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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Dr. David Stevens (COVID19) - Nick Meriwether (1st Amend)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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March 26, 2020 10:40 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Dr. David Stevens (COVID19) - Nick Meriwether (1st Amend)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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March 26, 2020 10:40 am

What should we really know about the medical and social realities concerning COVID-19? We'll discuss all things coronavirus with Dr. David Stevens, CEO Emeritus of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations. Plus: Some odd pandemic developments in Virginia concerning churches and Liberty University. And Shawnee State University Professor Nick Meriwether shares the latest on his legal fight to be free to oppose transgender ideology in class. That and more on the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Let's dive into some of the news I want to talk a little bit about Virginia today to do here and watch good old Gov. Northam has done well according to CNS news. He is issued an executive order that is aimed at stopping the new coronavirus and in the process makes it a criminal offense to hold a church service attended by more than 10 people a criminal offense. Yes, his order makes it a crime for more than 10 people together in a church and they get into some of the passages in the text of the executive order, and in this order, he declared that it's a misdemeanor class I misdemeanor now together now.

On the one hand you say to yourself and and this is my position because I've said this from the beginning. I think it is important for us to be wise at this time. I think that this is a temporary situation.

We need to do what is best for what is going on in society right now. None of us want to get sick with a coronavirus. I don't think any of us want anybody else to get sick with a coronavirus.

This is very contagious disease and to be chatting with Dr. David Stevens here in a couple of minutes from the Christian medical and dental associations. He's gonna get into all that, and I do think we need to act wisely when I'm a little concerned about though is a potential precedent-setting here that in a time of emergency. And that is defined I guess you know in this time of emergency. It's legitimate. But if you can shut down churches in a time of emergency. What kind of potential precedent.

With that sat for somebody else to exploit at some point listed there so many difficulties there so many difficulties.

Constitutionally, legally, you have what's going on with the Nevada governor who is now said that inpatient doctors can use the Hydro hydroxychloroquine in the azithromycin combo to treat very seriously ill covered 19 patients, but you can't prescribe it because we don't want any hoarding. We don't want people to not be able to get it if they use COBIT 19 for other purposes and then use have to say, well, was that legitimate is it legitimate.

Maybe it is. What about the gathering gathering orders themselves. Is it okay for them to do that. Is this constitutional for the government to tell you you can't gather lots and lots of things are going on simultaneously. But I find this one to be very disturbing and all time is something else that's really relevant to this situation. They point on the same story the same executive order that creates this church attending crime also declares that Virginia's state owned liquor stores. That's right, liquor stores are essential retail businesses that may remain open during their normal business hours liquor is essential really liquor is essential.

See that's the problem so Ralph nor them in his gang of leftist can decide what's essential he doesn't have a problem with death when it comes to babies who are unfortunate enough to have survived an abortion. We arty know where Gov. Northam comes down on that. So it's fine for the those babies to diagramming Moniz denotes the mother's choice.

Just let the baby die but in the interest of keeping people alive who might contract coronavirus we have to shut down.

The church is just a disturbing developments to keep an eye on now something else that's happening in Virginia, in Lynchburg Virginia is some of the controversy that has been generated by Liberty University. Now this is an interesting story. As I said, I do think it's important for us all to watch ourselves and to keep ourselves safe and to not get into a situation where you might be inadvertently spreading a highly contagious deadly disease but on the other hand, we have certain situations at colleges where you have kids who have nowhere else to go. Now this is creating this particular controversy at liberty University.

I want to play a little bit of this report from WD BJ seven lesson to cut one at liberty University boot dorms and donning goals or open students returning to campus from across the country and world University Pres. Jerry Falwell Junior telling WDB G7. The school is really bit is taken proper precautions.

Those classes have been moved online at gatherings of more than 10 or 12 restaurants and donning goals or open all meals are curio supposedly is backed up by a surprise inspection Tuesday by the central Virginia help district to environmental health specialist did not observe any violations in open areas and food establishments across campus.

Okay so there's the controversy right there. The fact that liberty University is allowing a small number of students to stay on campus and as that report to syndicated the central Virginia health District did an inspection of liberty and found no violations of anything the governors orders are being followed. As you heard meals or take out only and you don't have classes, meeting in person, you don't have any gatherings of more than 10 people. So the following all the state orders. They're doing the Romans 13 thing and they're still under fire. Listen to the second part of this report. This is got to students suitably still don't feel safe on campus… Values of freshman from Lynchburg.

She wars the University's decision to keep it. It was open will exposed faculty and students in the community to unnecessary risk.just as well he isn't the only one with concerns Lynchburg Mayor, Trinity Tweedy issued a statement Monday calling the University's decision to keep its campus open reckless in her statement, Tweedy said she is very concerned for the residents of the Lynchburg community Falwell whose pushback. What's his relics as she's no being home concern for her family and community.

Despite the students are already returning. She thinks it's not too late University to change its plot make a remark here about this particular piece of journalism if that's what you want to colleges from a journalist perspective, external's perspective on all this. This is such a sloppy story.

If you are overlooking, what follows.

Point is, which I think is valid, then you're not really telling the story what you're trying to do is you trying to whip stuff up to create a story that perhaps doesn't exist, because I think that Jerry followed Junior makes a good point when he's saying every college has some students on campus is that not true. I mean it. Clearly, there are students at certain campuses who are international students and they can't go home. So what you do with them. Throw them out on the street. Tell them they can't come. He even said at the beginning of that report they're operating what amounts to an apartment complex, not a school, the classes are online. It's take out meals only, you can't gathering more than groups of 10 and you have the signoff of the central Virginia health district on everything they're doing so you interview one freshman who feels like it's not good and that your story and in the mayor didn't like it. Why does that matter, why didn't you interview any of the students were staying on campus and find out why are you here and what is your daily life like we have this one freshman student who's not there who doesn't feel like this is a good idea who is extrapolating well you know the students and on standing up as they go off campus. How do you know they're going off campus. Maybe they're staying put it this is just such bad journalism.

You don't have anybody being interviewed who is actually on campus who actually would have a hardship if they weren't allowed to be there. I actually don't have a problem with that if that's where they have to stay in their sheltered and there's staying inside the rooms and they're really staying away and doing the social distancing thing than what is wrong with that if they were openly conducting classes like there was no problem with thousands and thousands of students then you might be able to say hey wait a minute that's not the smartest thing that's not what happened here but again this is why every media report that you get to check it out.

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Welcome back.

Should a university be allowed to force a Christian professor to use the wrong pronoun for a gender confused students.

Of course not. But this is the issue at the center of a legal battle involving Dr. Nick Merriweather from Shawnee State University's attorneys in alliance defending freedom recently filed an appeal of a federal judge's decision to dismiss Dr. Meriwether's lawsuit against the school and working to find out more now about this from Dr. Meriwether and Tyson Lang Hoffer, who is senior counsel and director of the Center for academic freedom with alliance defending freedom, welcome to you both. Great to have you here. Thank you so much.

Well let me start with you Dr. Meriwether if I could.

I understand this all started when you addressed a male student who believed he was a woman as so her, which is just absurd to me but can you tell us how this whole situation unfolded for you in turn I'm being required to endorsement to be all that you most important. Burned her and bought all of your bodily amendment life and freedom so I don't I don't about pronoun so much about Bobby or somebody all that you owe right more to what you have a political philosophy class on all responded with you about is my usual because I want to encourage about Mr. Paul on formality of a lot of very controversial materials on the approach you refer to him as he became our lady circled me, you on and filed a complaint with the duration fell from that point all by Deborah Bystrom did not use pronouns with there were no we got along fine. You did well on the clot University astonish University for 20+ years. I have an absolutely surly work while useless to offer nine was on acceptable because I'm being required to ideology. Yeah, I know I was going to say did they have to any policy in place at your university that spoke to this issue that if a professor encountered a situation where a student wanted to be addressed a certain way that the professor has to address the student that way or was this just the University saying we don't like the way that you're handling this and you better do what the student wants allowed not you want to share a debate they did not have a direct politburo meant that a general nondiscrimination policy which they interpreted, I would think wrongly, to grow to prohibit the order for Dr. Meriwether to use the program so there was not a big ideology of the policy report a pronoun. I procedure right so but you know it's interesting because if the University was claiming Dr. Meriwether that you created a hostile environment. It would seem to me that a student swearing at a teacher and threatening him would create more of a hostile environment than calling somebody sir while on board I would agree. That's crazy. So what happened from there. Tyson, I know that there was a suit filed against the school. What happened from there.

What happened with this judge who made this bad decision.

We filed a lawsuit in the University filed a motion to the law. They basically argued that what they did didn't violate any law, even if everything that Dr. Meriwether alleged was true. They said they didn't do anything wrong and unfortunately the court agreed, and the court met Dr. Meriwether's complaint.

You know the and and the complaint basically said that the First Amendment forbids public universities from requiring teachers to to express messages that they disagree with that shift back to basic black letter law be public universities should require teachers to abandon their beliefs work on public universities which are spent in the marketplace by the record a lot but we have appealed that knob of the Sixth Circuit and that's where the case is that now right so so when you're talking about the University, claiming it violated no particular law. We have a Bill of Rights. I mean, are they trying to say that the First Amendment is not relevant here you amazing to hear what they actually argued that Dr. Meriwether's beach is not protected beach and the court agreed with the court actually held that Dr. Meriwether speech would not protected speech by the First Amendment and eventually what that me you. If the logical conclusion that means the public university can force professors to say whatever they want to read from a script because were talking about determining exactly that type of word, every word you will you and your interaction with that with the public university here and say they have the right to do and contrary to the First Amendment and contrary to the purpose of the University, which is supposed be marketplace of ideas. Students are able to express their views all provide for Meriwether is asking for is the same freedom laws course so Dr. Meriwether out of curiosity after the University came down on you. How did things go from that point where they were warning you. I guess that they would commit further corrective actions against you if you didn't use the Prout pronouns.

They wanted you to use that kinda shakedown between the time that you were dealing with all this to the time when you decided that you needed to file the lawsuit in the first place, or harboring applied while the black cloud so you never really know what is going to happen from one to be fired or shut down on 11. You don't actually know what I decided I wanted to be a very direct not. There are no there are no loud pop on the situation. I can imagine I Tyson I'm curious because when you're talking and but both of you relate when you're talking about finding a compromise. All right, I'm not comfortable calling male student. She and I'm not comfortable calling a female student. He and that's just common sense. But to say that you would forge this compromise.

Dr. Meriwether and say I will call the student by the students preferred name. What is it that they would still look upon that is been something unacceptable. It seems to me that that's just a reasonable compromise. I'm not really on what went on Paul, but I rather odd ideology to impose it on their part directly. You're supposed to be marketplace about yes where everyone encourage you all. I don't want my classes both to think that they have to know how party law, but rather a big market like body University want for one type of thought, and I find it very very important virtual all right site with the other thing is I'm going I keep going back to the way that the student treated you.

I mean, maybe I'm a dinosaur here, but if I would've spoken to any teacher I ever had in the way that this person spoke to you that person would have been thrown out of class not rewarded with some kind of you know draconian action against the teacher.

I mean does that speak to a bigger problem in academia. In your opinion on where I find my clot lauded very suitable very old Bob walked out and vote on it really taught me about wow that's really unfortunate, but not all on my clot story you really Catholic. All I wanted to start treatment with respect in return, and so on this particular information, but you know you're going to have to tell this particular party, why do what is demanded. Will Tyson let me ask you, from a legal perspective.

Now that you are appealing. What went on here when you're talking about the First Amendment rights for a professor to be able to live out his faith and not have to subscribe to an ideology with which he strongly disagrees, which I think is important for lots and lots of people across this country who agree with you Dr. Meriwether. What is the legal argument here that you're putting forward going into this appeals process word.

You know, arguing that amendment protects public university professors the right to not be forced to speak messages they disagree with Dr. Meriwether hot the curriculum that was required of that course, there was no allegation that he didn't think that curriculum. All were talking about here is that the University say not only will you teach the curriculum, but you also messages that don't have to do it the curriculum that you disagree with Matt that the problem that we're running into it. So what were arguing is that the public university should should be allowed to course. I professors that have an ideology that applied both the freedom of each, but also the free exercise of religion, because obviously this implicate spoke with Dr. Meriwether although it would protect you donate better who also doesn't want to speak messages that he disagreed with the we think this is an important principle that applies not only in this situation, but but for all professors everywhere and for academia in general that that the government should force people to say things that they disagree with.

While it makes total sense and I'm really glad that you're finding this because as I mentioned before you're fighting for a lot more people than just Dr. Meriwether but ADF Thank you so much to Dr. Nick, Meriwether and Tyson Lang offer from ADF receipt you meant.

Thank you so much will be right back.

This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by Bible league. Your gift of $35 will send seven Bibles to Christians in need and your gift of $100 will send 20 Bibles and right now with a matching gift. Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word where there's a banner to clack and Janet Mefford, here's your host Joe Mefford, the FDA has now clear the way for physicians to use blood plasma on COBIT 19 patients, which would come from those who recovered from the coronavirus already New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is saying that plasma would be tested in his state, which is at the epicenter of the US pandemic to treat the sick is COBIT 19 patients. But I know there are a lot of remaining medical questions that we all have about this coronavirus along with further questions concerning the promise of certain medicines to treat it, and the potential for a vaccine. So were to talk about it all today with Dr. David Stevens, who is CEO emeritus of the Christian medical and dental associations, so glad to have you with us. Dr. Stevens how are you I'm doing fine yet.

It's great to be with you. Thank you so much. So help us if you would to understand the basics about COBIT. 19.

What exactly have heard this asked my a lot of people recently.

What exactly is a coronavirus medically speaking and what makes this particular strain so dangerous and so contagious.

Been around for long time and causes common colds that we had some are one of a better word novel viruses over the last 20 years that have come from animals to humans and because they originated in animals. They we do not have immunity to fight these fires is the first one of these was SARS South Asian respiratory syndrome which started in China and came from civet cats and murderers, which was the middle eastern respiratory syndrome that came from camels. Both of those had great concerns when they happen, but they didn't spread very far. They stayed pretty regionally this virus. Coronavirus adds to that if the fact that it is very transmissible.

It's very contagious and that's why were saying it is spreading around the world like wildfire were not sure what animal it came from originally came from bats. We know that because it's in a group that all came from bats, but this one had some other intermediate host in China, people of said snakes because eight snakes in China and other things have been to get stabbed. But that's made it very dangerous for us because your immune system server is not seen this virus before and ends very deadly, especially for people that have other chronic diseases are being immunosuppressed for cancer therapy or other types of therapy exactly so you have a lot of people.

For example, talking about how many people got the flu or how many people got the swine flu and it was millions and millions of people.

There were more deaths in terms of real numbers were not seen those kinds of numbers of deaths. At this juncture, but what about the difference between flu which had an estimated 22,000 people die in the last flu season versus coronavirus a lot of people are saying why are we all under quarantine when there were a lot more deaths that came from the seasonal flu. How would you respond to that. Respond by saying that you include our report back to see it every year people have vaccines about flu virus changes from every year that's why we have to be revaccinated, but you get a novel fluid and be as bad as coronavirus. My grandfather was back in 1918, when we had spent the so-called Spanish flu. He watched his brother and sisters. Millions around the world died from that. So we build up immunity against the flu virus. To some extent and mainly the elderly and those that are sick and so are the way die flu this coronavirus is got a blank slate.

It can attack everybody at every age seems to spare little bit younger people to children and teenagers but still can be deadly for them.

So yeah it's it's not as deadly when you get it, but it's more deadly because everybody's gonna get it and that's the concern unless we get this thing stopped while soup would you really say then these people has been claiming that everybody will eventually get coronavirus but the range of symptoms can very much vary between people. They can about 80% of people it's it's a cold or a bad case of the flu. About 20%. 1/5.

It's more serious and now were seeing in the United States is a better mortality rate than they had a been in China was about 2 1/2% there. So far it's been about 1 1/2% here, but this is very contagious. That's why were saying numbers I'm based here in Tennessee a week ago last Friday, there were nine cases of the state, and it has been dabbling a doubling were up over a thousand now and you know it's kind like the old adage would you rather me give you $10,000 or two cents and it doubles every day. I got to sense in the doubled every day for a month but have $1 billion. While that's the exponential increase in coronavirus where you got it.

Get it right. Little Abby and wife you numbers and a little epidemic before just become huge yes exactly, well, what about the quarantine and what's been put in place were seen some people who are very concerned about the quarantine being potential overkill other people who say it's not strong enough you come down on it from the medical side I think about where we need to be mean and and it's buried across the US and how strict it is bad. I mean some governorship shut down their states completely.

New York, Michigan. Other places where they were seeing rapid rises, other states have not had as much coronavirus and you know it's set the schools and you know isolate yourself – much as possible so you know that the trouble with this is it has huge economic impact in sheer always kind of balancing those to how long for how much they can we whip it now and we got to a point where it had to be more vigorous or this is to be totally out of control and you know you'd get the chances of getting it would just skyrocket because so many people be carrying it around right now for those who would say, but most of us won't die of it.

If you look at the global numbers. Most people who get it do recover from it. Is it worthwhile to shut down the economy the way it's been going in order to protect the lives if that fatality rate stays about the same as you've already mentioned, yeah, well what what they're at their scalded initiation. Of the virus and then there's the acceleration were mainly in the acceleration phase. Now, in most places in the US and what happens then.

If you're concerned it's going to accelerate so fast that you overwhelm your medical system that's what's happening in New York State right now. If you been listening to what's going on up there. They're talking about. They need 140,000 respirators for the number of people there could end up on a respirator for this. They don't have near that they got about 20,000.

They were even aware they can get that many so the time to jump into this before you get to the place where you overwhelmed your medical system.

They're asking physicians, nurses who retired to come back.

Those that are in administrative medicine to start practicing medicine again trying to contain this and treat the people that are so sick desperately sick in New York State and obsolete.

I want that to happen all across the country and we definitely need be praying for these people because they're in a very difficult situation. There is absolutely what we've seen some of the production of some of these medical supplies on the increase. What is your sensor. What is the information that you have on whether or not this stepped-up production will be able to meet the demand. And what's the timeline on that. Do we have any sense of that situation is really exploding right now as far supplies. Testing is markedly increased and there were some false starts there. One of the companies that have developed test and work well initially and so those type of things are popping up and people are learning other strategies their meal making cloth mass for doctors and nurses.

Because they couldn't didn't have enough paper one sort of thing with cloth mask if you can wash them and reuse them sterilizing renews my was a missionary doctor for 11 years in Africa. We always use cloth mouse mass because we couldn't afford to pay for paper ones, so it's kind of retro as far as people here, look at it but it was every day for us there and it works and it provides the protection the people need.

So people are working hard to get around these issues and the supply is really ramping up and that were catching up and that's encouraging qualities and how do you view this issue of the economy tanking versus this exponential potential explosion of cases of coronavirus and how to mitigate that obviously the president is in a very difficult situation. Trying to balance everybody's interests. What you think is the wisest course of action right now.

I think we could handle it he handled it early and and you know made decisions that many people criticize and do not let people in from China and all the rest of them. Looking back, that was right on.

We been a lot worse shape than we are and where we are now you know what he was saying. Just the last couple days for the fact that were going to try to open up the economy within two weeks he it's a balancing act. I mean, you know you you miss it too far one way and you destroy the economy you miss it too far the other way and you kill a lot of people and destroy the economy so you have to err on the side of caution and but as quickly as possible, and is reasonably try to back open up the economy and let people get back to work very very good. There's a lot more to talk about including some of these potential medical treatments and maybe a vaccine for this coronavirus will come back with Dr. David Stevens, CEO emeritus of the Christian medical and dental Association stay with us on Janet my first effort today is proud to partner with pre-born to help save babies lives.

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How do you take in all of these potentials for unit dealing with Cove 19 across the United States and the world yeah what were in a situation with people that are seriously ill when there's no treatment and so people are looking instead of it new drugs which take a long time to develop and test drugs that have been around for a while and have we know the side effects we know their effectiveness and other diseases to see if they may have some affect cork one is one of those I have a tremendous amount of experience with quark one because as I mentioned I was in Africa as a missionary for 11 years and that was on the primary treatments for malaria, especially back in the 80s when I was there and Cork. When Scott you know some risk involved with her relatively nonsignificant people. Heart disease can get arrhythmias and stuff you have to watch out for that. But Cork went along with azithromycin, the Z pack which people often get when they have upper respiratory tract infections and a small study showed it had a tremendous effect in decreasing the viral load they can measure the number of virus particles people have been there in their share of the blood in and it just knocked it down to zero so when you're desperate and people are desperately sick you going to off label use. In other words, it hasn't been tested. It's a drug. We know, but it hasn't been tested in the research we normally do, but in a desperate situation. You reach out and use of drugs. Doctors do that all the time to use medications that are off label for things FDA had approved when they have experienced or others have had experiences show that they my work so I think that has tremendous potential and doctors are doing that here in the US will learn more about it, really fast because all of the things since finding out whether drugs work is you have to have enough people sick to see if they work. We got plenty of people that are ill, that we can see what the effect of this is plasma is a little bit more complicated but essentially what you're doing is giving the patient antibodies from a patient who already has had coronavirus and so they built up antibodies defeated it. So let's take some blood take the plasma off make sure that it's safe and and then give it to the patient.

That's more labor intensive and takes a lot more steps, but is worth doing it, especially in people that are desperately ill and having significant difficulty and may die without this right so we need to do whatever we can.

Like you said, it takes a long time to approve new drug so why not take advantage of some of the drugs that are already there and in terms of the clerk went you make of what the Nevada Gov. Ted governor says the lack had signed this emergency regulation limiting the prescription and issuance of those two drugs hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin that have as he said unproven results with treating Cove at 19. He said it doesn't prohibit prescription of the drugs for inpatient treatment, but he's concerned about the problem of hoarding, you have other patients with diseases like scleroderma who use it regularly. There is a concern that they will be able to get the drugs they need for chronic illnesses, but on the other hand, if that would help people from dying. It is that a good thing for governor to do.

How do you feel about that limiting it to the people that are significant limiting it to everybody I would have real problems because I forgot his medical degree attempt to make that kind of decision but there there there is concern that people might hoard this in case they get sick. I had that happen in my own family. My son contacted me. His wife is pregnant she's at higher risk. Dad you write me a prescription for hydroxychloroquine. I said no I said I can't do that if she gets sick. I'll make sure she gets some but you having a prescription of the drug in your house deprive somebody who might desperately needed until we ramp up production and so you know and he said yeah you're right that I had thought about that. So I see that point out that I don't think people should have cork when in their house just in case we don't have enough Cork went to do that we need to make sure it gets to the people that needed the most and physicians are the ones to make that decision, nurse practitioners, PAs and others that it diagnose and treat regularly. Yeah right what about the possibility of a vaccine for this coronavirus. What is the timeline potential timeline on that. I know that's another thing that doesn't happen.

You can't turn on a dime and come up with new vaccine, but where does that stand we are actually way ahead of the curve and part of that is because some of our new genetic technology.

We actually were able to see the genome that virus by late January they started phase 1 trials phase I trials means the vaccine is be given to a small group of people to see if it has bad side effects.

If that is successful and it won't take too long to know that then you go to phase 2 where you actually give it to a larger group of people to see how effective it is. Is it preventing the infection and then third is even stages even a larger group and so they fast-track this, we may have something by the end of the year one bit of excellent news today. I mentioned that with the flu every year. There has to be a new vaccine why because the flu vaccine changes its genome every year and it looks cool bit different, sometimes significantly different than the vaccine doesn't even work that we get to make it months in advance. Today a just a story came out took from other scientific journals that they've looked at this and it doesn't look like this virus genetically modifies itself like the flu does with we get a vaccine.

It could last for a good number of years and maybe for good. So that would be good news, that would be great. While all these things are so important is people are obviously working very hard and is quickly as they can to try to mitigate any additional fear or additional deaths. More importantly or illnesses from code 19.

What would you say Dr. Stevens would be your recommendation. I mean just from a doctors standpoint how would you assess when it is appropriate to allow people to let up on the social distancing and open the schools and let even churches have more than 10 people per gathering. How do you decide whether or not it's safe to do that. Yeah, that's a very good question and a very hard question because we've not it's this virus before they're gonna want to see a leveling off in the beginning. Intricate decrease of cases we have some experience out of China now will hand which was the center of this is really getting back to business and it's been a you know falling number of people having it and the early diagnosis and treatment when they can do that so I would think you know three or four weeks from now. The present said around Easter he hopes you know where get the economy back up and going again. That's a guess, but it's a guess. Best based on your best estimates and the data that we have today to see how things go, but the sooner we do it the better. At the same time we don't want to double bump. In other words, we don't want to have an epidemic get out of it too soon and another one starts with the same virus because we still had too many cases getting other people sick.

Exactly that's that's a really tough call. But you're right.

We have to get it right. I'm serious when I raise the issue of churches in Virginia, you might've heard that the governor issued an executive order that said churches can even gather every single private organization, every single public organization. You cannot gather with more than 10 people in there. Some Christians say now this is a violation of religious liberty and Christians ought to think about church is having to follow the law or executive orders like that during the times of the pandemic. The Bible very clearly reposts to follow government authorities unless it contradicts the Bible. And you know first term in first Timothy 16 is a verse it's got me through multiple epidemics that I've been involved in overseas and forgot if not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and a sound mind and this is a sound mind situation. It's reckless for people to meet, I preached to a week and 1/2 ago in my church, we had less than 50 people. We normally have 800 need service and everybody was sitting 6 feet apart and they call it off this week and I was wise. I watched it on the Internet. I mean it's not like we cannot hear the message and don't have the fellowship but you can still be encouraged and blessed and so we need to love our neighbors.

The Bible tells us to do that and getting it a situation where we can pass them on to other people you may have heard about the situation up in Connecticut where somebody had a birthday party to beginning the month for 50 people and half of them came down with this place went to South Africa and spread it there so this isn't idle speculation. We need to do social distancing. That's the best therapy and the best vaccine that we have right now is not passing on to other people. While I think that that's very good advice.

Dr. Stevens and it's based on the sound mind principle. I love that I love that verse. I'm glad that you brought that up. It's important for people to really exercise good judgment right now as we continue to pray for our country and pray for the world that they will be able to get a handle on this pandemic and begin to see life returning to normal. Dr. David Stevens, CEO emeritus of the Christian medical and dental associations so good to have you here. Thank you so much for aligning us. We really appreciate all the great info so good to be with you thank you thank you God bless you.

Thanks for joining us here today will see you next time this hour for today has been brought to finally finally send the hope of God's word to 1200 persecuted believers $35 and seven vitals with a limited time. Call now 800 hundred password 800 yes

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