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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Melvin Tinker (Marxism and Minneapolis)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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June 17, 2020 5:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Melvin Tinker (Marxism and Minneapolis)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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June 17, 2020 5:30 am

What does Marx have to do with Minneapolis? The Rev. Melvin Tinker joins me to explain what's really going on with the riots, the murders and the cultural destruction of America. Plus: The scholars at the Evangelical Theological Society have put out a new statement condemning racism. But is there a more important statement that the church should be making right now? We'll talk about it all. Be sure to join us for Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone is sort of have been the death of George Lloyd was the match through which the left is triggered the riots and looting murderers and it's all about systemic racism is in it. Even though these same radicals pathologically toward the black lives who became murder statistics in the midst of all this violence and lawlessness continues in the autonomous zone in Seattle and in addition were now hearing about a shooting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, as dozens of historical statues are being torn down by cultural Marxists across this nation. They say this is all about black lives, but we know it roots that it is not. It's about Marxism.

So working to talk about it today with the Rev. Melvin Tinker. He's an Anglican priest at St. John's Newland Hall in England and a popular speaker and author of many books, including that hideous strength how the West was lost. He has just written a great piece called what has marks to do with Minneapolis observing quite accurately that with these riots, both here and in Europe. We all now find ourselves in the Orwellian worlds of cultural Marxism and Rev. Tinker so good to have you on with us again how are you doing it like to be with you today. Thank you for inviting me on to show how always a pleasure what was your first reaction. Obviously you're over in Great Britain but you saw the news. No doubt about the riots.

The chaos in Minneapolis and later it came to urination. But what was your first reaction when you heard about it will will look with many people in horror. What happened to George Floyd way he was treated no longer defend another dual and those responsible will no doubt people justice enough correct films. I've never seen anything like it. With the violence. The sheer derangement basically of crowns in the United States with 500 shops would be destroyed Minneapolis and so on, and I can't think of any time in my lifetime see anything like it. When one goes back to save the civil rights marches multi-to the king zone and fixed it every six to nothing compared to this. And then the Vietnam disturbances and so on is nothing like it and it just broke like revolution, that they only way one can describe it is very similar to what happened in well what story Clay I think is very similar to what happened with the French Revolution in 1789 on the ship terror that was unleashed and completeness of the United States of America be you.

The great lead nation that carried out the one who experiment, which for many years worked. You know that the great melting pot and to see such anger and such division it it was just quite extraordinary and then for that to be transmitted over into this country. It it it just baffles the mind the white has happened. Yeah it is very shocking. I think there were some over here who said why writing in England. George Floyd isn't in England we don't understand this and quickly people put the George Soros connections together in the black lives matter, which is a Marxist revolutionary queer movements and said wait a second. This was all preplanned. They were just looking for that match to strike.

So they had an excuse opportunity right thing to me that what we have, but you'll country and it is the perfect storm for the radical boxes you have the whole business of fear. What Ron Douglas Murray is pointed out that with the case. Social justice campaigners what they do is they want to heal the one you divide the don't want to placate the will to inflame and work out that if they can't rule society. I will pretend to rule it might collapse everything and that what you do is take a society which is aware of its bolts, although imperfect a better option than anything else and often what you do sound so doubt and division and animosity in fear of the thing is, we already have for the moment because of the COBIT 19 crisis of this high level anxiety around me was a lot of frustration that may be due to the lockdown and perceived hypocrisy by those in power who don't always keep to themselves in the physically fair amount of anger and resentment, but from the liberal elite. Now that's something America because Crump became the president and the tell the so-called get their heads around that yes in the United Kingdom if it breaks it happened. I can't get around that little of anger and resentment. Those three come together. You have a course of the bread in the case of George Floyd you said is this the blue paper that's been lit and then the radicals move in and in this case a leak under the guise of black lives matter, then a book about like life of the really know because when you look at the website that aims simply visit put it down this month. Imperialism capitalism what supremacy patriarchy and state structures. No mention about the needs black people serves appealing Marxist organization which is critical and cynical.

While they don't care about the black lives that were affected by what they're doing on the ground. We see all these black-owned business owners on video on social media really upset and pointing at their stores as a wave and I thought this was about black lives are police officers like David Doran shot in cold blood. They don't care by David Doran.

They didn't have a big processional for David Doran that aired on CNN.

They don't care about David Doran new tool so the courageous foe rages pretended rage.

Yes and with the sheer 20 understand this and come to terms with it, but to be talk about defunding the police princes who will suffer the most. When that happened. If that happens and is happening with the blues and so on. Take about 5 billion pounds out and commute community funding so that the black people in the pool.

People would be the most vulnerable and it will be the ones most exploited. It is dreadful and cynical situation is what does it have to do with Marxism and and you've written on this extensively do a fantastic job in this article, but if you can boil it down. What is it about the Marxist worldview that underlies all of this rage and chaos will, and it comes back to the notion of cultural Marxism and not like classical Marxism in terms of wheat we have big revolution you know you stole me into the UVB Houses of Parliament, whatever it may be old White House you plan the red flag and bandits is not like that. It is much more helpful and erosion and going back to Michael Graham ski talked about the sake of the hegemony that is that dominant class exists and maintains its influence through noncoercive means that is the getting to the school to get into the media marketing and dominate those things, in which case we can then shape people's thinking mind as to what is acceptable. What is normal and what is common sense know wasn't classical Marxism, the, the, that with with Mark.

It was basically saying look, visit the class struggle going on between woe to the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, but Marxism takes a step is a no no no no it's much more complicated than that. What we got to do to tutor to schools in particular could look well and move who say we've got to do is to recognize to bring together the diverse groups who engaged in the room struggles you guilty group, ecologically then initiate antiracist sexual minorities and we got is legal to persuade these people that they all victim. They are underprivileged, in some way, and of the date they need to to to recognize that they'll powerless right knee come together. Politics, that's just a moment, we do need to pause for a quick break.

Rev. Melvin Tinker with us.

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That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to you and have you with us a great to have with us. The Rev. Melvin Tinker wonderful article he has over it.

Virtue what has marks to do with Minneapolis and Rev. Tinker as we were discussing what's been going on in the streets of not only the United States but also over where you are in the United Kingdom this Paul just came in from Gallup showing that American pride among the nation's youth is at an all-time low. You have only 20% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 saying they're extremely proud to be Americans. And if you go up to 65 and older, it's 53%. So this is also the erosion of the love of country and the love of the West and the love really of the biblical foundations of our country that have informed our documents and our freedoms and our liberties. This is all tied together is in it it it is because the socialist strategy Dakota multi-strategy dimensionally wrong if you so doubt you go so doubt will number things visible. You propagate the myth that capitalist societies are inherently racist, sexist, homophobic, whatever it may be his part and possibly what is that you got to bring it down in some way, and one of the things you do is to rewrite history you you basically trying to create create a few of you own country.

Your house which you are ashamed.

Hence all this business about Enoch and in Britain. Anyway, would put putting down the statues of anyone who is considered to be racist wedded to slave trade and so we become fully ashamed that we, therefore, you have certain white group. So what is begging for forgiveness decide you want privilege.

Whatever privilege we may have and so I will what's that happens is that people will become a shame we think is me with what terrible with what we did not submit this is a distorted picture because you go to the question okay compared to Walt unit one increase the size the United States will be criticized, the United Kingdom, because we have that we had an empire, whatever it may be okay will compared to what we haven't done too badly. Are you coping is to Russia or China will we only run which country's much better than full helpful and I would go to make improvements under some selective this is selected for the whole business of slave trade. I am leaving whole. Okay I'm going will vote came from.

He was involved in the abolition of the slave trade when he was abolished in 1833, the, the British government paid 40% of the treasures annual income to previous attempt to compensate the trade at slave owners okay equivalent to 100 billion pounds today hundred 50, $200 billion. That's how bad we were. It was incredibly generous.

We also had a fleet which cost a lot of money and lives to intercept slave traders with the school it with African fleet that was out of taxpayer because we are totally committed to this you complain about Islam. People don't talk about Islam that slave trade. Just because by seven 1600 or more than 7 million Africans transported flavored by Muslims exactly exactly yeah and so is a very distorted thing and it's a shame. Well, surprise, because the people are teaching history in the high school universities in your country and mine all liberals by Lodge and so they'll they'll probably get the party for the most propaganda so people and not being told are considered the pulpit history imbalance. Yet it is and you know one of the things that I've noticed Richard pipes. Many people may be familiar with him his story and as of the old Soviet Union, and I was looking through a concise history of the Russian Revolution again and one of the things that was pointed out right at the outset was the influence of the intelligentsia and that so much of the idea and I would say the ideology that preceded the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, was driven by academics and people who thought that the peasants didn't really get it. And so you know, I thought that's true. Many black you know we we got about 5060 like poking our congregation. We love them today.

I would wanting Christ, but some you know that they but if they don't get well is because the been basically brainwashed this to become white on the inside as it was us what days they say something intelligent through cool to know everything about how people should think and how they should behave, and now of course he goes beyond trying to be beyond just the hardware of the simple education level colleges and universities and high schools. But now, is it through media through advice reporting which we have over here with the BBC.

It is very difficult to get any decent unbiased object in use anymore. I agree that is a huge problem in and having been in journalism for years before I was doing this job.

It bugs me more than probably the average bear, because that was something that was just hammered into my head in journalism school is fairness and be balanced until both sides the story and don't insert yourself into your stories and that's just long gone now.

When you read most of what's being printed today on the Internet or otherwise, so look at what happened in a New York Times vessel yes and you know one of the editors who publishes someone who dissents with Blacklock medicine Eastside. I wanted it with what is happening now, especially in your country 1960s liberals are being devoured by the radical grandchildren. Yes, yes, there's a purge. Now there's beginning to be a purchase why I tell you it's scary.

And for a lot of Americans, at least you'll hear the question, kind of, you know, innocent puzzlement same what he wants. I mean that they arrested. The police officer who laid down on George Floyd snack.

They arrested the other three who sat there and didn't intervene. The justice system. The wheels are in motion so they continue to riot what what what is it have to do is setting up a six square block autonomous zone in Seattle.

What is that have to do with that. You know, tearing down statues across the United States and you say this goes back to the cultural Marxist ideology that says we have to stay in perpetual conflict which is unthinkable to us. We want peace, but I do want peace only wanted utopia, will you look at the promise of utopia look at Stalin's Russia.Utopia. That's what I did and said before date with the French Revolution, MedImmune team.

That's what happened. That's the utopia. Basically, they want to what you have in the middle of Seattle with the autonomous one whole of the United States to be that and it's purely destructive to me from a Christian point of view behind it is demonic.

Of course, the devil is the great father of lies on the great destroyer oblong he is and I'm always trying to do. Look at it rationally. People will want to they want reasonable people asked that is no reason here is the madness and ultimately demonically inspired madness with some very clever people with some very vicious and cynical people and people need to wake up to that will not be satisfied with anything less than than the.

The beat that the breakdown of society well and they will be able to move in and they will be brutal.

Well, that's right. And, and, as you know this week in the United States we just had a very big Supreme Court decision handed down that had the Supreme Court making law and deciding that sex is equal to sexual discrimination and sexual orientation and gender identity as far as protected classes under federal civil rights law, which is gonna have horrendous implications for the church. There is no doubt making a lot of Christians say is this judgment is this God's judgment. Ultimately, that were back in a Habakkuk sort of situation how you come down on that question will not two ways really mean long is that when we see society, individuals, groups turn away from God's way. Invariably, you move away from reality you move toward chaos. Everything starts to unravel the that's probably what was saying, but also it's like I think his left foot is a bit of an echo from the future week two Peter three that what we see what will happen when Christ comes it will be a dissolution of everything judgment. What were experiencing some weight now foretaste of what is going to come ultimately on the cross will establish a new heaven and you is one big consequence of full and I'm unfolding out folding is not basically that we want to be God will we see what happens when people want to be going to NW Stalin's and you end up with the monument with your tongue is a Seattle is ugly, scary thing and I don't know how the place of managing your country because if I was a policeman in the states.

I'd be so disillusioned and demoralized you you putting your life on the line every day you try to help people as much as possible because of bad apples everything right and then for those who whom you responsible will then say what you not doing a good job with the take away your money to make your life even more miserable and more vulnerable. I don't have a lot of them releasing that's a really important point and I was speaking about that. Just recently the essay that's gone viral from a Tulsa police officer saying exactly what you're talking about America. You're getting what you wanted but you know we who have protected and served you are getting so discouraged and disillusioned that a lot of us are going to quit because why in the world would we let risk our lives when were being treated like this and just another indication the cultural Marxism is a force for destruction go to virtue what has marks to do with Minneapolis by the Rev. Melvin Tinker, always a pleasure.

Thank you so much Rev. Tinker for being with us having me thinking again how God bless you. Thanks again will be back this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford want to talk a little bit about the section of Seattle, now referred to as chop because I guess Chas wasn't doing at CHA Z the Capitol Hill autonomous zone they did like that's another chop Capitol Hill organized protest is that what it is and they really talk about this area of Seattle, which is been walled off by a bunch of anarchists as being just a very peaceful place. It's just like a guardian. In fact, I think they're planting gardens there to try to get some food while they hold up signs asking people to bring donations those evil capitalist that they come in a condemn with every fiber of their body. This this capitalist come in really handy when they need staff and so the irony is not lost on those of us who have our minds turned on at any rate, one of the people who has done a lot of good reporting and in fact was really first to expose and he fire answer for what everyone, call me Atif Annie know and he has been on the ground in Portland. He was beaten not by antiphon when he was and he felt when he was held here in Portland and he is continue to do on the ground reporting about what went on. He just appeared on Fox News at night with host Shannon Brame and talked a little bit about what he seen not so much during the day at shop but at night because this is the part of the story are not being told. This is One autonomous zone can be described as a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

You see during the day. Yes, it's very peaceful families come that people come there with their pets and his fee so if you can ignore all the imported businesses. All the graffiti calling for the murder of police assaults peaceful nights you see the criminal elements come out for sure last night that was made very clear when one person on a microphone and a loudspeaker was able to sit them all.

Probably more than hundred people cheered chase down this business was several blocks away.

They just all descended on it was paramount to push up against the fence and all Rushton could have been extremely violence fortunately wasn't according to what I heard from the owner and staff they had detained one of the comrades of the discount for alleged arson and dust and because of all his comrades came to help get him out. Police number came. While that's interesting.

Why would the police, they don't want the police they want to get rid of the police. That's what you have to do when you're taking control of any area you want to get rid of the people working to hold you accountable under the law. No one any law they don't want the United States at least, the United States that they grew up in that made them.

The people that they are today, or so they would say the evils of America created who they are today, when in fact it was the people within this country. In academia and in the media. Those who will embrace cultural Marxism who have influence these young minds and going back to that Gallup poll that I mentioned earlier with Rev. Tinker you have such a small number of the youth of America 18 to 29 saying they're proud to be Americans. Why would they be proud to be Americans America's evil troublemaker ran for six months.

Drop them in North Korea for Eden two weeks I think they would see America through new eyes. Just incredible The Daily Beast says that the local businesses outside shop or in shop just love chop is Capitol Hill organized protest zone in Seattle about the business.

Is Annie know answers that question cut to show there are some businesses whose owners or renters, or men may be sympathetic to what's going on and how lights what's happening but there are others who don't. For example, there is a Trader Joe's nearby announced just a few days ago that their closing indefinitely because of security and safety issues, and you also see all the businesses that are boarded up.

No cars can drive into this area. I don't see how the you and I don't some positive experiences of some owners could be the representative voice, particularly when there are now some dissenting voices coming out to speak in their having to do it anonymously because of threats of retaliation. While it's pretty scary. Now this is interesting. The police chief has claimed all were doing the best that we can when there are real terrible crimes we we are really concerned about that, but this was the report from the daily caller. This is an anonymous person talking about what's really going on, followed by more discussion on foxes like a three. Schultz protest groups to gunshots that anyone what are you saying what are you hearing with respect to people who are bearing arms are they doing so legally what you know about claims he is making you see a lot of people openly carrying weapons that can be handguns, rifles, batons or even knives and there is quite a lot of open drug use as well. I it's a completely different vibe than during the day you see vagrants come. There are some of them are dealing with mental health crisis. There was an ambulance that was called yesterday and the fox out. Police are not going in should tell you quite a lot and this is where my own sourcing had told me last week is if anybody needs help. You actually have to leave the physical zone returned to the US let say to get help. So this is now one week experiment in anarchy and chaos in those who live there have to fund for themselves and again this is what they wanted to across the country. How would you like to live in a city like that. How do you think the people in Seattle feel about this. A lot of them are supportive because a lot of people in Seattle are nuts there so far gone they think this is fine and let's supported, including the politicians. It's a wonderful leftist paradise, except it won't turn out like paradise. Now let me just give you an example of how this kind of stuff is enabled over at NBC as reported by news busters. They did this report and NBC nightly news Lester Holt anchoring this and you gotta listen to the contrast between the way they talk about the autonomous zone in Seattle, and the way they talk about the upcoming trump rally that's planned in Tulsa. Listen first to the report from NBC on shop.

This is cut for protesters transcranial occupied part of the city and demanding police work for Jolie characters. There would link the trails CLE the protesters, showing no signs of leaving the six block area after taking it over a week ago now demonstrators picking time garden this weekend newly renamed Capitol Hill occupied protest solidarity for all their demands reduce funding for the Seattle Police Department invest in the black community and release arrested protesters 10. It sounds like wonderful paradise, doesn't it.

It's festive. It's crowded. It's peaceful. Pay no attention to those gunshots ringing out at night folks. It's just festive. Now contrast this with how NBC covered the upcoming trump rally in Oklahoma complete with the co-bid panic scolding that the Seattle story didn't get listen to cut five present drug design returned to his favorite stage campaign rally now set the relaunch of an indoor arena in tolls Oklahoma Saturday night. We expect you like a record-setting would know better than you see that we certainly will do in Oklahoma. He says do accommodate ticket request bill for over 19,000 seat arena, and the convention hall next door. The type of gathering. The CDC classifies as highest risk of spreading coronavirus and justice tolls in public health director says it's too soon. The size of the crowd will come together coronavirus cases and deaths were low in Oklahoma, but the numbers are now rising. The present campaign manager tonight announcing that all attendees will have a temperature check hand sanitizer and a mask, but it's not clear whether they'll be required to wear it now if you had to analyze those two new spaces which side do you think that NBC design the trump rally's a big problem because of COBIT, but if you are out as a leftist writer, somebody who's violence somebody who's done something completely lawless in the city of Seattle. It's festive. It's crowded and it's peaceful. But the trump rally. It's reckless because they might not wear six okay so you have Bill de Blasio, the committed progressive mayor of New York City going and locking up a playground for the Orthodox Jewish community.

But then says don't ask when you doing contact tracing whether or not people have been involved in leftist protesting.

So ideology at work here. Not at all come back with us were to take a break on Jennifer today.

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It's just virtue, signaling is all it is so so this brings me to this story from the Christian Post will mean to be facetious here folks. I I care very much about real racism. I care very much to make the point again and again.

But I think everybody knows no we all as Christians value every life because God has created us and were all to be in heaven.

Together, those of us who are one in Christ Jesus, so it's a nonissue to me.

At any rate, Christian Post reports now that two dozen evangelical scholars have released a joint statement condemning racism as contrary to the evangelical gospel and acknowledging the realities of racism that existed throughout evangelical history, the new evangelical statement on the gospel and racism was released as nationwide protests continue in the wake of the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota and just days after the controversy of killing a ray shard Brooks and Atlantic cable does two things are not analogous but anyway today's situation, the document reads requires more than a statement, but certainly no less than a statement. So what is this statement all about. Oh, I'll read it to you. Be ready okay here you today's situation as I read requires more than statement.

Certainly no less than a statement as evangelical academic voices we condemn racism is contrary to Scripture and to the evangelical gospel. Evangelical history includes positively many voices for justice and pioneers of abolitionism, such as William Wilberforce but also negatively. Those who assimilated the values of their surrounding unjust culture at the basis of evangelical faith is Scripture climaxing in the good news of Jesus Christ and the bullet points. This is kind of short, but it's in the gospel. Everyone must come to God on the same terms and reconciling Jew and Gentile in Christ surmounting a barrier that got himself once established God in Christ summons us to surmount every barrier erected merely by human sinfulness. Scripture does not discriminate by color and on the most common understanding of acts eight the first Gentile convert may have been black and from Africa finds that man I like.

We know this, Jesus both by his example and by his teaching summons us to serve and love fellow believers to the point of laying down our lives for them away begin to take a need to because BLM tells you to take any because that's what a lot of people are doing and you had a number of evangelical leaders who have said not a peep about their church is still being shut down, but they were sure are telling their congregations come on out in March with BLM come on let's go. We did with Ed Stetzer did it. The guy at Yale, Wheaton College and and you had formerly with life way in the Southern Baptist convention, David Platt, who is a bigwig in the Southern Baptist convention's church all come out in March.

This afternoon on the Lord's day March against racism what you know what to say to this except wow this is really bold and brave. How many times have these same people condemned racism, which is fine, but how many times to do it every time. The left goes out on the streets and scares everybody all okay when he said again, why do you have to keep saying why you have to keep saying the same thing over and over and I made the observation that I don't understand who you're doing this for its virtue, signaling to say Scripture condemns racism. I don't know of a single Christian a single church, a single denomination or single seminary in this entire country that believes that racism is okay.

According to the word of God.

So who were you doing this for is this unclear has this never been stated before. What bugs me about it is that it is done. I think as a virtue signaling effort that is provoked by a desire to please the world and really a desire to bow the knee a little bit just a little bit because we know not because of the genuine protesters but because we know what the Marxists the rioters and the looters are really trying to do and that's destroy the United States and I would like to know why in the world, the Evangelical theological Society has not first put out a statement that condemns what is going on in this United States of ours that would undo this country. Where's your statement on that.

I don't care if you want to put out yet another statement condemning racism fine.

There's nothing wrong with doing that, but it would take actual dots to condemn what's going on. We condemn the black lives matter movements that was started by Marxists and people in the LGBT community were trying to leverage this false identity politics of intersection alley in order to deconstruct the United States and dismantle its and it's done through writing and it's done through looting and it's done through murdering people like David Doran, the black life who mattered is much as anybody else, and is ignored. Why don't you make that kind of a statement. Why don't you come out and actually be brave because they're too busy out there marching there too busy out there bowing the knee, even if they're not literally doing it. They don't want anybody to think that the racist but does anybody really think you're a racist as yesterday on the show I said and I had mentioned in regard to Dan Mangino's comments about what cops go through and when what happened with ray shard Brooks. He said no matter what you do. The temperature never comes down see that's the real kicker of the whole thing. You can submit and submit and submit and submit and it doesn't make any difference. Have we not figured this out yet. So why are you submitting some more because somebody wanted to virtue signal.

In the meantime you have another project and I'm I'm very heartened to see this.

This is from the National Center for Public policy and and it's good it's really really good declaring that left-wing anti-police protesters are on a broader quest to demonize traditional American values prominent conservatives have now joined with the conservative partnership Institute in an open letter to Pres. Trump and Congress emphasizing the importance of the rule of law and preserving American exceptionalism will praise the Lord. The letter notes America's foundation of the rule of law and that there can be no justice and there can be no peace or prosperity. Without it, citing the tragic death of George Floyd and the plane that has been put on the police as an institution, it warns that to politicize those rare abuses to so division to undermine and destabilize the United States and to use the coordinated chaos they create to force their agenda. Unsuspecting Americans should say unsuspecting Americans is unacceptable and it was signed by leaders of the free enterprise project. The project 21 black leadership network.

People like Dr. Carol Swain and Bishop EW Jackson Star Parker and some others. The letter states that radical leftists stoking anti-American sentiment are given cover in their exploits by supportive politicians a compliant media and willing corporations. And yet, the radicals operate with an inconsistent agenda. The fact is that the far left radicals burned and looted American cities in the name of a slogan with which virtually nobody disagrees, of course, black lives matter, but an uncontroversial slogan is not the true message of those who seek to use violence and unrest for their own purposes. The fact that the riots mayhem and killing of innocents by mobs continued after all four officers involved in George Floyd's tragic death were charged with crimes makes clear that this isn't about George Lloyd. So this letter came out all sorts of great people signed it, you can go look it up on the Internet and find it. Look at all the names here some some wonderful people with who I think the world of you know Ed Meese and Tom Fitton and Diane Black and Star Parker. As I mentioned before and Sheriff Clark a David Clark wonderful from the crime research center and some other Allen West some others as well. This is so necessary needed and I'm thinking why are the evangelical leaders doing us as the church there, too busy, virtue, signaling, and condemning racism for the 300 millionth time, which like we got it okay you pass umpteen resolutions at the Southern Baptist convention and the President-elect of the Evangelical theological Society, ironically, is Dr. Al Mohler of the Southern Baptist convention who refused to sign the statement on social justice and the gospel which came out a couple years and I guess he had made a remark to the effect that he doesn't really sign statements until this one out whatever you know what people can do what they want, but it just seems to me that there is a vacuum in leadership.

There's a vacuum of biblical conviction that desperately needs to be shown. Right now there are a lot of Christians who are stressed out by this and really are fearful for their country and the future of this great nation and they see this kind of stuff and they say who's gonna speak the truth so I really salute these conservatives who came out and and put this letter out to Pres. Trump, God bless you. This is the letter that needs to be written.

This is the letter that needs to be submitted and shame on evangelical leaders who are too scared in my opinion, to speak the truth.

I hope that will change. I hope that you realize this is a very critical moment to not have no spine will leave it there. Thanks so much for being with us and Janet. Never today we will see you next time

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