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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Andrew Bostom (Islamic Antisemitism)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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January 23, 2020 7:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Andrew Bostom (Islamic Antisemitism)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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January 23, 2020 7:30 am

Why is Europe turning a blind eye to the overwhelming reason for the continent's ever-growing and deadly antisemitism: the religion of Islam? I'll talk it over with Islamic scholar Dr. Andrew Bostom, author of "The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism." Plus: White evangelicals continue to take a media beating for widely opposing more refugee resettlement. I'll show you why the opposition makes complete sense. That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born were wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Jared River today. Our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that I coming out which interviews like former Pres. Bill Clinton focusing on the rise of anti-Semitic attacks in the US and Europe, but there was also this interesting quote from another person who currently is involved in the film, moderate Muslim activist Majeed no laws and this is what he said if we don't draw a red line in the sand when it comes to anti-Semitism. Muslims will be next. Well, wait a minute. While it is true that there have been some terrible anti-Semitic attacks on Jews by non-Muslims. One study conducted among Western European Jews actually show that those who experienced violence or threats largely experience them at the hands of Muslims and this is interesting as well. Just recently, the German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel interviewed a French philosopher who observed that Germany is encountering a different new anti-Semitism and who is spreading it. While Muslim immigrants, but the anti-Semitism is anything but new. So how do we deal effectively with anti-Semitism when it is baked into Islamic theology. That's a challenge were to talk about it today with Dr. Andrew Bostrom is an Islamic scholar and author a is just out with an updated version of his great book called the legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism.

Dr. Boston wonderful to welcome me back to the show. How are you driving me about the work ticket. Both banks about the quote by but you know was on board, but you supposed to be one of the good guy. That's right what what isn't. He opposed to Islamic extremism and yet he's trying to imply that anti-Semitic attacks are. I guess never committed by Muslims. That's insane.

I did it. It's really mind-boggling to me and we spoke in the past. For example, about the document here in the United States was also proud to go to reformer and her apologetics about what Islamic doctrine actually teaches about the Jews.

It's really why Janet I you jump right into it. It's really why I I made an emphasis what I was talking about what real reform would look like in the reforms would have to be quite rigid. III cited those I've come to call conscientious objectors to Islam. Real born and raised within Muslim culture culture, but public intellectuals like I on her CLE like the Syrian psychiatrist while both on who have their own way of defining who they are waffle actually fill still part of the Islamic world light on really got but regardless, there there brutally honest about about how hardwired anti-Semitism is into not just Islamic texts.

The fundamental fact of the fall Nicaragua due to the Bobbitt etc. but but also into the into the upbringing of Muslim children fairly and in and in the Muslim world and and so for Majeed no while Laura Laura or can't talk with to not even be willing to grapple with that theological roots and cultural roots is just is just mind-boggling. But if it's not. Frankly, it's just very consistent with the entire denial coming from the non-Muslim world about this problem. It's crazy. And like I said before, obviously, there have been some horrible anti-Semitic attacks by people who were not Muslims but it seems like the left in particular is trying to advance this narrative that the people who commit anti-Semitic attacks are neo-Nazis there far right nationalists may be there just trump supporters date. They seem to leave the category of Islam out of it almost entirely when you look at the propaganda and gold and when we look at actual greater.

And remember, you you you introduce your delightful look about your when you talk about Europe, where the Academy is quite a bit. You took a left even even when you look at data coming from from the EU or work studies of Muslim you the next generation enough to leave you have to be the main concerned about. I mean is the rate and the rate of violence worth our multiple realities.

Would you be a risk that the auto 25% grade of the goods that are good you get all excited were talking about 2 to 3 fold rate of extreme anti-family think of a month. Muslims of Europe compared to whatever compared you want to make the general population, Christians, etc. ADL just released another depressing set of data back on November 21, and then when you start looking at at actual file. II mean, you know, the only reliable there would actually query the Jewish victim Bob Donnelly profile you know if anywhere from 3 to 13 fold. I mean numbers just jump out at you and some really depressing studies that were done by sociology professor is a large sample in in Belgium, for example by Mark Deckard. Hell, you just doing the study was showing the same sorts of things that if you if you look at anti-somatic tropes you want to dominate everything you think they're better than others. The rate among Moslems that that are young 12 to 18 years old are are for all rate of leaving somatic tropes so the continuing convert a Bentonville foot into a pretzel.

So explain it away about the patient reports the result and and and he says that in in trying to delve into into why must you have these out.

He grudgingly concede that the majority do not fill a literal interpretation of it coming from the teaching that felt like picture try and provide some case to find their youthful sometime about about the jihadist attackers specifically making a motion who was a pilot jihadist and and I mean a wholesale tech great synagogue in Copenhagen and and you can see that that as they become pious. That's when they engage in these acts and, in the case of Olmedo Hussein. You could see all sermon leading up to his attack that were full of these anti-somatic motifs from the Koran and the hadith, including one sermon that he went to all allegedly the night before he he he made his attack so it's just really disturbing to see some of Muslims who, in many respects I II appreciate some of things they say, but they just like like like a little like making a lot of what like like like how document I do respect some of the things they say. But when I can't come to terms with with with these data or the doctrine that drives the it's not helpful helpful now and and not honest either. I mean, you and I have talked about this issue. I know in the past and we talked about some of the references in the Koran and the deeds that fuels this ideology but what what would you point to is the main sections of Islamic theology that are driving this anti-Semitism well II think it starts with again.

This is particularly observant Muslim is a very short chapter sora output onto the Koran.

Obviously after the fact but the history of that but but they could call the opening with the P is a very short short of seven verses and the seventh verse says that that that Muslims should not follow the path of those who been incurred all his anger and those are the Jews, and edits. It's been linked in 1300 years worth of chronic commentaries and explanations to autocratic versus the one infamous one which goals the Jews apes and pigs as part of their curse and it is basically something that gets repeated by a pious Muslim. If you go through all five prayer sessions a day. There are subunits of these prerecession they would repeat that specific verse 17 times a day is it to me. It's a form of brainwashing and now, while some of the interpretations of that first art specific that reference of incurring anger to the Jews. I studied this over 90% of the great commentaries across the span of 13 centuries, make a specific reference to the Jews so that the predominant teaching about the radical teaching. That's not the outlier teaching well this is important we we have to pause for a very quick break but I want to come back and get into more about this the legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism new updated version of it out now from Dr. Andrew Boston who is joining us will come right after the discussion here and it sanctity of human life month-to-month.

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Islamic scholar Dr. Andrew Boston. He is out with an updated version of his great book called the legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism from sacred texts to solemn history and we see more and more of this push, especially on the left from people who really want to dodge the issue of Muslim anti-Semitism, especially as it's coming out in the European continent where you see these attacks and the rise of anti-Semitism having really scary effects on the Jews who live there and and Yosemite statistics Dr. Bassam are really really disturbing and you can't blame Jews who live in Western Europe for being more and more scared and more alarmed by what's going on and yet you had mentioned this Der Spiegel interview this philosopher, French philosopher, was interviewed and I want to read a part of what he said in this interview he said will Germany react to the new anti-Semitism with exactly the same harshness and relentlessness as against the emergence or reappearance of neo-Nazi as I will see about that Germany may find is just as difficult as France.

While in the world are they gonna stand up to this when it's not politically correct to stand up to this well and and also with all due respect to the crowd and the idea of conceptualizing the new server. Yes you know about the larger of the largest pogrom in in in Western European history to that date or the same year at the battle of Hastings in 1066. The place in Granados made it literally wiped out the entire community and this is supposed to be in an area that you were taught to children.

Perhaps the Andalusian paradise as a model for for a interfaith relations of individual mythology, but but the point is that that is ridiculous, new anti-Semitism in the influx of Muslims in the modern era into your upbringing at the medic bag with my I get all that I mean enough, true, but the idea that the idea that it's still a negation of the doctrine and history to refer to as new when you when you have the these horrific example in Muslim Spain literally incited by the sporadic first epithet of the Jews as an eight and and and so I appreciate what what what what the Ellie Finkel crowd was was trying to say. I absolutely agree with him and I want to I don't want to lose you know the point that he was trying to make that that is right I mean you should be feeling in Germany and France etc. with with E-Verify thematic attacks coming from the Muslim community in Muslim with with with the same harshness. They deal with with the anti-somatic attacks that are much rarer, a bit of frankly event of the neo-Nazis and and they're obviously not willing to do that. I mean there have been horrific examples of Muslims getting off, literally telling truth in France with with defenses of of of of mental health even even more recently, torture and murder of Farah Helene EVD, the perpetrator, the gospel has gotten off because we smoke a joint before the grace that's setting so I understand the point that he's making but again it doesn't really reinforce from my perspective the historical and doctrinal illness, and the third rail. They don't want to go back to what is very unpleasant like a fuse, which is what I recorded in this depressing massive home might reproduce and and and the tremendous consistency across the 13th century know if it's out of the it it it it got to be address because I never went away and now the mixing of cultures it's coming back. It is II saw just a couple of days ago. It was in this past week a story where the Pope was decrying anti-Semitism and talking about Auschwitz and the tears and all the rest, but I thought well this is the same pope that does outreach to the Muslim community and and has done all kinds of interfaith Acura ecumenical sort of row reactions to the Islamic community and this seems to be something that to some extent, the politicians do as well, which is were scared of use, so we don't want to offend you, and were hoping at some point your good will will kick in just fear. Do you think that's really what's driving put on response time I've begun to appreciate the spirit of hope. I think he's fearful while he initially was fearful of the vulnerable Catholic communities within within the Muslim world. I think I think he is now becoming fearful of the of of of Catholics in their in their native countries and in the spirit you cheering for them in and in Europe and absurd way to deal with the problem and the other. These tendencies that basically what emerged Christianity and Islam all yeah there's a movement to do even one. Believe it or not within the Catholic Church is not like a fringe movement and so I don't know how much of that a plate plays a role, but one of but but but one of the persons he's been dialoguing with consistently is the current grandmama ball is our university is also a and and I'll tell you is very much a traditionalist in the bigoted Muslim and certainly what what he said in particular about Jews is a little milder when it comes to Christians, but in particular what he said about you is to restate for eternity is correct.

This is not a nonessential chronic birth with various cosmetic which is in the fifth chapter 82nd verse which was talked about how the Jews of the transfer of the Jews harbor the great hostility towards the Muslim and Gave an interview for interview where he said that that's what the find a relationship. Any any template deliberately put together the look of your employee actually quite Jews and guided Judaism and died a few sets of 1400 years, this verse of the find on relationship enough to cause so much pain for the love mile so so this is someone that the Pope is reaching out to very interesting.

I I went. When Tyra gave his interview.

No one was saying anything about it so I I am actually friendly with the watch the much demonized Dutch politician here, welder and and here it is very knowledgeable about Islam and and I wrote him and I said please he'll know what to say it.

And could you say something about the what what I had said in the interview and and here it wrote something very very informed and elegant and criticized him and urged Pope Francis to criticize. However, the hotel, it fell upon deaf ears rights.

Rights, while what yeah she's awesome he's he's taken so much just for standing up in his own country at it, but yeah. I admit this is the problem.

He gets very confused but we were looking at Islamic anti-Semitism in tandem with the massive movements of Muslim immigrants into Western Europe. It is the result inevitable.

Do you feel obviously not every Muslim comes in Western Europe is going to commit violent jihad. But how do you see this cauldron are opting at some point you will I think we've already seen it. I mean I think that's what's driving the I think that's why it will be about somatic attitudes and and anti-Semitic violence are so disproportionately already Muslim and in Europe… That's clearly what's happening another another more conservative politician that the European left loves to hate Baldini basically just said that. He said he said that the reason that were having the past week that were having with the explosion of anti-Semitism in Europe is because of the Muslim immigrant population. Yeah, they don't hear that there are other form that that's what's driving the most prevalent and most aggressive form right now. What about in the United States because there there continue to be battles over refugee resettlement and you've got all kinds of political factions talking about that, and presidents from getting handed down a decision recently saying that you can't allow the governors to decide how many refugees they want to resettle in its inside I talked about this quite a lot on my show. It's somewhat of a huge racket in some respects because you have these bowl lags that have a financial interest in resettling as many people as possible, but no accountability.

These people are coming from places in large measure that that they can't be vetted there fully vetted and then they come over here and then we seen what goes on but you look. For example, Adele had Omar's district. This is this is a perfect example of what's going on this squad that we deride for their leftist progress at progressivism and in ill had Omar saying some people did something on 9/11 is on the also the legacy is and it is a lot lately but but but we have hard metrics so another words the ADL data, which are the best data really going on globally by Semitism and we talk about about really. Three. Briefly they think they basically have a scale that they develop out of responses to 11 anti-somatic stereotype and if you agree with six at about any of the brightly button accurately with fixed at least six of them then your defined as an extreme, anti-Semite, and then they go and they look at how common that degree of anti-Semitism in all populations they serve you well I finally get studies in the United States 2015 through early 2017 and what they found the same thing as the left of the world is in the background great the non-Muslims are lower this country more. I will somatic country. Largely, I think you know frankly because of evangelical country Like but at any rate, if the lower background great at but but the about 14% which is higher than you might think, but not bad for the rest of the world and and amongst the Muslims in this country are ready with 34%. So the VDF rate was lower in the country which is good but it was still 2.4 full times the general population. I also for the book for the update for the book for the book review that since 9/11, there have been 23 Muslim jihadist type attacks specifically targeting June there were there were a few throwing now by weight is not nearly enough attention.

The boxy synagogue machete/or rafting Thomas is a Muslim convert.

We have two sources to validate that a police source, and more importantly, his stepfather 10 years I'd seen that and that was widely reported adult coed and he clearly has had mental health problems but but but he reads the criminal complaint against Grafton, if he knew exactly what you doing. He plodded it out yet. He had all kinds of faithful attitudes towards Jews, and he wound up packing a synagogue. You know not not not a Buddhist temple. So it's very clear that whatever his mental illnesses that he was he was specifically in fact has been charged with it with a with a hate crime. Whatever people think of a crime is not enough cognitive awareness that that he knew what he was doing any retargeting Jews and and so he made the 23rd either planned or thwarted attack so that the 16th for the attacks which could have been big guys yes and open been completed attack and see if there's a man in a coma. Grafton, attached so that he would be the night. It's a great chart to look through all great book to look through the legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism.

Dr. Andrew Boston, thank you so much Dr. must be with us and will be right this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born were wanting to save 250 pre-born babies this January by offering free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies you can help by calling 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Medford today and here's your host Joe Mefford well I have to get to this story because it just goes to show you that everything we've been saying all along about big gay is absolutely on the money. Did you hear about this Denver Post columnist who says he was fired for saying that there are two sexes surprise me at all. It didn't surprise me at all and to get into that I'm to hold off on telling you why that is but yes his name is John Caldera. He's the president of the libertarian independence institutes. This is by the Washington Free beacon.

He announced that he's been fired from the Denver Post chalking it up to a difference in style that his editors found two insensitive he put out a whole post on Facebook. It's long so I can't really read it to you but it basically he says my column is not a soft voiced sticky sweet NPR style piece which employs the language now mandated by the victim centric identity politics driven media what seemed to be the last straw for my column was my insistence that there are only two sexes in my frustration that to be inclusive of the transgendered.

Even that word isn't allowed, we must lose our right to free speech. Caldera criticized and associated press directives saying that sex and gender are not binary and I want it pause for a moment and tell you about this since I was a journalist for years, we have a Bible small B in journalism, which is known as the AP stylebook, and that is the reference book of choice for all journalists. If you are writing for a newspaper like I did for a long time and you want to write about something and you're not sure how this style is supposed to be. You go to your AP stylebook and you look it up and it's all alphabetical, like a dictionary and you find that particular entry, and then you see how you're supposed to write it in order to be consistent with all the other pieces in the newspaper on the next day or any day that you write so what happened was I go back to eat to this story from a couple years back. This was the Washington times.

In March 2017 and the headline was Associated Press issues new guidance on sex and gender avoid referring to both or either sexes.

So the entry that was put into the AP stylebook that all journalists use under the category of gender. They put not synonymous with sex, gender refers to a person's social identity.

While sex refers to biological characteristics.

Not all people fall under one or two categories for sex or gender. According to leading medical organizations, so avoid references to both either or opposite sexes or genders as a way to encompass all people when needed for clarity or in certain stories about scientific studies alternatives include men and women, boys and girls males and females. I don't know what they've done since then.

That was three years ago which in big gay activism is in is basically a millennium, so I don't know if they've updated it to make it even more insane. What I imagine they probably have. But I know exactly what happened here. What happened here was back in the 90s and I did an entire breakout session at the restored hope network conference in San Diego several years ago on this particular subject how the media was taken over by big gay. What happened was back in the 1990s. You had a number of big media organizations like the Washington Post, the New York Times and others who courted gay activists to come into the newsroom groups like glad, for example, they would come into the newsroom and they would get advice from these activists on how they should talk about homosexual issues you think is gonna happen when you let the sexual radicals and to tell you how you are to write about them. Well, one of the casualties early on was the ANB version of any story pertaining to homosexuality was eradicated over the next couple of years and I showed all the stories from the early 90s going on into the late 90s and I showed how organizations media outlets like the New York Times and the Washington Post. They just stop.

You know they they stopped telling the truth. They stopped telling the other side of the story. So, for example, in 1992 there might be a discussion about gays in the military and you would have a story in one of these major newspapers where they would quote some gay activist and they would talk about the gays in the military. It's a big controversy and then they would interview Penny Nance from concerned women for America. They would interview Tony Perkins from the family research Council, they would go to whatever group it was any conservative Christian group profamily group and they would have balanced coverage. By the time you got to a few years hence just drop the other side. It was pro-gay and only pro-gay from then on in.

It's been that way ever since and they had all these activists whom they had courted telling them how they needed to update their stylebook how they needed to cover this issue cover that as you do this do that do this do that will listen. It is the case that when you are in journalism, you should listen to different people air their opinions.

That's what the letters to the editor section is all about. After all, but you don't allow outside groups with activist impulses to dictate your coverage, you just don't do that if you're going to have any modicum of credibility and that's why, in part the mainstream media is a total laughingstock because they allowed the sexual radicals to be the camel's nose under the tent and now they own them, so of course you can. I have a colonist he doesn't stand a chance if he goes against the AP stylebook because too many people what the AP stylebook says is like God said it, except it isn't. It's not the real Bible with a B. It's just a propaganda arm for big gay thought is that's all it is.

I'm not saying there are entries in the AP stylebook that aren't helpful because they cover all the subjects but on the issue of sexuality. It's just an activist propaganda tool and so this guys like no, just as the AP stylebook goes along with gay activist doesn't mean it's true there are two sexes.

So anyway this is what happened to this guy and going on in the story. He says there only two sexes. This is when he was criticizing this AP directive. He said there only two sexes identified by an x-axis or X Y chromosome that is the very definition of binary.

The AP ruling it is and so doesn't change science. It's a pre-meditative attempts to change culture and policy. It's activism And it came right from groups like glad glad owns the media. I mean, maybe not financially but now you know that's what happened. He wrote this on January 3 in a column a couple weeks later. He also railed against a 2019. Colorado law that required elementary school children to be instructed in transgender ideology.

He wrote some parents were thrilled a couple of years back when, during school, their little ones in Boulder Valley school district were treated to videos sit stating that a transgendered teddy bear. Teaching the kids how to misuse pronouns, or when Colorado's trans community choir sing to kids about a transgender Raven. What are the protections for a parent who feels transgender singing groups and teddy bears with gender dysphoria might be stigmatizing for their kid.

So then he says he was fired by the paper's editorial page editor Megan Schrader according to an interview with Westward published just a couple days ago he said. Megan told me I was the pages most read colonist but there's now a permanently and perpetually offended class in order to speak you need to use their terminology. There's a whole lot of you can't say that is them going on right now and Schrader confirmed she fired Caldera but declined to discuss the reason she says I'm writing a job description as we speak to fill his position. I hope that conservative Colorado writers will apply. Knowing that we value conservative voices on our pages. Oh okay and don't have a litmus test for their opinions. It would seem otherwise. When we look at what you're doing it. You know II look back to at my career because for time at the first newspaper I work for. I was the religion colonist and I ended up becoming the religion editor defect, a religion editor and I thought boy I really made it out in time because I would never become thin pet shop, everything would be the rainbow flag go down to the local PC USA and talk about this wonderful new lesbian pastor and I could just picture what would happen because I returned to my editor and Satan now not doing that yes you have to you have to be inclusive, or go down here and there.

They have a new transgender vicar over at the ELCA and I take now I covering that either I how long what I last like 30 seconds. There's no way, but that's the danger, when you allow ideology particularly radical sexual ideology that is absolutely immoral to take over what is supposed to be ideally a neutral publication that is all about truth, so it shouldn't surprise us that all that when we see newspapers today or we see outlets like CNN today just flat out lie and propagandize us that you know it. It shouldn't surprise us that all to understand that there activists and and that's part of the problem is they really don't want any kind of diversity real diversity in their newsrooms. There's no conservative person who could work for the Denver Post. I don't think who could say what John Caldera said so boldly and truthfully and retain her or his job.

They are either you know if you bring in the next person who says there only two sexes. They throw you out because the AP stylebook says there aren't doesn't make it true. This is craziness. It really is.

I hope John Caldera gets a good job somewhere else, somewhere far from Denver were to come back.

Stay with us you listening to Janet Mefford today.

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This is One of the recent tutorial in Christianity today calling for the little crumbs hole has rekindled the debate about why white evangelicals are so devoted to the president but one question about the white evangelicals continues to be ignored. Why are so many of them opposed to welcoming refugees between UT and pew research survey found that white evangelicals are the religious group least likely to support refugee arrivals in the US. Okay, first of all, they've set this up to give you the impression that white evangelicals are just a bunch of heartless people who don't care about refugees. That's not true and you know how I know that's not true because I know how you guys have responded during all of our partnership with Hartford 11 on the wonderful ministry that brings the gospel to refugees who are coming into Lebanon and living in those 10 settlements. I know how much we have raised for hard for Lebanon and I talk to you guys and I know how much you care about hurting people who have been displaced from their homes. But that's not the essence of what's going on here. Let's go then to this little portion of the interview where Mike Bryant is a pastor at Chicago's Park Community Church and is working with refugee resettlement. Listen how wrong he gets this listener cut to Mike Bryant lead sees Chicago evangelical church is a volunteer program to help refugees.

He says he's really just be years started changing their views on the refugees right before the election of Pres. Donald Trump. It really started with.

With the recent presidential election, and even going little for that with the rise of Isis and the fear of Syrian refugees, people begin by questioning our our allegiance or loyalty to this country because we we spent so much time in course of so much of her heart into welcoming people from other countries and so they Vivian questioning if we were no supporting terrorism or something like that goodness is not what happened. First of all, it did not begin right before Trump was elected it began under the Obama administration when they started prioritizing Muslim refugees over Christian refugees and the concern was about national security because you remember it was the case that Isis was wreaking havoc across the Middle East. You had all these people who were coming into Europe who couldn't be vetted and then were committing violent jihad in Western Europe, have we. We forgotten this and so wisely. Many many Christians here said listen, we need to be very smart about this and we know that Obama didn't want to prioritize Christian refugees, who in large respect, were more desperate than Muslim refugees.

He didn't want to bring him here. There was one fiscal year in which he brought in 47 Christian refugees and thousands of something like 9000 Muslim refugees.

So Christians noted this and they said wait a minute. These Christians who are being booted out of a rock.

The most ancient land for Christianity.

Nineveh is there that these Christians are losing their home. Their church or to being burned down there having to flee and then they can't go to the UN camps because they get attacked by Muslims in the UN camps. Not only that but the Obama administration, the State Department was taking the UN's advice on who to bring in his refugees people they could not properly vet and they rightly thought, and rightly said, this process is it it stinks. We need to be smart about who we let into the country and make sure that whoever were leading into the country is not gonna pose a danger to us.

Not only that, but there is also the concern that in bringing over many many many Muslim refugees, you begin to change the culture you begin to see what is happening in Western Europe, possibly happening here, look at ill hand. Omar's district so there's that listener cut three. The report goes on political science professor Ruth Ms. Kony and Hoover just published a book about evangelicals and immigration. She says that white evangelicals are increasingly taking their cues on refugee issues from conservative politicians, but she also stresses that Democrats are partly to blame for that trends particular voices than those parties maybe informing opinion on refugees more so than what they are hearing in their congregations are what they are finding themselves in their own study of Scripture, looking more conservative is that Democrats have become more liberal than they were historically as well. Okay well that's not true when she's talking about the fact that Christians are taking their cues from conservative politicians and conservative politicians are taking their cues from Christians. It's stupid that they constantly act like were all brain-dead and we can't think for ourselves, and in fact were thinking for ourselves just fine. They just don't happen to agree with our conclusions. So listen to this neck. This just this is where it goes off the rails. This guy, this reporter at MSN or newsy or whatever you call it, he gets one person on the opposite side of the issue to speak for evangelicals and who does he pick one unsolicited cut for.

I reached out to every current and former member of Trump's informal evangelical advisory boards for an opportunity to comment pastor Rodney Howard Brown known for fringe conspiracy theories is the only one who took up my offer ahead of my deadline.

Okay, let me let me get this straight. So the evangelical position is represented by the Holy Ghost bartender. The guy from the Toronto Blessing where people are laughing and throwing themselves on the floor and has been widely denounced as a false teacher by every sound evangelical from sea to shining sea. He's the evangelical representative exactly how many real evangelicals. Did you contact newsy.

Do you see how these people slant the news.

This is what Brown says and and and what he is and get the reasons right either listener cut five. The South African born Buster of the Florida mega church argues that progressive Christians are using the Bible to enhance their own political agenda. He also says that Christians need to quote take care of our own people, echoing arguments from the Trump administration, which has drastically reduced refugee arrivals in the US right pair house first on goodness, this guy is speaking for evangelicals know he's not speaking that that's not even the reason that most Christians I've talked to have concerns about refugee resettlement that is at the very time where you have Russell Moran's evangelical immigration table cabal pushing world relief at every single turn. Don't listen to groups that have a financial interest in you following their advice that's baseline you know statement that I live by. If you financial interest in my doing what you say, then I should take everything you say with a 5 pound bag of salt. And that's kinda where it goes.

So now we have this issue as we know in Texas were Gov. Greg Abbott said when I can take anymore refugees and just a short time ago, a Maryland federal judge blocked Trump's executive order finding the giving states the power to veto refugee resettlement is not in line with what Congress intended.

I mean it's going to be a fight and you can expect that these leftists are gonna be pushing us from within to say you are a bad Christian. If you don't help fill world relief scoffers out and that I can assail like that.

Of course, to say that you used unwelcome, or if the stranger is your head.

You know God says to love us with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We can use our minds and come to good conclusions. You don't need a liberal operative political hack telling you what to think.

Just the word of God. Thanks for being with us here in Janet Mefford today and will see you next time

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