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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Calvin Beisner (Environmentalism & the Bible)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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May 12, 2020 6:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Calvin Beisner (Environmentalism & the Bible)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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May 12, 2020 6:00 am

Thousands of California churches have declared they will re-open, despite Gov. Gavin Newsom's lockdown order. We'll talk about it. Plus: When God told man to "fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule," what does that really mean? Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, founder of the Cornwall Alliance on the Stewardship of Creation, joins me to discuss it and his book, "Creation Stewardship: Evaluating Competing Views." That and more on Tuesday's MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know that after the Lord. It had a mini last them and God said to them, be multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and rule. But what does that mandate really mean it seems clear when you read the verse, but there are varying viewpoints, even within evangelical circles and now Dr. Kalb Eisner, founder and national spokesman of the Cornwall alliance on the stewardship of creation is out with the new book and in it he examines the views of the cofounder of the Evangelical environmental network on what it really means to engage in environmental stewardship from a biblical perspective.

The book is called creation stewardship. Evaluating competing views and were just delighted to have with us again.

Dr. Kalb Eisner welcome Dr. Meisner how are you doing going to our current yes doing fine.

It's easy to stay healthy. When you never leave your house so it's kind of a side benefit, but were get not here a little bit in Texas. This is an interesting interaction that you're doing here with the ideas of Dr. Calvin, to which he is a longtime professor of environmental science at the University of Wisconsin. He wrote a book called song of a scientist that you talk about why should Christians know about him and his ideas while "you have a lot of good code for women to be cautious about. Kelly will by the way of a personal fund of work), but we know each other and were friendly with each other. All hell would involve only local environmental book work was also a founder of soluble which does what are called satellite programs.

All probably close to 100 different local colleges of environmental stewardship and ecology all taught by people who are associated with real trouble doing off a lot of good work if I wanted to ecological server of acres of wooded land. I would probably be glad to help hold would come out and do the species. So Flora and fauna all under one thing to do would be great at the same time go through things in Kelvin's book of strange talking about a Kalb on our motel warnings help to Dr. were I think the liens in some directions good are unhelpful really sort of lead Christians to embracing ideals that are contrary to Scripture, and particularly I would say what happens in Genesis 120. And how he compares with 120 records you cited on 3/15 of one drug created and to the Garden of Eden to cultivate the card. It is the best translation right so there's a lot to get into here when you break it down and I want to get into some of the details on the differences between you and the different approaches that you have but one of the fundamental differences between creation, stewardship is the Cornwall alliance would defend it and what the Evangelical environmental network says about it all. Well, one thing a little environmental work comes to reduce priority on human thriving.

Scripture gives to us, murdered clearly one really simple example that would went when she was cast out of the man who was living in the tool of the guttering demoniac cast into a herd of swine which them trampled all over a cliff and was soon thrown very, very clear that Jesus concerning the light of that one man, far more important than the lives of those pigs.

The many environmentalists who would put human beings and other animals all on the same level were all creatures. So… We are all on the same level were creatures were not the creator divided between God, the creator and also Scriptures, God within the category of creatures or something very very different about human. We are created in the image of God, and we have a sacred sanctity to our lives but nothing else on earth, which is why you couldn't be penalized according to biblical law for stealing and killing your neighbors call or stop your something like a but you can't be executed. For the Scripture requires execution if you intentionally kill another person without just cause. So I think what happens is that the environmental movement as a whole has tended to exalt the rest of the creation at the expense of human beings S and sadly you Evangelical environmental network, partly because I think misunderstands Genesis 1 2215 tends to come to lean in that direction. Don't mistake. I'm not saying that anybody would be even a pig is worth a human, but there is a difference in emphasis is very important well for sure.

Now I want to read Genesis 215 you had talked about the you get into the book about how you see the translation making a difference in terms of the understanding. Dr. DeWitt has about stewardship. So let me read this. This is actually the Nancy had says that the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.

Other versions. A guard at like the ISP.

The NIV says work at and take care of that there are varying ways that the words are.

If you look at all the different translations.

What is you get wrong and what is the proper translation of that word there keep it guarded. How do we know what the Bible is really saying the word in question their word about we would transliterate what child would want students to translate that serve translate Genesis 215. God put Adam into the garden to work and serve it serve the garden and consequently puts a priority on the rest creation and turns out to him and was soon to the servant of God I think is the exact opposite of the actual meaning of Genesis 128 which says that man is supposed supposed to subdue and rule all of all creation. The problem is what does their as he takes one translation of a variety of different possibilities of Young's literal translation, which is the only one offers serve the lambs on that and so there that makes the point I'm trying to make.

The problem is Young's literal translation of winds up with a lot of very badly mistaken choices of words to translate from his group are great because young was embodied in the title of the translation. Young was extremely rigidly literal and she didn't notice it didn't adequately account for the fact that the same word can have very different meanings based on its context based on the words surrounding it and you can go to any standard Hebrew lexicon lookup of it will tell you that word means serve only one object. The direct object the direct object of the man hit the ball is the ball of the direct object. Fear of above is the garden means serve only when it's direct object is personal use serve a man you serve a woman you serve God you might serve an angel about their supposed to serve right but you don't serve the people you don't serve a tree you don't serve a dog or something like that.

Let's get back to this discussion.

After this quick break.

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That's 855-402-2229. All gifts are tax-deductible. Once again, call 855402 baby or there's a banner to you're listening to Janet River today and no ears, just as there is with this matter. The Cornwall alliance on the stewardship of creation. He is out with a new book called creation stewardship. Evaluating competing views and he takes to task some of the ideas of the cofounder of the Evangelical environmental network's name is Dr. Kalitta when I know it's doing Cal's here she said before Park Dr. Bryson are, but you are talking about the importance of Genesis 128 and Genesis 215. In this discussion and the translation that Dr. DeWitt has preferred to use in which it talks about man keeping it in some translations but he likes this. Young's literal translation that says we serve.

It seems to me there's a major theological problem with that as well because man is to serve God alone serving the creationist data are really bad theological error if you take that to its literal level goes turns up started going home.

The relationship between human beings. The earth itself and all the other things living on the year. In Genesis 120.

God, having created out of his own image blesses them and so most of them, be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish near everything that moves on. This is man as ruler of the traditional ruler under God. Of course, which is why I speak in terms of creation string will probably creation what kingship or something like this will not do the but instead of what child does look. Dr. Dilip goes with whose preferred translation from 6 to 15. She turns man into the servant of the rest of creation, but the actual verb later doesn't mean serve unless object it's direct object was assumed before the brick is his personal otherwise may instruct to guard to preserve okay not to serve yet and that's just something that basic Hebrew hundred and one. Conduct out in any Hebrew lexicon.

Now my question is if you get that translation wrong and you actually believe the correct way to interpret Genesis 215, is to have man's serving creation.

What is the domino effect on the rest of his views by getting that particular verse wrong will really begin to prioritize all ecosystems with particular species and things like that over the needs of human beings I'm burned.

For example, with that kind of thinking going to say well what we Preserve the snowboarder population in the Sacramento River Delta in California.

While such conflictual amount of water is taken out of the Delco for use of the culture, about dollars Central Valley of California limited to stop the water out in order to preserve the filled out dart but the result is higher food prices for everybody in particular influence of the poor that can have very serious consequences in terms of underdevelopment, undernutrition, malnutrition on nothing but wish to simply ignore the smelter.

We have to give human beings priority.

That kind of got hooked on it. So with the approach of the center thing happens when we come to talking about about climate change.

Dr. Dilip is a fellow believer are extracting coal, oil and natural gas of the earth to burn those fuels to create electricity to power cars and trucks and the like of his is endangering the planet through global warming through human -induced global warming. So she thinks that in order to preserve biodiversity and the like, which is not what the problem there is first of all I think the scientific case for CO2 driving dangerously high levels of warming is very, very weak. The second problem merged with this completely ignores all of the benefits would come to human beings from our use of fossil fuels affordable, reliable, widely used energy is absolutely indispensable soliciting and keeping whole societies, poverty, and poverty is a far greater risk to human beings than anything related to weather and climate rainbow. I think we need to make sure that were putting people first, rather than on putting things ahead of one of my question would be, in regard to Genesis 128 when God says to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule those are very, very pointed word subdue it and Earl Dr. Dr. DeWitt talk about that particular verse and terms of those words that mean you can't really reduce that to serve it really is strange burglary quickly drops from 100 to 2. I don't think he really wants to deal with those terms were one of them actually the word subdue is called should put the cup off yeah let us squelch yeah right you actually work more familiar with that term you are in our our our own discourse in our society.

The both terms are very, very forceful, but have to do with an army conquering the city have to do with an attacker subduing somebody preserve three forceful terms and what hell those uses. Okay so how were supposed to subduing rule is explained to us in Genesis is what is neglecting.

There is not only the different terms involved cultivator and guard is distinct from subduing rule, but also very very important but different places involved. What were supposed to cultivator and guard in the garden a specific place in the earth where everything was already subdued. Everything was already growing well and Adam just knew it out of you or Adam initially just needed to continue the right thing. What were supposed to subdue and rule as the whole earth and all the things living in it. That means were supposed to go to an area that is not already submission to human human action and bring it in submission once it sends something should cultivate and guard keep it that way very very different concepts with two very very different objects in view of the garden versus the whole plant that's right that's and that's an important thing in and you know it.

It frustrates me sometimes because those who are on the climate change bandwagon and are not necessarily putting evangelical environmental network in the extremist camp, but those who would say you don't care about climate change. Always try to paint you know people who have the same viewpoint that you and I have as people who don't care about the environment and you have stressed for years.

This is very much a part of what the Cornell line status.

Yes, we should be good stewards of the earth. So how would you emphasize stewardship in an appropriate biblical way. What would be the line that you would say that would be different from what Dr. DeWitt is saying. Well I would really our understanding of subduing a ruling is 100 from what we learned earlier about God and what he's done because this comes as a part of this passage we were told that God makes us God has made us in his image and given us dominion so what should that look like we got it from the earlier verses of Genesis 1, God makes everything out of nothing. While we can't do that but we got out of making more with less letters the more efficiently we use resources with less and less waste. The better we reflect God.

God brings light out of darkness. That is, understanding, knowledge, truth out of out of what was in front of us here so we did learn things from God brings order out of trade-offs in greater order out of lesser order to bring life out of nonlife and brings great abundance of life we ought to be doing the same kinds of things. There's one other thing that I think is really important to recognize true and I think the money environmental children just don't understand. That is because the plain, helpful, beautiful environment is a costly good wealth is actually a path to a clean and healthful, beautiful environment that is economic development serves environmental stewardship. But, unfortunately, much of the environmental movement sees economic development as the sum of a clean, helpful, beautiful environment, the historical case is exactly the opposite and you don't understand.

If you go to the city and you want to find the dirtiest part of the city to the poorer parts or the wealthier parts for if you're looking for really dirty comfort little wealthy country or poor country. That's obvious why not because people don't want cleanliness because the chapter don't have adequate time and resources to help cleanliness. While there is still meeting the basic needs. But when you're way beyond meeting your basic needs.

You can afford to put money into planning their cleaning the water, making sure that references is properly disposed of all these things take economic development and unfortunately too many people in the environmental movement, including, unfortunately, many of the Christian creation care movement to economic development and environmental stewardship is antithetical to each other. That's a really great points of the really great point that people need to take to heart and I know Dr. Geiser.

People can get creation stewardship evaluating competing views go to your website Cornell in your offering free copies are cheaper donors.

We are we are what were doing is were were offering to send a copy of this to some sort, thanks for a donation of any size literally early so it's all people need to do is go to Cornwall

Click on the donate button make a donation of any size and then ask for creation stewardship and mention political promo code 2005, 2005. Very good wealth tax on lands Cornwall again is the website. Dr. Kalb Eisner with us always good to talk to Dr. Geiser.

Stay well. Thank you, thank you so much God bless you and will be back after this.

This archived broadcast of Janet met for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet met you're listening to Janet met for today and appears Janet I have to say, having gone to an in person.

Church service finally on Sunday. It was a wonderful thing. I missed it so much. We were so happy to go to church. I really didn't have any idea how much I missed it until I walked into the sanctuary. And yes, everybody was socially distancing. It was wonderful. It was great to have the people of God together in person singing praises to him, praying together, listening to a sermon without a lifestream involved. It was nominal and just reinvigorated my desire to continue to back these churches in these pastors who are sane enough is enough with these shutdowns. Enough is enough. You might've heard about this lawsuits that went the wrong way and California Gov. Gavin Newsom according to this federal judge has the right to ban church assemblies in the interest of public health during the coronavirus outbreak. This was a church in Lodi, California that had brought this lawsuit totally ridiculous decision. Now you have a wonderful pushback and it's beginning to pop up across the country not just in California but this is very significant as Fox news is reporting. It's this group of 3000 churches, a network of 3000 California churches.

They represent 2.5 million members and a plan to death by Gov. Newsom by resuming in person church services because pastors have insisted they've been left out of this process California church.

United pastors have now announced they will open on May 31, which this year is the day of Pentecost be marked as the day of Pentecost. Instead of waiting until stage III. That's what these tyrants love to talk about. I would let you opening phase is, but will decide who's essential and who's not. Stage III is when Jim's movie theaters and other venues open. I'm glad you're doing this. I'm so glad that they're doing this. I think every church in America needs to do this. It is no harder to socially distance from other people and wear masks if you want to and wash your hands a lot with hand sanitizer in church, then it is to do it. Walmart folks or T.J. Maxx or target or any of the other places where you're able to shop now I know a lot of states don't have open access to retail stores we do in Texas now on a limited basis, but if you can socially distance at Walmart can socially distance at church.

This is getting out of control because it is being weapon iced against the church. There's no reason for example in the state of Illinois that churches should be closed indefinitely a.k.a. until further notice because the super progressive JB Pritzker, the governor of Illinois has decreed it from on high. Think you are get to that in a moment I want to play for you though some of this audio from a press conference that took place announcing the plans of these pastors because I thought some of the comments here from Pastor Jim Franklin of cornerstone church Fresno were just fantastic. Listen to 1:19 Israel and something must be done. I understand that but there is a saying that the cure must not be more deadly than the disease.

As a pastor I'm concerned about my city about my flock.

Now more than ever the people of our city need our churches to be open. I'm grateful to the mayor and to the governor for taking steps to begin opening businesses in our community. There are employers and employees that are on the verge of losing everything. If they do not begin to reopen the economy. But there is another victim of this virus that concerns me. It's our religious freedom.

There should be no quarantine on religious freedom, the right to freely worship is ingrained in America's founding as stated in the U.S. Constitution.

It is a pillar of America's God given rights United States Atty. Gen. William Barr has stated government may not impose special restrictions on religious activities that do not also apply to similar nonreligious activities. Atty. Gen. Barr went on to say, even in times of emergency. Federal law prohibits religious discrimination always churches want is to be treated fairly. Why is it that Walmart can remain open for shoppers as long as they practice social distancing, but churches must go online.

How is it constitutionally proper to say that liquor stores marijuana dispensaries big-box stores even arts and crafts outlets can remain open for business and have their parking lots full and hundreds of people gather under their roof under social distancing guidelines, but churches who can abide by the same guidelines cannot open their doors.

Churches have the First Amendment.

Walmart does not. The idea of government picking which set of people can protect themselves versus which cannot, in other words, shoppers can, and churchgoers can't is a new level of overreach very well said and then he brings into the discussion. The fact that the US Department of Justice has already stood behind religious liberty for churches in Virginia. This is To the state of Virginia threatened a pastor with jail for allowing people to set inside a church on Palm Sunday practicing social distancing United States Department of Justice stepped in and wrote a statement of interest and filed it on behalf of the church, the Department of Justice said quote permitting similar opportunities for in person gatherings of more than 10 individuals while at the same time prohibiting churches from gathering in groups of more than 10.

Even with social distancing measures and other precautions has interfered with the churches free exercise of religion. United States Department of Justice went on to say, quote the Commonwealth of Virginia has offered no good reason for refusing to trust congregants who promise to use Karen worship in the same way that they trust accountants bloggers are other workers to do the same. We agree with the Department of Justice businesses have been put into categories essential nonessential and now in this city authorized. I believe the spiritual services of churches are absolutely essential to the health and the welfare of the people of our city. The indefinite nature of the restrictions on church meetings is a violation of the very principle that this country was founded upon our founding fathers did not intend to allow a single individual to establish law that permits the infringement upon the individual liberties recognized in the Constitution, the First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibit government actors from enforcing any law that prohibits the free exercise of religion.

Fundamental to the free exercise of religion is the right to gather and worship noticed in this fight back on behalf of our religious freedom to gather together and assembled together as believers to worship our God and praise and have fellowship like we want to like were commanded to by God. Most of the time it's just unknown pastors are doing this or pastors that are widely known nationwide. They might be well known in their communities, or even in their states, but not necessarily across the entire country. I salute these men I really salute these men because I am noticing this contrast with what we sometimes referred to as big Eva where you have the big names the big leaders who are always getting the face time on network news shows and things like that with most of these guys.

They're not even talking about the fact that you have the government shutting down churches for an excessive period of time over and against the First Amendment and care they might tip a hat to it but basically they want to talk about immigration. They want to talk about the leftist agenda. They want to go back and talk about racism or what have you went the church situation is on fire. Where are these guys and this is why I just trust the Lord so much because in a situation like this.

He does need superstars Desi he doesn't need the famous. He doesn't need the well compensated and I'm not saying there are no famous people who aren't on board with this. I'm just saying I love to see the man of God rise to the top when the church needs them on just so encouraged to listen to this one more cut these guys sent a letter to Gavin Newsom outlining their complaints is a cut rate.

We fully support reasonable measures to help flatten the curve as pastors we take our responsibility seriously. The interest in public safety. However, must be balanced and narrowly tailored to accommodate the opportunity for the public to exercise their religious freedom. We believe church services to be as essential as any grocery store or hardware store. We believe that the governor is attempting to act in the best interest of the state, but the restrictions have gone too far and for too long. Therefore, in order to restore the proper balance between public safety and individual liberties cornerstone, Churchill began holding in person church services beginning Sunday, May 31. All services will be held in compliance with CDC guidelines for social distancing as required by essential businesses you go Pastor Franklin and all the rest of you California pastors who are willing to stand up for religious liberty because you know there are plenty of politicians who couldn't care less about it and will process as long as they feel like it does look at Illinois is more to say will come back right after this here's Dan Steiner, president of pre-born with an important update the COBIT 19 viruses having a terrible impact for the most vulnerable among us, the unborn this past week, a woman church you for being pregnant was so much going on in the world. The abortionist gave her an RU-486 pill to terminate her pregnancy are pre-born sinners there for her, however, reverse the abortion pill and saved her baby or crisis line is flooded with women similar stories pre-born sinners are the alternative to Planned Parenthood, and this may through a challenge grant pre-born will be able to send $100,000 to clinics. If this goal is reached, and you can help, call eight 554-0280. That's 855-402-2229 one. Ultrasound is just $28 that this challenge will double your efforts to donate, just call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229. All gifts are tax-deductible.

That's 855-402-2229 or there's a pre-born banner to Many developing nations have no access to desperately needed medical care. That's why Mercy ship Springs volunteer support on hospital ship, the Africa Mercy to give the world's forgotten for the free medical care they need. We have an immediate need for registered nurses, especially with specialty as a volunteer nurse. You will just give life altering healthcare will receive so much in return is an amazing experience home and make a difference in the lives of those who have virtually no access to medical aid. Everything he said there waiting for show mercy to someone today. I get more information and learn how to apply by visiting Mercy versus Mercy you're listening to Janet mover today though. Looking back, I am very encouraged to see these California pastors rising up and saying as of May 31 governor Newsom were going to be worshiping again in public. We don't care about your unconstitutional executive order, organist Dana, per our religious liberty.

And I hope thousands of more pastors will join them there beginning to be more and more churches are saying enough is enough. We were good we were voluntarily complying with these executive orders, and you guys are showing your hand more and more and more that really this is about making sure the church stays closed for a good long time for no good reason. Certainly not a constitutional reason. So working to defy you. I think it's time I do I think every single church to do this if you're in a state where you're not allowed to worship and it's kind of stretching out to July or August. Folks, it's ridiculous. I'm in a tell you a couple of reasons why it's ridiculous.

I was thinking to myself about the fact that it was in 2017 the state of California had for example, said were not gonna criminally penalize anybody for spreading the HIV virus to somebody without their knowledge. I find you shouldn't have criminal penalties for that but I thought they were very concerned about making sure that if a virus spread.

You weren't too heavy-handed. That's one point but the other point is this state that has physician-assisted suicide. Think about this for a moment, much can you really care about human life if you pass a law for physician-assisted suicide at some point in your life.

Get out here and will make it easier for you and will make it legal for doctors to help you kill yourself and at the same time. California is turning around and telling these churches in the name of human life. You must keep your church doors closed these the same people who are is pro-abortion is a gats babies in the will be better not have church my kill somebody look we know the statistics on COBIT 19 we know it's highly contagious. We know there's not yet a vaccine but put that aside for a moment, Daniel Horwitz, for example, over conservative review has been tracking the numbers of COBIT 19 deaths, and we have had way too many deaths. Obviously, we could not wanting, not wanting anybody to die from code 19. However when you look at the statistics on how many people comprise that number of people have died from code 19 its nursing homes. By and large, not only to deaths in nursing homes now compose more than 50% of total deaths and in some states as high as 80% of total deaths from the beginning of the entire epidemic percentages sharply increasing in every state day by day. This means that nearly all the new deaths depending on the state are occurring in nursing homes in nursing homes. Now we knew before this that by and large the elderly are the most vulnerable. They are the ones who are most likely to die if this because their agent and they have other problems in people who have underlying health conditions also are more risk than the average bear. Most people who are getting Cova 19 or recovering from it. I'm not saying it's a fun disease to have. But most people are recovering from it. You can't get around that you can't treat this like the black plague in terms of the number of people who actually die who had it not to mention the fact that we don't know how many people have had it because of the asymptomatic nature of this disease.

Some 50% of people who have it don't even know they have. Oh, we must have contact tracing, oh we can't go back to work until there's a vaccine and the implication of saying that as I've mentioned before, with Pritzker in Illinois how the world can you give any teeth to we can open again unless there's a vaccine unless you also mandate the vaccine and that's a whole another can of worms were not to that point, nobody's talking about mandating vaccines, yet you know these people would love to mandate a vaccine and look at all the big left is to make a lot of money if there's a vaccine.

Like I said, that's another show that think about that now.

The other thing in California that really galls me go back to the nursing home thing and just a moment because of Cuomo that this is crazy.

There was a story here online.

KQED reported on the number of people who are now saying I'm scared of COBIT 19 and so I want to line things up so I can commit suicide. Great that's just great, isn't it. They report on one situation where regular cancer patients in otherwise healthy people who are afraid of dying from Cova 19 one control over their lives. They quote this one nurse from Bay Area end-of-life options. Who says they want to be whisked into a system that's already overwhelmed and be ventilated and possibly be away from their family members.

System that's overwhelmed system is overwhelmed. They sent the ship back from New York. They close down the Samaritans purse field hospital and now they're getting impose taxes on Samaritan's purse for having been there longer than 14 days where where where we have the overflow.

Name one hospital in America. That's absolutely overflowing to the point of not being able to keep up. This was the entire scare tactic that was launched at us from the very beginning. It's not happening.

Healthy callers are asking for advice about how to write into their advanced directives for medical care that they want to take life ending medication if they become ill from the coronavirus to ensure a quick peaceful death or you might never get it or if you get it you probably can recover is the state of California stepping in now. DeWolfe said this. This nurse said I have to tell them know you can't kill yourself.

They don't realize there are specific steps you have to go through all that's what you want to tell people to get the SRU just ineligible to commit suicide if you get Cova 19. This is where the mindset is in the state of California with these leftists. That's too bad. It's really too bad that you're ineligible to take your own life because you're scared of Cova. 19.

Not because you're dying of bone cancer or some actual disease and counterpoint were supposed to believe that the leftists in California who run that states with an iron fist really care about the life that's really what's driving them call me a little skeptical.

I'm not so sure. Let's get to this Cuomo thing Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York.

You might remember that he was absolutely terrible on this nursing home thing he was sending nursing home patients with Cova 19 back into nursing homes. Now we got the skyrocketing numbers of elderly people in nursing homes dying, but there's a New York Post piece here by Michael Goodwin Cuomo's nursing home reversal is too little too late for those now dead. He says nursing homes and rehab centers have telling more than 5000 coronavirus deaths. Yet the governor accepts zero responsibility.

Despite his March 25 order forcing them to take infected patients from hospitals zero responsibility now.

He says they no longer have to do that announcing on Sunday that a hospital cannot discharge a person who is COBIT positive to a nursing home. Indeed, the initial order denied nursing homes. The right even to ask of patients being sent by hospitals had tested positive for COBIT. 19 now hospitals must do discharge tests and only those who are negative can be referred to nursing homes. One executive said it feels at least a month to light the move comes amid growing calls for an independent investigation of the nursing home catastrophe where the death count towards the total deaths in every other state except New Jersey still Cuomo claims the reversal is not a reversal nor is it a recognition of the fatal impact of the initial order, he said, whatever were doing is worked on the facts care of grandma died. The ones always saying that Republican policies are about killing grandma then you actually put into place a policy where lots of grandmas die but it's not your fault. Goodwin says he should try selling NetView to Maria Porteous. She lost her father to the coronavirus in a Long Island nursing home last month. Soon after the state forced it to accept infected patients. She watch the governor and was left steaming. She said it's like a slap in the face for him because he's not taking responsibility for what happened to my father and so many others Porteous as part of a Facebook group with nearly 250 members who lost loved ones in nursing homes adding the stories are all almost the same, and Cuomo still acting like he's not the one who did this order like it somebody else or it's the nursing homes fault.

That's how does yelp cause some terrible up evil do some horrendous wrong and then just whistle kicked the curb and keep going. That's how it goes.

It's amazing here's another story in the Guardian. Residents of nursing homes have accounted for a staggering proportion of Cova 19 deaths in the US privately compiled data shows such deaths now account for more than half of all fatalities in 14 states only 33 states report nursing home related deaths so we don't even know the exact numbers one doctor here from the Yale School of Public Health in Connecticut set I was on a phone call last week were four or five patients came into our hospital just in one day for nursing homes. It's just a staggering number day-to-day. So what have these politicians done to protect the elderly.

That's what we really should have been putting emphasis on is protecting the elderly and making sure that they are isolated and that they are not exposed unnecessarily to this virus that's really where it all should have been focused and instead its nationwide shutdowns. We don't know if we can open again in the next 18 months. It all depends.

We have to have treatment.

We have to have a vaccine. We have to make sure there's eradication of COBIT 19 which is something Pritzker is now saying oh okay is that that's the limit then you have to eradicate a virus from the face of the earth, and then he'll let you go run your business.

You want Illinois and she got to stand up for your rights or you can lose them and at the same holds true for every single state in this nation of ours. Pray for this country to leave it there. Thank you for being with us. God bless you.

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