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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Eddie Scarry (Cultural Fascism)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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April 14, 2020 5:06 pm

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Eddie Scarry (Cultural Fascism)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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April 14, 2020 5:06 pm

The Southern Baptist Convention's Dr. Russell Moore is ignoring genuine attacks on Christians' religious liberty during the COVID-19 crisis while he instead fights for illegal aliens to be released from detainment. What's wrong with this picture? We'll talk about it. Plus: Eddie Scarry, commentary writer at the Washington Examiner, joins me to discuss his book, "Privileged Victims: How America’s Culture Fascists Hijacked the Country and Elevated Its Worst People." That's next time on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by Bible league.

Your gift of $35 will send seven Bibles to Christians in need and your gift of $100 will send 20 Bibles and right now with the matching gift. Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word or there's a banner to is our confidence is in Christ alone, I ask yourself how did this country become so woke and why. Well, we can lay blame at the feet of the purveyors of social justice which my next guest calls a deadly cocktail of grievance that fights by publicly shaming its critics, angrily mobbing its opponents and seizing control of America's cultural arteries.

Worst of all, after spreading for decades social justice has a sizable lead in the culture wars.

Is there any way that Americans can win the battle against social justice and the elevation of societies worst people. It's a great question were to get some answers today from Eddie Scarry and nationally recognized journalist focusing on politics and culture for the Washington Examiner and he is author of the book will be talking about, which is called privileged victims. How America's culture fascists hijacked the country and elevated its worst people. Great title and great to have you with us that he how are you underwhelming think Robin right now. It's a joy to have you tell us a little bit about the lead that social justice warriors have right now the culture wars what people need to know. While we certainly can the Democratic Party and not the focus of one of the chapters of my book privileged victims but in the Democratic Party of the first the country for social justice. Primary almost being ideology at work right now and I think that the money. That the big reason why Bernie Bennett has been both successful because every single day you come the on the campaign trail called called president Calvary so-called Nvidia called him a homophobe and not only that you took the biggest leap in any of them took all any of the candidates when the New Hampshire debate in New Hampshire.

He's been on the stage and fed America the racist society from the top to bottom How this whole ideology operate the grievant with about victimization it's about oppression, all on the basis of gender, rape and sexuality so reviewed Democratic Party leave for the very popular but very popular concept get ahead of it begin to head very quickly. If you buy into the social justice team but assuming he is the nominee I'm back. I think that that the election will be a barometer of how far down the country is down this rabbit hole but again I think would be the jury is out on that we don't have an answer completely yet yeah I agree with you here and you know I'm old enough to remember when people who are running for president actually talked about ideas other than just insulting the president of the United States nonstop. I mean, it's so emotional. It's so irrational in so many ways it so Marxist in many ways to separate people into classes of oppressed and oppressors. But why is it working do you think any why are so many people buying into this and and not thinking about how irrational it is to do element wired working, one of which is that nobody will meaning people, which is about majority of America. They do not want to be cultivated with it, want to become confronted would be called a bigger-explain why their views are not homophobic to get it in any kind of way. But it is a natural tendency for a lot of people. For most people, I would say to shy away from the fight they don't like that fight. They don't like being called those names because they are the ugly names in the country, but the other part of it is good again. This is an ideology that had spread started with academia spread throughout called Camp and that whole thing does rage basically every university campus across the country, the bread that infects the children it pushed out through the would-be professors and administrators there and in Hollywood love, the dynamic of the dynamic to the privilege.

Bernie would be a part of the agreed been victimized that the story they love telling up the methods they look putting out over and over again, reinforcing the amended and at the same vein story of the national media love to tell that that's what happened with that would happen with an expanded amendment noted the Covington Catholic kid.

This image goes around the lead of the white white males under the privilege, because the private school and then here's the poor victimized and oppressed and agreed American invasion that that's what they see. And that's what they set up in every single story that the national media love to tell though. Again, not in the title.

My book about the culture.

Fascists of the culture practice because there reinforcing the message over and over and over again Hollywood, the national media, academia, men in politics. Now, one more example give you that. Do you squad the so-called squad of the Democratic Party AOC and lan.

Omar and refused to leave the only reason that there elevated at all because they claim to have been good to be victims of Enterprise been agreed based on their case with their gender and their and the right thing that they claim is, therefore, the victim, and having been oppressed and again that the story that the that the media love to tell about what you there heralded on blobby magazine glowing profiles on cable news. Just about every day. So again the withholding is affected every part of our country, not that flight had been put successful because they feed the culture while riding in the case of Omar the Islamic you know identity is also very key because she can get away with committing potential alleged immigration fraud by having married.

Her brother and the liberal media takes a complete blind eye when we talk about bad to. Why would we talk about that because I would be ready for right to criticize anyone but an upper portion of the gain.

She knows that if she is criticized all she had to do it for that reason you're coming after me because I'm I'm let the privilege will know are coming up here because you done some weird things you said similar things and we all like guys okay to criticize you well. Again, a lot of people don't want to be called racist about your other point that that's why this whole thing can be so successful.but that how they fight they call you the racist bigot Abe say I'm the one who suffered at the hands of the privilege and on and on it goes well it ties and and this whole issue of my identity gives me a unique perspective on reality that you are forced not only to listen to, but to accept this fundamentally a totally postmodern view of life, you will be a big big part of the total shut ideology up with an amalgam of every one of the left worth ideas on including the postmodernism view of the world, but it marks the limited socialism and communism. It's feminism and queer theory, critical race theory. All of those things are in social justice but yet that's the key feature of the way that operators ever. Every person, depending on what level of grievance or victimization or oppression that they can claim based on their overlapping identities.they are true that you can't possibly understand it, you need to check yourself you trust your privilege and listen to me.

I'm the one who could speak now because I'm the victim. Yeah, it's kind of funny though because it breaks apart. For example, if you have all the feminists marching on Washington and screaming about tromping and screaming at the sky and all that. What it negates when they're talking about shouting their abortions for example are the millions of pro-life women in this country. So in other words, they assume these identities, but people who have similar identities who don't have the same ideology are just left out of the equation and then they turned the race factor on those people.

What you don't have as much of a say as a white pro-life woman because you have not been where I've been, perhaps as a minority woman who shouts her abortion.

I it's so insane. Who can keep track of all these identities will not do culture about the development of the left out yet are completely ignored and again the culture crashes in the news media and Hollywood, academia and the Democratic Party. Certainly they promote they promote the one that they determine it being a victim of you.

When you look into because like you said there identity is it is more important than yours. Why, the more important because we being that they've suffered more than you have suffered to have claimed to have been a victim to have been to say that you've been a product that is to be inherently good and so she went been in the social justice sickness that the personnel all around our country. If I can claim those things that than I am inherently good. I mean I'm innately superior to anyone else deemed to have privilege by the culture fashion to run the country. Yeah, you totally right about that and going back to something that you said a moment ago you hear lines like my truth all the time. I want to tell my truth. That's fundamentally postmodern as well because there is my side of the story or my opinion but when you're using the phrase my truth that is over and against the idea that there is objective truth and objective reality that stands outside my experience, I could be dead and Apple still fall from trees because of the law of gravity, right and actually even goes a little bit further than that of the worst part of it. I would say in terms of the particular feature of the subjunctive mob.

The ideology is not only do I get to tell you what might you do that, but if I can claim a higher form of grievance or victimhood on the will be called intersection Allie, Gail, I can tell you know what you you may not think they will use of those Ray said, let me tell you that it was racist because I did my truth with my experience I can tell you that you don't get to have a say if you're worst of all, a straight white male in America but if I can look at you and stated know what you do benefit from a different type of privilege may be a woman but your wife so therefore me as a black woman I happen to be what you know and yet I don't think I have never thought to myself it claim any of these types of Russian points and victimhood.

You know you can do nothing to see me hired by the Washington Post. Yeah that's right he's scared will be right back.

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This, though that is claimed is not necessarily actual would that be fair to say that that a lot of the claims that I've been oppressed and I have had this terrible grievance because such and such has been done to me. A lot of this is it true and you see this coming out. For example, with people like Jesse some laps I mean you see these hate crime hoaxes all the time and is that part and parcel of how they move the ball forward to whether whether the claimant to oppression or agreement or victimhood is true is always beside the point. It doesn't really can come to light in looking in cases like Dr. small at where we would be fortunately found out that it looks like you think the Chicago police say that the grand jury you have determined blood. He knows that in the country and he knew certainly in an mostly everyone else was catching on a bit if you want something what they said that he wanted. He wanted more money from the Fox Empire show and he wanted to get more fame if you certainly got more famous became a celebrity of a much bigger celebrity overnight, but again his claim more than true and echoes that for many, many, many other people. I think in particular you see it in Hollywood with the movies where the woman is the shoot. She is being held down by men about because she got confident that the hospital could be heralded even if even if the movie is any good. One example was that the Ghostbusters in the chart that they tried to take out all the men up and make make them all women and all the Women will be bombed because it was bad but that the view of the message was more important than the quality of the message is first and foremost, what what in mind when they're trying to push the thing all the bombs you have that the Frank, the people who run the franchise of the producers.

They were looking to go back to the way it used to be.

In order to Mailed the roles. One of the actresses are and gladly, I forget her last name. She asked you and throws a fit on Twitter was what been an all woman Will defend the message that boys are better than girl sees all they're doing is pushing that it doesn't really matter that is good. Doesn't matter if the bit the plane victimhood or oppression is real.

I'm sure she's doing just fine living on Hollywood making lots of money, but she claims it and not put the matter to somebody.

I have a moral responsibility to go see some bad remake of Ghostbusters with a bunch of women I have no interest in St. that's on me, then it's not on their bad movie. Oh yeah, sure it would you compute it again and everything for the Democratic Party. For example, bit it completely. A statement that the minority candidate. They were actually running for president or having a dropout in large part because minority voters that had sided with the white people and the Democrats and within the party who support the candidate and liberals in the media kept saying all isn't that such a shame that all the minority can talk about this might be a racist country. Another something wrong with your party or something going on there. Don't blame that on the country to school saying that were raised this country. I know when we go back to the Obama years and all the stuff that went on the Balkanization. The intentional I was a Balkanization of Americans into classes that that really ramped up under Obama.

I have never heard a leftist adequately respond to the question, how in the world can you claim that America is racist when Obama won two terms in office.

If we were fundamental racist. How could he have one right noted a lot of contradictions in the whole social judgment.

Ideology, things aren't necessarily supposed to make then there are really supposed to be argument. In fact a lot of argument of the better you to shut up and listen depending on who again claimed to have been victimized the product or organ agreement based on based on their claim of that you know that because of my gender because of my race that you did to me that I'm a victim because of my sexuality and you never those things are way more important than talking about argument or factor logic. Yeah, well, what you know why use facts and logic when you can just hurl and insulted somebody and get them to knuckle under. I mean that's defense effectively what they've done these identity politics purveyors. There are very good at that question about border security because one of the things you address in the book is social justice and what's been going on regarding the fight over, you know, been to border walls and all the rest you, what are your thoughts on how the Democrats of China morphed over the years from backing protected borders to screaming about kids in cages that factually speaking started under Obama anyway what what is going on here.

Do you think in the broader question of social justice and its effect on politics were with the right of the appropriate emblem of an entire chapter my book about immigration entire chapter to chapter and privileged victims about just the thing where even a Democrat that the board at one time they would not be effective.

Social job is making its way through the party.

They now they always know Racist thing because then again, even if you can make the case that know it obviously is not right that we can applicant be not racist and just hope that we know who's coming to the country want a policy that that not everyone to get the dump themselves in here and we hope that your urine or contribute. We should be able to evaluate who come then, but no, this is again how you get power. That's what this whole thing is about achieving power, achieving your your advancing your own special untruth and that's why the political debate within the Democratic party and that's why Dick taken the position that they do as nonsensical and illogical as it is they know that to say helpful because right, I'm calling you racist. You have to stop talking now you have to accept that you have to accept our apology and that you collect now because we're not the races on the Republican the president trumpeted the rate of normal Americans who believe that there should be some orderly process entering the country rather than just stepping across the river. Those people are racist. So again it's about power. This is how to do it in the this is social justice in action, right and this is why they don't put for example, Latinos on TV who will say hey I came here legally. I'm all for what Trump is doing this people and get a say they'll get interviewed all right will we thought multiple times. When Trump would have a press conference and you bring up border patrol agent.

The overwhelming number of which are Latino and I've been to the border twice. I talked with them. They will all say would like to border wall. We can't we can't manage the number of people while the asylum laws is the way it is, which is basically just a big gap in our immigration for some that that anyone walking here for long of the conduct put in the country and claimant's claim asylum. All of them are looking at, but Trump would try to put them on TV at the White House. No, no. Left at the White House in a press conference in the UN would instantly cut away from his know they don't want to hear from not because they totally disrupt their whole narrative about the privilege and who the victim is like a big portion of social justice ideology dance prompted all over again.

I'm serious when you talk about these cultural expansionists elevating the worst people who would you classify as some of these people, these worst people who are being featured and elevated by social justice warriors will open the Democratic Party. I would say it a squad because their whole.

To my knowledge, but it accomplished nothing.

Nothing on the record and after lauded by the news media put on the put on black covers of magazines and note no journalists in the national news media have a bad thing today about any of them. No criticism at all in Hollywood, you would be someone like Amy Schumer who get the same as someone who does nothing but play the most vulgar thing right then put on in their movies are awful. There'd absolutely terrible.

I feel that as a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion and get the New York Times.

The next thing you know one entire profile where she photographed wearing a top and these are the people that that benefit the most the night you a perfect vandal like you said earlier was just too small.

It was you. I want money you want to get more famous how he claimed that he was attacked for being black and gay by July, Trump supported infinitely all outpouring of support from celebrities much bigger than him. We all know his name. Now even people in the Democratic Party were coming to defend people need me were coming in. Defendant no, we didn't know anything about it. We didn't know if he was a good actor.

You know he was a good thing or not you claim victimhood. Go ahead and elevate him to the things I'm talking about now.

I asked except all of us were from Chicago who heard the story that there were guys in Monahans walking down the street to Chicago ensure Jesse sure there are times in my going at wares in Chicago. Yeah our rights are IEEE me at least could have picked a big red state, city, and maybe he would've been a little bit more believed but again it's back to the whole thing that there up to, which is to control the way people think when you see this hatted though Eddie when you're looking at the effects of social justice in this kind of groupthink that there putting on Americans at high now. Is there any chance that people can really fight back against this and and squash it because it definitely needs to be squashed but is there any hope for that, we find that people are willing to fight back again. I think a big part of Donald Trump election inlet in the 2015 campaign was a cultural answer.

It was that with them.

You know I were tired of being told we can't say what we want were tired of being told think this way were right, even though were not racist. I think I was a big appeal.

Yeah, you said you know I don't care if the national media that I'm gonna pay it because I think it's the truth. I think of the confirmation of Brett Cavanagh with another another sign, because what will the criticism of him.

It was that bald that you can integrate but why can't he properly or or legitimately defend himself well because he's a white male history lesson on everyone on the Republican. Should the judiciary committee defending him of the straight white male lives.

Why should we listen to them. Well you got confirmed the spring court. Donald Trump may win election again, but people do happy, willing to fight, they have to be willing to pay you know what you can call me right but you can call me but I'm not going the way I'm not shutting up. What about calling out the hypocrisy.

I don't off a lot of white people. I would put myself in the same category for sick and tired of being called white supremacist and white privilege and white there plenty white people who grew up with absolutely nothing and worked their way and studied their way into achieving the American dream. And that's the dream that's available to anybody who will work hard. I mean, that's a narrative that I think needs to be put out there that you guys are a bunch of hypocrites nor the Ralph Northern the governor of Virginia can have a blackface scandal and nothing happens to them that never would've happened had he been a Republican, all right to be called out.

You do have to show again some fight, think and the big reason why I wrote the book is because I felt exactly like what you're describing is a durable play like you looking for nothing while I'm at Latino and I grew up in the working class valve.

My mother was an immigrant. My dad was a Marine. I wasn't given anything really and I had a really nice family, but that's about it.

Not now.

I will light on politics in Washington.

I'm the author I'm not rich by any means, but I also don't run around claiming that been victimized been oppressed.

Maybe that's withholding to back it is but I think that you got some great great points in great stuff in this book is called privilege victims Eddie Scarry with this is so good to have you here. Eddie, thanks a lot for being with us. Thank you so much horror I got blessing will be back on 10. This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by Bible leak.

Your gift of $35 will send seven Bibles to Christians in need and your gift of $100 will send 20 Bibles and right now with a matching gift. Your gift will be doubled, now 800 yes word 800 yes word 800 yes word where there's a banner to Clack and Janet today and here's your host Joe back I'm to go out on a limb here and go a little bit beyond what I've said in the past about Dr. Russell Moore, the head of the ethics and religious liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention and I have been very critical of him for six years now, five years on a long time very long time.

Too long of a time that he's just given me so much material.

What am I supposed to do when you say that all Christian radio makes people hate Christianity and that your opening salvo and then you just go downhill from there. What am I supposed to do really is a conservative Christian. You can't just sit there and let this stuff go. At any rate I am to the point now where I will come right out and say I can't think of a worse person to represent the Southern Baptists on the issue of religious liberty then rub some more and I think he's finally reached the zenith of while I would say well, the zenith would be high. I guess he's reached the low points at this point on on this issue. Here's why I say this, he wrote a column on April 11.

This was over this past weekend on Saturday, churches, and governments are cooperating.

Let's keep it that way and I will read it to you but that that the basic gist of it was that most churches are cooperating with their local governments and their their governors and they are complying with the requests to shut down their churches into online services and the only people who are really violating that are a couple of outliers and most of them are prosperity gospel nuts. That's the essence of the article. Now what he doesn't say in this article is anything about these legitimate violations of the Constitution that are occurring. Like it or not, and I've been very clear about this. From day one. Like it or not.

If you have a church that is treated the way some of these churches have been treated over the weekend and in recent days, you can't deny that there have been overreaches and there has been a little bit of totalitarianism going on. But what's happened is that in my view. Dr. Moore is more concerned with propping up see most Christians are doing the right thing and I agree with them on that. I do agree with him on that. I think there are some people in some of these churches. Unlike in the name names, but I think some of them are doing it a little bit for the publicity were a little bit for the defiant thing or a little bit because they see an opportunity to get attention. There are a few probably who are like that, but I think there are others were genuinely trying to do what they really believe is right and they're trying to comply will can you defend the government coming down on people who are having a drive-in service supposed to spread COBIT 19 to a guy in the next car seat.

That's where somebody like Russell Moore might come in handy where he can come down and say listen, I do think that most churches should comply with these wise and prudent request on the part of government to not spread the coronavirus and like I said, I agree with him on that. I completely agree with him on that. But when you see totalitarian moves taking place is really important for somebody who has religious liberty in his title and represents the largest Protestant denomination in the United States to maybe say something about it because thus far he hasn't said much of anything, except in this particular article he says here times of crisis sometimes lead to frame nerves severed relationships to paranoia and mistrust, paranoia, the real story so far in our country is how little of this has happened between the church and the states right we should work to keep it this way for the sake of everyone any talks again about in the few cases where there have been problems such these groups have been extreme outliers extreme outliers usually associated with the various prosperity gospel movements.

I assume there he's referring to Rodney Howard Brown and Rodney Howard Brown is a prosperity gospel guy. He is the Holy Ghost bartender. I'm no fan of his. I think he was a little been in people's faces about it as was Tony's pal in Louisiana I am no problem, but it's gone beyond that, Russell. It's not just the prosperity gospel people who are doing this in fact I was looking at all the lawsuits that have come about. There's three churches now in California who are suing Gov. Newsom over physical distancing orders. This is from ABC 73 Southern California churches that want to stay open during the cover 19 pandemic are suing Gov. Newsom over these orders, which they say violate the First Amendment right to freedom of religion and assembly. Here's another one in Albuquerque mega church is now suing the state claiming the governor violated the First Amendment that protects the freedom of religion. Specifically, it is focused on the church's Easter Sunday service in the number of people it takes to live stream to its congregation.

This particular pastor says this legacy church filed suit requesting a Temporary Restraining Order, but also a permanent injunction affording them the same restrictions as local essential retailers limiting capacity to 20%. This the pastor Steve's mother and says to hold Sunday's service, they would have a worship team abandons the pastor and technical staff, which is about 30 people and so conducting the live stream services would immediately violate the governor's order to limit gatherings to no more than five people. That's another one ADF alliance defending freedom, our friends over there have now gotten involved in some lawsuits as well. They talk about Temple Baptist Church in Greenville Mississippi.

That's the prosperity gospel church. They found 1 Creative Way to deal with this.

This is the driving church service for the attendees.

But then the police officers busted up a midweek service find those in attendance and now they say ADF has filed suit in federal district court just today after learning about the big Brother treatment of this church.

Might this be a good time for the head of the Aral Sea to speak up.

Even though he wants everybody in all his liberal friends to go. Most churches are about hard but where they're not abiding cage and not say something can and can't be both. And yes, we should work with the government.

See, because I would argue that in fact what has been lacking, and I don't think there were any nefarious intentions here, but I think what has been lacking in some cases has been the fact that you had government officials enacting certain restrictions, not realizing how churches might react to it and it might've been better in some cases to interact with pastors or to interact with other religious leaders. Hey listen, this is what were going to it do and were not trying to violate your religious liberty discussion before you come down with the zirconium restrictions in some cases, you now and it didn't happen so no mistakes can be made on both sides, but all of these lawsuits being filed pertaining to genuine constitutional concerns regarding these churches and some of the as I say over the top restrictions and unconstitutional behavior of some of these governments so this brings me to why I say I think he's like the worst religious liberty representative that the southern Baptist could find, because now comes this story in the Washington Post, nine leaders that evangelical Christian organizations are urging the trump administration to release people from immigration detention facilities who do not pose a threat to public safety during the coronavirus pandemic, particularly those who are elderly or otherwise at higher risk for contracting COBIT 19. In a letter sent Monday to Chad Wolf, acting Sec. of the Department of Homeland Security. The evangelicals called for alliances with religious and other local groups to help find release detainees safe accommodations in which to shelter in place for as long as such practices are advised such actions to aid social distancing and detention the faith leaders. What would help staff as well as detained migrants. The permanent evangelicals wrote our concern is rooted in our Christian belief that each human life is made in the image of God. It's his line. Every single time. When he does something liberal.

These people are made in the image of God that we know and thus precious and like you, we want to do everything possible to minimize the loss of life. As a result of this pandemic. All let's see. The letter was signed by Russell Moore, Walter Kim, president of the national Association of Evangelicals and Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian leadership Council, among others. The signatories are senior members of the evangelical immigration table, a group of Christian leaders who support comprehensive immigration reform. This is what your ethics and religious liberty chief is fighting for Southern Baptist. He's fighting for illegal aliens to be released from detention facilities at a time when Christians across this country are filing lawsuits because of draconian action that's been leveled against them by. In many cases, liberal politicians. This is what the guy is focused on more of this open borders garbage more of this corresponding evangelical immigration table nonsense. It's the political stuff that he wants done. He wants this issue on the front burner at all times.

You know, and is serving the interest of Southern Baptist. I don't want anybody in a detention facility to die of covert, 19, that's not it. I don't deny that anybody who's here illegally is is created in the image of God. Of course they are.

But I also believe in the rule of law we've been over this umpteen times but more importantly and more to the point, why is it that this is the front burner issue for Russell Moore right now while he pooh-poohed the idea that any church that's involved in any kind of dispute over social distancing, or church services. They're all a bunch of kooks. I think that's disgraceful. I really really do that on mine saying it were to come back on tenant effort today after this here's Dan Steiner, president of pre-born with an important update global COBIT 19 viruses creating funding difficulties for many of springboards clinics with canceled events which help fund the clinic operations all the while this happening are clinics are seeing more and more women in unplanned pregnancies call us as sheltering in orders have generated more unplanned pregnancies are call centers flooded with girls calling. Can you help us in this time of increase need pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and the direct competition to Planned Parenthood.

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The coronavirus outbreak has fueled attempts to ban abortions in some states but providers where the procedure remains available reports increased demand often from women distraught over economic stress and health concerns linked to the pandemic.

They quote Julie Burkhart, who manages abortion clinics in Wichita and Oklahoma City saying the calls we been getting her frantic we've seen more women coming sooner than they would have because they're scared they won't be able to access the services later.

Can you imagine can you imagine looking at abortion as being something that's a health crisis. First of all a normal pregnancy is not health crisis. It's a blessing and you should go ahead and have your baby. Your choice was when you got pregnant.

In most cases willingly. EE got there willingly. Have your baby. What's the issue. Have your baby and these people are acting like I don't know if they don't get their pregnancies terminated if they don't kill their children horrors will and sale while you know the old line about beware of taking advice from somebody who has a vested financial interest in you taking the advice still applies here because most times, when you see stories of this nature, they run right to Planned Parenthood and that's exactly what CBS News did I want you to listen a little bit to this report that came out in which the reporter introduces a young woman named Brittany who found out her abortion in Texas had been canceled. This is One is also lost.

I just crying and crying and crying and call my mom just like my now despite Brittany is one of hundreds of patients caught in the middle of what some say is a public health crisis within a public health crisis or try to save lives at two weeks ago Texas Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton issued in your total ban on abortion amid the coronavirus outbreak, calling the procedure nonessential for the first time since Roe V Wade Supreme Court ruling that legalized the procedure in 1973, the vast majority of abortion services have been unavailable in the state is not an easy decision that affects a lot of people live in a negative way so that that happens to these women decision without fully understanding Dr. Anna Dharmesh provides abortion services in a Planned Parenthood affiliate in Austin Atty. Gen.'s office says inquire to suspend abortions temporarily is a fair trade-off. Given the public health crisis in modern times each or any very much teacher, it's murder, it's murder time sensitive in the fact that it's easier to do an abortion when the baby is really small is supposed to. When the baby gets bigger. It's easier to do an abortion when a baby is five weeks along than five months along, but these people want their blood money. That's all it is down care about these girls. They don't care about these women's lives. They don't care about the toll it takes on these girls after they choose to abort their own children. They don't care about the toll it will take long term. They don't care what will happen if these girls in old age are reflecting back on the baby. They never had the baby that they sought to abort because they got scared and nobody came along and said to them, listen the baby is a blessing. Don't throw away your daughter, don't throw away your son you will regret it for the rest of your life you are denying yourself. One of the most incredible joys of all of human existence, and that's to be a mom who in Planned Parenthood would ever give that spiel to any girl who comes looking to abort her child.

All they want that's all it is to the cash. It is beyond evil. I don't have a word for it, except perhaps demonic, but I want to play more of this report from CBS News is a cut to the American College of obstetrics and gynecology agrees with Dr. Dharmesh in a statement. The organization called abortion and essential component of comprehensive healthcare just just this week she abortion five states including Texas have instituted temporary abortion bands citing the need to conserve medical resources, all face legal challenges why abortion is constitutional of the Gov.'s Executive Order deals with all like the procedure so it's not like he was singling out abortion services. The battle could make it all the way to the Supreme Court. Brittany says she does not plan to wait. I have a choice whenever I want to become a mother. I can and this is not the time. She told us she plans to drive to New Mexico to terminate her pregnancy. Defying the state stay at home, order while so she's willing to break the law and order to kill her child. I mean, pray for this young woman she's completely deceived. She's completely deceived and and think about this when the example was given of the woman who can't have an abortion because she has a fetal anomaly and this is just horrible because she can't get the baby killed and it may it's worse because there's an anomaly will what anomaly what anomaly I mean what what anomaly would the fetus have the baby have that would require an immediate abortion they don't really say you're just supposed know it's a fetal anomaly. Sure over to Planned Parenthood. It's insane.

Keep your baby and also say this having been through four pregnancies. Doctors aren't always right and I've I have talked to so many moms who have found this to be the case.

Most doctors are really good and great and everything. We all have our favorite doctors. I'm not knocking the medical profession, but they're not God, and sometimes doctors have been wrong, and sometimes when you have tests. They turn out not to be right at you know everything from misdiagnosing placenta previa in a pregnant woman into saying this baby is going to have this abnormality and then they go back and check the next month and say no. In fact, the baby doesn't have that we were mistaken. It looked like it at first but now it's not that they make mistakes and these young girls what are they believing when they go in there and they're trusting that these doctors quote" are going to give them the straight scoop what what is the issue. They are the. The issue is that we have fundamentally lost any sort of reference for human life not reference in the sense that we give to the Lord. But almost, because were created in his image and were created in his likeness and he said, thou shalt not murder, and it isn't any more complicated than that. It isn't more complicated than that it's not mine. I also say if you're trying to make a case for abortion demand rising amid the pandemic because women are scared. I would say people are scared of a lot of things a lot of things. There are millions of Americans who have lost their jobs. There are millions of Americans who have lost their businesses.

There are many things that are giving people stress at this moment and you don't rectify it by doing something insane. That's all I'm saying.

And I listen I just say this because as we've been bringing to you the information about pre-born.

This is just more proof that crisis pregnancy centers are more valuable than ever before and they really are struggling.

Dan Steiner from pre-born and I discussed this recently on the broadcast that they're having trouble to because they're having difficulty a lot of older people. For example, will volunteer these crisis pregnancy centers. They are feeling more inclined to stay home because of the increased likelihood that if you're elderly and you contract COBIT 19 you could have a really bad time of it. You could even die. It's more much more risky for you. If you're elderly to catch the coronavirus than it is if you're under the age of 65 so they're dealing with lower staff. But here's the bottom line. It doesn't change the fact that when abortion and an abortion minded woman goes into a crisis pregnancy center and she is offered the opportunity to have a free ultrasound. She wants to abort her baby.

She's there because she's pretty much made up her mind that she wants to terminate her pregnancy and the crisis pregnancy center workers say to her. Would you like have a free ultrasound is not cost you anything just to see your baby and for those women who say yes. 8/10 of them will choose life after they see that child.

There is something about seeing your own child in front of your eyes in the womb that just cuts through every pro-choice ally.

Those girls have ever heard and that's why we really love what pre-born is doing and we love what pre-born is doing because pre-born is also getting the gospel to these women and getting the gospel to these subsequent families and think about the long-lasting impact of all of that if you save a human life that's just unbelievable. But if you can also get the message of eternal life to these girls you will change their lives and you will change the lives of those babies a Christian mom, boy. You know how powerful Christian mom is or a Christian, dad. You know what a difference that makes. If you were fortunate enough and blessed enough to grow up in a Christian home. You know how important it is to have a mom or a dad, or may be a grandpa or grandma praying for you. Loving you, treating you in a in a way consistent with the Christian believer in and showing you the importance of Scripture and the importance of going to church, that makes a huge difference in somebody's life and so any kids today are growing up in homes that never even go to church so this is what pre-born is all about. So I just want to remind you if you'd like to support them during this time they would really appreciate it.

One. Ultrasound costs just $28 and for gift of $140 you can provide five free ultrasound so the number to call is 855402 baby 855-402-2220 985-5402 baby or there is a banner to click Chana Thank you so much for being with us. God bless you and will see next

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