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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Tom Phillips (Revival)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 4, 2020 8:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Tom Phillips (Revival)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 4, 2020 8:00 am

How do we return to our first love, Jesus Christ? I'll talk it over with Dr. Tom Phillips, vice president of The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and author of the book, "Ignite Your Passion for Jesus: Your Guide to Experience Personal Revival." Plus: A new Southern Baptist small-group curriculum focuses on "The Church and the Racial Divide." But is this just another means of pushing Critical Race Theory? You'll hear what some of the editors had to say about it. That's on the Tuesday's edition of JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

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That's 855-402-2229 or is our confidence is in Christ alone, the prophets in chapter 3, verse two, oh Lord, revive your work in the midst of the years in the midst of the years make it known in wrath remember mercy of the Old Testament shows us a cycle of faithfulness to the Lord, followed by decline and apostasy than repentance and a return to faithfulness to the Lord and as Christians we see that same cycle occurring in our own churches and in our own lives.

How do we return to our first love Jesus and pursue him for the purpose of seeing him revive our hearts while joining us today is Dr. Tom Phillips, VP of the Billy Graham evangelistic Association and author of the book will be discussing really important subject. It is called ignite your passion for Jesus, your guide to experience personal revival, it's great to have you with us. Tom, how are you doing good thank you and I appreciate the opportunity of sharing about our heart revival. I love this way you know that when we think of revival and I think you're right we think of the big outdoor stadium events. The tent meetings you think we really need to think about revival where it starts and how God brings it about a very good question.

Our concept, our concept really negative but a subdued dinner to come to the great movements of God in our country of the past and after the movements of God, especially in the 1800s.

Whatever this nation was fledgling and the movement of God book out of brought about 1/3 of our motion to the Lord would begin to try to walk what God had done at that time and actually because we prayed so much God begin to move in the communities but over time it became programmatic.

What we do it the Graham evangelistic Association was called revival, but Billy Graham knew better to set up a priggish as 1942, prayed it all the way until his death.

I am praying for an old-fashioned Holy Ghost revival will sweep America from coast-to-coast revival is nothing but ordinary.

Christianity what Mr. Graham is really praying for you restored reset church of the Lord Jesus Christ and then when the Church of God is awakened, the results that come from the breach such a joyous church.

The uncommitted people look and say I want what God is God and that person's life and that's how the Bible squares and great witnessing while you're right about that, and that such a challenge to us and I think of what the Lord Jesus said to those seven churches in Revelation 2 and three and I think in particular of Laodicea that's often mentioned by a lot of Christians today. Boy we are just like the church of Laodicea were not cold, were not hot and the Lord says behold I stand at the door and knock it if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him do you believe that we're in a position similar to that of Laodicea or some of the other churches that the Lord rebukes and chastens and encourages also in Revelation 2 and three. We actually did in our churches today. It's a lot like the prodigal one away from his father never change from being the son of the father when he turned his back on the father and wasted a lot of resources ignored the father's teaching but one day one day that I must go home and turn from the pics in his guilt enough in his emaciated body you did not know his father. Heavenly father always the have been going to the little hillside by yourself every day looking down the road, watching for him to come home in one day built figure plan similar to what he had singly but not with great fondness for adventure. Now he's coming home to the God who loves them and wondered that he wrapped his arms around the fun he said this for this.

My phone was dead. Now he's alive again lost but now he's found in the word in the New Testament alive again is on the oh the Bible to bring back to life.

That which is comatose little sleep the phone will still the fun but now he's come back to that ordinary relationship of father's that animate and that's what the church it is actually underway doing right now and especially among young people that I meet crates. You're right that that's a really good passage to bring up because that such an analogous passage for where we are. Do you think we should think about a revived disciple of Jesus Christ.

Because even if you've been a Christian for years.

It is easy to fall into sin. It's easy to fall, you fall into apathy, spiritual apathy, but to be alive in Jesus Christ our revive disciple who is empowered by the Holy Spirit. What does that kinda disciple look like, well, actually Janet us while we will book this book is nothing but a God our handbook to a daily Jesus Christ, which is a pilgrimage in personal revival so that person will is that the time is now. It's a lifestyle and normally it begins in a brokenness. It may be broken because you realize the goodness of God, and it split its lead you through the good may come from a crisis in your life but as you become intimate with Jesus is already a born-again Christian become again, much like when you first converted joy becomes real. In the mist of true, yes. Please pray for conviction God conviction just means Janet Godfrey.I want to see myself as you see me and then compression anything in my life that does not agree with you. God, I agree with you about not just talking from coming to God so that foundational of obedience bills a relationship through communication which is called prayer nothing but a call so that I might know him, but just knowing Jesus is not about Jesus, knowing him as a person and that all of that comes your guilt because God is okay. You consoled me now that one of that is driven to the word of God. To learn more about Jesus and then you want others to know that out of the recall witnessing in a time of real viable double comes explosive and that in turn changes one out of the emotions.

I love that I wish we could go down all of those things each and every person in the United States and throughout the world. You know, when you're talking about beginning with brokenness that's so important and II really kind of hone in on what you said when you pray for conviction. I think that's excellence because there are a lot of people who might admits OIC and I do wrong things. I don't always have the right motivations. Yes I've had bad thoughts, things like that but there's a big difference between knowing that you're a sinner and then having the conviction of the Holy Spirit that knowing what you're saying is, should lead as you said to confession and then repentance, which is that she said turning to God. Those are really vital points in this whole thing our day there truly are no especially we didn't know the grace and mercy that came from the cross, but overcame send out so when sandals rampant there was always a sacrifice involved.

But one day God said effect on the father said the sacrifices that I see my people doing about enough has to be bloodshed, certainly it's not enough. You need an eternal sacrifice and Judy Bedell go and when we look in the mirror of our own conviction and that holy Lord Jesus Christ himself standing before us. That brings a brokenness over our own San Bob about the food in moments to for the goodness of God leads you to us. When God's kindness and love toward Tom Phillips's fame in light of Tom's soon I will have to get an animal and sacrifices. I can't put Jesus back on the cross and don't have to because sin and death is already been generously God pours out his spirit on his kids and says your adequacy is not because of you.

My thought exactly. That's exactly right. No matter how long your Christian we always have to go back to that truth is, I think this is what sometimes leads us into spiritual apathy, where I always understand you know that I'm a sinner and I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.

And here I am. I'm a Christian, why do I feel like I'm so far from the Lord.

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Call now 855-402-2220 985-5402, baby. That's 855402 baby or there's a banner to click and chant you're listening to John at Medford today and know you're great to be talking to Dr. Tom Phillips. He is vice president of the Billy Graham evangelistic Association and author of the book were talking about, which is called ignite your passion for Jesus. Your guy to ask variance personal revival really has been out. It's interesting to write your book came at a perfect time because this has been so much on my mind.

I think because I'm looking at what's going on in the church right now I'm looking at what's going on in society right now and I have to say, at least in my lifetime I have never seen a time in the United States so much as right now where I say Lord if you don't intervene.

We are sock.

Do you feel a little like that at this period in history grounds dollars to 12 years ago, America gone down the long will a long way.

Yes, that's true, never saying spiritual darkness covered the land would never same. Such corruption lying accepted but you know Janet only shines best in the deepest darkness and always will. I follow the Bible is very clear about the 60 darkness is black as night covers all the nations with the glory of the Lord and appears over you. That's why go to 6 to 7 before the dry bones. Please go so you think I'm coming back to speak to you and to change you for you, but I'm my children I love you but I'm coming back that I would get the glory. I am God Almighty all met people to know who you want one Moses is standing before Pharaoh, God, them speak to Moses will do this not because I want to bring freedom to my children only the Bible is very clear. God is love and God promises us when it's the darkest is beyond our ability to overcome and have victory over Jerusalem.

You have to give us strength to do that. A lot of kids let your light shine for all to see for the glory of the Lord rises to show you some were nothing but the moon reflecting the thoughts little flexion of the love of God's grace that some crates in the history of revivals as you will know you talk about this in the book we have seen dark times followed by revival. I know you mentioned.

For example, the holy club. The beginnings of Methodism. Charles Wesley and and those students who who ignited you know that this fuel of fire that turned into the Methodist movement, but you know this all has to go back to the foundation of God's word and when you were talking about repentance and turning to God. We can't know who God is or what he expects of us apart from the Bible and it concerns me I should even say kind of but you look at some of the statistics on Bible illiteracy even within our churches, and it seems that's also something that we desperately need to recapture is our own passion for God's word I spoke to Nicole this morning.

The problem of Mission America. This is your Bible sponsored Bob them told me hundred and 50 nations are now involved in this year is the year of the Bible off telco board member about two months ago that was conventional boarding and are calling for distributed view of the Bible calls the word of God is the word of God and the principal unit you work that's been created guide to the best life possible is not just booze indulgences logbook in the history of the Bible to Roosevelt. You always this one God's kids get right with him. The first thing that helped always return. Once Jesus is acknowledged as Lord and Savior return to Scripture's and the second thing because you want to know Jesus better you get on the word every day, which bring a return to the devotional life in the birthing.

What happens okay. I know him.

Now I know his word.

I want to tell others that's revoking witnessing and that's what bring joy joy that the magnet from the unsaved person uncommitted person secular person looking into the church: most bigoted and intolerant OFC and I want to be like that things have that joy go together. Yeah for sure what you think ought to be occurring in our pulpits in our churches in our Sunday school classes to help facilitate a return to God's word really digging into it, not just taking one verse and looking at a verse quickly before you jump in the carpool line pet, but really studying the word of God and and delving deeply into the truths of God's word that can transform us. Obviously blog Baptist pastor would say to redo the Bible in a year old girl that felt like a laborious control. You get little American Bible Society, and you and you miss one day.

So now you gotta do today is tomorrow you about the day then you got to do three days, but I found that if I would do this word of God is alive and the Holy Spirit is future image changes you then leads you to communicate with the father because it's not a book about him. It's his book in Matthew Henry wants to one God and chant great mercy for his people. God first of all the praying that a key person said there's never been a movement of God that wasn't preceded by a concerted United persistent prevailing prayer or communication with God's image, the word of God. It engenders the prayer those two together. The next person called Tom to look good in himself, but adequate in the figure test text and all those things are so vital. What about the depth of our relationship. When you have your title here. Ignite your passion for Jesus. This is something that I sometimes hear Christians wrestling with a little bit.

Well, do I have to feel up all the time to I have to feel passionate all the time in order to be right with the Lord. What does it really mean to have passion for the Lord Jesus Christ on an ongoing basis to something I don't quite measure of things hoped for things not seen. This conviction I get up and say okay to take account of yesterday and anything that I omitted the correct today anything that committed a wrong number and asked you to forgive me if I'm someone I'm going to go back to them now daddy my baby is your and I'm going to be in your will all day today because I give my life to you yeah yeah and go through the day. I am only play that it's very in depression comes from the reality of knowing my father had dropped me, but if I drop myself just like driving down a full line can come to the cloverleaf conviction compression spinoff, my backbone is only committed to him about was that morning, I might've missed a little bit of time that I haven't messed up the whole day with a lot of stuff right this is a matter of things not seen. So, passion.

It comes from obedience and belief in him is not necessarily always feelings.

But when it is feelings.

It's more than happiness. Well, that's about happenings.

It's about joy. That's relationship with someone who will never let you go. That's why the Bible says delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Wonderful squeal I think is Ephesians 4 where it talks about the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love is each part does its work and you talk about the issue of gifts Christ himself gave the apostles and prophets and evangelists, etc. to equip his people for works of service, and this is all for the purpose of building up the body of Christ. Do you think that we have neglected talking an off about the individual spiritual gifts that each of us have been given when we came to know Jesus Christ because there was a time I know even 20, 30 years ago it was more of a subject that came up. It seems you anecdotally what your gaffe what your spiritual gift. How important is it to restore that discussion and to discover your own spiritual gifts so you can employ them in the work of Jesus Christ. What we've done. Remember those times when we were all them to do. 21 and once we were walking Jesus and those close which is a stewardship issue, but to me it became a chemical as folder church try to programmatically say okay here's a test to get you all know you don't always use those gifts, all stored issue.

Looks like you got a bank account. You don't only allowed to use the money at it. Because your father owns it that when we look at the people to the church was unchurched. We are so divided, but God promises us in Ephesians where you were that in the fullness of time, which I believe is now in the fullness of time, he God will gather together all people to Christ and that's what the Bible it starts with the church walls. The Bible tells us.

Clearly no one when he was little else covers it. All of us have these Gilson Jesus said today on the light of the world follows me shall not walk in darkness, that will help a lot alike shall be give her about letting his light shine through us. We do not own God's own that's right, a good reminder a good reminder and I think this whole issue of personal revival is so important as you say time because this will have reverberated as a fax of I can say it that way.

Not only our churches but on our country personal revival in our individual hearts potentially affect our nation if the Lord were to work another revival in us should go in the light, and light dispel the darkness. You can have a look of light and that's nothing but a person in Jesus's name, helping someone at the grocery store to drop their blocks.

Now a pinprick can develop into a pinpoint in a pinpoint if someone whose life literally dispel the darkness like a laser beam going through the day and their pockets like real pockets of like like committed churches or cell groups or people working in justice missions are human trafficking and then their passions, like where whole groups are so committed that they're sending out people to the mission field of the going into the inner city all the reason for the poor and their patterns of light were men and women burdened by God, not just talk about to get all alone like hungry.

I had the privilege of directing the Crusade there before the Berlin wall fell, but the whole nation of church came together we develop this organ.

The organism became a pattern of life to change the nation: talk passions all important swell the great thought is ignite your passion for Jesus by Dr. Tom Phillips, thank you so much time for being with us generative privilege. Thank you God bless this archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet my for today here's your host Joe Mefford back everybody I don't know how this occurred, actually, but I happen to come across a link to a podcast from life way life way is the southern Baptist entity of the life way publishing in life a bookstores which recently closed down, but I digress. Anyway, there is a podcast. One of the many hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there from life way, and on this particular podcast. There were a couple of guests from the ER LC the ethics and religious Liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention. It's just so woke over there so they had on this podcast, Daniel Darling, who is the VP for communications for the year LC and truly a new Bell who is the director of community outreach for the air all seem joining with them were these hosts who had them on. Chris around and Brian Daniel. I think his name is they they hosted this podcast to introduce the subject of a new small group study that apparently MiFi has now released. It is called the church and the racial divide finding unity in the race transcending gospel. Now keep in mind the ER. LC has made lots and lots and lots of headlines over the last couple of years for continually talking about this issue of racial reconciliation and I will put my cards on the table right from the outset, I think you already know this. If you listen to me.

I am all for racial reconciliation.

I think it's fantastic and I think it happens naturally. Your Christian call me backwards but I just have never seen a problem with it when you have Bible believing Christians. There is a natural law for other Christians, and it's a colorblind love. I just I've never seen a group of Christians together of different races who were divided and were nitpicking and hated each other and were despising one another because of their skin color. I just I've never seen that an action and because of that I have always found it offputting that the year LC has made such a big thing about how awful people are because they're all a bunch of racists and what they really need to do is just admit it. Now the only way that you can really make that statement is, if you know the person is a racist and you know the person refuses to admit it, but in the case of the ear LC and their woke friends in the southern Baptist convention. It's just a blanket statement that they cast off on millions of Christians. It happened as you know, just a few months ago the whole flap at the First Baptist Church of Naples, Florida, and when they did not hire this African-American pastor right away. They started putting out there that these people at the church were racists and as it turns out they did not reject this pastor because he was black.

They rejected the pastor because they didn't believe a that his positions were conservative enough for the church and be he didn't meet the stated qualifications for that particular position at the church so they had very reasonable. No excuses for not voting for them, but it certainly had nothing to do a skin color. Nevertheless, people got ousted from the church and all kinds of terrible stuff went on down at the church at first Baptist Naples so this is the context this is the stuff that's behind it but I like you to hear some of what they talked about on this podcast because I think that it really reveals what is going on in the southern Baptist convention and that is this which I think is the bottom line if you do have a problem of racism and it really is a gigantic problem then you should be in search of a solution right. What is the solution. The solution is are all sinners were all made in the image of Jesus Christ and that God made us in his image and we are all saved the same way because were all damned the same way, so there's no room for inferiority.

There's no room for superiority. There will be people from every tribe and nation in language across the globe who will be rejoicing around the throne in heaven one day and so let's be the church and there is healing and there is forgiveness. They like to talk about that too much healing and forgiveness and then presumably like with any other sin. When there is reconciliation when there is forgiveness when there is love in your loving your neighbor as yourself. You cannot move on, but they never move on because they have embraced critical race theory.

This whole idea that you especially if you're white you're a permanent racist.

It's baked into you and you can't ever get rid of it. While this is out of the mindset of Kimberly Crenshaw. This is not out of the pages of Scripture suggest can keep that in in your mind when you're listening to this. First, these editors, Daniel Darling and truly new Bell of this new small group study called the church and the racial divide are asked why are you putting this out now and this is what Daniel Darling said, one I can speak from the perspective of you know of white evangelical pastor. Unfortunately a lot of times in our churches. We have not really talked about race like we we have not really taught our people how to think well about race. I don't think it's intentional. Just think, when you're in the majority. It know it doesn't hit you so you're not thinking about it right but the main reason I would help pastors at its importance because the Bible talks about real people. So, as will the Bible is always talking about it from just Revelation it's it's you know, and so I think what it's important now is like there's so many conversations in the culture there's there's a lot of tension there's a lot of kind of acrimony and like just saying what is the Bible say how does the Bible talk about about this. You know when I think about the vision of John in Revelation relation five and seven that you know the new Jerusalem will will feature people from every nation, tribe and tongue. You know John didn't just say you know the Bible doesn't just say you know you know there's people are to be united are usually one people. It says that it makes a point of saying of specifying people from every nation, tribe and tongue and people keep their ethnic identities. So this idea that you know this racial unity in the kingdom of God is really a outgrowth of the gospel it it's not just that, nice it would be nice if people got a long time think it's really an imperative that flows from the gospel. I would just like to reiterate, and I'm not trying to be mean by saying this, but this man is the vice president for communications for the ear LC and you just sat there and listen to a minute and 1/2 of him rambling and saying you know a lot and he really didn't say a lot, but what he did say was, to my mind a little bit interesting when he says the Bible is always talking about race.

From Genesis to Revelation.

What translation are you reading.

He talks about different people he talks about the Israelites and he talks about some of these other tribes of course in the Old Testament in different people groups are mentioned, but not in the sense that the critical race theory pushers talk about it it it's just not the case in there's no Scripture quoted if the if it says so much from Genesis to Revelation. On the subject of race. You didn't even quote one verse except to go and talk about the people who will all be worshiping the Lamb at the end of history where we will all be speaking in with you know to gather and worship to the Lord. I mean, of course, that's where were headed, but because we are headed there.

The goal ought to be reconciliation and it ought to be healing and forgiveness.

Now it shouldn't be a perpetual issue these guys going on for years about racial reconciliation with no answers just to catch the part where he said we haven't really talked enough about race in our churches or taught our people how to think well about race and then he just kinda leaves it hanging there. Why do you think well about race as many Christians have pointed out, there really is only one race and that's the human race. We might have different skin colors and we come from different countries and we speak different languages but there's only one human race. So what's there to talk about welders racial tension right but I would make the argument that it is the liberals who are inciting the racial tension.

By and large in the political realm going back to the Obama years if you whip up the race wars then you can keep people Balkanized. You can keep people divided. How true. Has that been in the political realm. Now we got all this intersection analogy nonsense. Everybody is an oppressor or an oppressed, you're either a victim or you're an oppressor and if you're the oppressor you can never break free of your oppressor status so there's no hope. And what happens in the church, you have people inside evangelicalism and in the Southern Baptist convention, adopting the same worldly philosophy that somehow there are oppressors who need to be righted here unity needed to be taught well taught about what you had a minute to have to explain what I need to be taught.

You didn't say anything used is talked for a friend said, you know, about 20 times and said how the church isn't helping people think well about race when your job as a pastor is not to help people think well. Your job as a pastor is to help people think biblically and go to the pages of God's word for that, and unfortunately no Bible.

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Let's do more than talk about abortion. Let's save some lives. Please call now with your gift. 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to Joe Mefford today though. Welcome back. I was talking a little bit about this recent lifeways podcast show discussing this small group study. They put out in the Southern Baptist convention called the church and the racial divide finding unity in the race transcending gospel and this was edited by two ER LC members Daniel Darling, the VP for communications and truly a new bell whose director of community outreach. They were guests on this podcast and I played a little bit of what Daniel Darling had to say. The Bible is always talking about race. From Genesis to Revelation and see the Bible talk about race nonstop. I don't know what translation you're using, but this is just weird.

So anyway, I want to cut to what truly a new bell had to say on this subject listening cut to quote while I was always important moment came into the world and we became to one another on color again in our culture, we need to be reminded of God about people. Maybe the image of God and how we should value them out here that God is not partial and so needed for my first drink church needed that reminder, we could be caught that we fail and fall short of the glory of God in loving our neighbor and alchemy and change and grow. How can we repent and change and growth will isn't there good news at the end of it, though, that in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Men and women and children from all over the world, of all different ethnicities and backgrounds can become one. We become one in the Lord Jesus and why are we talking more about that. Why is it always was so divided. We work to do.

You guys need to repent again were back to the assumption that there are just millions of people out there who need to repent of their racism without even knowing what's in people's hearts is what is wearing on some of the people. That's why people were so upset in the Southern Baptist convention to see that resolution nine pass and this whole idea that we can use critical race theory as a tool in analytical tool and those who stood up and said no, like Tom Haskell from founders ministries which you pointed out in his recent documentary film by what standard there write about this Thursday will wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, why do we need anything outside of the Bible. We certainly don't need some progressive theory guiding our thinking and course resolution nine was passed anyway. And now there are those who say let's en passant get rid of it will see how that goes down, then the subject comes up. So how can racial reconciliation be achieved by racially homogenous churches or groups and this is again Daniel Darling at three.

The sad thing is, most of our churches are our racially homogenous, although there are some really good you know exceptions of this of racially diverse churches. I think you know as as America becomes more diverse a thing or it will for you know it'll force our churches to become more diverse, but I would say you know if your churches are primarily.

You know you homogenous and we should still have the sensitivity.

I think one of the things you want to do here is just you know teach people and have all of us learn what is the Bible say about racial reconciliation and move people from, thinking would be a nice thing to thinking okay this is something God desires us a beautiful thing to even having the sensitivity so you you are overnight your document changer church will bring racially homogenous to be in a multiethnic, multicultural, but Elise having the desire and working toward it, and even living multicultural lives so you know in our in our interactions in our communities and our workplace, and everywhere else the what we read and just just kind of being a calm person. I think our neighborhoods are becoming more more diverse, which is really great and we should welcome that. I think this will teach us to come to welcome that and want to pursue this, relationships, and so II think this is one of the really important goals.

You have to have more sensitivity you know people don't have sensitivity. This is just all assume two people out there you terrible people. You don't have any sensitivity you need to be living multicultural life because diversity is good and as we get more diverse neighborhoods. It's always good okay will call up Sweden and ask him how that's turning out it's not necessarily the case that to go multicultural is a natural step into betterments not always the case. It's to its kind of a na´ve outlook actually and it's not saying anything about any particular race in order to observe that sometimes multiculturalism can cause a host of problems and again you can go back to San that that is the problem, but it's almost like this pie-in-the-sky if we were just more diverse and more multicultural. Everything would be solved.

Know know that that's not how it works. So what tips do they have for people leaning there considering this study. This is truly new bell again. Listen cut for a nine know you know why I I don't know why we research that when we read something else while we engage in further and there are to be something that when you're talking out the application God's word. We can read God's word and we can learn and grow in but I don't think there can be confusion there in regards to God when we get all confused about the application and so that when you are thinking through that and you're unsure of that next step you, you can be okay with not releasing more and faith.

But I don't know. Often people doing anything at all do anything and it confuses me ask you question based on listening to that early solutions here at all. The hope from either of these people saying what's wonderful about being a Christian is that we are all one in Christ Jesus. Anybody say that I listen to the whole thing. I didn't hear a lot of that. I heard a lot of well you know the Bible talks about race. Well, we need to have sensitivity. We need to live multicultural lives and we need to do things and even if you don't want to do anything you should do something. But you can do nothing, but you can do something. It's just empty stuff.

Listen now to this.

This is the host talking about the historical implications of this Bible study. In this Brian Daniel asks the other host Chris what he thinks. Listen to this exchange. This is cut five.

This is a critical moment. This Bible study having represents a critical moment and that what could be in in any groups history or whatever life the group is the group like the group is together just because were dealing with with with real real things real issues and real people and lied and said so well, this isn't just a nice thing to do for people on the lives of some moralism. This is an expectation it's an expectation. Chris, what about you, I agree. I was just thinking my families kind of walked this out over the last six years removed from a very homogenous suburb of Nashville and moved downtown Nashville and its students. Racially diverse is also lifestyle diverse and we have spent six years listening and just getting to know people in our lives and been opened in a way that the we just didn't even know we we thought of ourselves as being open to other cultures and all that but we didn't know until we lived it until were in the middle of the first and we got a lot more listening than we have, talking, and so I think that's the approach. Listen to this though, listen to this.

What they're really saying here is that the proper thing to do. Apparently if you like this host. As you move to a racially diverse neighborhood and you listen for six years. You don't talk you just listen. You learn will wait a minute I thought this was all about what the Bible had to say Jerez and what God's word has to say to guide his church on the issue of racial reconciliation. Now you find out at the end of this thing. Now you just need to shut up and listen listen to people of other cultures. While I agree with listening. I have no problem with listening. But that isn't enough for a Christian that is not enough for a Bible study.

Certainly, you need to take the word of God and bring it to bear in actual relationships with your neighbor regardless of their color right is not what the Bible really says that we are all one in Christ Jesus. There is no Jew or Greek, his slave or free, were all one in Christ Jesus.

That's actually good news because it means that you don't have to be permanently divided from some other center of another culture. You have a lot in common. Sending commenting of grace in common and you can have have in common and you don't have to embrace critical race theory on earth. You just don't even sound words can be Christians.

Why do we need to be beaten over the head and you gotta leave your neighborhood and you gotta listen for six years. Where does the Bible say that you listen you shouldn't talk, you shouldn't be sharing the gospel with other people, you shouldn't be on on a mission to make things better.

I think they would say yes, you should make things better, but the reason I wanted to play. That is, I wanted you to see what the attitude is of a lot of these leaders in the Southern Baptist convention.

Oh and by the way, I need to throw this in as well. People have pointed this out before, but I wanted to do a current headcount. The RLC staff. If you go on their website.

27/29 are white.

The hero see leadership Council 73 of them are white, eight of them are African-American and have a couple of other races that I just saying I'm just saying these are the people who are telling you you need to stop being so homogenous. Well maybe could lead by example right to do it for us. God bless you, thank you so much for being with us is great to be one in Christ Jesus certainly has

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