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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Andrew Bostom (Who is Omar Suleiman? Interfaith/JD Greear)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 10, 2020 6:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Andrew Bostom (Who is Omar Suleiman? Interfaith/JD Greear)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 10, 2020 6:30 am

What is the background of Islamic cleric Omar Suleiman, who interacted with Southern Baptist Convention president J.D. Greear at a recent "interfaith dialogue?" You'll hear some of Suleiman's thoughts about Israel, the Jews and women in his own words. And you'll hear reaction to it all from Jewish Dr. Andrew Bostom, an Islamic expert and author of "The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism." Don't miss Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by kingdom story companies.

I still believe based on the real-life true story of chart topping singer Jeremy Camp.

I still believe rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters March 13. More information is is our confidence is in Christ alone. Yesterday Southern Baptist convention Pres. JD Greer appeared recently at a Christian Muslim interfaith dialogue with an anti-Semitic mom named Omar Suleiman on at this event at North Carolina State University was part of a nationwide movement to bring Christians and Muslims together through an organization called neighborly faith which is already been holding similar interfaith dialogue events at places like Wheaton College but as you heard on yesterday show Greer's appearance was not only shocking because the Southern Baptist convention officially supports and backs and praise for the nation of Israel.

But it was shocking to hear Greer insult and apologize for Christians and trunk voters while bending over backwards over this theme, on whom representative leaves Eldon called out for comparing Israel to Nazis and supporting the Muslim brotherhood, Selden made those remarks as did many others. Last year when Philemon delivered the opening prayer for a session of the US House of Representatives but there's a lot more to know about Philemon and the dangers of interfaith dialogue and that's what were going to tackle today with an Islamic scholar who is not only thoroughly informed about Philemon and Islamic anti-Semitism but is also Jewish, and so I wanted to bring back to the show Dr. enter Boston, author of the Legacy of Jihad and the legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism. You can read his Dr. Boston. I know you have heard some of the clips from this interfaith dialogue between Greer and Sulu mind but I want to open the show with this question as somebody who is both Jewish and an Islamic scholar what you think about the president of the Southern Baptist convention, sitting down with this cleric for an interfaith dialogue.

What is your base reaction basic reaction to this terribly unimportant and you know it. At that point Suleiman has been up in the public eye that it's gotta be a willful uninformative on the board.

Mr. Greer and IIIII find it very very insulting because of the moment serious apprentices and Muslim advice I might like it and I put the that affects everyone you wear a small worthwhile community review United States but his anti-Semitism is quite virulent, but I think what affects Americans overall is this man desire very clear.

His desire is to transform the society into a sharia-based society not not a little liberty, freedom based on these very open and you can catch them on tape calling for the history of hard punishment is mandatory punishment that would mean any very clear about this stoning for adultery he's advocating and/or apologetic for the bank. So when is apologetic or something like only for adultery after mean that you're given his desire to impose this. He talked about that universal.

In other words, societal sharia. He talked about in a caliphate so there's no using what that has meant and he said, so that sharia could be applied in totality, so that means when he makes apologetic statements about adultery being punishment being stoning or or theft. The punishment being amputation. He means it. He really means that he's even defended the practice of muffling the storable practice of Muslim concubinage and sex slavery on the basis that that was preferable to these women of being being exploited if he would put it bite by prostitution I mean you know so the these are explicit on tape statement Janet to major Muslim conference is always some apologetic full of the ferric that you yodel it will include but overall the context couldn't be clearer when it comes to choosing the context couldn't be clear of still online then I just checked your work before we got a live together is is is five part six hour lecture on the Jews of the pictures in the Chronicle. The lost Chronicles of the Bonnie Israel and it you rivets on one theme in particular, which is this Koranic epithet for the Jews as apes or eight pigs 802 verse 260 65 eight again that he goes into great detail the seventh through seventh chapter, a series of verses 150-322-1661 57 and then apes and pigs come from another chapter (about the fifth floor of the 60th verse and he's very explicit about this he said all of said we told them to become a eight, and here he siding Karen 71 66 all the transform them. This group of people that took that action into apes and pigs (560, which means their external appearance became apes and pigs and the idea here was that the people were trying to make Allah out to be a fool for their being punished.

The Jews are being punished, but all instead transform them into animals. The prophet Mohammed held that these people which were village the entire Bonnie Israel. This group Bonnie Israel but Allah transformed three trucks on the three days. As an example to all other people. The older ones were transformed into pigs and the young one HP then goes on to explain that this is some sort of apologetic that well thought appropriate to call modern Jews fund debates and pigs cook. After all, the group that would transport died off but it very appropriate because of the Jews inveterate characteristics of the seat in particular and loving this world to watch and distinct and going to the effect of receiving all law that brethren of apes and pigs salute. We accept the majority of Jews. Currently we have this trait yesterday.

Not a sign of any better or a pale Europe brother and in fact this is what Mohammed used in in the year in the early part of the bog biographies of Mohammed for very explicit purpose. He was humiliating. This perceives Jewish tribe about a great they ultimately submitted and he according to one account personally beheaded 600% of the of the adult age male. While this is this is very clear what were driving at here and ultimately in this long discourse on the Jews. The update is very plainly we ask Allah to humiliate Israel meeting modern Israel. The way that you maybe humiliated Bonnie Israel Koranic to couldn't be clearer. This right and I have some cuts I want you to react to. I want to play one as you mentioned before, the way that Philemon speaks to his own people at some of these Islamic conferences is a totally different ball of wax in the way he spoke with JD Greer at this interfaith dialogue. I want to hear your reaction to this, let's listen first to sue him on discussing the caliphate and other subjects.

This is One in every situation or something took place at such place as a result of confession the punishments for study first which would be cutting off of the head. We also need to be able to stand up and say that the city are practiced on a societal level, as was practiced by the companions of the Prophet Salah Hardy was slim as was practiced by the velocity in the Makayla's they it was a righteous system again. Definitely you know it's not going to be applied in totality. Unless we have police were talking about the state level. We also lost hundreds to allow us to witness in Charlotte on a righteous lobotomy. Okay now obviously he's throwing in some Arabic. There we would which will throw some listeners off but basically Dr. Boston what he's talking about there stoning and the caliphate. The interfaith dialogue. I wonder why.

And again, Janet and I tried to lead into exactly what you were referring to. This is this is unabashed sharia. If the premises and he's telling you that that what he desires for our society okay for our society is that it needed the US be transformed into a sharia-based society as in the days of the early Muslim conquest of the so-called rightly guarded guided Caleb stays referring to beget beginning with with Mohammed's immediate successor of the dock are and that you have Caliph Omar and that ended and then you and you and with with caliphate without Allah Paul E Ozment right before and so these four individual they applied the sharia as as we would recognize it. In it, in its unfiltered form, which again would include stoning adulterers and stating that we talked about a specific height of the little full of apologetic where he says there is a practice just about what we do need to pause for a break Islamic expert Dr. Andrew Boston with us will come right back. Janet, how much is one life worth.

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Unfortunately, you know, goes over the outrage word supersedes the outrage of a woman the very realistic possibility that a woman in that situation had the option not been there would've most likely been put in a situation of prostitution.

Okay, let's talk about this when Dr. Boston because people may not understand the context here as I understand it, the context is concubines and sex slaves. What is your impression of what is really communicating exactly what you communicating and what are you saying you need these women would would've been forced into prostitution if they hadn't been brought into the into the power or hadn't been used as a sex slave you'll conquered by jihad taken from the slaughtered men and and exploited as sexual a sexual slave it would be if somehow the their lot would've been worse than that and therefore justifies those practices that the exactly what he say is sharia thinking practice is he is supported. Then when we saw a couple years back I said taking sex slaves and raping UCD women and the like. Where is he actually saying that that was okay or was he denouncing now.

Do we know. I I don't know if he was confronted with that you know specifically, he probably come up with some sort of apologetic but that but that in essence is exactly the kind of practices that he sanctioned by making the statement that you just played low, you know, because it again we have to deal with it with the simulation that goes on the sanction for Kia so taking making 22 Greer Mitel. Of course he opposed that I was there distorting Islam, but Wendy speaking from Oakland basically sanctioning what I was doing not too long ago well is something important that I think listeners need to remember is that we has had in the last year or couple years now and the Southern Baptist convention, a great deal of ink spilled over the sexual abuse crisis that they've been referencing the Southern Baptist convention, but you know girls have been molested and the like and and JD Greer and others in the SBC have spoken out very strongly about. We protect women. We support women.

We are in a we need to make sure that women are treated well. I mean that this would've been a good subject to bring up at the interfaith dialogue to see what Greer's position really would've been when confronted with the fact that the guy he's praising actually says this things these things to Muslim audiences exactly exactly exactly and and and yet the other thing I'd like to point out that there is there is a mainstream Muslim organization that trained IMA United States Colby assembly of Muslim jurors of America and day. They have they have sanctioned all the same things that you just heard that. Just heard Omar Suleiman sanction and beyond, including like like female genital mutilation like killing apostates from Islam, like killing non-Muslims and cortical blasphemers on these are all Foxwoods you can go to my website. I've screenshot them and placed them all up so people can sleep until going on actually have a picture of himself with one of the lead cleric for the assembly of Muslim jurors of America and on his own website he has allowed another one of these clerics just recently in the last year the post long posting and basically Suleiman has said in public that he looks to these two jurists from the assembly of Muslim jurors of America as being his mentor, as almost as important to him almost as his family so so there are there are very clear-cut threads that you can follow green threads, shall we say that show you exactly where he's going. There is no equivocating about this amazing I'm looking to have one of his Facebook posts that I had found online Omar Suleiman in October 2014 and he said you can't condemn one form of oppression while sanctioning another Israel he puts in quotes will now be known as hashtag J cell J SIL so he's equating the nation of Israel with ISIS is believable yet yet yet out of a port.

Of course you would, of course, he would do that but but the Even more finical nebula that you feel he actually sanctioned realizes practice as opposed to the idea, which is one of the more ethical authorities in the entire world there sanction on the basis of sharia be the essential practice of the above bike that that's the very very very disconcerting. And again, as an American Jew to see the head of the thousand Baptist leadership conference sitting down there and dialoguing with him in a very towering and and anyway you really like the one when when I listen to this clip from your show Janet when when you when you show him on actually just coming right out and Ed Ed saying that his goal of this dialogue. Whatever they were having for the Christians to convert to Islam again. It reminds me exactly of of the of the ideologues I put the milestone typically dialogue that the chasm between Islam and Jada Lee of the nonbelieving society is great and a bridge is not to be built across it so that the people on the two sides may mix with each other all week so that the people of John to Leah may come over to Islam right. It's one way but that that's what this so-called radical ideologue who was executed in 1956 that how would that any different than what he just said what so I just said in public I know will limit get your take on this because one of the things that I mentioned yesterday was some of the writings of use of car endowing the spiritual guide for the Muslim brotherhood talking about the same thing that you just mentioned from Sayed cut him when he said we only carry out dialogue with Christians in order to find common grounds that serve as a basis for further action. One of the things he said, though, was that they want to convert Christians to Islam. Of course, improve the image of Islam discourage Christian leaders from supporting fellow Christians involving conflict with Muslims but one of the other points was. They want to rally Christians against Israel. Is this a huge issue when you have the largest evangelical denomination in America on record many times saying we support Israel. What you think the people of the Southern Baptist convention on a think of their president sitting next to this guy and and being buddy buddy with him when he should be confronting him about it on to level facilitating on individual human level, facilitating the worst elements of Islamic bigotry look Islam has a real Jew problem. Theologically, that had been has been unresolved and not even approached yet and then on the political level. This translates largely not nonexclusive, but it's about the only source of of the abdomen towards Israel about, but it but it is a lot of it and and and it it it is annihilation.

If they did fit in with the intent you know so there's no question about that and and the movements that are aligned to destroy Israel, particularly the local Muslim brotherhood chapter which is which is Hamas is is is clearly allied its raison d'Ítre is to destroy Israel and replace it with Islamic state. That's really shocking to me that this is happening, but this is this is what they're looking for isn't it when you look at the Muslim brotherhood and how it views interfaith dialogue and I know I I think was Steve Coggin also has talked about this with the Muslim brotherhood in the Catholic Church. What they really want to do is divide and conquer right go into the charges aligned themselves with the more left-leaning people in the church and get them to try to distance themselves from the right-leaning people in the church that was exactly what Greer was doing on that stage, no different than when when when Philemon appeared at a campaign rally for the no Jewish by identity.

Only Bernie Sanders Morris right.

But regardless it gives him from a bona fide day, though he's not it. Soon it is not a gift alone. He supports Bernie Sanders and it's it's it's an effort to divide the Jewish community.

Although you know most Jews with their heads moved on properly. Even if there somewhat left understand what Sanders is, but but regardless is it exactly it is the same process of dividing a community of put politically and also dividing Jews and Christians.

Obviously, I mean there's historical animus between Jews and Christians that that is right could be exploited by by people like ulama all right and I thought it was very noteworthy when I was watching this whole interfaith dialogue that silly mind not once said were so sorry for the way Muslims have treated Christians around the world.

Christians are now the biggest group of persecuted believers on the entire earth, were sorry about that persecution is coming from Muslim society. Yeah, particularly those that are more inherent to sure it right but he didn't hear him apologizing for his side of the island was Greer apologizing for Christians voting for Trump which was outrageous to me right exactly the way it works and we talked about before, the framework for all this is the start of the so-called phony Abraham escape initiative which is which is pure Islamic supremacy.

You know Abraham was neither Jew nor Christian. He was a month-long.

This is this is the basis for so-called dialogue. What you can't criticize any any Muslim bullies and you and you see it taking place in their interaction there than you do. Dr. Boston, we do need to pause quickly will come back as soon as we can hear and chant effort today don't go away.

This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by kingdom story companies. I still believe based on the real-life true story of chart topping singer Jeremy Camp. I still believe rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters March 13. More information is Janet River today and here's your host Joe Mefford. I'm interested in the truth I'm interested in the truth of the Bible. I'm interested in supporting Israel.

Just as the Southern Baptist convention has done for so many years. You can see it in the resolutions that they passed over the years and yet there was their president of the Southern Baptist convention recently, and of last week JD Greer having an interfaith dialogue with this radical a mom whose name is Omar Suleiman on Dr. Boston is with us. Dr. Andrew Boston Masonic expert and we were talking a little bit. As you mentioned you and I recently did another interview on this Abraham asked Faith initiative and EU. I wanted to let you finish your remarks on that because I think that it's the same sort of thing that were seen going on right.

The guidelines really come from probate of health, any theologian who taught at Temple University for about 20 years. If mail out rookie and again it it sure is why it's pure history of the premises on the whole basis for the dialogue is to go back to the so-called idyllic euro. Also, like a caliphate situation, but Islamic society and the way it incorporated Jews and Christians into a society is really noncitizen pariah Debbie that is basically support for this and Ed rookie wanted to update this and batted to insinuate himself in dialogue with the world Council of churches with the Vatican itself and he's very plain in setting up the guidelines for this that there there he will brook no criticism of Islam and it it and this goes back to the to the to the late 1970s early 1980s and Frankie died in 1986 but but this is the paradigm that's actually in place and you could see it operating in the discussions between these two men you have the triumphal Omar Suleiman on you know calling for conversion to Islam and is cowering Greer you'll apologizing can't can't can't spit out the apologies for it.

It's just if it's really it's really disconcerting. It's embarrassing for us it's embarrassing yeah it's crazy he stays talking about. Well, as I were in a political context, I wouldn't be a shill for any president, I would be thus saith the Lord guy. Well, that might've been a good opportunity for him to exercise that skill. But he failed you and your item is such a basic issue as horrid of of of Christian persecution and were not just talking about going in the case of of of Jews where it's worth anti-Semitic attitude. Yet there is violence directed at Israel, but Israel has a very powerful army to defend it. Thank you Christians are all mobile in these Muslim communities. They are true minorities and their being prayed upon and slaughtered so the situation is much more dire prefer for Christians that are scattered throughout, below, Islam in Africa and Asia and Mary Mary a mention of that and again you can you can look at where the worst persecution takes place a Christian and you can see that it is amongst populations that are most compliant with the sharia it it it it it is directly related week you could line up the pew data on on on desire and an application of the sharia and you could line up. For example, no open doors Christian persecution indices in their almost 1 to 1.

Yeah that's right I want to dive into a couple of clips before we run out of time here, Dr. Boston, but this is important you had described some of what Suman had said in his 2012 YouTube video series that he put out called lost the Chronicles of Bonnie Israel and did a good job explaining, you know, he doesn't think that Jews are the sons of apes and pigs. It's the case since your brother and outside of apes and pigs.

So there's a big distinction there, but I want I want people to hear some more from Omar Suleiman on this is the Islamic cleric who is doing interfaith dialogue with the president of the Southern Baptist convention late last week. Listen to cut four long after you transform. They lived for three days example to all the other people, older ones were transformed pigs of the young words were transformed into apes. Okay, want to play one more number to get Dr. Boston's reaction. This is Five is also very hard.

A group of Jews passed like this. So wanted to go, which is what we said we use peace be upon you used to say some article 70,000.

Currently the curse in the be upon right rather than a set up is very possible that you couldn't tell if they were saying.

So for us will respond by simply saying why okay on to you one day when that happens, you responded to someone. The law will is the death of a loss. Personal loss is one very sexy actually called she called the brothers of the call of the sons because there is understanding the which we have which is very clear that no one was born to those eggs in the way that they were similar to those people that said how about trying to take a lost world full is very important for us to make sure you heed the warning from the law is that we don't try to trick for loss of what's on the things that are hello hello okay a lot Arabic. There are a lot of confusing stuff. Dr. Boston tell us what he just meant there. What was he really saying you have a strong patient of Aisha who is the youngest bride of Mohammed, and he's describing it. Where it again it meant to illustrate inveterate see this is the trait that the inveterate that that actually is inherited. In other words, the need me surviving of this group of Jews that were transformed for violating the Sabbath know that's what you can say son, but the reason you can say brothers is because is because we're so evil, where where where where Phil was so defective as as a people and now many most refers to have this this characteristic that was that that that was described in the Quran so you can say brothers of apes and pigs. And that's exactly what what what Aisha called them when they try to use the linguistic trick you know about the Arabic meaning event in their pronunciation, but she called the bones of a toothpick. She didn't call the front piece justified that fact you getting back to what we said earlier, it was this, this is what how the hobbit referred to the truth of Aisha, his younger bride as he's besieging this tribe about a Chrysler and then when they surrender.

He arbitrated in such a way that that that they they are at. They are, they are guilty and executed any print and one account he personally behead them, but this brothers of apes and pigs is is a is a Koranic based epithet and in the tradition that has been applied across space and time to to foment mass pogroms and it's still very much prevalent in the in the Middle East by by granting volleyball as our university, Tom Tolley, who died in 2010. He referred to Jews as the brothers of apes and pigs around the time of of the horrible Tonya Passover homicide bombing and we just sort at the end in the middle of December.

The the email who is friends an email for the whole state of Washington out on the West Coast. He gave an entire lecture very much like Omar's Boulevard lecture, which would put online where he was describing the same the same phenomenon and the usage of this Koranic epithet, a great big to a Sunday evening Koran teaching session with it was put up on the on the website of it of course taken down.

What he did a really neat that you know how savvy, so very this is very common. It's very dangerous. And, of course, going back to school upon lectures.

He makes clear, we ask Allah to humiliate this Israel the way that Allah humiliated Bonnie Israel so that the humiliation whether it's transformation to a story to pigs or other forms of humiliation to apply to Israel to strip it of its political right to exist to render it back to mission to the sharia and all the humiliation that that of hell. It's incredible. He has said of Zionism, may Allah help us overcome this monster. He has called for the destruction of Israel.

He's described Jews as the enemies of Allah he's championed another intifada being waged against Israel and on and on and on and Jeannie Greer, head of the Southern Baptist convention didn't have a word to say about it to come back with Dr. Andrew Boston on Janet my for today right after this story company comes and I still believe the real-life story of chart topping signature.

Can I still believe reminds us that amidst like storms. True hope can be found in Christ you chose to walk into the fire with her is what love is. One change is still Robert suggest that I still Christians losing their businesses for not making wedding cakes for homosexuals parents losing custody for not affirming their child's gender identity big tax censoring Christian books, videos and social media posts. This is in a dystopian nightmare. It's America in 2020, but what will God's people do to respond to the sexual radicals whose rising social and political power is threatening our religious freedom and our free speech. It's time for Christians to get informed about the looming threats that were facing and learn how to respond as both salt and light.

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It's very ironic in talking about this neighborly faith interfaith dialogue that occurred late last week, Jeannie Greer, the president of the Southern Baptist convention sat down with an anti-Semitic email named Omar Suleiman in your learning more about him today with Islamic expert Dr. Andrew Boston, his great book is the legacy of Islamic anti-Semitism and he is and is knowledgeable as anybody about the stuff you know what really strikes me Dr. Boston is when you were describing that that last a couple of clips from sill amount about how you know you can't refer necessarily to the Chiefs's sons of apes and pigs.

You should call them brothers.

And he cites Aisha but you know Greer is all about it.

Greer in his SBC leadership always talk all the time about human dignity. They talk about affirming the image of God in, for example, Muslim refugees and illegal aliens coming across the border. It would seem to me that a better event for JD Greer to have would be one with some Jewish people sitting on the stage and sing. We affirm your human dignity to not be wiped out. Timing is striking that he seemed down with these guys. Where is the Christian dialogue with Jewish people supporting them.

I just it doesn't make any sense to me it's like they're deliberately not talking about what should be talked about that and also the issue of rampant Christian persecution across the globe, mainly in Muslim majority countries. You will not do it again. There is striking concordant between between desire for strict application of the sharia in the Islamic Society murderers Christian persecution and ego growth level of of a few lineup.

The pew data on on sharia desire open doors data on upscaling Christian persecution and ADL global data on extreme anti-somatic attitude with the words of agreeing with at least 6/11 classic at their anti-somatic stereotypes. A few lineup those data set that they all Christian persecution the burgers persecution of the extreme anti-Semitism is is is very concordant with with the adherence of the sharia which which brings us back to Solon and his ilk and he is and the and the assembly of Muslim jurists of America who are all about teaching and implementing sharia globally, including in the United States, and the idea that this is some sort of you know crackpot conspiracy with them again. Mark will their own words. If there whether they are in writing or whether informal stock was informal edicts or at lectures that open public lectures will is what you, Janet, is this playback there were great idea that it that that is conspiracy to to to look for to accuse people like Suman will be a family of juristic having this agenda in his insanity on the part of the non-Muslims were trying to defend complete insanity I agree with you completely. I love the Southern Baptist convention. I just need to stress this to people and anybody who listens to my show on a regular basis knows this. This is a wonderful denomination there so many great Christians in this denomination, who do love Israel and do support Israel. That's why this troubles me so much and I I would like to get your reaction to something else that's very important. Dr. Boston it's this.

There a lot of people in the SBC whose immediate reaction to any criticism of Greer doing this interfaith dialogue is this.

It's just a dialogue. It doesn't mean we agree with him were just trying to get along in a pluralistic society were trying to make friends. Isn't it better to be friends with people than enemies what is wrong with that simplistic approach to interfaith dialogue incurred what we want another word when according could be dialogue with the rule. You can read about life and I love the way Socko practice which it was with you know it was ascribed to me by a colleague from from Providence College, a Catholic college. I'm in the state of Rhode Island and we had lunch together. He was describing her own experience with the Vatican dialogue with with market physically. She said yes boil down to the wheat we tell we call the multiple. What a wonderful and peaceful face face Islam is in the mountain tell us what a wonderful and peaceful face. This loss is the basis of the dialogue. I think it's been different branches back on stage meaningless. But it's worse than meaningless because you here again you hear Omar confronting Greer and and just joking about how good the goal is to have the Christian convert to Islam and you don't hear anything even in joking comparable to career so so the whole the barracks show the Muslims that that hurt better watching this, or maybe watch it on paper whatever that that that they are in the superior position and ended and that their you know that their champion. It is is is defeating this this person who was functioning at the level of of a cowering Debbie was already submitted, write what you could tell who the alpha male was on the stage. He was the one who is very calm and relaxed and stating his position openly and I thought it was interesting something else that Suleiman said during the interfaith dialogue. I'm not quoting it directly.

People heard the clip yesterday on the shelf, but he said something to the effect of you stand for my religious freedom because that was what Greer was saying we would share mission fight for your right, I will lay down my life to fight for your right for you to believe what you believe, which is idiotic when you're talking about serious the premises him but on the other hand it Suman said I can't really believes that somebody wants my religious freedom if they're not also concerned about things like surveillance against Muslim communities and I went ding ding ding ding ding because a lot of these organizations with which he has either a direct or indirect connection has been investigated. First, Carolyn ties the meaning Greer it just went over his head. I think or he just didn't want to talk about it but isn't that the key I want your support for my community because I have an agenda beyond just religious freedom was right there and support for the community is not the worst example of the one you bury pinpointed which which means that you can't confront your jihad carousel, but it also means getting back to where we started. It also means it also means supporting the destruction of Israel. That would mean you can't be engaged with me unless you unless you accept it is a whole cloth by the bed by demand includes includes destroying Israel because because of illegitimate so so this is where were headed with this kind of know she may in fact getting back to parochial neighborhood walking was just as clear about destroying Israel, and in fact tracking Zionist down i.e. Jews across the world and design. I think they should only go back to this status of dignity under the sharia. Well, that's not so well you know what I want to make sure to get this and I know we only have two minutes left. But Andrew

You got a new article out about Osma food in a bats hateful sharia's premises him in America. This was a woman who is recently afforded an opportunity to speak at the National religious broadcasters convention. That's a story in and of itself, but you got pictures here were Suman think she's the bees knees. Apparently they strategies to her friends aren't they exactly and and she and she wanted to attack not only on Frank apnea.

The persecuted Christian but even ion her CLE and attacks are in the very hateful way as somehow a woman who lived through the horrors of of application of the strict sharia including including female genital mutilation, including witnessing trial, marriage, etc. that are having a revving a marriage set up our well as if this person is inauthentic and Osma was an apologist rule. These things will actually read what you said about sharia. It is, is somehow given carte blanche by the NRB to attack such people is given an improvement to attack such people. When all Frank is doing any way the Lord's work is pointing out that sharia is the premise of the problem with this country and will ion doing if it not only is it a problem.

I live in in Somalia, you sure don't want it in the United States. People can be attacked and vilified but not a lot divided by the NRB just sort of nonsense. Yeah, I think that that was a big mistake. Frank Gaffney is a hero with the Center for security policy as well. Many of us think very, very highly of his work and his courage and it's not a small thing to go up against the Muslim brotherhood as he has done for a very long time and again what were down to in the final analysis is that as Christians in supporting Israel in understanding the connection that we have with the Jewish community.

This is just divide and conquer stuff that is really I think, in my view, shameful, and it's outrageous that I think the president of the SBC would participate in this. And I certainly hope that he will rethink his position and that the people of the SBC will rise up and Satan and and and now were knocking to get involved in that way you can check out Andrew Dr. Andrew Boston wonderful books and wonderful website. This is such good material on his website and you want to check out his books as well. I mentioned the legacy of Islamic soup, anti-Semitism, and also the legacy of jihad to check out those books as well. Dr. Boston always great to have you here.

Thank you so much about.

Bye-bye God bless thanks for joining us on jam effort today. See next time. This archenemy for today was brought to my kingdom story companies. I still based on the real-life true story of her top and singer Jeremy Camp. I still believe rated parental guidance suggested in theaters March 13

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