cases it may direct us to do something that we had never intended on doing as God spirit guides and directs our lives in following what he has called us to do and so it speaks to us when we landed and I God is wanting us wanting to speak to us if we just go to his word and let him that's really significant point is you are saying that I was thinking to myself when you say that the Bible is living and active, that it's a lie that it judges the hearts and minds of men were talking about God being active through his word. In other words, were not just talking about dead letters on a page that might be inspirational. One morning because I liked the way a particular sentence sounded, but there is actually a living God who is breathed out. These words who is actively working to his word in our lives.

I can't name any other book that does that. That's absolutely unique in the history of the world.

Many times of people that are going through major struggles and challenges that are heard and painted as they go to the salt. It is just a balm to them and God comfort Spellman wraps his arms of love around them and let them know that he's without more, you know when when there needed to be convicted because of wrong and and then it challenges them to live that holy life and to make changes in their life.

It it it is a book like no other that can reach to us no matter where we are and what stage of life or in guy can speak to us through his work is great for those who have never read the Bible for listening to right now Steve, how would you advise that person to investigate its claims and to get familiar with the Bible and give it a chance to speak to you personally.

Even though you never read it before but I think that a good thing to do to get a good overview of the Bible. If you were to start from Genesis going through.

You can quickly get to some pretty challenging parts and you know people make it for a few books and set it down, but you have this understanding of the overall that's one of the goals I have for the book is just to have an understanding. I remember watching a Broadway play Les Miserables.

When I did not know the story and it was confusing to me. It wasn't until I watch the movie knew the story I went back and I was able to really enjoy the Broadway play because I like what I wanted to let people understand here is this book story get an understanding of that first and then as you go into to read it on your own. You will be able to see how some of those stories tied together and have a greater appreciation for the fabulous dispute by Steve Greenstein.

Thanks so much for being with us this archived broadcast of Janet Baffert today is brought to you by Tri-Star pictures.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story of a beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters November 22. We are back on Janet after today I want to kick things off here and talk a little bit about the dirty tricks of the left and were getting a lot more of this pertaining to the elections that are coming up in the elections that just were anybody has really commented on this very much, but there was the news last week about this new evangelical call for restitution based immigration reform that central gospel concern of restitution-based immigration reform. This is from the evangelical immigration table which receives funding to the national immigration forum for ads that it runs to promote open borders and get evangelicals on board and the whole thing is one big political ploy. We've known this for a long time I talked about it for a long time else. Notice there are pictures put out there with Russell Moore, the head of the ethics and religious liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention on the stage here with Michael Ware who is the Obama faith advisor and another woman from the treaty Trinity form and the banner behind them says national immigration form.

These same people from the evangelical immigration table who have been denying for about five years that there Soros funded the national immigration form is Soros funded and it did pay for the ads for the evangelical immigration table to promote itself. I know this for a fact on Christian radio. So what are they talking about.

It's an undeniable fact. And here's Russell Moore sitting in front of a Soros funded banner just going along like no big deal. No big deal. Isn't this awesome are just absolute political operatives.

I don't even know why they are there and what exactly doing for the Southern Baptist convention. At this point to advance the cause of religious freedom. I mean really, at this point.

When you look at what the Aral Sea actually does religious freedom is just kind of a side job that now yeah okay let's throw some bones here about religious freedom.

Let's really get down to it it's about open borders. What is open borders have to do with the ethics and religious liberty commission.

What is it have to do with the stated purpose of that entity. At all and is anybody even care anymore. Is anybody ever going to hold his feet to the fire on the Soros stuff at all. We've been doing this for quite a while. I know I've been saying this for several years now. There are others out there who've been saying this to Southern Baptist not care that George Soros is funneling money to an entity and Russell Moore is sitting on a stage under the banner and openly identifying with the national integration form does anybody care or is this Jan man shrugged her shoulders go back to Netflix yet is happened last week.

This is announced in Washington DC by the evangelical immigration table. Here the Christian Post says over 80 evangelicals signed on to this statement calling for restitution-based pathway for immigrants unlawfully residing in the US to be granted legal permanent residency. Why does that have to do with ethics and religious liberty, absolutely nothing and were supposed to be impressed that it was signed by Donnelly nine leaders of the evangelical immigration tables, principal organizations, but pastors and leaders from seminaries and churches and Christian colleges and purchase organizations and denominational bodies.

You know what I am not color me unimpressed. I don't care you don't there is such a disparity between the leaders who are doing all of this garbage and the actual sheep. The people who are coming to church on Sunday and funding these churches and funding these denominations and funding the cooperative program in the Southern Baptist convention. There is such disparity, but there is such absolute ignorance on the part of so many people who just assume everything is going really well you know were Orthodox we believe in the Trinity.

Everything is good.

The deity of Jesus Christ is upheld, other such great theological orthodoxy does such great theological orthodoxy. You are being taken for a ride.

If you think this is all about theological orthodoxy. These people are open leftists. They are trying to move evangelicalism laughed, I said until I'm blue in the face but I'm not really sure what difference it makes. Because I'm not really sure the extent to which God is just giving us over. I said this on Twitter a few days ago and I said yeah what are we supposed to do. At the very time in our nation where we need a black robe regiment, those great godly pastors who are so critical to the American Revolution and the establishment of the United States of America whose freedoms we still enjoy today the disparity between those men of God and the people that we have who are leading entities in evangelicalism and all they are is political operatives money hungry spineless compromise political hacks that's all they are, and I'm not trying to say every single person who's in a pastoral position or a seminary position, or any sort of church position nationwide are all hacks I'm not saying that there plenty of them there plenty of why at this moment in history. Are you content to be a political hack when we need men of God when we need bold preachers of the word of God when we need men to tremble before the Lord and his word were getting these people is that really okay with the sheep. I'm hoping and praying in the long run that it's not speaking of Soros.

They report over one news now that Soros of course is pouring millions into district attorney races in states like Virginia in order to provide potential cover for future perpetrators of voter fraud so we can what went on in Virginia last week and now it's very interesting in the state of Kentucky. You have some citizens who have now come forward and they are backing up this idea that there was potential voter fraud in the state of Kentucky. There's a lot going on there. Gov. Matt Bevan. As you know his not conceded the race there for governor. He's behind by about 5000 votes. He is called for some in a re-canvassing and let's let's see 5000 votes is quite a few votes to try to overcome, but this is what he had to say on election night and I'm to get into some of the audio that came out yesterday from the citizens who really want to get down to it have the Atty. Gen. look into potential voter fraud. This is what Gov. Bevin had to say. Just a few days ago, one this is a close close race. We are not conceding this race by a process to be this we know for a fact that there have been more than a few irregularities. They are very well corroborated and that's all right what they are exactly how many which ones and what effect, if any, they have will be determined according to law. This well-established and just for the record, and some of you are well aware of this four years ago I found myself in a very similar situation again the law was followed in that instance. Turns out that it ended up being 4/10 of a euro tenths of lust for tenant for 10,007%. Whatever it was 83 votes. The point is this.

We want the process to be followed. The process will be followed and in the end we will have the governor that was chosen by the people of Kentucky and that's the way the process should work now the citizens for election integrity is a new group that's just formed. It's a handful of concerned citizens, and they had a little press conference yesterday. They want the Atty. Gen. to look into voter fraud. For example, this woman, Erica Callahan, who will here speak in just a second talk. For example, about the fact that there was reported record turnout, but she said they haven't found one person in the county who waited a long line you waited for a long time in line in order to vote.

So really, I mean, are we getting the straight scoop on what actually happened in Kentucky. This is what Erica had to say we need to be assured right now. She gave one example of the voter fraud they've heard about listening cut six votes. Well, this is a very important question. You might say.

Will there have been 130 cases of voter fraud that they know of that has been reported to the Atty. Gen. There might be more than that. And she's right, the citizens are right to call for an investigation into all of those claims and who knows, even if you found 130 all to be cases of voter fraud a few to be able to prove enough to give Gov. Bevin the victory in the election. But the point is we know that Soros is pouring millions into races.

We know that Soros is pouring money into evangelical circles. We know the left wants to subvert the voting process of free and fair elections in order to give them victory and do you really think were not gonna get more of this and more of this and more of this as time goes on. As we head into 2020 talk about freight millions of Americans to feel uncertain when it comes to your health care as a Christian are you looking for healthcare that doesn't violate your morals and convictions were happy to inform you that there is a solution and that solution is liberty healthcare liberty healthcare is a community of like-minded Christians who work together to pay for their medical costs and allows you to decide how, when and where you will access healthcare so you can make the best choice for you and your family. Starting at $249 for a single up to $529 a month for a family that's mom dad and all the kids. This is how healthcare should be for more information call 855-585-4237 or visit light your that's like your and regain control over your healthcare costs 855-585-4237 or light your Together were changing healthcare for good beautiful neighborhood based on the true story of the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers showing kindness is serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship is no other jewelry serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people. Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the or transporting the patient to a recovery center.

Every day you will be making a difference in the lives of struggling people your adventure today.

Mercy ships.never today to be interesting going into 2020 is a lie out of money been dumped into these elections in these races across the country and perhaps is going on in Kentucky will be the shape of things to calm when trunk goes back up for reelection. I don't know Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevan is not conceding the race for governor in that state and now you have some citizens standing up and saying we need to look into voter irregularities. We need to look in some of these allegations of voter fraud. The Atty. Gen. needs to look into these in their right you should look into all this. Now going back to the issue of Soros and the money that he's dumping into American political races. I think this audio from December is quite interesting. Now granted this is about a year old, but Matt Bevan at the time had brought up the fact that pro-public had partnered with the Louisville Courier Journal in Kentucky and he was raising some concerns at the time about the fact that you had a newspaper partnering with the group that had connections to Soros is a cut to newsflash that came today from the Courier-Journal. They've announced with breathless excitement that they are partnering partnering with an organization called pro-public and that this is the same Courier-Journal, mind you, which while it's dying continues to maintain that they are unbiased that they are good journalists and that they are interested in transparency and holding government, among other people accountable will who's holding the Courier-Journal accountable who's doing any kind of analysis of who this pro-public a is I'll tell you who pro-public areas. It was started by Herb and Marion Sandler.

These are people who made billions of dollars doing subprime lending. Taking advantage of people that couldn't afford to pay these back destroying thousands of lives destroying Wachovia bank in the process, but they profited off of people who had nothing, and have even less now. And these people made billions and are now funneling that you'll gain money into left-leaning organizations like pro-public okay interesting. Then he goes on, listen to cut three now pro-public is partnering up with the Courier-Journal to pay the salaries of the Courier-Journal's investigation of some organization within Kentucky.

Now they're knocking to be transparent about what that is there not to be transparent about their partner.

They're knocking to be transparent about the fact that these same Sandler's are big supporters of the ACLU that other bastion of conservative thinking or fair mindedness. The very same ACLU that repeatedly sues the Commonwealth of Kentucky in our legislators for the bills that they pass. This is also an organization pro-public is supported by George. I hate America. Soros is the sad reality of who the Courier-Journal, which portends that it's an actual news organization or a publication is so remarkably biased. They are now full in bed with this particular organization pro-public. But now the Courier-Journal is just straight up said we don't even care about being objective were willing for price because will sell our soul will be a sock puppet for the pro-public organization for George Soros for the Sandler's for all these other people who hate America and undermine day in and day out.

The values that we in Kentucky actually hold dear, that America was founded on scene. I think this is a really important piece of audio to go back to from almost a year ago from Gov. Matt Bevan because it does matter. I've been talking for the last minute several weeks about the fact that CNN partnered with the human rights campaign peer LaBarbera and I talked about this late last week. The biggest homosexual lobby group in the world. They have millions of dollars. They have untold amounts of power. Nobody dares to cross the human rights campaign what they say goes.

What they want they get from the progressives on the left so you have news organizations that are partnering with groups that are just flat-out activists. Does anybody care.

Does anybody understand how that compromises the political system mean this is not something that is always just a problem on the left. You always have a no problems with money, in which groups give to who and who's compromised and who is being bought and sold.

This is always been a problem in politics, but it really becomes a problem when you have millions coming from George Soros to his open Society Institute and all the rest and we got to watch all this stuff and it's very very difficult. For example, when you talk about the Washington Post, by the way, responded to that piece of audio from Gov. Bevan at the time and pooh-poohed it. This guy, he just doesn't like the truth well tell me if this is good journalism. This was from few, a few days ago in the Louisville Courier Journal and it was a piece that said opinion piece Matt Bevan lost the Kentucky governor's race because he's a jerk.

Good riddance. That's fantastic journalism.

That's really that's groundbreaking fantastic. Oh, and here's another piece of information which I think you need to know about this is by the investigative Project on terrorism since were talking a little bit about the most recent elections, especially in Virginia. Did you know there was an Islamist who won a school board seat in Fairfax County.

We talked about Fairfax County before foisting this radical sexual education program on the kids in that particular school district.

It's reprehensible.

Listen as the daughter of one of America's most prominent Islamist leaders became the youngest woman and one of the first Muslim women elected to office in Virginia Arbor Misha age 24, one at-large seat on the Fairfax County school board is part of a Democratic wave that also gave the party control of both houses of Virginia's general assembly. Keep in mind that Soros dumped millions of dollars into Virginia and I dug this up as well. There was a little cable accession. I never heard of it before, but our brother Amisha was on this show and they were kinda laughing. The host was laughing heads you can't say that kind of thing on the other shows but you can said here you can see it here at the show called Reston impact, but this is a woman who has a father.

This is incredible. He's the former president of the Muslim American Society.

His name is Assem homies and the Muslim American society is the most and brotherhoods over arm in the United States, and apparently when she was a student at Yale. This candidate in 2014 I brought her own niche. The young daughter led the Muslim student Association's effort to silence ex-Muslim and Islamist critic IN her CLE. She claimed I and her CLE does not have the scholarly credentials to speak on Islam okay right. She was a Muslim, she was involved. She was there when Theo van Gogh was murdered like are you kidding me at coming. This is this is who you just put on the Fairfax County school board fantastic. But listen to Scott when she is asked where she has worked previously 24-year-old Arbor own niche for so I worked.

I was seen organizing GNC loaded my thoughts about it so qualified actually and I was recruited actually by the deputy chided Tracy I was part of trying to move the party to you would be crafting election split the party moving us towards some of those policy platforms that were promised times more accessible. No open and transparent yeah because if anybody is open and transparent. It's the Muslim brotherhood right. Did you catch that.

Do you think that that's at all significant. The fact that this 24-year-old daughter of the former president of the Muslim American Society over arm of the Muslim brotherhood in the United States was a senior organizer at age 24 for the DNC recruited by the deputy chair and it's all about openness and transparency sharpness. Yes all about openness and transparency unbelievable her father by the way, going back to this investigative Project story had to resign from his state immigration board back in 2006 after the investigative Project on terrorism released video of him endorsing violent jihad at a 2000 rally. He wanted Palestinians for learning the G hot way to achieve liberation in 2016. He claimed that few Muslims had the same adherence to duty and morals as the Muslim brotherhood in 2011. He admitted that he used to belong to the brotherhood is also a long-time board member at the Darr all his raw Islamic Center in Falls Church which has a history of supporting brotherhood causes and of course I mentioned our own niche. Leading this demonstration against IN her CLE. She supports the Muslim brotherhood linked international Institute for sonic thoughts which has long endorsed an Islamic supremacist vision of society does that sunlight openness and transparency to you. 30 years ago. This group then had a managing editor of a social science Journal, Sharif Alka team who advocated modifying curricula to proselytize and also played a key role in introducing Islam and the Arabic language into the Fairfax County Public schools in the 1990s DC what's going on in your country right now. Bit by bit by bit by bit by bit you got more transgender's in office. You've got more LGBT candidates about 100 were electing your country is changing folks and if you don't think that these folks were getting into. These offices don't have an agenda than you haven't been paying attention, and people like these leftists in evangelical positions are trying to get us all on board with the left. It's despicable. It's such an unbelievable betrayal of Christians Bible believing Christians who need more than ever to hold to the principles that made United States the great nation under God that it has been for so long and needs to remain that Republic so our kids and our grandkids can retain that same freedom that God has lavished on us.

We have much to pray that we have much work to do. We are out of time.

Thanks for joining us here on for today

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