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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Eric Anderson (Intelligent Design) Jeremy Dys (Censorship)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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July 24, 2020 5:29 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Eric Anderson (Intelligent Design) Jeremy Dys (Censorship)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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July 24, 2020 5:29 am

Evolutionists often say the universe and human life are just accidents, but what does the latest scientific evidence say on the matter? I'll talk it over with design theorist Eric Anderson as we discuss the book, "Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell." Plus: A Christian military veteran was the victim of cancel culture after he was cancelled as a JAG reservist speaker for his faith. Jeremy Dys, senior counsel at First Liberty Institute, stops by to share the details. That and more on the next JANET MEFFERD TODAY

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This Janet met for today archived broadcast is brought to you by by the lead international please help us in 1200 Bibles to persecuted Christians in Asia.

Five dollars sends one Bible $35 and seven call now 800 yes word 800 YESWORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to click it. Janet met, our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of bit about churches and what an unusual topic right now know what I'm talking about is the state of churches concerning the covered 19 shutdowns we have tried to stand top of this issue throughout the course of the shutdowns with all of these churches being told in various locations that they're not allowed to meet most notably California. As you know I had interviewed Netta Higuera just a few days ago talking about these churches that are suing California over the singing man can imagine anything dumber can you can't saying leisure a leftist protester out on the streets then knock yourselves out. That's fine. Just where mass protest all you want be out the street. You can do that but you just can't sing.

If you're Christian okay well so now we have these Calvary chapels suing.

But there's more stuff going on and I wanted to talk about this because there's a church in Pasadena defining Gov. Gavin Newsom and his orders to shut down. This is harvest Rock Church. This is reported by CBS and this is Pastor Che on who delivered a message to the governor being sued by a group of churches as they point out and he said I want us to pray right now that we will win the court case that there embarking on.

No one is above the Constitution. No one is above the law.

As a pastor I believe we've been essential for 2000 years. Well said pastor. Additionally counties that remain on the states County monitoring list for three consecutive days also have to shutdown more types of businesses and activities, including Jim's places of worship, salons and malls Los Angeles County which is where Pasadena is located is affected by this additional measure and liberty Council is now dealing with this suing Newsom on behalf of harvest Rock church and also harvest international ministry. Here is an update on that particular case because this is something that just came down this week and they were looking for an injunction and a federal judge this week turned down this bid by harvest church ministries for an immediate halt to this order from Gov. Newsom preventing various group worship activities because tell you someone else.

It isn't just shutting down church services indoor church services and it isn't just a singing ban, even though there is no jurisdiction for the state to be able to enforce that so we got lawsuits pertaining to those particular issues, but as Matt Stabler for liberty Council has pointed out, this is also an order that affects harvest rock churches, life groups now.

If you have small groups in your church. You know what that's all about. You can guess what that's all about.

Those are home Bible studies and fellowship groups. Those two are now prohibited under Gov. Newsom's recent orders. This guy have the authority to do this now I know how some of these court cases have gone before in the state of California you've had liberal judges saying well in the name of public health. He can bring much do anything he wants. What about the hypocrisy, though what you perceive this guy does anybody care about the hypocrisy. What we care about the hypocrisy. How in the world can you claim it's constitutional when you're not enforcing the same sorts of restrictions on other sorts of gatherings. For example, this is what liberty Council points out on May 31. Gov. Newsom released an official statement praising and encouraging the protesters in California to continue to gather in large numbers despite the flagrant violation of his orders. This is what he said we have seen millions of people lift up their voices and anger rightfully outraged.

Every person who is raise their voice should be heard and he continued, I want to thank all those who exercise their right to protest peacefully. Excuse me, was the coronavirus order in effect, and yet you know some people are more equal than others. Protesters are more equal than others.

Let's put it that way.

Then the next day or two days later Gov. Newsom held a press conference and expressed appreciation and gratitude for the thousands of protesters gathering in the streets of California in violation of his own orders and told them doing it.

June 5, four days after that Gov. Newsom not only continued his support for mass protest that continually disregard his orders but he said new standard should be applied for such protests got that protesters have the right not to be harassed.

He said protesters have the right to protest peacefully. Protesters have the right to do so without being arrested. The next day.

Thousands of protesters assembled in Sacramento right outside the governor's office in violation of the governor's orders and no citations or threats were made against them, and finally June 7 approximately 100,000 protesters, rioters and looters were permitted to gather in Los Angeles in close proximity without any threat of criminal sanction for violating the governor's orders see how that goes.

Other many Christians who recognize the disparities here and it's not just in California that that has been the case but California's got the most press over this rightly so it's odd to me that you don't see more churches fighting back on this. It's just weird to me. Now I understand. When you have these churches filing lawsuits.

Whatever the decision is will affect other churches. In most cases, unless it's a very narrowly decided case that only applies to the church in question, but generally speaking I think a lot of Christians are sitting back and saying okay well we don't have to do this because these other churches are willing to take the lead on these lawsuits. I just don't understand why more people are not sane for you, Gov. Newsom forgot you, you don't have the constitutional right to tell us to shut down.

You know you look at the covert case mortality rate and how in the world can you even conclude that this is still a pandemic by global standards. Now I'm going to be careful in saying that because the reason I make that comment is the CDC recently announced we've had the 12th straight week of death rate decline and they said a couple of weeks ago were to the level almost where it's not even an epidemic anymore. You have a 90 9/99% survival rate. So tell me why were all acting like this is the black plague, not to mention all these mask mandates which are ridiculous. The masks don't work as we've talked before with Dr. Andrew Boston, the epidemiologist and clinical trial list.

There's no scientific evidence that these masks work.

Why are we going along with all this.

This is my question. Are we so scared of standing up for anything that actually might cost us something that were just gonna sit there and take anything because right now I think when you couple this stuff with the fact that you have the pastor Andy Stanley contingent same church for the rest of the year. Nobody asked you to close the town for the rest of the year. Why would you preemptively closed on your church for the rest of the year that's bizarre. The message you're sending.

As we we really couldn't care less if we show up at our own churches. Now how this is gonna play down the road.

I was thinking about this this morning. Think about really think about how this will play when we are going back in time. Years from now and explaining 2022 are posterity and you have, for example, this is this is something that is relevant to this you've a lot of people talking about how the church is reacted during the Holocaust. Where were the Christians, we had the confessing church and the confessing church was standing up in opposing Hitler but you had a whole lot of people who went along with it.

So that's been discussed to death was. It is a highly highly horrendous and unique situation during the period of time when Adolf Hitler was heading up Germany and the Holocaust to place we all know that millions of people were killed were not in that situation, but what will people say about Christians in 2020 years from now. You had all these unconstitutional orders. You know what your First Amendment says anyway. Churches doing the right thing. They're trying to follow the system they're going through the courts, and they're trying to get judges to rule justly and in some cases, the California cases, they haven't been really justly and in bed. They just haven't been at what you do, you just sit there and take it were not can have church forever.

Right now the churches in California are close down indefinitely. There's no timeframe for when the churches will open back up and I am of the pain the of the opinion like so many other people have said that this is a political move the left.

Once the church is closed. Right now they want enclosed why you an election coming up. Who is the biggest voting block for trump evangelicals.

Of course they want churches closed. Churches are a problem so the leftists are out in the streets. The leftists are doing what they want to do in the streets of our cities. You have chaos and looting and rioting and unrest and the Christians are nowhere. What are we gonna tell our posterity about where we were at a moment like this when you were were on zoom and I'm not sane for people who really are at high risk and are vulnerable to in a really bad ramifications if they were to catch Cove 19 that they shouldn't stay home.

But why should the rest of the Christians who want to go to church have to stay home and I really want the church to consider this. I really do. I think all of us as Christians really have to consider how important it is that we obey the Lord and assembling ourselves together safely and Pat put on your mask if you want the socially distance and all that but if the protesters can get together is no reason that the church and were to come back and listening to Jennifer today. Are you in need of a healthcare program you're in love as a member of Liberty healthcare. You're part of a community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $199 per month and there is no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing you're part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens.

Find out more by calling 855-565-2561 that's 855-565-2561 or visit Liberty helped that's Liberty this is Janet math her and were partnering with Bible league international on fan the flame Bibles for Asia are shared goal is to send 1200 Bibles from the Janet listening family to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Asia in this region of the world.

Bibles are scarce for many reasons, including the remoteness of where people live in the Philippines, church planters and evangelists trained by using resources from Bible league international travel many hours by car, boat, and my foot to lead Bible studies in remote places of the country. Let's send them the Bibles they need in order to share Christ and to see lives transformed for his glory, you can join other Janet math for listeners by sending a Bible for five dollars or 15 for $75 just call 800 guests were 800 IES WORD 800 yes word there's a banner to click a Janet map just look for fan the flame Bibles for Asia and God bless you for caring your job is delivered to you all. This is incredible story of former Air Force Academy professor was the victim of canceled culture this week Jay Lorenzen was scheduled to speak at a Jack reservists training session, but the military religious Freedom foundation put a stop to that by raising concerns about his Christian faith, and that complaint from this militant group prompted the US Marine Corps to cancel the session. Reportedly only 64 minutes after the foundation complaint were to get some more details now from Jeremy dice to his senior counsel for first Liberty Institute, which is representing a Jack reservist opposing the cancellation Jeremy so glad to have you with us. How are you will corroborate yes I like Mikey Weinstein is at it again give us a little background on this session and this professor. This is outrageous what happened here.

Look for your you're really wanted the other two week training at your service during arbitrators you're going to study the bottle toward a rather influential bottle of Israel built an altar in the United States military and the initial 100 and about that discussion wanted to work but cold night to you know you're not everything for everybody. So they resorted about on the audio in a virtual environment watchdog note. The study was to study military tactics lessons of leadership, military history, all think that we would expect our Marines were training to be warriors to be able to study during this time, and you have a single complaint because in this personal biography.

It lists them as being associated with campus Crusade that will not put our Marine Corps to cancel the speaker.

It's crazy.

I mean, just because he had an association with campus Crusade for Christ. That was enough to take him off the docket. That's ridiculous… What happened notables not all we put forward by Mr. widescreen over a probation course, but that's what it comes down to the other MR above claim that religious affiliation was a violation on holding bowel letter to your email to work.

There was a violation of the no government clause because I'm not sure where that is in the Constitution and the First Amendment anyway. So to counsel someone based on nothing more than the personal beliefs and religious affiliation. It is absolutely flabbergasted while he wasn't even going to be addressing Christianity.

It's not like Weinstein could point to the fact that he was going to do some kind of theological training session.

This was about Gettysburg, so why can't you be a Christian and have an association with a Christian ministry, and talk about Gettysburg what why is that even relevant here.

According to Mr. wanted to develop a drug with the problem with going to work on Marine Corps document 120 reservists who are the Marine Corps attorneys think of the Marine Corps really gonna run the risk of 20 Marine Corps attorneys hardly think so, but the bottom line is that is our Marine Corps going to try the battle to win our nation's wars on land. Their song goes right in the study, but have instead chosen to follow the Culture and if they're going to be willing to cancel a speaker because of his personal affiliation were not even a hop skip and a jungle where you from the possibility of canceling individual Marines and other servicemembers for having a personal vision. That's why this is such an incredibly important and big you right now, we ought not to be disqualifying speakers, but especially loudspeakers who have a record of not only 20+ years of service in the Air Force, having taught for 12 years. Air Force Academy and Boehme have another graduated from Tops University. We should never cancel them from the teaching are our work leadership. Now of course not, in any it's kind of bizarre to to complain preemptively.

It isn't as if somebody came in proselytizing and then somebody came back and said hey he proselytized. He shouldn't of been doing that this was he's a Christian I complain about this and you want to cancel this now. What I find really interesting Jeremy as Mikey came out with this press release and it said the fact that the Marine leaders called back on my personal cell phone 64 minutes later and simply said, John, following up with that confirming email makes it quite clear that the senior leadership in Washington agreed with us 100%.

64 minutes.

Do we know if the Marine leadership even called Mr. Lorenzen and discuss this with him other than to say your routing 64 minutes.

That's kinda lightning fast believe every word better than that automate all of their reality to Judge Richter to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, which is pretty hot out there in the Pentagon personal cell phone of Mikey Weinstein and when Mikey called must cancel. She takes his orders for Mikey Weinstein to cancel the speaker of the Marine Corps reserve training regarding I think automate every single American hole for some sort of discipline tutors Georgia Connell, who has done thankfully we've got people like Sen. Ted Cruz and Congressman Doug Collins who are fit to be tied about the situation and I suspect about: older that call to Mike personal cell phone number is going to have a very bad. The very near future.I agree with you.

Now it shouldn't have happened and it is good that you have.

You know Congressman and Sen. Ted Cruz getting involved with this, you know, talk a little bit about your involvement here because you are representing.

As I understand this Jack reservist who's really upset about that. What was the reaction from some of the reservists who were on the side of Mr. Lorenzen when they understood what had happened here will mirror your wonderful report string title. It was something battle to consider to learn and think through tactics don't get reservist do a great job right there two weeks a year to do the Marine Corps duty and sober, looking forward to talking about the Marines in the first place. The military in and out when the nation's wars. Instead, they find that to be canceled, so they get to lose out on that opportunity.

And what is the replace with well of course it's replace with a long and very awkward and at times discussion about the stomach racism and other researchers were going to doctors Marine Corps not something that I think any of them want to sit through the one person who apparently complained about Mr. Lund even being there little bit to Jeremy because I know you will have some thoughts on this, the outsized influence that this man Mikey Weinstein apparently has on the military because there have been so many instances where Weinstein makes a phone call and all of a sudden somebody's life is in all people over something like this.

This is just the latest example of it but to what extent has Mikey Weinstein's activism really impacted military hostility or unfairness toward Christians one word. The complaint there was no attempt to think through the are you telling me that the reference to someone's religion in their speaker bio is so efficient to violate your spousal clause of the First Amendment to establish a religion on behalf of you government.

I hardly think so. And if that level of Marine Corps actually thinks that references someone's personal religious beliefs or affiliation is efficient to violate the First Amendment. All of our freedoms are in grave jeopardy, but apparently because they have this buddy buddy chummy relationship with MRF at least some of them do you know you're willing to simply pick take his word for it, and what happens is that they get themselves caught in a really awkward situation will stated also to get themselves caught in Mikey Weinstein's replication of the troop exactly what happened here to read the story of to quickly see that he try to trump up this charge and it really felt something much was the watch. The session itself then was completely canceled or just not can I have any session with Gettysburg at all that I can learn about what Mr. Lorenzen was going to teach them, and there's no replacement no. The only replacement was a very important place now long discussion on systemic with regard to the horse and sort about the alarm kind of a way. And so my client told the girls were very much looking forward to the grand majority of both the men and women were gathered were greatly disappointed in and frankly a little bored with your discussion that ensued from their I can imagine yeah I wasn't sure if they had any sort of Gettysburg you know session at all, even as a part of that systemic racism be down that they apparently got instead bit is terrible so well how do you move forward here what what is the plan with for these reservists in and for being able to make sure that this doesn't happen again by realm and a great art will know: this week I spoke this week with staff members and Sen. cruises offers.

I suspect the Col. rapist for the Pentagon is going to receive in your hole and perhaps be called to provide testimony to explain why you're willing to surrender to the grams of Mikey Weinstein or not.

Keep your eyes on America's enemies, foreign and domestic. Instead, so my hope is that this serves as a very necessary wake-up call to the Marine Corps that their job is to prepare men and women battle not to alter absolutely think this ought to have been handled clearly is it's very disconcerting to hear that Weinstein can just pick up the phone and within a little more than an hour. This Col. would respond as a yeah Don he's out no way should the military have dealt with this complaint. In a way that would've been fair and would have been constitutional to Mr. Lorenzen being a very simple phone call from widescreen sponsored deliverable to barter not a violation thank you.



You pretty simple, yet this person is allowed in America to be a religious individual and could not wait to participate in an available public benefit from article 6 of the Constitution, which uses to require a religious test for office through Luther in which the religious individuals and organizations can participate in public benefits. Just the same of their secular counterparts can through a number of policies and regulations all agree and not people who are religious off of dog out of participation or know where you from you and canceled her speeches simply because they have done absolutely first Jeremy – thank you so much Jeremy. Always good to have you here. Thank you all right take care will be back this Janet met for today archived broadcast is brought to you by by the league international.

Please help us send 1200 Bibles to persecuted Christians in Asia.

Five dollars sends one Bible $35 sends seven call now 800 yes word 800 YESWORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to live for today, here's your host Joe never looking back was the universe an accident in human life, along with its we know what the Bible says, but what science actually say on the subject.

In fact, the latest scientific evidence paints a very different picture than the evolutionary story. Many of us may have heard in school so working to talk about it today with Eric Anderson. He is an attorney and entrepreneur software engineering executive design theorist contributing author on evolution and intelligent design and uncommon dissent and is also a contributor to the book working to discuss today called evolution and intelligent design. In a nutshell, Eric. Great to have you with us. How are you Peter, thank you so this is interesting to me because we have all been fed this line that in fact, science is very very different in science tells a different tale about with the universe and human life. As you may have understood it in Sunday school, but what is going on scientifically showing that the universe and mankind actually are not an accident. There's a lot of research going on, particularly over the last 23 years we have gotten more acquainted with what's going on in biology with the complexity of selling complex and integrated functionality information and be united in molecular machines. The regulatory networks all kinds of things that make true intelligent activity rather than unguided undirected not-for-profit as a real research of the last 20 or 30 years of the idea of intelligent design in nature both in cosmology and in particular in biology and we talked about the book right exactly. Now there are a lot of different things that are discussed in the book pertaining to things like the Big Bang and fine-tuned universe, but of those discoveries that have been coming out over the last several decades. What are some of the highlights in terms of backing up the idea and the notion of intelligent design interpreter talk about cosmology. We talked about the Big Bang and some of the story. Universe I had a beginning. There's good evidence for talk a little bit about the multi-verse idea being thrown around, which is really an attempt in many ways to get around the concept of fine-tuning that we see in our universe where the laws of chemistry are really balanced on the razors edge might say to life there not sufficient for life. We still have to look to biology and the environment exists in biology but start with the cosmological argument at that level and then on the other chapters we talk about information in biology. We talk about self repetition, which is kind of a new aspect of him putting on that but have discussed a lot and I'm probably some of your listeners are familiar with some of the fossil record issues and some of the things around irreducible complexity that might be used on such great talking about some of his wealth yet.

There's so much good stuff in here and as you mentioned, you write a chapter in this book, which is really great you say in your chapter that for many of the leading origin of life. Researchers this idea of self replication. It is you describe. It is the holy Grail. Now can you explain for people. What exactly are you talking about when you're just discussing this idea of self replication right so what happened a little bit when you talk to somebody about sometimes and irrational questions about and you bring up the origin of life. Often you will get a comment along the lines of what we don't have to feel that that's a separate concept from evolution. Evolution only starts once we have a living organism upon the earlier interview Darlington address Georgia life in history class at George.

Assume that we have a living organism. Now what happens during this report, we happen to disagree with that story as well, but I'm trying to bring it back to the very beginning of stairway to how do we get that first organism and what happened Janet in the scientific research is a little bit different than what's been happening in the debate in the scientific research. Certainly the last several years I left hundred euros you spent a lot of effort to push back this first initial beginning of how we can get life start.

What kickstart flight and so everybody recognized by everybody on it. Even the most ardent materialist recognizes that were not to get a living cell to arise by chance on the earlier just happened.

So the question then is, is there something simpler if there's something that can kickstart that process and financial support, metabolism report, simple membranes that unite in our neck and right now the current probably the most popular idea of getting a lot of research if the idea of a simple sulfur it or even a single soul propagated molecule and so the idea is if we can get a single cell molecule provides on the earlier the we can depend on Darwinian evolution to build the first organism what's going on.

The scientific research is very clear right now. Not only is Darwinian evolution will your life but origin of life.

Researchers are absolutely depending on Darwinian evolution to build the first living organism. If they can only get something like a simple sulfur. It involved now this is interesting so if they were to discover a self replicating molecule is the idea that that's how the Darwinian scheme works.

In other words that's how you could have the replication of life and and the evolution of life throughout all of these centuries without God being involved without any intelligent design being involved absolutely felt replicator around the magic of Darwinian evolution. Family selection and why the story goes that we can build new organisms.

What during the Cambrian explosion you something Steve Myers talked a lot about you. You have organism and through the magic of nutritional selection we build organism. On Thursday, just in the same way the ideas of particular self replicating molecule then through Darwinian nutritional selection.

I will be able to build tablets build things like information rich molecules translation transcription all of the things that are required for even the simplest self isn't just a matter of discovery because when you talk about getting a self replicating molecule. How do you go about getting one of those. I'm not even sure what the process would involve all the work going on in the lab right now and what you're focusing on typically something like approach in which he built report focusing on his RNA and the reason for that is because RNA as we know have the ability to store information in biology, received the company along with unite, but it also have the ability to act as an enzyme unit can help certain reactions take place.

So the idea was hey this is awesome. We've now go to for one not only from our next-door some information which is one of the big problems for origin of life, but it can also do something it can also catalyze a reaction. The effort now is to create what's called a polynucleotide which is a molecule with a number of nucleotides strung together one of these things put together that somehow replicate itself then boom the ring that we should think again promote for the most part will will congratulate yourself for assault.

Mr. Georgia what yet except I mean I'm not a scientist obviously but my question would be yeah but but how the molecule get there.

Well it sure your perspective and further in an account to the cosmological argument in the fine-tuning of the argument that we talk a little bit about Jeff wants to how you can get the kind of universe that you need to have life where it can happen anyway but there's some really serious problems with molecule earlier in the story. Start that your question about why is this a big issue. There are lots of good arguments around information around electrical machine, but in the mind of the materialist. You have to remember, sulfur, provision of acute fly called the holy Grail, because once I get that stuff happen by evolution.

I will have to worry about how I built information very molecule you never have to worry about how to build more commission evolution mountain, but in the mind of the materialist.

If I get that simple sulfur replicator on the earlier I'm practically there. Yeah, yeah, also like we were saying just a moment ago. If you can explain where matter came in the first place. You never to be able to go back far enough. Unless you are willing to engage with the idea that perhaps there was a creator on some level you correct about that filled with some of you on the cosmological side versus been thrown out of the way to try to deal with issues related fine-tuning of the constants of chemistry. It's really not a good argument in a number of levels. Yeah, exactly. Because what will one of the things that you talk about in your chapter are some of the discoveries that were made to prove no organism could arise all at once on the early Earth, by chance, and that's one of the things that I want to get into a little bit more, as well as examine this idea for self replication and why there's so many problems with the idea in the first place. Eric Anderson with us were to come back talking about the new book evolution and intelligent design. In a nutshell will be right back. Hi this is Kirk Cameron and I am honored to be partnering with the Ministry of pre-born to help moms choose life actor Kirk Cameron supports pre-born. My four oldest children were adopted. That is because of caring and compassionate people who help those young mothers choose life. My wife is an adopted child and her birth mother chose life for her if it weren't for those caring individuals that help those young moms of value. The sacredness of life.

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855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to live for today, here's your host Joe Milford tobacco. I sure appreciate this book, evolution and intelligent design. In a nutshell, because most of us are not scientists and we don't know what the research is right now pertaining to the scientific evidence that actually points toward intelligent design were discussing this with Eric Anderson who is an attorney.

He's also a software engineering, executive, and he is also a contributing author on evolution and intelligent design and uncommon dissent. Eric we were talking about this idea that self replication is something that a lot of these Darwinian evolutionists are working hard on that is if you can get evidence that a molecule can self replicate and that would solve a lot of problems for the evolutionist, but what are some of the discoveries that have been made proving that an organism couldn't arise all at once on the early Earth by chance what what sorts of evidence can you present that would give us no information that's important to know over this issue of self replication right so that we would go backward related hundreds starts her admitted hundreds when Parliament around the idea that the organism was relatively simple and cellular. There was a concept called protoplasm. Turbyfill referred to as a block of protoplasm or whatever that maybe was relatively simple and so if you have that viewpoint you can understand what somebody might think well it's relatively new to just to take some of this and add more and have more in shape and imagine what your shaping of the subject when you girl Markley in good shape and Darwin referred organisms of plastic and the origin he was talking about all the material that would make children's toys out of the fact that the organism of malleable moldable shape environment, but in the late 1800s scientist started to because of that record. None of their capabilities started to understand that the cell had particular components and that it wasn't just a homogenous blog protoplasm has different things going on in the early 1900s there was more recognition and sold the last hundred years, but just been a tremendous growth in our knowledge of what felt so somehow it functions all of the machinery that goes on all of the information processing that occurs in itself.

And so when you look at that trying to come together by molecules bump into each other by chance you know that it's just not gonna happen on the probabilities are off the chart and what does that even the most ardent materials to recognize the court and so in the early 1900s. You (helping started proposing a member there was some kind of creative evolution chemical evolution.

I called whereby the molecules come together and do something interesting and then later on give way to Darwinian evolution, those of really good merchants of mentioned earlier, into the same concept. Now, where were just for a single self replicating molecule. Once we get that ramp turn over the rest assure right well one thing that you mentioned that is very interesting as you talk about the rep wrapped project in your in your chapter in the book. This is an open source venture seeking to create a self replicating 3D printer. Interesting thing you talk about tell listeners a little bit about the conclusions that your drawing from this printer issue you interested in one week of like I'm not even in the debates are debated one person online with very low earners out of our way to limit her mother stopped right at the point in the other benefit you and by the way I love this technology. Love 3D printing. I'm not talking about all there's a lot of great work and help us with prototyping fracturing and not really revolutionize a lot of things were doing in industry thought there a couple of groups who have put out the site you got a self replicating printer but if you look out. It's just you were not even in the ballpark and replicated exhibition would say that it can program a few parts which then half the carefully examined by the user. Cleaned up assembled in the right way but there are hundreds, probably thousands can't replicate. And furthermore, it Constructed so yes and if you're in a watery environment like that so you can't have just a bunch of components lying around on the desk and hope everything is fine. You have to protect those that have to be enclosed to be subject to other things in the environment, the cost of current cost reaction. All of this have to be worked out in a way that allows this, and proceed to replicate the silver something look like a bacterium built a copy of self inside of them whole. Source finishes the middle of the field together separate components in the two ramp centers close together, and eventually releases separate topic that's all required optional yeah that if you're in a watery environment order gets bogged down with green reactions or things fall off yeah that's that's fascinating. Why did they say that this is a self replicating printer if indeed it isn't so you I think partly of marketing hype partly of the fact that people really are thinking through things carefully and ironically by the way, one of the early riprap printer which was called Darwin. Of course this was a carefully designed and carefully engineered machine but yet I think people to start thinking through the issues carefully and so part of what I'm doing in that chapter, at least in that section. A specific moment. Let's look at what's really required here to give a self replicating machine and were were not in the ballpark surface is right is so interesting to because as you mention it can assemble itself the same problem that we were discussing pertaining to the molecule but but also with the printer you have man assembling it so you still have it. I don't know what the current debates are along these lines, but you still have man as the pinnacle of creation. Man is the smartest human being of the smartest entity on earth that is able to make things like printers and do things and labs and that sort of thing. So ultimately, don't you have to go back to that.

The basic issue when you're talking about Darwinian evolutionary theory, which is how in the world did you go from molecules to something so complicated as man well I think that one would go down. But even if you go there you still about where all of the faculties there to talk about all the faculty possesses one thing to say what you have built some machine. It's quite another thing to say that this machine has consciousness and awareness of intelligent those are things that we just have no materialistic account for whatsoever in five yeah that's a good point. Also use mentioned in your chapter that if you're talking about her super molecule that could self replicate.

It wouldn't be DNA or RNA what it well so hypothetically the idea in the current research is but you could do something like this with Lauren and a lot of work, but nobody's ever. Six. My point is really not so much what type of molecule builds from the standpoint of chemistry, but the requirements from an engineering standpoint of what would be required to have a sulfur Institute and the other thing that's really significant for which charters are not nobody's talking about is that even if you have grant the miracle of the self replicating molecule in the earlier show what is it mutates.

Remember the things that are gonna mutate and turn into something else right yes as soon as it mutates that process of self replication which you have so carefully on is not working you can't just willy-nilly make changes to the nucleotides in the polynucleotide and expect to continue to function and so this replication process that is really just assume given under evolutionary theory is a huge problem not just of the origin of life throughout evolutionary history. If I take an animal that could call and I want to make it fly. That's one thing, but I even felt replication part of that is going to work unless I reengineer that for a flying creature and so this this idea that evolutionary theory that hey once we get some publication on the earlier we can, check the boxes were done, you have to reengineer or at least maintain it.

But in most reengineer that so proficient Dr. every time you make a significant change of the organs of the subject huge conceptual problem almost never discussed it would seem that even the scientist to buy into the Darwinian evolutionary theory would understand this, that there there maybe not as close to a natural explanation for the origin of life as they would like to be. Is there some reality that is is coming out of some of these scientific circles saying I don't really know for you to be able to do this. I don't know that there's a lot of reality coming out. I think there's a lot of reality coming out from outsiders know people who were both knowledgeable and chemistry James George been a great example of somebody who knows the courage to raise his hand and say, wait a minute, there's a lot of problems with what's been discussed origin of life and the way you presented to the public and the confidence with which present public and or gemlike researchers are convinced you understand if I am absolutely convinced that there's a naturalistic explanation for life on earth. No guidance, no intelligent intervention, the need for greater if am absolutely convinced of that themselves footing. Naturalistic has to be right. Maybe I'm not quite you know. Maybe my lab isn't quite right to my buddies level in the other universe is right, but one of us is going to stumble upon the answer eventually. And so there's a real mentality that doesn't matter whether my particular approach right now is working with the wall and eventually because it just has to be right man. Well, the name of the book is evolution and intelligent design, Eric Anderson with us agreed to talk to Eric, thank you so much for your work and for being with us today. I really appreciate it all right. God bless you. Thanks for being here this RGM effort. Today has been brought to you by vitally international. Please help us in 1200 Bibles to needy Christians in Asia. Five dollars cents one final call now 800 yes were 800 yes were seen

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