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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Todd Nettleton (Persecution) Catherine Foster (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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December 5, 2019 9:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Todd Nettleton (Persecution) Catherine Foster (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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December 5, 2019 9:00 am

Foxe's Book of Martyrs famously chronicled the bravery of Christians who died for Jesus Christ. But who are some of the martyrs we should know about today? I'll talk it over with Todd Nettleton from Voice of the Martyrs-USA, which is out with those stories in a new book, "Foxe Voices of the Martyrs." Plus: Catherine Glenn Foster from Americans United for Life explains why the Left is scrambling in the wake of this year's pro-life victories. Join us for Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by Provident films and affirm films movie overcome are coming to the small screen in time for Christmas overcome are available December 17 on digital Blu-ray and DVD is our confidence is in Christ alone. A crown of thorns. Why should not die then for his sake again where this might crown, be it ever so ignominious. These are the words of John Hoss, the famous Christian martyr who is burned at the stake for heresy in the year 1415 and he is of course one of many murders his faithfulness to Jesus Christ is honored in John Fox's classic work, the book of martyrs, but at a time when Christian persecution around the world has exploded. Who are some of the more modern day martyrs whose stories we don't yet know what the voice of the martyrs is telling some of their stories in a newly updated version of the original classic this one being called fox voices of the martyrs 8033 to today and working to talk more about it now with Todd Nettleton, chief of media relations and message integration for the voice of the martyrs USA and also host of the voice of the martyrs radio Todd so good to have you with us again how are you I am doing well thank you well. Thank you for being with us.

I would just start by asking how influential and important. Would you say Fox's book of martyrs has been to the church in the last several hundred years what you think about it. All of the books that have influenced Christians you have to think of Fox's a really certainly top-five. Many people say only the Bible has had a greater influence and really it's it's the power of the stories that people read the story though and I think every Christian.

When you read a story of someone who laid down their life for Christ. The natural question is okay, what would I do in that circumstance, and that is such a powerful question because it leads us to the Scriptures. It leads us to prayer and we say Lord I want to give the right answer. I want to say absolutely if someone had a gun to my head I would say I love Jesus I don't care what you do but I don't know if I'm strong enough. So Lord strengthen me to be able to do what these brothers and sisters have done to have that ultimate courage and so I think the power of the stories of and somehow John Fox understood that and began to capture those stories that I and were really standing on his shoulders, continuing to tell those stories today. While it's important for Christians to know the stories and I know a couple of things that people tend to say about Fox's book of martyrs. One is it's depressing, which of course what you think.

A book about martyrdom would be it would be a difficult read, but there also are people who look at Fox's book of martyrs and say that was so long ago.

It's so remote we don't have that going on anymore. Is that part of your thinking here to update this to really drive home the point that Christian persecution is at a very high level right now and we better wake up to it while that's absolutely right, and you mentioned you know the subtitle of the book is A.D. 33 two today and it is happening today it is happening right now. Just this past Sunday in Burkina Faso. Our church was attacked 14 people were killed simply for going to church on Sunday and so we want Christians to understand this is not just something that happened in the book of acts. It's not just something that happened in the 16th century, when John Fox was writing about it.

It really is. A.D. 33 two today. Right now this is happening and it's so important. The Bible talks about when one part of the body suffers were all supposed to feel that but if we don't even know it's going on. How can we possibly feel that how can we possibly fulfill that scripture to do that right well when you go back to the original of this was published in 1563 so we have 500 some years to catch up on, is that where you pick it up from the mid-16th century up until today.

Are you covering all of those stories in your book. There are a selection of stories from all throughout church history of the focus like the last third of the book is really from 2002 today, so it didn't say a focus on recent happenings in recent events that one of the things I love about the way the book is put together is that it is done in date order so you can see the progression through history and one of the fascinating things even in recent years is to see close together martyrdom of people in different countries and you think about all that was happening in Afghanistan all at the same time in China. Someone else was laying down their love for Christ and so having it in date order and sort of having that whole span of church history really gives a broad picture of what it means to follow Christ and what it has meant that throughout the history of the church and you know that's no surprise to you right said the world hates me.

If you follow me. The world hate you to Fox voices of the martyrs really proves that Jesus words have always been true and they are still true today. Was it difficult to on earth. Some of these stories certainly in the last 50 years or so, it wouldn't be so difficult because you would be able to access news archives in newspapers and so forth to Internet research, but when you're going back into the age of the Enlightenment. It must've been a little bit tougher to unearth these testimonies from all of these male Christians who were dying for their faith in Jesus Christ. How challenging was that to try to get to those and to be able to put them into print. It is challenging you know, we do have sources either think like a martyrs mirror that have collected the stories for the church over the years. I think frankly one of the greater challenges was who do we leave out yeah and I think about you know the gospel of John ends with something along the lines of hay. Jesus did a lot more stuff than most. But if we try to write it all down, there would be enough paper. That's the same story in Fox voices of the martyrs if we tried to tell every story that even every amazing story, there wouldn't be enough paper to write all is down so the hardest part of the process was really narrowing it down to about what we can fit it in a 500 page book, and so many there there so many that that didn't fit right. For sure when were talking about the persecution of Christians during the Enlightenment and the age of reason, which is a period of time that you cover in the book 1645 to 1789 which stories during that period would stand out for you because there's so many there so many people you could really point to, but are there any in particular that really leap out is noteworthy that Christians really ought to know about Utah. I think there's not a particular story that I would point to go but I think one of the things that that happened is is people even standing up within the church. Sometimes it was the broader church that was the persecutor and being willing to stand and say no no that's not what the Bible says that is is an amazing challenge. That's an amazing act of courage, and in many cases to stand literally against your own church to save no the Bible doesn't say that it and I think that's a timely reminder for us in our day because there are people in our churches today who are saying things that the Bible doesn't say that and we need Christians American Christians who are ready to stand up even in their own churches and say no that is not true and be willing to face the penalty for that in in the in the book. It tells the story people. The penalty was literally their lives. They stayed with their lives for doing that. And again I think that's a timely reminder for us in America right now well and it goes back to Fox's book of martyrs because that put a lot of emphasis on Christians who died for the Lord during the reign of Queen Mary, I mean that that was quite a very very important period of history and was very influential I think for a lot of the reasons that we talk about today.

When you hear the testimonies of Christians who stood firmly on the gospel to the very end that encourages people, but we where would you say would be some places even today where there are martyrs within the church, or even going back several centuries to some of the stories that you mention in Fox voices of the martyrs quality you know when you think about martyrs today think about northern Nigeria. There, there's a story in here of an attack on a Christian village called Okinawa and I had the chance to visit Doug about how I and to visit the mass grave where literally hundreds of people from this village were buried together because over 500 people were killed in one day that story and I I can close my eyes and I could picture that field. I can picture the grave. I can hear the wind blowing through the grass there so that one becomes because it's very personal to me but you look at northern Nigeria you look at China where persecution is on the increase that the government is cracking down even in new ways, and people are starting to draw comparisons to the cultural revolution when so many Christians ended up in prison. So many Christians lay down their lives.

You look at Isis you look at what has happened in the Middle East over the last couple of years.

There are people paying the price in laying down their lives for Christ thing in all parts of the world at any given is in our days. Well, that's why just a moment, Fox voices of the martyrs is the name of the book.

We do need to pause for a quick break will be back with Todd Nettleton right after testing every day babies and their mothers swims are fighting for life, with abortion being the leading cause of death. I am on my media.

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It's so good to have you here and glad to have with us Todd Nettleton from voice the martyrs USA. They are out with a revised and expanded version of Fox's book of martyrs. This one is called Fox voices of the martyrs. A.D. 33 two today and I think it's an excellent resource.

It's not a lot of Christians. It seems to me Todd who have actually sat down and read the original. I think one of the good things about your book. Here is it's very readable. It's for that's very readable and each story it doesn't go on too long. You get the basics you get the gist of it it it has the power and it really moves you, but you can just pick it up and read a different one every single day you could and you should, in fact, I would encourage what one thing that I retraced my work avoids the martyrs back to is my dad read to my brother and I the stories of Christian missionaries and Christian martyrs, and so I would encourage parents now again you want to read it first and look at the story. Make sure it's something your kids can handle but read a story is a party or family devotions talk about hey look at this hero of the faith who lay down their life for Christ. Let those stories inspire children because our children, our grandchildren are going to need to live that kind of faith and what their there's no bad time to start inspiring them with those kind of stories right well you know when you talk about missionaries.

Of course, there has been countless missionaries who have died on the field. I'm looking in particular at one story of a man named Henry Lyman who died in 1834. He was a missionary and it says that Lyman's intense shortened but dramatic life ended in violence but his work among the top people on the foreign mission field in Sumatra, northern Sumatra, continued and today the Petaca worship Christ and train others for missionary service in the region that I'm sure has a lot of resonance because you know you think of Jim Elliott, for example, many people know the story of Jim Elliott and how he was murdered along with other missionaries and then his widow, Elizabeth and the other wives went back in the net tried came to know the Lord is that a fairly common thing that you've seen as you go through some of the stories what the Lord did in the lives of the persecutors after these Christians were martyred and one other thing you know, when Christ talked about spreading the gospel he use the analogy of the seeds and we talked even in our chapel service here voice of the martyrs. This week we talked about what it means to prepare the soil and some of these early missionaries that lay down their lives.

They were simply pulling the rocks out of the soil to get it ready for somebody years or decades later to come along and really have a chance to plant the seed but we do see that I think of Robert Thomas to the first Protestant missionary to North Korea was killed literally as he set foot on the shoreline after he got off the boat which the North Koreans had lit on fire, so we had to get off the boat. He was killed on the shoreline. The story goes that he offered a Bible that he had brought to the man who killed the man took the Bible and tore out the pages and use them to wallpaper his house, and years later, that man's nephew would become a believer reading the Bible that was stuck to the walls of his uncle's house to house and so those initial plantings are often painful. They often involve bloodshed but there is a harvest.

And so even as we see today people laying down their lives for Christ.

We hope and we pray and we hold on, that there will be a harvest. Someday well here's another story of John and Betty stand. This is in 1934 and they were in China after they were killed in response to the news of their deaths. You say that several hundred new missionary recruits volunteered for service when there's another example of the Lord, planting seeds, even in the worst of circumstances there still can be good fruit that comes out of that. Whether it's immediate or if it takes years to bear fruit. The Lord is sovereign in all of these test, and that seems to be the thing that really is driven home for me as I'm reading through some of the stories well I love that you brought up the recruitment aspect of these stories because that is something that happens again any of you mentioned Jim Elliott. After that, there is a whole generation of missionaries today who have just retired or are about to retire, who will point to Jim Elliott and Nate St. and those men who minister to the occupants. A man I heard that story and God use that to call me two missions. We tell the story in the book of Chuck Bitterman, who was killed in Columbia. He was a Wycliffe Bible worker in Columbia who was martyred by guerrillas there that I and the story actually talks about how many missionaries signed up with Wycliffe in the year and 1/2 after Chuck Bitterman was killed who said listen, I heard Chet story I want to go in his place. I want to go to that place and so that's that is a common thread and again that's the power of the stories that the power of assuring them with your children to to allow that to happen to allow God to use the story to call somebody else to come forward and take the place of those who have laid down their lives. Right.

Well one is the most recent examples of a very well public publicized martyrdom would be those Christians who were lined up on the beach by Isis and were beheaded and most of us have not seen the beheading itself, but the faithfulness of these men that they would not deny Jesus Christ. That story alone.

II guess we don't fully know what kind of fruit that will bear as time goes along, but that one is included in your book, and I'm glad it was because there is so much persecution, especially now in the Middle East. Can you talk a little bit about that time.

What's currently going on.

For Christians in the Middle East. While there is a lot of persecution and it's interesting because one of the reasons there's a lot of persecution as their own is a lot of growth in the church. There are Muslims coming to Christ. I think of the nation of Iran that we just had a presentation yesterday about the growth of the church in Iran and you know I've heard multiple Iranian Christians point to Ayatollah Khomeini and say that guy was the greatest Christian missionary in the history of Iran and you say wait a minute. He was a Muslim. Yes, he showed the true face of Islam.

He said were going to run our country exactly how Mohammed would run it if he was still alive. One hour 40 years later the country is in shambles the economy is in shambles the government is corrupt and the people say wait a minute, if that's what Islam is, I want something else on one other option that is happening in the Sunni world because of ISIS is happening in the sheer world because of the Islamic Republic of Iran and you mentioned these 21 who were killed on the beach. We all have seen some of the video footage we all can close her eyes and picture that they were given the choice become a Muslim. You don't have to be beheaded.

You don't have to die on the speed become a Muslim and you can join us. They all said no.

I am a Christian. I'm not going to be a Muslim matter what you do. They all gave their lives because of that testimony that you think about the courage that that takes and I think we are inspired I'm inspired other families who have talked about how proud they are that their son that their brother died as a martyr that that he gave his life for being a Christian that has spread throughout the region's oh it's so true.

And there's so many stories like that as there are a lot of stories in the communist world, and I know you talk about the 20th century martyrs it we know there are Christians who are dying for their faith today in some of these communist countries China, for example North Korea what is going on there. When we talk about some of the martyrs who have died for Christ while one of the stories that we tell the story of Pastor Hahn and I we actually just did a video about Pastor Hahn for the International Day of prayer for the persecuted church. This is a ethnic Korean but a Chinese citizen and the pastor of a registered three self church in China right along the North Korea border. He had an incredible ministry to North Koreans coming across the border, providing them with food, providing them with help, but also providing them with the gospel, and even equipping them to go back into North Korea.

He was murdered in 2016 by a North Korean hip team that came across the border into China. She stabbed him to death and then went back into North Korea where they were recognized on national TV as having done a great service to the Fatherland by killing this Christian pastor pastor on I had a conversation with some of our workers at our office in Seoul Korea who knew Pastor Hahn who worked alongside him and he had been in their office just a couple months before he was killed, and they said Pastor Hahn. We know there are threats against you, but one of his coworkers had been kidnapped and taken back into North Korea pastor on that could happen to you. Do you think it might be time for you to come to Seoul for a while. Do you think it might be time to lay low for a while. Pastor Hahn said listen, I'm a shepherd I'm a pastor and my sheep are along that North Korea border.

So of course I meant to go back to them that it was never thought to him that I need to be safe. The thought to him was where has God called me to stir. He went back to China. He was killed just a few weeks later, laid down his life for his sheep and for being present with them that that's one of stories and that's an example of what's happening not only North Korea but in China and some of those other communist nations as well. It's amazing. You know, the contrast is so great I would say Todd as I listen to some of the stories because it is is many have observed Christians in the West have had a very very easy for a long time, but that might be changing. It's beginning to change in very subtle ways, but who knows what it will be like in 10 to 20 to 30 years. What is this all say would you would you think all these stories of martyrdom. What should this do to challenge us to be more like these Christians who are not afraid to die for Christ because none of us know whether or not we will be called to die for Christ. You know I think one of the things that the stories point out it is our need to view our lives and to view current events through the lens of eternity, not through the lens of the next 24 hours and we often in America view view through the lens of comfort. We view through the lens of convenience, we need to see things through the eyes of eternity and and when we do that we understand that but you know like Pastor Hahn killed by North Korean agents. We think wow you know that's a tragedy that's terrible. No, that's an amazing blessing for him because he's in heaven now he is celebrating through all eternity with Christ now. Very good point.

Will Todd Nettleton with the voice of the martyrs USA the name of the book Fox voices of the martyrs 8033 two today so great to talk to thank you very very much for being with us. You're welcome. Thanks rabbit me now.

I got bless will be back this archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by Provident films and affirm films movie overcome or coming to the small screen in time for Christmas overcome are available December 17 on digital Blu-ray and DVD you're listening to Janet Mitford today and appeared on the New York Times recently published an article called how a divided left is losing the battle on abortion and in this piece. They cite all the pro-life victories that have occurred in the past year, citing the rights well executed game plan in the left's role in its own loss of power. Even so, neither leftist politicians nor the Democratic presidential hopeful seem to be taming down there abortion radicalism, which is actually at odds with the views of the American people sorta get some perspective on this now from Catherine Glenn Foster, Pres. and CEO of Americans United for life Catherine wonderful to talk to again how are you doing very well think it's a pleasure to be here. Thank you. This is an interesting article. They blame miscalculations and unexpected victory by Pres. from Ben all this is putting abortion access at its most vulnerable point in decades and the left is on the defensive. They're trying to recover what you think about all of this.

This is kind of fun to watch them squirm a little bit but what you sense it is when you're looking at this in the pages of the New York Times. I have to think this article made my Sunday reading this article and try to credit card their failed game plan lens and at the wonderful read on a Sunday afternoon it is. It's actually fascinating, yet they they do and you said they point to the well X strategy that we have developed stand for white something that is, protect children, it makes sense to ask yet what they're doing is pointing to me as their own failures as well and they talk about the issues that the dictation culturally financially, politically, all of the different ways in which the last pro-abortion side has been decided and eight to go through that.

They also say that in fact it is so much more complicated. What they don't point to his chest is just how self-evident it is that that that fee and the one child, that child deserves protection to exactly what is kind of funny.

They do use the word divided and if you were just to read the headline you might think. How is the left divided. These people are all abortion radicals what is the real substantive difference here, it seems, actually, the last few years. It's very rare to try to find a Democrat who is pro-life, so I invited are they really what you think you're probably right but article you find out dictation there. You get the perspective how like crap.

For example, Gov. John Bell at right down the old stand for life and is a Democrat from other Democrats and in areas that are very pro-money for the people in those areas. Their constituencies support lights support women girls court children and they say were not built for you. If you're going to be supporting infanticide any supporting radical late-term abortion that's off the table crap they're pushing back again.

The increasing radicalism of the Democratic Party. We didn't see that we felt this article gives us a donating perspective behind the abortion movement.

The pro-abortion movement and just highlight and amplified the division between Planned Parenthood and all of those other abortion facilities out there and it turned out that even though there is a bit symbiotic relationship where you maybe Planned Parenthood doing some of the feeling but maybe some of these other facilities aren't doing a still that they have a kind of red fragment. Because Planned Parenthood is so political really doing the work. According to some of these other how the other abortion facilities. That's interesting well and they did have a little bit of a PR problem in the last few months with Lena when getting ousted and then that she kinda spoke about Planned Parenthood. I admit to what degree is Planned Parenthood struggling at the moment because it hasn't been the best year for them for sure last few years. Not that between ousting Dr. Leanna ran that physician.

She's in favor of abortion that we had it. The agreement with her but no one can doubt her medical credentials and she simply wanted to place abortion as part of the Planned Parenthood spectrum right of what they get it.

Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood said no I do not want more abortion. We wanted more political we want you to go to DC go to the White House and go to Congress and get everything you can to push abortion and that was really in large part, the core of why she's no longer there. We saw that that kind of division we select another division when Planned Parenthood was requiring journalists to sign a nondisclosure agreement with them just to show up at their event and so journalist started pushing back from from the vice of all, please. And so increasingly receive push back where mainstream media, even vice times are willing to call them out in St. there is division here.

Planned Parenthood is doing something wrong and you need to take another look right will what you found out about American support for abortion limitations because I know you recently commissioned this pole with you guv about it. What you most Americans think about limiting abortion absolutely hold that you reference the first pole of this nature that we get right after your right after Lynn at the Empire State building paint in celebration of abortion and what we found is that 80% of Americans oppose late-term abortion that fully two thirds of self-described pro-choice Americans oppose late-term abortion and we just conducted another pole partnering again. You got and we found out that a supermajority of Americans believe that Louisiana did the right thing by requiring doctors performing abortion can have emergency transfer agreements with hospital abortion go block and sometimes they do tragic consequences were women question ER just to try to save their life happen. They should be able to just get a smooth transfer not have to wait for hours in the emergency room waiting room waiting for care waiting for treatment when their lives around the line and Louisiana said working to protect those women and the American public said absolutely we are with Deanna. That is what we need to be doing protect those women don't let abortionists off the hook. Make sure that they are held to the same standard. Any other doctor, make sure abortion facilities are held any other facility. While this is interesting because as we know, the Supreme Court will be hearing the case in March regarding that Louisiana pro-life law and I saw that several major medical groups and the American Bar Association are now weighing in and say this is terrible and and by the way Texas had a nearly identical case and that went down the Supreme Court you see this upcoming case and and the critical role that it could play in the next step toward eliminating abortion and standing up for human life is Supreme Court case on abortion and royalty rate absolutely critical is a chance for the court to revisit this really full precedent and they're going to be taking a look not only at those emergency transfer agreements and they are constitutional estate can just say let's protect the women of our state only that they are also going to look at the role that abortion play in court can't make go to court and pretend to be purport to be representing their own patients to try to strike down a law that was designed to protect the patient from that Ray makes sense to think about it yet years for decade not something that these abortionists have been able to do and so the court is going to be looking at that they're going to be addressing that question as well.

Will that is important. Do you see this as being different in substance, in any way from that Texas case that already was heard before the Supreme Court. Do you see these two cases is being that identical because if they were that identical. Why would the Supreme Court take up of the Louisiana case exactly exactly. They are, they are so very different. Because the facts on the ground are different and why so much that 2016 colors that case from Texas when the court decided to make this an even more back inquiry where there telling every federal judge look at the facts on the ground. Look at what is actually going to happen in the state. If this law is upheld or if it is struck down, what were the consequences, and so that pattern is so critically important here and when you look at Louisiana and compare it to taxes quite different. It's a completely different framework completely different landscape so you have great hope that in this case. This law will seek out help.

Well I hope and pray that's the case, check out Catherine Glenn fostered Americans United for life. Always nice to talk to Catherine. Keep up the good work things I find to be all right. God bless you will be back on Janet effort today right after this. Are you among the millions of Americans who feel uncertain when it comes to their healthcare right now is the only time of year you can do anything about it.

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It referred to know. I was thinking about this whole issue of all of these Christians who are being attacked by the LGBT mob more and more and more I need to compile a master list. I really do because it's now 10 years and nationally syndicated talk radio that I have been dealing with the victims of the LGBT bullies and the list is so long I can't remember. I may have literally interviewed people that I can't can't remember their names because there have been so many, so here's another one and I want to really drive this point home before I get into the story when you're the victim you're not the bully. And when you're the bully you're not the victim. Just keep that in mind as I tell you about the story is a story of a pastor over in the UK. His name is Keith Waters he's pastor of new connections free church in Ely over in the UK. He received abuse and threats for a tweet about LGBT Q pride and he ended up having to leave his job, not at the church but he had to leave a school job that he had taken because he got so much abuse for putting out this Tweet now you might be saying, oh did he say something hateful did he call names did he make threats against the course not, of course not. That would actually be something that would be backed by everybody like don't issue threats. Don't be nasty.

Don't be rude. Whatever. Here's what he tweeted he actually reworded a tweet that was originally put out by US Catholic bishop, you just change the wording a little bit but this is what he said.

A reminder that Christians should not support or attend LGBT Q pride month events held in June. They promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Christian faith and morals. They are especially harmful for children.

Does that sound like some kind of massive threats to the LGBT community apparently so he's getting death threats and as I said, has now been forced out of his secular job so little background here from church militant. This is a Catholic website that picked up the story because this is getting crazier and crazier. He's just speaking truth. He said when I decided to put the reminder out for Christians. I logged on to Twitter in the first tweet I saw was from this Catholic bishop and he agreed with what he said and so he reworded it and put it out.

The backlash was savage and swept LGBT activists from Ely went ballistic and stirred up local residents in an attempt to drive the pastor and his family out of the countrified cathedral town so pitchforks and torches because these people are the victims right.

The pastor is the bully. They are the victims. That's why the victims are issuing death threats because lots of victims issue death threats, not the bullies. The victims you see how it got a completely backwards.

Gay activist told the local undertaker that Waters was dead and asked for his funeral to be arranged.

Waters wife Joanna was shocked when the funeral director and his assistant visited her asking how she wanted to dispose of his body.

Can you imagine going through this Tweet for a tweet saying Christians shouldn't engage in pride month on June 2, a day after the tweet, a gay activist by the name of John L worthy whose editor of campus times with spec standard in Ely standard UK publications attacked both the bishop and Toby and Waters, Keith Waters, the pastor who put out your theological denouncement. Keith wasn't even one you thought through yourself, having noticed you borrowed it from the bishop who hardly inspires biblical certainty. Sorry Keith you're helplessly and hopelessly wrong. So then this gay activist tried to get Waters church expelled from Cambridgeshire city Council Hall publicly asking am I correct in stating Keith you hire your church building on a Sunday from these people. Your doctrine would appear to contradict every single assertion that they haven't supportive LGBT after failing to bully Waters into apologizing for his beliefs. The pastor was pilloried on the front page of the Cambridge evening news is this just snowballs that these people are the victims right now the victims that they ruled the world, but they're the victims which contrasted his disapproval of the pride parades to the Church of England, Ely Cathedral's willingness to fly a gay pride flag with the support of the Anglican Bishop of Ely will so what Keith Waters problem. If the Church of England doesn't follow the Bible anymore liberal Democrat politician and city of Ely counselor Allison Whalen joined the Twitter mob. That's fantastic calling on police to investigate Waters tweet as I hate incidents. That's right. That's what they do in the UK as they take away valuable police time from investigating Muslim mobs and rape gangs to investigate Christian tweets from pastors who are simply speaking the truth.

I mean you laugh or you cry, and sometimes I do both.

Then they continued these gay activists dead to perpetrate hoaxes against Waters placing an ad in his name to sell his house and his car. The pastor was horrified when a property firm offer to buy his house at a knockdown rate saying they were responding to an advertisement as they say in the UK claiming he had to leave the area in a hurry all and it gets better apparent from the Isle of Ely primary school, where he worked, stopped her car in front of his bicycle and ran it at him and false rumors were spread that Waters was a child molester. After more harassment at home and on the streets. Waters deleted the tweet, fearing for the safety of his family and his church. Meanwhile, the head teacher of the Isle of Ely primary school which employed Keith Waters as a caretaker capitulated to threats from the gay activists, and parents and issued Waters a final warning for bringing the school into disrepute and breaking the code of conduct. So Waters felt he had no alternative but to resign from his job. He's now suing the school for constructive dismissal, indirect discrimination, and breach of public sector equality duty.

He also believes the school has interfered with his rights to freedom of religion expression and thoughts is incredible that what you hear a little bit from Keith Waters himself. Christian concern is backing his lawsuit representing him is what he had to say about all this.

Can one do not think it was inappropriate because of my role in the school to tweet what I tweeted no because I tweeted it. If a pulsed account say the things I'm saying no find themselves in the kind of trouble.

I found myself in. Then on a no-show who can. You don't have to look for a fall to Google pride events and you will come up with photographs of old people who are naked people who are engaged in sexual like this one here which I show injury because it sculpts so much nudity that is is really the whole thrust of the tweet rules about keeping children safe and protected but instead I was accused of being a child molester. We had sustained cooling telling us make appointments to someone else. People coming around the house wanting to arrange my funeral is treated fairly close. I believe that the school would taking the bully souls appalls of least resistance.

I could see that on choice. They didn't want me in the school that was clear. Well I all I can say to this is if you're the victim you not the bullying. If you're the bully you not, the victim just keep this in mind, I think I'm gonna keep using this because people are still brainwashed into thinking these activists are victims. They're not victims that the biggest bullies in the world. How do you even wrap your head around somebody sending a funeral director to your home or trying to sell your home out from under you. It's just incredible calling you a child molester because of one tweet. And isn't this an effective strategy for keeping Christian's mouth shuts shut on this whole issue. It can't be, we cannot be intimidated by this you know the fact that the devil is fighting so hard on this issue and and fighting back so hard when any Christian is willing to stand up for Jesus Christ and biblical truth is just indicative that this is where the battle is raging right now and we cannot be afraid. And we cannot fail to speak the truth of God's word at a time like this. What will become of the church and what will become of Christianity if we don't do our duty in our own era to stand on his word over the issues that are facing our generation me. This is why were doing God's voice again. A biblical response to LGBT Q plus tyranny. That's our theme coming up in April 2020 him to be telling a whole lot more about this conference coming up in April.

It is going to be incredible. I cannot even tell you how excited I am the group of speakers that we have coming up. What were going to be talking about. It's gonna blow your mind. It's can be so great this year but that's why were doing it because of this and here by way of cotton contrasting is another story out of the UK. I'm just gonna give this a couple minutes attention but these British lesbians. This British lesbian couple. This is by the telegraph have now become the first parents to have both carried a baby in their whims. One contributed the egg and the other one was the surrogate I mean really, and their handling this.

Is this wonderful it's so fabulous and they feel now like they are equal, and do not equal the couple said this is what the paper says the couple said that the procedure made them feel equal in the whole process we don't, you can feel equal.

You not equal clearly because if you had a man and you are married to a man you could actually conceive a baby naturally wouldn't have to have IVF, you wouldn't have to have surrogacy wouldn't have to go through all of these technological you know things that you have to go through in order to become pregnant tonight.

I just I don't know. And I say this with fear and trembling.

I don't know how God can put up with us. I really can't how patient he is in a longing to see us all come to repentance. He's not slow he's not slow he's just patient and I praise him for that because people do need to come to repentance.

We need to seize the moment sees the day to tell people repent, because the elements will be destroyed with fire. The day the Lord will come like a thief and that's a sure thing that's seize the day and preach the gospel, by the way, speaking of babies, you can help us save 400 babies by the end of this year. We really need your help to the ministry of pre-born. You can sponsor five free ultrasounds for women in crisis pregnancies for hundred and $40 August tax deductible donate, call 855402, baby.

That's 85540222294. There's a pre-born banner to collect and chant Thank you so much.

Will see next time

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