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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Petr Jasek (Imprisoned for Christ)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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June 22, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Petr Jasek (Imprisoned for Christ)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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June 22, 2020 5:00 am

Imagine trying to help persecuted Christians in Sudan and ending up being persecuted yourself. That's what happened to Voice of the Martyrs' Petr Jasek, who spent 445 days in prison amid dangerous Muslim radicals - until the Lord rescued him. Petr will join me to discuss what he's learned about persecution and faithfulness from his book, "Imprisoned with ISIS: Faith in the Face of Evil." That and much more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

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That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone is I sort been up itself.

That's what happened to my next guest who was leading voice of the martyrs ministry in Africa and found himself arrested and sentenced to life in prison and caged up with cellmates whom he learns were members of the Islamic state Peter Yashin expand 445 days in prison. Now he serves as was the martyrs global ambassador and he is out with a very powerful book about what he went through. It is called imprisoned with Isis faith in the face of evil Peter.

It's wonderful to have you with us. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for the invitation to your thinking what a little bit about your background as a Christian first. That's what really interested me as I was going through your book because a lot of people have heard about your imprisonment. Maybe not so much about your background you actually are the son of a pastor, your parents were actually monitored and interrogated by the secret police under communist Czechoslovakia. Can you talk a little bit about how your childhood shapes your own experience as a Christian, absolutely, you know, I'm thankful for the pregnant. I grew up in a Christian family, you know, even though we all know that we can help inherit the kingdom of heaven.

You have to be born into it.

So when I was about 15 years old I was a freshman in high school, you know, came to the conclusion that I really want to commit my life to Jesus that happened. Do you know when I was in the eastern Germany of the time.

The summer youth camp and that was a moment when I made this decision and I shook after that I asked my father, you know, to baptize me and quite sure That the persecution in our family really started because my father was a pastor in the office at church about the course you know the church was quite closely monitored by fictive belief that every church used to have 102 critical workers of secret police who informed do you know about any suspicious activity in the church and that's why my parents decided to work around that in the unofficial underground church, which meant that you know a grave risk of the time and my parents were organizing a discipleship training for young people from various denominations and I have to say that many of them were from no church of the time there were just believers in Jesus, and of course you know this became a and the focus in the winder all the secret police and the shook after I was baptized and I was active in sharing the gospel among monks. My schoolmates, and even the teachers at the high school I came home one day and I discovered that both of my parents were interrogated, arrested, they know in two different places for the same time and interrogated and I remember the time when my father returned home and so maybe character the time and so he went to his library and just gave me one book that he had there was in German language, but I was fluent in German of the time. In fact, English is my fourth language so he said read this book and it was Richard Brown's book and got on the ground and he said read this book.

It will encourage okay and I can save that off the Bible. This is the second most important book I ever read in my life and it has changed my perspective from persecution when I read about brand and how the Lord was helping him to overcome in human being thinks and in human culture brainwashing I stop being afraid of persecution. As you know later on. I told about this book to my new brother in Christ, my schoolmate of the University you know who became also a believer in Jesus and I prepared him somehow or what he could experience as a Christian, and communist Czechoslovakia and he was deeply touched by this program.

We know from the book of Daniel that you know the Lord is the one who is setting up kings and removing kings. This is Endymion 221 and so you know, even though I never believed the communist dictatorship could ever finish in our country. It has happened in November 1989. Then we got freedom back for us. Those who have been once help by courageous believers from Western countries who were secretly bringing Christian literature and Bibles into Czechoslovakia. In fact, I got my first Bible when I could ever read them right by that was so bold by the Dutch people to communist Czechoslovakia when we were set free, and we knew that there were still Christians were persecuted.

We found that the white chalk. After the fall of communism and Czechoslovakia refounded the voice of the market in 1992, and it has been all but great privilege for me to serve those who are now persecuted because I have once experience what it meant to be served by others, and I think this is fully natural and I almost consider this a great privilege you know when the Lord gave me late on know the fact that you know the all opportunities to meet and interview and late won't help believers who have not only lost their material things like houses being looted and destroyed the cars being burned. You know I met those who have also lost their beloved one brother, sisters, parents, children, but I had the special privilege to meet people whom I consider heroes of biface heroes of faith.

Actually, you know those people who have also lost part of their own bodies because they didn't one to renounce their Christian faith and from them.

I have learned to know that they considered the persecution as a privilege from the Lord. That's the way how they understood and later on I have this also of the privilege to understand the from the first hand.

You know that persecution is an essential part of the Christian life. You know that was what you experience on the common is him and liked all you know when I have this privilege to serve the persecuted church.

I also had the privilege to suffer with them.

Wow, what a story is just so much in there and I know people will want to read all about it in your book that you had actually been in Sudan before you are arrested you used talk about different times that you had been there when you went to the time that finally got you arrested and taken to prison.

What was your mission that day because you were only supposed to be there. I should say four days was the length of your yes at that time. What was your mission and objectives on that particular trip.

You know I was supposed to document persecution. All individuals, as well as the whole congregation that I was supposed to interview one, the young Muslim background believers students who was supposed to be killed because you know I will send this to a crime for a Muslim to convert to any of the religion or abandon his Muslim faith that is punished still in Sudan with death penalty and I saw the pictures of this young guy who was to turn to be burned because you know the fire bomb exploded in his hands, and I was so no touch by seeing his picture and I said I needed to just go and visit him in and document his injury so that the voice of the markers would help him practically you know and his treatment, and social pictures off church buildings been completely demolished country of Sudan. At that time or now, you could see church buildings from many the nomination and you know you can see people going in and coming out and you can easily get the false impression that there is a religious freedom but that it is not, you know, and in fact you know those pastors who have been encouraging their church members to follow Christ great commission to make disciples of all people, and it means also from the Muslim majority people they will be arrested, interrogated, repeatedly arrested that if they still continue to do that they, their churches will be demolished and the bill was fine.

No, I mean the authorities. He always finds a reason. Reason to demolish their church building said that was what I was supposed to do there and I have successfully. I would say accomplish everything what I wanted. The only problem was that I was closely monitored by secret police and one says that was there was no surprise in it.

But you know when I go to rest here for first I thought it was just the kind of being a predeparture check that I have experienced times, and by consent patient was in just a moment. We need to toss for quick take Peter Yashin is with us talking about his book imprisoned with Isis will pick up the story after this on Janet as cries for justice ignite our nation. Pre-born is quietly and compassionately saving the lives of black moms and babies for the greatest injustice on black America abortion freeborn takes a stand in the highest abortion neighborhood in the US, Jamaica, Queens, New York. I got to hear how strong her. Harvey was always laughing like she was supposed to be here, but it didn't matter what anybody else told me that it was I was blessed with the ability to carry license out of my and that it was supposed to be here for something that was all in Jamaica, Queens, a predominantly black community. This grim reality exists more babies are dying from abortion that are being born freeborn pregnancy clinic is fighting daily to save black babies from abortion which you join with pre-born and help babies know their lives matter for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds to donate just call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 ARE tax-deductible or there's a banner to are you in need of a healthcare program you're in love as a member of liberty help sharing your part of a community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $199 per month and there's no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals liberty hell share is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses in your time of need.

Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out more by calling 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 or visit liberty hell that's liberty hell you're listening to Jonah's Medford and while this is an incredible story.

Peter Yashin spent 445 days in prison in Sudan. He had been over in Sudan trying to help persecuted Christians and ended up being persecuted himself. He tells this really incredible story in the new book imprisoned with Isis faith in the face of evil Peter before we went to the break you were talking about the fact that you had been in Sudan for this four day trip and then you try to leave you were trying to help out. You know the church in Sudan and you were trying to leave and you were stopped at the airport. What happened what they say to you, you know, they spoke very broken English and you know that you say student security for Lola so I'm him.

At first I didn't see anything strange in it. So I pulled them but they took my cell phone, laptop, camera, video camera, all my equipment, my external hard drive so everything I have in my computer back and you know the as I said they was speaking very bad angry so I started to speak the languages that I am speaking French, German, Russian.

I know that the Sudanese you could please been trained in Russia also.

So they didn't speak any of these languages but then they call their supervisor who spoke English and then I miss my flight to no worse.

I was transferred to the war to subsequent police where I was interrogated for nearly 24 hours. That was that was one thing that that when I saw them filling some papers. I was quite sure that this would not be a hotel reservation at that time so they took me to the first out of the five different prisons. I went through in the coming 445 days first four months were actually mainly for interrogations will sever interrogation by secret police and then they brought me before the judge, where I heard the crimes that I was accused of fork and then was like seven different articles, but two of them. The first like espionage and trying to overthrow the regime in Sudan. I was actually facing death penalty for that and I have to say that when I heard through the interpreter. The death penalty. It was something that kind of change my view. One of the whole situation. I realize it's getting really serious and often these I was transferred to another prison, and then you know another four months so very long and detailed prosecution by the prosecutors, you know that preparing the court case and after eight months.

Eventually, we were pulled before the court for the court case lasted six months, you know at the time when we went through the court hearing so you know it was a kind of sort of tragicomedy you know actually sometimes the power went off, and everything had to be adjourned. You know, it just reminded me some of the political court session so that they did in communist Czechoslovakia 1950s, but that at the end of that. I was sentenced to life imprisonment.

I somehow expected that because the way how they portrayed us to the pro-government newspapers was obvious that they will punish us severely and my two Sudanese brothers. They were sentenced to 12 years of prison but know the Lord was in control and that something that people who will read my book imprisoned with Isis faith in the face of evil will realize from the very first pages of the book the matter to his way in the supernatural way how the Lord was preparing me for the time and you know he was in control to the last day of prison and that that's a wonderful thing to know, and I would say that the same President Bush here who marked me as a criminal that needed to be punished.

He was the one who actually pardoned me within a month after I was sentenced to life imprisonment. You know we read in the book of Proverbs that the Lord is directing the heart of the king like the river or riverbed of the river in the direction he wants. I credit to the Lord and the course. The prayers of many faithful believers who were faithfully praying for me and they were not only praying they were also doing something they were signing different electives and sending them to various Sudanese embassies around the world. They were signing on long petition and will affect there was one petition organized by the NGO from Spain to go that collected nearly half a million signatures from all over the world demanding our release and the Lord is the one when he opens no one can close as that was what happened and you know to the last moment I could clearly see the Lord being in control. While it's amazing the whole story is just incredible.

Like you said how the Lord prepares you and how you took every opportunity that you had to share the gospel when you're talking about being imprisoned with Isis, though that's a particularly difficult situation and that's an understatement. Really, what you went through because you have these in a radical Muslim man who made you what turned toward the toilet when they were doing their prayers. They eventually beat you didn't they end and some terrible things were done to you. How did you endure all that I the first and hardest lesson lesson that I have learned all all the lessons I learned during these 445 it was the Lord's trends can be manifested in our weaknesses.

That's what Paul's talks about in second Corinthians 1210 when I am weak, then I'm strong to know I lost within the first three months like a 55 pounds of my body.

What is the first month I have lost literally half of my blood through internal bleeding. So being monitored heavily and anemic. You know, I appear to be at the bottom of my physical as well as emotional stress. And yet this you know what I was really concerned about my mental health that much about my life like mental health I was praying and asking the will please keep my mind sound and yet in these in this weakness. I was able to share the gospel with these Isis guys pray for them and not only share the gospel with words but also with my attitude.

You know like the Lord, you said that we should turn up the other cheek when they beat us into one and I can tell you honestly, that's not my normal nature, but that's was not needed was Jesus and me, who was able to turn my other cheek when they were beating me but I understand that these people work young people who could be my sound highly educated from various countries and in a like for instance one of them was a Libyan guy who at the age of 12 was a person. The bodyguards of Osama bin Laden and Laura, and he was highly respected by all the they used to call him a man of sort.

And you know I thought it was because of him being a bodyguard, but later on when he was transferred to the neighboring so I found all the true reason why he was called sort. He was one of the murderers who beheaded the 20 Coptic and one African Christian in Libya in the beginning of February 2015 puma flaked. Are you sure the cell with me beckoning me also. But the Lord gave me the special grace also to share the gospel with payment and to pray in my prayers. You know Christianity is the only religion that is teaching his followers to love their enemies, for instance, Matthew 544 but I say to you, you said love your enemies and pray for those who persecute so I will encourage people not to be filled with hatred and obey when they read my book but feel with prayers for those who need to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and God. And I also encourage people to pray for those six Isis members who shared with me the so were slandering me beating me and torturing me, but the Lord has delivered me from their midst. You know when they were just about to start torturing me with waterboarding and let you know that was a moment when I had the feeling like Daniel when he was taken out off a lion's den. The only difference was that we read in the Bible that the Lord has The most of the land shock, but their mouths were wide open in shock when I was taken from their midst, and you know they could not believe that I was taken and that was how the Lord has rescued me and later on he used me to share the gospel with many other people in the following prison system. Amazing how do you look back on that experience, having been released two years ago now.

How has it changed you as a Christian. I'm sure there many many ways.

But what if you were to pick 1 Particular Way in which the Lord has a transparency. I think 48 tenant says, behold, I have refined and tested in the furnace of production you know if you come through any type of suffering and persecution. It's like a refining furnace. You know, and the fourth you know Bible talks about refining his people through fire fire of affliction and you know this is certainly the main point all think of these Isis people into this trial is that, like with the their similarity with the precious metals you know that the point of melting and refining the precious metals in fire is that they moved gets rid of everything that is not genuine so I can honestly say that I got rid of everything that was genuine my life and it's not all the things that you do when you are not supposed to. But it's also that you are supposed to do certain things and you are not doing them.

First of all, you know, I was also convicted by the Holy Spirit when I realized how people were praying for me. You know, people can read about that in my book. You know how I quit the experience the effects of prayers of many people, so I got convicted, for instance by Holy Spirit.

How often someone asked me to pray for him and I said yes yes you know I will keep you in my prayers. This is kind of just a normal Christian social pray for safe. I will keep you in my prayers.

But I realize that when I say that it means that I will fervently for pray for that person and I said I when I will be released, I will encourage many of the people to pray for our brothers and sisters were going to persecution because I have experienced the direct effects of their prayers, my goodness, what a lot a lesson to learn in a difficult way to learn it, that it's just an encouraging story is a hard story to difficult story for those of us who have never walked where you walked but I think that this is can be a lifeline for Christians in the future. I really do. It's called in prison with Isis faith in the face of evil and it's from Peter Yashin just so good to have you here, Peter. God bless you and thank you so much for sharing your story. Thank you, thank you for being here will be back on Janet Mefford today. After this this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford.

Well, it seemed like there was a little bit more normalcy without Tulsa rally. Although the left went crazy over Pres. Trump just can't packet out the way that his campaign swore it would be packed out and that was true. It was not packed out the way that many people had anticipated, but given the fact that you have a pandemic going on and you have protesters and riders filling the streets and you have those people show up at the Tulsa rally isn't all that surprising that you wouldn't have quite the turnout, but it turns out, as the New York Post has reported social media abuzz over the weekend with claims that Pres. Trump's opponents.

Many of them teenagers and K pop fans guaranteed that hundreds even thousands of seats for the Tulsa rally for Pres. Trump remained empty by bulk reserving tickets they had no intention of using and you might have seen Alexandra Locascio Cortez, the Congresswoman from New York super far left socialist tweeted this out.

Actually, you just got rocked by teens on tick-tock who flooded the Trump campaign with fake ticket reservations and tricked you meaning Trump into believing a million people wanted your white supremacist open mic enough to pack an arena during Cove Ed so this raises a very interesting question because right away.

People started raising the issue of election interference. I don't know if anything will come of that by will see what happens. At any rate, if you had that situation going on. It would explain why the arena wasn't quite as full as the Trump campaign had anticipated but on the other hand while they're focused on the Trump rally and the numbers in the Trump rally what they're really upset about is the fact that it's they you know that the issues that are going on around the country right now. Let's see, for example, murder in Seattle in the chop sound. Yeah, there was a shooting in Seattle. One person died, one person seriously wounded in the chop sound and want talk about that.

They don't want to talk about pandemic risks in the chop sound in Seattle. They want to talk about. They were ripping down the tearing down of statues across America. There was a lot of fodder for Pres. Trump to focus on at the rally analysts let you listen to a little bit of what the president had to say let's listen to this first got here where he talks about his upcoming opponent in the presidential race, Joe Biden. This is One of the trail calamity and he never did anything. It was a Saturday was vice president it was before that something you Trump was sure he was. The complaint think about. He's been there for 43 years of 47 years I supported every globalist on the American worker. Let's make every country in the world but ourselves well right so he went off on Biden quite a bit during the course of the rally, but I thought that was an effective moment to say well if Joe Biden is such an effective leader, then why has he not been able to lead in the last 43 to 47 years as the president said now something else that came up, which I think is very much resonating with a lot of people who are Trump supporters are would be Trump supporters.

That was the issue of the Second Amendment listen To the big lot of himself when he ran for president in charge of John's Second Amendment.

Just remember, I said, hopefully you won't have to think back about it too much, as it will not.

Hopefully it won't matter wants to give up guns as a judge of the second nobody wants that. Now the president also address the issue of the statues being torn down across the country and the issue of the American flag. This was quite a moment. This is three George Washington said you know something. This is great. We want to come up with legislation that if you write an applause line. Now this was interesting because the Atlanta mayor Lance Adams was on with Jake Tapper yesterday talking about the rally and this hypocrisy is just incredible. Listen cut for like so many people across this country. My first sponsors that I hope that this is a preview for November that finally people are recognizing that this man is a danger to our country. A danger to our democracy and he should not be the president of the United States of America that rally was an embarrassment. It was absolutely what nation does not need right now. He did not speak about healing.

He did not recognize any of the racial tensions that are happening across our country is that he does what he always does. He continues to try and divide us and and really inflames the worse people and so I just hope that that this is a good sign that the country is moving on Farnham, let me just come in a little bit on the hypocrisy there.

Pres. Trump is a danger to our country. You have leftist rioters taking over six square city blocks of Seattle and others trying Portland to do the same thing no doubt these leftists will continue to do similar things in other cities you have rioters toppling statues you have riders looting you have riders attacking people and killing people, shooting people, destroying people's businesses.

But Trump is a danger to the country, not your base, not the people you support on the streets. What about justice. If you cared about justice, why don't you care about how unfairly this police officer is being treated in your own city of Atlanta causing a lot of Atlanta cops to refuse to show up to work. That's a bit of a problem is it not, but it's Trump is terrible and embarrassments have you seen the latest photos of the Joe Biden rallies.

They don't have to enforce social distancing because there aren't enough people to get within about 20 feet of each other.

So that's an embarrassment that this is what they want to distract you from is the embarrassment of their own candidates. Now she goes on to talk about the past, the present and the future.

This one just takes the cake. This is cut five 20 million Americans who are out of work right now so whatever happened both before the pandemic is probably not resonating with the people who are trying to figure out how they will pay their rent and put food on their table again. This man had a complete and blatant disregard for the past, present, and for the future.

The fact that he was even in Oklahoma during the Juneteenth celebration. The side of the worst racial massacre in this country's history. I think it speaks to who he has no recognition and concern that where we are with Cove 19 and no concern about what it would mean for people who are gathering in these large numbers.

King get it, and he is giving us the best that he has and so when you know that over hundred and 20,000 people have lost their lives to cold it you dare speak that she sat slow down the testing you say the president was speaking tongue-in-cheek time to gel, even if it were a gel which it was not inappropriate gel. I find that incredible she's slamming him for talking about reducing COBIT testing when his advisor's trade advisor comes out and says it was tongue-in-cheek. He was just kidding. It was a light mom and Jake Tapper even jumped in and said he was getting doesn't matter doesn't it doesn't matter because if you didn't literally mean it and it was just a joke then you can't be as outraged corrects and by the way, when you're talking about a disregard for the past.

Let's go over some of the events Arity mention what happened in Seattle. What about the rest of the protesters. Let's see, let's go to the daily mail because we have protesters in San Francisco tearing down statues in Golden gate Park statues of Ulysses S Grant, and Francis Scott Key were vandalized and pulled on you already heard about George Washington, grand switch, who was the 18th President of the United States was a union general during the Civil War as we know key wrote the words to the Star-Spangled Banner. Then you had a statue of a Spanish writer vandalized you had protesters removing statues of historical figures who own slaves. Why aren't more people standing out in front of these structures and protecting them from these writers and these protesters you know what, this is a big deal because it's very symbolic. They want to destroy America. This isn't about race at all races.

The pretext for trying to destroy America and I think a lot of people who watch the Tulsa rally got a little bit of a reminder that America's worst offending were to come back. The ministry of pre-born is dedicated to helping safe pre-born babies from abortion through ultrasound and even in this time of national crisis. Pre-born is there. Here's Dan Steiner, president of pre-born, no college classes in children you have led to an explosion of unplanned pregnancies are panicked about their pregnancies and wanting to abort our crisis line is the busiest it's ever been. Here's One of Our Crisis Line Operators, Girls Are Scared and Often Seeking Abortion As an Easy Way out.

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It's very difficult to see exactly where the trajectory will end up. We have to follow what's going on. Day by day by day and in one sense it's good that the president held a rally so you can get a lot of patriots together and remind themselves law and order, law and order, law and order and I'll tell you what it's not just the leftists the Marxists out in the streets tearing down the statues historical figures, rioting and looting. All the rest. That is bad enough that is unprecedented. Really, the degree to which were seen this go on because the difference now is that it's been tolerated and encouraged by people who were elected to keep law and order, and the fact that the left is fine with dispensing with law and order is a bigger deal than I think many of us can really grasp at this time but there's something else that went on last week we we obviously talked about the Boston decision horrible decision in which the Supreme Court legislated just flat out legislated Sexton title VII and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 now means sexual orientation and gender identity, which is insane and and clearly a violation of the Constitution for the Supreme Court to step in and legislates but there's something else that happened late last week. You might recall, the Supreme Court blocked president trumps effort to and Dhaka.

The deferred action for childhood arrivals policy which is not legal and Obama put it in the place and we been talking about this for years. It protects the deportation of roughly 649,000 illegal aliens, the administration's actions were called arbitrary and capricious by the US Supreme Court.

Now Sen. Ted Cruz did a phenomenal thing. He got on the Senate floor late last week and really not only took the Supreme Court to task for this horrendous decision over Dhaka but also called out Chief Justice John Roberts and it felt so good and was so necessary for somebody in the Senate to say what he had to say I want to listen to a little bit of what Sen. Cruz said this is cut five days decision from the US Supreme Court and Department of Homeland Security versus Regents of the University of California's disgrace.

Judging is not a game. Not supposed to be a game but sadly over recent years more and more Chief Justice Justice Roberts has been playing gay with the court to achieve the policy outcomes he desires this case concern. Pres. Obama's executive amnesty amnesty that Pres. Obama decreed directly contrary to federal law. He did so with no legal authority. He did so in open defiance of federal statutes and of course he was celebrated in the press for doing so. Obama's executive amnesty was illegal.

The day it was issued, and not one single justice of the nine Supreme Court justices disputed that one Chief Justice Roberts wrote the majority opinion joined by the four liberal justices on the court. This is becoming a pattern.

While it is and an obviously we've seen Justice Roberts do this sort of thing before.

When you think about the Obama care decision. Everybody I mean I to some extent. My jaw is still on the floor over the Obama care decision. It was crazy how the world could you have Chief Justice John Roberts not saying that Obama care was unconstitutional. It was so kind and dried and that was the first time. A lot of us really went. Who is this guy we thought he was a conservative now.

Sen. Cruz goes on to ask what difference did it make that the Supreme Court justices all had agreed that Dhaka was illegal.

This is cut seven majority so that Dhaka Obama's executive amnesty is illegal and then bizarrely holds up a trumpet ministration can stop implementing a policy that is illegal. Think about that for a second. In fact it's even worse. The majority explicitly concedes of course the administration can stop an illegal policy. All parties agree that's a quote. All parties agree that quote DHS may resend Dhaka okay easy. Everyone agrees DHS to present.rescind Dr. Wright.

Not so fast, clever little twist majority says what the agencies legal explanation wasn't detailed enough you got the authority to do it. Everyone agrees there's no argument that you don't have the authority to do it but were checking your homework and you know the memo you wrote explaining it just didn't have all the detail we need just a touch more to start over start over. And as I mentioned before, not only in the Obama care decision, did we see this reaction from John Roberts but we also saw just a few days ago. This is cut eight president Chief Justice Roberts knows exactly what he's doing. We saw earlier this week a decision rewriting title VII of our civil rights laws rewriting title VII, the prohibition on sex discrimination on discrimination against women or against man rewriting it to add sexual orientation or gender identity is a policy matter. There a lot of people that support that indeed legislation to do that has passed the House of Representatives twice as fast. This body once the court just rewrote it court just engaged in legislation. Plain and simple. As Justice Alito powerfully wrote dissent by the way Chief Justice Roberts again in the majority assign that majority. This is gamesmanship.

Chief Justice Roberts knows exactly what he's doing. The fact that elites in Washington don't see a problem with illegal immigration doesn't answer the reality for millions of working men and women who do and these kind of games ultimately make a mockery of the rule of law. They make a mockery of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to say we saw Chief Justice Roberts to several years ago holding Obama care were again just with a little clip and the rest we change the penalty into attacks.

That's not clever that's flawless. This decision today was lawless. It was gamesmanship and it was contrary to the judicial oath that each of the nine justices take Mossad Sen. Cruz. I'm glad that he did that entire speech was about 10 minutes long and all but getting the highlights. There is very important because he's seen what were all saying and that is the lawlessness lawlessness.

The Bible talks about lawlessness. I was looking at some of the passages in Scripture that I think are very germane to where we are right now we think obviously Romans 13.

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment will in the United States as we pointed out time after time, the rule of law ultimately comes down to our Constitution because in our constitutional Republic. We the people rule ourselves.

That's different than those who have lived under a monarchy. For example, so this is important not only for us to remember is Christians before us to understand those people who have seized six square city blocks of Seattle are resisting the authorities that God has appointed, and even worse, the authorities who were appointed were going along with that are resisting the Constitution there allowing it in the iron years there allowing this to go on even though it's completely outrageous not to be immediately taken apart and shut down but Pres. Trump doesn't want to take the bait in and walk into a trap.

What happens what happens to just potentially encourages people to do it elsewhere then you think of first Peter chapter 2 be subject for the Lord's sake to every human institution, whether it be to the Emperor is supreme, or to governors to sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good. If you have a loss of law and order in a society you will have utter chaos and anarchy. You see this around the country want to see this in your suburb or you want to see this in your small town you want to see this in the big city where you live. I don't understand.

I don't think most Americans want to see it, but a lot of people are sitting by and say or sing to themselves one must posted to pray for your country. Pray for your country. The rule of law is extremely important because God has ordered it's now certainly, there are laws throughout history that have been unjust and we've seen the apostle say we will obey God rather than men when they are told that they can't preach the gospel were to obey the Lord. We have a great commission were supposed to go into all the world and preach the gospel and tell people the good news of Jesus Christ were not gonna stop preaching the gospel just because it's against the law but at the same time. Governing authorities are necessary to punish evil to punish evil that's what first Peter 213 and 14 are all about.

That's why they're there when governing authorities do not punish evil, you get what you're seen in Seattle and these people were all mad. For example, when medics were called and they wanted them to come to the chop stone and help help out with people who were injured and they wouldn't go in without a police escort, the police wouldn't calm so they were all manageable way to meet you guys have already declared you're not part of the USA. So what right do you have to call upon foreign entities to come in and save you same people who are holding up posters. All we need food. Oh, we need this. We need sweatshirts, we need whatever intense I thought you hated capitalism and now you're turning around at the first opportunity and yelling at the capitals hang out guys. Maybe the United States isn't such a bad idea to begin with and you guys just need to repent of what you're doing and knock it off and return those blocks back to the city of Seattle and be legally accountable for the for the havoc you've created. But whether or not Seattle will make it happen remains to be seen. So continue to pray for our country got a go. Thank you for being with us here in Janet my for today will see next time

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