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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Trevor Loudon (Marxism in the Church)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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November 14, 2019 9:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Trevor Loudon (Marxism in the Church)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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November 14, 2019 9:00 am

As Marxism gains ground across our culture, how are socialists working to affect our elections and change our country? Even worse, how are Marxists working inside our Bible-believing churches to shift evangelical votes to the Left and undermine sound biblical theology? I'll talk it over with author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon, who exposes it all in the upcoming film, "Enemies Within the Church." Don't miss Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Tri-Star pictures. A beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story. A beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters November 22 is just a reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is back in February.

Pres. Trump couldn't have been stronger in denouncing socialism and affirming America as the land of liberty said here in the United States we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country. America was founded on liberty and independence, not government coercion, domination and control. We are born free, and we will stay free tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country and yet it is undoubtedly the case that socialism and Marxism are on the march. Not only do we have about socialists in Congress, but we have terrifying poll results showing an increasing embrace of socialism by millennial's and members of generation Z.

And worst of all the political influence of Marxists is not staying in the secular realm as we know, Marxism and Marxist ideals are increasingly finding a home in the church and specifically once conservative Bible believing evangelical churches and seminaries and ministries. Now this is the focus of the upcoming film enemies within the church. And it also was the focus of the recent stand against Marxism conference in Des Moines where I was privileged to speak and both the film and the conference of the result of the great work of author and filmmaker Trevor Lowden who has studied the left and Marxists for three decades. Trevor is also the founder and editor of, the world's largest public database of subversive politicians, activists and traders so I wanted to bring Trevor on the show today to school is a little bit on the growing Marxist influence both in the political realm and also in our own churches, which he also talks about in his book enemies within Communists, socialists and progressives in the US Congress and in his writings over the epic times, Trevor. It's just a delight to welcome you to the show.

Thank you so much for being with us will have me on food right on Troy Valley much.

I'll tell you what there is a lot to talk about because how in the world do you cover this topic in full at the it's just it seems to be everywhere. Do you believe with all of your studies over the last several decades that America will never be a socialist country anymore tipping point, but were all begun regard very strongly." Back to our constitutional roots are we going to go over the usage where we are right on the top so you know that really depends on what happens over the next year or so and what happens when the true truth because how the churches go. Ultimately fell America is going to go that's right so that the infiltration that we have seen into evangelicalism.

I know you said at the stand against Marxism Q&A that this really surprised you you have been studying Marxists and Marxism for quite a while.

As we mentioned, but this was something you said at the time you did not expect you didn't think that Marxist influence would ever get onto evangelicalism because of the confidence I guess that you had in the past that that the pastors within evangelical churches would never allow it to happen, and I'm wondering why you think they were able to breach evangelical churches and seminaries. The way that they have in the last several years opening up you you getting about going through the public education every year.

Will I have been conditioned to look for socialism and will be part you have a come at a public school might go to seminary for an end.

I've might've to infiltrate the fitment rates over the last few years, you know you to be penetration of the Episcopalian. The myth that the young Lutherans that's been going on for the fixity for you. And when we see the end of been a big war in the Catholic Church with some Tom you know that the traditionalist booth the yeah the socialists them. Now you have a box with part prompt the evangelicals would be tough. You know that with Skype you up but if you think about the list of evangelicals do crazy things like a leak. Ronald Reagan ensemble cross and this cannot be allowed to stand. This cannot be allowed to happen. So you know Sybil can't believe they had America you know will I want to the Hillary Clinton. The been the lake that they would've had that and and the evangelicals get up and I get involved in politics, which I'm not supposed that the and I keep on electing these people allude to in the country around so logical that the lift would want to pee in the trite and at least neutralize the evangelicals if not completely collect the debt doing a bit of both. Right now, right when do you believe this infiltration actually started or if not being able to identify a starting point at least began showing up because you know were seen. Critical race theory. The social justice nonsense. A lot of this Marxist ideology coming to the surface. But when and where did it first start entering the evangelical world. Can you even pinpoint that time. One of the major mall for people like Jimmy Wallace, who with the bomb right by the least wing evangelical of Marxist for you. Yes, but attraction and the growth of the maker churches you know and and and that he would preach to the lowest common denominator and and and that they fit the stage for this as well.

One of the big landmarks with the formation of the Gospel coalition yes back in the back about 2000 say mama think awards that was originally united with the tutu you know evangelicals fought off and then bring them together but it is become a vehicle for Marxism and one of the biggest vehicles for Marxism in the country now and at this run, block them, whose some you know why be respected by many Christians is a big church in Manhattan but he's a devotee of that of the Frankfurt school of Marxist school and the he preaches I do you not defend gospel and team for Marxism and that his gone through the churches and through the seminaries through the conferences they hold now and campus Crusade for Christ will crew now in the southern Baptist think that the Gospel coalition was a very big tuning point in this degradation of Christianity that would think that I said well it's interesting because one of the things that people will often point out about the Gospel coalition is know they have a very sound doctrinal statement. I mean, you have a lot of you know big names in evangelicalism were associated with the Gospel coalition are there on the Council of the Gospel coalition and they are sound biblical men of God. They hold to these Orthodox statements of faith they hold to the deity of Jesus Christ and salvation by faith alone. So is this some sort of a strategy would you say that they hold to orthodoxy and in part so they can do other things politically and and throw people off their game a little bit exactly like the belief might when it went to the Yum Apollyon from the Lutheran we preach Marxism with a little bit of Christianity in it and it people often got them out of your luck you will lift on the list, the church would give the will moved into the evangelical movement to get away from the from the abuse propaganda war now looks a lot more thoughtful.

Love Linda Lisa, now 90% bobble and timber for Marxism while you know, and admits that Tampa sees the total corruption like like Mark when we whose just being numb was Obama's faith advised the self professed prick with progressive Democrat it's been hard by the Gospel coalition to run their run they will crew the election campaign and the group with the and the cam time limits. Marco is like this is the core values of social justice rot so you go about as you look at the school right united weekly. Yet these all about biblical values and social justice to what social objectives social just of those Marxism redistribution of wealth. Though he is saying that biblical values basically mean socialism redistribution of wealth and this is the guy who's who's who's basically running the campaign of the Gospel coalition I need to ask Pres. Tromp and fee to if I can't achieve that easily to two new laws evangelical Christian because I don't incredible. There's a lot more to discuss. Were going to come back with Trevor Ladner listening to Janet today. Stay with us will return right after this beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story of the real-life friendship between Fred Rogers I am a cynical journalist showing kindness and love broken people is mother's womb has now become the un-Safest Pl. in America with abortion being a leading cause of death and babies being aborted up to term. In some states I was afraid I was skiing. I know what to do every byline we have a wishing pre-born is the largest provider of three ultrasounds in the country, helping moms choose life. You see mom and crisis sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat she's 80% more likely to choose life for her baby and I was like wow, something inside of me. Beautiful thing he would you join with pre-born and Janet Mefford today and help save 400 babies by the end of this year for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and now through match your tax-deductible gift is doubled saving 10 babies lives to donate, dial 855402 Beatty that's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship's venture like no other jewelry serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people. Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center. Every day you will be making a difference in the lives of struggling people begin your adventure today connect with Mercy ships.for today. Thank you for joining us and I'm delighted to be joined this hour by author and filmmaker Trevor Lowden. He has been following the Marxists for three decades. He is behind the enemies within the church movie that is going to be coming out. I'm so excited. It couldn't be more important at this particular point in time to warn evangelicals about the infiltration of Marxist ideology into our evangelical seminaries into our denominations are churches in our ministries, it's absolutely pervasive.

It's everywhere and Trevor is doing some great work exposing all of this. You had mentioned before the break, the formation of the Gospel coalition, Tim Keller, DA Carson would be that the founders of the Gospel coalition back about 10 years ago or so and now you mention Michael Ware who is an Obama faith advisor is you know with the Gospel coalition is written some articles there and he's I know he's worked with Russell Moore before they've written articles together before he of course is the president of the Aral Sea at the Southern Baptist convention, but there's a lot of overlap there Trevor between the southern Baptist convention in the Gospel coalition and actually I think the Gospel coalition has been a very effective vehicle for these people because the it is so interdenominational and if you think about it, that's a pretty good strategy if you want to try to infiltrate the church is just make sure you have a broad coalition of people with so-called you know good doctrinal statements but they have left is politics directly on late to appeal to a wide variety of Christianity you know want one of the garden. We got coalition to Beatty on the knee up really.

Yes not look as real name originally was wrong and he was a Marxist in North Carolina became a Muslim and then he became a Christian. But guess what, he still speaks and God preaches the same things he does when he was amoxicillin and I my fever another one of non-marks another one of the cocoa, got coalition God promoted favorable openly Marxist work dealing with right united written about bona fide Marxist out of North Carolina and that he will promote the stuff in the body will Christian for the year on the makes it okay but who really the the brains behind the southern Baptist now he is bringing Marxism into the Baptist like you wouldn't believe you.

Not like a couple of months ago in Alabama.

They had the magic and the preconference and I talked critical race theory as part of the church to walk. Now it was written around 1 o'clock Strickland and that is based on the work for Bancorp James calling who wrote a book called Marxism and the black church. What do they have to offer each other. He went to Cuba in 1992 to meet without Castro and of the man who accompanied them pretty good of them."

Jeremiah writes her you know you so so this critical race theory means if you feel like you're automatically racist and because you part of the ruling power structure like you copyrights just because you not part of the ruling power structure. If you are Latino you copyrights is the pure Asian you copyrights. You can only be racist if you all want and therefore to overcome racism. We have to write capitalism. In other words, the existing power structure in the land.

According to the amount playbook for go to Lee's young evangelicals out there in southern Baptist now thinking that Gaia intrinsically racist. Original Sin and the only way they can clean himself office of racism this to work, to all who platoon the white capitalist patriarchy.

In other words, what the Marxist Jesus the cool capitalism is amoxicillin with it with racial, religious, speed, but it is complete. Marxism and this is almost the same reason, it is important churches all over this country as Christianity entered this completely Marxist 100% box with you totally right about that. When you mentioned to Beatty on May we lay one of the things that still sticks out in my mind is. He wrote an article he's done a bunch of bad articles at the Gospel coalition but he's one of the main leaders over there but one of the articles in which he was talking about Martin Luther King Jr. he talked about the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and basically said to his readers. If you're white your parents and your grandparents were complicit in the assassination of MLK generated at a time of pushback as he should. But this is the kind of garbage coming out of TGC and then he turns around in September and says there is no evangelical social justice movement, I mean Trevor, it looks to me as if this is just gas lighting. I mean, plain and simple, hardly an evangelical social justice movement you go to any major evangelical symmetry now and you will hear nothing box in Southeast Baptist is awash with good stuff yeah the doll in the atmosphere that you cannot challenge the old the new orthodoxy will give you a little example of how this works in practice friend called me though through the church in North Carolina. I got a new path from Southeast Baptist and he was brought up with critical race theory. This was the big deal and the two families in the church, one black and one white, and gets what they both had the same soon I so obviously the white family must've once enslaved, the black black family come onto the white family apologized for the sin of slavery.

Man, what the right family pushback and said we had nothing to do with this. We've never been involved in slavery. And even if we were personal not you don't you not held accountable for the focal of your grandfather and and but the pasta working ruling and at the end up splitting the church and destroying the church for church no longer exists because of critical race theory.

Marxism boxes must meet to divide the not me to you not just terrible what you look at what's happening at First Baptist Church in Naples Florida recently where they wanted to doing and a black pastor and there were a number of people who voted against him, not because of his race, but because of some of his politics and some of his positions. They didn't think he would be a good fit for the church. They also didn't think he had the appropriate amount of experience that the church it said it wanted in it senior pastor. So what did they do. They started excommunicating people. They put out a letter saying that a bunch of their members were racist similar to thrall out of the church and you know what is happened. Trevor is they have just been silent. The southern Baptist convention has just kept its mouth shut, Baptist press, ignoring the story Al Mohler ignoring it. Russell Moore's writing about Sesame Street. I'm not kidding me this is what these people are doing their acting like it's not happening because they're all for NJD Greer, the president of the SBC sent a letter to first Baptist Naples, basically putting pressure on them to hire this guy and other acting like they're not even doing it, but I mean this is really damaging to the entire denomination and I don't even know how many people are really aware of what's going on there. We hearing about the meeting on the on the gripe on so extreme, but Brian Washington Brian what she was going on in churches all over the country then you got a new generation of young pastas genuinely think this is Christianity. They they really think that preaching the gospel preaching Marxism and in the fifth half thoughtful and insidious of the little example to the woods with a clip from Michelle Hagan yes his real favorite of the Gospel coalition. A young black pasta from St. Louis, Missouri, and so there was a call from some 25th the unit will ease young evangelical codes from the bed with because it was submitted with most white and she gets up in front of them and tells them the thing that God wants them to do more than anything else is to be and what privilege and fought off the bat in being white privilege is nonexistent. What privilege their families could be on food stamps through knowledge. But the still but what probably draw right and didn't tell anybody, was that Michelle Hagan is a member of the organization for black struggle which is a prompt for the freedom Road socialist organization approach Chinese Maoist the Communist Party the people who gave us the black lives matter movement. So these young evangelical kids from our Nebraska or Missouri fought up about ending what privilege this this is the 11th commandment. I think you not out in and I have gone you out there preaching about the stuff have no idea. This is probably Chinese communist Maoist Marxism is a house preaching as Christianity and this is just one of countless examples of the stuff yeah and Michelle Higgins.

I know also was I she's gone from the church in our her father was the senior pastor, but she also talked about Jesus being transgender. He's a queer woman of color. This kind of garbage so they're using the language of aberrant sexuality as well.

It's all through the Gospel coalition. It's absolutely rife coalition biting my butt dial one of the mind group to try to you soon Kelly you googled him calla and the Frankfurt school and you will come up how he is a young man in college he fell in love with the audience of the Frankfurt school Marxist school. The school that gave us the sexual revolution of the 1960s and political correctness German Marxist who played Nazi Germany at Columbia University in Berkeley University and basically an gave us the free love generation of the 60s. This is the man. This is the organization it to him. Calla feels inspired by and wants to bring into Christianity well and and and one of the much respected Christians in the country.

Yeah well it's absolutely crazy what's going on without pause for another break will come back with author and filmmaker Trevor Ladner listening to Deanna Mefford today stay with us this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Tri-Star pictures. A beautiful day in the neighborhood based on the true story of a beautiful day in the neighborhood, starring Tom Hanks and Matthew Reese rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters November 22. We are back on Jennifer today my guest author and filmmaker Trevor Lowden can check out enemies within the The forthcoming film that will expose the Marxist influence in one's conservative Bible believing churches. Yes, it's really going on were not making it up. We're talking a little bit Trevor before the break about the Gospel coalition and I'm sure for a lot of people who have been a mildly known about the Gospel coalition or have read a couple of articles now and then and found nothing wrong with that. It may sound over the top to start talking about any Marxist influence to the Gospel coalition. But what would your response be to questions about how do we know. I mean okay find him color his admitted that he was greatly influenced by the Frankfurt school and you can find these things online and so forth. But is it really the case. Would it be over-the-top to say that the Gospel coalition formed with the express purpose of trying to introduce Marxist ideology into the church is that approvable thing. Or is that just a theory that theory but I would doing it what God you didn't. You got much, much worse. But I would doing it right from the beginning. You look like Mike Dever that's it before he promotes this book divided by faith which is really all about racism in America that's all about. This critical race theory that all talk about maybe promoting the four years that sort of like the standard go to book in the Gospel coalition on matters of rice by Mark load it on MSN then Christian Smith North Carolina in the previous book was some was all about like encountering Reagan's foreign policy in Latin America supporting you know what was that there was a chance of looking at what one of the popes Christians about the emergence of liberation theology. Radical religion and the social movement theory that was one of his books. The article was worth this thing right again you with central American peace movement. In other words, promoting communist them on Latin America and and resisting Reagan's attempts to stop communism. Latin America and the other one was the emergence of liberation theology, which was the Marxist movement that Catholicism and in Latin America advice to give Marxism with a Christian from the disease is not up. They all knew when we get socialism and that's how most of Latin America was able to go communist and this was written by the same God. Christian Smith is now being promoted by Mark Viva of non-mock the one of the most prominent leaders of the Gospel coalition pure not not even lifted them.

This is pure Marxism Marxist-Leninist communism and this guy is the hero of Mark, the incredible intercourse. Another question that comes up is it funding we know, for example, Soros has funded the national immigration forum, which bought the ads for the evangelical immigration table to be able to take out ads to promote itself. This is a far left open borders. You know I organization with all kinds of evangelical marketing mock signing on to it and you had Russell Moore just recently sitting on stage. He said for years were not Soros funded were not service minded that he sitting up on stage with the national immigration form banner sitting behind him so you know that that's en masse with the weight of the week go Mark. When we, of course, despite the part and is a complete and out of socialist yeah yeah the man you think biblical values, social justice exactly will you know just the stuff you need to qualify just the justice right when you put socialism from about that is marked with its redistribution of wealth that socialism that is a week ago on stage so I responded folly of the organization which basically wants to destroy America by opening the borders and flouting this country with millions of new Democratic voters. That's what it's all about. Yes, but what about the funding do we know much about the signing of the Gospel coalition because when you're dealing with 501(c)(3) sick can be very difficult to get to the bottom of those sorts of things that we really know their organizations are connected to the current foundation out of Michigan which which was started out as a respectable localization but you notice that most seminaries around the country is outfitting up what they call social justice programs now so New programs in the seminaries where Marxism was toward you know the Christianity is about redistributing wealth, big social programs and the current foundation is funding the dyad so you don't go get a background of the family nuclear $2 million grant for the current foundation on the condition they fit up the social chip while this is what's happening will will all over now told a friend who we could become a big similar yeah one of the rock solid reason Bella that was theological ugly but was any way impair the city couldn't believe the car park was full of Bernie Sanders thicket, then to think of one of the most conservative rocksolid statement raised in the country is now full of social justice warriors and and this is not a unique phenomenon young positive who once would've supported Israel and and voted for Ronald Reagan and nobody could Bernie Sanders supporting Palestine, it's Craig Lenhard. Willow Creek is taking gunpowder to ballast on meeting with terrorists and calming the thought of it. The brainwashed and coming back.

Trashing is relevant supporting the supporting the terrorists yeah there's a lot of that I that the Christ at the checkpoint conference that's been going on for several years she's been one of the people going to that there have been other evangelic.

I mean it's it's there's so much there and you know what else I've noticed Trevor and I wonder if you have focused much on this as well when Russell Moore came on board at the head as the head of the ER LC several years ago, one of the first things he started saying, right out of the gate is that politics is not the gospel. We can't confuse politics with the gospel any right when you started talking about I don't know if it was overtly saying that we you know should be more anti-American, but that was basically what it was.

If you love your tree if you're a flag waver. If you're patriotic then somehow you are undermining the Christian faith and you are being a very unfaithful Christian because the cross waves higher than the flag and all this kind of talk and that guilty a lot of Christians to say yes Jesus is more important in the flag but it was a mind game and I have seen a lot of these guys do that, but how Marxist is that to try to undermine the United States to Christians throughout the night of evangelical came to about three social of a very socially conservative and keen to vote conservative and overwhelming number of violate good Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump because I got a new charge and you not going to get flouting liberal Democrats right off the top.

But if you can get them not supporting conservativism, believing that conservativism was somehow anti-Christian. You can neutralize hundreds of thousands of millions of them and that'll make a big difference. Come election talk while in Sweden for one of the act with the Michael Wheeler is pushing what he says is good Christians don't get hung up about abortion I get my credits got a party of abortion brought, and we should. That doesn't mean we shouldn't vote for them because we got a look at what's going on, do it the most good for an IPA. Democrats adopt the big social policies and programs that it helps people out with socialized healthcare list that's doing good and

So therefore, don't get hung up, and abortion, you can still vote Democrat with a clear conscience.

These are the kind of argument and might be the least abortion when the Democrats and pal, because the social programs will alleviate policy so people won't need to have abortions. These are the kind of absolutely corrupt and devious arguments of these people spelling out the oh yeah exactly the holistic pro-life stuff that Russell Moore is turning out in the evangelical spread I hear about people put a hold of Lawson Rye logical, but their arguments well for the whole of life to go to look after people from the cradle to the grave not just before the board, which means we have to have social presence.

Look off to children's social programs to look after the elderly. We have to have more social health socialized healthcare leasing you have to have mosques has highlighted its lawful chatter. Hang on a moment, we do need to pause for another quick break authoring so make a travelogue with me will come back Jennifer to you among the millions of Americans to feel uncertain when it comes to healthcare as a Christian are you looking for healthcare that doesn't violate her morals and convictions were happy to inform you that there is a solution and that solution is liberty healthcare liberty healthcare is a community of like-minded Christians who work together to pay for their medical costs.

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We are back Jennifer today and I'm so grateful for the great work of Trevor Lowden authoring homemaker enemies within the church is the forthcoming film about all of the Marxist infiltration into our seminaries and our ministries in our churches, and it really is overwhelming Trevor that we were talking about the Gospel coalition and some of the influence hear some of the narratives they're pushing. Here's one they've got this conference coming up called hilariously just gospel 2020, which you know it's not not not about the got there you go, you don't. Good old Ron Burns a.k.a. to be unable relate to say your you know who's Asian white grandparents killed MLK Junior but there they talk a lot. There's a lot of buzz terminology. They talk about healing and they talk about your tribalism and all this kind of garbage and it it says absolutely nothing. And I think you're absolutely right. I think the goal here with evangelicals is they know they probably can't get you to vote for the Democrats but at least you'll stay home do you think can really pull that off though the younger ones like come evangelicals voted for Trump in record numbers and so but it was two years ago it up on overdrive.

The and spreading the garbage right so you look look that might not be enough to make it different to make the lakes and I might be a widely will shortly that this is not on cheek Christiana to be on the right, not the goal of this country and five you you seriously you like a government every church is going to be corrupted in its will you not churches of the hopeful Christianity right now think but the largest denominations, including the southern Baptist will be completely corrupted and you will see a lot of churches which are already doing so, leaving the southern Baptist. But guess what, they still keep them on the on the list but still strong themselves up to be bigger than what I know churches of the latest Sonata still listed as members because the thousand by two they want to keep the money flowing. They want to keep the impression that's still a big organization and I want to have a political impact on this country and what will happen if the Democrats get in again. They will be first in line for the massive government handouts that started on the George Bush to his great shine but were really and amped up under Obama, which bites retuning churches into them to social agencies for the golf month and the social program. I get all his money and that the left proto-thought rights, rights cannot talk about God trying to convince anybody.

John concluded anybody that just getting massive amounts of money from the government and that becoming an arm of the government just like the Russian Orthodox Church was under communism.

Just like the Cuban. Many of the Cuban churches are in and in Cuba right now becoming part of the state apparatus and they will and pop like crazy. Once you know that if the Gospel coalition succeed to leap in the Democrats.

Thanks Tom round there will be lots of money for the churches believe you mates well but Elmore and Danny Aiken. You know the presidents of the Southern Baptist theological seminary in Southeastern Baptist theological seminary, respectively.

They have insisted in the pages of Baptist press Trevor that there is a year they did not there's any liberal drift in the denomination. All is well. Just keep plowing the Titanic tour that I there's no problem there. That's what they say well by aligning Strata United is a huge program. An input into say that when it's been pointed out to them repeatedly going out people in Southeastern Baptist soup would lead to the Danny Aiken Danny Aiken to do something about this and have no response.

The same things happening in campus Crusade for Christ will crew with the knowledge we have countless leaders from whistleblowers and crewmen saying we got this is going to the lake. This is done radical we we complaining about this, but now things happening in the Lord. The people at the top of the people in control that I have dear Richie and Beth are on the program doesn't mean the people down below are in the program, but the people are calling the shots and controlling the money that I are on board with the program. There always say lying stride out.

I say things that will Trevor. There was a meeting, for example.

Not too long ago. I don't know years ago at Wheaton College and II referred to them kinda tongue-in-cheek is the Bilderberg group because they were meeting yesterday were meeting quietly to discuss the future of evangelicalism, but really it was a meeting about how do we get these people to stop voting for Trump this is a cross organization cross ministry cross denominational effort by a lot of people and I think it's hard for many Christians to believe that that many people who are in leadership and evangelicalism would join hands to do something so nefarious.

What would you tell those people will want you to go virtually every university in this country will be controlled by Marxist and I get to be indoctrinating your kids. Finish and if your kids do not go program by my not graduate or will be persecuted. You probably would've fit. That's crazy. That would never happen in American universities. Well, it is. That's how it is well if I told you 10 years ago that this would this would happen in American Christianity and seminaries for the crazy toad. It's actually happening now. Do some research.

Don't believe me, go and see what kind of programs you could for being towards you wonder why they come back at Thanksgiving from Bible college and tell you that you that you are an idiot and you are replacing the colored people in this country and that American capitalism is corrupt and I and we should maybe invite for prison Trump. We should consider Hillary Clinton or Kemal Harris.

This is doing it. The American American Christianity church leadership and a few memories that I we the American universities with 15 years of thought that a little behind the program but I catching up fast and if you if your list is the pure Marxist and you wanted complete control of this country as every Marxist of what you do not want to control the churches.

Of course, wouldn't that be the absolute, the annual That that that the whole thing because if you if you can control universities and the media and and education but you don't control churches.

They can still get around.

Yet they can still do crazy things like voting for Trump will write you know or electing Republicans or conservatives will in all opposing abortion leasehold below patient you will find that should've been To the Dustbin of History. Years Ago, According to the to These Liberal Progressive That the Theological Target and Christians Are Very Trusting Somebody Christians Are Willing to Challenge Their Pasta Even If the Path to Reaching Total Goblets to the True True Well That's Right.

And in Some Ways Were Conditioned to Be Nice You and You Know You Want to Bring You a Day. Let's Why the Left Loves the Word Unity and Jesus. But Computer with the Jesus a Little Bit Divisively I've Been through in the Tables in the Temple There Money Changes People. Jesse Came with the Sword, Not Apollo That's Right That's Right Will Go Forth and Then Nine More You That You Come onto to Be Wise and Not Just Listen to Any Goblets You You Told Eve That Comes from Your Preacher Brilliant. That Is Actually Right.

So What Is the Responsibility to Understand Truth Not Accept Laws.



What Would You Advise People Listening to Do Because I'm Sure People Are Getting Fired up. I Know I Hear from Listeners All the Time. I'm Really Upset about What's Happening in My Church or My Kids Are Going to M Inter-Varsity Aircrew and When They're Getting This Garbage. There Is Christians Are What We Do, What Should We Be Doing Well. Any Price You Sending Your Money to Check It out. Don't Send Any More Money to Crew World Vision. Absolutely None.

Look at Your Local to Your Church Teaching Creek Traditional Christianity in Your Pocket Is Willing to Strike Mike Bando Mall Issues Right in Khartoum Encourage More People to Go to That Church. If Your Church Is Preaching, Social Justice, Critical Rights Theory, Pasta down or Indemnify What Is Going on. If You Pasta Is in the Ear and Is Willing to You Know What Willing to Willing to Learn, Change the Church Get Back on Track with Your Pocket or Your Elders Just the Program and Spacing for Taking Government Not Just Any Church That I Can Get My Money Get out. I Would Get Out Of so Important Is Rather Silly, Corrupt, Blind Program like This on Wednesday and Go to Communist Church on Sunday. Trevor Is Such Good Advice and Go to Enemies within the Find out More about This Upcoming Film, Thank You so Much for What You're Doing. God Bless You and Thanks for Listening to Janet Today Pictures Starring Tom Justin Peters November 22

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