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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Jeremy Dys (Religious Freedom) Alison Centofante (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 3, 2020 8:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Jeremy Dys (Religious Freedom) Alison Centofante (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 3, 2020 8:00 am

A Texas judge is suing a state agency after she says she was wrongly punished for refusing to officiate a so-called "same-sex wedding." First Liberty Institute's Jeremy Dys will bring us up to speed on the case. Plus: A study touted by the media as undermining abortion reversal actually shows the dangers of the abortion pill. We'll get the details from Live Action's Alison Centofante. That and more on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born were wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Jared River, our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is not Walters and constantly refer to this is 2020 we been doing this to tell our kids. Now that it's 20 they were saying 2020 is it know you have to say it like Barbara Walters on the old ABC news show 2020.

Now they're doing it nonstop so we have to Can put that back in the loop so that was a mistake. At any rate, it is great to be with you and it's great to come off a little bit of a break.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous new year and you've had a relaxing time or you can kind of focus on the Lord and focus on what's coming up in the new year every single year when I go from one year into the next calendar year.

I'm looking at all of these stories.

The retrospectives on the previous year.

The prognostications for the coming year and I have to admit it's depressing. There are a lot of depressing stories you have. For example, on the Christian side, or at least the religious side you have. For example, religion news service non-Christian website naming some of the most significant stories not just in 2019.

But over the past decade. You know what they chose. The rise in Islam.

A phobia that's the part not not Islamic terrorism. We certainly do want to focus on that because that might be mean to Islam that we have to focus on the rise in Islam phobia. They also talked about the resurgence of the church to movement in the clergy sex abuse crisis in the celebration of gay ordination. Yay standing ovation for gay ordination knots anyway so you have that, then you have the Christianity today debacle of a couple weeks ago where they said trump should be removed from office and were elitists and working use all the leftist talking points to try to make some kind of smog moral case that Trump is just completely unacceptable and he did have some kind of quid pro quo with the Ukrainian Prime Minister, even though that's not true. So they got a beating for that well-deserved then you have stories like Josh Harris denounce Christianity and he was the famous author who wrote I kissed dating goodbye CNC wines are all the stuff and it's just depressing and I'm thinking, all right, let's look ahead to some of the stuff that's happening in the new year and look at some of the things that happened in the previous year. From his perspective and you come across things like this. This is via life news abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2019, killing 42 million people want to get into the details on this.

It's so depressing it's it's so grievous it's so evil you don't even have the words to talk about it and it's so senseless. 42 million people died for what because somebody didn't want to give birth to them. The unbelievable, and you know that God is a God of justice will not long endure it.

That's what really terrifies me. And that really is what ought to terrify everybody in the world. Ultimately, you don't get away with anything. I was thinking a lot about this. You get away with anything. If you are a Christian you didn't get away with anything because Christ took the punishment for your sins. It wasn't like when you became a Christian, your sins just disappeared into nowhere. They went up into heaven and and just blew up and there they they disappeared forever know the Lord took on the burden of our sins, he who knew no sin became sin for us, and took on our punishment and paid the price, so we are not in a small position of saying oh it's okay were just forgiven. It was huge. The God of the universe and his only begotten son to take on our sin, but for the rest of the world that does not trust in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice and his resurrection from the dead. There you can get away with anything know none of us get away with anything.

You either lay the punishment of your sins and trusting Christ for having taken the punishment or you will be punished yourself for it internally, so if you know if I didn't believe that from the depths of my soul. I think I completely despair but that's from last year. Then you talk about the new laws that are going into effect in 2020, and this is from the Associated Press. All kinds of laws are this is NBC. I guess all sorts of laws are going into effect to get looser restrictions on marijuana and states like Illinois and you have the Lieut. Gen. is one of the first people in line to get it get in ball on board with free pre-now this. Now this new legalize pot is going on here. If New Hampshire allowing a change to the drivers licenses. It issues and now residents can have the state mark their sex as acts instead of M or F for people who don't identify as either male or female, although be no chaos there.

Yes and I you can legally possess small amounts of marijuana in Illinois and Michigan in Hawaii. Big brother is in effect. Restaurants have to offer something healthy to drink as part of the standard option for drinks that come with the child's meal such as low fat milk, water or fruit juice with no added sugar, it's now law. You can't just decide that it's good like McDonald's dead you can get milk or you can get juice with a happy meal so you know you can see where everything is going then have situations like he had just a few days ago with Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd not this one.

The reason I'm pulling this one out in particular for you to listen to is because as we see the way the world is going it for me. More thoroughly than ever before, is confirming that the Bible is true that you are seen dangerous Epoque's dangerous times ahead dangerous times in which were living right now. It never has been the case that we've lived in total peace and safety throughout human history.

Because of the fall of mankind in the nature of mankind, but were in some really really I don't know tenuous times here in the United States. This is just a little microcosm of what's going on as it pertains to Christians and how the world is regarding Christians. Chuck Todd is the perfect example of this.

He was on Meet the Press just a few days ago highlighting what he described as a fascinating letter to a newspaper. The writer to this newspaper was saying that people who support Tromp you can. You just have to listen to the letter. Let's listen to Chuck Todd this is One quarter and you guys a letter to the editor that we found in the Lexington Herald Leader was a fascinating attempt to try to explain why some people support Tromp is what he says what good people support trumpets because people been trained from childhood to believe in fairytales. This set their minds up to accept things that make them feel good.

The more fairytales lies, he tells the better they feel show me a person believes a Noah's Ark and I will show you a Trump voter.

It thought this gets at something being that that my executive producer likes I say voters want Eli to sometimes say they don't they don't always love being told hard truths unbelievable but the steel dossier. That was all hard truths. All of the lies that the left put forward in order to impeach Pres. Trump. Those were hard truths Chuck Todd and it's just a cheap shot, it's away. There was no reason to bring that up. Nine. It was a way to bash Christians.

It was a way to say if you believe in Noah's Ark, then you are a moron. Well, Chuck Todd, someday you may live to eat those words because it's not true.

We believe that the Bible is the word of God and that doesn't make us believe in fairytales and it's kind of ironic coming from somebody who such a committed leftist and spouse lies all the time and backs people politically, who will lie all the time. It's shameless and I was glad to see him get quite a drubbing for it. But listen to the response. I do have to put this in because this is a little better. This is Marty bear and the executive editor.

Believe it or not of the Washington Post who pushed back a little bit listen to cut to but I want to be dismissive of people who support the president. Their road are respected much of what helpline but they feel lived on the so-called elites in Washington have not paid attention to all that they don't understand their laws that understand their concerns that there is not been heard and they feel that the president is actually listening to them.

This is the executive editor of the Washington Post, is he actually get any say in what the Washington Post prints because I've never seen this perspective in the Washington Post.

In the last several years. There is this guy can keep his job for saying that where my going with this, because design entering into this new year. I was talking to a friend of mine a year ago and we were talking about entering 2019 and I said you know this is really gotta be the year that the gloves come off for us as Christians, and that was when we were heading into our re-voice battle and and planning are God's voice conference and we can have more to announce on that pretty soon, and I was saying we just have to be bold. We have to tell the truth.

We have to fight for the truth. We have to fight for the word of God. This year I'm saying it's the year of the bended knee and these two things actually go together. We fight for the truth but we can't fight unless were fighting on her knees and I'm very much of the mindset going into 2020 that we need to pray for revival. We need to pray for churches to root to be restored to spiritual health and vibrance. We need to have a renewed focus on the Lord a renewed focus on serving him on living for him on godliness on holiness and really see what the Lord will do if we pray we need a movement of prayer to be talking about this a lot in the coming days, but right now we gotta go to a break to come right back here listening to Janet Mefford today were glad to hear it. Sanctity of human life month-to-month.

We set aside each year to remember the millions of lives lost through the scourge of abortion, but even while we mourn the loss of so many babies pro-abortion politicians in the House of Representatives are looking to push legislation that would expand access to abortion, it's more important than ever before to fight for human life. That's why were partnering with the Ministry of pre-born pre-born funds. Pregnancy centers across the nation so they can offer free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies. Ultrasound is a game changer because when abortion minded women actually see their babies in their wombs for themselves. 80% of the time they choose life we want to save the lives of 250 pre-born children this January and we know it can be done but we do need your help. Would you please join us at Janet Mefford today to support the ministry of pre-born and give life to 250 babies this January for $140 you can provide five free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies a gift of $22 will provide one ultrasound and every gift helps to donate please call now 855402, baby.

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That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford, welcome back. What we have seen Christians increasingly coming under fire in their businesses and schools merely for having moral objections to so-called same-sex marriage. Now, a justice of the peace in Texas who refused to officiate one of those unions is suing a state agency that she says wrongly punished her working to get the details now in McLennan County Justice of the peace Diane Hensley's case from attorney Jeremy dice was special counsel for litigation communications at first Liberty Institute Jerry Gray to talk to you again. How are you great to talk to you will give us a little bit of background on Judge Hensley this is a very interesting case that's going on here. What happened at the very beginning to to the justice when they will Birkenfeld decision came down and and where things went from there we would McLennan County about Waco noodle agreement.

I will very hurt and she was 100. To join with multiple road we stopped altogether in the wake of over deferral 40 Vermont 100 on the job. Venable developed and abounded in general by their own training. If you have any kind of issued and it would stop shooting weddings altogether with, but she realized quickly.

The only way for someone to get a low cost alternative wedding revolution proposal thing if I don't have access to the church community or something like that would be to drive for 20 some odd miles to West down here in Turkey that was along with a white dome according County printed you got your topic because of enlightenment. There's got to be way she thought to be able to reconcile my personal beliefs along with meeting the needs of my community and so she embarked upon a plan really a lot of wrong time and expense to develop a referral list and will avoid future development.

The list was to work with a walk-in wedding chapel that was literally three blocks from our office was. It became very big get married on the same day that they were able to get married in Judge courtroom initially but it was difficult for him money, having 25 or more dollars extra for them to have to do to look all behavior $25 out of my pocket. Just want to make sure we have a way for everybody to have a low cost alternative to the time to do it, or by a moral objection to performing such a marriage about W worked out a walk-in wedding chapel look the word of your money will reduce R-rated if a company are optional for by your office, usually to meet yours that will brilliantly draw the way to make sure she was consistent with her personal convictions but also about the needs of the community and no one complained about it until the great commission under conduct found out about goodness. So let me ask you a basic question because this is not my realm of expertise by a long shot, but many people will think a justice of the peace is having a primary duty of officiating weddings but it sounds like what you're saying is they're not in fact required necessarily to do them otherwise.

She never would've been able to opt out.

In the first place.

Is that correct right you got your dog. Another wedding is optional, but do not have to perform the wedding ceremonies at all, so people cannot simply demand that certain individuals appreciate their wedding and what what happened then was that the committee noted conduct found out about this under talk about an 18 month investigation of Judge Hensley, alternately culminated in a very one sided public your private hearing that don't convert their company watching them but resulted in a job in a public warning which is a lower level of discipline for drug terms.

We bought it. It's one of the gradations in other words, you will have this one person that if you don't put your behavior, it's going to get incrementally worse as time goes by… Generally frightened, judge, and we want to keep on using the system that was working for community to be able to balance the interest of her favorite him and serving the needs of our community. Nobody complained about the commission on God, but that thing been found on damaging and commanding me about the way you violate or lose convictions or stop officiating weddings altogether and libido mechanisms that are not tested nor does it make sense that it would take 18 months to figure this out. You just explain what went on here in a couple of minutes.

Why did it take him 18 months to get to a point where they said we need to issue a public warning for casting doubt on her capacity to act impartially and reading from there to a story on this all about sexual orientation. I mean what what is the upshot here. Why is it. Basically they just don't like her moral outlook is that when it comes down to the only conclusion I can draw in the danger of nodular drug court document holders right now because she's been the one that is been water out of a targeted world. We can be a pension of the commission under conduct in receiving public warning, but really all and frankly any official in the state of Texas who is authorized by statute to officiate a wedding, watching the well realizing waiting a minute you lose convictions and she's being worn publicly about the work they do to me and are concerned by the same token about trying to figure out how to balance you okay if you talk to George as we go find out very quickly that she had very dear friend within the LGBT community. They all recognize my loving William. Her friend will recognize that they have an opinion on would never of opinion have been on eternally consequential moral high moral thing to be held strong to screen where you know what Mr. love each other good friends if you go to and watch a video with her in one of her friends were to community and you'll see him tear up as he talks about how she had cared well for the gated community will you look, but the point is that there's got to be a way for us to be able to have a conviction without being punished by the state. If we find a way to meet the needs of the community here either either or proposition of the commission under Chicago are that you appreciate all wedding or we appreciate no wedding but judge was treated in finding the phone way that worked out just great for McLennan County and she was punished for right, it doesn't make any sense will tell us a little bit about this lawsuit that she's now filed a lawsuit seeks to declaratory judgment and we want the court to tell what the law is what the law actually do more orbit report. We believe in freedom restoration act prevents the commission under conduct for punishing judgment waiting for for seeking an accommodation basically offer religious beliefs to be quick to add and remind everybody here that anybody who wanted to get married. McLennan County will project Hensley. They were able to bury the part you might argue that there were more same-sex couples that were able to be married by Judge Hensley anyway to stop doing weddings altogether. But the reality is you found a way to balance your limited convictions and meet the needs of her community that she was punishable we believe about was a severe financial burden upon her free exercise of religion and was for commission under Chicago to simply does not have a good point of completion for doing that is were asking the court to basically agree with God and so yeah that's true in the public warning has to go away.

By the way most of the commission that you ought not do anything more with school just seems like it could be really important case than Jeremy because this is not something that is just limited to McLennan County. This is something that continues to come up across the country and incident after incident. So if it you know it all depends obviously on how the court rules if it's just in her case, or if it's something that goes to the system and ends up as a bigger deal. But do you see this is a case that could potentially be decided in favor of Judge Hensley but then could be used for further freedoms for Christians who are in this kind of a position very cold winter. I think we are all still in the initial years of the program logic trying to figure out mention what of the other shoe is going to drop work that out and try to figure out a new area of the neutral morality that's been spoken of recently. How do we engage in that world briefly to people who have a moral code that prevents them from endorsing or officiating. Same-sex marriages out of a live frequent public what are they going to be welcomed, or are they disqualified from often seeking office for that matter, where were at right now, in this case is very much going to the idea of whether or not it is in fact a financial burden upon the British side of a public official religion to be able to develop a system the protection of a good conscience while meeting the needs of her local community. Ensuring everybody wants to be married is able to do so and that's going to take the outer limits of where were at right now and see if that is going to know about liberty or flavor accommodates also seems to me that what is muddying the waters for so many people and I know you guys at first Liberty see right through this I see right through this.

A lot of us were on this issue all the time, see right through this, but the language the nomenclature of gay activism is always to talk about any Christian who wants to opt out of this kind of situation.

Officiating a so-called same-sex marriage or something like that. It's discrimination. That's the word they always use and then they liken it to the civil rights movement and they make all of these comparisons but that's not really fair because what is never seeming to come up is the fact that is a moral objection is a moral objection, yes. It's a religious objection, but there are also other people who have moral objections to homosexuality and so-called same-sex marriages.

Why can't they have no truth put forward that way that this is about the morality it's not just about discrimination.

How do you solve that problem.

No good reason why we can't solve the problem management solve it, but it may not be the perfect out there, but it invariably allowed to attend. We do have her calm. I should also point out that it also work when she just couldn't do a bit of time in the conduct in the middle of the night most often insulated. Sometimes it's hard for time wise builder to regard with moral reason there was a way to work out and anyone in McLennan County wanted to be married was able to be married under the system.

No one complained about is why I get worked out pretty well but for the state to take upon themselves to learn of this issue be upset by enough to build investigative for 18 or so months and then issue a public warning against her. I think speaks volumes for the length of some of the cake shop yeah you're in Waco so it does need to and will Jeremy dies first important case to watch. Thanks a lot Jeremy RIS will be right this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born were wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet for today and here's your host Joe Mefford back what you might notice that the media in recent weeks have been touting a study from the University of California, Davis is proof of the dangers of even attempting an abortion reversal vice news. For example, recently wrote this. This study which sought to determine whether medication abortions can be halted with a hormone instead ended early. After three women started hemorrhaging so much blood that they went to the ER. While is my next guest says the study actually points out something really obvious about the dangers of medication abortion and that something the mainstream media definitely don't want to talk about where to get some thoughts on it now from Allison Senna Fonte, who is live-action's director of external affairs Allison so nice to have you with us. How are you not at all nodded. I did little research does.

I didn't want to blow it but were really glad you're here little bit about this study from UC Davis because I'm sure there are a lot of listeners who are really familiar with that. What was that all about their new ladder or hell reversal recognition and not many people now there is a way to reverse and medication abortion can. Not for women who have taken the first to pelt the hell is young and it blocked progesterone which is needed for healthy pregnant. If you turned back and you could potentially save the life that have black that abortion pill reversal felt that is introducing progesterone back into the study got you that the real man or hot guy. Actually the only one other three women had been given good capture and kill were given a placebo and let action or pro-life leaders are pointing out what it only confirms what we've been paying all we could have danger abortion and for when evil men were bleeding and handwriting.

The first abortion public which is what it had started the child nutrition can tell that they take late.

Later cognitive credit.

All expelled that content in the uterus right for both sides. It is unfortunate that the pro-abortion movement had ran with it yet.

It proved impossible that he said that 80% success rate. Janet in saving a life of the five women who are given for good health for healthy pregnancy. Two weeks later to castrate me and we now heard from save the life of their child because they cut progesterone quickly and got regimen going very quickly after their their first abortion told content.

Let me ask you a couple questions because you got some really good information here and I want to draw out a little bit missing priss stone as you mention is the first drug that is taken. If you want to have an abortion medically and then if you take progesterone as you mentioned, that can as you mentioned, reverse the effects of meth oppressed on but you have to take the Mr. Pro stall. I guess to expel the fetus at the end of the abortion so you're saying. Of the three women who hemorrhaged two of them only had mifepristone.

The third one had mifepristone and progesterone, but does progesterone ever cause hemorrhaging or was that attributable just to the mifepristone.

In other words, is this saying it's the mifepristone's that is the problem not progesterone.

I hope you're not like I care and the way that these two pills work together to first start the child and then expel that childhood project, but thankfully there have been Dr. Anthony I need a doctor… How is it that you proved you infertility care for you it natural hormone paper healthy pregnancy and when when we see these big babies born after taking their mom took her to write that proof like that, that really work on first time and is not a prominent product that will save a child you have taken the first hell by a kid shot at life which is so beautiful there. When the project we don't want that and what failing to see here is that these women have taken a pill that was to do that very reaction fell on angry people to look into the study more. I hate the idea that you know that I but it really correlates assignment by the pro-abortion movement here and were working really hard live-action light is greater that the abortion danger. There is a way for women to change their mind to get shocking Janet and In re need story that the program has had shared about Eddie women don't change their mind. They do not want women to now about that option.

You know the pro-choice make your choice.

If you take the first found out and then added a woman's prerogative to change your mind yes I have knowledge that highlighted stories where that happened in babies lives have been saved but the pro-choice movement what to do all I can to shut this narrative down that you can change your mind save the baby's life. We are talking about changing her mind that it goes against their narrative here.

There's nothing here to mourn an easy procedure. Right now you're totally right. Yet that's how they operate.

That's how they always operate there. The worst propagandists on earth. I mean it shouldn't really be saying in light of the information here that mifepristone is dangerous because that's what the three women had in common. They all took mifepristone so why not highlight the highlighting and they having hundred that when apply believers 12 women who are ready, and we're even looking into that on or pregnant decided to take the ferry hell and then were okay taking either progesterone or the placebo that they did not know how it went way that it enters all and it earth are not were grateful that there were four children saved through the introduction of production and yellow knotted the good Silverlining of the crazy stories are sure this is something vice news also put in its report. Allison said there is no conclusive evidence that it's possible to reverse a medication induced abortion what you stated that that they just flat out say there's no evidence that this even works out that auto had talked about.

You can go read and amazing land that acknowledges the security care. Yeah, I'm glad I have more working times that I think more easily and that we left that as an option for when change their mind for a long time now, but you have to look at every headline and then my challenge to myself, making it like go read the fine print.

Yes, there's always something or not and looking into this study showed that these women should be met is extremely dangerous for closet and can't type everything which it can in the study revealed There it is that so important to know Allison. How many women actually obtain medication abortions each year in the United States or or similar statistics tell I know it covered it live-action or not you're talking about it the first time after surgical operation was and later went the child. It we know that we hundred thousand live. Over 3000 angry and called 898 alone and without medication or a chemical surgical the aspiration. I like lots and one night with her child is scattered and without affiliate, live-action, or can keep working to educate about the reality of abortion. Most when don't now what that word is you're right about that is just a very quick break will come back with Allison Asante who is live-action's director of external affairs here in Chama for today.

Stay with us will be right back and were partnering with the Ministry of pre-born to save babies lives through ultrasound. Here's how a nurse describes the power of an ultrasound picture for any moment her and she said I can't allow this baby girl to wear it by letting her mother hear her baby's heartbeat and see her baby in her womb. She will choose life 80% of the time for an incredible tool you help save babies lives $140 you can sponsor free ultrasounds for five young women.

All gifts are tax-deductible to donate call now 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet The healthcare open enrollment period has ended. Did you miss it. Don't go a whole year without having a healthcare program sign-up with liberty healthcare is a Christian healthcare sharing ministry liberty. Healthcare is not insurance so you can still sign up. In fact, you can sign up any time of year and there are no contracts starting as low as $199 a month. Liberty healthcare has memberships for singles, couples and families so you can choose the ideal program for your situation.

Plus liberty healthcare has no network so you're free to pick your own doctors, hospitals and providers. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need.

Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens, go to liberty for more information liberty you're listening to Mefford to know now is talking earlier this hour about this report that abortion was the leading cause of death worldwide in 2019. It killed 42 million people. And, by contrast, according to life news 8.2 million people died from cancer in 2019 5 million from smoking 13 million from disease and 1.7 million died from HIV-AIDS and then just by malaria and alcohol were also recorded.

It's not even close. How many people died by abortion and that's why we have to keep fighting it. We have to keep exposing the lies of the pro-abortion propagandists out there. Live-action is great at this. Allison sent to Fonte as my guest.

She serves as live-action's director of external affairs. We been talking about this UC Davis study that is been put out of the media in recent weeks there trying to use this study as a way of saying that abortion reversal does not work. Once you take a medication abortion pill you take two pills in all but in fact is Allison has been saying it actually shows that the abortion pill is actually quite dangerous. So we been discussing that. But you make of this Allison.

We talk about the abortion numbers and the rise in particular of medication abortions. I know as more and more abortion clinics have closed down and fewer and fewer people want to be surgical abortionists for various reasons that medication abortion is now being pushed increasingly by pro-abortion advocates.

What can you say about the rise and medication abortion and how important it is for pro-lifers to pay attention to this issue and really get the word out about the fact that you can potentially reverse your abortion while exactly where I talk about that next friend here at the abortion. There are all and not like the child and we would we would all go away. For every child and every mile, but the abortion debate that like you thought that abortion clinic clothing may be that they really are struggling to find people willing to perform abortion and no one will be actually, and the like. The children they want to deliver. Children are struggling financially and physically with their facility and to get the doctors and not that he correct that they've directed a lot of their attention toward the chemical abortion which is something that they have been for decades working not only to her. Thank you Planned Parenthood number 230, make sure that you can get a telnet abortion. You can watch a doctor on TV and heat it in the office when you click a button if you can highlight get your abortion pill right doctors pushed online access dangerous drug.

Things like aid to access our group that have come together and winning over. They are trying to get that happen here in the United and the DA had even acknowledged that 22 women have already gone the medication abortion that were talking about today and I don't say that lightly. It was just one 1898 and we know that every child off and I and abortion pill regimented introduced online clicking abortion pill online on college campuses. The state of California had already guided and declared that they will provide abortion pill to college) University health clinic at Lila Rd., President of our company.

Action had gone undercover to show that they don't care for ill give you option other than abortion and now you go to school you and your child to the school they will be able to get it right there in the life of the child alone in her dorm room and expelling child watched the movie unplanned, which I can't think where Ashley Bratcher who is playing at Johnson and found she is in the bathroom alone is a medication abortion could trigger memory of what looks like that was her experience and the experience of women and men and in the life of their child is not. It is not easy. It is tragic and like a child and think more lazily knowledge will well when we look at some of the states that have passed laws about abortion reversal.

What is the state of legislation.

I mean where is the trajectory on introducing more and more legislation to try to allow women to be able to get the progesterone to be able to reverse the abortion if possible. While I will reversal more readily available right now listening to that, you know you get online look abortion 800-number and let me know so many it on helpline at 87782958738778295873 abortion will get you there and connect you on the side of the Crystal Regiment. We know that right now pro-abortion admitted looking. The regulation drug further away from an individual right.

So let me going to leave you for just one moment they'll be really really get the abortion pill, regimented it felt, is under something called RAM stands for the risk evaluation management that came under the FDA that a regulation on drug art danger prove their point.

Right dangerous jet. The title of grand on the abortion pill and luck. You need to be given by like Dr. great you think they're trying to help lower the rent need to be aware of all of the thing. Check while the pro-abortion doing everything they can to lift and remove ran from the drug if they can do that and they are working hard on the abortion pill to be more readily available at college online because then it got treated with ease. Special regulation does yeah no that's not too weedy at all. I think that's important information for people to have some of their able to lift further restrictions on this regimen is you mentioned that it would make available this regimen to probably younger and younger girls who know nothing they know absolutely nothing of the dangers of doing this. That's crazy. Under what circumstances just out of curiosity, do you think they would ever be successful in in doing that, I mean certainly, there have to be some medical protocol involved here and some ethics involved here, although the station never know. But how close are they to potentially being able to do that we are meeting research has been tracking and we don't working harder gathering out of pro-life leader to be aware of what ran what the term itself managed abortion term there you think this home.

Abortion is not meant to immediately jump on it, and we attacked and we make sure that that reporter actually need on an and we are working to try and get you the FDA arguing all of the abortion pill distribution on campus and elsewhere because it had a bleeding dress and I think reminding the public, overnighting the public official that kids are taking to be restricted in something that young people are taking and without some of the regulation. You don't realize what you're doing and what could happen picture again. We got it eight 1718-year-old girl in college takes that first pill she tell anyone and goes back to her dorm to the child right bleeding part of that inmate told her there might be like leaving that light bleeding look like what you like. What should I expect is normal while she that her roommate called an ambulance and and not take anything doing now she's on medication and everyone around her that now I don't think she cut anything. I don't know. I know one knows that in this growth that then and awaited how to treat her how to help her part of that scary story is the reality of 22 women who passed away no normal right, no, go to the hospital and not even a part of the distribution of this drug so to make that real world image. That is what this looks like and that's why were fighting so hard to keep it. You know, is regulated as possible and can try to get rid abortion but not even you know an option get people to analyze their childlike excellence will such good information. You can check out more Allison sent to Fontaine is the director of external affairs. There are live-action and we sure are grateful for your work at live-action Allison I'm a big fan of you guys and keep up the good work. It was so nice to have you here and hope you can return and keep us posted on what's going on in the pro-life movement. We really appreciate it. Thanks for having absolutely got bless you Allison sent to Fonte again you can go to live to get more information on the great pro-life work that they do they really are terrific.

We thank you for tuning into Janet Mefford today. As always, and we will see you next time

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