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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Cheryl Sullenger (Abortion) | ERLC/SBC Update

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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February 20, 2020 7:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Cheryl Sullenger (Abortion) | ERLC/SBC Update

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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February 20, 2020 7:00 am

A shadowy private organization is training thousands of new abortionists -- and we're paying for it! Cheryl Sullenger from Operation Rescue joins me to talk about the Bixby Center for Reproductive Health at the University of California San Francisco. Plus: The Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee has created a new task force to review the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Could Dr. Russell Moore's job be in jeopardy? I'll talk about that and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know globally to radically decrease the human population and who would be more for that goal than the abortion lobby but a new special investigative report from Operation Rescue reveals that there is an organization in America. With this agenda. That is training thousands of new abortionists in America and guess what you're paying for it in order to find out more about this now from Cheryl Salinger who is senior vice president over it. Operation Rescue so good to have you with a Cheryl how are you doing well.

It great to be here now.

Thank you. I really appreciate everything you write. You do such great digging into the abortion industry and and in telling us all the things we need to know this one was new to me.

I had not heard about this organization but maybe you can tell us a little bit more about this abortion is training through this Bixby Center for global reproductive health because I would imagine a lot of listeners have never even heard of this group right center for global reproductive valve is actually a University of California at San Francisco and home offices are located in the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. So there is a lot of red flags right there to looking at that liberal area that the farm but they ran to abortion training program for Ryan residency abortion training program and the fellowship in family planning. One of the four-year court.

The other is a two-year core and they reimburse the residents that sign up for these residencies they met. They also reimburse the institutions that hold these programs all over the country. In fact, we were able to find about 89 of these different programs all over the country, based in hospital and universities, and we were able to connect it a number of them to abortion clinic where the residents actually do the abortion training there train through second trimester abortions is also trained and contraception, like for example nor plant inserting these long on being contraceptive in women that can last update after 12 years, I understand how there's a lot of things going on here and it's just really remarkable how many tobacco institutions are actually involved in that. There's so much to get into but you talked about the fact that with the establishment of this Bixby Center, 1999. It was moving away from the grain trend as you call it's as far as the abortionists were moving out of doing abortions and then you had the abortion lobby worried that not enough abortionists were coming on board.

What does it say about the Bixby center and about these efforts that it became required that residency programs training in OB/GYN had to provide access to abortion training was now kind of in the same time. And was that really the reason that the Bixby center came on board as it did created in red font that board are getting older and right hiring they're worried that Wharton and IBM out that it wouldn't be as many abortion clinic that they had hoped for.

After Roe V Wade thing that happened was in 1996 when that ain't the GME which is an accreditation Council for graduate medical student they actually were the one that said luck if you have a residential OB/GYN program it not include access to abortion training and the big beat fanart kind of team in a response to that and I wouldn't be at all the pride that the people behind that were all in cahoots to be honest, you know, they seem to all be in good hire another. I know you see it trains about 360 new abortionists each year. So how many abortions are these trainee abortionists doing under the Bixby center programs an average of about 38 abortion per year. Their training and medication abortion their training and manual uterine aspirations which have you know a profit that does not require affection machined also trained in section aspirations and dilation evacuations which are the abortions that take place the second trimester, so an interesting because the threads that have been now you plan on continuing to supply abortion in the future after the after you're finished with this residency and 82% of them, yet they would do it for medical reasons. 59% said they would look for any reason as people are very, very well indoctrinated and train to do these abortion I don't know how well that training because what we did was retrace some of the programs that there were 3 Abortion Pl. in particular that really raised eyebrows. One was Margaret Sanger. Planned Parenthood in New York City.

They have an inordinate amount of medical emergencies at that particular clinic. It seems like a constant string of ambulances.

One was preterm and Cleveland, Ohio had a number of medical emergencies. There including two patient death and aerobic training center for like two of the Ryan residency programs and then there was another one in St. Louis in St. Louis Planned Parenthood, which the state is actually attempting to shut that one down because of the serious botched abortions that went on that we've got you made it documented 76 altogether at that particular clinic so the programs Paul is actually a danger to women. From what we can see just from the information that we have been able to find and that is been reported. It seems like these training program pose hazards to women there so much there. I want to get into, but we were looking at the Bixby center in particular of these trainees do all of them or most of them become abortionists when they get out of their training program unit is that specifically the direction they're going or is it in some cases abortion training as part of broader training in OB/GYN and they don't necessarily turn into abortionists. While the majority do turn into abortionists. I think a lot of that once they become abortionists work in the abortion clinics. They realized that that not for them and they don't stick around. We've seen that over and over again and do that they're able to keep all of the clinics open that are open now, and in fact there even starting to slightly expand into additional communities. That was what we were able to find out during our lab clinic survey that we took last fall until you see the trainees are mostly young women. Is that right yet very much mostly young women.

I would say from what we can see the composition of the residency they actually publish their fair picture in some of these programs they publish on on their website. The institutional website by monthly women may be I don't know why now to either fix might be a young man but most of them are young women who are training in abortion because they've, you know, bought the propaganda that abortion is needed. Women need abortion and abortion help women only know that that's just not really the case. I think a lot of the people learn that once they start and working at an abortion clinic full-time start realizing and so a lot of them don't go around. Don't you think that that's kind of a further evil that you have women now becoming abortionists in greater numbers. I mean, a woman should have a maternal instinct that maybe Amand would not understand quite in the same way. It seems like that would take even more of a seared conscience to do abortions. If you are a woman part of the whole thing about you know the women equality and all that stop that day.

I found who in some of the University like you have what makes sense. You're just a moment because her brain come back talking with Cheryl Sondra from Operation Rescue about her new investigative reports and trade abortionists.

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Thank you so much for being with us and it's great to have with us Cheryl Salinger, Senior VP of Operation Rescue.

She is out with a new special investigative report over it.

Operation targeted for depopulation. This organization is training thousands of new abortionists in America and you are paying for it, Cheryl. We were talking before the break about the name of this group the Bixby center for global reproductive health at the University of California, San Francisco. Tell us about the funding tell us about where they're getting their money. I know there is somewhat secretive but what can you tell us about how were helping to pay for this training of these abortionists, financial data, we were able to get with my 2017 annual report after 2017, the Bixby center stopped including financial information in their annual report and at that time there was about 51% of their funding that came from governmental forces, that a lot of that impact within the state of California. Various programs within that state. But a lot of it was also from the federal government. In fact they had a live of different agencies actually supported them in them were really surprising like the national Institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism in an allergy nationalized food allergies in things like that. It is surprising that these agencies would be finding abortion training programs but these are the ones that were listed on their 2017 report now it's possible that the trump administration credit defendant.

Some of these programs and in fact I think it likely, but we know not hundred percent of them. We believe and we know that the for California continues to fund this organization while dad is really disturbing because for many many years with the Hyde amendment in all sorts of other arguments that we been making in the last several years about Planned Parenthood getting $500 million plus from taxpayers. We understand that we should not be forced to pay for abortions.

What is it as far as paying for abortions that it is so obscure to people. I mean, this is your Savior giving money to this organization and their training people to kill children, then I'm helping kill children if I'm part of the money that's going to those governmental sources right that I really believe that doing everything they can to take the money away from organizations like that. I know the population of fair that is listed as a contributor to the Bixby center and it 2017 report they have been primarily denied funding for anything related to abortion are so so you know, I know that some of this money has been taken away, but just looking at. We know that we have paid in the past in 2017, 2016. We were paying boatloads of money to this organization to perpetuate abortion in America because without this organization, training new abortionists, we would have only a fraction of the abortion clinics left in this country. And so it's really if I sad that we have contributed to that and are continuing to. But there find her to that that are also disturbing in their people that are known for offending depopulation program all over the world. They give a lot of money to make sure women are not having babies and and that's also disturbing what right because when you talk about Simon is saying it's a woman's right to choose, and reproductive rights, and all that garbage that we been hearing for so many years. The other piece of it is what you just mentioned that you have a whole lot of radical global people who are on this train where they want to decrease the global population and we've seen it all abortion lobby organizations getting quite involved in that sort of thing. What about the Bixby center are they overtly depopulation you know organization today openly admit that they want to see less of a population worldwide.

Or is that just kind of assumed what what what did you find out while we looked at all of their partner. We looked at the people that are finding that any auto bid population control people with a lot of money to spend in the Bixby center on actually have international program like there's one in Kenya. That's really invested in lowering that population and so we see that in their time in Africa also. They have targeted the Third World country visited two populated so yeah there is a population control thing that they are trying to promote here is really no doubt about that.

I just like there's so many things in your report. Here Cheryl that disturbed me, one of which was the fact that you say the Bixby center has helped ensure that 64% of OB/GYN resident training programs now include abortion training, which is up 13% since 2004, is that just by virtue of them bringing in more students.

How have they helped ensure that that the abortion training is going up what what sorts of things have they been involved in doing that. What I got. Program program and they could adopt one of their training programs.

That way they don't have to like develop a program that if they wanted it accredited bake with accreditation already accredited with the easy thing they like Ryan residency program. They come in with accreditation and fulfill requirements for accreditation and its already program that is already in progress, so they just need to adopt that and also there's money involved because the Ryan program gives money not only to the resident but to the trainers and also to the institution though there is a monetary incentive for them to bring these programs then it makes him look like then they have full range of training for residents and things like that is making it up for a recruiting tool.

But why are they so secretive about their funding and some of the things that they're doing.

You mentioned that many institutions have removed any mention of these programs, especially the Ryan program to what do you attribute the secrecy that that that they're operating under. While I think they don't want to be found out.

To be honest I think there's a lot of things that are going on with the Bixby center and all of their program that they really don't want people to be hundred percent aware of and there funding sources. Sometimes there funding sources are very secretive. For example, the Susan P. Buffett foundation used to be the sole donor to this program.

They provided all of the fence to keep the Ryan program opening and wrap in operating now. You don't see that foundation on any of the length anymore.

They're anonymous because the Buffett companies to go for that. They took a lot of heat for being involved in finding that the abortion training program, either. In fact, ever have friends that waited protest at their annual meetings every year and so yeah, now there is a Pentagon underground that people like Bill and Melinda Gates. They have, you can imagine how much money they have, they committed $375 million to population control and abortion just four years at the Bigsby center that the money that most of us came in hardly wrap our heads around my that's going and it's going and why the world they need taxpayer funds in all. While I don't think they do need care. I think there's a bit about coercion thing involved. They they expect that the government will be involved in it and I think this is kind of also leads to another agenda item and that is the aspect of the socialized medicine a new program that the government control (for our help care that the planetoid man for that to include yelp free abortions at taxpayer expense and free you know birth control never thing out at taxpayer expense. So I think they have and I socialized medicine and government run healthcare program that they can insert themselves into the sea. So just kind of setting the stage for when they're able to pull the trigger on single-payer and become even more monstrous in how they control our healthcare system via government, which was already a lot presidential election had turned out differently saw that what happened already so that we don't have that we've had kind of day, so to speak on that kind of thing. But if these people ever regain power in Washington DC and we can expect this campaign to be really pushed through very rapidly. Yeah, and it's so disturbing you got a piece. People need to reach your report they can read all the details but you guys have documented over 240 medical emergencies and for deaths at 21 of the abortion where he's that are used by the Bixby center, but then you also point out that trainees with these Bixby programs involved in some of the botched abortions wouldn't even cooperate with the state investigation into them. As I write. I worry all the light of the last remaining abortion clinic and now because they were involved in for medical emergencies where women's lives were placed in danger, and the trainees that were involved in the incident have lawyered up and refused to cooperate and follow the state if I go, I will wait if you guide Cooperating give good reasonable explanation for why these women suffered these injuries that we can't we can't lie to you about five. Food and we we are expecting a final decision on that here and the next month or so, but that's one of the reasons why the state is trying to pull their licenses because of noncooperation of these trainees that were involved in the Bob's, what a great report you can read it over and Operation Cheryl Salinger great job. Thank you so much Cheryl for being with us you very much God bless you. Keep up the good work and will be back agenda for today. This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet met for today here's your host Joe Milford. I am not going to get all worked up about this necessarily that I was a little bit surprised about this news regarding the ethics and religious liberty commission and watch the executive committee of the Southern Baptist convention just said it will do this is by religion news service, the Southern Baptist convention's executive committee will launch a task force to examine the activities of its ethics and religious liberty commission the conventions public policy organization headed by the theologian and author Russell Moore, Southern Baptist leaders fear controversy over Moore could lead to a drop in donations very interesting.

I want to go over to the Baptist press version of the story because this is the official arm of the SBC. The ER LC it writes is tasked with helping churches understand the moral demands of the gospel and public policy as well as promoting religious liberty on behalf of Southern Baptists.

Now I just want to pause very quickly and if you have not been listening to me for very long, you might not realize that I have been on this issue of Russell Moore for a number of years now, but about six years now.

2014 was when I first started to become alarmed about Russell Moore because of some remarks that he made about Christian talk radio which underplay for you here in a couple of minutes, but I have become increasingly concerned about the ethics and religious liberty commission.

I would say my concerns in 2020 are not relegated merely to my concerns about Russell Moore as being somebody who is I would say personality wise and agenda wise unsuited for that role for a number of reasons.

I've written about it in a very long piece that I wrote back in 2017 Russell Moore versus conservatives. This is not just about Trump but now days.

One of the things that I've noticed really since 2016.

In the election of Donald Trump whom Russell Moore has no love lost over is the issue of the Southern Baptists interests not being met by this entity. Because Russell Moore is at the helm and let me explain to you what I what I believe about this. If you have the largest Protestant denomination in the United States that has an entity that is tasked with public policy on behalf of this big denomination and you have a guy who has so alienated the president of the United States that he has played no major role in advancing the cause of religious liberty with this White House, then why do you even have the entity at all, or at the very least, why do you have a guy who setting up the entity employed there. It's not in the interests of the Southern Baptists you want to have somebody who is at the top of your public policy entity who can actually have an effect. That's what the organization is, therefore, that's what the head of that organization is therefore ostensibly you don't want to put somebody in that job, who can't be effective and can't really make any difference on advancing religious liberty and it's incredibly ironic, in my view, that during the period of time we have seen more religious liberty advances in the last few years under Pres. Tromp that the ER LC at the Southern Baptist convention. The largest Protestant denomination of the US has officially at least had very little to do with it because you've had Russell Moore at the head of the ER LC you'll remember a couple years ago Russell Moore was really poking the bear with Donald Trump. He's not just of your land. Never Trump or which he certainly has been, but he was really snarky about it and you can go back and read some of the comments that he made at the time he was putting out kinda nasty tweets about Donald Trump and Donald Trump finally responded and said he was a nasty man with no heart and then Russell Moore put that up on his bio on Twitter. It was extremely juvenile and it at the time that this all occurred. I said, this guy should not be heading up the ER LC. Not only is he a liberal, but he's just he doesn't have the personality he doesn't have the maturity to conduct himself in such a way that he would be able to do his job because isn't it the job of somebody in that position to be able to wheel and deal, and that advance the interests of the denomination. So for whatever weird reason, the Southern Baptist convention has been content to let this guy languish in the job. There was some you know, I would say some up evil. A couple of years ago whether or not Russell Moore would lose his job or not and and he was saved because some people had threatened to pull their cooperative program funding over him and then he is job was say but then they kinda muted him at ease, calm down. Since then he hasn't been nearly as offensive as he was the first couple of years that he was there and that job, but on the other hand, how effective is he been he's been sit around talking about robots. I'm not kidding. He's talking about robots he's holding his pro-life event saying that pro-life doesn't just mean babies and saving unborn babies. What else is even wasting his time on it what what is that I been doing for the last two years that his advance the interests of the Southern Baptist convention in any meaningful way in public policy. He has no relationship with Donald Trump as he offended Donald Trump and some people may say that that's to his credit, he is so bold and he so prophetic that he's alienated the president look but that's not the purpose of being a lobbyist is that the purpose you want your lobbyist to be brave, bold prophets who can't work with people in Washington. They should be in the lobby is job they should be in the prophets job so this is something that I think is an important background when it comes here, not now. One of the things that's interesting to me is it has been mentioned in this Baptist press article that the executive committee chairman Mike Stone. Who's going to chair the task force unequivocally refuted a question as to whether this was an attempt to remove ER LC present Russell Moore from his position. His quote was this, this is not an attempt to remove Dr. Moore.

It wasn't in 2017 and it certainly is not now what we want to do is look at the facts. Dr. Morse presidency was and is a matter for the Aral Sea Board of Trustees. So it seems there what he saying is that this is it. We can't, we can deal with that issue. The ER LC is governed by their Board of Trustees. This is not a governance issue. This is a budget issue related to their fulfillment of their mission and ministry assignments. We continue to hear reports that are largely anecdotal, but increasing in number where churches are either decreasing or withholding cooperative program funds related to concerns with the ER LC.

We have a responsibility that we are granted under the bylaws of the SBC to look at this, so that's what it's all about not going back to 2017, a 13 member ad hoc committee received reports from executive directors of state Baptist conventions that 75 churches across the SBC were withholding designating or escrowing cooperative program funds while only 14 churches were able to be confirmed by the committee.

Those 14 churches were estimated to have diverted a total of about $1.5 million away from the cooperative program.

I would imagine that that number is bigger now, but who knows. They're gonna take a look at the facts.

They're going to try to see if there's any connection between cooperative program dips in funding and peoples discussed with the Aral Sea but you know what here's here's something else that I think needs to be considered. Russell Moore is safe at the Aral Sea because of who's in leadership in the SBC largely speaking, there are different people there a lot of people in the SBC. But, for example, I have said for a long time. You know, Russell Moore came from Al Mohler seminary, the Southern Baptist theological seminary. He wouldn't be in that job if Al Mohler wasn't in favor of him being in that job in all the instances in which Russell Moore has set outrageous things I've never once heard Al Mohler make a stink about it.

Mr. conservative hero I've never heard him take to task Russell Moore's comments on Christian talk radio, which by the way, let's listen to that, Shelby. Let's go back to this cut from 2014. This is cut five… On the way back up here from my hometown to some Christian talk radio this week against my doctor's orders and honestly all that I knew of Christianity was what I heard on Christian talk radio. I hated to. There are some people who believe that fidelity to the gospel simply means speaking you kids get off my will that is not the message that has been given to us. If the call to repentance does not end with the invitation that is grounded in the blood a cross and the empty tomb of Jesus. We are speaking a different word than the word that we have been given current when I heard that comment out of the Aral Sea leadership Summit back in 2014.

That was when I first said what is wrong with this guy, why would he take a broad swipe a Christian talk radio and imply that all of us with this broad charge. This broad strawman imply that none of us care about the gospel which is definitively ridiculous. It's ridiculous. And then he never apologized.

II called them out. It became a thing he never apologized. He never clarified who was really in his sights. He never clarified which show is actually offending him.

He just went on alone you know that he didn't care and I thought something's off at the sky, but Dr. Moeller didn't say anything that I recall about throw some more.

In fact, Russell Moore filled in for him on his show was he insulting Elmore show at probably not come back. Stay with us Christians losing their businesses for not making wedding cakes for homosexuals parents losing custody for not affirming their child's gender identity big tech censoring Christian books, videos and social media posts. This is in a dystopian nightmare. It's America in 2020, but what will God's people do to respond to the sexual radicals whose rising social and political power is threatening our religious freedom and our free speech. It's time for Christians to get informed about the looming threats that were facing and learn how to respond as both salt and light. That's why I'd like to personally invite you to join me at our second annual God's voice conference. A biblical response to LGBT Q plus tyranny coming to Oklahoma City on April 17 and 18th. You'll hear from an unprecedented lineup of some of the leading Christian thinkers, pastors, profamily activists and medical and therapeutic experts who are fighting on the front lines of this battle and standing firmly on God's word in the face of growing LGBT Q plus opposition to Christianity.

Speakers, including Dr. Everett Piper Joe Dallas Dr. Quentin Van meter from the American College of pediatricians and Greg Bert from the California family Council will all reveal the social, political, and spiritual threats to the church from this movement will offer powerful biblical teaching and encouragement for the battle ahead you'll hear testimonies from ex-homosexuals whose lives were transformed by the power of the gospel and learn how to answer common arguments that promote homosexuality and transgender is him let me tell you, there's nothing else like God's voice conference to get Christians ready to stand in this evil day, so I hope to see you at the God's voice conference and outreach of first known ministries April 17 and 18th in Oklahoma City and take advantage of our early bird discount registration only $85 through March 1 two don't delay go to God's voice .us that's God's voice .us and register for a conference unlike any other. Go to God's voice .us and register now with the church needs now is God's voice.

You're listening to Joe at Milford today though. Welcome back. I'm talking a little bit about really.

What is surprising story to some of us and that is the fact that the Southern Baptist convention executive committee has now voted to create a study task force to review the past and present activities of the ethics and religious liberty commission. Now there is a blog that a lot of people read.

That is, I want to call it a liberal blog but it is definitely not a blog that is known for its conservatism is called SBC voices, but they have a piece here, the executive committee's investigation of the E RLC should be scrutinized. The and in and they say here in this piece the investigation of the E RLC is troubling. Why, why would it be troubling, I what will what's that what's the issue here.

This is all coming in the same context of the establishment of the conservative Baptist network. These guys don't like that they don't like the conservative Baptist network they want to run the show and they want the little people to understand their place, you know, you dumb dumb's down and you know the little small and you hamlets in the South you know you guys are great, as long as you're sending in your cooperative program funding to us. But don't you get on a line and tell us what to do.

I mean these some of these people actually have that attitude were the guys in charge were the ones who are handling things you all just pipe down obnoxious. Is this why shouldn't the air RLC be scrutinized. The E RLC has been under fire for several years now, for a lot of reasons. Now want to go over to some more cuts hear from us tomorrow night because I still maintain and I know that there is a structure within the Southern Baptist convention and you have, you know, as I mentioned before they they highlighted at the executive committee that you have a Board of Trustees with the Aral Sea. I understand all of those things but I just don't think that anybody who is not advancing in Q2 in great detail the actual interest of the denomination. Why in the world is the person maintaining their job.

Is there some great need for somebody in the E RLC to be on the cutting edge of the robot issue because that's what's so important here's what I would say about that. I want to go back to some previous comments by Russell Moore on the gay agenda and the reason I'm bringing this out is because as you know my heart and my attention a lot of my energy has been on the re-voice story starting back at the very beginning when we broke the story and and doing so many shows and doing our God's voice conference because I knew when rhe voice came along in the LGBT Q plus Christianity activism came along right at the heart of the PCA that they were aiming their target at conservative churches and I was thinking back to that family conference that they had with the E RLC a couple years back we had L. Moeller, who was repenting of having denied that there is such a thing as sexual orientation and talked about repenting of homophobia and you had Russell Moore is saying other things.

Let's see, for example, he said he would attend a same-sex wedding reception. Even though he wouldn't go to a wedding he would go to a same-sex wedding reception and some other troubling comments. I want to go back. I don't have the exact date when he said this, but we do have some other cuts hear the still to this day. Somebody needs to deal with this issue because if there is one issue that is affecting the church of Jesus Christ more than any other intercultural sense.

It is the LGBT agenda and yes Virginia there is an LGBT agenda. I want to listen to what Russell Moore had to say. Just a few years ago cut six there was the sort of evangelical belligerents, often in the last generation that spoke for instance about the gay agenda in which there was this picture almost as though there is a group of super villains in a layer plotting somewhere than the downfall of the family that I almost never hear that in evangelical churches anymore. Instead, issues of sexual morality are being addressed consistently across the board, recognizing everyone in the congregation has gay and lesbian children or parents or neighbors, friends and many of the people in our own congregations for same-sex okay when you are saying I never hear anybody talk about the gay agenda anymore is to fit some people off in a layer I mean he's denigrating the idea that there were ever any revolutionaries who said here's how are gonna make sure that America gets on board with our agenda.

Lemme let me just remind you about a certain book that was published in the late 80s called after the ball and in fact that book was the manifesto for how they plan to revolutionize America on gay issues and they rolled it all out and it works spectacularly so it wasn't a figment of anybody's imagination to talk about the gay agenda Dr. Moore. There really is a gay agenda and might I remind people, there was a story here in the Wall Street Journal in October 2014 about this E RLC conference.

The headline was Baptist strike new tone on homosexuality from the pulpit in private they mention more saying, what if you get invited to a same-sex wedding ceremony. In that case I would not attend the wedding. I would attend the reception. I have asked why would a Christian refuse to give more credence to a sinful union only to turn around at the reception to help the couple celebrated but the story also noted more than a dozen Southern Baptists and gay rights advocates met for three hours but The topic of discussion secrets. This was the same gathering at which people with the restored hope network which is a Christian group reaching out to people struggling with sexual sin including homosexuality did not get a booth at this E RLC conference. Even though there was plenty of room for them to set up in several of their members were there at the conference. They didn't get to speak. They didn't get a booth what Dexter seems like a little bit of an agenda in and of itself, and there is never been any accountability on that. I still want to know what was discussed behind closed doors with the gay activists from the human rights campaign, because that was, who the E RLC met with and if anybody's can investigate anything about the E RLC I want to get to the bottom of that, and I know a lot of Southern Baptist you want to get to the bottom of that you mock the gay agenda you mock Christians who say that there's a problem with it and then you meet behind closed doors with gay activist and you never have to reveal what you said you never have to reveal what the agenda was that was discussed behind closed doors. Does that sound like open transparency on behalf of the southern Baptist Christians of this country, or does that sound like something that needs to be looked into and revealed to the people of the Southern Baptist convention who are giving money to support the E RLC. This is the stuff that sticks in my craw because it has never been dealt with, and I'm sorry but at that when you're talking about a corporation and these kinds of things go on. That's one thing, but you're talking about a church denomination at the whole group of churches, millions of people who give millions of dollars and are looking toward these leaders to follow the word of God and to faithfully obey Jesus Christ and to represent them well at the denominational level and there is a whole Lotta stuff that just isn't being dealt with.

This is the crux of the bigger problem. That's my opinion. The bigger problem is where's the accountability where's the accountability and why do you have so many people denigrating the establishment of the conservative Baptist network Al Mohler talking about the real network is the one of the Southern Baptist convention, as if he alone can determine what the real network is and everybody else just has to follow his definition. I'm sorry but this is like Potok. This is like magisterium stuff.

We will determine from on high. What things are and you little people just sit down and take it and I think more and more Southern Baptist Christians are saying we don't have to take it. There are people who are leaving the Southern Baptist convention with their churches over this kind of stuff. And there are people who want to fight to save the Southern Baptist convention from this kind of stuff, but the reality is there is not the kind of accountability.

It would seem from everything that is happened over the last several years that there needs to be there needs to be openness and transparency, and there needs to be biblical fidelity, and I am tired of listening to people talk about pro-life. I have an Orthodox theological statement hey were nobody's a liberal. It was Ronnie. Floyd made that, just a couple of days ago there and there is an accusation that were liberal know or not we know what if it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck. Don't tell me that you're not a dock. People are noticing what you're doing and and heating the words of Jesus that we examine the fruits that is the first and foremost way that you can tell whether or not a tree is good or bad is the kind of fruit that it's producing and with the kind of fruit that is being produced involves critical race theory intersection alley social justice in this racial bashing of people telling them that their white supremacists and and they can never really get overwritten a need to repent again and pass more resolutions and say they're sorry again and again and again and again and again and you have secret meetings with gay activist you know at what point to Christians rise up in the Southern Baptist convention and say enough is enough and that's what this is all about. That's why the establishment of the conservative Baptist network is so significant because it is representing thousands of Christians who had enough of that. They have been polite in many cases they have trusted these leaders who they thought were conservatives there being assured that everything is okay. Just calm down and it drives me crazy because the duplicity is unbelievable and somebody needs to do something about it and I am really glad that there are Christians who are rising up and at least trying to take the reins a little bit and look into the facts. Is there a connection between people who have stopped giving to the cooperative program. The way that they previously did because of what the E RLC has been doing and/or not doing that's a good thing. That's a good step. Whether or not it will lead to any further accountability or any changes in jobs remains to be seen. But in any case, we need to pray for the Southern Baptist convention that the Lord will bring that kind of transparency and bring his son back into the main focus which is what I think Southern Baptists want more than anything else. It should be about Jesus and his word reality, there will see next time parent in an effort

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