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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Wesley Smith (China's Crimes Against Religion)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 16, 2020 6:01 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Wesley Smith (China's Crimes Against Religion)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 16, 2020 6:01 pm

The world is paying rapt attention to China when it comes to the coronavirus. So why is it ignoring that communist nation's heinous crimes against Christians, Muslims and other religious groups? Bioethicist Wesley J. Smith joins me to talk about it. Plus: Virginia House Democrats walk out on a bold pastor who warned them of God's wrath over abortion and so-called "gay" marriage. We'll talk about that and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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The world has been paying a lot of attention to China lately with the growing health basis of this rotavirus. But why is the world turning a blind eye to China when it comes to its crimes against its own people, which include imprisonment, organ harvesting, and even execution. My next guest, Wesley J. Smith recently wrote about this over at the American Spectator in a great piece called the fourth Reich Wesley is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute where he heads up the center on human exceptionalism, and his blog on human exceptionalism is great over national review online's latest book is the newly updated and revised edition of culture of death the age of do her medicine Wesley wonderful to have you with us again how are you and how are you and I will well I'm fine, although this is a really important question that you've raised in this piece.

Why is the world largely turning a blind eye when it comes to what China is doing to all kinds of religious groups, Christians, Muslims and and others. This is, I don't even have the words to talk about how horrible it is over there in China right now you are right, for no obvious reason we are seeing literally what you know who thrown around way too loosely, but in this particular is not loose to say the word right kind of behavior the persecution by the Chinese communist against particular religious groups fell on Gaul Uighurs and Christians is truly barbaric and in the first two very insidious and social persecution. With regard to Christian right exactly what you see. This just appears to have gotten started to what's been going on, how far back does this go because the silent gong I know goes back a while, but now it's ramping up and people are a little confused about why that is your wallet. I preparation talk to some experts who been following Bruce for quite a long time and be content with what I found.

The Communist Party wishes to have no competitors and of course we all know that religious faith can bring one to a state of a higher belief that perhaps a copy of government right right and so they don't want to have a competitor in the first the group and went after is relatively obscure before the persecution of fell on gong are bad for you are kind of like a tai chi situation (if a philosophy more than it is a religion comes out of Buddhism.

I am both practitioners were used tai chi type movement reading the words of the founder of the movement to meditation with kind of thing. And when the Chinese in the 90s tried to basically force the following gong through Hewitt particular Communist Party approach. They refused up from the persecution began. Just putting people in jail as political prisoners. These people are being tissue typed and when people go to China to buy a liver or bio heart by a kidney without long gone are the right tissue time to goof the following gong practitioner will be murdered and harvested cinematic, kidney, or that liver sold to the person who was on the black market and and when I first got into this.

I was yelling about Americans going over to China to buy organs, you know, I'm sorry. Even though you're afraid of dying. There are certain things you should not do in one of the things you should not do is go over and basically pay to have somebody killed and saved your life that that's a despicable thing and there was even a book. You know, supposedly the New York Times called it a comedic tour de force called Mary's kidney where a fellow wrote a book about how he went to China bought a kidney for his cousin Larry. I thought you fell on gong, who was murdered for that was having a laugh riot's but but the very fell on gong travel for this incredible human rights violation got a lot of attention.

There were development David Kilgore was a former member of Parliament in Canada human rights lawyer, they they started doing reports very hard to get into trying to actually study this but you have the testimony from following gong looked relatives who said they got there their body of their loved one in the been harvested doctors who actually testified there was some secret recordings and so forth.

If people wish to see the details they can Google Wesley J Smith pimento on gong and after yellow and then J, OMG, OMG, and most articles I wrote about that will come up one then in more recent years, the last say five or seven. The Chinese have gone after the Uighurs. Another way there about 11 to 20 million Uighurs. These are Muslims in the West part of the country which is pretty remote from anything that a Westerner can give to you from either Europe or from United States it's way off in nowhere land for us and so there 11 to 20 million Uighurs. Apparently, there been a few terrorist incidents, but it's not like being taught is not a lot of terrorism in China what they are putting these people in concentration camps, literal concentration camps and a flop that perhaps a million. Even more Uighurs are being put in concentration camps, which are there not death camp like Auschwitz, but they are being subjected to murder their being subjected to deprivation of against the rules of international law. Torture their children are being taken from rape stories about sex trafficking and so forth. And we know that this is true because our satellites can take pictures of these camps and again and once again you have the Chinese gone, you know, saying oh well, you know, we don't want them to have a higher loyalty to Islam than they do to us and so they're going after the Uighurs who are Muslims and and there also way and ethnic minority in China and then what had been happening much more recently is the attack on Christians stop the attack on Christians. In some ways is more insidious because it's less obvious and is and if less brutal in terms of jackboots stuff but it is it is. I think perhaps more effective. You know, if you go to a Christian then you say is really faithful and you say either you denounce Christ or I'll kill you know that something Christians been dealing with for 2000 years and and there are many many many martyrs who said buying tell me I'm not going to renounce Christ but what if you you knew that if you went to church and they took your picture because the churches are forced to take pictures of parishioners after the digital fingerprinting that they had facial recognition technology using artificial intelligence algorithms that you would get what's called a low social credit score, so they're beginning to create social credit on every person who lives in China through these high-tech technologies that are it's not fully up and running yet but it's getting merriment and some of our Western countries or companies such as perhaps Google and others are actually helping develop these technologies that China is using to totally suppress the people and felt your Christian and Emma saw and they said you look if you go to church were going to give you social credit demerit. If you speak to other Christians and we see that on the on the video cameras that we have everywhere were going to give you some social credit demerit and if you have too low social credit score not only are you not going to be able to rent an apartment.

Not only are you going to be fired from your job but your children are going to be kicked out of university, you and your children are not going to be able to take public transportation. You are in essence going to be excommunicated from society and you're going to have to live on your own, you're not going to be able to participate in any aspect of Chinese society about that could be harder to resist them. Perfect then the your direct idea of martyrdom rights that's true to especially the aspect of it that you mentioned that what you do can have an effect on your kids and most parents will say well if it's affecting my kids future. Maybe I need to rethink what I'm doing, but what a horrible situation for them to be in totally Orwellian. It Orwellian. 1984 stuff brave new world stuff now and the Chinese Communist Party there. By the way, more Christians in China than there are members of the Chinese Communist Party, but they don't want to have anything that would interfere with their complete control over the Chinese people. Well, that's what it's about to pause and take a break will be back with Wesley J.

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It is always good to read everything that Wesley J. Smith writes he writes over at national review online and has written a terrific piece of the fourth Reich at American Spectator all about the world turning a blind eye to China's crimes against humanity of its own people in Wesley's been outlining some of these religious groups. The Fallon gong, and of course the Uighurs, the Muslim population in the western part and Christians as well. And it's interesting Wesley because I've been reading a lot recently about what Christians are going through. In China they been going into some of these churches now insane. We don't like all 10 of those commandments get rid of the one that says you shall have no other gods besides me. We sort of laugh as Western Christians. What we write were to get rid of one of the commandments, but this is reality for these people. So in other words, is it the case now that the Chinese government is not even turning a blind eye to some of these churches that it has tolerated for quite a while and apparently that's relatively new from new laws were passed that basically enabled this kind of persecution. Previously you had sort of like unapproved house churches. You might say, writes amateur and the Chinese government knew they were there they would harass him to some degree, but they they kind of left them alone and then you began to see China saying well were going to allow people to go to church but they have to be approved churches so that in essence the Chinese government was in control of these approved churches and there was a Catholic approach to that and then a Protestant approach to that and now they basically said the only churches you can go to the approved churches and which and then there taking the approved churches there are, of destroying the buildings there of their arresting or engaging in the social persecution we described earlier against member Christians who are not part of approved churches. They are actually I wrote a story that breathing editing the Bible as you mentioned when when you going to be approved churches. There is a your pictures taken and MB the heads of the approved church. The pastors and so forth are actually spies for the communist government, and you saw this kind of thing back in the 20th century in the Soviet Union when the Eastern Russian Orthodox Church was devastated. You know, there are hundreds of thousands of Russian Orthodox priests were martyred in the name of the faith by the Russians and eventually the Russian Orthodox Church should still existed in the on paper but it was controlled by the KGB and use and other communist countries. The same kind of things so this is not something that hasn't been done before.

When you add in the social credit system, to the idea that your church leaders you know are actually you know that there actually working for the government that leaves leaves Christians in a very precarious place.

Even though they're not being rounded up and put in concentration camps, because that would create too much of a hubbub and China needs business in one of the things that I thought about as I was writing this piece is how do you get China to back off. You never going to make it free but perhaps you can you can you cannot induce it if you will to kind of moderate some of these really terrible practices and Donald Trump.

I'm afraid, is not speaking out forcefully on this issue is very concerned about the trade deal he's been making and and yet you find a good company like Facebook and I've had issues with Facebook about Facebook refuses to big to do business in China because of China's censorship of the Internet. If you go to China and I've been to China this a lot of things you can't get when you there on the Internet it's totally block and so Facebook said look, were not going to do business there, because we don't believe in this kind of censorship. I thought what would happen if companies like Apple. In particular, which does so much of its manufacturing about the iPhones and iPads in China bowling which is very deeply involved with business in China, the National basketball Association NBA a lot of money involved in China what they said, look, you know we are getting really embarrassed by your human rights abuses that cancel quote unquote South Carolina for example when they passed the bill.

Remember saying that a man has to use them in a man's bathroom on a sissy identifies a woman yes remember that the Corporation screaming and howling sayings will boycott your state.

Well why can't they do the same thing over far more you know, I don't think that's an egregious human rights violation at all. But even if I didn't think so. It would be mild.

This is birdlike stuff and yet these businesses are very happy to do business there because money makes the world go around.

But if we can start putting focus on these companies that are doing business in this human rights violation.

I'm going to talk to some I've been talking yeah back to been yelling at US Senators Janet about the five meetings I've attended and I'm hoping to see if for some of us who were here kind of concerned about this. Get up, get a good hearing going where these companies can be called in and asked in the world are you helping the communist Chinese set up this social credit system are you selling them this kind of technology. Why are you doing business in a country where people are put in concentration camps where people can be basically excommunicated from society because they believe in Jesus Christ rights like Google I mean is Facebook contest China. Why can Google desktop exactly and it's time to companies that preen and talk about their moral superiority and yet they do business with perhaps the most effective purity that's ever existed. Got a start speaking up as a people and letting these companies know that's unacceptable put in turn hopefully they would say to China. Look, we don't expect you to become a pure democracy, but this kind of religious persecution must cease. Absolutely your description. For example, with unlovely or organ harvesting that you talked about just a few minutes ago is so horrific you talk about one Weiss, the surgeon who removes corneas you say from about 2000 prisoners into the kill these people and then harvest them or or is it a situation where they harvest organs. While these people are alive. I almost don't want to now, but I'm just curious whatever you get an interesting point. I don't know the answer to that question, but one of the other fingers you know that I deal with are the anti-human life values of bioethics and the bioethics movement, yes, and there'd been a lot of articles written and very prominent medical journals. Things like the Journal of medicine, Journal of medical ethics very prominent transplant article on journal articles. Where were these bioethicists of said if euthanasia is legal. Don't make them. There is conjoining by the way of organ harvesting and euthanasia in Canada. Think about that.

That's our closest cultural cohort Belgium and the Netherlands and enter article having trouble don't bother with the lethal injections of a diverse just you do the organ harvesting as the means of euthanasia because little create healthier organs for transplant we got. Be very careful that we don't turn our most vulnerable people in them. So many organ farms you know this piece goes after China, but we got some potential problems of our own right here. Well not only that, but when were talking about the social credit system. Why in the world could that be implemented here as well in the future. Your I think you think that cancel culture that we've seen where people if they said something supposedly wrong on social media will be thrown off of social media could be fired from jobs this you beginning to see a rudimentary nongovernment you know so organized, but you're seeing kind of an informal moral panic from a particular woke quote unquote people who are trying to destroy freedom of thought in this country are what you think Pres. Trump ought to be doing. I know that he's very concerned with deals and trade deals, and so forth.

And that's kind of his wheelhouse, but on the other hand I know he couldn't possibly be happy about what's going on as far as human rights abuses in China.

What you think would be helpful for him to do. He certainly isn't hesitant to be type A when it's needed, what, why doesn't he act that way here what you have allowed credit. People like go Sam Brownback who is the State Department ambassador for religious freedom is spoken of very forcefully and rigorously on this of course that is done without permission of Secretary of State Pompeo has as well and I believe photos of VP temps, but I would like to see Pres. Trump actually began to say, listen, you know, I believe in trade deals and so forth. But I don't see if she could put it this way, how are these companies going to do business with China when China is putting people in concentration camps right just a couple of months would put both the business community and the Chinese on notice that he has noticed and I would also it seems to me behoove him. I believe we are the country that has most promoted human rights in the world and and and there's that term never again about the Holocaust. Well, if you now have Holocaust type behavior going on.

If not death camp. Certainly not the type behavior.

Organ harvesting people for the infilling organs you know if it never again is to have any meaning, it has to be in our own times. It's not just historical.

Yes, this is not this is being directed in an anti-somatic way, and I would say it's probably because there are a lot of Jews in China, but I think if there were a lot of Jews in China. China would be doing the same thing to the Jewish community because it has to do with going after any organized that's a belief that would supplant the Chinese as the first floor of the communist is the first loyalty of the people, and this is to trying to set up an absolute tyranny and if it succeeds because are also doing something else. I was there and fixing our shocked at how prosperous the place was a lot of the brand names are South GM and Maserati when I was in Shanghai. It was like I was in Beverly Hills. I was just stunned and am so what they would seem to me at that time, is that the Chinese government has done a visit. Okay were going to try something different. United States is always said if you have economic prosperity going to have to also political freedom in the Chinese are saying. I don't think that's true we can give greater economic prosperity and still have complete political purity as long as the people have better housing entertainment. You know a lot of enough food and so forth. Scary times.

You gotta read the fourth-ranked Wesley J Smith with us.

Thank you so much Wesley for what you do is great to have you here. Thank you Janet. All right God bless you will be back on Jennifer today after this this archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by Liberty healthcare Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe never plugging back while I am so glad to see the launch of this conservative Baptist network. Have you been paying attention to this story. This is fantastic. It's a grassroots movement that is just cropped up at the end of last week brand jerk that she is a pastor and a spokesman for the conservative Baptist network. He's gonna be on my program tomorrow so you'll want to tune in again tomorrow and hear all about Brad's perspective on all of this, but the conservative Baptist network is just launched and really the way you can summarize it if you going by the press release is there very concerned about the leftward woke draft in the Southern Baptist convention. The critical race theory, garbage the intersection at least off the redefining of biblical gender roles. The average human sexuality draft all these things have been concerning Bible believing Baptist for a long time, and especially when the resolution nine passed at the Southern Baptist convention a couple of years ago was a year ago now. Anyway, that was all about the critical race theory being used as an analytical tool and Bible believing Christian said that's ridiculous. You don't need anything other than the word of God as a tool by which you can judge what is right and wrong.

As Christians, and this is been an ongoing topic of debate which is insane. I mean you go back to 1979 with the first conservative resurgence in the Southern Baptist convention, and a whole Lotta Baptist who were present for all of that hullabaloo are saying this is the same thing all over again. It's just we got new issues. We got a new leftward draft, and in some ways it's more insidious because you have people who have made names for themselves as conservatives who are totally woke, and rightly so. People are saying this is bad. This is going to be destructive to the Southern Baptist convention. There has been some concerns recently regarding this upcoming pastor's conference. They have a woman pastor who's gonna be a part of it and that's been a controversy there been all kinds of controversies, and rightly so. These people are right, they are potentially going to make a very big splash in the Southern Baptist convention, so I commend them and I think it's can be really exciting to see what happens. I guess over the weekend over 2000 people already have joined the conservative Baptist network. They have really hit a nerve and people been talking about this for quite a while. Who is going to stand up against all this woke garbage. We gotta do something about this. This is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States and the Southern Baptist convention falls that's going to be massive. We can't do this and it's not just a matter of money. It's not just a matter of pensions. Although I'm sure that's part of the equation, but people love their denomination. You have people who have been Southern Baptist not only their whole lives but came from families who have been Southern Baptist for generations. They want to be Southern Baptist dance their church. That's their denomination.

They're not willing to walk away from a church that they would like to see return to the roots that made it what it was in the first place and that was a Bible believing denomination that was unabashedly scriptural and I think this is gonna be fantastic. Now if you go to the press release.

It says these pastors and laymen have launched this. This is a grassroots movement that developed organically in the hearts and minds of devoted Southern Baptists who have become concerned about the current direction and perceived future of the convention and they cite things like critical race theory intersection. Halliday etc. etc. what they really want to put emphasis on is evangelism and spiritual renewal. They cited the fact that VP Mike pence came to the Southern Baptist convention floor in Dallas in 2018. I was there so I know that happens and there were a lot of concerns and they said when all attempts to keep the vice president from speaking failed scores of messengers exited the convention in protest as the vice president began his address the insolence and disrespect demonstrated by those who walked out on the vice president of the United States was foreign to what the Bible teaches about respecting those in authority in first Peter two verses 11 through 17. Then they cite resolution nine. Yet it was last year and they are very concerned about the critical race theory verbiage. So what they're really wanting to do is put an emphasis on the great commission are not a new denomination there making an emphasis on that. They want the SBC to return to the great commission and return to being a biblical denomination and I really think this is going to become a dividing line I GUI I was looking at some of these tweets that were put out by some of these big Southern Baptists. They're not even hiding their disdain and I find this very interesting.

One of the people who put out what I consider to be a very disdainful quote is Al Mohler now if you don't know much about the Southern Baptist convention. You probably know who Dr. Albert Mohler, is because he's the president of the Southern Baptist theological seminary in Louisville.

He's basically the Pope and I know that that's a bad thing to say to Baptists but I mean functionally, there really isn't a bigger name and the Southern Baptist convention, Al Mohler, Al Mohler made a name for himself years ago when he took on the presidency at that seminary, and he got rid of the liberals and he was a big hero, he became a huge conservative hero to people but as you know and as I have pointed out on my show on many occasions he started out as a liberal and if you go to that PBS documentary that was done at the time about the battle at the Southern Baptist theological seminary. He had friends saying he's an opportunist.

They didn't fully believe he was really a conservative. They said he was a liberal but you know here at Southern.

If you have a weathervane turning there's a joke that now we know what working to teach today depends on which way the wind is blowing. This is what they said in the in the documentary and I'm not saying that everything that was said in the documentary is absolute truth. This is just what was said by some of the people who knew him. This matters because now he's been tolerating all this woke stuff, and a whole lot of people have said what happened here.

What you're supposed to be the conservative hero.

Well, here's what he tweeted out after the announcement that the conservative Baptist network had launched. He said this the real network of Southern Baptists is called the Southern Baptist convention. It's going to meet June 9 and 10th in Orlando.

I look forward to joining you there is an interesting he is going to be nominated as president of the Southern Baptist convention.

My thoughts on that particular appointment for that particular plan is that he still retains so much of a conservative reputation among Southern Baptists that the conservatives overwhelmingly probably will vote for them because all animal or a cable that will stop the leftward draft because a lot of people don't know that the leftward drift is happened by him aiding and abetting it. Russell Moore would never be the president of the ethics and religious liberty commission without Al Mohler he he was at his seminary their bodies. He supported and he gave a supportive speech at the time that he took over the air LC.

I have never seen him make one public comment critical of Russell Moore who has done so much damage in that position and has been such an embarrassment for Southern Baptists in the way that he is treated.

President tromped in the way that he is insulted conservatives in the last several years Al Mohler hasn't said a thing about it so there are a lot of things we could say about that but just to see the real network of Southern Baptist is called the Southern Baptist convention. Why would a conservative hero like Al Mohler have a problem with the conservative Baptist network isn't that exactly how you made a name for yourself Dr. Mohler in the Southern Baptist convention was as some sort of wonderful conservative hero doesn't that seem a little weird that seems little weird to me. Let's see who else. Oh let's see Dean and Sarah don't know who he is but he's a pastor of a Southern Baptist Church in Tallahassee, Florida put out something I can even read, not in fall, because it just isn't appropriate for Christian radio. But he said this new Baptist network thing is about love of tromped and being, let's just say hurt about Paige Patterson. Don't be fooled. Quote inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture unquote then do video of right wing political talk.

That is nothing to do with Scripture and an unbeliever could agree with a better much can't people just form a network about the great commission what's problem there. But oh, and Beth Moore. Let's see death more. Tweeted out this I hear and understand what you're saying Bart this is to Bart Barber, I think, who tweeted something out earlier and she was responding, she said, but none of us obeys all that is said in our inherent Scriptures. Many of us don't discipline our children with rods. For instance, most Baptist women I know don't wear head coverings, nor do their men raise holy hands.

Okay, so apparently biblical inerrancy is an issue for her and then we have Dwight McKissick Dwight McKissick is the African-American pastor from Texas who's always putting up you know race-based resolutions. I mean, trying to be politically correct on racial issues ad ad not ad nausea. I wouldn't say that, but he's always on the forefront.

He's a big progressive and he had problems with this and he said this is just where he said and just as the Confederate Army opposed social justice for the slaves. The Confederate Baptist network opposes social justice. Confederate Baptist network. I can't see a self-respecting black pastor joining this group. They are openly opposing the three AA SBC professors in the kingdom diversity initiative at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary. He can see this is going to be sticking point. I think for some of these people was really hilarious was the editorializing and Baptist press were they just tried to careen the conservative Baptist network and I've had a nerve. All right to come back. Stay with us or listening to jam effort today Christians losing their businesses for not making wedding cakes for homosexuals parents losing custody for not affirming their child's gender identity big tax censoring Christian books, videos and social media posts. This is in a dystopian nightmare. It's America in 2020.

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You're listening to Janet River today and know you're welcome back. I was telling you about the launch of this conservative Baptist network. Don't miss my interview tomorrow with Frederick and that she is the spokesman for the conservative Baptist network in over 2000 people I guess have already joined this thing nerve and the Southern Baptist convention which is drifting left word and you can see some of these elites on Twitter beginning to lose it. That's awesome.

I love one Bible believing Christians a united you're knocking to take our denomination down the tubes as you embrace all of your woken, as were not going that way and working to stay here and working to make sure that our denomination stays on the word of God and the word of God alone. Praise the Lord for these people. I'm thrilled about it.

I was mentioning Baptist press which is such a propaganda arm for the Southern Baptist convention dates.

I hate to say that but they really are and I guess all church news services serve that function.

They try to do a good little job defending everything that the denomination does but this piece that was written by Diana Chandler called it a group described as grassroots Southern Baptist announced the formation of the conservative Baptist network grassroots and scare quotes.

They are described as quote grass roots." That's okay. Then they lets eat a name drop Paige Patterson that don't really know why that was necessary. I guess they're just trying to go for maximum freak out and then they hate and they have a quote here from these Southern Baptist convention executive committee president CEO Ronnie Floyd. But here's how Diana Chandler phrases it, in response to potential division. The network's founding could cause they want to focus on the great commission.

Why would that be division that would come from that. Isn't that what you guys are all about. So it's just a really bad story so stated it's going to be a very interesting 2020. By the way I want to wind this into it because this kind relates to let you know I graduated from Baylor University.

I was, not a Southern Baptist, I learned a lot about Southern Baptist politics. While I was there I covered religion for the lariat which was the student newspaper.

I relay on Sunday. I should tell the whole story about how I got into covering the Southern Baptist convention even back as a college student, but Baylor is a very interesting place and it's changed a lot over the years and in many ways, but they always used to tell us at Baylor how dangerous the fundamentalists were and I got to a point where I said why and I kinda looked into it and I realize that the liberals at Baylor were the ones with the problem.

It wasn't the fundamentalists who are scary.

It was really the people who are always putting them down. It seemed to be more scary but listen to this happens when you start drifting left word. This is what ends up happening in this is the oldest Baptist University founded in 1845 and now Baylor is now they select their own trustees, but there's still involvement with the Baptist Gen. convention of Texas, but I want to play for you a report about a chapel service at Baylor, which is still billing itself as a Christian University Baptist University and you gotta listen to K WT acts reporting on a recent chapel speaker at Baylor University.

Listen to cut one. A lot of people really mad. I know a lot of alumni are pretty maddening.

She didn't pray to God and that's what's most offensive Wednesday during chapel at Waco Hall guest speaker Caitlin Curtis asked students to pray. So she began prayer in the service in the name of mother mystery, and I looked up, you know, and looked around and there's 1200 freshman now in your head. Still to this thing that's not God.

Sophomore Jake my Curtis's speech was filled with strange stories. She said that she went to, for example, Lake Michigan and dipped leaf of tobacco in the water and mother Earth spoke to her audibly and I'm just like, what is this local pastor and former Baylor Regent Ramiro Peņa says he's heard from students and he believes Baylor made a mistake inviting Curtis to speak.

Hopefully the ministration can learn from this mistake and grow from it make corrective action because praying to mother mystery is a big miss but Peņa believes Baylor will do the right thing in the days to come. So I am very confident that Baylor is a Christian University wants to do the right thing in agreement with its Christian foundation principles okay all I can say is this is where woke takes you. This is where woke takes you.

I don't believe it was a mistake. While I do believe it was a mistake, but I don't think that they mistakenly invited somebody invited her somebody signed off on it.

One of the world are you doing having somebody siding mother Earth at a Christian University chapel service at. That's why the Southern Baptist convention fight is important folks. That's why it's important because you can't allow this sort of nonsense to go on and try to make the case that it's okay for Christians to tolerate. It is not okay for Christians to tolerate it, and if anything encourages me. It's been the backlash from a lot of the alumni, myself included, and the students as well. So praise God for that now. I also kept his sin if I can. I'm to be able to play a couple of these, I think, but when I look at examples of people who are really upholding the word of God. I have to mention the Rev. Dr. Robert M. Grant, Junior I didn't know who he was until just a few days ago. He is pastor at the father's Way church in Warrenton, Virginia, and he really got the Democrats upset when he appeared at the house of delegates he was doing a prayer, but he ended up really taking them to task on the life issue and on the idea of so-called gay marriage.

I want you to listen to cut three. I pray that you may understand that all life is precious and worthy of a chance to be born. God is a giver of life and people have no right or authority to take life. The unborn has rights and those rights need to be protected. They should never be denied the right to exist as a right to develop the right to have a family. The word of God is given us a warning wool to anyone who harms an innocent child. Every one of you sitting here today can guarantee these rights to these little innocent children of Virginia. They are in their trimesters as we speak. Please do not ignore the little voices. I pray hard change today. May the Lord God have mercy upon this leadership beautiful rights beautiful to stand up in Virginia where they're getting so insanely liberal and to say something that mold and then he tops it off by dealing with marriage. This was great For. I pray that this chamber will hold a Virginia family that the bills and laws being passed will always protect the biblical traditional marriage as God instructed the first man and the first woman in the Bible that the two shall be one flesh that man any woman shall be fruitful and multiply. We should never rewrite God's law. We should never rewrite what God has declared, if a state wants to use God is all that it needs to be respected. Your if it's not yours to change also is wording the Bible is the copyright of God's word marriage is joined by marriages to join a biological male in a biological female in holy matrimony not to provoke the Almighty God will follow laws to protect traditional marriage. Virginia will reduce be reduced to increase fatherless children, welfare victims and homelessness exporting to little boy they did not like that at all. They did not like that at all. Now

They reported this Democrats walked off the floor of the House of delegates. When this pastor gave that opening prayer and delivered stinging remarks condemning abortion and gay marriage, and said that God would bring his wrath against those who don't follow biblical principles. One delegate yelled from the Democratic side of the chamber. Is this a prayer or a sermon you it's truth, it's truth. That's what it is and I was thinking myself as I was listening to this man saying what he was saying this is what every pastor in America needs to be saying not only in their churches from their pulpits, but in the house of delegates or in the legislatures or in the city Council chambers get out there pastors and preach the truth and it is the truth that the wrath of God is abiding on this country as we see our country going further and further and further and further down into an open sewer moral sewer. I'm so encouraged to see somebody with that kind of boldness and that kind of spiritual strength to stand up and he knew no doubt what kind of reaction he would get Democrats. The story says were sharply critical of the prayers tone, calling it a breach of the normal protocols for guest clergy delegate Luke Torino Democrat said it was totally disrespectful to all of us.

All of us in this house by tying what we need in this country is the fear of the Lord the fear the Lord, you know truth might be offensive to the center, but it's the only thing that's gonna set them free. I take that from an old Kelly Willard song but I love that lyric because it's true. Truth is offensive to the center. You know, God laid the cornerstone, which is a stumbling block Jesus Christ as a stumbling block to the center because Jesus Christ testifies to man woman and child that our deeds are evil and he warns us to repent of the wrath of God to come to seek forgiveness to accept his free gift of salvation that he secured for us by shedding his blood for our sins and being raised again on the third day for our justification. It's the greatest news, mankind will ever receive, and we need 100,000 pastors like this man saying the same thing and it doesn't matter if people don't want to hear it. It's the only thing that is going to set sinners free to hear the truth from God's word and hear the hope that only comes through Jesus Christ have to leave it there. Thank you for tuning in to see next time. God bless you. Thanks a lot for listening to Jennifer today

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