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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Michael Petrilli (Education)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 4, 2020 6:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Michael Petrilli (Education)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 4, 2020 6:00 am

What is the conservative vision for tomorrow's schools? I'll talk it over with education expert Michael Petrilli, co-editor of the book, "How to Educate an American." Plus: A former Southern Baptist Convention president and Evangelical Immigration Table signatory is the new head of the denomination's compassion ministry. But what else should Christians know about Dr. Bryant Wright's views on refugees? We'll tackle it all on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by kingdom story companies.

I still believe based on the real-life true story of chart topping singer Jeremy Camp. I still believe rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters March 13.

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Our confidence is in Christ alone and no on the latest results of an international exam given to teenagers which rank the USA nine main and first in math literacy out of 79 countries and economies and the newspaper concluded that the best way for American schools to improve math education is to teach it differently and more creatively. But there are of course many more problems with America's public schools than just test scores.

Whatever happened, for instance, to teaching students to respect our nations history or to possess good moral character. While these are just some of the important ingredients for creating a good American education and working to talk about it more now with education expert Michael Petrilli who is president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover institution and coeditor of the book will be discussing. It's called how to educate an American. The conservative vision for tomorrow's schools and it's great to have you with us. Michael, how are you well they thought or have managed well, thank you for being here. We do here a lot don't way about test scores and performance. We don't hear so much. I would say in the media at least about what makes for a good American education. How would you respond to that overall view of what it really takes to educate an American right Janet. Note really the driver for this book would listen that education which many of us have been working on for decades now feel stuck and unfortunately we see that the test scores that you reference are are not moving in the direction you'd like them to begin and allow the bipartisan effort that have happened over the years I have been breaking down the bad news now that we don't go this does provide an opportunity to step back and ask some supersmart people this case we asked about 20 leading conservative writers and intellectuals policymakers to give us their thoughts and where should education reform go next and what was interesting was that almost all of them agreed that we had been ignoring something in this education reform movement that matter a lot like teaching American history and doing that the right way like each character like sending the message to kids that does there are strong ways to enter the middle class that do not involve going to a four-year college. Lots of other ideas in this book. It is time for us as conservatives to reengage. So I agree completely. I wonder how you would characterize the guiding philosophy, as it were of American education. Right now, if there actually is one in and maybe also discuss a little bit about how that his veered off course from what has been the conservative vision for the schools, you know, I would say that the big focus for the last decade or two has been on this notion of readiness for college and career would all agree that those things are important that we know that most young people today are going to need some kind of postsecondary education in order to get a decent paying job so happy for your college but no people to get paid better if it got his credentials and of course that we want to make sure that our education system is producing students.

You can go out and get a job and pay their bills and support family, but what that leaves out is the focus on the ship and is that focus on some of the ship that really was the driver from the very beginning for having a system. Schools in America. Anyway, think all of us would agree is hugely important when we look at what's happening in our country today. With all of the polarization is the inability for us to even talk to each other and work together is a sense that there's a breakdown and when you dig into how we are teaching young people today about physics or about history. It's very disturbing you either look at elementary schools where outside of the core knowledge schools you received very little teaching history going on where the kids get older if it is being taught in many places this being taught very much from a left-wing perspective very anti-American. No incentive awards and all approaches only works and in teaching kids to feel America rather than being the country with these amazing ideals that we have sometimes struggle to live up to it that the message is that America is nothing but the racist, imperialist, oppressive country very cynical view about her history, and then that may explain what's going on. While I agree completely with you and do you think that in and of itself is reflective of the failure in many regards of the American public schools because those people who are putting out there now to the new generation of students themselves were educated in that way I would say many of them at least with that leftist viewpoint that says America is terrible in America needs to be worked and reworked and has to be different than it's been in the past mean it kinda trickles down, doesn't it. From generation to generation. If that's what you're hearing in school. Well, right currently probably what many of our teachers heard when they went to college is verse 511 for conservative you know I think you could certainly argue that over the last generation. We on the right have basically ceded the universities to the left just enough to make sure that those universities continue to uphold the principle this country will now were doing the same thing when it comes with public school in too many cases, you know, not engaging on these big debates about how history is taught only good news is that the decisions in our system are still made locally and so concerned citizens can show up at school board meetings even run for the school board asked questions how are we teaching history here in our community are we doing it in the way that hears perspectives from all sides that looks at the positives and negatives, or is it all negative. And I know I'm optimistic that if conservative step up and let their voices be heard. We won't have the same situation that we have today where again some some of this nonsense is happening in our backyard. What you write. I think that the involvement of the local parents is very very critical to making sure that the schools are doing their job. One of the things I want to ask you though when were talking about the need for students to understand American history and to understand citizenship and setbacks. What all do you believe that ought to entail in the curriculum.

For example, when you're talking about elementary it's gonna be different than maybe in middle school or high school. But what sorts of things ought to be taught in the classroom. K-12. So first of all, we have got to get back to the point where our elementary schools really are teaching history and geography and if you're single what what are they teaching instead and in a lot of places.

We spent a huge amount of time in elementary school teaching English language arts, and when you dig in what that looks like his kids doing analyst drills around reading comprehension unit which is reading a passage and try to find the main idea boring and ineffective as a way that we actually are going to both teach kids how to read and teach them all the southern pour material is to teach the youth to teach theory in science and geography so that when they get to a passage in they read something about you Abraham Lincoln. They know a lot about Abraham Lincoln Baptist with the sound out his name, but that they actually have been taught about what he did in his in his career and what he stood for and how he saved the nation and on and on and on so that the first place to start is to bring back history into our elementary schools were a lot of placed conscious been pushed out kids get older, I think it is appropriate to present different perspectives. You know it if I schools want to use some of the more controversial materials where they are presenting. You know the real downside of American history babe sure as heck better not do that alone. They need to make sure that there's another side presented as well that the more patriotic positive vision as well and then let kids wrestle with the different interpretations right now but what we see law school was awfully close to indoctrination instead. Michael what would you say is the current state in the public schools of actually having kids read some of the most important sounding documents. I'm thinking about the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, maybe the Federalist papers. Some of these very very vital documents that have told the story of the history and the Republic that we live in today. What is the status that you know of regarding how much students are getting as far as knowledge and and direct knowledge of these documents by reading them in school. Yeah it's good it's a good question. It's hard to know for sure these are included in many state standards. The expectation that students will repeat documents and when you look at classes like previous placement history classes. See a lot of use of these kind of primary documents there as well. Now, question is what station are the educators using presenting them to student. I'm sure we can do better in Maxwell. I'm sure just one moment where to go to a break will be back with Michael patrolling his book how to educate an American you listening to Janet my for today. The healthcare open enrollment period has ended. Did you miss it.

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It's great to have you with us and great to be talking with education expert Michael patrolling president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute and research fellow at Stanford University's Hoover institution. He is coeditor of the new book how to educate an American. The conservative vision for tomorrow schools and Michael before we went to the break we were talking a little bit about some of the standards that do require kids to read things like the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and so forth.

But is that making a difference when you're talking about a conservative vision for education in others so much indoctrination from the left on America's failures in the Howard Zinn view of history that's inculcated in so many kids brains how you see that balance of even if you require them to read it. If you have a teacher who may be undermining it in the classroom. What we do about that right now that that is a huge challenge and it's hard to know for sure how big things are being presented in America's schools. But you certainly now here from college professors you know what you say Robbie George deemed Prof. Princeton who wrote a chapter for our book, a rare conservatives on a college campus. You know, Princeton is by no means representative, but he will say that when when she teaches freshman students there.

They have already been indoctrinated. They understand you know what they're supposed to say this was to take the left review so we have this idea that there's indoctrination going on on campuses but in this happening before they even get there and I think that something that we really do need to be concerned about absolutely something else that you had mentioned and your writers such good essays in this book on the conservative vision for tomorrow schools but Pete Wainer, for example, looks at the issue of the decline of character education and I'm wondering what you think would be some ways to address that important issue in a better way. In the schools today. Yeah, you know, he wrote a greater and look many of us on the right have said that one of the best ways is by having school choice site allowing parents to choose schools that meet that fit with their own values, including religious schools, and you know it's hard to teach the character piece without paying attention to religion. So that's certainly important, but we don't want to give up on the traditional public schools at the same time they have have most of the kids and there is a lot that they can do it it comes to the old adage about how young kids they are watching not what we say, but what we do know we do practice what we preach.

We need to teaching them about character. We need to show them good character, of course, means that the adults in the school.

The teachers and administrators themselves. Showing the character also means how did the adult school respond when kids invariably misbehave. This crazy notion going around the schools today that somehow discipline that we shouldn't discipline kids that we shouldn't suspend them, but you know to do so is this racist. It's unfair, especially for kids that are coming from the challenges of poverty that you know the big almost to say that they can help assist us with soft bigotry of low expectations comes to student behavior. Instead what they need to see is that the adults in the school are serious about learning to make sure that the environment is safe and orderly and that kids that that break the rules matter not able to behave that there are consequences and then that those students are helped to learn how to behave better because in the real world.

There are gonna be serious consequences if you can't do.

So those are some of things that we that we need to do out there. Other ways to make sure kids are reading great books of literature going back to the actions in the Western canon being able to talk about the virtues and in character traits that we can learn from the different characters in history or literature. That's all important, but I really think a lot about the climate and culture of the school.

What happens dated day and do the schools live up to the values of the spouse. Let's write it when you are saying that it was reminding me of a friend who I have who has been a teacher for many many years and finally it's in the towel and took a different job in the school district and the reason that she did that it she said I couldn't discipline the kids. I wasn't allowed to by the administration.

You know, things that we all would've been sent to the principal for when we were kids in a heartbeat.

So we didn't dare duets nowadays kids get away with everything and she said it was so frustrating because my principal would not back me up like I would have some kid was out-of-control and the principles I just deal with that.

Another parent would come in and yell at me because I was being unfair to her can't yeah this is a big frustration.

I think for a lot of teachers who say I would do that. Michael if I could but they're not letting me do that in this goal. What we do about that problem know we did a survey a year ago at the comes before the teachers asking issues and they are just, you know they're scared a lot of them, and especially in tough schools feel like they are at risk of being hurt themselves and it just killed that their classrooms are out of order and they are not getting support. I try to do something about, you know.

So what we do. Look, we gotta get back to some common sense. You know we've got a backup.

Teachers would gotta hold kids accountable for good behavior in Outlook people are saying. While we don't want to kick kids out of school when they need to be in school learning so I know if you're poor in your draft suspended and you've got no safe place to be. Know that that's a legitimate concern. So then you go to school suspension you go to some, special schools for kids that have behavioral problems you know you you tackle the problem head-on.

But you don't say well we're just going have to accept that our classrooms are going to be disorderly and that kids and teachers are going to feel unsafe know that is not okay yeah and in another issue that comes up in your book is the importance of giving students a focus on their purpose and I think that's really important to give a kid a long-term view of life, like you're not just stuck your today being bored by what the teachers talking about in front of her class, you're going somewhere if you will invest in your own education that will better your life over the long haul. You do that in the classroom in an effective way would you say now is so important.

You want one thing is to acknowledge that what our schools do this well is often after school is after outside the classroom.

It's in athletics, you know it's in the music programs and the extra other extracurriculars know where the American education system is probably at its strongest because again we win in those places we are all about excellence. We are about real teamwork. We are about, you know kids feeling a sense of pride in what they accomplished and and that's a great way for young people start to develop those country skilled and the start getting to understand their own strengths and weaknesses in and where they want to go with their lot. Another thing is to make sure that when we are, especially in high school preparing students for what comes next. We are not so narrowly focused just on college especially for your college you but that we send the message to young people that it is certainly okay even great.

If they want to go into a trait they want to learn technical skill and make those pathways open to them. Starting in high school, but they can find great purpose by having pride in their work in those skills.

It doesn't have to be just everything about going to take out, you know, four more years of courses and college campus yes now here's a question. When you mentioned the problems in the colleges and universities. As far as leftist indoctrination and then those are feeder schools into our public schools with teachers, administrators, etc. is there an effective way that that can be addressed.

I mean, when you're talking to these bright minds that you included in your blog. Certainly some of the best out there. I mean certainly that's on everybody's mind, how do we stop the flow of leftist indoctrination into the public schools without addressing the problem of higher education and the left is not that goes on their now I look at. I will say that there are some tools that we have in K-12 to make sure that kids are learning something present.

You know that we got standards which spell out what you just know will be able to do.

We've got textbook selection committees of the state and local levels that can help you know and when conservatives let their voices be heard. They can have an impact.

Years ago the folks that run the advanced placement program came out with new history course analog conservatives were worried that it will be way too far to the left got into some of that indoctrination the made a fuss about it.

And lo and behold, that the folks in charge changed it and now it's much more balanced used to be. We need to engage in the same debates at the local level. While that's important, and that touches on something that's so vital and that is parental involvement.

I don't think we can overstate that, really, because theoretically, isn't it the case. The public schools are supposed to be locally focused and in what way back when the federal government was not nearly as involved in everything as it is today.

You encourage parents to to really be about the business of staying on top of what's going on in the public schools and being willing to run for the school board or to be involved in an expert committee you're not absolutely look at first up is just to pay attention to ask questions to the owner. Something looks wrong to you feeling in your gut, but that's the right, you know, follow that boys find out more, you know, dig in and by the way is not just parents. I mean even people maybe use kids are already through the school system now also should be paying attention to? How is history house character house up being caught in our schools and stepping up and asking this question while that's really smart right because there are retirees who maybe could be involved in have more time than the mom across the street who already has these lots of things going on to say, your vision is really Mike when it comes down to it for revitalized education agenda that really implements a conservative vision of education, you know, I think we have to make sure that we have a broader vision of what education you don't gotta go beyond test scores and a conservative to go beyond school choice now and and that means making sure that we are paying attention to how or preparing young people for the ship, how we're preparing them to be good people in our society.

Good character and beyond and Outlook II think that there's can be a lot of agreement with folks on the left over these things.

You know that II think at the broad level we know we all want a strong democracy. We all want you know good people and and insult you can go and get good jobs, but what if we don't speak up than the way it after comes out is very slanted and so this is the time for conservatives to reengage while I agree because there are an awful lot of conservative families who have kids in the public schools even though they might say I want school choice, but that you're right, I mean the public schools educate so many millions of kids in this country and we can't just completely give them over and say forget it on to take my kids out with.

It doesn't do away with the total problem because were still faced with all the millions of kids who do go through the system and I think this is really really good as a vision for tomorrow schools a conservative vision.

The name of the book is how to educate an American coeditor Michael Petrilli, who's been joining us in just a delight to have you. Michael thank you so much for being with us forever. Thank you God bless you and will be back on.

Janet never today. This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by kingdom story companies. I still believe based on the real-life true story of chart topping singer Jeremy Camp.

I still believe rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters March 13. More information is you're listening to Jonah's Medford will come back. Here's some news from the Southern Baptist convention. The international mission board in the North American Mission Board have announced Dr. Bryant right will be the new president of send relief.

This is about national and international compassion, ministry, and of course my right is the former president of the Southern Baptist convention and also a signatory on the evangelical immigration table principles and you know then the evangelical immigration table. One of the heads of which is Russell Moore and the other ones were always putting out outrage letters about Tromp and whatever Trump is doing because the whole thing goes back to the fact that you have the source funding. For example, putting their radio ads on Christian radio so that you we cover this territory quite a bit but I thought it would be very interesting and enlightening.

In fact for you to hear little bit more about Dr. Bryant right there some people who were going around talking about how he is liberal or use a never Tromp and he didn't vote for Tromp and to what extent is he really on board with the refugee resettlement rackets and world relief, which as we know, Russell Moore has pushed quite a bit. I always thought that was a bit sleazy because that's a federal government contractor. It's not a ministry that even is allowed to proselytize and yet you have all these evangelical leaders. All world relief.

Are they greater the grant like you're pushing a government contractor mean is not just a little bit creepy. You get a contractor that makes money off bringing refugees and per head and they lost a lot of money under Tromp.

And so it just looks like you're kinda shilling for a government contractor. Instead it's so offputting and I think unethical but that's another subject. So I done this out this is Bryant right speaking at Southern Baptist theological seminary in October 2016.

That's at least when it was posted online and he did a little talk called refugees and immigrants now send relief is involved with refugees send relief is also involved. According to their website with people struggling with opioid addiction and sex trafficking victims so all of these things are good. You want to do some ministry and outreach to people who need help, but in particular, I wanted to find out what his views were on the whole issue of refugees, and if he in fact is one of the same sorts of thinkers who misquote Scripture and take scripture out of context to try to guilt evangelicals into getting onto the refugee resettlement racket train and while you can listen for yourself.

Listen One flaw can cross desperately hungry to hear what the word of God's on a hot topic of the so today were going to do that and looking at the topic of refugees and immigrants, and recognizing the tremendous fear that so many people are dealing with our congregations related to Islamic terrorism related to the unsettled nature of contemporary culture with illegal immigration with refugees coming from Syria Moroccan wondering about the motivation of all that out with the demagoguery of the Republican candidate for Broughton and speaking about banning Moslems and sending immigrants were here illegally back home. We hear all this jargon on the news and on talk radio and said so many in our congregation spent a whole lot more time listening to talk radio or their favorite news outlet been looking to see what the Bible the word of God's is about how we respond to very important issues about the okay I don't know what it is with these SBC elites. They just he talk radio. I mean, it was just a few days ago I was playing that old clip of Russell Moore talking about how if all he knew of Christianity was what he heard on Christian talk radio. He hate Christianity too and that was kinda what my red flags up right away about Russell Moore really don't like the radio, which is all the more reason in my mind to listen to talk radio, especially Christian talk radio so I commend you. Did you also catch the part where he was talking about the demagoguery of Donald Trump for wanting to shore up national security. Okay this gives you a birds eye view of the way that he apparently thinks about these things. Then Bryant right talks about what the church he pastored that which is Johnson ferry Baptist Church does with refugees and note who the church called for help. By the way, to Johnson ferry. We are presently ministering to 10 Syrian refugee family.

One of them is Christian not of them, or multiple we have been ministering to refugees in an area of North Atlanta called Clarkston where the federal government has, a sign that setting were refugees from all over the world come in because we have been involved in ministry bear to refugees because we been involved in trips with our short-term mission trips out of our global ministries area going to the border of Syria going to Lebanon, born to Jordan to seek diminishing the Syrian refugee when we heard that Pres. Obama was going to allow 10,000 Syrian refugees from Iraq to come in the United States we call world relief and said we would like to help.

We would like to be there to minister to those families that help them to get resettled okay again you have a direct connection there with world relief, which is a federal government contractor, and you might say that's fine because they're the ones resettling refugees, but again we got a really cozy relationship there between this federal government contractor that has a vested financial interest in leveraging evangelicals views of refugee resettlement partnering with the Southern Baptist convention.

I think it's too close for comfort. Now let's listen into more of what Brian Wright had to say this is cut three but it is also after staying all the strong feelings about this because when our first refugee family came to Atlanta in December 2015 right around the, San Bernardino and right around the time of the Paris attacks from the hands of Islamic terrorists and the governor Brock stated call for shutdown not allowing any Syrian Balkan refugees into the state of Georgia and it was Johnson ferry beginning to minister to one of the first families of Rob you can imagine how the press got ahold about them or did know how this overwhelmingly Republican area of North Atlanta while the church, which they could reach out to do something contrary to what the government was calling for. And it raises a question for all of us. Was he doing right in protecting the citizens we doing wrong and reaching out and doing something that was contrary to the wishes of the government of our state what we called. It's a good question.

I don't think there's any question whatsoever that the church is to reach out and to be kind and compassionate to people who are in need. That's the good Samaritan. Yes, that's what we should do as believers in Jesus Christ, we should help people in need, but there are all sorts of assumptions that are being packed into that statement which he gets into a little bit more in depth later on him to get to that.

Let's listen to one more cut, though did. This is interesting cut for you called what is the church called well as we deal with those questions we go all the way back to Matthew chapter 2. Look at the most famous refugee in all of history's name is Jesus. Okay here we go again.

Jesus was not a refugee.

How many times we have to say this, at least not the kind of refugee. If you want to couch in a little bit that they're talking about in the modern sense of the term and were discussing what happened under Obama with ISIS in the Middle East crisis in the Syrian Civil War and might I say just as an aside, you know how much I believe in the ministry, for example of hard for Lebanon, with whom we've partnered for several years that we love what they're doing because you do have a crisis where you have a lot of these Muslim refugees who are flooding into Lebanon and living in these terrible 10 settlements, but many of them don't want to go to the United States. They want to go home and so they are there and and we kneel to this wonderful ministry can reach out to these families and share the love of Jesus and educate their children and give them practical help and share the gospel and that's all good stuff. But the assumption is that if were not on board with bringing over tons and tons and tons of refugees to live in the United States forever then were not doing the will of God, and I utterly reject that because you have to go back to the text of Scripture and actually twisted in order to try to make this argument that Jesus Mary and Joseph were kin to Muslim refugees coming into this country and I'm not trying to be mean to anybody but were talking about a policy issue.

It's one thing if you have people who are just in your backyard and you're trying to take care of them. It's another thing for you to be partnering with organizations like world relief to actually advocate for more refugees, especially when world relief was one of the bow lags who is involved in opposing legislation several years back that would've prioritized Christian refugees coming into the United States at a time when Isis was saying we will embed ourselves within the Muslim refugee population so we can get into the United States and wreak havoc. That was a major concern and that was not wrong for Christians to be concerned about that. Not at all and it was never a Muslim band that was instituted by Pres. Trump. He was trying to protect the United States from some of the world's most dangerous countries and foreclose this idea that ISIS could get terrorists into the United States who can kill people to come back. There's a lot more to come on Jennifer today Christians losing their businesses for not making wedding cakes for homosexuals parents losing custody for not affirming their child's gender identity being tax censoring Christian books, videos and social media posts. This is a dystopian nightmare. It's America in 2020, but what will God's people do to respond to the sexual radicals whose rising social and political power is threatening our religious freedom and our free speech. It's time for Christians to get informed about the looming threats that were facing and learn how to respond as both salt and light. That's why I like to personally invite you to join me at our second annual God's voice conference, a biblical response to LGBT Q plus tyranny coming to Oklahoma City on April 17 and 18th.

You'll hear from an unprecedented lineup of some of the leading Christian thinkers, pastors, profamily activists and medical and therapeutic experts who are fighting on the front lines of this battle and standing firmly on God's word in the face of growing LGBT Q plus opposition to Christianity. Let me tell you, there's nothing else like God's voice conference to get Christians ready to stand in this evil day, so I hope to see you at the God's voice conference and outreach of first on ministries April 17 and 18th in Oklahoma City and take advantage of our early bird discount registration only $85 through March 16.

Don't delay, go to God's voice .us that's God's voice .us and register for a conference unlike any other.

Go to God's voice .us and register now what the church needs now is God's voice, story company comes the real life story of chart topping singer Jeremy, can I still believe reminds us that amidst large storms can be found in Christ you chose to walk into the fire is what love is still Robert you're listening well we are talking about Dr. Brandt right former pastor in Marietta, Georgia and former SBC president who is now going to be heading up the compassion ministry of the Southern Baptist convention called send relief. A lot of this has to do with refugees in Clarkston.

By the way is really a hotbed of settlement for refugees might also add that the Southern Baptist convention's North American Mission Board recently won a lawsuit against the city of Clarkston, Georgia, which is like I said, it's just that they got tons of refugees there in Clarkston because they want to knock down to historic homes in order to build a $10 million ministry center. That's what they're setting up for this thing and they said well you formed a moratorium on on this situation of tearing down historic homes but it came after we had already received approval to build our $10 million ministry center so they won the lawsuit. They can be knocking down historic home so nothing like coming into the town with goodwill going on and costing the city something $50,000 or something like that, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

So keep that in your back pocket, but Brandt right is interesting a signatory to the evangelical immigration table which is received through other channels of radio funding via Soros money. It's just a fact.

Back in October 2016. He also spoke at the Southern Baptist theological seminary on the topic of refugees and immigrants, and of course he claims that Jesus was the ultimate refugee to refute that in a minute but he read from Matthew 213 now when they had departed, meaning the family of Jesus, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, rise, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt, and remain there until I tell you, for Herod is about to search for the child to destroy him. This is what Brian Wright said about this passage cut five very actually all through history. Even to this day, and very highly restricted Muslim Jane God appears through drain these speaks through drain treatment of this. As you look at the story of Joseph, would you look at the Christmas tour you say that angels, especially angels and drains are a way that God is serving as communication to Joe the player messengers of God and Joseph understanding that this is truly the word of God has been given instruction to go and take the Chol that's not all, but to take the Chol and the child's mother, Mary, and they were to flee in the middle of the night while because Hera was interested in destroying all the children about why because when the wise men showed up in his palace and were inquiring about the birth of the king of the Jews that they saw was perhaps being the most vile.

Call for his big daddy theologians and Bible scholars to come and tell them where the Messiah was to be born miserable, but it's obvious there Mike about to and Herod began to plot and scheme how you might destroy that job because this super paranoid ruler wanted no threat to his power. Could there be a more uncanny parallel what is happening in Syria.with an incredibly cruel leader, a dictator there to say to destroy any threat to his power. A very similar scenario.

That's why it's so Herod wanting to kill Jesus and the fact that the angel appeared in a dream that somehow is connected to the Syrian Civil War. Why it's what is that I don't see harried and Bishara side being exact duplicates of one another is just a I don't know. It's just a little out there to make that comparison then this is quite interesting.

He references the New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof of all people to try to guilt Christians into supporting the refugee resettlement racket. Listen to this cat sex. Matthew chapter 25 if you turn beer that great chapter on three great parables that are preparation of the second coming of Jesus Christ and the paralumbar judgment separation of the sheep and goats in the middle that parable in Matthew 2535 Jesus says Robert hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, Nicholas Kristof, who is a very liberal writer for the New York Times book rights some very challenging editorials. He wrote a while back about the death of their family doll and the title of his editorial was this you love more.

Your dog then refugee what why do you have to cite Nicholas Kristof basically to guilt Christians. You probably love your dog more than you love refugees, Christians, shame on you. Matthew 25 talks all about the fact that you shouldn't love your dog more than you know it doesn't have to refute the terrible interpretation of Matthew 25 that progresses are continually putting out there and in granted he's he is referencing verses with in Matthew 25 about the sheep and the goats, and it is important for Christians to do acts of service and compassion ministry. I'm not disputing that. But that refugee resettlement is not the point of the passage of Matthew 25 all it is a showing that those who will inherit the kingdom of God will do good works because they belong to Jesus Christ it's confirming their salvation. It's confirming their redemption. It's not a do this and you will live sort of scenario if you don't visit enough people in prison. You'll go to hell, we all know that that's not what the Bible teaches. So, just to throw that in there and by the way, on the issue of Jesus being a refugee is hit a few of these highlights Bill Muilenburg wrote about this.

Consider the UN refugee convention from 1951.

They say that the term refugee applies to any person who owning two well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion is outside the country of his nationality and is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country bottle bubble bath, a major part of this definition, he says, is the idea that the refugee is unable or unwilling to return to the country of origin and one simply has to read the rest of Matthew to to see that Jesus did not qualify as a refugee. Since he voluntarily returned to Nazareth, says in Matthew two he goes on to say that the text does not make Jesus a refugee, either seeking asylum, and he and his family certainly were not illegal immigrants but modern debates about such matters are just that there modern debates and were unwise and un-biblical deceit to direct the birth and infancy narratives of Jesus into this contemporary debate, while what is he say about. Hebrews 13 let's us in a cut seven we care for refugees were showing our law for Jesus were showing how we treat them as another very extreme text in Hebrews chapter 13 chapter 13 of Hebrews verse one. Let love of the brethren continue do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers. That's refugees and immigrants for Bobbio.

Some of us have entertained angels without knowing it is a very sobering verse angels are messengers of God that God uses when there is no access to the written word of God and here it tells us will sometimes you can look like it's a refugee or an immigrant and it's really an angel to goddess to see what you think of Jesus. Yeah, he said that he said that so basically Muslim refugees who are brought in here by world relief and then handed off to send relief of the Southern Baptist convention, you better get on board with this whole thing because they could be angels. The Muslim refugees are angels really because I looked up some of these commentaries on Hebrews 13 verse two saying, do not neglect to hold hospices show hospitality to strangers for thereby some of entertained angels unawares. There actually several commentators who make the case that the reference to the strangers refers to fellow Christians.

Now that's not the interpretation of every major commentary major commentator, but it certainly is there. Matthew pool, for example, we are we are supposed to welcome the stranger, but that does not allow us to make the leap into saying we better do everything world relief wants what is all about. I'm not really sure any talks about the role of the government and the role of the church. This is Kate. Look at Romans 13 is very clear that the government has a responsibility for the common good and welfare of the social.

The government has the responsibility to protect the citizens from within and without the government has a responsibility to minister justice and to punish evil that is the government's role but the role of the church is a different role.

The role the church is simply to love our neighbor.

While there's more to the role of the church than loving our neighbor that that's ridiculously simplistic. The role of the church is to love the Lord our God with all our hearts on mind and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. And that certainly is true is to worship God. It's to fellowship with one another and coining neonates to pray. It is to gather together in the assembly of believers. It's to use the gifts God has given to us to build up the body of Christ and to worship and praise our great God through Jesus Christ and to exercise our gifts.

I mean, there are all sorts of things that the church is called to do but to reduce it to love your neighbor that that that's what the church is called to do.

This sounds an awful lot like the mainline to me. If you if you isolate that as one line as just part of what he had to say in a greater context, admittedly, but you know it doesn't come down to good works, guys. It doesn't come down to good works. We exercise our faith through our good works. It shows in our works, but it is not part and parcel of all of Christianity that you have to be involved in refugee resettlement.

So this is this whole thing is something to keep an eye on. I really think so. Especially given his ties to the evangelical immigration table a bit concerning 10 million bucks. That's a lot of money for ministry center when only missionaries sent overseas for that. That's another show ready. Thanks so much for being here.

We gotta go see next time here in Jennifer today.

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