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Janet - Mefferd - Today - JD Greear's Interfaith Dialogue with an Islamist

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 9, 2020 5:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - JD Greear's Interfaith Dialogue with an Islamist

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 9, 2020 5:30 am

J.D. Greear, the president of the officially pro-Israel Southern Baptist Convention, recently participated in an "interfaith dialogue" with an anti-Semitic Islamic professor who has called for the destruction of Israel. Why did the president of the largest evangelical denomination in the U.S. serve as a willing pushover for Islamists, while running down Christians and Trump voters in the process? And what does the event say about this latest Leftist push in the SBC? I'll tackle it all on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by kingdom story companies. I still believe based on the real-life true story of chart topping singer Jeremy Camp. I still believe rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters March 13.

More information is Jared River, our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says that soil is no God besides me. It is, I put to death and give life. I have wounded and it is I who heal and there is no one who can deliver from my hand. The words of the Lord as recounted in the song of Moses in Deuteronomy chapter 32. Why is this important because we need to remember as Christians who the Lord God is there is no other God besides our triune God are God reigns. And why do I start out the show talking about that because there is a very disturbing development among those who are concerned about the problem of interfaith dialogue. You know that I have addressed this issue before in the past we have seen more of this coming up.

It was a few months ago. I think it was that this group called neighborly faith had this event at Wheaton College and it was about bringing together Christians and Muslims for interfaith dialogue and right away Bible believing Christians had the red flags go up and say what what are you doing what it what's going on now. Well, here's the latest via Baptist press more than a thousand attendees gathered for an event Thursday at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina to hear JD Greer and Omar Suleiman on, discuss current issues facing American culture related to Christianity and Islam. As you know, Greer serves as pastor of the summit church but more than that. He is the president of the Southern Baptist convention there in a nutshell, is what's going on.

The Southern Baptist convention's president to represent some 15 million Christians across the country and is subscribed to all of the official documents of the Southern Baptist convention is having an interfaith dialogue with not just any Muslim in him to get into some background on Omar Suleiman on along the way here as we talk about this, but just very briefly.

He is an Islamist cleric. He's a professor at Southern Methodist University.

He's the founder of the Achaean Institute for Islamic research, but he was very controversial because last year he had given an invocation in front of the House of Representatives, the US House of Representatives and Representative Lee's Eldon had pointed out. He compares Israel to the Nazis and calls them terrorists. He supports the Muslim brotherhood. He incites violence calling for a Palestinian into antiphon and the end of Zionism, which is diametrically opposed, I should say to the stated beliefs of the Southern Baptist convention. I want to play for you though as much audio as I can from this. In particular, so you can hear what JD Greer had to say and it's all about hope in the current age and dialogue.

Let's just have a conversation here. So let's go to this first got this is when JD Greer was asked for the reasons he wanted to do the interfaith dialogue listen at 11 is that specifically we understand that when we live in a country that were grateful that we believe in the freedom of religion and the means we need to be able to to the knowledge along with, but to cherish and to stand alongside of them even fight for people who believe different things we do and I were grateful for the multiple neighbors of God is given us in. Want to advocate for their there protection their rights their interests is as much as what is if they were our own, and I just feel like too often actually in the snipers polarization as if it's other units like we are one community in another community. But really, absolutely we we are citizens of a place we want to to serve and love each other as one okay we need to be able to not only get along with, but to cherish, cherish, people who believe different things than we do and fight for them, and in particular he's talking about Muslims if to cherish Muslims and fight for Muslims to believe different things than we do. That's the opening salvo here so Greer also says he has spent time in the Muslim world and his wife made him say yes to this interfaith dialogue and then silly Mann has this to say and Greer reveal something else. Listen To the reasons personal are recommended readings.

There will be articles on Williamson client was an adult is right out of the side we found out over dinner that Omar and I have a mutual friend in Matt Chandler answered as you imagine where was in Texas.

Also the pictures of the Matt Matt immediately talked about that's good before there is pretty close to cities is a great guy except his word not mine.

The fact that he is a rabid LSU fan which is kind of annoying and makes him a punk. Okay. Did you catch that.

I contacted JD Greer says Matt Chandler, who is a major pastor of the village church in the Dallas area on the I think it was the board of the E RLC until recently, and when Matt Chandler found out that this radical Islamist cleric was going to be doing in interfaith dialogue with JD Greer, the president of the Southern Baptist convention. His response about silly Mann was that's good people right there. Set a problem. Greer also said the dialogue helps us not to hate three is a lot harder to hate and stigmatize somebody in the face of people to call friends much effort into this conversation when I lived over in a majority Muslim country United States and things that heated up the discussions because of 9/11 things that happen and that he started to see just categorizations of stigmatization in my mind.

The first thing that popped Muslim is one my friends of the one another for amount or museum this that I'm hearing in terms of general terms in these individuals. A dozen job and so I consciously decided you want JD do you really believe that all Americans are in particular all Christians hate Muslims because that's not true that's not at all true, then he discusses what discourages him in our present context. This is cut for one of things that I got on top of all this in the spirit within the Christian community is one of the greatest challenges for us is remembering that the weapons and the strategies of world are not things that the church is really supposed to engage in. That's not how the kingdom of God is brought in you. We have a Savior who consistently resisted all efforts to bring God militarily or politically just on government influence in society like salt and light, but that's different then than watching a strategy that is trying to take over trying to turn our nation into a Christian nation. Yeah, you certainly wouldn't want the president of the Southern Baptist convention to be in favor of a Christian nation would you that would be just wrong. Did you mean sharia is a problem. JD did you mean sharia because that's what your friend there on this stage actually wants to impose on the United States. He's all for sharia in the caliphate, but instead JD Greer goes against people who want to have a Christian nation, and by the way, I don't know any Christian who wants to establish a theocracy in the United States of America were just trying to preserve the freedoms that are under fire right now. But it disgraceful is it that the president of the Southern Baptist convention is slamming Christians to go after the caliphate and the radical Muslims who are threatening our security and the security of Christians worldwide now know we can't do that that that's not in keeping with interfaith dialogue so let's say let's go to one more cut cut five because of that I think you know what because what happened was is Christians in America have seen some of these things makes the notice. This they reacted with this,' of like okay the foundations are being shaken and and were no longer our message is no longer welcome and things that 50 years ago, everybody agreed on about marriage, for example, now it's actually are ostracized believe that because of this posture fear. It's caused them to do to very unhealthy things. One is you begin to excuse or rationalize the bolts of say a strong man who comes in the hall for protection and you say would matter what you or she is the case may be, what he or she does.

If they're going to give me protection justifies that a modicum of talk about alternate causes this witness that is just very confused because it's like were more concerned with this political and military strategy for this political protection anymore message of the gospel. It also causes you is Omar. I think react with fear to people who are on the outside like we need to, hello, this is who we are. This is what we need to protect this and this is things when you're just both of those are values that are radical to the gospel of Jesus Christ side is he on again.

I asked this question trumps a strong man. Christians are full of fear. It's unhealthy honestly. Whose side is this man on there's a lot more to come. Won't want to miss it. Stay with us on Janet Mefford today story company comes most of the real-life story of George Robinson or Jeremy, can I still believe reminds us that emits light storms can be found in Christ you chose to walk into the fire is what love is still Robert just Christians losing their businesses for not making wedding cakes for homosexuals parents losing custody for not affirming their child's gender identity big tax censoring Christian books, videos and social media posts. This is a dystopian nightmare. It's America in 2020, but what will God's people do to respond to the sexual radicals whose rising social and political power is threatening our religious freedom and our free speech. It's time for Christians to get informed about the looming threats that were facing and learn how to respond as both salt and light. That's why I like to personally invite you to join me at our second annual God's voice conference, a biblical response to LGBT Q plus tyranny coming to Oklahoma City on April 17 and 18th. You'll hear from an unprecedented lineup of some of the leading Christian thinkers, pastors, profamily activists and medical and therapeutic experts who are fighting on the front lines of this battle and standing firmly on God's word in the face of growing LGBT Q plus opposition to Christianity. Let me tell you, there's nothing else like God's voice conference to get Christians ready to stand in this evil day, so I hope to see you at the God's voice conference and outreach of first on ministries April 17 and 18th in Oklahoma City and take advantage of our early bird discount registration only $85 through March 16 to don't delay go to God's voice .us that's God's voice .us and register for a conference unlike any other. Go to God's voice .us and register now with the church needs now is God's voice.

You're listening to Janet River today. I am more than a little disturbed that the president of the Southern Baptist convention which has passed nine resolutions. I think it is on supporting Israel over the years, sat down for an interfaith dialogue at North Carolina State University late last week with Omar Suleiman on an Islamist cleric professor at SMU, he appeared recently at Bernie Sanders rally in Mesquite, Texas, and urged people to donate to Bernie. He believes that Zionists are the enemies of God and he's called for the destruction of Israel and JD instead went after Christians because you voted for Trump.

We see how this works. The Trump supporters there for the fear there unhealthy. They have a problem. I'm not. You cannot make this up. That's why am playing all of this audio for you so you can see what the president of the Southern Baptist convention is saying about his own side. Honestly, it's shameful. Now let's go on with this.

JD Greer kept hammering conservatives and implying that he would never be involved with any political agenda because he's too gospel centered did this is just unbelievable. Listen to this.

Cut sex. We know that salvation is not come to the earth riding on the wings of Air Force One, you know, regardless of who's in the cockpit Air Force waters by you know, we know that you talk your Savior. You were were were part of the land.

So, we realize that were supposed to give us this license to be able to correct them medically.

But when you whether it's on the left or right, you've lost that prophetic voice because now you're interested thought of as dependent on a Republican or Democrat or anybody you in position I'm in now you get invited to report certain discussions with politicians and Omar know you're in there a lot to these bike and one in Washington in what was really clear on the common Sue part of your platform rose garden a picture behind you right on not imply that I stay with you for your apps are either bike, parents, it's to be someone who says the this is what this what God's word says and I think we've lost that because the hope is been transferred to a political solution to where things are. Rather than golf. Oh my goodness, there it is there it is. So basically he's separating himself from any association with Donald Trump.

It's obvious when he talks that way.

But how ironic is this will all I wouldn't say anything. I wouldn't be a Photoshop backer for anybody whether it's a donkey or an elephant time not to get involved in any sort of political compromise. I would be thus says the Lord guy. Well, it might be a good time.

JD Greer to bring out that thus says the Lord line is your sitting next to a radical cleric and wants to destroy Israel.

Might that be a good time to turn around and say, thus says the Lord of now, no dialogue interfaith. I like you can't do that during interfaith dialogue. Janet, you've gotta be very, very friendly and apologetic and tell the Muslim how terrible Christians are because they voted for Tromp and they are full of fear and they would rather trust in Air Force One and the strong man it's just incredible to me to listen to this step. So then JD Greer is asked whether or not he believes that Christian values are under attack in America. This is cut seven is really any way to deny that on some level because the predominant religion in the United States right now that is enthroned in our universities and in the media and Hollywood in the New York Times of secularism.

And that's every bit a religion is anything else because it's a worldview with a set of values of a set of right and wrong, and a set of even its own forms of secular salvation and anything that teaches contrary to that is considered to be units considered to be outside and so I think recognizing that now I want to say this am not trying to just be politically correct.

I do understand that for an American Christian particular white Christian bats. There is still no heritage in a place of privilege that I would have in this culture, and so I wouldn't try to just equate and say, oh, everything that you were trees we we got it way worse Ray Malik that are even on the same level because I think you know is is is a talk to Omar and others me. There are some things that they they deal with better assumptions and stereotypes that are unfair and I would never want one of my own children to be subjected to all great bringing critical race theory is it an analytical tool.

Here is resolution nine.

At the last Southern Baptist convention put out there as me known to the world that were all about critical race theory in the Southern Baptist convention is an analytical tool because he had to wind in the white privilege reference. I mean, I don't know what Muslims go through.

I mean, I don't know why it's embarrassing to listen to this. This guy is the president of the largest evangelical denomination in the United States any stammering and he's apologizing and he's bashing his own side. Meanwhile, we all know what the Muslim brotherhood uses interfaith dialogue for and it's not only to convert Christians potentially to Islam, but it's to rally Christians against Israel and its to divide and conquer the church because if you can take the leftist realm of either the Catholic Church or the Protestant wing. You can divide and conquer.

Put the PIP the leftists against those right wing nuts and the Southern Baptist convention. Their laminate there. I mean that there are loving it. Their laminate the Muslim radicals who are all into interfaith dialogue, who talk about.

It's all about being friends.

It's all about being buddies. I didn't hear anybody buddy talk from from the other side. I was all JD Greer. Oh, I'm so sorry were so terrible right now. Listen to the pandering here. This is cut eight. I do want to create a we need to acknowledge that friends like like Omar and his friends that they do some things we want to deal with them that needs some appreciation and to build humility on our part to listen and learn about our appreciate the pickups gives me a lot of hope wishes to perform or not yet cut the form right now because with friends like Omar Mayne and his friends. It's just it's life is great. Life is great. You want to make friends with people who attend conferences or speak at conferences keynote fundraisers for care, like selling on his Don the unindicted co-conspirator in the Hamas mining trial. He appeared at the American Muslims for Palestine events. He was part of gathering of the Muslim Americans.

The MAS conference with Aetna and Eric now which is been investigated for terror linked activities in Maine with friends like Omar, you know you don't really have problems.

Do you and the MAS cannot convention an expert says Discover the networks of said experts have long documented that organizations ties to terrorist groups. No problems here. Just keep dialoguing Greer then tries to take the parable of the good Samaritan and somehow link into interfaith dialogue. This is interesting. Cut nine is beginning you refer to the parable Jesus told the good Samaritan. One of the characteristics of a parable was that it was somebody who was very different.

The Samaritan and the Jew had different ethnicities.

They had different religions. They were considered societally enemies and one of the things that Jesus was teaching through that is the test of virtue in love is not how fervently you fight for your own rights. The white rights of people that are like you, but will you give that same amount of devotion and care to people that are not like you and so yes I'm grateful for those that are fighting for you Christian right, so to speak in the public square, but you know that's not really that's a self protection. All that is that self-interest everybody does that. You really what what what Christ like like service is is when Omar feels like but I'm fighting for the blessing and the rights of his family and his rights as much as I would my because that's you know that that would be what we believe that Jesus did, you know, and I think that that's that's it. That's an area that the Christians retreat into self-interest rather than Christlike servant. Is that what the parable of the good Samaritan is about because that's not the parable of the good Samaritan then that's in my Bible, where it is to teach anywhere, Jesus's words of the parable of the good Samaritan that it's not about fighting for your rights. It's about fighting for the rights of that's not the point of the good Samaritan what you talking about what Bible are you reading this guy is the head of the SBC and he doesn't know what the good Samaritan is all about the take away of the good Samaritan is not that you can't fight for your rights. Paul even fought for his rights as a Roman citizen in the book of acts for crying out loud. To me the Bible itself contradicts what he's trying to do the kind of ridiculous argument that he's trying to make disgraceful, unbelievable, then let's go on to this silly mindset. It would be better if religious representatives could detach some of these conversations from political platforms. Since a 10 is a Muslim. If someone is signing off on a platform. The wants to criminalize Muslim organizations and wants to get on a more targets the Muslim community would surveillance domestically its military interventions abroad and bombard minimal some countries abroad. I just can't take the claim seriously, but you really want to include in your discussion on religious liberty and religious freedom and will practice here, but when we can talk about as devotion devoted believers devoted followers of fates.

What is it mean to be able to practice your faith unhindered in America in a civil way in a way that does not preclude you being a loving neighbor to everyone around you.

I think that's when we can have that discussion in a more sincere way okay. He's very calm, cool and collected. He's not stammering he's not bashing his side of the aisle. He's just saying it straightforwardly. Hey, we don't like the surveillance we don't like you coming after and investigating groups for terrorist ties. Because then we don't take you seriously that you believe in our religious freedom.

Are you hearing what he's really saying and I'm not sure that JD Greer was picking up on what he was really saying there but if you go into the background on this gentleman.

If you could call him a gentleman, you will see why this irritates him because so many of the groups with which he is had either a direct or indirect Association have run afoul of certain activities, and so you've had some governments involvement in looking into whether or not there were terrorist ties to this or that or the other thing.

For example, I believe it was FrontPage mag that pointed out that he had attended Maia conferences this is a hate group. Maia is according to the FBI, which says it is a conduit for money to Hamas.

Hamas being a terrorist organization so you don't believe that people want you to have religious freedom. Unless you stand up against surveillance against Muslims who may have terrorist ties.

Given that, are you to come back. Stay with us this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by kingdom story companies. I still believe based on the real-life true story of chart topping singer Jeremy Camp. I still believe rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters March 13. More information is Mefford today and here's your host Joe North Carolina State University was the setting for this interfaith dialogue, JD Greer, the president of the Southern Baptist convention met up with Omar Suleiman on Islamist cleric who appeared Eddie Bernie Sanders rally and urged people to donate to Bernie Sanders, the communist and has said that scientists are the enemies of God and his talked about stoning defended stoning for immorality, and talked about chopping off hands being fined to for theft as per sharia law.

So why not just sit down and have a cuppa tea interact a little bit place in FTSE amine you need to stand up and cherish the rights of these people to have religious freedom. According to JD Greer. That's what it's all about money. By the way, I wonder if we were discussing bail warship if JD Greer would say the same thing we need to cherish bail worshipers. We need to stand and fight for bail worshipers to be able to worship.

They'll because that's what America is all about. We certainly don't want America to ever become a Christian nation, because that would be just indicative of Christians fear try to apply that to anybody in the Old Testament anybody in the New Testament who is a hero of the faith, saying such ridiculous things. Let's go back to some of this audio, this is JD Greer genuflecting verbally, I would say to Omar Suleiman, who, as you'll note does not reciprocate. This is cut 11. We believe some very different things about God and about salvation about holy Scripture, but that doesn't preclude that that that I can say you know I want to lay down my life for that's what it takes to preserve your right to do that in you. For me right same destination is. And were going to dinner together okay.

I want to lay down my life for you.

Bail worshipers to be able to continue to worship bail if you put that in there.

It sounds insane and it is insane is insane, while Janet don't you believe in the First Amendment.

Of course I believe in the First Amendment. But if he is the one talking about the need to say thus says the Lord in a political context, now might be a good time to invoke it thus says the Lord. There is only one God. He is father son and Holy Spirit. We are sinners in need of a Savior Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man, thus says the Lord, that would be a good thing to say it wouldn't.

In this context. I'm not in a play. Pick a God with you in front of an audience and act like Christian, you know, just checkbox figure out which one you want. That's not proclaiming the gospel at all. Now listen to JD Greer once again take the Bible and relay that it says something that this passage does not say this is cut 12. The scandal of Jesus's life and what you most biblical scholars will tell you led to his crucifixion was because he obviously had the power to bring this earthly kingdom and he just wouldn't. In John six he multiplies five loaves and two fish and be 15,000 people and what's on everybody's mind for world hunger. Right if he does that with that we will end world hunger and this always abilities walk on water and raise the dead and cast demons out there like man blow would be no problem for you could throw off the chains of injustice. But Jesus consistently down to the point that his own people betrayed him because of it said that's not why I came one day one day. That's what the Messiah will do one day he will restore peace on earth and prosperity and an injustice for everybody. You will do that but he said context got a bigger problem and that problem is not that he's in the wrong political system. The problem is not good enough enough money.

The problem is this that his heart is simple and separated from God. Okay, the last part find sinful separated from God. Finally, were getting down to some Christian theology, but that was the worst take on John six. I think I've ever heard. The 5000 being fed by Jesus did not invoke a response from the crowd that said wow he could end world hunger, where in the passage they were not seen anything about Jesus taking the loaves and the fish and extending that to the rest of the people on earth where is he getting this and then he went on to talk about what I mean. In the end, I mean Jesus is an established peace and prosperity and justice for everybody no he's not what you talking about is that some kind of Universalist throw away.

I know you're not a universal is JD bit as pretty sloppy theology because in the end, the people who will get justice of the people who are not putting their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. That's who's going to get justice. The Christians are going to get justice because Jesus got justice. He was the one who paid for our sins to we actually will not get justice. We will not get justice. We got mercy see the difference. Unbelievable. Finally, the mentor asked to address the others community here goes Greer first speaking of Muslims and falling all over himself not to offend them. Listen to this cut 13 yet for those of you that are Muslims and you are here.

I want you to know very sincerely that logic here. We have many of you, I don't rubbish even know your name and so once they submit authentic, but we would love you. We think you belong in the society and we really do want to stand beside you. We want to be your friends refill other things in your community and the way that you look at life that the one most enriching times of my life was when I lived in the multiple majority country and in was able to learn some things you know, there's nothing about being in another culture that makes you look at your own and say that I thought we had it all figured out and I was wrong and so it will really do an end and I thought there's a lot that we want to learn.

We want you to be patient with us and help us you learn what it looks like a look at life through your eyes. It's hard for us. Honestly because were selfish people, and so we think of ourselves and so if you can be patient with us because most of us have not ever had the experience of being in a place where we were in the majority and that's a difficult transition for us to make.

I'm just telling you it's difficult and and what I'm telling you speak forever. I can't wait want to make it but I know we want to learn that we really do want to fight alongside of you wonderful alright well it's a difficult transition for Christians to make to not been the majority religion so you just got gave up on their JD and we love you Muslims we would be friends and you know when I lived in a Muslim country.

I realized I was wrong that we had it all together and we need to see life through your eyes.

Muslim community were selfish whose side is this man on I don't know.

Here's cut 14 to the role as the Christian claim was all built on whether Jesus actually raised from the dead and through that process I came to the conviction that he really did because he did.

The Bible teaches that that meant that his death on the cross really was God so loving me that he wanted me to be reconciled to him and so he took my thing.

I could not change which was my simple heart and the penalty from us and he took it away and he took it away and he gave me eternal life so that I am sure positive that if I died. Even tonight I will go to heaven, not because I believe righteousness amount to speak of, but because because it's gift righteousness that God gave us a gift of grace. And so, yes, that is our conviction medicine. We want to tell you we would promise as much as we can, were not to be annoying about that will can't promise for everybody. A lot of Christians really anointed me to a lot of Christians are really annoying.

Let's see were fearful or unhealthy were really annoying.

Thanks, JD thanks for standing up in representing Christians in such a great way because I hear Omar Suleiman on make one disparaging remark about his Muslim community.

What you think that makes them think of you and of Christians. If I were Omar Suleiman on you know what I would say if I was sitting across from JD Greer in this context, I would say score. That's what I would say I won. This is why he sat back with a very self-satisfied look on his face and how he was JD and his gym shoes and his skinny jeans and Omar Suleiman was in a nice suit and was very reserved and very calm and very smooth and boy was embarrassing is really embarrassing. Now here's the last cut. You gotta listen to this. Listen to what Suleyman says when the moderator asked Sam to make a brief statement to Christians you heard what Greer said to the Muslim community. We love you want to be friends. Your community is great we can learn from you.

Be patient. This is what Suleiman said cut 15 muscles to your community become Muslim quicker thing.

Join this disaster just faster, but he got to the point in now. JD Greer kinda back handedly share the gospel. I'll give him credit for having given his testimony a little bit, and talked about the death and burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But it was really backhanded.

There was more pandering and more cozying up to the Muslim community. Please don't hate us pleased that we would be your friend soon as I become Muslims, Christians will that's what they are, therefore, that's what the Muslims did.

Therefore, that's exactly what the whole process of interfaith dialogue is for the Muslim community you think these people are done they're not Don. They want to find some dupes that they can exploit so they can achieve their ends. What are their ends want to get into that when we wrap this up will come right back on Jenna Mefford today. How much is one life worth.

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Well I'm really glad you're here. I've been talking about this recent interfaith dialogue that took place between the president of the Southern Baptist convention JD Greer with Omar Suleiman, who is a founder of the Achaean Institute for Islamic research. He's in SMU professor and a real radical. He believes Zionists are the enemies of God. He's called for the destruction of Israel. He's pro-boycott, divestment, sanctions, and by the way, the Southern Baptist convention has a resolution against that. So what is the president of the SBC doing sitting on a stage making nice with a guy who is diametrically opposed to some very important positions that the SBC holds the SBC sign off on this to the rank-and-file pastors in the rank-and-file Christians in southern Baptist churches across America know that their present and is doing this interfaith dialogue really are enough PC USA because you're acting like it's now I want to talk a little bit about this issue of interfaith dialogue because that the light is always used and I hear this a lot from people. What's wrong with having dialogue. We don't want to be enemies with people we do live in a pluralist society.

Janet, we do have to have friends we should be able to get a longtime friend with that I've no problem with that, but that's not like the Muslims want interfaith dialogue. It's just not let's go. For example, to French-Canadian websites that I came across an anti-Islamist website that really exposes a lot of these Islamists and they quoted on this website.

Youssef Cara Dowie who is the spiritual guide for the Muslim brotherhood quoting out of his book the priorities of the Islamic movement and one of the quotes from that book and later a commentary was that we only carry out dialogue with Christians in order to find common grounds that serve as a basis for further action.

What further action so they can genuflect Christians and apologize for being mean to them and killing them and were sorry for the Muslims in the Middle East to have destroyed churches and burn down your churches, and killed your Christians and force them into 10 settlements to flee for their lives and were sorry about what happened in Nigeria to the thousands of Christians who been murdered there and were really no talking about that two of the stated grounds of the further action points would be. According to Youssef Cara Dowie. They want to improve the image of Islam and they want to discourage Christian leaders from supporting fellow Christians involved in conflict with Muslims. See, it's the divide and conquer. They want to bring about if you can divide Christians than that helps them but furthermore, in a commentary they quoted from the same man to have the other points are. They want to convert Christians to Islam and they want to rally Christians against Israel, and I've actually been told this by some other Islamic scholars that part of the interfaith dialogue movement is to separate Christians and Jews from one another and out was certainly Christians and Jews are not on the same page. Theologically choosing the gospel the same way we do. But when were talking about supporting Israel. That's a problem because there are a lot of Christians in the world. So you got it you know if you're if your end goal is to destroy Israel, then you might want to take away some of the support, Israel already has.

Now this brings me to a very important point I mentioned before, the Southern Baptist convention has passed what I believe are nine resolutions supporting Israel. Here's one from 2016 on prayer and support for Israel not to read the whole thing, but here, for example, it says, whereas the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement seeks to isolate the nation of Israel, economically and socially. And whereas we are concerned by anti-Israel activities in this country within certain university campuses, academic and professional associations and popular culture. And whereas we thankfully remember that we are indebted to the Jewish people who gave us much of our Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah now therefore be it resolved that the messengers to the SBC in 2016 commit to bless Israel and be it further resolved, and this is key, that we support the right of Israel to exist as a sovereign state and reject any activities that attack that right by promoting economic, cultural and academic boycotts against Israel. You reject any activities that attack that right. Well Omar Suleiman on has engaged in activities where he is talking about that and he supports the BDS movement and is that not a problem is that not a problem. Now there might be somebody coming back and say why or having dialogue. I mean me know. We want to reach people who don't necessarily believe the right things right, but there was no thus saith the Lord at all on that stage. I watch the entire thing in the video is online by the way, you can watch it for yourself and you can watch the body language and you can watch to see who seem to have the upper hand the entire time. It wasn't a Christian and you can say why are you doing and why are you doing it and my question is is it the case that Southern Baptists are in favor of this because I just don't believe most Southern Baptists are in favor of this and this is something the mainline does. This is the garbage that goes on in liberal mainline churches. This is not the sort of thing that conservative Bible believing Christians do have a debate if you want with a Muslim cleric and finish it by preaching the gospel to them. I have a problem with that. If it ends with preaching the gospel and confronting Islam insane. It's a false religion. You have a false God, and you have a false prophet.

Let me tell you the truth, and do what Paul did at Marcel you want to know who the real God is. I'm here tonight to tell you that's what you do that's fine that's not what went on here and the bigger problem that I see is when I go to the website for neighborly faith, which apparently is all about organizing these same sorts of events in different areas around the country.

They have a map here with all kinds of pinpoints where they're going to be appearing. They call themselves a nationwide movement, bringing Christians and Muslims together. By the way, Kevin Singer, who is the moderator at this interfaith dialogue or cofounder of this group was a Southern Baptist convention church planter at one time. Isn't that interesting. But here's what I find interesting as well. When you look at the list of contributors to neighborly faith. Let's see, you have Michael freeze. He was a Southern Baptist pastor and also his done work for the ER LC if you go to their website. You can see him there truly a new Bell director of community outreach for the air LCD ethics and religious Liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention.

You also have Daniel Darlene again. He is with the Southern Baptist convention's ER LC, the vice president for communication severe LC presence. Aaron is this something that Southern Baptists are in favor of his pain to have these SBC employees working on bringing Christians and Muslims together.

Is that what your hard-earned money is going toward is somebody better pay attention to this. I think this is rather important and not only that, but you have inter-varsity involved. You have crew involved formally campus Crusade for Christ.

Those two groups are involved in sponsoring this event in North Carolina state.

This is a five alarm fire Christians and that's why I'm bringing it to your attention today. Not because I want to be a complainer rancher bash people that's not it's I love the Bible and I love the Lord our God, and he has done so much for us and we let him down when we pander and when we act like we have to apologize for the church. We do apologize for Christianity and were just so bad and were fearful and we voted for a strong man and it's ridiculous. Isaiah 46, nine through 11. Remember what happened long ago, for I am God and there is no other.

I am God, and no one is like me. I declare the end from the beginning, and from long ago. What is not yet done same. My plan will take place and I will do all my will. I call a bird of prey from the East, a man for my purpose from a far country. Yes, I have spoken so I will also bring it about. I have planned it. I will also do it, do we not owe the highest honor in the highest obedience to the Lord our God and not to bring him down to the level of a false God and to grovel in front of this man, who should be called out for his sin and called out for his radical positions against the nation of Israel needs unbelievable to me that were at this point it really is.

It's unbelievable to me and I wanted to make you aware of it because I am well aware that many many people who listen to that show are Southern Baptists, and you're going on about your life and you're raising your kids and maybe your homeschooling or you're working hard at your job or your involved in the PTA or whatever it is that keeps you busy at church. Maybe your Bible study leader and you're involved in your church and you love your local Southern Baptist Church. You love your pastor you love the friends that you have there in the fellowship that you enjoy, you don't have time to track what's going on with the church bureaucracy at the top of your denomination. But I'm telling you it's a five alarm fire because it isn't just this that's going on in the Southern Baptist convention.

It's all kinds of things that are going on in the Southern Baptist convention and it matters even if you're not a Southern Baptist because this is the biggest evangelical denomination in America and if you can see the leftist turnover of the SBC that is going to have implications and reverberations unlike anything I think we've ever seen with any denomination. In the past and that is why I am trying to publicize this not try to hurt anybody's feelings or be mean I am trying to put a megaphone up to your ear and say pay attention if you're a Southern Baptist pastor. If you're a Southern Baptist layman. You need to get involved in what is happening in your denomination because it's not only a problem with social justice and with pro-LGBT this and that and Judy Greer talking about having pronoun hospitality for transgender's when really what he should be doing is preaching the gospel insane. You were created in the image of God, male or female, let me help you understand how God created you.

If we don't pay attention to what is going on in any denomination, where things are falling apart like this denomination will be lost and I just believe there are too many good sound Biblical Christians in the Southern Baptist convention to give up just don't give up. Pray for your churches and get involved and make your voices heard about this. If this bothers you call them up and tell them call JD Greer's office and tell him we shouldn't done this. This was wrong, should preach the gospel and don't pander to an Islamist's ridiculous leave there. Thanks so much for being with us on Janet my for today was the next time.

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