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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Peter LaBarbera (Biden /LGBT Issues) Tim Winter (Netflix)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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August 24, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Peter LaBarbera (Biden /LGBT Issues) Tim Winter (Netflix)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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August 24, 2020 5:00 am

Joe Biden has a plan to advance LGBTQ+ "equality" in America and around the world. How would a Biden-Harris White House further advance the Big Gay Revolution and erode religious freedom and moral sanity in America? I'll talk it over with Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. Plus: The Parents Television Council is calling for Netflix to cancel its awful film, "Cuties," which sexually exploits young girls. President Tim Winter joins us on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


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That's 855-402-2229 or Janet, our confidence is in Christ alone is I sort of the panelist during its recent convention J my, who identifies as a black, Vietnamese, transgender, non-binary gender transcendence Mermaid Queen King, who is also a licensed minister in the progressive National Baptist church.

These things up. Oh yes, and this person also called for the abolition of the police, prisons and US immigration and customs enforcement. No wonder the human rights campaign recently referred to the Biden Harris ticket as the most pro-equality ticket in history. But if things have already descended into the moral sewer is much as they arty have one more will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually do to this country for the big a revolution if they are elected or to find out more about it now from Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for truth about homosexuality. To have you with us the opportunity well, thank you for being here. The Biden plan to advance LGBT Q plus equality in America and around the world has been posted over the website for Joe Biden. This thing is about by approximate I guess guessing maybe about 27 pages limeys huge gestation scroll scroll scroll what you think about the Biden Harris ticket being the most pro-equality ticket in American history will I think the one the most important thing to understand and I went above and beyond for this interview Janet I want you to know I watched a couple Harris and Joe Biden speeches at the human rights campaign, which is the leading homosexual activist organization in the world, and the fact is that these two radical Democrats are all in for the entire LGBT Q agenda which includes labeling transgender rights of the civil rights issue of our time. Biden and Harris all in the way they talk is there amongst round.

It doesn't matter that Joe Biden's wife Jill are ostensibly Catholic. That's all out the window because they talk and act like homosexual transgender activist. It's weird when I was reading through this entire plan and I want to get into that a little bit more detail. There were all sorts of categories that I thought is there really such a need for this scene outside while working to help kids who are homeless who are also gay because they are there so many of them were also can help immigrants and refugees and it was like in some of these categories. They just added an LGBT Q plus element to the entire issue whether or not it was needed.

There were some strange things there but let's talk a little bit about Joe Biden Kamala Harris before we get into some of their plans because Joe Biden is the one he was trotted out before Meet the Press in 2012 before Pres. Obama than Pres. Obama admitted he was for gay marriage and he kinda pave the way, didn't he who you love who you love and will you be loyal to the person you love. And that's what people are finding out is what all marriages that their roots are about. This was Joe Biden eight years ago, so he was kind of trendsetter. I guess on this, but what are your thoughts on his being all in for the big gay agenda. Well, I think, again, I think it's important understand that for all intents and purposes, the religious right and we can only slip so many politicians the religious faith really is for show not for real Catholic Church teachings are very very clear on abortion and same-sex so-called marriage.

There is no way you can rationalize being a faithful Catholic as liberal media types love to paint a Biden and support so-called marriage between two men or two women. That's ridiculous and you can't support abortion even taxpayer-funded abortion and yet the media continues the myth that Joe Biden is the faithful Catholic and so that's out the window and we have to understand that because even though I'm not satisfied that there are objects aspect of the trumpet ministration. The homosexuals you are not happy with.

Trump is not radical pro-homosexual pro-transgender advocate, which is what Joe Biden has become an Caballeros to the point where the opponents are labeled as basically they gets haters and homophobes, and trans folks that their words they are using that language against essentially people of faith who object to this radical agenda.

Well, that's right, and Kamala Harris has her own background in 2013 after the listing. This is from the human rights campaign website following the lifting of California's ban on same-sex marriage as we know that wasn't a band I Kamala Harris officiated the first subsequent marriage between a same-sex couple in the state between proposition eight. Plaintiffs Chris Perry and Sandy Steere so Kelly Harris is kind of groundbreaking credentials as well but terrible. Once yeah she she wanted away in one of her speeches to the human rights campaign to say that it's patriotic or the agenda, but it's not patriotic to ignore the law which you as Atty. Gen. are required to enforce them. Talk about prop eight number that was but yes you California boat, which upheld marriage between a man or woman. As it is voted by the people of California. She went past that she ignored that to step two.

To honor the so-called homosexual agenda which included same-sex so-called marriage and so it's not patriotic to ignore the law to pursue this radical sexual and gender agenda. Well that's important point because here she was, the Atty. Gen. of California and she would be the vice president of the United States, and it is the job of the government to uphold the law. So what is that say about somebody who served as the highest legal official or the highest lawyer in California flouted the law openly and Gavin Newsom did the same thing by the way when he was in San Francisco and and don't care about the law if it doesn't go along with the big gay agenda.

They'll just do whatever they want right and it shows that it's really become almost a religion. Liberal Democrats and progressive homosexual, bisexual, transgender agenda and you're absolutely right, Janet. It's going to well past transgender. Now it's going to polyamory pan sexuality and remember if there ought one of the key points of their agenda is the so-called equality act, which would basically put homosexual, bisexual, transgender, so-called right of religious freedom explicitly in the so-called equality act and so if this is become your religion then this really supersedes religious freedom even supersedes free speech. Yes, freedom of religion becomes more important that if you are a radical Democrat which I every Democrat they're not speaking out against very few Democrats anymore even give her even would dare say that they support marriage can a man, a woman which what Biden said in 2006, but now is a radical pro-homosexual marriage act activist. I mean, this becomes their religion. Yeah, it really is you.

It's interesting to me is you will see different tweets getting traction or different posts on Facebook getting traction whenever there is something having to do with one of these really over-the-top radical policies that the left wants to institute in the name of LGBT Q plus rights I see far fewer Christians getting engaged on this issue than I do on abortion.

And of course we should be extremely involved on the abortion issue in the life issue and we are but one haven't more people in the church more Christians woken up to this because if the quality act passes Peter that will effectively criminalize Christianity. There will be no religious exemptions for anything in the Biden Harris plan when it comes to anything that human rights campaigner. Any of these other gay lobbyist groups, one when act right.

Equality act is the biggest gift you could ever give to homosexual transgender lawyers you will see lawsuits going crazy.

We already see lawsuits at the state and local level using these so-called LGBT Q so-called civil rights laws and remember civil rights, as we traditionally understood.

It is based on skin color, unchangeable things, not something not sexual behavior, sexual identity, and we have to remember, Harris and Joe Biden are both strongly against the idea that people can leave homosexuality behind, which is the core Christian notion, especially because we both know many men and women and ex-transgender's ex-lesbian sex gay men have come out of it. Through Jesus Christ.

Second Corinthians 5 know you are a new creation in Christ, people are leaving the sin behind, but the Democratic Party is now radically opposed to so-called conversion therapy, which is there saying that any attempt to change homosexuality behind.

They called conversion therapy and they want to use the law and their power to ban it is we do need to pause for a quick break and want to pick up on that when we come back to listening to Janet today back with Peter LaBarbera right after this. Did you know that over 18 million babies have been aborted worldwide since January 1 every single one of these babies die during the coping 19 pandemic lies in the world, declaring these babies is lost here. Stan Steiner, the president of pre-born a ministry dedicated to saving babies lives from abortion through ultrasound.

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What in the world is this Biden plan to advance LGBT Q plus inequality in America and around the world. You can go on that website and you can read all about it. It is lengthy, but there are some really scary things in the Biden Harris plan what they want to enact if elected to the White House in November were talking with Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for truth about homosexuality. We were discussing. For example, the quality act and we covered that a little bit Peter, which would effectively criminalize Christianity. It is a glued beach complete nightmare, and I think a lot of Christians would wake up once that passes they'll finally get engaged were encouraging you to get engaged now.

Of course, but something else you mentioned, and this was part of the Biden plan as well. This plan says that Joe Biden will work to enact the therapeutic fraud prevention act to ban all this is my words to ban all secular talk therapy for people with unwanted same-sex attraction or kids who have been sexually abused and are confused and need some help that will be gone, it's gone already in something like 18 states. This would be on the federal level, no more, and I keep telling Christians this. We emphasize this Peter last year. God's ways. If you are a pastor or Christian leader and you don't care because you say okay will the psychologist or psychiatrist involved in secular therapy. Therapy number one what the left is saying about them is a total lie.

There is nobody being abused and in these renal offices where this kind of therapy actually is offered. It is client driven, but the second part about it Peter is that once they ban secular therapy. What makes Christians think they won't ban Christian therapy or Christian counseling.

I mean, that is. Next is net. Oh, you better believe it. Always go incrementally.

We know that you start about civil unions became so-called homosexual marriage. You're absolutely right and remember conversion therapy is the bogeyman term of the left loves to use him you'll hear Biden talking about a pressure trumpet look in the debate will be an answer because they know it sounds scary but you call it what it is.

Talk therapy. We have talk therapy for all kinds of issues and know for whatever problems there are and the most serious is what you mentioned, there are many many people, especially a lot of so-called openly gay man adult gay male adult who were sexually abused in their you now imagine your child is abused by hope you have a son abused by homosexual man you want to help want to do a therapist for what I wanted to think he's gay because he was abused by a man by a predator in it. As you said in many states now that would be the legal and they want to make Biden and Harris want to nationalize that make it illegal to take your child was abused via a homosexual predator to get help to that he won't know, embrace some deviant sexual identity based on that predation and death. Scary. But that's where the Democratic Party is today not they talk a lot about freedom and I talk about justice and personal freedom and justice in stopping a parent helping their children now think people need to understand is that gay activists have driven this entire thing activists are behind us.

They're the ones going state-by-state giving fake testimonies. We referred this right like David pickup in the Pete and Paul from startup network who had been going to these test of testimony meetings and then going to these activists say when you you talked about how you are horrifically abused by some counselor. Where did you go because were against abuse to tell us the name of this person so we can have this person dealt with by the local authorities and what you know, the active is just turn tail and run, they don't have any names to offer their lying through their teeth about this in order to instill tyranny on anybody who says you do not have to be homosexual and involved in homosexual behavior. You are not born gay. You would do not have to if you were sexually abused by a homosexual of the same-sex yelp that if you're a boy. It was a banner or woman in a little girl, you're not stuck. They don't want anybody to have a message of hope it's a born today gay how can they live Janet. They can lie like that because there's absolutely no pushback from the media, which is now part of the gay, bisexual, transgender login and they tell the flight of state legislators.

They know the never to be exposed by the media. We have people trying to expose them on our side, but the media does not think that allows them to perpetrate their life just like the fake anti-gay hate crimes which so many fake a crime should fill a book with them. These lies are perpetrated by the activists, and they know they're never going to get any pushback, and then the media in the in the election. The media will play they will always ask Pro K Pro transgender questions in the debates, etc. and so we never saw. I think in the entire Democratic debate we never saw one question about the inequality that girls are going to face.

Because of this radical transgender agenda. It will be. There will be men, biological males and girls locker rooms. We have biological males competing against females with their inherent physical advantages we have biological males with it because of the transgender gender will victimize girls, but the media will never ask questions about that and said that the problem and hopefully the aspects that Trump has done well on. For example you try to fight back against this radical transgender transgender agenda is reverse some of the radical bowel policies. Hopefully that will come out and people will see the differences in this election campaign. The shortened election campaign coming out all right.

As you mentioned, the transgender's in opposite sex school bathrooms that will make a return under Joe Biden. There also will be healthcare related to transitioning, including gender, confirmation surgery, which is hilarious newspeak. What are you doing if not, you turning away from your actual section a confirming your Janet Daniel just the language drives me crazy but here's where you well by well residents are of course do a here's another thing the Trump rule that protects Christian adoption agencies from having to give children to homosexual couples. We've seen some success under the Trump administration on enabling these Christian foster care and adoption agencies to live out according to the religious conscience that will be gone. My question is how did they get away with this kind of stuff we have a First Amendment. This completely drives me nuts and I know when we go to the courts and we see the way some of these things pan out. Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's bad, mostly bad. What the First Amendment Peter because we have freedom of speech we have freedom of religion, Congress cannot enact anything against it, but that the sense of it is that the government cannot tell the church what it can do and and the conscience that they are operating under cannot be swayed by government. So how is this not tyranny it hears me that we have justice Robert yeah basically is going to be the one to decide whether we have religious freedom and apparel. I will anybody trust Justice Roberts anymore now shouldn't be hanged by the thread of one man in a black world and unfortunately it is. But I also give a lot of blame. Again, it comes back to the media. The media has provided so much cover this agenda that it makes it difficult for conservatives Republican to Christian's biggest fan, but we must take steps now. Christians don't defend truth, who will well and I think the next thing that will come is people like you and me are going to be banned from social media mean, how are we to get away with saying the truth on some of these places like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Any of these big social media platforms.

They'll tolerate this because they have activists who are working with them behind the scenes to do things like censorship and shadow banning in these sorts of things. What are your thoughts on that while the unfortunately in a big truck culture that we live in. It's much easier to censor them. Even when I mean the government were to do it because everybody relied on his Facebook why I've been banned by Facebook are now temporarily taken off Facebook and you can't send a Facebook messenger note to a friend because you're offered 10 days up and I got tweets that have been forced to take out even though they were completely legitimate and innocuous tweets, but activists at Twitter and this will go on a grand scale. And Biden hearers. We encourage that no Trump against it. So we have to give Trump that the credit for fighting back against this big text censorship would be completely reversed any battle to defend religious freedom completely read dirt reversed because again what I'm picking up from Biden and Harris and watching how they are engaging with the LGBT Q activists is they are huge advocate Jill Biden is a very strong pro-radical homosexual, bisexual, transgender agenda. She's a teacher. She was a big supporter of glisten the gay lesbian straight backed education network, which is a radical homosexual transgender organization. We are talking but the most radical program okay Pro transgender pro bisexual folk transsexual presidency in the history of America. If Biden and Harris went. It's just staggering the human rights campaign.

Peter also says this year we must vote to save our lives. And of course in the title of this Biden plan. There is a reference to advancing LGBT Q plus equality around the world for a lot of people who haven't followed this movement very closely. They'll say we met we had the a Birkenfeld decision. What is it you people want what you think the answer to that is what it what is it that they want to continue to push for always another radical platform. It didn't end with same-sex so-called marriage being imposed by the spring court and it won't end until they are forcing people almost the law to support this agenda.

One way or the other and it's we see coming to corporate America as well and Janet, I had to remind her to tell you something that Joe Biden said at the end of one of his human rights campaign speeches you should go and spread the fate ceased telling you, telling a radical homosexual activist transgender activist group human rights campaign to spread the faith. What faith the human rights campaign in the Vanguard LGBT Q movement or state.

We want to follow what God has taught us what the Bible teaches traditional morality marriage between one man and one woman back our faith. These homosexual activist organizations are at war with that. Here's a presidential contender for the Democratic Party, acting as if they are the group with the fake scholar, completely backwards, especially the Catholic faith is paganism. I think that's perfectly clear. The faith is paganism everything that is opposed to Jesus Christ and everything that is linked to the world and worldly philosophy and having devilish your father mean that's what the Bible says you know you are not of the world. Christians you are answering to a different lord and master than the world is and this is where this issue really becomes important Peter because we have kids and grandkids who are counting on us to stand up for biblical truth, especially at a time like this. And so I really appreciate what Peter is doing and Americans for check out his website Peter, thank you so much for being with us again. Always a pleasure to have you here But she too will be back on Janet my for today. This archived broadcast of Janet my for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby.

That's 855-402-2229 or Janet my you're listening to you today. Looking back, I want to talk just for a few minutes about something that I think were going to have to talk about in more detail as time goes along. Aaron C is kicking into high gear this week. The DNC is now over and working a lot of politics between here in November and there is a lot at stake in this country but one of the things that Speidel Barbara and I were discussing off air recently and I've been discussing this with a lot of people in the profamily movement is how concerned we are about the degree to which the Republican Party has been taking on this LGBT activism and is okay with a lot of vets. Now it is the case that Pres. Trump has done some very good things such as the transgender letter that was put out of the public schools by the Obama administration telling them they had to let confuse little boys into the girls restrooms and vice versa, and he negated that and you know the transgender in the military situation. He's done some good things but I tell you why II think we may down the road.

Look back at this period of time and say for all of the good things we got with the pro-life movement for all the good things that we got with religious liberty. And I'm not negating or putting down those accomplishments whatsoever.

I think down the road we Christians may very well say we should have pushed the Republican Party harder on the LGBT issue is him telling you why.

At some point, if there is not a party and not a gathering of politicians who are willing to truly stand up for Christians and religious freedom, not just his religious freedom.

But as the fact that gay rights and religious freedom are not compatible. We haven't yet come to that point were there really is going to be a battle in in the political realm at least.

I just think it's gonna come to ahead it a certain point in especially if the Democrats are able to get control of what the White House and and also Congress. You can get the equality act, you just are you going to get the equality act and that's can awake a lot of Christians up at there was a recent tweet that came out from the log cabin Republicans. This is the pro-LGBT Republican group and it had a picture of Richard Grenell and it says Pres. Donald Trump made history for LGBT Americans and nobody knows that better than Richard Cornell and Pres. Trump retweeted it and said my great honor, and there were number people who commented on this to me and said when you think about this and I said, not happy about it.

I'm not happy about it.

Let me give you an example of this, because it's one thing for Christians to understand right and wrong and to understand what is good policy and that is strengthening the nuclear family and not calling anybody who wants to put some people together in a different way and and having them label it a family they can label it a family if they want to, but if you begin to get chaos within society. We are really doing is undermining the nuclear family has God designed it. He was an article in National review, and I know it's not the days of William F Buckley anymore. But it is getting so bad at some of these so-called conservative websites on the LGBT issue. This is a piece written by Madeline Kern. She looks like a young woman she's from Scotland she's a staff writer and here's the headline, a pro-gay president is not enough. Okay she is talking about the problems of transgender extremism.

She is denouncing transgender extremism. I disagree with transgender extremism as well, but I was really shocked at some of the things that national review printed. I want to get to this. She says Donald Trump is always been what the left will call an ally to gay people. Trump wrote in 2005. Wishing the best to Elton John and David furnish on their civil partnership. If two people dig each other. They dig each other in 2000 he told the gay magazine, the advocate that it's only fair to update the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation. In fact, so Golden is Trump's liberal record on gay rights, that in the 2016 Republican primaries. The New York Times even noted how Trump has nurtured long friendships with gay people employed gay workers in prominent positions and moved with these in industries where gays have long exerted influence, like entertainment since taking office he hasn't so much as touched the precepts of Alberta fell at the United Nations. He pledged to fight for global decriminalization of homosexuality right and that was something that Richard Grenell took charge on who calls himself a gay Christian. He doesn't share Joe Biden's listen this line national review, folks, this is not the Atlantic. Listen, he doesn't share Joe Biden's embarrassing voting record, the Defense of marriage act in 1996, or withholding federal funds from pro-gay schools did you just hear this, the national review calling the Defense of marriage act and embarrassment because that's what she wrote.

He hasn't said as Joe Biden did in 1972 that his gut reaction is that homosexuals in the military or security risks.

So how is it the Trump the only pro-same-sex marriage president to enter the White House is now being painted by progressives as an enemy of sexual minorities who dares that re-voice the term sexual minorities. That's a gay activist invented term by the way, and it's just been employed as if we all agree that this is the nomenclature were to carry forward his conservatives while Joe marriage is between a man and a woman. Biden is the greatest champion you see what she's saying Trump's pro-gay ideas and his pro-gay record are commendable, and Joe Biden having voted for the Defense of marriage act in 1996 is embarrassing. National review and then points out the reason that Joe Biden is getting credit on the LGBT front is because of the T while Trump has not gone down that road as much as Biden has because the gay-rights movement succeeded far more quickly than anyone had imagined lobbyists had to reinvent themselves in order to preserve relevance. The gay rights movement is now the LGBT movement and is almost wholly focused on redefining biological sex under the pretext of transgender rights. So this is the complaint that Madeleine Kearns has with this activism.

It's not the gay activism. Apparently that's not a problem is the transgender stuff is that affects women sports while I would argue that the Oberg refill decision is far more significance than the women's sports cases that have moved forward and and they're very important, but they're not as important as redefining marriage. Then she says, in April 2016. When asked about a North Carolina bill restricting bathroom use to an individual's biological sex. Trump remarked North Carolina did something that was very strong in their pain.

A big price. There's a lot of problems. You leave it the way it is. There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go. They use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. There has been so little trouble, and Madeleine Kearns says back then this just leave it alone approach to transgender is and was interpreted as leaning in favor of transgender rights but no longer.

Now she goes on to make the comment that in 2016, the Obama administration's Department of Justice and Department of Education set out that guidance to schools and colleges, urging them to allow students to use whatever bathroom they wanted based on their gender identity, but that was now the department's decision to make and listen this one. This is a bombshell. She says if Congress seeks to redefine sex as with the equality act, then let them do so until then sex means biology works. Madeleine the United States Congress is God. They can decide to redefine sex the way that the Supreme Court has redefined marriage, we are under such judgments.

Listen to this stuff and you read some of the stuff over at the federal as the Federalist and has a good people working over there.

They have a number of good articles. National review has a number of good articles and you see how this ideology has just infiltrated everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, and I'm telling you what I think for a long time. There was this recognition within American conservative politics that the three legged stool reference by Pres. Reagan was what made conservatism strong and it was you had in a fiscal sanity you had the strong military and had moral values and I'm telling you more and more and more yes fine were on the pro-life train that's wonderful. But if you are now on the same train as the human rights campaign on gay-rights, then you're no longer moral values party now not impugning everybody in the Republican Party whatsoever and I don't want anybody writing to me and say what he would crazy look at the other site I know I know but what I'm saying is this is why it's so important to Christians that we are salt and light in this culture and that we can't just say yay were getting the pro-life stuff done and yea were getting some wins here on religious liberty. We have to fight on this issue to because I'm telling you when the equality act God for a bed passes the U.S. Congress and is signed into law.

Your life is in a change. Your church is going to change your Christian schools gonna change if it even is allowed to continue on as faithful to the Bible we have to wake up on this because this is what is going on and we need to pray for this country. We need to pray for these politicians and I think we need to be that force that God has called us to be as ambassadors for Jesus Christ on this issue as much as we are on the abortion issue in the religious liberty issue.

Just a reminder it's not that great out there was secular conservatism anymore comes moral values that stay with us. Are you in need of a healthcare program you're unlocking is a member of Liberty healthcare. You're part of a community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there is no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals.

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Although you don't call it X anymore because the motion picture Association, but that was to harshly call it NC-17 is basically an X-rated movie about 11-year-old girls and it is really pointed out some of the marketing is been a grotesquely socializing, but it's really just the latest example a demonstration of what we see is Netflix whose love affair with, sexualizing children with romanticizing rape and sexual assault glamorizing teen suicide you you wouldn't know Netflix and you have to scratch your head and wonder what is going on inside the corporate office. We know for sure it's sickening that when you say it's basically an X-rated movie without getting too graphic. What makes it X rated.

I mean, do we know much about the content of the spell networking is bad enough, but are is there nudity is there extreme sexualization and what we know. Well, we don't know a whole lot yet because it's just Melbourne down to be being released by Netflix so the content in order to be X-rated. It cannot be just violent. It is such an explicit account to be profane because profanity seems to get the no matter how harsh the profane words, it only gets an R rating so there must be, there must be such with the content, the likes of which was too much even for an hour that sex and little kids 11-year-old girls are involved in this and this is interesting to me.

Tim Netflix came out with this statement saying were deeply sorry for the inappropriate artwork that we used for cuties. It was not okay nor was it representative of this French film, which won an award at Sundance. We've now updated the pictures and description. So in in the same breath they're saying the artwork was the problem. But just remember this was an award-winning movie at Sundance and they're trying to shut us up and also defend themselves. It would seem at the same time, you, the argument seems to be that if it wins an award and you can't you can't criticize her for being inappropriate or indifferent the standard to which we are now being held. Heaven help us right well a lot of people were making the comment. I think they're right about this debt. By doing this by sexualizing little girls. This is just plain to predators and pedophiles. Would you agree with that word. When you think about the horrors of someone like Jeffrey Epstein, if you were to try to embark on a campaign to desensitize young girls so that they would be more readily accessible to being sexually abused. This is the type of things that he would try to brainwash somewhere in which one thing for Netflix to say well we apologize for the graphic myth of the of the marketing material, but it speaks nothing of the content of the film itself again. How do you take a movie is the entire story is supposed to be a coming-of-age of a lover of an 11-year-old girl sinking into an X-rated movie and MM apologize only for gosh be of the artwork that we used to market it is that is overly provocative. It is something that either is intended to desensitize us through the horrors of sexual exportation of children or to feed the predators who who thirst for right we can you give us a little glimpse into the other inappropriate content that Netflix has been feeding viewers to be mindful of your listeners unwanted from anybody just by telling you about some of the things they've done, but they seem to be on a path of of being happy to reap profit corporate profit in exchange for material that sexualize his children and really be a desensitize or humanizes a good glamorizing sexual assault.

Movie 365 days written 55 days ago another European film that the Netflix is taken some heat about because you're a woman is kidnaps, sexually assaulted, raped and held in bondage and she has 365 days to fall in love with her captor. Okay gotcha so that's that's how that's how love happens. That's how women should be should should learn to become attracted to a man you give us such as Holden kidnapped torquing on torture bondage and that's okay. It's not okay because how Netflix is is portraying you know at least defending this movie shows like sex education and big mouth we talked about big mouth like in the past is a cartoon that basically makes one of children going through. Puberty and all the all the things that happened during that time and trying to really explicit is really explicit solvent is a cartoon featuring children who were in middle school again who who would produce and pay for that type of material and who would be willing to distribute that type of material, but for someone who wants to to desensitize all of us to the horrors that the social provision is especially on children. Yeah, you're right about that.

Do we know who over Netflix is greenlining. This kind of child sexualization content. We don't know specifically, we do know that you know Reed Hastings and Ted Ferrando's are the two executives are now co-CEOs parents told him to hold his been working we've tried for years communicating with the senior executive leadership. We know they receive our messages but they've never answered one directly but what we've we've taken the next of this battlefront is to their Board of Directors. These are people who do not like the public scrutiny of the filled the light on them, but these are views of the bosses of the CEOs are members of the Board of Directors.

We know who they are.

We've been able to find mailing addresses for some of your whole mailing addresses and what were doing is we are hitting them with with FedEx delivered overnight so we have proof of delivery board were hitting these people now with calls for how can be there personally profiting from the sexual exploitation of children and women and how can they allow that to happen on their watch is a member of a public traded companies corporate Board of Directors.

Did you ever think years ago that it would ever get to this point. I mean, I know we talked about broadcast TV and there's enough bad stuff on broadcast TV, but then you up at to cable, now you're on the Netflix you just wonder how much more into the sewer. We can go. I mean this is shock you.

I know you seen everything that this is shock you that we are to this point in our culture, we are sexualizing 11-year-olds and when people by the thousands push back the network because our slogan to go ahead with it. Well, I could be discouraged but I am hopeful when you asked me what I've seen in a minute. In my mind and body are angry by what I've seen my shock to the answers yes we we we talk about a race to the bottom of it seems to have no bottom. There is even now daughter noticing this patrol stall yes is based on a four-year-old little girls based on motion picture about trolls by DreamWorks and there's a button on the doll in the genital area for you if you touch little girls general area. She giggles. This is the type of depravity that that some out there have how it's being greenlight and funded by corporate dollars.

I don't know but but what we do know is the greatest sanitizer in the world is sunlight and we must bring some light. We must bring public scrutiny onto those who allow these decisions to happen.

That's what we get up every morning and fight everyday lower grateful for you and I know you're calling on Netflix to remove cuties in this other horrible content.

What can parents do to back you up. Please come to your website, take action, add your voice to acquire the louder we can speak the more they're going to hear us and and by being silent.

You are basically it's an acclamation that this is okay this must not be okay, your website, parents, parents and sign the petition sign up for the alerts it's free, but please raise your voice and become involved don't look this become the new acceptable norm in all it was. Well that's very good. Again, you can go over to the parents television Council website.

I'll give it out once more.

It's parents and PTC does a fantastic job keeping us informed about what is out there that your kids could see on TV or in this case on Netflix.

It's important for us to stand against this much and were very grateful for Tim Winter and his crew over at the parents television Council team. Thank you so much. Great to have you here and we really appreciate the work that you do all right. God bless you. Thanks for being with us on chain of effort today will see you next time

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