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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Mike Gendron (Discernment)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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December 13, 2019 7:59 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Mike Gendron (Discernment)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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December 13, 2019 7:59 pm

The Book of Hebrews refers to mature Christians as the ones "who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil." What is biblical discernment, and why is discernment necessary for maintaining the purity of the gospel of Jesus Christ and preventing the church from drifting into apostasy? I'll talk it over with author and speaker Mike Gendron, founder of Proclaiming the Gospel, on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Provident films and affirm films movie overcome are coming to the small screen in time for Christmas overcome are available December 17 on digital Blu-ray and DVD are confidences in Christ alone is no this.

I pray that your love may abound and all discernment so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ and asked 17 Scripture speaks of the Breen Jews, those who received the word with all readiness and search the Scriptures daily.

It says now debris and Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examine the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. Hebrews 514 says, but solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil. This is discernment and given all that. The Bible says about discernment about examining all things by the word of God and the necessity of testing the spirits to see whether they are of God, because false teachers will come into the church is really amazing how many Christians still see biblical discernment as something bad. The Bible clearly commands it. What is it, though what is biblical discernment and how do we best discern not only false teachers and un-biblical claims, but understand why discernment is necessary for maintaining the purity of the gospel in preventing the church from drifting into apostasy is a lot there were in a tackle at all today with Mike Hendren whose founder of proclaiming the gospel and it's just wonderful to welcome you back to the program Mike, how are you will be on your show, your unwavering truth of God's word circular topic near and dear to my heart, of course." That I actually came out of the Lord delivered me out of some 35 years ago when I have a strong desire to contend earnestly for that's right. So let's talk definition here right at the outset, so people know what were talking about.

There may be new Christians listening to say discernment. What are you talking about exactly how would you explain what it is to be biblically discerning. Scripture Hebrew word the Greek word used hundreds of times throughout the old function functions to separate points of different and so when you look at the Bible so many points of function terms as tension between good and evil, between truth and lies the difference between justification and condemnation. The Lord is our replica.

We also have about the very function between light and darkness being alive in Christ spiritually function between being a more being in Christ, believers and unbelievers will function between sheep and goats between the Merrill Road on the broad road between being free in Christ bondage between those are all aware that heaven arose from the word hell. We also see a distinction between unity and division between dogs were young man's word between the doctrines of God on the doctrines of demons and so it really is important in the time of greatest suction that we do have discernment and reduce many things in Scripture, or painted black and white.

Many people would want to Lord Gray also sure you know what when you are giving us great definitions there. One of the things that popped into my head was that quote from Charles Spurgeon where he said discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right. So in other words, discernment really does take training, doesn't you not just automatically going to be able to discern the subtleties I would say of deception because deception by definition can be very stealth will walk up a lot often because people are not doing truth from the pulpit people are hearing the truth through your faithful preaching of God's word on what is false really put plan to abide in God's word so that we can examine everything, just everything to find out what is true what is false when one is able. That's exactly right Mike.

So what are we to discern specifically somebody listening saying. While I mean what is it look like to discern. In other words, as a Christian, how much of this, should you do and how does it work will go a lot of areas were removed have different things and everything you open the program with verse 1711, where every man featuring Brandon received the word with great family Scriptures daily to test the veracity of apostles preaching and so right there also comes under scrutiny of Scripture that every teacher must come under the same scrutiny were also called prophecy for polonium five Paul writes do not be surprised, prophetic utterances, but examine everything carefully hold fast to that which is good and we also see in first John 41 that we are to trust every spirit's John writes do not believe every spirit spirits to see whether they are from God, and we are called to trust our leaders first chapter 3 verse 10: most also first be trusted, then let them serve beyond reproach. And so another way to look at leaders trust them before they are placed in their positions of leadership. Also called to trust every other Christian polonium three, Paul writes, if anyone is modeled by our instruction on this letter, take special note of the person and do not associate with them. Probably the most important is to trust ourselves.

The apostle Paul in second Corinthians 13 five N. costar fails to make sure you know there are many false professions in our church to the remedy professing Christians remember been born again and so this is a treasured form of deception because people have this comfort level but there really Christians because they might've repeated a prayer or walked a mile raised her hand, maybe they never have repented and believe the gospel, which is the only saving response to salvation right so as you looking across the landscape.

There are many things I want to talk about regarding what you just said to she just listed some fantastic points that I want to get to in more detail when you're looking across the landscape of evangelicalism. Mike, where do you think that discernment is most needed. Out of all those things.

Clearly we need to do them all. But where is the tipping points that were living under right now that needs discernment. I believe the most important. With every teacher.

We have so many false teachers rated our church under the umbrella of professing Christian fertile ground for false teachers of people don't know the truth from a religiously but is false to true some people don't know the truth and they don't know how to contend earnestly for the faith against these false teachers were more than ever I think we need to examine every teacher now because the Lord Jesus of the last days would be marked by great deception. There would be false teachers and false Christ and false prophets come on the scene we are in that season were we are right before the Lord comes again for his church and so this growing deception will eventually lead to a growing apostasy and ultimately the unity of a one world church that will worship the Antichrist and so I think you're more than ever we need to trust every man's teaching with the word of God. I agree with you on that pickup on this when we come back, but it's interesting. Mike, one of the things I want to get into is when we test every teacher. Every pastor everybody who claims to speak for God. Scripture does talk about the fact that we need to test with their teaching against the word of God. But there's also Jesus reference to how we discern in terms of fruits and let's get into that when we come back you listening to today. My guess Mike Chandra were talking about discernment, deception and apostasy will be right back. Maybe no matter when this is the end of the story of a young mom who plan to end her pregnancy but chose life after visiting a pre-born center pre-born steps into the lives of hurting young women who were being told that a pre-born baby is not a life pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and the direct answer to Planned Parenthood helping young moms choose life. I feel like it was meant for me to head this is something I will reason you can be a part of choosing life with young hurting women across the country. Would you join with pre-born and Janet Mefford today to help save 400 babies by the end of 2019 for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help say five babies from abortion and now through match your gift of $140 will actually help save 10 babies instead of five. All gifts are tax-deductible to donate, dial 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 855-402-2229 where there's a banner to films and films comes over, coming to the right time for Christmas one are you among the millions of Americans who feel uncertain when it comes to their healthcare right now is the only time of year you can do anything about it. So make the switch to liberty help Sharon as a healthcare sharing ministry liberty. Healthcare is not insurance you can pick your program choose your own doctors and hospitals and choose when you sign up. They have programs for singles, couples and families all with no contracts starting at only $199 per month go to liberty that's liberty you're listening to you.

We are back on chat for today talking about discernment, deception and apostasy Mike Chandra and my guess founder of proclaiming the gospel ministry, a wonderful ministry can check them and we were talking about the need for discernment Mike before we went to the break. One of the things that I think is so important. As you pointed out, I think your dad on about this that may be the most important issue we need to drive home to Christians is the need to test our teachers, and I think about the two different fronts on which we can achieve that one is testing what they teach to see if it is in line with the word of God. But I also think about what the Lord says in Matthew chapter 7 when were talking about how we know a good tree and we know a good tree by good fruits and we know it's a bad tree if there's bad fruit.

Talk about this important thing of testing our teachers by both doctrine and buy fruit.

How would you instruct a Christian undiscerning that you are one of the ways to discern the good food through the door from fruit. I would place some of the preachers category preach the whole counsel of God and exhort in sound doctrine on those who come to the words of Paul and the family fortune so you are blessed with a pastoral teacher… Category layer considered blessed people because we are on the endangered species list your calls all the time working out fine followed Bible to church with sound doctrine.

But unfortunately, there is another category of teachers for the offense of the gospel and cater to man's desires, and I think a perfect example of that would be Joel standout in Houston, who largest church in America. Now he avoids the offense of the gospel because he wouldn't be as popular preacher who talked about the holiness of God and the sinful man removed for a Savior.

Another category we have preachers who secretly instructed heresies them along the way of truth and unfortunately there are many of the umbrella process in Christianity category as well, and I can only think of jokes of the oneness Pentecostal movement. So many of these preachers and teachers mentioned in categories two and three are pictures that have felt Christian bookstores were oval flowing with books by these preachers in categories two and three because those of the book so very few Christians want sound doctrine, but they want their ears tickled and I want to feel good about their position on so actually bar these books to build up the repos right here is part of the problem to.

I think this all fits together when you talk about books that Christians prefer to read and are not so much into doctrine, the more into what makes makes me feel good may be errors, self-help sort of book. This driven by the same thing that ails the church in general that would lead the church to not like discernment and here's what I mean by that. When you have people who are more on the emotional spectrum and saying this is what Jesus means to me. Jesus is my Savior buddies my good body and meet weekly here. Sometimes people talking this way and in sort of in a reverent way about Jesus. Maybe their worship is sloppy there doctrine is not very clarified. They don't know.

It's basically Jesus and me now that Jesus and I are good buddies and get along and I prayed the prayer and I'm saved everything like that does tend to be, though the sorts of Christians who get mad if my children comes along and says that's not biblical. And we have a lot of pushback to you believe that the pushback against discernment is primarily due to the fact that we do have a run wild emotionalism in some circles of evangelicalism the right time were tolerant of the most important virtue of the church and so a lot of people are willing to tolerate false teachers and false doctrine.a very divisive word which does oftentimes people want to avoid doctrine. I want to see if you love everyone in the process. Doctrinal truth and so tolerance is been replaced.

Absolute truth is actually been replaced by tolerance to the Toyota breeding ground for false teachers because when you tolerate anything that you have an acceptance of false Gospels that produces doctrinal confusion, which is now widespread throughout Christianity. You know you mentioned a little bit about the firm about being popular will. Those who exercised the sermon are not the most popular people in the church are often labeled as unloving on divisive and tolerant characteristics of the Lord Jesus. He was not tolerance of any other doctrine. I am the only word of the father who built with absolute truth and so he refuted those who were there so we knew to do the same. We need to recognize that when Jesus was sent to pass the baton to his church and where to glory and honor of our Lord Christ and his gospel, and the only way we can do is to point out here and those who are compromising the gospel from a loving position but it's something we need to do to so let me ask you question Mike if you have and the reason reason this issue is because I've seen it in the last couple of years, cropping up more and more it will be a teacher. For example, whose doctrinal statement is perfectly good perfectly orthodoxy go through each and every theological point in the doctrinal statement of the doctrinal statement has no problems but you tend to notice the life of that teacher and the life of the teacher doesn't seem to line up with the doctrine. How do you advise a Christian to discern the fruit issue. In other words, going back to Matthew chapter 17 where the Lord said, beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. How do you discern if somebody is a false prophet if they have a good doctrinal statement followed by the leadership of the church family for future you're actually examining those who follow him, and you're looking at them with discernment and you're asking yourselves of these people walking the talk actually doing what they believe you know James if you hear the word and you don't do what it says are deceiving yourself and so those who are doers of the word will be normally people who serve under solid biblical teaching and are exhorted every day to be walking in Christ likeness to be separate from the world to examine true teachers by examining the people of following this really good for those who have never been in a church where they did have the Bible taught this can be a circular problem anyway because you're never to be told how to discern my teacher who doesn't want you to discern so they don't discern.

I mean it's really caught in the cycle of not discerning because you don't know you're supposed to discern because you're not getting your preacher to teach you how is that not also party the equation that a good godly biblical teacher will encourage you to be discerning or you're right, it will Bible. Through the whole counsel of God will be out for rotations to help discernment to practice discernment to know what's worse, Christian who doesn't practice this is one who has refuses to contend honestly say we are called to the faith of the gospel because what hope does the unbelieving world have if we allow compromise Gospels to go forth and I believe about why some of these preachers are so popular today it's because they're avoiding the offense of the gospel or denying the fact that the gospel is exclusive so that all of the faith or false and are also saying that the need for a Savior is not so much a response with repentance and faith, but simply to acknowledge the Christ as Savior and not really have a willingness to repent and turn from your sound turned to Christ in righteousness, and so I think the Yellow Springs of the world of the metaphysical friendly pastors that are in our churches now examine their fruit you will say that most of the people that follow them do not know the word of God. And when you don't know truth and you don't know where so you're open to deception. If you don't stand for anything, you'll end up falling for everything and that's really where we stand with this exhortation, discernment.

We need to stand for the truth of God's word and encourage others to do the same. We do what you do about all of these professing Christians those who don't know the word of God and don't feel any drives to become better Bible students that that's something that I care about a lot people say people are reading Christians are reading their Bibles what you do about that. People would go through figure friendly churches that are not being throughout the whole counsel of God is one of the best things you can do is to invite them through your church were the word of God is being preached faithfully exhortation for Christ likeness and exhortation to be faithful to the great commission and so one of the things we can do about. We also do neighborhood Bible studies we reach out to our neighbors on. We have a very spiritual neighborhood.

Many people are very spiritual and I go to different churches, but we have them over so that we can help them grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord by teaching them the whole counsel of God.

So just a couple of practical ways we can help people that don't help discernment and are doing a study guide of God's word. That's a really good idea, especially when you're talking about your neighborhood Bible study because were surrounded. Many of us non-Christians or maybe cultural Christians who do not understand how to use the Bible as a sword, and to be sad by the word of God, and maybe don't go to churches where they're hearing the whole counsel of God. That's a Great Way, Mike to reach out to people like that when we come back.

My children with me and we'll talk a little bit more about this deception and apostasy in the church.

Stay with us. You're listening to Janet my for today.

This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by Provident films and affirm films movie overcome are coming to the small screen in time for Christmas overcome are available December 17 on digital Blu-ray and DVD and here's your host Joe today for the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine.

Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry. That's what the word of God tells us were talking about discernment, deception and apostasy today with my gender and founder of proclaiming the God and by the way, be sure to check out Mike's DVDs on the death of discernment and the best-kept secret in the church. You can find so Mike let's talk about deception a little bit. One of the things that you have said is the growing apostasy among pastors and denominations is indeed widespread. That might sound a little alarmist to certain listeners a little bit and explain why you think there is a growing apostasy. What are some specifics of that world will we know we will continue to grow growing for 2000 years old: the midpoint of the tribulation. But strangely Christianity operating side-by-side now for 2000 years, you have the apostolic church, which is made up of born-again Christians who believe the gospel, for the most part are mostly contemplative phrase we know that those who stand for the truth will be hated and persecuted by the world.

The words of the Lord Jesus when we have another stream of Christianity about the apostate church. How do we know it's been operating for €2000 in first John chapter 2 job so they went out from us, because there were never part of us have they been part of it would've remained with what John said was that one out from us because they remember born of the spirit having been born again.

They would've remained with also reported for a false brand or apostate Christianity, and so these people believe another gospel or reject or depart from the faith and for the most part they will be loved by the world and so we save is growing apostasy that will ultimately culminate with the rapture of the church and the only church left the apostate church and then we know from biblical prophecy will be unification of the apostate church were the other religions of the world that will one day worship the Antichrist.

So, more than ever it's important to contend for the faith against apostasy and to recognize our churches.

I think Paul addressed the issue of apostasy on the second letter to Timothy actually shows the progressive nature of apostasy in the beginning I turn away from apostolic teaching Jim about the nature of apostasy of this department from the faith, and so people may have had knowledge of knowledge never reach the heart and so in the report from the failure to depart from apostolic teaching. They end up teaching aromatics was truthfully opposed the truth and ultimately report from the faith, and so happened overnight. We can see is progressive. Those people began to do part from the authority of God's word and start following false teaching or religious traditions now one of the things that I think has to be brought up is the LGBT issue. Obviously homosexuality is a huge issue. You have a whole group of people who are trying to rewrite the Bible and say there such a thing as a gay Christian. It's ridiculous.

You can't be simultaneously of the dark and of the light simultaneously and I say that recognizing that people do struggle but you to be saved means that you forsake San you have these denominations now that are ordaining gay clergy welcoming unrepentant homosexuals into the congregation performing so-called same sex marriages also have a night. I think this is not completely unrelated but one of the things you pointed out, is the thing about ordaining female pastors have been shocked really ticked to see the growth in evangelicalism. There seems to be more and more of this, the idea that we should have women in the pulpit and I'm thinking to myself that you're not getting that from the Bible through 5 foot frame authority of God's word and starting to follow religious traditions, and so first up into apostasy and I would encourage your listeners. If you're sitting under a female pastor that you get up and leave. Because biblical position normative the position of ordained homosexuals, or if your churches allowing or tolerating homosexuals to be members of the church when it's time to get up and leave, but I would encourage people before they leave the church to lovingly confront the leadership of the church with the Bible and a him and to show them from scripture of the play are reporting from the truth of God's word very dangerous position to take when you depart from the word of God. That's like a lot of people say and well for me. If I go to my church leadership and I can listen to me they're going to get mad at me. I can end up having to leave my church. There are all kinds of Christians who have done that and said you know ultimately was good that I found out how much they were against what the Bible said because I knew it was time to find a new church but can be a very daunting thing because you know you're heading into a confrontation that may be extremely unpleasant. What sort of encouragement which you get to Christians who were in that situation will try sometime. Maybe the leadership was aware what they were doing goes directly against the word of God. I've actually have experiences of my 28 years of ministry or I've been preaching of a particular church and I of unveiled the biblical practices of evangelism and at the end of my message the pass-throughs come up told the congregation that he was under strong conviction that what I just presented was the word of God is repenting now only wants to have the church hold them up accountable for. This happened twice with three way. Once in Boston.

Once in monster truck show so just to encourage people oftentimes pastors may be following religious traditions in the world going against Scripture. So the best thing to do is to at least try forward and we need to recognize that our pastors and teachers are not on a pedestal. There are brothers in Christ. And so we are people with the word of God must be our supreme authority in the church is not willing to submit to the supreme authority of Scripture is probably best book you end up leaving the church and finding one that does see. I think you touched on something extremely significant when you just said that Mike because that is the difference between what you characterized is the apostolic church versus the apostate church. When you use the word of God and you are exhorting somebody your drifting away from the word of God on this issue. If they are under the word of God. They will come back right, maybe not immediately but they will think about what you said and they will come back under the authority of God because that's what they actually believe it is the apostate church that when you go to that apostate church and say this is not biblical that they will reject it out of hand.

Or worse, they will twist the scriptures that mean that you see this with the prosperity preachers. For example, who love talking about touch not the Lord's anointed. I made and that's in the Bible but that's not the proper application of that verse you not supposed to get out of biblical discernment simply because you can pull out versus and twist them.

But that's something people need to be aware of well right we have to recognize churches are willing to frame authority of Scripture for error to creep down and you go start coming to the church overnight. It always starts with a little leaven.

No one checking leaven of the door that will eventually blossom into full-fledged error and a lot of people don't realize that a pastor's responsibility is not only true, teach the word of God but also to protect the sheep is allowing the church coming out on check and is not protecting the sheep from the deception of coming so more than ever we need to pray for elders to keep error out of the church and would remain doctrinally sound so true.

Season six comes to mind. We have to be ready to stand in the evil day with the armor of God on us because we really are in a spiritual battle and there a lot of people who are caught in the midst of that we need to be discerning at all times.

We are talking with Mike Chandran about discernment, deception and apostasy were to come back to the conversation. After this break, listening to TMI for today will be the economic every day babies and their mothers swims are fighting for life, with abortion being the leading cause of death. I meet up with the ministry of pre-born has pregnancy centers nationwide standing by to help young moms in crisis. Choose life freeborn is the largest provider of free ultrasound sessions in the country by letting the mother see her baby in the womb and hear the baby's heartbeat. She's 80% more likely to choose life for her baby.

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Why do you say that why is that the critical issue in the church today. Most determined effort. He recognized the gospel is what the captives free from power also spoke captives free from the power of and so the gospel has been going on for over €2000. We need to recognize that the true gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, and therefore it's the greatest moves with anybody could ever hear the compromise comes as one people to the finished work of Christ. We need to recognize the gospel based on history took place 2000 years ago. The gospel is about one person. The virgin birth of Christ, perfect life through Sherrod from his glorious resurrection from all of this took place in a 33 year. And so anything that is added to warcry for 2000 years ago becomes another gospel is the gospel is being compromised today people are adding requirements to photos you need to be baptized or you need to have church membership. All you need to do good works, or you need to practice indulgences. In other words being compromised by taking away specials of the Gospels, as we mentioned earlier, the only saving response to the gospel is repentance and faith and so many people believe you can do so without repentance.

Okay, now for a lot of people don't hear that last sentence you to send say what it's there Christians who believe you can become a Christian and be saved without repenting. How in the world can they teach that amazing first command of our Lord. Founder Mark one began his earthly ministry with the command to repent and believe the gospel change of mind from the Greek word note from Noida. Your believing a false why you're a false gospel, you must change your mind when you're confronted by the truth of the gospel in order to believe the true gospel in repentance usually means letting go of all the things that you been doing to try and fill yourself with all of your trust and hope and faith in the sufficiency of our Lord Jesus Christ, it's really good Mike.

So now when you and I have been discussing this issue of the growing apostasy in the church and the need for biblical discernment being example just to get into specifics what would be an example of something a Christian could do to exercise biblical discernment in order to not be hoodwinked by a false teacher keep themselves from error were all accountable to God for knowing understanding and believing a word so the best way to keep themselves from errors. True abide in God's word. I think another practical ways to minister to others to ensure that they are on the narrow path to life. We want to ask questions. Were you go to church. How does your church teach that you have any hope of going to heaven that opens a great conversation and then we almost probably, we knew that his word talking about other churches. As we made people ask what doctrinal truth is being denied a new church doctrinal truth being rejected anything being twisted or ignored. The mistress opens up a great conversation. I really don't know why more Christians are not more faithful to the great commission because the greatest moves anybody will ever hear and I know that if I were going to say by a false or compromise gospel I would want someone to lovingly confront the truth and so I just hope the your listeners work great commission seriously recognize that your giving people the greatest news about the greatest gift we could overly save in order to find out where they stand. We have to ask questions about what they believe more than about the really believing the true and uncompromised gospel excellence. One of the things that also needs to be discussed. I think briefly, Mike is the dangers of discernment. I mean I've seen this sometimes well-meaning Christians and I'm sure that I'm guilty of this as well.

You're so zealous for the truth that sometimes your discerning people in a bad way your failing to speak the truth in love, and the Scripture says we have to discern in a loving way and gentle way. A gracious way.

All of these things are true what you say.

The Christian who discerns and before they go to discern what sort of character that needs to come alongside your Rico a very negative subject within Christianity for the very reason that you described a lot of discernment ministries that are not practicing discernment with love and compassion for those who do not know the truth and so more than ever we need to have the right motivation, number one, we need to have a desire to the glory and honor of our great God and Savior doing that we need to approach people with love and compassion, we can argue when he wanted to have maps often times what happens with discernment knows truth end up arguing back and forth not recognizing the need for humility don't understand that God hates pride but gives grace to the humble. And so when you to approach people were humility with love and compassion, recognizing that our desire is for them to know the truth you not just taking the club of the Bible and bashing people over the head with that but that you really loves them and yelled this is the thing were always having to correct any mention before one of the things the Bible tells us we need to test just to test ourselves.

It seems that we would have to be doing that not only to test ourselves, examining ourselves to see whether or not were in the faith, but also to examine ourselves as we are being discerning and saying are we really doing this with the love of Jesus Christ. Most important, because people don't care how much you know you know how much you care? You know unbelievers don't want to be preached in those short embracing false doctrines that we just have to approach them with love and compassion. Just pointing out the errors, hoping that they will footnote to the authority of Scripture.

That's right, I quoted Hebrews 514. At the beginning of the program. I could say solitude is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil. What sort of advice would you give to Christians about practicing discernment training themselves to discern good and evil. What would be some practical steps to take in order to become more biblically discerning. Talk about it. Never compromise true lovingly confront her with a humble spirit more than ever we need to abide in God's word mark of a true disciple. If you abide in my word, and you will know the truth and the truth will for free so we cannot only practice will encourage others to do the but also we need to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. If we do nothing.

All were doing is helping me out this very site, Satan wants us complacent and apathetic and indifferent and so we really belong to the Lord were going to lovingly confront people in the railroad and proclaim the glorious gospel of grace and another practical step.

I think we can all try coast to contend earnestly for the exhortation to the first verse of the epistle content passively will contend whatever you feel like a brother. It's an ongoing battle for truth. You know ultimately win the battle between the lies of the devil and the truth of God's word on what the souls of those who are being food need to contend earnestly for the faith that only chose proclaim and assess the sufficiency and the exclusivity of our Lord Jesus Christ is our only hope.

Without Christ. None of this really matters whether we need to be about the Lord's business so well said Mike. And it's interesting when you have Christians who are willing to stand up and be discerning how many other Christians, with then have courage to be able to stand with you.

I've seen so much of that over the years.

Nobody wants to be the first one to say something but when somebody actually is willing to say something that isn't right. That isn't biblical that can't be tested by Scripture and be approved, then it encourages other believers as well to stand firm on God's word for the purity of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Mike, Chandra, always great to have you my proclaiming is my children's great website check it out. You can also check out. As I mentioned, Mike's DVDs on the death of discernment in the best-kept secret in the church my God bless you. Keep up the good work. It was wonderful to have you here again a pleasure to be on your show you to your brother, thank you so much for being here.

Thank you for listening to Janet Mefford today was the next time

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