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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Charles Billingsley (Surviving a COVID-19 Infection)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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April 29, 2020 6:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Charles Billingsley (Surviving a COVID-19 Infection)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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April 29, 2020 6:00 am

We've heard a lot about coronavirus in the last several weeks, but what is it like to contract a serious case of COVID-19 and recover from it? Charles Billingsley, teaching pastor and worship leader at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va., joins me to share his story. Plus: The Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission comes under fire for its budget numbers. We'll talk about that and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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That's 855-402-2229 or is our confidence is in Christ alone is sort of has been affecting America and the rest of the world almost ad nausea but what has it been like for the people who have actually caught COBIT 19 and recovered from its one of those people is my next guest, Charles Billingsley is a singer firmly with new song and also a successful solo artist and now serves as the teaching pastor and worship leader at Thomas Rd., Baptist Church in Lynchburg Virginia is also an adjunct instructor at Liberty University and now he can add to his resume coronavirus survivor and he is here today to tell us a little bit about what he has gone through and what he has learned about the Lord in the process. Charles, it's great to have you here. How are you, thank you so much Janet for having me doing a whole lot better thank you very much and let usually that's a throwaway line hi how are you, in your case it's very considered legitimate question remains, my goodness, what you diagnosed as I understand it back on April 1. Can you take us back to when you started having symptoms. What happened to you how you knew you were sick and take us through what happened here. Sure, well actually.

March 27.

My 20 wedding anniversary. We were at dinner with friends and and I started having a fever come on that night and through the weekend. The fever was pretty consistent so Monday I went to my doctor and have them check me for the flu. I felt like I have the flu and them you know you can do a flu check pretty quick and it came back negative. In about 15 minutes and so he said well let me just refund check your per COBIT. 19 but I don't think you have it.

Well, sure enough. Two days later it came back positive on April Fools' Day, of all things. I thought he had a joke in the theory of an accord.

All the while the beaver were just not stop. In fact, for about nine days straight I had 103 temperature nonstop and horrible a complaint than you know the normal that you deal with, but the problem with this COBIT 19 that after about a eight or nine days. It's just getting started and it is not that way with everybody, but for some reason and by the way, I was one of very few cases in my entire city or region.

But for some reason this thing decided to go pretty severe with me. So after nine or 10 days straight of the fever did end up going in the my lung and my doctor came over well now by now like a fun night he came over that afternoon and listen to my lung showed me my blood work that he had taken a few days prior and look at some of the worst numbers of everything on a blood test and he said a new long.

They found horrible and he said so. I'm sorry buddy but you got to go to the hospital and I've been wind and he said right now and left 20, started taking a pretty serious turn ended up in the hospital for two nights and three days. You know the it was a long long long long process.

Finally, after about 24 days and there was a whole lot of that happen you know blood clots a month, legs and all of the craziness that after 24 days I my fever had subsided.

I went back and got tested and came back negative but for the longest 3 1/2 weeks of my life. I can imagine.

Did you literally have a fever. The entire 24 days yeah except for the last three days. It finally started going away. And if you can go three days without a fever, then you can get tested and it's a good time that is finally left to the problem. It was all residual stuff like the use of blood clots in my capillaries that made it really difficult to walk for about six days.

Just some of the worst pain I've ever had the court that makes it difficult plaintiff involve a block and then of course the double pneumonia in your lungs that I'm still getting over and probably will be for another several weeks from make the difficult thing but hey you know what compared to where I was not.

I'm just so grateful that the Lord brought me through the 98% of people feel half of them don't even know they have right I have for summary this thing hit me like a ton of bricks. I have you have a cold three years. I don't know why you so are only if this sounds like you do you have any idea where you might have picked it up. You mentioned that there were a lot of people in your area who contract until the 19 but do you know if there was any way you could have been exposed to its and and been aware did you know of anybody who might have been exposed to it more. You came down with it. No, not at all. We evaluate that a lot you know about a week before our anniversary. We were coming back from spring break our kids because we had been in Florida and they close down all the beaches and everything so we just came on back in on that flight. There was a lady in front of me that was just cough and wheeze and let the storm and she had no mask on, wasn't covered her mouth and no I don't.

I don't know that you gave it to me or or not. That's the only time I can remember being around somebody that I know that that's selling those things are petri dishes anyway when you get on an airplane. I did say yeah you're kind of a sitting duck. Did you have underlying health problems that complicated your COBIT 19 situation.

Things that would've added to the sickness that you experienced no fact, I've got a strong immune system in my lungs. Your are real strong from all the thinking about.

I'm not diabetic, and you know I have no underlying health problems which is why it was so weird that that hit me so hard that my doctor told me that if you weren't in decent shape, you'd be dead no way you could've lived with this, blood working and then so I I'm just very grateful. I I don't know why just cannot ask Wayne why this happened but you know I sure learned a lot and I sure had some amazing times of worship with the Lord a lot of time by yourself with this thing sure it does a number on you, not just physically but emotionally and psychologically as well.

You know, when you were describing the early days when you were home before you were hospitalized in describing how you had an hundred and three fever for nine days.

Last time I had 103 fever had the flu. That was years ago our entire family got Hansen that was a story in and of itself try to take care of a bunch little kids while I was all yeah really sick and my husband was back on nine days. I mean, at least with the flu.

It's a few days just going on and on. Did anybody else in your house catches Janet out.

I don't know how to do that either amount some way my mind 19-year-old son, my 20-year-old time they're both going to college and my precious wife who took care of me every day. They stayed negative through this whole thing. I don't there's no way to describe it except by the grace of God and were just grateful, but yet the longevity of this thing that no difficult because you know, five, six, seven days in your thinking. Create how long can this last and then nine days in unfortunately it was just getting started is just crazy to think give you anything for today give you any of this hydroxychloroquine or anything like that.

Well yes I did take two rounds of the pack sand that hijacked the core corporate or whatever it is that I had to roundabout. But you know in the hospital. All they gave me was some potassium pills and Tylenol.

When I requested it when my fever would spike to give me Tylenol back out of it that the left where are they trying to get an IV in seven different time never worked. You know I feel sorry for these hospital workers because they're there on the front lines of this thing and every time they walk in a room there at risk for catching that. You know, and so they have all the scar bond and what people don't realize, Janet, is that every time they leave your room they have to take all that garb off, put it in a trash fail go outside your room and put a whole new batch of that stuff on the next room you can understand why is working to go to a quick break will come back with Charles Billingsley telling his story of contracting and recovering from coronavirus were to come right back on Janet dear Stan Steiner, president of pre-born with an important update global COBIT 19 viruses creating funding difficulties for many of springboards clinics with canceled events which help fund the clinic operations all the while this happening are clinics are seeing more and more women in unplanned pregnancies call us as sheltering in orders have generated more unplanned pregnancies are call centers flooded with girls calling. Can you help us in this time of increase need pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and the direct competition to Planned Parenthood. Your gift of $28 will provide one free ultrasound $140 will provide five free ultrasounds to help a mom in need. Choose life. Call now 855402, baby.

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Charles Billingsley recovered from covered. 19 you know Charles successful Christian singer he's teaching pastor and worship leader at Thomas Rd., Baptist Church in Lynchburg Virginia and adjunct instructor at Liberty University and he is telling his incredible story of having had COBIT 19 and living through it and it doesn't sound Charles like you had a really easy time of it. It was very difficult.

I'm curious to ask you as you were taught talking about all of your symptoms and what went on when you are in the hospital they just gave you Tylenol you know some basic things were you ever put on a ventilator because there's been a lot of talk about whether or not the ventilators are actually working against the patients rather than actually helping them. You know I did everything I could to even keep from getting on and I just wanted to keep trying to strengthen my lungs or my own and so they had me on a monitor.

We were watching my oxygen at one point it got pretty low and she came in almost put me on oxygen but you know I never actually ever even went on oxygen so I was a long way from having to go on a ventilator. The reason I was there because they told me that if I was to leave and suddenly I took a turn for the worse and they say that can be character on a common, they said that I would not have time to make it back to the hospital that I would make it stand so I was there as a precaution.

Read about today. After three days of basically nothing but Tylenol and sleeping on that uncomfortable bad with those horrible pillows out so the doctor could look at. I mean I can do this home and she said well were not a prison, but at the same time you need to know to get it well and it was the day before Easter and everything and I just told us. I think I'm willing to take that risk sent so I left the hospital, rep at a little bit of risk with the clocking level but my doctor brought over some oxygen and you know and got everyone had to go out except for one night when I got pretty low, but it was it sounds give a great doctor to that's wonderful yeah you talk to me. One of my best friend and he took great care. That's great.

What was the hospital pretty full of COBIT 19 patients because there have been a lot of reports that the hospitals are fairly empty right now. In fact, that very frustrating to me to hear that you know we got all kinds of people that need surgery. All kind of stuff and I can't get on because we got a bunch inky hospitals that you know because of a paranoid man. It's a hard balance to find because you want to protect people from this, but we also need to open up the country yeah and get the hospitals operating again with people who need the attention be on Janet.

I never saw another patient in the hospital but then again they tried to treat me a special here in town because the small town in and so they cannot whip me in the back door. Let me ride in the maroon and then when I left I didn't see another patient so I'm sure there were probably other patients, but what right now what I hear there's only seven COBIT patients in our region in the hospital right now as I speak. I don't think it's a high number no now and I mean praise God for that.

It was your relationship with the Lord like during all of this. Obviously, when you are lying therein and so helpless in so many ways you had a lot of time to you know going to the Lord and pray and meditate on God's word but it will really kind of impact you spiritually sure going through it all well be honest with you I mean my emotions, the gamut at first I was not worried, not concerned, not afraid. I got up I started though. After about nine or 10 days getting pretty anxious and frustrated and I just kept asking the Lord to heal me and then when I got in the hospital. Man, it was just me and him her for three days and I just kept back from the Lord to heal me and one night I was just convinced he was going to heal me right then and there and it didn't happen and I and I'll be honest with you. Maybe it's just because I was so weak or frustrated or or or you know my my mind was playing games on me but I got very frustrated with the Lord. I got angry and I'm embarrassed to tell you that. But if the truth and the you know it just took me several days and then I got under such conviction for being angry with the Lord, for not doing what I thought he could do and ironically all this was happening on Thursday night before Easter and I'll never forget being so frustrated with the Lord and then just sort of realizing that that same night 2000 years ago where he spent the night in the house of Caiaphas and was beaten to within an inch of his life and death spat upon and the just, it broke me because I realized again how much she gone through for me and I thought of me could be expecting this. I'll let the Lord heal me in his own way and in his own cup and he did and the I'll tell you I'm just grateful, but it just was a real powerful reminder to me of what the Lord is done for us.

Suffering and dying on the cross so well if you can do that for me I can survive the COBIT virus know that's you know you're just being really honest. I mean, you think about what Job went through in Job's wife is saying curse God and die amine you can understand people feeling very strongly and emotionally when you're in the grip of something horrible like you went through. And you know how kind the Lord is to bring you around to right thinking because honestly when you're lying there with a high fever and double pneumonia and it's going on and on and on. Anybody would be taxed to the limit. From a human perspective funding. That's kinda how it seems to bother Buddy. It was on good Friday and I had grandeur record coming out and here I am laid up in the hospital can't do a single interview can't do anything just so frustrated. But you know that one and one day I'll look back and see his hand in all of this.

I'm sure now absolutely absolutely like for you since you got out of the hospital. Are you back to 100% or how are you doing would you say on a scale from 0 to 100. Well, I mean I'm thankful that I don't have the virus anymore, but I'm probably about 70 to 75% now. I still deal with a lot of coffin and a lot of that double pneumonia in my lungs and my doctor told me it will take another week or two, get that out but my leg pain is way better and you know that the worst part I think is I just got really weak. You don't do anything but fit in a chair or lay in a bed for four weeks and so I just a lot 25 pounds and is, lost a lot of drinking a lot of energy, but I'm slowly working that back up and add in a couple minutes on the elliptical every day.

You know, even when out of a golf course yesterday for little while so slowly but surely.

Just get back at it, why will this UCL is a pastor about all that's been going on. I'm sure you haven't been watching everything that's going on since you been dealing with this illness. But you know there there's been a lot of discussion about churches and religious freedom in government locking down churches and come down on that particular issue. Having gone through what you've been through. Now, well, it's really frustrating to know that pastor to not be able to see or meet with our people, but I will say that as a whole. The church is functioning on more cylinders now than ever before.

I mean, atomics Road every week we're reaching at least 30,000 people by way of Internet TV and it comes for members to and so even though they're not in front of our faith. On Sunday morning. I think the impact of the outreach of many churches is stronger than ever been and it's shocking how many churches of the giving you're staying consistent in an inchoate, very encouraging the people of God really becoming and acting like the church in their communities and in the neighborhood. All groups and things like that but you know there's nothing quite like the people of God worshiping together in the presence of God is a lot. I'm hoping and praying that as we began to loosen up the rules. Of course I'm in Virginia so will probably be the last thing to do.

Yes yeah thanks to our governor.

Thank you. But you know I'm so thrilled to see so many techs like to kiss places like Texas and Tennessee and Georgia place is just beginning to open up to where praying that within 2 to 3 months, will all be at full strength in our rooms again and worshiping the Lord. I agree with you there yeah I will see how everything happens, what you say to somebody who is maybe at the beginning point of your experience, somebody who is coming down with Cove 19 and I mean I know it's kinda early on in the game, but looking back, what would you say to somebody about what you want to do when you start coming down with symptoms you think you have covered 19 or you may have covered 19 now you learn anything from your experience that you pass on to somebody else who goes there and now well I would say buckle and be patient because this could go on while the other thing I would encourage people to do would not be afraid of all the doctor is is probably one of the least dangerous as far as death goes a little bit. That's right on the thing is very, very, very low lower than the flu and so that I would encourage people look at. If you got symptoms get checked out. Get tested but don't let fear overtake you. We have no reason to fear, especially as a child of God fact we don't have an excuse to worry when we worry were just basically telling God you don't know how to handle this and felt man just don't fear, don't worry. Take it a day at a time taking Tylenol get rest and hopefully you can ride this thing out. But be careful with the lungs that double pneumonia that really starts making the thing a little more dangerous than your typical virus. You know so so be careful and watch it but man I certainly wouldn't be paralyzed by fear thing we we we have so much more to live for and and and that's why I just, I mean I'm lay in bed wishing they'd open the country up, you know, I I think we've we've gone a little overboard nation honestly becomes is grappling with noise. We really have. Will Charles Billingsley's new album.

I was made for this great title. Charles pray for your continued recovery.

Thank you so much. Thank you Janet goblet bless you too will be back on Janet my for today. After this this archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet my Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe welcome back has coronavirus created a crisis for primary care doctors and their patients a new article over at box outlines how Cove 19 is making America's healthcare access problems. Even worse, as patients are cutting back on visits to their regular doctors and other specialists like ophthalmologists and even the ER and elsewhere, Americans were losing their jobs also are losing their private health insurance, what impact will all these changes have on healthcare. When this whole thing is over. And is there any hope on the horizon were to get some thoughts on it now from Matt Ballis chief communications officer for liberty healthcare and national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry great to have you here.

How are you doing great reverently good. It's always nice when somebody replies right now I'm doing great. That's music to my purse like Tony everybody's getting sick your thoughts on how this Cove 19 pandemic is affecting the entire healthcare sector from the doctors to the patients to the insurance to even likely, healthcare sharing ministries like liberty healthcare, will it as time goes on and we see the actual effect but Cove 19, whose pad on the healthcare systems we're starting to see the effects of it in terms of the fairly good virus. But what we have done to try and combat.

Yes, and so we start to get into an area where supply and what were able to handle with what we've been able to do it does not necessarily correlate what we plan for word, a position right now as a healthcare sharing ministry where were just having to help as many people as we can. But in the actual process of getting them see doctors and hospitals. I think the availability for people to see this much greater than what has been touted all Frodo for a loop with something that we are all very much concerned about getting back to a level of normalcy.

But as for those were part of liberty, healthcare and healthcare. Sherry for us like we pretty much business as usual. We haven't had to do a whole lot in terms of preparing for covert, 19, but we were actually sharing in that as an expense because it is a medically necessary item.

We didn't have to go through actuarial projections because that's not what we do at all. So we were in a very good positive position to begin with, we just walked the rest of the local community to get back to a level of normalcy as she was possible to be so nice.

I saw a story in the news this week. There is a theater chain that was selling popcorn and cotton candy to try to raise money to pay for their employees health insurance and I thought you know it's so sad. It's so depressing to see businesses have to do something like that. But part of the problem. Matt is we've discussed before, is that health insurance is so expensive. I mean this this is part of the problem is and it really you also one of those things that we will say it's interesting that when all else fails, people go back to a community spirit where they trust or share in each other's needs. That's basically what we've done as a ministry we taken that spirit of sharing a mutual cooperation and systematize the one you have situations like you're talking about where people are trying to raise money to help the people within their community.

It tells me that we are tapping into the thing that you would normally do whatever things were unexpected auto portable just so whatever all else fails, people resort back to Sherry and it's good to know that we're in a situation where we have systematize that made that more effective and efficient really tapped into the basic nature of what we want to do as individuals that share those medical bills. That's an excellent point and something else that comes to mind is you are seeing a lot more stories of people who are losing their jobs and when they lose their jobs, at least in time, they lose their private health insurance. Can you give people an idea of how liberty healthcare is an option that is in in so many of your customers cases of really good option when you can't afford your health insurance anymore. When you lose your health insurance because you lost your job, but we could actually been in that situation well for a little while, where people have unfortunately been laid off or furloughed work. They can't afford the other option but to root out there for people been signing up for liberty at all sure glad to have because we are not locally specific were not bound to certain states.

The fact that were up only to a certain time. In terms of open enrollment and were not bound to all of the traditional measures that you need to ensure whatever you do, a report of a third-party payment system. People are able to sign up for something that they truly want and need, but it's kind of a novel idea. It is really exposed the bureaucratic inefficiencies in our current third-party paintball where people are looking for more of a private health rather than having to go through all lot of difference that receive payment for their healthcare but rather just go out and take care of it on their own and better able to do that anytime of the year without oversight of book of their employer. So really it's something that I'm frankly proud to be a part of is we've been an answer for so many people during a time of great turmoil and frankly like I said it's no different than what we would normally do on a regular basis which we haven't had to change or practices of the healthcare sharing ministry to accept those during this book, pandemic and issue really. We've just been able to expand and allow for more people to participate and bring people living rather than go through big changes to try to upgrade our system or try get an act of Congress to open up book the healthcare marketplace. It really has been here for people all along and were just glad that so many people have been able to utilize the record but yeah not tell people who are new to the healthcare sharing ministry model how it all works.

How how is it different from private health insurance that you would get her a job when you join liberty house share what goes on how to people get their bills paid. How did they get to see their doctors and go to their hospitals.

It isn't much different than the health insurance route will way that people interact with healthcare sharing and how it operates at different because we are a group of individuals who have voluntarily gathered together to share medical expenses with one another. We are all, each individually self-pay patients who have been given power of the purse strings back in our healthcare system so as a community where Sherry and medical bills were not putting our body into a big giant pot or community funded and hopefully go through bureaucratic process to pull that money out. Whatever we actually need it. It's not like that at all. Whenever you go to the doctor or hospital you just submit your liberty, culture, membership card with Dr. hospital submits those bills to liberty healthcare on behalf of you. We didn't take that money and been a fly certain number of goals to share in your medical expenses for that particular month. So we as a as a ministry have been able to come together to share in medical expenses on a regular basis. Very simple, very easy. It's really doesn't go beyond what people have normally been going with healthcare. It just changes the administrative side so that you're not going through a third-party payer trying to get money through the system downright big warm blackhole. This is individuals mutually sharing, mutually agree and in working with one another to take care of one another's healthcare bills because we have done that. We had over cost greater access. You'll have to visit the prescribed doctor visit the doctor of your choice as long as your bones are good with you being a healthcare sharing ministry member that really does bring a lot of the cost all that we have seen some areas. Sometimes 5060 7080% off of billed charges a different way of taking care of your health care bills what people are are what people have normally done through third-party insurance, but like I said, it's what you would normally do whatever you dictate whenever you got to a situation that was unexpected and unaffordable. It would be your friends and family and neighbors that you would turn to in times of need.

That's right well and and people are really seen how well that works in a time of crisis right now when you see people who are sharing with one another and you see people for no falling on harder times in some instances and having to turn chopped off of better solutions. I should say in so many different ways in liberty house share can be checked out online. Just go to liberty house Matt Dallas with us. As always, Matt I do like to talk to.

Thank you so much. All right you take care will be right back.

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Welcome back to take a little bit of a Corona break. I need a Corona break, don't you. There's so much going on I could fulfill all your dreams of coronavirus news. But you know what you really need a break sometime so I turned my attention just for a couple of minutes to what is going on with the E RLC. Oh yes, the ethics and religious Liberty commission of the Southern Baptist convention, headed up by the illustrious Dr. Russell Moore.

Now you must remember back in February. There was a big stink because the executive committee of the Southern Baptist convention, said they had heard anecdotal evidence that churches in the SBC are displeased with the RLC because of their liberal tendencies, social justice, where your stuff in general uselessness, so they been withholding money from the cooperative program which provides I think about 73% of the funding for the ER LC so they voted to launch this task force to to review the ER LC to see whether or not it is fulfilling its ministry assignment and whether or not its actions have actually affected donations to the cooperative program and you'll recall what happened was the ER LC came back all indignant. All we will cooperate with this newly formed task force and less the denomination votes for an investigation at the annual meeting and of course we know now the annual meeting in June has been canceled because of coronavirus, so there is no annual meeting this year. Now that's another subject. You could have voting where you could actually go on with your business and do it on sale but apparently this is a little too beyond what the SBC wants to do or could do any right that's the background to all of this so had noticed online and brought forward some of the numbers of the ethics and religious Liberty commission budgets. Now this goes back to the most recent annual report of the Southern Baptist convention and it was a very interesting project. Very interesting. I had not seen some of these exact numbers recently but salaries and benefits to total total amount of money projected for 2019 and 2020 when this came out was $4.3 million and all step 4.3 million, 2.67 million was for salaries and benefits you had $325,000 plus for travel. You had $197,000 for communications you had $717,000 for events and strategic initiatives. But this was the real kicker for public policy and research, they spent only $30,000 and it was pointed out that this amounts to 0.7% of its budget is actually spent on public policy and research weird for a group that is supposed to be tasked with ethics and religious liberty in public policy things now. It could be in all fairness that the salaries and the benefits generally are, what is the the line in the budget that covers the people and the people and wants to do the policy and so forth that great of a lock, especially we don't even know how much people are making and that continues to stick in the crop. A lot of Southern Baptists. At any rate, Russell Moore had come out with a video talking a little bit about his 2020 vision and I would play a little of this for you because the RLC in the last several years, ever since a lot of us have been saying why is there a and E RLC and why in the world is Russell Moore had a fit when he obviously is working against the interest of Southern Baptists on so many fronts that he came forward, talking about the, the great great value of the ER LC and I think at times it was bit of a stretch, especially when he's not talking about how he spending the money at any right to play a little bit of this for you. Listen this part where he talks about helping the vulnerable One. You see the vulnerable matter to Jesus so they should matter to us. Sometimes this entails working across the country and state legislatures to help enact pro-life legislation in others it looks like working with the White House to ensure that adoption agencies are not forced to choose whether or not they will violate their consciences, or abandon needy children and in other cases it's declaring in a world that uses migrants including migrant children as political punching bags that the church of Jesus Christ must take our cues, not from talking heads on television from the living words of God in Scripture. Wait a minute you're one of those talking heads on television. Are you coming you're on CNN you're on MSNBC you know you're in the Washington Post you're talking heads as other talking heads me. I'm the talking head. You want to be listening to all that travel $325,000 travel plane tickets is that your drive anywhere I'd like it just seems like an inordinate amount of money for travel.

I would love to get some goods on that as far as how that was spent and the way the ER. LC is working on the vulnerability of migrants and migrant children being political punching bags.

What are you talking about and what to do with the Southern Baptist convention.

Other than that your pet issue is open borders migrants know their illegal aliens.

Can we go back to the original term.

I'm sorry but that's what the issue is illegal aliens.

The rule of law and how the Obama open borders crowd wants a globalist agenda for this country and wants to erode the sovereignty of the United States, so he needed to hear that all and also he talked about what they're doing on the issue of race cut to.

That's why Yuri RLC will not back down one when it comes to standing for racial unity and justice and reconciliation where proud to be partnering with life way to produce curriculum for our churches on how we should apply the gospel to the issues of race and will continue to provide resources that counter lies on these issues from it in a way that violates human dignity and the embodiment of that dignity in the church of Jesus Christ. Does anybody know what that really means I don't probably coded some kind of virtue signaling code that somebody somewhere is picking up on their antenna but it's over my head all I know is how much do you need to beat this dead horse. We all want racial reconciliation to the gospel, but it isn't that complicated. Yes personal issues can be complicated but they're just beating the social justice drum over and over and over and over what you have to show for it. Have you really reconcile people such that if there were some problems before them, they actually solve them and forgave one another and because they have their head Christ Jesus.

They they reconciled now and and we can move on, or is just been out the critical race theory just has to overtake the ER LC. That's the issue is the critical race theory not the issue of racial reconciliation. Christian wants that to me in heaven together is Christian. So of course we don't want to have any sort of a reconciliation here on earth, but they just again. It's like beating a dead horse, but what about religious liberty.

Three. We also face assault on religious liberty.

I would've seemed unthinkable just a matter of years ago.

Over the last year we've worked with the Congress and with the White House to prevent Bibles from getting caught up in trade disputes to keep government from taxing church parking lots. We've combated well-intentioned legislation that would sacrifice religious liberty, and we've combated it egregious legislation that would threaten adoption agencies, and healthcare providers from carrying out their callings to serve okay.

Did you notice what his top two issues were on religious liberty. Hey, they been working on that really important issue of Bibles being caught up in trade disputes from China.

By the way, and if memory serves me correctly, there's some life way angle on that having to do with printing but anyway, I won't get into that in particular because I don't have everything right in front of me and taxing church parking lots. That's a very very central gospel issue is whether like I'm not seen. It's not important, but why do you need an agency working on taxing church partly no one else can handle that except the ER LC there no other right you know Congressman or state legislators or involves ministries that could address that issue. None. But there you're Paul Revere that's how he finally ends at the ER. LC is your Paul Revere cut for we must be stewards of the inheritance of our Baptist forebears and every day. That's exactly what Yuri RLC strives to be at the same time. One of the jobs of the ER. LC is to be a Paul Revere of sorts for our church is running out ahead and alerting our churches and Christians and families of the dangers that could becoming an questions that could be considered as well as opportunities that are on the forefront.

Here's one issue where we spent a great deal of energy and that's artificial intelligence and social media and other aspects of technology we put together resources, events, and content that examine questions, but the families of tomorrow will face some of which seems nearly impossible to imagine today, why don't you deal with the issues that people are dealing with today.

Instead of talking about AI and robots. Nobody cares. I'm not saying that that's not an issue but if you talk about technology.

Why talk about big tech censoring Christians that might be good issue to talk about what he talked about the fact that you had a number of Christians have their books taken off Amazon because they said you actually can leave homosexuality behind to touch that issue with a 10 foot pole. But that's what people are really going through. There's no demand for artificial intelligence ministry opportunity is asking these questions not because they are in the forefront is a Paul Revere because that's not what is on the plate for a drag queen story hour and the impact of that her parents losing custody of their kids you want to have gender transitions or what about brief I should talk about that her Bible illiteracy. Instead, it's the open borders. It's the racial stuff. No wonder Jack Graham from Preston Wood Baptist Church thinks the ER.

LC has outlived its usefulness as he told religion news service back in February. I agree with them. I don't know why people are getting $4.3 million to an agency that focuses on artificial intelligence telling you not to listen to talking heads on TV LOL leave that for another day. Talk you later here on

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