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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Frank Wright (Evangelical Downgrade) Mike Berry (COVID)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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May 14, 2020 6:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Frank Wright (Evangelical Downgrade) Mike Berry (COVID)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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May 14, 2020 6:00 am

Why are we seeing so many supposedly evangelical leaders and institutions today rejecting God's Word as the authority for faith and practice? I'll talk it over with Dr. Frank Wright, president and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries. Plus: Attorney Michael Berry explains why First Liberty Institute is asking Congress to intervene preemptively to stave off potential coronavirus-related lawsuits against churches. Join us for the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Today, our confidence is in Christ alone, the word of God says I will not endure sound teaching but having itching ears, they will relate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions.

What were living in a day and age in which those words from second Timothy 43 are shockingly obvious, while evangelicals used to read that passage and perhaps think about mainline liberal Protestants or the calls today our own house is the one quickly moving toward apostasy and is my next guest is noted, there is now a dramatic departure from biblical truth by supposedly evangelical leaders and institutions amounting to a widescale rejection of God's word as the authority for faith and practice, and I couldn't agree with him more.

So we are to talk today with Dr. Frank Wright, president and CEO of D.

James Kennedy ministries. He was the former CEO of the National religious broadcasters and has written a great piece over the Christian post biblical infidelity in top evangelical institutions and leaders and Frank so good to have you with us.

How are you today thank you Janet. Great to be with you too well. I loved your article.

As you know, and I read it and I said I'm so glad somebody is saying this. This is so refreshing that you were just willing not only to call out the broader problem, but to also call out some of those people who we really need to be concerned about what drew you to finally say I gotta put this on a piece of paper and get this on the Internet so people can really read it and think about it. It was like going to a baseball game at three Rivers Stadium, the confluence of three Rivers and its bird, but it could've worked out the location. It really was the confluence of events. It was one after another bite of been the Southern Baptist convention deformity when I heard about the launching of their new Baptist network of personal thought they were talking about the media network remote network of churches splitting away from what we would all typically look out as one of the more biblically faithful and conservative denominations here in America of the largest single denomination of America so it was it was that supposed to just took me over the edge and then of course any family of comments have been wearing a buyer for couple years, seven I will tell you Janet I really hesitated to call individuals well beyond the fog. There's got to be individual accountability here. This is, I didn't use the H word anywhere in the article use right now this is heresy.

Heresy is not just the things that you say little wrong if the things that are essential that you leave out, and a good portion of this is that second kind of heresy in which they are ignoring whole portions of Scripture to accommodate themselves to the culture and in other cases based on that embracing clearly false teaching and your your leave and was exactly right.

How many decades of the dumbbell since we solve the mainline so-called mainline Protestant churches begin their march away from truth. It all began with the rejection of the Bible is the sole authority for practice. So true, so true when you it's interesting because you said you are half right when you were the president of NRB you are concerned about the as you called it timid self since censorship among Christian leaders. But I wonder why you believed to begin with, that a time of timid self-censorship was coming and then it led into talking about this departure from biblical truth that were seen now how those two things tied together would you say that when I was happy NRB. Most of our focus later was on trying to defend Christian broadcasters in arenas important arenas in Washington DC like regular regulatory arena to see in the courts before the Congress. In many cases the different branches of the administration and what I saw were threats coming from government.

Government is the biggest enemy of truth with the biggest enemy of religious freedom and free expression in general and I saw a growing pattern of behavior and statements being made in bills being filed that suggested to me that the future is going to be a time of emerging government censorship and I knew I just knew we all know which ones are the strong ones in which ones are the weak ones when it comes to this question of biblical fidelity because it's no fun to stand up and be strong when the cultures going to hate you for Jesus never said to be fun. When they hate you because of me.

Your faith in me and so you could sort of pick the ones who would they were already sort of you know it was a conflict with the people you and I would've called 10 years ago on the evangelical left yet and it's hard to call them evangelical anything these days.

There just on the left. Then evangelical is just the skirts behind which they hide their true colors so I got my initial supposition was going to be government censorship government control hate crimes laws used against the propagation of the gospel because you're exporting to go to no end and that mission organizations would would be under scrutiny because of that reason as well and instead there is we still face those threats, but instead to see just a little turning their back and walking away from the blood of the martyrs, which is the seed of the church which has secured the word of God for 2000 years.

3500 years of the Judeo-Christian tradition to see them walk away from it. In this manner and still claim to be shepherds of Christian flocks. I just couldn't do couldn't take it anymore. Now I totally take it anymore on a daily basis. I appreciate that some company, but I know exactly what you're talking about and you. It's interesting because it seems what popped into my head when you were describing evangelical left was now we have an evangelical left in the evangelical right. I mean it's getting very confusing.

We must need a flowchart to keep track of all of this but when you mention the Southern Baptist convention.

One of the things that Dr. Russell Moore said when he took over the helm of the ER. LC was the culture wars are over. We need to stop fighting these culture wars and we need to be all about the gospel as if we weren't about the gospel before then, but that is kinda seeped in as a mentality in a lot of different sectors of evangelicalism. Now that you're wrong if you go out there and like you guys are doing standing up to the SPLC, the Southern poverty Law Center calling Christians hate groups and things like that.

That's not really of interest to a lot of these people anymore. They they have higher goals like open borders and making sure that we yell about kids in cages which started under Obama anyway. I mean, what you make of that takeover. If we want to call it that, in addition to the question of authority to question authority is always what has driven biblical you are not going to Christian fidelity. If you're if you don't accept the Scriptures as the only source. The only rule for faith and practice than almost anything goes, you can sort of pick and choose a long time since I've been around in the Chinese restaurant of the column name.

Tell me about the old metaphor.

There was choosing one phone call makers like that probably got you like that and so this idea of choosing your faith. You know, is not is not is not all knew what Russell Moore supply could easily have called out this column for his egregious walking away from biblical truth in the street in the same manner and so what what I think we see them doing here is the same classic line that's been argued in different circles about the way to reach the cultures to accommodate yourself to the culture might not be clear in saying I don't put the seeker friendly church in that same basket of biblical infidelity, but the idea was to say when it was launched decades ago. Bill Heidel springs for the prototype of Willow Creek. It was basically saying let's accommodate ourselves to what the culture is comfortable with another will come in and then they'll hear the gospel and course that was true and then decades later Hibel himself said it seems to me like we never really produced any and any deep disciples out of that approach. They came and they stayed comfortable the whole time they were there they heard the gospel and no doubt some got saved. But their faith is about wide and an inch deep, which describes good scripts of the church that anyway so it's a similar kind of approach that accommodating yourself the culture in order to reach it is just a synonym for walking away from truth. If you won't stand for truth. If you're going to accommodate culture. You can't stand for truth is not completely what were you modified try to modify as you try to soften the view. You know that's the view of some of our friends over for less than five years. He was well. The problem Center these days is, we just need a kinder gentler Christianity and tell you I let's take a short break will come back with Dr. Frank right from D. James Kennedy ministries talking about biblical infidelity and evangelicalism right back here. Stan Steiner, president of pre-born with an important update the coded 19 virus is having a terrible impact for the most vulnerable among us, the unborn this past week, a woman sure she for being pregnant was so much going on in the world. The abortionist gave her an RU-486 pill to terminate her pregnancy are pre-born sinners there for her, however, reverse the abortion pill and saved her baby crisis line is flooded with women similar stories pre-born sinners are the alternative to Planned Parenthood, and this may through a challenge grant pre-born will be able to send $100,000 to clinics. If this goal is reached, and you can help, call 855402 baby that's 855-402-2229 one.

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I just had to get my guest Dr. Frank right on the show because I so appreciated what he wrote a great piece biblical infidelity and top evangelical institutions.

Leaders such an important topic because we are seen. It isn't just the mainline anymore that we have to worry about when it comes to undermining the authority of Scripture and standing on the witness of Jesus Christ and this in a inerrancy of his word. We were seen all kinds of problems and I appreciate that Frank is here and actually naming names and institutions. Let's talk about some of these Frankie mentioned the Southern Baptist convention in one of the problems they are also we should throw and is the identity politics, the embracing of identity politics intersection alley. Critical race theory, and these things, and yet a lot of these people one called out say which is trying to broaden the conversation.

We still have Orthodox Christian statements of faith and I'm thinking If it if you're not applying it. What good is it well for a statement of faith means little if there's not a commitment to back that up. If actions and demonstrated the ministerial approaches running one of things happen to look at the look at the colleges and universities that are associated with these historic denominations and you see the same things look very well. If the church is and here's the point about that. If the church is not faithful in the church walks away from biblical fidelity. One of the seminaries look like what universities look like one of Christian schools that look at the other attached to a Christian Christian churches across America and we have this idea that if we just get her kid to go to K-12 a Christian school. Or, you know, maybe homeschooled, K-12, and then go off to us. You go to a Christian university news for the Christian universities. They look like the evangelical left. There are very few that I can think of less than one handful that I would recommend any Christian parent to send their kids to today. That's not the worst part of that whole discussion we could have that is a separate discussion. The idea of Christian parents sending their kids often lose their faith at these big-name secular institutions because their own pride position of the place I want Junior to graduate from University of whatever and then make some of often in the whole environment, but environment there is to destroy the fight against their fate and you know I don't believe you can lose your faith if you have a sincere faith in Christ going there but you can basically have it gutted were to where it has no effect on your life or on a buddy around you and then you're not much of a disciple. You're just sort of the flotsam and jetsam of Christianity float along with whichever direction happens to be going little importance on and you're so right about that, and you make me think about some of these campus ministries are experiencing the same sort of thing. Groups like crew union, which used to be campus Crusade for Christ and university.

I had talked not recent, not too long ago about the University missions conference, Urbana, and they had a full session on same-sex missionaries, not what happened here and eat of the pro-LGBT thing we could do in our third or three about that issue but you mention.

For example, Chick-fil-A and the Presbyterian Church in America, we have relies on one hand, and then Chick-fil-A. We all get behind them because they're standing on the biblical foundation of supporting marriage and then the date do a switch me what what was up with that astonishing switch. They call out three organizations that had unquestionable Christian convictions in the long term and you know ministry history to prove the level of their commitment. Salvation Army Fellowship of Christian athletes. Athletes and somewhat may not be as well acquainted with the pollinators and youth homes, but these are organizations with a firm biblical foundation and a strong commitment of the gospel of Christ is the only way of salvation and Chick-fil-A made a public spectacle of them by cutting off their support not just cutting it off. I said you calling them so when I can write you any checks anymore, they went public with a big hole whole exercise about how these groups are anti-LGBT and therefore were not going to support them anymore. While you don't have to wake up Einstein here.

This is not anti-anything they are biblical Christians in the Bible has much to say about these things as it does in every other area and so were simply subscribing to the historic Christian faith, the same type of way.

The AAA itself claims the process they get called out and trashed publicly and soon is by the way the funding was cut off fully on its foundation website heading her, you know, news item, basically saying AAA no longer supports those anti-LGBT groups so they didn't just do it. I mean it's it's phenomenal. And then, as you alluded to earlier suggested.

It was not long ago. That's the bitter irony here, one that long ago the Christians stood by Chick-fil-A when there you know their president was made favorable comments on the biblical view of marriage. Christians stood by and what they do now. They don't just walk away.

They walk away and you know what gesture you want to describe them doing as they walk away, but certainly many of the four fingers over the chimp. You know the public on that but they have lost their way as well.

They have their there are lots of godly people associated with AAA. I've no doubt about that but at the top level at the leadership level. They have lost their way.

Absolutely. You also I'm really glad that you mention this national Association of Evangelicals, which is been in my opinion, off the reservation for a while but now they're supporting this legislation in which they gave the gay movement what it wants, and we get pretty much nothing in return. This fairness letter on death is even worse than that. Worse than that because you can even hear the of the serpent.

In this they said their approach was what give the gay movement what it wants in exchange will get exemptions for the church's and so now you don't have to spend a lot of time to walk in Washington DC to realize that those exemptions would last about as long as the do on a hot summer morning you give them what they wanted and then they will chip away at every exemption under find ways to show how your your violating the you know that the content of the of the exemptions that you gotten nothing more that the far left strategy to make you give up your core position in exchange that you really fit for nothing and then and see what that little nothing the beginning to see that this appears well now.

It's amazing to me in all these instances that you don't have Christians who can see clearly what's going on to me is so patently obvious into you as well but I just see more and more caving all the time and the things to which they appeal to defend what they are doing what no matter if it's been identity politics or you know legislation that would disadvantage the church.

They don't seem to go back to the Bible this this is something that just driven home to me every day Frank, there is not a lot of going back to Scripture and saying what is the word of God, tell me that I ought to do in this situation is that really what you think is the fundamental issue or do I absolutely do not you would wind Jesus open the scroll in the synagogue to teach Chester first wanted to show his reverence for the word of God in the Psalms, God says he honors his word, even above his own name heaven and earth will pass away, my word will never pass away. Trust not in your own understanding no trust in the truth of Scripture all through Scripture we get this over and over again and so it's this walking away from the word that is the key thing here and you're right, Janet Pease will link the language in the gyrations in the spin can be dizzying, but at the end of the day. It's very simple. If you see your church taking a position that seems to be drifting away from the clear teaching of the Scripture. You can tell which one is right by holding on to the Scripture. It's the thing that is our anchor. If the anchor within the veil. The word of Christ. The action within the veil, you know, back in ancient world.

The ships will come to harbor, sometimes at the wrong time. The tide was out the couldn't get in and I would put an anchor in the boat and the title of the boat inside the harbor and drop it in there so that the storms came up. They might get battered in the store but they still there, still anchored inside the harbor inside the harbor of safety. That's what the Scriptures are to if there are anchor in the harbor of safety.

I think probably half the problem here. Janet is not just people don't think about the attack on Scripture that may not be spending enough time in the word themselves, absolutely. And I think the statistics bear that out from some of the research Barna research analysis elsewhere. They've done research like that you what you think in terms of the future of evangelicalism. Do you believe that this is a time of apostasy is a lot of evangelicals are saying to me and I'm sure you're hearing that as well or do you think this might just be a momentary blood maybe the Lord is using the pandemic to purchase a little patented in a refined refiner's fire that kinda deal what what you think I'm always ready for two things. One see the spirit movement revival. Come upon us revival historically has always brought with it cultural reformation and that will be a wonderful thing to see. Today I'm always ready to see is to walk outside and see Jesus coming in the clouds. We don't know when that's going to be. Could be today or tomorrow might not be in our lifetime.

It's for us not to focus on those kinds of things, but the focus on what look at what God is calling us to be as followers of Christ, and I really do think this is a seminal moment in the walking away that we saw in the so-called mainline churches 50, 60, 70 years ago.

Some of them and all of them today are dens of iniquity and they are synagogue of Satan to use the revolution wrote Jesus metaphor from Revelation so apart from revival. I don't see that this goes any other way that can be in the drift is always away from truth. Nobody ever apart from the working of the Holy Spirit and regeneration in someone's heart and mind.

No one drifts from error into truth. They always drift away drift away from truth and when you do know I'm here in South Florida both everywhere.

If you see a boat anchored to a dock and the lines are not tied securely in it somehow slips its mooring. It always ends up in the same place on the rocks and that's what I see coming apart from revival apart from an awakening within the church that apart from whatever remnant remains to be faithful to the word of truth above all things. I think it's a time for a new commitment. It's a time for a recommitment time for pastors also stop being silent shepherds call out that people want to give us what you give us insights on how to handle the people sitting in the pew are dying for their pastors to teach them how the laws of the world around us, thank you so much Dr. Frank Wright, check out Christian and serving with us. Frank will this archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by liberty House share Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty you're listening to Mefford today and we talked a lot about the churches across America that are fighting for their religious freedom. During this pandemic and first Liberty Institute this week informed Congress that America's houses of worship. Fear a wave of lawsuits that would force many to cease their operations all related to serving people some of whom might later contract COBIT 19 and consequently the religious leaders are seeking immunity from potential negligence suits to find out more about it now from Mike Barry General Counsel over at first Liberty Institute. My great to have you back. Have you been doing great great to be back with you.

Thank you so much will tell us a little bit about this written testimony you submitted for this array of religious leaders. There is this fear about a swarm of lawsuits tell us why you note 1st Liberty identified issue couple weeks ago as we begin to think about you getting The quarantine and the pandemic shut down how the country was in the reopened including reopening places of worship in one of the things that struck us was you know were starting to see quite a number of lawsuits filed against laces, either by employees who been stricken with the virus work by you just patrons who know what happened to you know it's a place of business you have me shopping there, and they get sick and and we didn't think about what there's no reason why so many couldn't sue a church or a religious organization for the very same thing, even if that church revisit this organization did everything and they vent that they could to you know to try to make a safe place to go, such as station spacing out you succeed.

Apart etc. etc. old facemasks etc. etc. and so it began to reach out to religious leaders and religious organizations across country. We realize very quickly. This was not necessarily something that was on their radar but yet they share our concern so we wrote a letter to Congress, simply suggesting in recommending that they not provide total immunity but but simply raise the level of of liability exposure from mere simple negligence to what's called gross negligence. In other words, if somebody it is just being reckless and in the way that they operate their organization or church. Then there probably could be liable if there doing what they can and honestly trying to do the right thing and keep people safe and somebody happens to get sick. They should not be sued for the rights and your fear is not just that they would necessarily win the lawsuit that that the cost of defending a lawsuit would be prohibitive for many congregations who actually could go broke doing it right on. So glad you brought that up to it that people overlook in the practice of law, not merely whether you can win or the mere specter of being sued that often will cause somebody, especially someone what you were talking at small church that may not have a lot of financial wherewithal and and and the pastor or the board of that church or nonprofit is just going to say you know what, it's not worth it. Were just not been open and we can't risk somebody getting second suing. Even if we do everything right and so it is merely the specter of being sued beyond simply what can we win or lose, because it cost them money to hire an attorney and then half the money to defend the lawsuit and who knows how long to go on and and and how much that cost them, and so what happening is is just the fear alone will cause them to say it's not worth the risk. So were not open and that that's not good for her religious organization.

That's not good for America know it's not yet. Makes me wonder itself how in the world. Aside from the question of merely defending yourself in a lawsuit would be very very expensive as to the suit itself.

How would you ever even be able to prove if somebody contracted cover 19 that they contracted through germs that no one can see in a church versus they got it off the Walmart cartel in the world would you ever even prove that what exactly right. You know clever clever plaintiff lawyers know how to word a lawsuit that really doesn't even matter necessarily ready because they know there's a proliferation of these regulations across the country right so the example we give it. It can be a food pantry and Wyoming I and and and somebody. And if that food pantry half of the following the rules for that no city or county in Wyoming. But guess what, there are different rules across the border in Colorado. There are different rules in you know in some other state as well and a clever lawyer is simply to say that how come you didn't follow those right here you follow the bare minimum. All the rules that these more respectable is no way that the organization can possibly follow this complex web of regulations and guidelines and recommendations from coast-to-coast, which many of which are contradictory and now I'm 100 Applegate with ill recent news reporter are better on a cruise ship with the Princess Cruise line has been sued in some of the passengers didn't even get sick right as I did not get but they soon anyway for emotional damage because they were near physically near somebody who did get sick and they are worried they might get sick as well so they felt that given the right to sue for millions of dollars, and we cannot allow that to happen. Churches and religious organizations in the country know and you know we we do know there are a lot of people out there prior to filing lawsuits that their ridiculous so we know that that's always a possibility, even if a church is involved, but going back to what you said earlier Mike, when you talk about wanting a standard or gross negligence, rather than simple negligence.

What is the main distinction when it comes to the actual legal fights. I mean how would raising the standard gross negligence stave off some of these lawsuits will negligence me that let's just say there there are 10 rules and guidelines, and for whatever reason, just through oversight or through a mere decor at unintentional you happen only followed nine out of the 10, then under a simple negligence standard, you could still be found guilty of you didn't do something that you should've… Right gross negligence means that basically if it was an active Internet unintentional that you're not can be liable.the higher standard means that it was with basically with you, you completely disregarded those who you knew the risks and you disregarded that I don't care I don't care if somebody gets sick doing this anyway. The example that we use all lawful classes is if if if somebody knows the feeling on the road 55 miles an hour and a wet road because it's been raining and it's very curvy right you know what I'm to drive down this road 100 miles an hour, I noticed the 55 I know it wet off the cart. Anyway that that's like no gross negligence or recklessness right simple. I could be possible road and I simply didn't see it and I missed it I hit a pothole and I ended up having a blowout like that you know me that I'm just using this as an analogy, that's where the difference between gross negligence is double negligence.

Basically oversight on oversight versus an intentional disregard for safety or well-being about your bar, what would preclude anybody from suing a church for something like involuntary manslaughter. Do you see that is ever been a possibility and something that Congress could intervene to prevent me again nothing prevent anybody in the country from filing a lawsuit and so people are always free to follow what they want and the question becomes, how likely are they to prevail. So what really did what Congress can do is provide that the time right if they raise the standard for negligent and it's going to hopefully deter those lofty people will know if I bring this lawsuit.

It's very unlikely to to succeed and and in the law were actually a frivolous lawsuit or a fuel term is a mendacious plaintiff or and so another people were just fine off it's for the purpose of harassing others and they could be sanctioned by the court for doing that. So there is there is a sort of a way to keep doing that. But if the standard is simple negligence at such a low standard that there's really nothing to stop the body from just saying hello. I know you know somebody in my family got sick and and and passed away on you for manslaughter. I want to know the tort version of manslaughter right wrongful death so on.

You know it's a free country. Like I said people consume whatever they want to sue for our hope is that common sense Belleville and that we will protect religious ministries organizations and their leaders. If I call her that by saying what much higher standard of your know I try to hold a place of worship accountable very good Mike Berry first Liberty Institute.

Check them out first Thanks a lot Mike, great to talk to you and will are you in need of a healthcare program you're in love as a member of liberty sharing your part of a community comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments. Grandma start as low as $199 per month and there is no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals liberty hell share is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out more by calling 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 or visit liberty hell that's liberty hell dear Stan Steiner, president of pre-born with an important update. 19 is trading a surgeon unplanned pregnancies as American children place while pre-born crisis lines are flooded and we have quadrupled our patients seeking abortions help was needed now more than ever as clinics had to cancel spring fundraisers would you consider sponsoring an ultrasound to introduce mom to the pre-born babies.

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Once again, call 855402 baby or there's a banner to click Janet my for today. Here's your host Joe Mefford know about you that I am really tired of hearing about the new normal out. We've only been going through this thing for a couple of months and already it's been predetermined that life will never ever be the same, and I even wonder how many people are asking some of these media outlets know there's gonna be a new normal. No life will never be the same. Well maybe because on the left. They don't want it to be the same. They don't want to let any serious crisis go to waste. Seven their view, it's time to go full or well and make sure that you don't waste a pandemic we would want that.

But listen to this I was reading some of the stories over at Forbes about the future of air travel and right now 90% of the airplane zero flights have been canceled, so very few people are flying. Obviously, during all of this but you already have a number of airline experts who are commiserating on what airline travel will be like for you and me after the pandemic, which I kinda laughed at. Ironically because I thought for the left. There will be no end to the pandemic, what you talking about will be shut down forever.

You know, we've only had more than 100,000 small businesses go under. So you know that's small potatoes. If we shut people down through the end of the year. Maybe we can really get that number up to about 1/2 billion or Nina who knows the skies the limit right let's say half-million at any rate I'm looking at the story future air travel is touchless yet terrifying. How does mass transit work if everyone has to stay 2 m the parts, and where national borders can open and close at short notice. They talk in the story at Forbes about this group called SATA CF will call them there with the new paper. This is a Geneva based air transport, communications and IT specialist Sita has a new paper called a new normal. The changing face of air transport post COBIT 19 outlining how aviation can use technology to help cope with the long and complex impact of coping 19 long and complex.

Does anybody think it's gonna be were just assuming it's good to be long and complex. Apparently this is the last for the next 50 years and you better get used to that mask. That's kind of how a lot of these people are talking here the papers key takeaways borders could open and close with no notice.

As governments take a new more rigid approach to monitoring the health of incoming passengers, flight schedules will be unpredictable and flights subject to short notice cancellation and rescheduling its awesome safe pack your suitcase here in the You're headed for the airport. Your airport happens to be about an hour and 1/2 a weighing about 45 minutes into the trip, little note on your app all sorry your flights been canceled.

All thank you very very much driver take me back to my house. There could be fewer short-haul flights as online video conferencing replaces business travel leisure travel could be limited to infrequent long-haul trips as pressure intensifies for a more sustainable air transport industry.

That's the climate change junk right there folks as demand for flights drop airlines might shrink their fleets touchless travel will accelerate his automation, contactless and self-service technology creates a social distancing friendly passenger experience touchless travel tell TSA about touchless travel this day I've had a number of experiences with the TSA or I wanted to do is invoke touchless travel get your hands off me.

Do I look like a terrorist you. Let's see, they also talk about biometrics, digital IDs stored on phones verified with facial recognition and will all be used to let passengers through security and onto aircraft and airlines will constantly update your phone. I've no problem with that, necessarily the problem is international travel is literally the scapegoat for the spread of coping.


That's not suddenly stop being the case, there's been a global effort to contain the movement of people, some think it will take until the year 2022 before demand for flight starts to reach pre-coping 19 levels so the new normal zoning can last for two years. They don't get into. It's a new normal. Don't you know it's a new normal. And then they have this whole section on its worse than 9/11. What is the new normal. Look like now.

They talk about boarding passes, all having to be on smart phones. What are the implications of that that means everybody has to have a smart phone right there on people who don't have a smart phone older generation.

For example, there still flip phone people if they have cell phones at all.

I guess maybe they wouldn't be traveling as often as people who were younger, but there are people who are traveling for older they'll have to have apps and smart phones and biometric technology apparently so. One quote here from the Sita paper is we can no longer consider returning to a normal operating environment for industry, but rather one that will become a new normal. I'm sorry for using that phrase, and folks I know that's annoying. So there is a lot about biometrics apps cloud based platforms new kinds of digital identity, facilitating a smooth touchless journey and increasing use of all this stuff in order to make sure that we can get up and running. I you know the middle C conundrum is another thing mentioned how can you socially distance. If you'd easier somebody sitting next to you while. How in the world can you afford to fly an airplane. If you get rid of the third of the passengers or whatever it amounts to percentagewise. Here's the key thing in this whole piece.

They quote the Dir. Gen. and CEO of one of these airline groups that is weighing in with what we ought to be doing.

And here's the quote. Evidence suggests that the risk of transmission on board aircraft is low.

What buried. I mean it is.

Barry buried way down in the start, your risk of transmission on board is low which is why they're recommending these bio security ideas temperature screening of all passengers, airport workers and travelers boarding and deplaning processes that reduce contact limiting movement within the cabin during flight. More frequent cleaning simplified catering procedures that lower crew movement and interaction with passengers when proven and available at scale testing for COBIT 19, or immunity. Passports could also be included as temporary bio security measures.

Wait a minute I thought you just said that evidence is the risk of transmission on board aircraft is low.

I read other stories when they talk about the fact that all food will have to be prepackaged food and drink. So forget getting your little cup on the cart when they come by, there's gonna be no more that and also they're talking about getting rid of in-flight entertainment screens, so those screens that you have on planes like the 777 forget that no more because people might touch it. Even though the evidence for your risk of contracting covered 19 on board the aircraft is low. People are getting a little suspicious about all these health experts weighing on what we ought to be doing in any given moment.

Is this just seems like killing a fly with a sledgehammer a little bit.

I'm not denying that there is a risk of coping. 19. I'm not denying that it is a contagious disease and that we don't have a vaccine on the other talking points that we throw around but there is conflicting information.

Lots of it, particularly when you look at this story. I'm looking at this story from medical express among detecting cases of COBIT 19 in the United States 1.3% of patients will die from the illness, according to a new calculation. And that's only based on cumulative deaths and detected cases across the USA doesn't account for undetected cases where a person is infected but shows few or no symptoms. So what is that saying it saying that based on all the deaths so far and all the cases that have been identified in the US, the death rate is 1.3% and if you factor in the unknown number of cases, the death rate might drop closer to 1%. I would argue it might even be lower than that. Because what if it's the case that millions of us have had it. 57% of us never knew we had it. And for those of us who never took tests but were saying earlier in the year.

Who knows how many people went to that there were a lot of us. I think you have millions of people who had covered 19 so that we drop the desolate death rate even lower.

Would it not so based on these numbers and this was a done director here researcher from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Based on these numbers were going to just up and airline travel, and I'm telling you what if you make touchless everything at the airport and and all of these biometrics and you can institute all of these new things about bad check and has to be Ramon. You can't carry on and all these things that a man talked about you really think that's can help the airlines recover or is that something that some people would like to see in terms of the airlines not being able to recover.

That would be dumb for anybody but they do have a really big carbon footprint.

Those big jets. Maybe there's some people who think the airlines shouldn't really make a full come back. I hate to be conspiratorial but we know there are people like that Prince Harry think she should be flying even though he flies around in a private jet with his wife, but that's different because he's a prince or an express or whatever he's calling himself these days but that's a lot of people think there's too much airline travel too much of a carbon footprint. So maybe there's some people who believe it would be better for the airlines not to have such a big footprint in the sky and you know what else I have a question about when they talk about testing for COBIT 19 in airports and even doing spot blood checks that would be part of the testing that was mentioned in another story minister that government workers lined up with needles and you Q so were not standing in line enough in airports now get a stop sign. You don't get in a line to be stabbed before you get on the plane for the purpose of sitting on an airplane where there's a very low risk of contracting COBIT 19 whose can administer this.

Who is going to make sure that all of these things are tended to, and how much is that can add to the wait time and how much earlier do you have to get to the airport. I mean I've never seen such a good case made for driving and/or staying home is talking to somebody recently who said will the next thing you want to do is force us all to drive electric cars so we can go very far from home. Then they'll really maintain our carbon footprint and and keep it where they wanted to be. Don't go full or well don't kill a fly with a sledgehammer. Let's handle what is right in front of us. By the grace of God will come through it.

Let's not freak out.

We really need our airline industries to recover. Thanks so much for being with us and Janet effort today

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