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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Alex McFarland (Prophecy) Dan Steiner (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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April 6, 2020 6:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Alex McFarland (Prophecy) Dan Steiner (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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April 6, 2020 6:00 am

Can the Bible accurately reveal when the world will end? And can we really know when that will be? I'll talk it over with Christian apologist and author Alex McFarland. Plus: As government officials extend forced coronavirus lockdowns, how long will Americans - and American businesses - put up with it all? We'll discuss that and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Bible league. Your gift of $35 will send seven Bibles to Christians in need and your gift of $100 will send 20 Bibles and right now with a matching gift. Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word where there's a banner to is our confidence is in Christ alone, when the world will end and can we really know the subject that has been on a lot of minds lately as we are all increasingly nervous about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. After all, the Lord Jesus predicted about the end of the age for nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines and pestilences, and earthquakes in diverse places. All these are the beginning of sorrows will talk about all today with apologist and author Alex McFarlane. He recently did a live webcast tackling this important issue along with a strategy briefing millennial's, and generation Z talking about how we need to reach them with the gospel and save this nation from socialism.

There's a lot to talk about it is wonderful to welcome you back, Alex, have you been great having you back in May. I commend you for the great work you're doing for God and country. Now you as well Alex, it's just an honor to have you here.

I noticed this was interesting, according to pew research half of Americans are now praying for the end of the coronavirus. There really is some stress out there right now what you observed about the mood in this culture right now, given where we all are under quarantine and these are really unprecedented times, but really you know your conjurer unlike anything you or I have experienced in our life and what kind of reminds me of your grandparents talk about depression or during World War II blackout no everybody had to you know cut altogether and I think people are spiritually open on just a few days ago on my radio show. I've had two people on live radio call-in with unit emotion in their voice, and on live radio in front of millions of listeners that that are how do I get right with God.

I'm afraid and and we put people to Christ. And so I would say to your audience.

Janet, the number one most important thing of all. Even more important than an antidote for the coded 19 virus is God's antidote against sin and I would say that everybody Jesus Christ is disclosed by the supplier and we can talk about that people were people are thinking about eternity there thinking about their immortality, and if it takes something as severe as this humble lust can bring us to God will be so be it.

I agree with you completely and that is really exciting what you just said that you were able to lead some people to the Lord that that is something good that comes out of scary situations like this one about the issue though of God's judgment. Alex I know this is coming up and already the media is trying to find any Christian who is raising the issue of coronavirus potentially being any kind of judgment you either a general judgment or specific judgment on the world. We don't know for sure, but how do you deal with that subject when people come to you because people are wondering is God mad us. Is this something that he's trying to send our way to judge our nation. How do you see it while you even right now is you and I speak Dolly Parton been castigated in the media because she said that God is trying to get our attention while you know Dolly Parton paragon of theology, necessarily. I agree God, God does want to get our attention.

And if every nation you know deserve the judgment of God America know I want to say God doesn't get angry in the sense of like a human being pitching that tantrums. But you know when the Bible speaks of God's anger again soon in his holy indignation. Do you know that you actually log for us, because God doesn't love us. God loves every person, and the Bible says that God is very patient and long-suffering, not willing that any should perish, and God knows that and brings death. Sin destroys our bodies and without Christ, our souls, so God is angry against sin, but Janet did beautiful thing and I know you know this and I know this. We want the world to know it. God acts redemptive and shoot to everyone listening. I would say you will turn to the Lord Jesus believe that he is the son of God and on the cross of Calvary, the sins of the world, but he paid for all of our sin, and he knows every person by name and so while America. We are a seriously thin sick prodigal nation were a nation that has glorified immorality and we've murdered the unborn and we are a nation that is in many ways turned away from known truth, but Janet God is merciful and I would say to everybody hearing these words that the Lord Jesus. Is this close buys a prayer and if you will call on his name and said, Lord, I'm sorry for my sins, and I believe that you paid my price and please forgive me. Christ will save any today who call on him. I love that Alex so there's no more important message than that the gospel of Jesus Christ really needs to be heard really needs to be absorbed by people who might have just been a little bit lackadaisical about the relationship with the Lord.

Or maybe completely uninterested in the Lord. Up until this point but you know I look at the words of Jesus in the Olivet discourse and when were talking about the end of the world. We sometimes have prognosticators who are predicting when Jesus will come back and member the 88 reasons Jesus will return in 1988 didn't happen we hide. I remember that yeah I was remembering that today. But Jesus said, no man knows the day or the hour. Only the father and you get from this issue of looking for the signs because on the one hand, Jesus was telling us to pay attention to the signs, but to what extent have we seen those signs fulfilled. How do we know what has been fulfilled.

When we look at Scripture, well, great, great question unit in Mark chapter 13 and Janet one of the reasons that I start the book of Mark a lot of critics quibble about different books of the New Testament, but even liberal critics generally affirm the gospel of Mark and Mark 1332 through 37 the Lord said that concerning the day in the hour. Nobody knows not even the angels in heaven, but only the father to be on guard and stay awake because you do not know when the time will come. Now we can't date for Christ's return.

However, the Bible does speak of the signs of the times you and I do think there are some indicators and let me give you a few things that are all coalescing in our lifetime. It really is amazing that everybody have your house in order. You know there was a French atheist vault here in Houston Mall could Bible what you would say will you know the book of Revelation talk about Jerusalem and Israel back and there is no nation of Israel will unit 72 years ago unprecedented invoice history after almost 1900. Your absence nation of Israel, reconstituted so here we are, you know, one of most powerful nations. Our greatest ally in the Middle East are probably the greatest military Intel in the world. The nation of Israel.

Another thing that atheists and skeptics would really lampoon it for centuries. What tribulation. Bible talks about the whole wide world. Seeing things going on in the city of Jerusalem, two witnesses that lay dead in the streets of Jerusalem and the whole world rejoices and skeptics would really mock if it will help in the whole wide world. Something all at one well my goodness you know in real time right now. You know, we can watch streaming video with things on the other side of the planet so we live in a time Israel was in their land. There is crypto current.

There's this wiring of the planet and digital footprint sent. Let's be honest, our mobile devices are listening but Janet mentioned a musical group. My wife and I were talking about a musical group and I pull up YouTube hours later my whole YouTube sidebar is populated with videos of the musical group, I just mentioned in passing, and supposedly my interactive listening component is turned all here's the same folks this idea of of the UN controlling the world, or some political you know we and a one world currency in a one world government. I honestly believe Janet that this covert pandemic is changing things and I've got things like the growth of the Christian church and the rise in the morality and political and mental and cashless ability were near Alex were going to come right back on Janet for today with Alex McFarlane stay with this is Janet Matt for and were partnering with the Bible league on stand with them Bibles for the persecuted church. Paul reminded Timothy that all who desire to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. Persecution is defined as suffering for the sake of Christ and his glory and it comes in many forms all over the world. In India, it's being shunned by Hindu family members in China. It's the loss of church buildings in the Middle East. It could be jail or even death at the hands of extremists. Isaiah is a new Christian praying for the nourishment that comes only from God's word sent in the Bible for only five dollars $100 sends Bibles to 20 Christians in a limited time. Match will double your gift help us help Bible league, send the hope of God's word to 1200 persecuted believers.

All you have to do is call 800 yes word that's 800 yes word or there's a banner to claim and Janet 800 yes word. Are you in need of a healthcare program you're in love as a member of Liberty healthcare.

You're part of a community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments. Grandma start as low as $199 per month and there's no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing you're part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out more by calling 855-565-2561 that's 855-565-2561 or visit Liberty that's liberty help you're listening to Jonah's Medford today. Welcome back. We are considering some extremely important things today with Dr. Alex McFarlane's great Christian apologist, you can check them wonderful resources there as well. Great books by Alex Alex. We were talking about Cove 19. You did a recent webcast on the issue of whether or not the Bible can accurately reveal when the world will end and you are sitting right before the break that because of this pandemic. The world will never be the same.

Why do you think that's the case, and how does that tie into the rest of what were seen going on in America today. Great question. Will one of the one of the things that really everybody should thank God for that Donald Trump is the White House right now rather than Hillary Clinton now amen to that because there's one thing that the liberal progressives hate worse than Donald Trump and that's the U.S. Constitution and had Hillary Clinton been in the White House in 2020 are sovereignty and are constitutionally protected civil rights would already have been surrendered to some UN tribunal. I really believe that Janet and so for one thing, just just as built look at the D assistance bill that the Democrats talk about being immoral here at a time of great duress and human need stuffing the bill or attempting to with things like Obama phones. Can you imagine how much simpler it would've been and how much more effective and appropriate. If the houses had been controlled by Republicans that would've done something that was actually moral and beneficial and not politically opportunistic. You know yeah and 25 million that went to the Kennedy Center and they immediately turned around and laid off the musicians from the National Symphony Orchestra. I mean how sleazy is that and give a donation. I guess it was to the DNC right after that I'm white. But what I got 99 things to think about in the Kennedy Center, Inc., one of the exactly yes 12 verse 14 says that God will bring every work into judgment every secret thing, whether it's good or bad, God will bring them to judgment now that's one thing that our legislators are to be thinking about that is something everybody needs to be thinking about. But you know the Bible have folks, the Bible has a 100% track record of God keeping his promise and the Bible talks about near the end of time that the skeptics will scoff and say you know where is the promise of his coming yes and and second Peter 34 from the creation things have just gone on like they always have. Listen when Christ came. Galatians 44 says in the fullness of time, God sent forth his son, born of a woman to redeem those that were under the law made the fullness of time really means that precisely the right moment of history, God sent Christ into the wall for Bethlehem. I there are a number of people that have and I'm talking present and past that there would be this certain time near the end of the 20th. Maybe the dawn of the 21st century. You know some of the great reformers like the Wesley is Martin Luther. They believe that shortly before the return of Christ would be a rise in what I call Mohammed's Islam that the reformers 500 years ago, 31, 15, 17, was Luther's in our nailing of the thesis on the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany, but they believed that near the end of time. These would be some of the signs. It would be an increase in evil, hedonism, violence, occultism, there would be an increase in false teachers were saying that in American denominations like the PC USA United Methodist that are in many ways apostate and and denying the very Scripture there paid to uphold. I think about even those within the southern Baptist that are not not necessarily southern and not necessarily that, but there would be conflict in the Middle East that would be even some saw that there would be maybe some sort of reconstitution of the nation of Israel and of course we know that happened it would be apostasy. But one of the signs that they felt like would be possibly a precursor to the return of Christ and of history would be a rise of Islam and oh my goodness, Janet arbor. Since the 70s. It's like there's not been a day of news that is gone by that Islam has not been in the news in some form or fashion that is within the time of the Shah of Iran. Deposition of the Shaw and remember all that with Terry Waite and the hostages just before the election of Ronald Reagan, but one of the thing in and Lily said this and I want your feedback. The many believed Billy Graham believed I believe, just before the rapture is going to be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit and I would this this this pandemic is is definitely a reshuffling of the deck of this world, but if there's a major revival and an outpouring of the Spirit and many salvation's and repentance of scan, then I think that is almost a guarantee that we are right out that evil, the rapture, Christ return.

We very well could be. And that's why we need to have our lamps ready right. We need to be ready at all times. You Matthew chapter 11 Yep you know just when Noah was building New York and 420 years, no doubt, people scoffed and they said you're right crazy old man building a boat and yet the moment came when the rain fell over the door. The ark was shot and you mentioned the thought in Matthew 11 the virgins and other convergence in five more wives and or: five more unwise and then when the bridegroom gave the shout, you know, here I come. The five that had no oil in the oral office represents the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, but there's not point the moment came and they were unprepared and and Lily Ferguson.

I'm not trying to be more rows or anything like that. But honestly thinking about one's own mortality is the wisest thing anyone would ever do savers 927 says that God knows the day that were all going about whether by the return of Christ for our own death. I would beg your audience.

Be ready to Christ.

He loves you so, and whether by death or by his return. You'll be ready and we can help you if you need spiritual help. You know Alex

We got a little booklet we've given to well over 1/4 million people to help them, either come to Christ or come back to Christ, so if if this COBIT 19 causes people to think about their soul and turn to the Lord, make some changes. Praise God, I just, I pray that our nation united Janet that we would stop listening to the Hollywood reprobate and once again like our founding fathers and mothers did, we would listen to God and his truth. Amen to that.

Alex, this is really really important because the Lord will come back in an hour. We do not expect that something that we need to keep in mind yes no couple of minutes left and I know we got a lot more we could talk about for hours on end, Alex. It's always so much fun to talk to you that one of the things that's really on your heart that the Lord is laid on your heart for a number of years has been the younger generations.

In truth for a new generation is your moniker, but when you look at some of the statistics of the Barnett recently came out with a new poll on statistics about biblical worldview showing that to her sense of 18 to 29-year-olds have a biblical worldview. That's beyond the crisis. How do you want to address that. Alex what what is it that you think needs to be done at this hour to really get the gospel to that generation that's coming up Walt well. Do you know 14 1/2 years ago when I was working for James Dobson and we were on our staff was feverishly working on some things that ultimately became the truth project in several other resources.

Barnett estimated 9% of people had a biblical worldview and you know what will my ministerial friends or their work, oh Alex, chill out your little bit of the top and I know you get that to sometimes because those books that really care and we we know that ideas and beliefs have consequences.

But here we are now up to two half percent of a biblical worldview. The answer is the home of the church.

We gotta be in this for the long haul. We need to go. Great Christian homes. We need to teach our kids and I want to say we need men that will step up and be the priest of the home as God calls us to be minimal, to say the greatest thing you could ever do for your children is to love their mother and then build a Christian, but on the side of the pastors and Janet are plastered to churches. Believe me I know it man of God in the pulpit. It's time to be courageous. It's time to be put on your big boy pants and preach the whole counsel of God. Spurgeon said it doesn't preach from the pulpit. It will be practiced in the pew. So we need Christian families. We need good solid churches, but we need Christian leaders that will not dole out cotton candy and Pablo but the life-changing truth of God's word well and it all does come down to the authority of Scripture.

Alex and you had mentioned the Southern Baptist convention, among many other church bodies, but when were talking about that one in particular there's been a big fight going on between Bible believing conservatives and those who want to take it then awoke direction. This is why we need to fight for our churches as well is it mean that we cannot just relax any situation that is bubbling up where you have on biblical ideas flooding into your denomination are flooding into your churches. That's not something that we can just put off and say it doesn't matter. Somebody else will take care of it because we have this new generation of kids coming up students coming up who are taking all of this and and what if they don't understand the inerrancy and the authority of Scripture and their allies what kinds of lives. Will they lead and it's all oh man so important I want to refer you over to Alex McFarlane's website Alex get some great resources and assure the best.

Thank you so much for being with us and stay well.

God bless you my friend. Thank you so much. Will be back on Jennifer today.

This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by Bible leak. Your gift of $35 will send seven Bibles to Christians in need and your gift of $100 will send 20 Bibles and right now with a matching gift. Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word where there's a banner to clack and Chana you're listening to Janet River today and no use your host and we have heard a lot lately about the outrage that abortion clinics have been allowed to stay open during this pandemic in certain spots. What about crisis pregnancy centers.

In fact, it's more important than ever to be doing the work of saving lives at a time like this. And as you know, our friends at pre-born are on the front lines when it comes to saving pre-born babies lives through your generous gifts. Pre-born helps provide free ultrasounds to abortion minded women and when that young mom faced with an unplanned pregnancy sees her baby on that ultrasound.

80% of the time she's going to choose life, and without that ultrasound, one out of every three pre-born babies will perish one ultrasound cost just $28 and forget that $140 you can provide five free ultrasounds.

The number to call 855402 baby 855402 baby or there's a banner to click a Chana and we thank you all of you who have been supporting this wonderful cause, but the centers coping during the COBIT 19 crisis. What is it say about our culture when abortion is considered to be essential to get some thoughts on it all now from Dan Steiner, national director of pre-born Dan, thank you so much for being here to be here again on the Janet program where we have a vibrant partner in saving lives and not in yourself and in your listeners. So just grateful the lives been placed while we are to Dan and were so grateful for what you're doing.

I'm curious to ask because I have seen some stories about crisis pregnancy centers and of course there affected a lot of the same ways that every other business is affected. At this moment, or every other ministry. What is going on with the crisis pregnancy centers.

The ultrasounds and the pro-life work that's being done around the country at this moment. Because of this pandemic has been affected very much a dramatic and a couple of different ways. Janet, the most significant of which is that our crisis once being flooded frankly with pregnant girls and and boyfriend that are wanting to abort mothers anointed of their daughters aborted because sheltering in time on your hands, not at school, not a college and go out do anything equals unplanned pregnancies that were getting a lot more unplanned. A lot of abortion minded called and in the face of that were also having our older volunteers and many of the states that are reluctant to come in and counsel because of the threat of the virus. This was just a real difficult time for us from a number of perspectives, donations as well and people of that of lost her job somewhat down so many of our clinics had to shut down their fundraising events because they can't gather to have a bank order or have a walk so it has affected us from a funding standpoint and of the need is even greater in the faith. Big direction. So yeah, I've quite they quite a challenge challenging time and yet the need seems to be up and so you need as much help as you can possibly get. Because this is the point you have been seen some terrible things in the news.

I know there are number of states. Now they have crackdown on abortion clinics and and I'm so happy about that. Indiana Texas Iowa Mississippi Ohio Oklahoma they're trying to dramatically curtail access to abortion during this pandemic. But there is this idea out there that boy women really need abortion as essential services during a pandemic and I'm scratching my head.

Say what you guys talking about. I mean this is a time we ought to be saving lives not exterminating more children.

This is just I react to all of this will the Lord. All those who hate me love them so it's not you are killing children, but they're all killing coronavirus patients and their medical attendees, doctors and nurses that are helping them they can't get the supplies that they need because of being consumed by these abortion is doing elective surgery because good driven by two things.

One of their unadulterated profit motive. They don't want to miss. And being able to cash out on the girls misfortune the men.

Secondly their ideological driven notes not to compromise one. On abortion fill in many states, such as a couple for Ohio and Texas state because you don't do it. Everything were open anyway. And the good emigrants to the governor for rigidly New Yorker defiant in a couple places in the face of the family is like in the end of the aborted clicker actually shutting down but what we see here is the field resolution of the merchants of God to kill children and make money at it at any cost and their unprincipled anti-American you know flying in the face of common sense and common basically and this pandemic to use the medical quiet for the collective surgery just because you don't want to lose you and I mean really, you believe that they are exploiting young girls because I you know you hear about this their home. They're getting worried. They're scared they have more time on their hands to think it over and waiting yell frets about the future. Maybe they lost their jobs or their boyfriends or husbands have lost their jobs and and it really seems like Planned Parenthood and the like are exploiting the emotional turmoil of the moment in order to convince these girls.

What you really need to do to solve your problem is to kill your baby, but I think it is the other side of the story because this is what pre-born is all about and that is saving pre-born lives and you do this with women who walking the dissenters wanting to have abortions and the ultrasound changes everything really the answer to the other being pressured by the culture by Planned Parenthood by the mother of the pregnant girl to want to deal the baby to the boyfriend who doesn't want the accountability to abort and yet if we will introduce her for the first time she gets to see her baby real time in real life in the real heartbeat of that baby. It touches her heart and she chooses like double the likelihood shall choose life 80% that's what your listeners have done over and over again.

Janet is for $20 supporting one of the ultrasound hundred $40.05 three ultrasound girl and does all tax deductible.

Even more so now there's been even if you don't itemize you can still take a deduction of $300 for the pillars opportunity here to actually do something to save lives in.

I think that the Lord is involved in all of the horrible things about our nation. This pandemic is looking for righteousness is looking for people to stand up and take a stand for what's right and others nothing more right than saving the lives of little baby caught in the crosshairs of an unplanned pregnancy under these abortion merchant try to capitalize on the girls misfortune. I agree with you, and I just want to give up that phone number for people $28.

As Dan said, is the cost of one ultrasound for a woman who is abortion minded who comes into a crisis pregnancy center and pre-born works with these crisis pregnancy centers across the country. $28 just $28.08 55402. Baby is the number to call or there's a banner to click Janet met if you'd like to support this wonderful ministry.

855402 baby Dan. You also always emphasize the fact that you're not just about saving the lives of babies, but you're also about reaching their moms with the gospel. Can you speak a little to the work that you do in that regard really an important thing to work on her worldview that got her into the unplanned regularly on the sexual immorality. Frankly, in the first place. You know, not like the girls would come to a single in the pregnant or getting pregnant out of wedlock and so we really need a heart change the learning one person that can do that, heart changes, interesting of the world about heart issuing the mother the heartbeat but also changing the girl heart giving her be born again to a relationship with Jesus Christ himself lead the nation.

The percent of women that come to Christ and our counselors are evangelistic girls that if their greatest need you in the distance is, is the Lord. The principles found in the word of God level help them make better decisions will be an unplanned pregnancy.

So if they are in fact regularly raise their child admonition Lord love the Lord and so this is a critical element of what we do and everything. The girl becomes them were looking for that opportunity to lead her to Christ. We don't push it gently in the shoulders of that encapsulation. But yeah if a critical part of what we doing and what regard the ultrasound. We also third thing we do. Janet is to actually put ultrasound machine from Huntersville of $15,000 you put an ultrasound machine in a pregnancy clinic that at this point in time is less than ever able to afford will with the donations being down volunteers being down there really no that might be a good man out there that has the ability to do that. Why that would be wonderful well and you can call 855402 baby if you're able to donate one ultrasound costs just $20 for gift of $140 you can offer five free ultrasound to abortion minded women through the great ministry of freeborn Dan Steiner with us and thank you so much for stopping by and God bless you story company comes my still available now for home viewing on demand based on the real life restorative chart topping singer, German, I still believe reminds us of the moves like storms.

True hope can be found in Christ you chose willingly walk in the fire is still in our everyday actions to help prevent the spread of respiratory disease and wash your hands, avoid close contact with people who were sick, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth when you are sick. Cover your cough or sneeze, clean and disinfect frequently touched on jacks with household cleaning spray for more information, visit, 19 this message brought to you by the national Association of broadcasters in this station, this is Janet math or did you know that persecuted believers are praying to receive their own Bible depot is a pastor in Africa attacked while preaching by extremists and he's praying for Bibles for former Muslims who are now following Christ. Eight it was forced into an arranged marriage to an abusive atheist in Europe, but her godly witness led him to Jesus.

Amelio lost everything after his home was burned by witches in Latin America and he's praying for a Bible to share Christ with them.

When you be the answer to these pleas for God's word and see many others come to faith five dollars sends one Bible $35 and seven Bibles in a limited time Bible for Bible match will help us reach our goal of sending God's word to 1200 persecuted Christians become a vital center today by calling 800 yes word that's 800 yes word or by clicking the Bible league banner and Janet met 800 yes word you're listening to Janet Mefford today and here's Janet Terry. Interesting to me how the boundaries keep getting pushed in terms of what is constitutional. We've seen a lot of this going on during this pandemic and some of the bizarre things that are happening and one of the most bizarre things that just happened over the weekend was David Bannon, was arrested. Now David Benham and I go way back. David and Jason, the Benham brothers we go way back all the way back to when HDTV kicked them off the air because they were called anti-gay, and that was all based on an interview that I had done with the Benham's at one time so we go back a long way and they are just the greatest guys great Christian guys really boldly living for Jesus Christ and now David Benham has been arrested in front of an abortion clinic in North Carolina. He runs a nonprofit called cities for life, and they were out there and according to what David Benham has reported this cities for life group had several people who are outside this abortion clinic trying to provide essential services for life to these women who were trying to go in and get abortions at this abortion clinic and you know the state of North Carolina like some of the other states has determined that abortion services are essential quote unquote ridiculous so he got a call from one of the sidewalk counselors and there were fewer than five of them. This is important because they have put out a lot of these orders saying you can't gathering groups of more than 10 people there were fewer than five they had chocked the sidewalk. According to David Benham to make sure that they kept more than 6 feet between each of them so they were doing the social distancing and cities for life is a nonprofit and nonprofits are specifically excluded from this order that was given to socially distance yourself in the neo-essential versus nonessential services, but public charities according to the daily wire that offer social services are looked upon as essential services so they had a right to be there. They were part of a group that was considered essential. They are trying to help women choose life. What's more essential than choosing life.

Nothing. And if abortion is essential. Sidewalk counseling is even more essential and I would reject the argument that abortion is essential obviously but I want you to hear a little bit of this twitter video that he put out on social media because you can hear for yourself what the exchange was like between David Benham and one of the police officers listen to cut one. We are practicing social distancing. We have cleaned our hands. We are offering help to these mothers and if you're saying that we don't have the right to be going abortion clinic and make the arrest. There I saw your you will have the authority to go and you have the authority to bully us in our sidewalk counseling. If you are just, you know, you know you're trying to be nice if passive aggressive. But guess what happened. I'm not vegan in our sidewalk counselors and on budget. Respect right at this time there are certainly well you know were right. You know were right and I appreciate you serving.

I appreciate everything that you do for us what this is wrong and you know what you cannot tell us to leave. You know you know I well within my thoughts as that's pretty incredible really is listen. To cut to, you know that were laid on the right thing you need to go to her serve, you know, we are a federally recognized here, I tell you doing this week we have. I know your acting under the advice of your attorney. We have the authority to hear like I understand and I appreciate your service. I really do not want to always understand the paradigm very think this is not me drawing a line in the sand. We all recognize charity, we are recognize charity as you know this. We are offering essential services to these mothers and you know this and we are practicing social distancing.

We are doing everything well within the ordinance was well within the states is well within the statute. We are doing everything I don't know how they have a leg to stand on. I'm talking about law enforcement. I don't how they have a leg to stand on if they are considered an essential service as a nonprofit charity which they are and if they were observing the social distancing requirements, which they were and if they were staying under the number of 10 as as far as how many people were gathering.

They were staying under the number of 10 because there were fewer than five why can't they stand in front of an abortion clinic talk to women you know it's it's insane. It's not only the unfairness of saying abortion clinics can be open but people who try to save the babies lives can't be there, but I don't know about you, and I don't know about where you live and where you're going when you go grocery shopping or if you go to a big box retailer will not more than 10 people in those stores, folks, and there is social distancing. People are beginning to wear masks and so forth, that there's a double standard. And you can't help but wonder if the entire motivation for cracking down on cities for life is ideological and very highly likely I would say because that's just how it goes. That's how it goes and and it's ridiculous. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas actually took up for David Benham online and laid out that that splits a nonconstitutional arrest.

He said they were exercising core First Amendment rights peacefully in a way fully consistent with public safety because elected Democrats are pro-abortion there abusing their power in a one-sided way to silence pregnancy counselors that he urged people to watch the video and he said have you ever seen an arrest like this peaceful, respectful, thanking the police officers elected Democrats are abusing their power for political agenda and face civil liability under 42 USC 1983. That's the federal statute under which individuals whose constitutional rights have been violated can bring a case against public servants and I hope that they do. In fact that's already going on. This was from the Triad city beat website for people who regularly walk and pray outside of abortion clinics in Greensboro and Charlotte North Carolina are now suing Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vann and Police Lt. Dan not claiming that their constitutional rights are being violated by the city's enforcement of Guilford County stay-at-home order. The Thomas more Society filed a lawsuit on behalf of these poor people who are active with the pro-life group called love life Greensboro police made for arrests on March 28, and seven arrests on March 30 outside the abortion clinic known as a woman's choice for violations of the stay-at-home order. None of the plaintiffs in the civil suit are among those who were arrested but the lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order in federal court to allow the activists to continue to pray on a public sidewalk while claiming that the threat of arrest violates their first and 14th amendment rights. They contend that their presence outside the abortion clinic was protected under both the county and state, stay-at-home orders, which include exemptions that classify outdoor activity as essential and Stephen Crampton from the Thomas more Society said prayer is still legal. During this pandemic. Greensboro's Mayor Yvonne should be ashamed of herself for using the cover of this national crisis to attack public expressions of religious faith that she disagrees with Mayor Vaughn were truly interested in saving lives. She would shut down this abortion clinic which is using up critical personal protective equipment needed for the code. 19 response. The Greensboro now listen to this Greensboro city attorney Chuck Watts expressed frustration with activists insistence that they have the right to come to Greensboro to protest that's you you're mad at. They want to find some sort of safe harbor in the exceptions to the stay-at-home order, there are none. He said any travel is problematic. The order uses labels like essential services and essential business. It authorized you to go get fresh air and walk around that does not mean you have a license to travel anywhere in the state of the county to get that fresh air they're getting fresh air. What you talking about it saying if you want to walk around your house that's fine that's inside I mean outside the perimeter of your house. That's all you're allowed to deal house that constitutional.

The idea that people around the state would decide to descend on Greensboro. They're choosing to come here to protest. I have a problem with their protest. Ding ding ding. There you have it. I have a problem with their protest. You don't like what they're thinking. You don't like what they're doing it for, and so that's the crux of the issue and it's unconstitutional what right does the state have to tell you, you can exercise your First Amendment rights regardless of the circumstances. If there obeying all of the orders that are out there and they can be there and they can protest, and they can provide the much more essential services of saving pre-born lives and their needed their needed somebody's life will depend on them being there. So why can't they be there there social distancing their making sure the hand sanitizer is put on their hands there being safe. But I'm glad to see this. I am glad to see this because of abortion clinics can stay open. You guys created the mess in the first place by allowing them to stay open by falsely saying that abortion is an essential service. You created the mess and you can't say one side is free to do what they want to do, but the other essential services not free to do what they want to do so.

God bless David Benham and will keep you posted on the story and God bless those other pro-lifers as well because lives need to be saved. Is that what the pandemic shutdown is all about anyway yeah it is. By the way please help us send 1200 Bibles to persecuted Christians across the world.

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