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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Christopher Gieschen (Evolution and Christianity)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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June 23, 2020 5:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Christopher Gieschen (Evolution and Christianity)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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June 23, 2020 5:30 am

Amazon has blocked paid ads for a book challenging the transgender craze, while an ex-transgender's Christian testimony is booted from YouTube. How did "trans" ideology achieve its takeover of Western culture, anyway? We'll talk about it. Plus: Author Christopher Gieschen answers the question, "Is Evolution Compatible with Christianity?" We'll talk about that and more on the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by Liberty healthcare Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty, our confidence is in Christ alone and no and not talked a lot about mind yet. I know you're disappointed in me right now maybe don't hear about it. Well it's pride month. Now it's not even gay pride month anymore, because pride is the word of the century, I suppose, which is very interesting when you look back at the beginning of Genesis was the original sin pride well will get into that in more detail, but I want to talk a little bit about what's been going on during pride month, which on the one hand is not a lot because you had a lot of virtual get-togethers because of COBIT I guess you can get together for your regular pride month activities, which is a bonus. Although I don't know why you can't get together for your pride month activities when you can get together to call for the Marxist revolution in America, but at any rate, we have some stories related to the canceled culture that is so associated with big gay and it's pressure tactics. Here's the story via Fox, a prominent conservative publisher is now alleging that Amazon has suspended a paid ad campaign for one of its books, which is called irreversible damage. The transgender craze seducing our daughters that Amazon doesn't like that too much.

They are claiming it contains objectionable content about sexual orientation. Payment of women do you mean it's objectionable for a man to think that he's a woman or a woman to believe that she's a man, probably not. But Amazon's advertising support service put out an email defending its decision to suspend the campaign for this book written by Abigail Schreier was been outspoken on this issue and according to the description. It warns that ideas surrounding gender are promoting teenage girls to disfigure their bodies with courses of testosterone. Yes, absolutely, a spokeswoman or spokesman said the ad itself wouldn't have displayed the book description but simply buying options along with a photo of the cover Amazon didn't respond to repeated requests for comments but in an email.

The publisher provided in said was sent by Amazon. Amazon said it contains elements that may not be appropriate for all audiences, which may include ad copy book content that infers or claims to diagnose, treat, or question, sexual orientation, what you question, sexual orientation, oh yeah, the boss.decision, I forgot, we can't question this anymore E quality baby has this campaign. They went on to say, will not be allowed to be advertised. So it's canceled culture, Amazon, the world's biggest seller of books is rapidly turning into the sensor of books is Mein Kampf still for sale Communist manifesto could get that on Amazon because I can think of that and of number of other books that you might want to censor first before a book that's can help people see the propaganda behind the transgender ideology that is shoved down our throats on a daily basis. Here's another example of the canceled culture pertaining to the transgender ideology. You know, while higher wildfire was on my show easement on my show number of times, but he's given his testimony, wonderful man of God. He had the whole thing with the transgender deal.

He went through the surgery and he had been messed up by his grandmother, putting him in dresses when he was a little boy he told a soul testimony on my show, not that long ago but now YouTube has removed a video of wildfire featuring his testimony from a former transgender identifying woman and why is this he violated the company's hate speech policy. It's his personal story.

Whatever happened to my truth is that my truth, my truth is, if I were wildfire. My truth is that I was deceived into believing that I was actually a little girl and I was so deceived that I went through this body disfiguring surgery to become a girl and then lo and behold I realized that I wasn't a girl and I had it all reversed and I'm telling the story so I can help other people not fall into this insane propaganda. The way I did, and I want to talk about Jesus Christ and what he did in my life now can't have it up there nope nope nope nope nope nope nope now the heritage foundation, which put out the video is fighting back with a new video, and while higher, is doubling down in it he emphasized. I said that children suffering from gender dysphoria should not be encouraged to try experimental hormones and surgery and I stand by that statements the seven minute clip which heritage will publish on YouTube includes footage of hires remarks from the original panel with the allegedly hateful six word violation bleeped out like a curse word. The panel which was convened last October was billed as a summit on protecting children from sexualization so I'm glad to see that they're gonna fight back a little bit just funny everybody has to have their truth except Christians.

We can't tell the truth.

We can't tell the truth about sexuality as God actually created male and female is God actually created them.

Now, in order to advance this ideology, you have the Supreme Court ignoring words on a page and also breaching the Constitution by legislating rather than actually interpreting the law, which is the role of the judiciary and who's going to do anything about it. It doesn't matter anymore what's going on.

We are in something of a cult.

That's my opinion were in something of a cult. Some of us have not drunk the Kool-Aid praise the Lord. The only thing keeping us out of this mentality. I think in many respects is the Lord God Almighty, who's keeping our minds straight because we have the word of God to turn to who knows what's going to go on their down the road we see states like California at one time wanted to ban the Bible potentially as in a fraudulent document because it says that you can leave homosexuality behind. I know they said no that wasn't in the language of the bill. Was it a B-29 48 yeah but if you're gonna start banning books based on the fact that they go against your transgender ideology or your homosexual ideology then eventually you have to get around to banning the Bible because where do you think we get the truth from at any rate, there's a good article here in spiked online how trans ideology took over and it's really interesting because I guess in the UK, the government is expected to drop plans to allow transgender people to change their birth certificates without a medical diagnosis and to put into place new protections to safeguard female only spaces such as prisons, interesting development. I don't know how long it's gonna take for the United States to follow suit. Right now were going down the wrong train but it's interesting to see in this particular article that they are talking about strategies that were consciously adopted by key figures within the transgender movement that has allowed this movement in a little more than two decades to morph from transgender meaning a term representing individuals to one signifying a powerful political ideology that is driving significant social change because it's not just about the LG anymore or the be. It never really was about the B then you just hack the tea onto the end and boy in our talk and we got Bruce Jenner and of course it remained you got real social change going on here. So this writer says some interesting things. One masterstroke by transgender activists was the refusal to debates.

The refusal to debates, any attempts at rational discussion. Any recognition that there may be competing rights at stake was met by accusations of calling into question the rights of transgender people to exist but he said they couldn't exist.

What we've said is you have some mental problems and you need a health professional to intervene.

We don't need to let you into the opposite sex, bathrooms, all of society does not to be does not need to be transformed simply because you're confused you need help just like an anorexic would need help because that girl may think she's fat and effect. She's not fat. She just has a distorted view of the world. Another even more shameful ploy was hiding an adult agenda behind concern for the plight of children. Oh yeah, we've seen this for activists in the transgender movement.

The existence and increasing visibility of transgender children provided evidence for their claims that transgender people are born that way and that identifying with a different gender to your anatomical sex is an intrinsic part of a person's psyche. The beatification of transgender children is vulnerable but brave and politically progressive rubbed off on their defenders and this in turn provided transgender adults with a layer of protection from criticism and questioning and legitimize demands being made of educators, health professionals and policymakers spots. The actions taken by a small number of transgender activists, no matter how calculating are not sufficient to explain the widespread reshaping of social institutions and cultural conventions in recent years, what's the reason for the acquiescence. The rise of identity politics and advocating on behalf of the transgender community allows others to be associated with this identity driven challenge to convention know what it is is Gnosticism. We have known about Gnosticism for centuries. This was fought by the early church and it was a really important fight because it was that who you are within is who you really are in the material world is not importance. And that's just not at all true. We know that that's not true that the heresy come back on Jennifer today more heads the ministry of pre-born is dedicated to helping save pre-born babies from abortion through ultrasound and every day.

Pre-born is on the front lines competing with Planned Parenthood for babies lives here is Dan Steiner, president of pre-born Planned Parenthood who generated recently over hundred and $90 million in net revenue violated the terms of the payroll protection plan by taking over $80 million of coded relief funds. Meanwhile, Kriebel has received no government funding and many of our centers.

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You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $199 per month and there is no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals.

Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing you're part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out more by calling 855-565-2561 that's 855-565-2561 or visit Liberty that's Liberty you're listening to back great to have you with us were talking a little bit about how trans ideology took over spiked online has a good piece on this by Joanna Williams, director of the freedom, democracy and victimhood project at seven. Thomas in the name of the book is the corrosive impact of transgender ideology. One of the things that she says in this article is why in the world.

We acquiesce so easily to this insane thought pattern that somehow men and women can be the opposite sex simply by dressing as such and telling people I'm the opposite sex. Its total fiction and it's all in the head. And a lot of these people are very troubled and need help, but we just all kind of rolled over and died about it and we saw on the boss stock decision of just a few days ago that even the Supreme Court has lost its mind when the whole society loses its mind over something so basic and obvious as biological sex. How do you fight back. How do you argue on the case in the media. What they do is they just eliminate anybody else's point of view because that's what's easiest to just continue to trumpet the exact same narrative over and over and over and over and over and over and over, and don't let the average American ever hear the other side of the story you have to actually come to shows like mine or alternative media in order to get the truth about LGBT ideology and all the dangers and all of the lies that this ideology and the people who promoted have been putting out there for many many years so I was listening to this interview done over at NPR by host Michelle Martin reflections on what makes this pride month so significant and I thought oh this is gonna be good. I want to play some of this for you so you can hear it for yourself. The host kicks things off by asking the question of Kristi Mallory who is state and local policy director at the Williams Institute at UCLA Law school, focusing on LGBT Q issues and she said this about the boss stock decision.

This is One, the Supreme Court issued this historic ruling in the Boston case writing for the majority, just as Neil Garces wrote, quote an employer who fires an individual for being homosexual or transgender fires that person for traits or actions.

It would not have questioned in members of a different sex." So basically that means that LGBT Q discriminate in the workplace is the same as sex discrimination, and therefore illegal.

So what's your reaction to this decision initially. Yes, I have to say I was so surprised that had a moment to reflect on the decision and and read the court's reasoning is that it it actually wasn't all that shocking. You know so many lower courts have already held that gender identity discrimination in particular is a form of discrimination based on sex and is, therefore, prohibited by existing nondiscrimination lies that include that characteristic sex and lower courts have have now started altering Klee increasingly recognize that discrimination based on sexual orientation is also a form of sex discrimination. Still, this decision from the Supreme Court really just affirm that those other decisions were correct. This didn't come out of nowhere. This came out of of years of these cases, building and finding that LGBT plaintiffs were protected under existing nondiscrimination laws. So in other words, the lower courts ruled in insane fashion. And so, the Supreme Court in ruling in the same insane fashion is justified because these lower courts were similarly insane that some kind of argument there it, it's no argument. It's just propaganda. Then the host turns to a drag queen by the name of Jay Clapp. I can even tell you J clamps drag queen name because I think it's unmentionable on Christian radio. This is a man whose executive director of the LGBT Q center for Durham North Carolina and chair of pride, Durham, and this was his reaction. Cut to react to the decision by the way in and is the question of workplace discrimination, something that you find in your activism and in your life is still a real and present danger and super fortunate that I work at a organization that specifically serves over to Security+ people.

But when I found out I have to tell you I was shocked. I had to call someone of faith is this real marriage equality. Everyone was very pleased. But for a lot of people, especially younger folks were still trying to make it into their careers were older folks who have seen the world. There's still the concern of how to write, get to keep my job so of course I was moved to tears, but I'm also black. I didn't have enough time to celebrate the victory because there's so much more going on in the world.

And so for me it was okay moment cry celebrate that that was a huge win were not done who. That's an interesting thing were not done right because they're never done. There's never going to be a moment where they say were done never, ever, ever, ever, and did you catch that part where he mentions a lot of people are still wondering how do I get to keep my job. We tell you folks have been following this for 11 years.

The only cases I've ever seen in the last 11 years of people losing their jobs for being homosexuals or feet for being transgender's were in Christian or Catholic schools that set now I might be missing something but I would actually argue that LGBT people are probably the most protected class when it comes to nobody will fire you for being in that protected class. Are you kidding me, but again this is one of those things that's put out there were victims were victims were victims be victims and victims and victims.

When you have more power than pretty much anybody in this culture. It's getting a little thin. That argument when they dominate everything now here is another clip. This is going back to this Kristi Mallory listen to this country. On the one hand, were seeing this decision and Sam incredible progress in some of the state were seeing even more progressive movement toward securing LGBT rights. So for example were seeing some states passed laws that began use of the gay and trans panic defense are seeing some states prohibit bands on the use of conversion therapy on minors by licensed healthcare practitioners were seeing some states enact their own nondiscrimination laws that protect LGBT people from discrimination. But on the other hand were seeing a lot of pushback were seeing some states attacking LGBT rights in opposing LGBT rights and it it seems to be laws that are hostile towards transgender people, in particular, yeah, but there's never a discussion here about why there is so much pushback occurring and it's because giving hormones to kids may be a really bad idea on long run. There may be a problem with people who have little kids in schools who don't want kids of the opposite sex in their locker rooms are there bathrooms in the whole thing is framed as if there are no other Americans who have any rights at all. These rights have to trump everything.

Oh these poor victims so want to go back to the drag queen there's a bit of an odd interaction here is the cut for it is so hard to think about leaving your house and going and celebrating your pride when you also have to think about the number of people who continue to be murdered just for the color first and that has really put me in an interesting place of an activist.

I go out I want to be the voice for the people around me to stand up but also this is a really traumatic time for a lot of people of color and for black people, particularly you having to watch the means stay enraged, but also care for yourself, all while you're supposed to be remembering why we've been fighting all these years and also celebrating that. And that's just been really hard moan and to think about the fact that my exceptionally brilliant X exceptionally humorous brother was having a difficult day and had a difficult run in with the police officer and that ended his life and I just don't think that a police officer should be able to make that type of judgment where he can go.

I don't feel comfortable right now. So here are a people that is so shocking to me and that's what I mean when we have the celebrations over these Williams we have to remember were not all for you were not done fighting and that is why I try to keep going out there and that was actually one of my drug persona is what it is really dug deep. After my brother to pour my heart into my Dragon to focus on the quick community because my brother was old T2 plus as well a lot in that clip. But what you're seeing there is the identity politics that Jonah Wallace was talking about in the spiked online article identity politics is what is pushing this transgender movement forward the way it is. And here he is talking about is drag queen persona, his brother who was killed in a police incident. I have no idea what happened in that particular case, although it is very sad to lose your brother, but he's poured his identity into his drag queen stuff because his brother was killed as a person of color and ear kind like wants what is this have to do with anything. Well, it's again when you combine the victimhood and I'm not saying that his brother wasn't necessarily a victim but you you push together all these identity politics statements to create an impression in people's mind which is you have people who are victimized and you have people who are mistreated and so therefore drag queen should have just as much assay as anybody else.

Now, one more clip. I want to play from this J Clapp this drag queen who's asked, what is one thing you think we should all be thinking about as we think about pride month. This is cut five pride a little like a revival shoring up your spirit and your energy around your beliefs right until pride is an opportunity to remember all of the victories we've had, but also the battles we still have in front of us and the reason I frame it that way because yesterday was Juneteenth and it is a good opportunity for us to learn. Yes, just because this decision just came down from the Supreme Court doesn't mean that people will actually start listening to it and will not discriminate in new and creative ways might take some time for us to truly see that change now.

I can't give the drag queen's name, just the first name that he goes by is a drag queen is Vivica so much as a Vivica but in the four years I found the story here from Indy week about Vivica and Vivica's drag queen exploits. I guess in the four years since he began doing this. They say that this drag queen has made a powerful figure in Durham's vibrant queer culture and there's a quote here from Clapp that says we put forward a social justice bents with a focus on humor, enthusiastic consent, antiracism, anti-trans phobia anti-misogynistic whatever just basically trying to create an environment for everyone, and I think anyone who is been been to our shows. His felt comfortable unless they're a big get right and then the story goes on to say later on sometimes Clapp has to take control when a heckler goes too far. During the drag queen show and uses bigoted or otherwise unacceptable language and as Vivica Clapp never hesitates to call out inappropriate behavior, inappropriate behavior from a man dressed as a woman doing a drag queen show. He is the arbiter of inappropriate behavior, calling out hecklers. We are in one messed up world pray pray pray for this country were to come back on Jennifer today. This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by Liberty health share liberty.

Healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation.

If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty Joe is never too good and here's your host Joe call if you hold strongly to the authority of God's word on the issue of creation that at some point you might have been called a science denier. Does that sound familiar.

These days, even some people in the church might lodge that charge against you. So how should we respond to that charge and others as Christians who must above all defend and believe the Bible while also understanding the real role of science were to talk about that today with Krista purgation who has been a biology Earth science and English teacher and holds a Masters in science education from Indiana University. He's out with a new book were going to be discussing is evolution compatible with Christianity Chris it's great to have you with us. How are you either. Janet show on all your life you creating a man love to have you here. Thank you so much you say you believe in evolution in a limited sense, but not how the evolutionists would like you to believe it. So in what sense would you say you believe in limited evolution will create one of the reasons people might want to be considering purchasing my book is because I talk about evolution as it should be talked about not being a Christian I talk about evolution right and Janet looks I get from my fellow believers Mark you know I evolution right and might only undergoing evolution right is what I get from the old days we used to call speciation or bike where this Sunday farmers do that so that site but the other side will call you. There is evolution right well above their blocks are evolution wrong. So I am mutated pond scum chair. That's when I say that courage on scum evolution aside out of their head stroke their face. They don't like that at all because the to be called primordial Proto show sounds. Janet, if we look at primordial photocells will see on scum shall be rebuilt there. It is just an and in its reality, its goods pond scum. They need to accept that but you know it, but it's important for people to understand how how critical this is because you say based on God's word the Lord did not use evolution to create the world and I wholeheartedly agree with you. We know what the word of God says why is it important for people to understand, especially in this time were living in.

I have a couple of reasons for their very quickly.

Young people today whether there graduates in today on June there graduates make great going into high school or the graduating high school going in the college. If you have a Christian son or daughter or grandchild in that situation you know that they're entering the lion's den.

They article most of them are going to going natural Christian school are all but rather to a public university, and there are going to be teachers and collapsed hospital to the idea of Jesus or whatever. Now the book is going to instruct them on how cheap stateroom to God's word because not one reason why in urban studies showing that is why teenagers give up Christianity is because their crops teachers tell them not Genesis well, we got equipped are you with the you is louder whiny statement in there yet so we need to equip them with the armament they need to not only share the truth you know with others, but Janet when Christians talk about Jesus I've that's all great but you gotta meet them where they are. I think the book is a book of fairy tales okay will. How do you approach them you deal with them by dealing them on their terms with evolution and showing how there's evolution right evolution law. Yes sir okay to have time for 1 More Quick Story Cir. Okay, I can tell you that God is using this court you interesting ways. At the high school I taught at Fort Wayne Indiana Lutheran high school. We have Chinese visiting students calm door school like about seven or eight about and about two or three years ago I had one of them in my biology classroom now – the year was going on. She obviously learned that I was out loud Christian and yet then she came to me after class one day and said Mr. Keeshan. How can you be a biology teacher and I just kind of smiled or why not she should evolution.

See even the atheists know that evolution is a stumbling block in the problem so I just well keep listening and eventually toward the end of unit. She is no longer an evolutionist, but Janet surprise comes later she told me that after I gave her a copy of my book. She began translating sections of sending it to her Chinese science teacher trying a while. I know what Janet that's how our God works is people like me, will tiny count of four. We cannot and I'm reaching people in China that's needs that only he can do that. That's so awesome, what, let's some of these statements that you mentioned that are false because I think this is a good way for a lot of us to wrap our minds around this. You say, and I agree false statement that Christians are science deniers when it comes to evolution. How do you answer the charge of your science denier.

Clearly, Bible believing Christians made science possible. So that's just that's just kind of a silly thing to say in the first place. But how do you refute that myth okay well now that you mention my first talking point for me that's okay. Without science, I'm sorry without Christianity science would not. There are other areas world and our ancient past two gave us like mathematics and no collage to get Dr. chapter, but science began in Europe in the medieval times and the early Renaissance euros 1700s around the.

It's also interesting to note that Galileo's enemies was a church that is a myth and my book explains that how it was pushed I need to stop each day got their underwear do not use the church to do their dirty work. I would also go on to say that science all points to use a designer so Janet science is limited. Cannot tell you where things come from originally. Now one final point that I want your listeners to maybe use this with their teachers. The is that it's rather interesting that the evolutionist will use intelligently designed experiments to show that there is no intelligent designer. All that's in what way give me an example okay. For example, talk about the origin of life experiments, or when they try and work with PNA or whatever they designed an experiment with carefully controlled conditions so they know exactly what you're doing it very very precisely designed in other words, it's nothing like the natural world show temperatures, control pressure, you name it.

Multitudes factors are CAREFUL, be controlled in nature doesn't yet they're telling us that these random chemicals in this primordial stew or just warm fuzzy pond came together and put together a message called DNA and Janet I'm telling you that the scientists evolutionist bio books that you can't talk from.

They talk about DNA as a spouse specifically shucked of coded instructions. I'm sorry, don't you need a mind which specifically now and coded instructions so Janet science points to a designer.

Now it's true. The Bible takes the rest of the way of who that design grips yes right so we know about God.

In general Revelation is Romans one talks about but we learn about special revelation through his word in the Bible never mentions evolution in the beginning chapters of Genesis and then we hear people who are pro-evolutionists, even in the church they say well yeah what we gotta read between the lines and maybe it's all spiritualized, but is a dangerous approach God's word says what it says oh exactly Unipart dangers approaching these people think science is everything I like to talk to each and I'm not gonna judge your site but I'll call them Christian evolutionist. Okay, that's really our your God judged him not be but I simply say okay you're so big on science signs that people do not rise from the dead explained to see Jesus on Easter and of course all well.

It was a spiritual resurrection and going what you said Thomas touch me. You cannot put your spirit involves cooking fish. Janet, there are a multitude example's death.

That's right exactly right over to take a pause here Chris patient with us is evolution compatible with Christianity will come right back on Jennifer today hi this is Kirk Cameron and I am honored to be partnering with the Ministry of pre-born to help moms choose life actor Kirk Cameron supports pre-born.

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How does real science lineup more compatibly with Genesis than it does with evolution. What would be some highlights that you would point out, I would point out boldly at we talk about that everything has beginning.

For example, there's something former biology teacher. I teach my students with all book biogenetic law or the law of biogenesis which says that life comes from like dry right that makes what we see real cheap house, but no appearing in the middle. They are created by former couch so light comes from life you talk to them and say will work at first light come from, and that's when they get their underwear not a job in triumph. All phone calls and they say well time things were different back then in origins, which has nothing to do with biology website with evolution and guess what guys like that also. But basically when you say that will have to be God because God is alive. Therefore, God follows a scientific law, not of course primly say who made God in the easy response. Janet, you if God could be made. Would you be God. No soul logically. Christianity is the only answer to how we got your in the Bible. I agree we, I agree completely. That's very important, and they really do get tripped up on this question is when you talk about everything organizing itself this way or that in the Darwinian evolutionary principles are put into play here and there and everywhere and then you go back to that fundamental question, where did the matter come from Taylor talk about that. Well you know we got all the other stuff figured out now.

The matter is not a problem but said it's everything. Is it not if you can't even understand where the material came from, by which everything we see that exists came into being.

Then, you know, why would I turn to you for life's answers, it doesn't make any sense. Well yes of course it's like the joke we are merely evolutionist finally gets to meet God and like it's really God actually approached us that all will you know God, I can do what you did in Genesis and goggles really and shoulder scientist goes on, picked up a pile of mud and goes back to the lab and goggles.

Excuse me.

Make your own mud and that's it. Now on exactly yeah exactly when out on the site is question. There are a lot of people who talk about the scientific proof revolution Darwinian evolution.

What about this false statement that fossils are evidence for evolution. How would you debunk that one okay is fairly easy to debunk and it's important to remember before I get back is bad science abstracts. No question the problem. Janet is about how we interpret the facts you read Sherlock Holmes stories. I hope you love Sherlock Holmes yes okay well I have a big fan of the fact every chapter starts with a Sherlock Holmes quote that pitched the chapter That took a lot of research anyway so homes would have a set of facts and Dr. Watson, Douglas E tried and should the public good. Well, I'm sorry.

Sherlock Holmes shows it was a little old lady down the street that eventually Holmes was right. So facts are neutral where they point or what the facts shape is called interpretation Sir so anyway now that we've got that idea of interpretation bring me back to your original question, drugs like science and all the fossils right yes okay fossils, it's important to understand what were finding out about fossils is fascinating like were finding actual tissue that is not decomposed. We are finding radioactive carbon which is like carbon-14 try and that shouldn't be existing in these fossils.

If you know you thousands or millions of years old, well you know what they're saying. Well, what you know fossils can euro and tissue can do it or finding it in our category.

You leave it alone in the lab ratchet in two weeks when you talk show is evidence for the flood and there are numerous examples in the other chapter number Michael Gonzalez also I think evolution wrong is one of these fossils that you go extinct yet what you know when were talking about people in the church there are those who will actually take the view that all we can believe in theistic evolution, we can find him 1/3 way were not full-blown Darwinian evolutionists and atheists. And yet were not those done dunces who believe in six-day creation, which is a ridiculous thing, but what you do with the theistic evolution is to accept the idea of billions of years. Couple of things used evolutionist should understand that there are extremely evolutionists who will accept and allow God into the call origin of things story because they gotta have naturalism. In fact, I don't Janet if you read a lot of science articles but every once in a while so she goes dealing with evolution.

The word nature is capitalized. Yes, in the middle of a sentence. Excuse me while you do that will because Janet is nature's God, to them will what you have to do with the theistic evolutionist is to have them again. Bring them back to the Bible all by the way, a good restatement to talk to these people of Bo's person goes through your don't really like science muddling so much of what and I say welcome Bible was supported by the science of archaeology. Yeah, about that turns around real quick so you have these people believe millions, billions of years.

What does that do with the garden right because that means there was death and dying. Excuse for the garden yesterday got straight, he was very good and that means there is no beginning, then there's no ending which meat you can trust beginning, the Bible geared towards the end there, and that hugely what you going to do with Stan that's right at me yet for your courage on mutated pond scum. There is no such thing as sin where animals just do what comes naturally and so you know, God help us. Janet there be no way for anybody to say if evolution is true and God used evolution to do it. Favorite story real quick what I used to tell my students is that when God is a miracle or Jesus you know, the walking of the water. Remember, he said, be still. Yes, if Jesus works for me nature it would take about five hours for the storm to die down when Jesus to be still. It went from thunderhead skies to clear black night and are shining.

It went from 60 mile an hour wind gusts 20. It went from 6 foot waves and Janet how much you want to bet their clothes were try that use God working you week the next verse, which is a change and it said they were terrified of each Jesus you know well if you want me to storm back. I will show your week. I think a lot of problem with people who are if you stick evolutionist if they're trying to make the other side happy but they should understand Janet. They make nobody happy and are in fact I don't think that make God happy goes are messing with used Bible.

Well, that's the point. That really is what it comes down to, because if you want to be worldly and and respectable and I think there is some of that inclination with theistic evolutionist. They want intellectual credibility that I want to be seen as a bunch of backward you know rednecks you know anything and they look stupid, but the reality is that when you look over the course of history. Would Christians have always believed the beginning chapters of Genesis.

You know Darwinian before Darwin, you know what in the world to Darwin add to the sum total of humanity other than setting the stage for eugenics and confusing a lot of people enjoying the way for the Lord will be on a more timely pop topic. Janet Darwin's basis for racialism. Of course, of course, the eugenics movement well were not going to get it back and awards but Janet that is a whole working topic to look at and if you go to certain Christian websites. You know that they talk about that that is really important. So you can check it out Christopher Keeshan's book is evolution compatible with Christianity. Thank you so much for being with us and just want to remind you during the summer months. We want to continue to help pre-born babies and save them from the scourge of abortion in our friendship reborn are really doing a great job there on the front lines when it comes to saving these precious children and through your generous gifts. Pre-born helps provide free ultrasounds to abortion minded women across the country. So when that young mom who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy sees her baby on that free ultrasound 80% of the time she's gonna choose life, and without that ultrasound, one out of every three pre-born babies will perish one ultrasound costs just $28 and for gift of $140 you can provide five free ultrasounds.

Here's the number to call if you can help 855-402-8855 402-2229 or there's a banner to click and Janet met As always, we thank you for being with us here on Janet today. God bless you will say next time

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