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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Kimberly Ells (The War on the Family)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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August 3, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Kimberly Ells (The War on the Family)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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August 3, 2020 5:00 am

How do we defend the nuclear family against feminists, socialists and the United Nations ideologues who are on a path to try to destroy it? I'll talk it over with Kimberly Ells, policy advisor for Family Watch International and author of "The Invincible Family: Why the Global Campaign to Crush Motherhood and Fatherhood Can't Win." That and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet met for today archived broadcast is brought to you by by the lead international please help us in 1200 Bibles to persecuted Christians in Asia. Five dollars sends one Bible $35 sent seven. Call now 800 yes word 800 YESWORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to click it. Janet met reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of Freud, whatever its ultimate meaning the breakup of families now is an objectively revolutionary process.

These are the words of feminist Linda Gordon and she's hardly alone is an enemy of the family as God designed it. Both feminists and socialists have targeted the building block of society. But now, so has the United Nations but my next guest notes that this global campaign will not triumph and there is a lot we can do to fight back. So I'm joined now by Kimberly Ellis, a policy advisor for family watch international and author of the invincible family why the global campaign to crush motherhood and fatherhood can't win Kimberly. It's great to have you here. Thank you for being with us and it sure they will, you point out that the belonging of babies to their mothers is the key to the ordered functioning of society and that that warms my mother's heart. But why is that why is that an important starting point. Do you think for understanding the key role of the family in society very main reasons I wrote the book because I see the woman and her mother that women naturally exist in a place where they have great power. In fact I think they hold one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful full position in the world and the reason I say that is because they have stewardship over the use of the world writing directly into born.

Write to them and and no one, no one denies that the baby belonged to its mother. And so it in any way. The mother is not only had claim of the child. The child has claim over its mother for its care and so there's this immediate relationship connection that forged that birth and even before birth. That is absolutely foundational and what it does is it makes the world with its oriented privately rather than open to public regulation of courts of governments that support and surround the family but the family itself is the primal thing. It's the primal unit the primal organization and it based really on first the relationship of mother and child.

Of course, in concert with the father writes exactly so the hand that rocks the cradle. There's a reason that we use that line is the hand, the rules the world. This is a very foundational thing but moms are under attack, women are under attack.

What I find so amazing about it. Kimberly is the fact that feminists are constantly talking about liberating women and most of the things that they say they want to liberate us from our things that wouldn't liberate us and have not liberated us things like abortion and things like getting rid of man in all of these sorts of things. What is there a deal, why why are they pushing for all of this when what they're pushing for really is not good for women and and especially is not good for the family.

Great great that we've been convinced long that will actually the doctrine of socialism comes into play here and hand-in-hand with feminism, the doctor and says that productive work, socially productive work happens in the public sphere most often for money will motherhood and and fatherhood. Don't fit the bill and so I think women have been too much convinced that there is no no power in the family. There is no power in the home. They want to be beings of power, so they have to look elsewhere, not realizing that that the real power lies where they already are.

Women can't work function outside the family. I do you do that just fine. But like you say most women become mothers value that role infected probably valued more than any other role along with being in being a wife and and so EN you mentioned you quoted a feminist or two in which I do in the book that there's this all-out war on the family thing that the women women have to be free of taking care of their own families of the sound as they say to their own families but really most mothers found find a great deal of joy in doing what they do. Not that it isn't hard but that's for the greatest joys in life come for a lot of people is in his and their families and took so to convince women that there is no power in the home. Of course you look elsewhere to look somewhere other than what mother had for fulfillment and and a lot of people have a hard time finding anything that is fulfilling us is what they do at home, absolutely, and we all know that his mom's there's nothing better absolutely, you know that you had mentioned in your book. Some of the arguments of these radical feminists you name two of them. This shoe limits Firestone and Sophie Lewis and I think I get is kind of a microcosm of what the feminists are arguing.

Can you tell people a little bit about what they are saying and some of their agenda and some of the arguments that they're making that are really detrimental to the family, yet lethal fire in the 70s, extremely radical, and she is brilliant actually and she said she would.

I get I think you'd classify herself of the socialist feminist and see said that the reason that socialism has never fully succeeded and flourished. It is this one reason is because we haven't been able to sever the connection between mother and child feeling of possessiveness. If you can have a collective society.

You can't have possessiveness and so she outright said our goal is to destroy this possessiveness. What is were up to destroy the connection between mother and child, and if you do that, I'm sorry to say you're out to destroy society.

That's what it's going to do.

It's not gonna make society fantastic and grand and Oedipal of the quality.

It is going to destroy the very foundation upon which society rests in self we may hope that you know she's dead and gone now and heard.

I did attend on but sadly they're not. And one of the most vocal modern-day feminists as you mentioned is Sophie Lewis and she mirrors almost exactly Firestone's method and the thing is she certainly not alone and when we see this. It's been happening, of course.

For years this intrusion of a very radical antifeminist anti-family viewpoint into the public sphere to discounting the family as a place of importance.

Discounting motherhood is even a thing that should be should be done.

And so, Sophie Lewis says that basically all that the book is full 30 female feminism against family

The troubling subtitle and he said in essence that all blood relationships should be disavowed that when a mother has a baby, it should be for one if you defeat everyone's child know know the level that the third right right. It takes a village. Now you know what fine you village can be either you villagers can be around, but my mother that's and that's not can you fly with me. Yeah, that's crazy. So we've got the feminist agenda is you mention we have the socialist agenda, which obviously needs to stress the collective and the family is a you know the competing element, as it were, to the power of the state.

What about the United Nations because you've done a lot of work on this.

There are a lot of listeners who I'm sure. Don't know the extent to which the UN is attempting to undermine the family. What are some of the ways that the UN is really undermining the family and threatening it. Many of the United Nations organizations, including UNESCO and UNICEF and UNFPA have adopted what is essentially a children sexual rights agenda and that's how I kinda came into this realm of family advocacy, originally as I encountered a document by International Planned Parenthood Federation celebrated and advocating for children's sexual rights night, I thought.

Wait, what II didn't even know this was the thing in mainstream life and so the more he got dating as he said that the ties go back up to the United Nations and Planned Parenthood Federation openly partners with United Nations agency nations agencies partner with a lot of people, but one of their main partners and and most influential partners is International Planned Parenthood Federation and and the documents that you see coming out of the United Nations for use are most definitely laced with six children. Sexual rights rhetoric and so for instance there's a in the and 2018 document put out by UNESCO about teaching sexuality to children all over the world basically says that sex is a human right for all people, no matter what age, no matter if you want to. If you're married or not, whether what you want to have children or not, and that children sexual choices should be respected at all times and most parents find that troubling.

I know I did and so that's where that's where were at the United nations belt thing. Everything that goes on at UN is bad. Certainly there's very good things that that do happen, but more and more were seeing at a sexual rights agenda for use being pushed and advocated for, and parents. I think don't know that any should yeah they certainly said Kimberly else's with us.

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We were talking a little bit about what's going on, not only with the feminists and the socialist trying to undermine the family, but also what's been going on at the UN level and this is a very disturbing concept. Indeed, the concept of pushing children sexual rights. I mean, call me old-school but that's not a subject that kids are even supposed to be delving into but were seeing it not only with the abortion lobby were seeing it with the LGBT lobby as well. With all this. Oh, find your identity, you know, wherever you want to find it.

If you're boring you feel like you're a girl. I mean how does this all tie together this sexual radicalism to undermine the family as well. A great question and it had been directly to the district had a family owned most people don't see it that way and and don't perceive how that happening, but for developed court with with the same-sex marriage it if it no longer matters. If there's a representative from the male side of humanity as one from the female side of humanity which most people would think constitutes at least some sort of equality in then one or the other parents of a child is displaced and I'm not saying you don't go to her in favor of things.

Six. Obviously, most people just want people's loving feelings to be validated and I'm nothing there loving feelings that exist. What might what my contention is that any form of marriage that forces the child to live without the influence through the knowledge of one of its literal parents hundred undermine the rights of children stated in international documents and and just inherently know that children have claim upon their parents that they deserve to know who created them and to mother, if at all possible be raised by the those people. And so, although it doesn't intend to same-sex marriage. It brings problematic elements and into that at end" of the transgender movement which I explained in the book is based on a totally different philosophy than that the gay marriage movement, which is actually really important if I hope people take a look at the book for the to see that argument. The transgender than it is in my opinion, more current problematic than than same-sex marriage because it marriage. There's still the distinction between same-sex and opposite sex, and that those are inherent characteristics but with transgender than what we see is that there are no there are no inherent physical characteristics that that are respected out and so I explain this and in detail about that.

So it same-sex marriage kind of dictates that men and women are and are not necessary to each other and not complementary that one triplet transgender is and does essentially say Dayton male and female don't exist inherently at all. If you look at it that way, it starts to become obvious how that affects family and family law. Because if you can no longer define what a mother is mother mother is a female distinction and father. The male distinction, and if things are in flux. It becomes very hard to protect mothers and fathers protect their rights and children's rights.

If we can no longer even define what were talking about. Yeah, you see this with the attack on girls in sports already and it's ironic how you don't see more pushback from feminists on this feminists were the ones who were all excited about, you know, title IX, and in all of these federal civil rights laws, the protected women sports back in the day there utterly silent now even though you now have boys competing as girls and they're just crushing the girls who are competing against them in there now girls doing but you know where does it all and because if you've bought into this ideology. That's just a brand-new way of looking at the world in some ways, and it is never been tried before in human history that we were trying it out.

I mean this will erase the distinction of the family if if it continues apace because now they're saying the LGBT activists.

A lot of them have said our goal is to eradicate the family.

We didn't really want marriage to end there for two homosexuals or two lesbians we want to get rid of the family what they think is going to be the great new world that they're going to create. If this family is gone, that's that. Do they ever articulate that in any place that you've read they say if the family is gone.

It's gonna be great because fill in the blank right exactly what is on the blanket and there's nothing we can but we talked about before and what she said in her book is that that the future lie that rich unwritten thing we don't know what will rise up to fill the void of the family, but it's gonna be super great effect is it's not going to be super great because there's nothing that can replace it.

And so there's kind of wild call for equality and for so-called liberation of women from from family life with would really know what you think is boy gaping void left other than to say that it will be filled with the global state and Sophie Lewis openly called for communism and what you called gestational communism just communal joy and belonging of everyone to everyone else know family boundaries and what that actually creates is chaos.

If you'll notice there's a lot of chaos happening around us in our street and I can't help but think that a large part of that is due to the breakdown of the family listing it in real life it is happening all around us and on the other hand you say what can you fill the place of the family while the United Nations is happy to step in. Sure they have a whole global education program that they curated that you can read about my book that is more than happy to, as they say, mentor children in every part of their life and they specifically mention spirituality as well as emotional that you know and social and academic achievement all areas of life.

They feel like they're responsible for for the for the youth of the world. Man, that that's a nightmare in the making, and this is all touch it really is. It really is. And in this is tied then into something else.

You mentioned in the book, which is the global hijacking of education that we see in our public schools in the United States, increasing indoctrination in the public schools were always hearing about radical sexual add curriculums and you know all kinds of stuff is going on the public schools here.

What about the global hijacking of education because that would be a great way to be able to impart to all who are coming down the line generationally all the UN feminist socialist agenda that they want everybody to accept exactly the plan right on ahead and give a brief overview to let more detail in the book but so yes the socialist and feminist and sexual radicals of the world have taken a case to the United Nations. They have taken taken it on full bore and are prepared to spoonfeed these ideologies to our children mostly through digital education director, school systems, and already largely in place. You'll read in the book the UN agencies have established the sustainable development goals, which supposedly the world all agreed on, but woven into gold are very socialistic feminist the radical ideas that can be drawn from them and then disseminated so there's I will go on to all the details of their organizations on the national and international and local level that are called cooperating to streamline the education of the world so that everyone it is learning the same things and doing the same things and said they call that equality what it is domination from the top down, choosing for people.

The ideologies that their children are going to espouse and even even the curators of one of these programs said that they're very proud that in Germany there programs have had a great influence so that mothers no longer feel that it's their prime responsibility to teach their young children need to look at very closely and we need to take action as families and parents and of the nation and disentangle ourselves from these programs so important you see the global course of action though is ultimately doomed to failure because of mothers. Can you speak to that issue a bit early so that the title of my book the invincible family there nothing that can take the place of the family and when all other things fail.

The family still remains, and it will always rise again always well because it's built into our our very anatomy and so and also you know with the stuff within feminist goal to hack apart the bond between mother and child that's not gonna happen. I'm sorry that's not gonna happen on a widespread Edo scale that you may convince some women to give up their children voluntarily, but most minute women are in a hold tightly to their children to love their children to do everything they can't possibly can for their children and to raise them up in a way that they think is best and thought global state coming in tiny superpower just just watch.

Just wait. The women of the world the mothers the world are not are not distemper that and and we we shouldn't and we have the power, I think we have more power than we think we do and we need to rise up to the occasion and the mother be fathers bound together and stand up for our children. Very good and you really speak to this as well that in the sellers and the addicts there in the home in the kitchen and the living room. This is where the wars against all great evils in the world will be one that's I think that that's very encouraging because I think you turn turn on the news right now there are a lot of parents were despairing own no look at look at the world my children are growing up and not recognizing or appreciating the extent to which they hold a lot of the cards right there at home, exactly… The very seat of power and so yes, things are falling apart around us, but they don't have to fall apart at home and we can help fortify your children to navigate all this madness and chaos and they can do it. It can be done.

We did have to be intentional and we have to really plan and band together.

The family and and just try. You know at our best efforts authored are good enough for our kids and then they begin to spread the power in society live in the home that radiate out from there. So if we want to influence the whole world.

We have to start at home. We do the state doesn't love you, but your mom does. That's important and you got a great list. Toward the end of the book about things that you can do some wonderful suggestions. One of the ones I really like that you concluded in their Kimberly was starting or expanding your collection of books that's been something I've been on for many many years. Why is that so important do you think for moms and dads to do well for reasons if we teach basic history, even in the form of novel do whatever you are kids, we look back into history and learn the lessons and if we look back. For perspective, then we can look forward more wisely and as well as secondarily not history but basic principles like what are the things you want your kids to know." Qualities you want them to admired other people read books about those kind of people with either factor fiction, collect great books that teach truth what you believe is the truth and reason of the family talk about the family you know you we got have books on having it in reading them can be extremely extremely powerful absolutely will some great stuff in this book is the invincible family why the global campaign to crush motherhood and fatherhood can't win. Kimberly Al's is the author of this wonderful book and it was so good to have you here. Kimberly, thanks a lot. Thank you, Thelma RI.

God bless you will be back on Jennifer today. This Janet met today archived broadcast is brought to you by by the league international.

Please help us in 1200 Bibles to persecuted Christians in Asia. Five dollars sends one Bible $35 sent seven. Call now 800 yes word 800 why ESW ORD 800 yes word or there's a banner to for today here's your host Joe Milford just in the past few days it has become obvious that there is a war on the church in America and in saying that it's not like it's a new thing we have. Ephesians 6 telling us to be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might and to put on the whole armor of God so we can stand against the schemes of the devil and the Bible says we don't wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers and the authorities in the cosmic powers over this present darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places and were told to take up the whole armor of God so we can withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm that is a permanent command for the church and it is very applicable in these days. I have a lot to get through actually hope I can get through help her for run out of time, but I have a lot of examples just from the last couple of days on the war on the church.

Let's start with what happened to students for life. This is a wonderful student organization, a pro-life organization. They were chocking black pre-born lives matter outside of Planned Parenthood in Washington DC, and two students got arrested there was a swarm of police that showed up to tell them you have to stop talking really.

Last I checked, there was a big black lives matter painting on the streets in Washington DC and that was cause for celebration, but not here.

If you chalk a sidewalk you're getting it hauled off to jail. Is that amazing and they had a permit for this for this is incredible Kristin Hawkins, the president of students for life of America said after applying and receiving our permit for this event. This was over the weekend after being told by the Metropolitan police that the mayor has quote opened a Pandora's box by painting public streets we arrived to find six police cars threatening to arrest our team and students if they painted even using the tempera paint. We bought that the Police Department specifically requested and when we asked if we could at least use sidewalk chalk to chalk our antiviolence message on the streets. The police threatened to arrest us and then they dead kind of country does this to people who are trying to save the lives of the most vulnerable Americans in existence. What kind of country does this kind of mayor does this all let me tell you about the mayor of DC Muriel Bowser lawmakers who attended the funeral of the late Representative John Lewis in Atlanta last week were exempt from the self, quarantine restrictions handed down by the mayor's office. How convenient.

According to the mayor's July 24 order title requirement to self quarantine after nonessential travel during the covered 19 public health emergency. Any residents who travel to high risk areas for nonessential reasons must self quarantined for 14 days and monitor themselves for symptoms of the virus, but if you go to John Lewis's funeral yelled as a matter everything is fine. Oh, okay. Is that how it works. This is by the daily wire by the way and and and if you were wondering what's going on with funerals in Washington DC. According to the mayor's office. You still have to limited to 10 worship services are very much limited, but the John Lewis funeral exempt just like the black lives matter protests in Washington DC exempt exempted so many evangelical leaders went to who still keep their churches close to beginning to see a pattern here so this brings me to Dr. Fauci. Oh good old Dr. Fauci. The infectious diseases guru. This was a report from newsy on the issue of church shutdowns and the CDC guidelines and I'm gonna point out to you just how much of a hypocrite doctor found she actually is. Listen to the beginning of this report. This is One since the coronavirus pandemic began the music of holy Trinity churches, virtually we have a prayer service and zoom father Kevin Gillespie is planning for when it's safe to reopen the doors to this historic Washington church shuttered since March. It's frustrating because particularly of a crisis like this, people go to church and zoom doesn't do it when and how the choir comes back to the seats depends on what his task force decides using recommendations from the CDC drug task force is charged with the responsibility of following the CDC with all the minutia that minutia is the CDC's interim guidance for communities of faith for minimizing spread of the virus in the CDC first released its guidance for faith communities.

It said consider suspending or at least decreasing use of acquire musical ensembles and congregants singing, chanting, or reciting during services or other programming, if appropriate, within the faith tradition and the active singing may contribute to the transmission of COBIT 19 possibly through omission of aerosols using the way back machine Internet archive site, we were able to track changes made to the CDC guidance. We found the CDC removed the singing mornings. The night after posting them with no explanation. Also gone recommendations to have more virtual activities and drive in options at places of worship to avoid spreading the virus well isn't that good that the CDC got rid of the first version of what it put on its website recommendations to cease singing. Of course they should take that that down. That's insane. It's against the First Amendment. Of course they should take it down. Now listen to what happened when newsy interview Dr. Fauci. This is when it gets interesting. This is got to get Dr. Anthony found she the nation's top infectious disease expert told us. Churches should consider suspending the use of acquire. He wanted to be clear, choirs are only a danger if they're in a place with high rates of infection, not one goal.

What you doing with a suitable number mod recommendations still hold that the lawyer should refrain from thinking when you get you project your voice that aerosols of the virus come out. It could be confusing to people but here you paid up at them.

They look at the CDC recommended that not under that does all the people to figure out now that's really interesting to me. The CDC took down any wording that was trying to restrict singing or even recommend the ceasing of singing in churches but Dr. Fauci felt comfortable enough going against what's not on the CDC website now. Isn't the CDC, the top government agency dealing with the centers for disease.

I mean that's the name of the agency. Is it not I know he's the infectious diseases guru, but you shouldn't really have the infectious diseases guru going against the CDC should you seems a little confusing. Kinda like most of the stuff that's going on via the recommendations over COBIT 19 and all of this hypocrisy and all these insane directives that don't have anything to do with science guy I was saying just a couple of hours ago. What would happen if we actually did have the black plague same with this placement. I mean if they're going this knots against the church in this situation, how much more so, would they go nuts against the church.

If we really did have a disease that's out there killing millions of people. The way that they were trying to scare us about covered 19 initially. Now listen to this portion of the report.

This is addressing this CDC word changing on that website.

This is Three, the Washington Post, citing to unnamed White House official said the CDC's initial guidance for faith communities have not yet been approved by the administration. Pres. Trump has repeatedly called for places of worship to reopen calling them essential.

Dr. Tom Frieden led the CDC under Pres. Obama. We asked him could there be a scientific reason to remove recommendations to consider limiting choir use in a pandemic.

I can't imagine a scientific reason because the fact is that choirs singing, particularly indoors, particularly without a mask may greatly increase the risk does greatly increase the risk code would spread the CDC still recommends choirs practice social distancing as circumstances and faith traditions allow. I have no problem with choirs want to sing. I don't know problem at all going to church more churches even having masks their knots because we understand the science, the science is that the masks don't do anything. And guess where we got that information. The CDC website you know the CDC website that they don't want to talk about when it actually has things on it.

The go against the leftist agenda that what's interesting to me about all of this is how these people have been utterly exposed as total hypocrites, especially Dr. Anthony found she, he, who was pictured sitting in the stands at the Washington nationals baseball game recently with his mask around his chin, yoking it up with two people sitting right next to him. There was no social distancing from the infectious diseases guru, but it gets even worse when we come back from this break. You can hear the hypocrisy of Dr. Anthony found she stay with us will be back to if you can provide God's word to a Bible is believer in Asia which you hi it's Janet my for Hebrews 13, three urges us to remember those in great need, noting that when the body of Christ is found lacking were urged to help meet their need. These Christians live where churches are small and remote where authority smart welcoming of the gospel and where Bibles are scarce and they need to hope found only in God's word in your gift today lets them know they are remembered for only five dollars believers like Hill in China and Miriam in the palm of the Bible be discipled in their new faith and trained to share Christ. $35 and seven Bibles $100 since 20 listeners were grateful you generously sent Bibles to more than 2000 Christians in Asia help us and more with five elite international call now 800 yes word that's 800. Why asked WORD 800 yes word for their Savannah to Clay and, many nations have no access to desperately needed medical care. That's why Mercy ship Springs volunteer support on hospital ship, the Africa Mercy to give the world's forgotten for the free medical care they need. We have an immediate need for registered nurses, especially with the average specialty as a volunteer nurse. You will just give life altering healthcare will receive so much in return is an amazing experience home and make a difference in the lives of those who have virtually no access to medical aid to Dale everybody on this said, either do it again or they're already here. For the second, third or 10th time. So what are you waiting for show mercy to someone today.

I would think of just more information by visiting Mercy versus Mercy you're listening to I'm telling you there is a war against the church. There has always been a war against the church from the enemy of our souls. There has always been a war against the church from those who belong to their father the devil versus those who belong to Jesus Christ. So this is nothing new. And we know where it's all headed we will be and in heaven.

Before we know it's and ideally remind myself of this so I can have some hope right now. And boy, a lot of people need it right now I am talking about the war against the church and I've been mentioning a number of stories hopefully I'll get through all of them before I run out of time today, but I was telling you before the break that Dr. Anthony found she the head of the national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases has come under a lot of fire for being all over the map all over the map on the masks. Often, you should wear goggles now, but he sits in the stands at baseball games with the mask around his chin, yoking it up with his friends 2 inches away you getting mixed messages there. Dr. Fauci and I had just played a cut from newsy where he was interviewed and he said churches should consider stopping having choirs. He said his recommendation still holds that choirs should refrain from singing because of the droplets that can be released and you I don't know if this guys ever been in church, but choirs are pretty far whether close to each other but the pretty far away from the congregation. I'm a hard time thinking that aunt Betty's hi a is gonna reach the guy in the back of the church. At any rate, so Jim Jordan, the congressman did this excellent interaction recently just just a few days ago in Congress talking with Dr. Anthony found she about the hypocrisy with the protests and I just love this exchange listen to cut four doctor about to do protests increase the spread of the virus.

Protests increase the spread of the virus. I think I can make a general statement will have a million protesters on June 6 the disaster that number of people does increase the spread of Iraq crowding together, particularly when you're not wearing a mast contributes to the spread of the virus. Should we limit the protesting. I am not sure who would do me should we say limit the protesting the government limit the protesting. I I don't think that's relevant to what you just said if it increases the spread of the virus on his essay should be limited while I'm I'm not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way when you make all kinds recommendation. You don't make comments on dating on baseball everything you can imagine him just as he just said protests increase the spread of disaster should be try to limit the Proto. I think I will leave that to people who have more of a position to do that. I can tell you government that often people from going to church. Dr. Felty yeah I already recommended the choirs stop singing, but I have nothing to say about the protests. Let me ask you this Dr. Fauci if the protesters were standing in downtown Washington DC, having just chocked black pre-born lives matter on the sidewalk and they started singing, holy, holy, holy, should they be arrested by the Washington DC police. Should a number of squad cars pull up like some scene out of Dragnet and all the sudden go after all of these people who are singing hymns. I'm just wondering because I don't know what the standard is here. He's all willing to go out on a limb and say churches shouldn't be singing, but he has no on the protest that has to be left to the experts yet that's really funny how how you know you're so willing to give some directive to churches on whether or not they should have choirs which have no opinion on the left is protests which agree with his politics.

Representative Jordan also brought up that recent Calvary Chapel case in Nevada you know they recently lost their case at the Supreme Court to get some equity and equality in in how much they can gather versus the casinos in Nevada and they lost that case, it was outrageous. It was a total violation of the First Amendment and listen to this cut. This is cut five last week in the Calvary Chapel case five liberals on the Supreme Court said it was okay for Nevada to limit church services Ghana government just as Dorset said about him said there's no there's no world in which the Constitution permits Nevada Weber Caesar's Palace over Calvary Chapel on disaster and is there a world where the Constitution says you can favor one person limit liberty protesting over another practicing your faith, favoring anybody over anybody.

I'm just making a statement. That's a broad statement that avoid crowds of any type, no matter where you are because that leads to the acquisition and transmission, and I don't judge one crowd versus another crowd when you're in a crowd, particularly if you're not wearing a mask that in but as it's a simple question. Dr. should we limit the protest government is obviously limp limiting. Hunter and and look, I'm not going though there's been no violence alive. I can see a church. I haven't seen people during a church service cotton and harm police officer burn buildings, but we know that me for 63 days nine weeks is been happening in Portland yeah well one night in Chicago, 49 officers were injured but no limits of no limit to protest but boy, you can go to church on Sunday. I don't know how many times I can answer that I mock you will probably not limiting anything on just tell you, you will find a lot of things Dr. but I've never this is on the directly impacts the spread of the virus on asking your your your position on the protests you I'm well on micro upon a limiting anything.

I'm telling you what is the danger and you can make your own conclusion about that. I have a conclusion. I have a conclusion and it's this you like leftists you are okay when leftists gather you're not okay when Christians gather conservative Christians gather. That doesn't bother you is amazing. Now listen to this.

This is from CNN back in April.

This was one Dr. Anthony found she discussed stay-at-home orders with Anderson Cooper listen to cut six.

Some states are still not issuing stay-at-home orders arming whether there should be a federally mandated director for that or not. This is more a political question but just scientifically, doesn't everybody have to be on the same page with the stuff I think so and listen.

I don't understand why that's not happening as you said, you know, the tension between federally mandated versus states rights to do what they want is something I want to get into, but if you look at what's going on in this country. I just don't understand why we're not doing that really should be. Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. You're the guy who just told Congressman Jim Jordan that it's not your place to make any sort of moral judgments on whether or not particular galleries should take place during Cova 19 there. We have another example where Dr. Fauci broke his own rule. Are you seeing what's going on here know it's pivot to another story. The NFL, this is amazing. This is from the Federalist. There's a deal that's been reached by the National Football League in the NFL players Association banning players from attending any indoor church services that are above 25% capacity. This is according to multiple sources talking to NBC Sports over the weekend and there, and it also restricts indoor concerts and yet because are so many of those right now how how fair is that professional sports games, indoor parties with 15 or more people. Okay, but didn't we just have a court case over this that you can't do this. I I just interviewed. I believe it was Jeremy dice just a few days ago regarding that Navy officer who was told by the Air Force actually one of the branches I thing was the Navy.

He was an Air Force officer working in the Navy and he was told he couldn't go to church and that was reversed before it ever went to court. So good luck with that one NFL. I'm telling you it's a war against the church and finally finally probably the most outrageous story of the weekend. Among many outrageous stories over the weekend. Did you see the video of the leftist activists in Portland burning Bibles piloted that for a moment. It was interesting to watch pagans comment on that because they didn't get it at all. Well, I'm not even sure that the Bible it's red okay have you.

Are you not familiar with Bible publishing. They have every specialty Bible in the world and all the colors of the rainbow. If you know anything about Bible publishing but II tell you what came to mind what came to mind for me was King Jehoiada came to remember him.

One of the last kings of Judah before the Babylonian captivity. Like when the prophet Jeremiah was prophesying to him what was to come to Judah prior to the Babylonian captivity and the call to repentance like that you member what he did. This is in Jeremiah chapter 36 he burned Jeremiah's scroll. The king was sitting in the winter house in the ninth month, with a fire burning on the hearth before him. And it happened when this scroll was red just a three or four columns of it. It says the king cut it with the scribe's knife and cast it into the fire that was on the hearth, until all the scroll was consumed in the fire that was on the hearth, yet they were not afraid nor did they tear their garments, the king, nor any of his servants who heard all these words.

Nevertheless, Elna fan July income area implored the king not to burn the scroll, but he would not listen to them in the king commanded the king's son and the son of Israel and the son of ab deal to seize the scribe in Jeremiah, but the Lord hid them and you remember how it all ended. He reigned 11 years. He rewrote the scroll that you would share.

Jeremiah rewrote the scroll later that your quote Jehoiada Kim had burned and God pronounced judgment on the king and the prophecy was fulfilled in the 11th year of Jehoiada. Kim's reign, he stopped paying tribute to Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar responded by besieging Jerusalem and he was killed during the siege. His body thrown over the city wall.

You cannot neglect the word of God. You cannot throw it away and you can't burn it without repercussions, and I want to pray for these people because they do not know what they are doing Lord forgive them.

They don't know what they're doing.

They need the gospel. This argentum effort today brought to you by Bible league international. Please help us continue to send Bibles to needy Christians in Asia. Five dollars is all it takes to send one Bible call now 800 guests.

Word 800 yes word there's a banner to click Janet Thank you so much for being with us will say next time

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