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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Brian Hedges (Christian Living) Kristin Tate (Taxes)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 16, 2020 9:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Brian Hedges (Christian Living) Kristin Tate (Taxes)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 16, 2020 9:30 am

How can we understand our union with Christ on a much deeper level? I'll talk it over with Brian Hedges, lead pastor of Fulkerson Park Baptist Church in Michigan, as we talk about his book, "With Jesus: Finding Your Place in the Story of Christ." Plus: Kristin Tate from The Hill shows just how much you're rendering to Caesar in hidden taxes. Her book is called, "How Do I Tax Thee?" That's next time on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born were wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 were Janet met Our confidence is in Christ alone. I know death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. How many of us consider how we were included in each of these events because the Bible speaks of this we are in Christ. We've been crucified with Christ. We were buried with Christ, and we were raised with Christ at all points us to the reality that we have union with Christ and need to understand that reality on a much deeper level so organ to talk about it today with Brian Hedges. He is Lee Pastor of Fulkerson pet Park Baptist Church in Niles, Michigan, and today will be talking to him about his book with Jesus finding your place in the story of Christ Brian. It's wonderful to have you here again, how are you doing well. Absolutely.

I ask you about something right at the outset you say in your book you want to help people read the story of Jesus in the Gospels in a gospel centered way, which is kind of a fun way to say it, what are you talking about their exactly well. I think all of the Bible with certain limited presuppositions when we read. It's very possible for us to read the story of Jesus and missed the big picture.

So, for example, some people may read the stories of the Gospels in the main thing they're thinking is how can I imitate Jesus or Huckabee argue in court that felt wrong all Peter and John Paul the apostle Philip Gertz was to be like Christ. But the gospel stories are not mainly about six mainly about Christ himself, and what you've accomplished and if we look through Christ to be our example before we see Christ as our representatives are substitutes in our Savior, then we missed the whole point and we we failed to read the gospel to the gospel centered way, that's really true. So what sort of approach should you take when you were actually opening up the Gospels and trying to study them. What should your mindset be like when you're beginning to read them even as somebody who might have been a Christian for a long time will work hard to do this book to look at the major redemptive movement in the life of Christ, beginning with the birth of Christ and the significant events such as baptism, all the weights across resurrection, ascension, and so on. And the question that I'm asking you what did Jesus accomplish for his people, and then how does that affect me as a person. Not such terms and would like to increase our but you find you by the with Christ, if I have union with Christ, then what is Christ accomplishment mean for me.

Yeah, that's great. And you know something you mentioned this in the box that the fact is that union with Christ is a doctrine that not a lot of Christians probably could articulate very well. It's something I think we really need to study more deeply, how would you bring that doctrine out and explain it to people in a way that Christians understand what you're talking about when you're saying that a Christian has union with Christ. What exactly does that mean you about the biblical pictures of union routable our relationship. Christ. So here's a familiar one John chapter 15 the vine and the branches. Jesus is on the vine, you are the branches. Unless you abide in me, you cannot bear fruit, and so we understand that there is a connection between the branch of the blind, the branch of dependence upon the bought the bond for life. It can't force you can't recruit can do anything if you think that without me you can do nothing. That's a picture of union with Christ in their many of those kind of pictures in Scripture. Another would be husband and wife so the covenant soul union of marriage. All told that this is a mystery. If you chapter bodies talking about Christ and his relationship with the church right through examples, but there's quite a few of the word pictures in the Scriptures. Yeah, those are really good examples would you differentiate between union with Christ and then all the references in Scripture to being in Christ are others basically the same thing. No, that the common way that all especially talk about our relationship.

Christ so you don't even find the word of the phrase union with Christ but you have dozens upon thousands of all things that we are in Christ. So yeah but that's exactly what we exactly okay well then we go to the birth of Jesus, when you're talking about with Jesus in the manger. How was it that we were with Jesus. In that event in Jesus eyes welled the incarnation gives us the foundation for our union with Christ and where I would go with Matthew chapter 1 where the angel be able speaks to Joseph about the birth of this child. He told them they used to be named Jesus because he will save his people from their sins.

In this is Bill what said by the prophet he will be a manual with which is God with us.

And so what we see in the incarnation is Christ union with the eternal son of God unites to himself all complete human nature and so is only by virtue of Christ union with in these two natures in one person that we can then have any kind of salvific union with Christ. That's good so what what would you say is significant about the fact that in Christ where you see God incarnate coming to earth, that is an important part of his union with us.

From his perspective, from God's perspective, becoming man was significance. Why, why, what would you say about that, as pertaining to the doctrine of our union with Christ that the incarnation mattered so much will quote what her father's one of the Cappadocian fathers Gregory and he said what Christ does not assume it cannot heal and he was arguing that Christ had to all human nature not just a human body but actually human emotions are hitting enter fully into her experience in technical human nature in order to review, redeem human nature and so our redemption is based on an infinitely connected to a big impression. Christ, it's great that's great. I love that baptism. This is another subject to address being with Jesus in the river and I know this is a subject sometimes Christians get confused about why in the world would Jesus need to be baptized and what is that have to do with me. Well when we got the gospel record and felt the answers right there when John the Baptist says to Jesus, know I shouldn'tů You you should be back to me. Jesus responds and he so let it be so now for those who become to fulfill all righteousness and build order in the gospel of Matthew Matthew chapter 3 and it connects to a theme that runs through the entire Gospel of Matthew. The theme of fulfillment of Christ in order to fulfill all that was written of him needed to be baptized, and his his baptism was an active identification so John the Baptist was baptizing sinners the baptism of repentance. Jesus of course was off-center in the end only to repent, but he was coming out the representative for his people and so he's identifying himself with simple people and he's acting as the representative as their substitute as their head and so it was necessary for him to be baptized as their representative, that's great. So now when we see Scripture say we were buried therefore with him in baptism.

This is something that is often recited when somebody is baptized in church were buried therefore with baptism. How does that connect back to Jesus baptism because in that situation we have in view while we died to our old nature and we are raised again according to the newness of life that we have in Jesus Christ. Does that all fit together in the same scheme.

When you connect when you connect the dots so Jesus is baptized in the Jordan and the Gospels also said disciples that he is going to be back in about if they can be that those with baptism in fire. The baptism on the cross baptism in the judgment of God in the Jesus died for sins on the cross you. His rise from the dead end and the apostle Paul picks up that language in Romans chapter 6 and says we in our baptism we were buried with Christ, and been raised to walk in newness of life. Yes to Jesus baptism in the Jordan for her resurrection. Yes absolutely will get a very quick break will come back with Frank Hedges's book is called with Jesus finding your place in the story of Christ listening to Janet for today will return right after this.

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But there are important things for us to understand about each of the important events in the life of Christ, and were going through some of those with Brian. We were talking about Jesus baptism and I thought you said it really well. Brian when you were connecting what you know Paul says in Romans six about. We were buried with him in baptism and connecting that back to Jesus. Identification with us during his baptism. Now you talk to about this issue of Jesus temptation. We see this in Matthew. I believe chapter 4 where you have the devil tempting the Lord in the wilderness after he's been fasting. How do we have a connection with Jesus and that particular story. Well, you are always here are growing up in the church are here to talk in this way, do you consider to be tempted Jesus to be the devil's temptations by quoting Scripture so memorize all Scripture and then when you attempt to quote Scripture revealed the temptation right and left, an exemplary in our approach to temptation and of course there's a principal there, that's true. But when Jesus was tempted for 40 days in the wilderness. Jesus was reliving the story of Israel. Israel being tempted for 40 years in the wilderness in each of the quotations are from from the book of Deuteronomy that connect closely to Israel's experience and what the golfer others are showing that at every point where Israel failed Jesus and he does this as the new Israel who does this is a representative of the people in the court room or the stories in Genesis 3.

Our first parents neighbor tempted in the garden and they fail in battle muse with the father of the human race all in Romans five killed one man's disobedience should and entered into the world. Christ from the second I don't and he's not in the garden is in the wilderness tempted in one moment he's temperature 40 days and he speaks this impression any does that not only as an example, he does that, as our champion and so I think David and Goliath story in first Samuel 17 when David goes to war against Goliath. He's fighting on behalf of the entire nation of Israel in up David when they all went to David Luther. They all lose right and when Jesus beats the devil in the wilderness he he defeated the enemy, on behalf of all in our victory is found. That's awesome why and you go back to first Corinthians chapter 10 verse 13 you think of this.

No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also provide a way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. So we have victory in Christ.

In that sort of passed passage where were seen Christ overcoming temptation, but I like that you made that distinction between the way it's often taught which is just know your Bible well enough that you can quote Scripture to the devil and then you can have the same victory as Jesus did.

It almost puts us in a position of being on the same plane with Jesus rather than understanding.

He is Lord and he won the victory for us right the golf. The writer of the letter to the papers talks about you and the couple placement gibberish to get them hubris for right and he connects it to the priesthood of Christ in the because Christ was a high priest tempted in every way as we are the edge of the old yeah you have a pathetic high priest understand it he can help us in our temptation, that's perfect. So now we have so many different events and people will have to read the book and and really soak it all in because there's great stuff here in your book Brian, but when you get to Jesus crucifixion and you talk about it on with Jesus in the garden and with Jesus in the court and with Jesus on the tree what you take from that whole chain of events leading up to the crucifixion of Christ, where we can understand more deeply our union with Christ well personally what what you doing and what you know what's going on in the Jesus in the garden. He's facing you this reality of drinking the cup and he actually praised up there's any way possible for this to pass for me. Father let it pass for me but not my will but yours be done.

And it shows a decisive moment Jesus obedience where he willingly gives himself to the will of the father to undergo the suffering whatever to and then in his trial was interesting in the Charles and I owe this in such a singular person. Bring this up beautifully and some of his books but everybody pronounces you the euro for pilots who can find nothing wrong with it to those standing by me. There's nothing there's no charge stick in your Jesus is condemned, so he has no evidence against them. But there's a guilty verdict and then there's an exchange that takes place they set free Baraga and then Jesus was crucified and I think that a showing of the very dramatic way, exactly what the apostles write about in their pistols. Here's Christ who is the just the suppers for the unjust, so it's the rich are the heart of the gospel, here is Christ, who is our substitute you suppers for our showstoppers and it's through his for his death on our behalf.

We can be forgiven and we are connected to Jesus with in that some member that old spiritual were you there yes when they crucified my Lord write the answer is yes, you were also sorry was crucified with Christ no longer I live no longer, but Christ lives in me and that's it. He was familiar are you love me some for me yeah perfect or periodically. That is a doctrine union with Christ in one verse, verse, you when we look at the gospel record versus just explodes with glorious significant right. It's beautiful. Now when you go through the different aspects of what Jesus did for us on the cross. I know we could talk for hours about each one of these, but I wanted to give you an opportunity before we were not a time to address some of these you talk about the substitution. The propitiation and the reconciliation and again this is a big big subject, but on those particular points. What people need to understand about how we experience union with Christ through what Christ did on our behalf will he took our place on the cross of propitiation.

The big word and lots of people don't know what that word means. It essentially means that Jesus appeased the wrath of God against sin's and against sinners on the cross so that when he died as her substitute. He actually took our judgment for the judgment that I deserve. Jesus received and because of that I can be reconciled to God in my sins in the enemy to God, but if I am united to Christ, then the sins are covered. God's judgment is satisfied the death of Christ, and I am now at peace with God I'm reconciled to God because what Christ has done great. I love that you know it's interesting when I was a little girl I remember being taught that Jesus said in the version of the Bible that I was raised with the use the word expiation and when I learned the difference between expiation and propitiation. There is a world of difference because propitiation is you said has to do with appeasing the wrath of God. If that's not a component of what Jesus did when I still be in trouble to some extent you will justice yeah yeah and both of the word. He did expiate her son as well. He removed he covered all yeah through the center console from there's more there. I think of the connotation of that word, especially in Romans 325 and also truly delivered us from the wrath of God that's great. So in the resurrection we have an incredible union with Christ, and we have hope for all eternity because he's conquered sin and death. What should we understand about our union with him through his resurrection from the dead world of so many things. You have a whole book just on this, but essentially again.

Jesus, here is the second battle and we died in the first battle were raised to walk in newness of life also in Romans chapter 6. And that's because of our union with Christ in his resurrection, but also the future component because it means that if Christ was raised from the that we also will be raised like him in the future yes because he is the firstfruits of the resurrection is the first one so we will be coming that's that's our hope that her confidence in the though we face without now that when Jesus comes again the dead in Christ will rise, and they will be raised in glory. There very physical bodies transformed glorified. Just as Jesus body was you the pattern of our future resurrection. Yeah man there so like you said that's an entire book, maybe deck to be your next book because there's so much to get books written on literary man but I mean this is what you seen is so important brain because if we understand how we do have union with Christ. That makes it so much more deep and so much more meaningful to me as a Christian than merely saying read the Gospels and follow Jesus and do everything he did, and we are supposed to obey Christ and everything that he told us to do.

Of course, but it just adds that extra flow of the truth of what Jesus did for us that he is the bride and the bridegroom going back to those same images that you turn on earlier lately reconfigure our motivation absolutely will Brian Hedges the name of the book is with Jesus finding your place in the story of Christ. Brian grated had to thank you so much power I got glass will be right back. This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born, wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet met today and here's your host Joe Mefford back to the broadcast.

Well, April is not too far away now and that means tax days coming up when we render unto Caesar what is Caesar's but it's difficult sometimes to be thrilled about it, especially when you take a look at how much Caesar gets out of that paycheck of yours and then how much Caesar wastes. But beyond that we don't just pay federal and state and local taxes were actually paying much more in ways that we might not even realize were to take a look at that today with Kristin Tate who is an author and opinion colonist for the hill.

Also, an analyst for and her book is called how do I tax the a field guide to the Great American ripoff Kristin wonderful to have you here. How are you I'm not excited to have you here are probably depressing subject but I'm glad to have you here because you really get to school us on this problem of taxes you say we are getting gouged all day every day by taxes that are hidden and applied to every aspect of our lives.

What do we need to know about this right now. Obviously taxation had been a really hot topic of your because of Peacock Bell national dialogue about taxation, people tend to focus almost exclusively on income tax but actually what a lot of people don't realize that in fact half of our personal pack so I wrote how to write all the other ways that federal governments are basically siphoning our money from our wallet government call for these stealth taxes that are embedded in basically every purchase Bell and activity. Nearly everything we do is Incredible. You say to the tune of about $657 billion in hidden taxes that people might not even know about exactly huge chunk of change on you at Dell income tax. The African-American and paying about 50% of their income.

Sometimes more. Various levels of government, and they should really terrify everybody because when the government is profiting more all of your labor and you are socially know I am also trying to tell I yeah that all paying her going toward called the millennial a lot of Mike. Like painting, but they make the assumption that they are very call for living in it. In a civilized society. And while I'm not an anarchic tactic, like now, but not our tax dollars 108 not go to the college that they claim to serve.

So frustrating. What you start out with our transportation and it's kind of interesting city folk and rural folk tend to suffer even though you might think well if I don't have a long commute that won't affect me what it what are the details about transportation and hidden taxes.

There I live in New York City.

I am we have a family that wake here called PM day and their breathing.

Our ticket prices and that the MTA system still runs out of billion dollars euro law, though they try to find another way that I can't wait you know if I hidden and day it to our telephone cable and electric bill you in any borough of York. Never take the subway your funding and unknowingly fill out everybody's electric no way to beat it impacted what you're eating about that is that the average weight workgroup are Canada dry tree making figured he is just grossly over market but working for the fund and happening in every every major heart that no major public, but you're absolutely right, Janet, not Jeff.

All who are getting at that. You'll also on the country who drive car filled her cart with cow calf, and what a lot of people don't realize that the federal government actually profit more from every gallon of gas. I then big oil.those that show you really can't state in any form of dictation. Now you would think when you talking about the MTA or any other public transportation service that is running at a loss. In this case. As you mentioned $6 billion loss. Don't they have a responsibility to clean up their books a little bit and operate on a profit or alter the way they're doing business. Rather than soaking the taxpayers go eat often work they don't need to really be accountable because they know the talk will ultimately put the bill and not what's happening most frustrating about that way they're enclosing MTA taxes. Now, instead of telling you when about the law and and you know making a formal tax that we are all aware of instead of doing that they they leak taxes into Bell and again I want to point out how regressive taxation. If you single father living in Queen never takes the subway is still paying the same amount of taxes billionaire will really be affected by the taxes that are extremely regressive and people are forced to pay the taxes, whether or not they take the subway that's crazy now on the subject of food.

I thought this was an interesting category because if you go to the grocery store in any given day you say the taxes on my groceries are very high at all. So where are we getting soaked. When we buy food ma'am. The really interesting one so a lot of what I call taxation, regulation, where the federal or state government or government will impose regulations on the food and that are onerous and don't really do anything healthy and then the costs are passed down to her as a great example.GMO labeling study after study has shown that GMO's are not harmful to create.

They do nothing to believe in our food, despite what some would have to think yet. Around the country.

8/2 GMO labeling laws call for food companies and again hikes up the prices for food and grocery store, anything that again for people but not not fairly rich people for one example of taxation and regulation on food thing that I found it that they have are called, but what really thing about the group. Three. Talk there often implemented in red states that we think of as being low, Virginia nine Alabama and he government because they know the vast majority of their resident.

They Alabama area go out yet because there are many options for restaurants that they know the people have to go to the grocery store and the date grocery taxes which are not itemized, often on grocery receipt on real what you gotta charting your book. I know talking about meals tax and you have at the top of the list, my hometown, which is Chicago.

They have a 9.5% sales tax a 1.5% additional meals tax so this amounts to almost 11% tax. This, I mean nothing in Chicago surprises me, but yeah what what are we talking about here. How can they sell people like this and have a meals tax what is that all about crazy Chicago. Chicago is a very bad offender in nearly every category but what we know, yet it hiked great but what really a bummer about that they hurt small players they hurt. No local restaurant and mom-and-pop diner more than big chain restaurants you know Appleby then she'll leave and Jackie how they can all pay taxes because their major corporation with hundreds, sometimes thousands of locations, but you have a local like my stepmom Hosea, a local restaurant in Boston and she kind a business owner who really got hosed with the fact that people don't want to go there as often, and sometimes the business owner will call the taxes.

Of course, other regulation or hiking what she has to pay you the kind of thing that really hurt local business.

Yeah, absolutely.

It really does and is you mentioned there are all sorts of other categories that you talked about the state of Illinois. You know, taxing candy. I know that they recently impose this soft drink tax and there were a lot of people in Illinois who rose up against that, understandably, but there are more examples of hidden taxes. You might not know your paying Kristin take with us will come back talking about her book how do I taxi listening to Jennifer today. I am Kevin Sorbo I wanted to invite you to offer your full support from the Ministry of pre-born leader Dan Steiner, pre-born is very focused and very successful in saving pre-born babies from abortion. Get ready to write down the phone number in the website, you can join the pre-born team join Kevin Sorbo and me for it as we support pre-born commission at pre-born is to supply pregnancy centers throughout America with sonograms. Ultrasounds are a game changer when it comes to saving babies lives receipt when an abortion minded woman sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat she's 80% more likely to keep her baby, your gift of $140 will cover the cost of five ultrasounds. All donations are tax-deductible. You can help save a baby's life by donating to pre-born to donate call now 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet Mac healthcare open enrollment period has ended. Did you miss it.

Don't go a whole year without having a healthcare program sign-up with liberty healthcare is a Christian healthcare sharing ministry liberty. Healthcare is not insurance so you can still sign up. In fact, you can sign up any time of year and there are no contracts starting as low as $199 a month. Liberty healthcare has memberships for singles, couples and families so you can choose the ideal program for your situation.

Plus liberty healthcare has no network so you're free to pick your own doctors, hospitals and providers. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens, go to liberty for more information liberty today you think April is bad for taxes points I hear what you're being taxed on it might not even know it. Kristin Tate is with us. She's an author, an opinion columnist for the Hill and author of how do I taxi a field guide to the Great American ripoff wears a little bit before the break Kristin about the hidden taxes in food and meals taxes I'd mentioned in Illinois. They taxed candy at a rate of five times higher than other food kind of falls into the category of syntax is right there now looking at things with sugar. Oh this is bad for your health so dishonest about it because I can say in Illinois. The reason they keep raising taxes is because they are broke they have to keep going after the consumer because they're bankrupt.

They're running out of money and yet they don't seem to understand cutting spending might help in that arena court court are infuriatingly allowed government official like they're doing something for our own good. When often don't yield to be the goal.

So, for example, in Philadelphia. They have Sugary Drinks. There Is No Evidence That All the Toxic Work Increases Call on People Who by Soto Lower Income People. But What about That Billy Felt Attacked in Particular Is That They Called Voter That the Resulting Revenue Would Go toward Pre-K Education, Which Great, but If You Did Every Year, the Fund Where That Money Goes Had Been Rated to Cover Budget False Has Actually Gone to Pre-K in the Kind of Talk Just the Way for Officials to Tell Us Something to Keep Our Community Healthy for Our Own Good, When Really It Just the Cover for Them to Raise It Is Such a Racket Now Talk Some about Cell Phones. This Is a Big Category Where You're Getting Hit with Taxes. It's A Lot Of Taxes Is Not Kristin Cell Phone Part so Bad and Everybody in America at That Point Will Nearly Everybody Had Felt That I Think It Might 9th% of Adult Americans When He Felt the Hidden Impact like Nearly Every Body Else Impact without an Extra Percent to Your Bill Every Month and That I Also Talked to Your Reading Will Give You a Perfect Example.

Nearly Every Cell Phone Bill. There Is a Line Item 911. Well, When You See That You Kind of Assume the Revenue Going toward Some Sort of Emergency and Money to Go to a Merchant in the 90s When They Were Implemented Each Fee for a Way Raise Five Make Upgrades to Our Emergency Cellular Line Well the Upgrades Were Completed in the Late 1990s and Early 2008 In a Local Now the Revenue Goes Right to the State General Fund Work in the Bill and Other Bills All Electricity You Often Line Items That Have Important Founding the Link Really the Revenue Will Find to Do That with Toll Roads As Well. They Say Will Were to Put in Place These Tolls on These Expressways.

It's Going to Pay for the Construction and the Upkeep of the Road and Then Once the Road Is Constructed by Golly, They Don't Seem to Get Rid of the Tollbooth. Do They Exist and Remains Forever Exactly Right.

John Thought about That Work What That Government Only Wrote a Implement New Taxes but They Rarely Take the Time Away after You Caught. Anyone Caught Completed Just like Janet Real Quickly before We Run Out Of Time. I Did Want to Point out Your Your Listeners out There. I Realize All about Very Little Traffic, but My Book, How Do I Taxi Also Is Giving People Solutions on How They Can Keep Their Money and Also Showing Them How They Can Shift Their Ending a Little Bit to Avoid Somebody. I Don't Want People to Think That My Book, It Is Only No Complaining about Taxes Very Fun Bucket like Glory, but Also Solution Absolutely. So Let's Go There. Let's Talk about How You Can Shift Your Spending and Avoid Some of These Taxes. What Would Be Some of Your Recommendations Will Not Doubt Realizing at Becoming Aware of Taxes Are Implemented in Your City That You Can Buy Good Elsewhere.

For Example, in Philadelphia Sugar Pack Implemented on Fabricated Retailer outside of Limit Saw a Bike Thought Businesses outside of Philadelphia. Five Calendars That Were Selling Soda While in Philadelphia by so A Lot Of Figuring out What Items Are Taxed within Your City and Then Just Buying Things Elsewhere and Well. Local Government That You Want Nothing to Do Would Be Packed in Their Power. Number of People Start Buying Items and Other Places to Avoid the Taxes. The Government Official Will Not Make It Much Revenue Is Expected They'll Realize the Taxes Not Working and That Sometimes We Do See These Taxes Repealed. By Doing That. One Thing That I Talk about but Part of That Janet Got A Lot Of Implemented on the City Level and Quality Really Hard to Get Rid of Taxes Imposed by the Federal Government Actually Quite Work for A Lot Of the Taxes at the State. Actually, the Town Level. The Problem Is That People Are Not Aware of That We Can Make People Aware of Them. It's Easy to Get Rid of Them Will Give You an Example Involved in People Realize That Their MBTA Were Being Taxed at a High Rate Which Is Their so People Will Really Bad about Launched a Huge Protest in a Week When Away, Making People Aware of What's Going on Because Again It Easy to Cross out Taxes on the Local Level.

If We Can Call out Our Politician Yeah the Local Level.

Specially If You Live in a Small Town to Get Rid of Them. Yeah, That's Right, Well People I Think Do Feel Helpless When They Look at All the Taxes That Come in, for Example, When You Talk about This in the Book the Cost of Housing or the Cost of Going on Vacation When You Go and Book a Hotel and You Look at the Huge Fees Are You Rent a Car That's Another Area Where People Get Frustrated, You Forget That You Know the Cost to Rent a Car and a Major Airport and It Seems in Some Cities It's Almost Half Taxes. What You Do about That Avoiding Actually Appear You're a Traveler Going to Another Place for You.

Don't Let That Your Getting Hit with All Vacation like the Hotel Pack Heart Attack, but on Back, Looking at That and in a More General Way We Make It Impacted the Part of the Conversation about Taxation. I Think People Would Be. About What's Going on James.

The Problem with That Right Now. Taxation Really Is on Most People Radar. Now We Won't Have Any Change until Become Known to People Who Work Work Really Getting Their Paycheck Fight for. I Now You're so Right, Would You Say of All These Categories Were Seen Hidden Taxes That There Is One Category That Is the Most Egregious, You Know, I Think Electric Bill Fell from Valve Are the Worst Because These Are Things That Everyone Need to Survive in Today's World. The Electric Bill and Not like so Frustrating Because Our Public Officials Know That They Know Everyone Need to Pay for the Bill Valve. I Think I Played They Know They'll Make an Insane Amount of Revenue and Again the People Hurting the Mode the Low Income People Who Are Going to Take a Big Hit from the Attack. Probably the Most Infuriating Form of Hidden Taxation for Sure.

So in, in Terms of Tax Policy. Kristin, Do You Think There Needs to Be a More General Approach to Taxing That Needs to Be Implemented on Either the State Level or the Local Level or the Federal Level. I Think We Need to Demand Transparency. Either Way Is Not about How Dark You Hi Birthday, Although I Would Argue They Are Too High, but How Want to Pay High Because They Think Those Are Good, That's Great. You Can Be Okay Something If You Don't Know They're There. After We Perform Are Taxation to Make Sure That Each and Every Fact We Pay Impacted Known to It at Eight Instead of Embedded in Call That Were Already Paying. We Could No Longer Allow Politician to Just Leave Their Magic Lawn and Implemented It Be to Raise Revenue. They Got Ready for It, but the Only Way to Have an Accountable Taxation Absolutely Well. Good Stuff. Kristin Taint the Name of the Book How Do I Tax the Field Guide to the Great American Ripoff and Kristin Great to Have You Here. I Learned A Lot. Really Appreciate Your Being with Us Today. Thank You so Much Janet Is an Honor and God Bless. Thanks A Lot Kristin Taint from a Firm Films Comes Paul Apostle of Christ, Starring Jim Caviezel.

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God Bless.

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