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Janet - Mefferd - Today - David Closson (Biblical Principles for Human Sexuality)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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August 26, 2020 5:30 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - David Closson (Biblical Principles for Human Sexuality)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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August 26, 2020 5:30 am

Marxist revolutionaries and their willing political accomplices are intent upon destroying America, but have they ever considered what a communist "utopia" looks like in real life? We'll talk about it. Plus: As the sexual revolution descends into transgender madness and the redefinition of sex, how can Christians stand firm on God's design for male and female? I'll discuss it with the David Closson from the Family Research Council. That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet is our confidence is in Christ alone, I saw no again, the Republican national convention and things got off to a pretty strong start. I think on Monday night. It's kind of interesting them to go back to Monday night because I want to talk about something in particular that really corresponds to a lot of what Maximo Alvarez had to say what a star that man is I don't know if you had the chance to listen to his pretty short speech at the RNC but he is a Cuban immigrants. He came to the United States.

I think at the age of 13 and boy all he needed was that six minutes in order to drop a nuclear bomb of truth about communism having lived under it and having experience what he experience I want to play some the clips from that particular speech, but this just irritates me so much.

It doesn't surprise me anymore, but it irritates me every time we come along to something that is impressive and goes back to really underscore the importance of American values. You can be sure that AP will mess it up. The Associated Press that a couple of main stories having to do with Republican convention. So mention of Maximo Alvarez. Now let's see one of them was about to tromp tromping more Tromp never one to shy away from the spotlight.

Tromp showed. He'll be Omni present at the convention yet because you certainly wouldn't want to put forward your nominee because that's why you're there in the first place because you're gonna have a presidential election.

I mean, maybe you could recoup retort by saying well. The DNC couldn't very well put Joe Biden front and center every single night because they be afraid of what he would accidentally say that's just being true, isn't it what Joe's gonna say they have no idea what Joe's gonna say line dogface pony soldiers you know may be held look at the camera and insult everybody in the budget jumped up combat this guy is just he's a loose cannon so you could go down that road, but they never mention Maximo Alvarez and there's another story. Republican convention showcases rising stars dark warnings. It's all very pejorative.

It's all very insulting scrambling to find a message that sticks Tromp's team tried out multiple themes and tactics over the course of the nights okay yeah that's all there was, and am looking in vain did you mention Maximo Alvarez did you mention Maximo Alvarez know you didn't.

Why would you AP because I think of everybody who is featured on Monday. Maximo Alvarez was the best one. They were all good. They were all good to varying degrees, and I loved listening to all of the different people who talked but this one stood out. Why, because of the existential threat that is being posed to the United States at the moment, in the guise of socialism and communism. And don't get no way delayed by this idea that it's just not that bad. It is that bad. And the reason we know it's that bad is because we know how this story has played out in the last 100 years we have ample opportunity to pick up books or to watch videos or to watch movies or read memoirs of various types to know exactly how this story ends, and it never ends well. So I want to play a little bit of Maximo Alvarez's speech because I have more to say on this whole subject of communism, but he is the founder of sunshine gasoline and just such a strong speaker talking about what's going on in the United States right now he mentions the fact that the other side is.

He says the Democrats.

He accuses of only wanting power for themselves, not power for the people, but the Cuban people who escape communism under Fidel Castro saw things differently listen to: speaking to you today because I have seen people like this before. I've seen movements like this before seen ideas like this before, but I am here to tell you cannot let them take over our country heard the promises of Fidel Castro. I can never forget all those who grew up around me, let me suffer start died because they believe those empty promises. They swallow the Communist Party's Imperial. If you have a chance over the freedom forward in Miami stubbornly said, you can still hear the sounds of those broken promises is the sound of waves in the ocean covering families blinking residual would families with children who can swim willing to risk everything to reach these Bressler.

It is the sound of tears hitting the papered of an application to become an American citizen.

That's very gripping a really as you know, it reminded me when he was making reference to people in Cuba who were so desperate to get to the United States that they cling to pieces of wood and these small little boats and no it was no no guarantee that they were in a make it alive and I thought about what people said during 9/11 when they looked at those people who were leaping from the 98th floor of the World Trade Center as the towers were burning and they said how bad is it up there that jumping was the better option and you could apply that to this situation. How bad was it in Cuba that these people would rather get into tiny little boats and risk being lost at sea just to escape it. Do any of these activists or riders or looters or hangers on, or Democrat drones in the streets of our cities in Kenosha or Portland or Seattle or anywhere else did they ever stop and asked that question how bad must it have been in Cuba for people to risk their lives to get in these tiny boats in order to get to the United States. What was it that went on there that was so horrific I don't know but I did you like my Che Guevera T-shirt.

It's so cool. My favorite celebrity wears one that's about as deep as it goes. Which is exactly why AP doesn't want kids and younger generations of Americans who don't remember communism to hear a speech like this, but I'm in a play more of it because here Maximo Alvarez describes those Cubans who once believed the empty promises. This is cut to most heard.

Unlike the promises but soon after the experience the reality look at them listen to them learn the truth. Promises spread the wealth free education, free healthcare from the police.

Socially, stayed more than your family and your community a long song radical to my ears. The sound familiar. Fidel Gosch was asked if he was a communist city, was a Roman Catholic. She knew he had to hide the truth but the country was warning is gone.

Totally destroyed or worse than losing Seattle, Chicago, Portland and other cities when they see the history being written read everything.

When I hear the promises of her articles of here it goes off before my life. I never wanted to hear again I see shadows I thought of how daughter while is that incredible Castro are you communist. Now I'm a Catholic.

Okay what about liberation theology but about the Marxist roots of liberation theology in the Roman Catholic Church. This is the problem. Joe Biden's faith, saying that Biden is a committed communist or a member of the Communist Party secretly or anything like that but he sure willing to oversee a party moving in that direction as any party that's already embraced socialists like Bernie Sanders and socialist like Alexandra Casey Cortez and L Hannah Omar right whose real talking about all these kinds of things and anti-Semitism in look at all that the this party is embracing and you see exactly where it's headed, and then listen to what Maximo Alvarez says about what America means to him.

This is so moving. Listen to cut three my parents only wanted one person beside my feet meet with some body member of some government official. Some bureaucrat in America would decide my own future. I am so grateful to America. The blaze word I was able to build my American dream through hard work and determination precedent from Knowles.

The American story was written by people just like you and I love our country, the risks to be in the future for our families and neighbors.

I may be a Cuba mourn what I am 100% American. This is the greatest country in the world. I said this before I give away everything that I have to get it would not equal 1% for that was given when I became convinced great country of ours. The gift of freedom so hard not to cry about. I heard it several times now, but it's really hard not to cry. You are a real American Maximo Alvarez you really are and you represent so many other people who fled here knowing this is the greatest country in the world and knowing that you would receive freedom and opportunity here and to be in this country and to see Americans try to take it away from other Americans. Not gonna happen not happen by the grace of God were to come back. There's more to come. Hi this is Kirk Cameron and I am honored to be partnering with the ministry of pre-born to help moms choose life actor Kirk Cameron supports pre-born.

My four oldest children were adopted. That is because of caring and compassionate people who help those young mothers choose life. My wife is an adopted child and her birth mother chose life for her if it weren't for those caring individuals that help those young moms of value. The sacredness of life.

I wouldn't have my wife I wouldn't have my four adopted children and the true natural born children that we have wouldn't exist either.

My whole family is here because of people that are involved with ministries like freeborn freeborn funds pregnancy centers across the nation so they can offer free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies. Ultrasound is a game changer because when abortion minded women actually see their babies in their wombs for themselves. 80% of the time they choose life, would you please join us at Janet Mefford today to support the ministry of pre-born for $140 you can provide five free ultrasounds to women in crisis pregnancies. One ultrasound is just $28 and every gift helps to donate please call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to All gifts are tax-deductible, and 100% of your gift goes directly toward saving babies, you can get involved and you can help save a life for a gift of $140.05 free ultrasounds will be offered to women in crisis pregnancies.

Please call now with your gift. 855402, baby. That's 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to Janet Mefford today. And no, here's Joe Macri, have you with us were talking communism and we have to we have to talk about communism and it's interesting to see how the liberal media is responding to some of what has been discussed already during the course of the RNC Maximo Alvarez, who is the founder of sunshine gasoline distributors spoke on Monday nights, but I wanted to go back and listen to some of what he had to say because the mainstream media really didn't want to hear what he had to say this is a Cuban immigrant who came to the United States with his parents when he was 13 lived under Castro heard the empty promises heard the lie upon lie upon lie Fidel Castro. I'm not a communist on the Catholic okay no worries here as long as you're Catholic. That means you can't be a communist.

You listen to this man because these survivors of communist regimes in my mind are the people who are to be plat formed at the very top of every discussion about the future of America.

We need to hear these testimonies folks again and again and again and I am so grateful that this man was willing to stand up and say what he said because there were millions of us who needed to hear it. Even if we already know it.

Even if we already agree with him. We need to hear it. But more than that.

The millions of Americans who haven't a clue about communism needed to hear it and I thought it was worth rebroadcasting. So if you have not had the opportunity to hear it. You can hear it for yourself and you can pass it along to others because everybody needs to hear this, and especially these young people who are so enamored with this socialist utopia idea, and these these people have no idea what's to come. I want to play one more cut from Maximo Alvarez speaking at the RNC because this is a battle that Americans have to fight if we are to save our country listen to cut four.

Right now it is up most of the site are free to choose freedom over oppression precedent from he's fighting the forces of monarchy and communism I know who continued to do just got what about his open on the wrist of the 261. I have no doubt that will harm the country over to those dangerous forces you what I will decide on. Here's what I've decided my decision is very easy to choose precedent from because I choose America choose freedom close to hear my God there is no place to go. Thank you Lord bless America can a set a better there's nowhere else to go. And that's why you stay and fight not only because of the history and the legacy of the United States as being a beacon of hope and freedom for people from all over the world refugees from communist countries like Maximo Alvarez, but also because we have children and we have grandchildren, and we have a reason to preserve this nation as it was handed down to us because there is nowhere else to go. There's nowhere else to go. Where would you go, where would you go. Sure you could come up with some other small country name. Now maybe we go to some Caribbean island maybe we could go over here somewhere in Asia, or what have you really are you going to escape the clutches of communism in most places in the globe. Or maybe you could select a nice country where you could live under sharia law that would be another form of totalitarianism not that enjoyable would it be. That's why you have people from all over the world wanting to come here and that's why you see all of these people who are embracing socialism not leaving you know if you love it so much moved in North Korea AOC.

She's not doing that. Why she not doing that because this is the mindset you gotta destroy you gotta destroy you gotta destroy.

This brings me to my next point. When I look and see some of the footage of what I'm seeing in Kenosha for example, are these these thoughts are going into restaurants and ordering white people to put up their fists in this solidarity with black power in all the images the harassment and that that the destroying of businesses and killing people and kicking people in the head and the blood in all of this is just destroying and I feel like taking some of these younger kids assign same. What you going to get that's better what you think.

This all ends.

You think you're going to get into some kind of wonderful global paradise that you had to achieve like this what you think in life is going to be like on the other side of the American dream want to give you a taste of what it's like, because I dug up this final report to the national Council for Soviet and East European research. This was a report that came out on the quality of life in the Soviet Union. This was dated 1984 November 1984 the contractor was the research foundation of the city University of New York on behalf of Queens College, so this is a very interesting report you can read it all. It's about 50 pages long.

If you want to look it up online, but there in that this is from the executive summary and I think it's instructive for people to hear at least a portion of this.

So if you are one of those people who somehow thinks that your wonderful commie paradise is going to turn out differently this time than it ever did in Cuba or the Soviet Union. I may want to disabuse you of your notion that your life is going to get better. Here's an example.

While the Soviet Union has long trumpeted the superiority of its economic system. This standard of living is still far below prevailing Western and East European levels in 1976.

For example, the Soviet standard of living was one third the American level and somewhat less than half the level of France and West Germany. The relatively low standard of living in the Soviet Union can be traced to the fact that the Soviet government spends a considerably smaller share of its GNP on consumption than most West and East European nations. The Soviet Union has traditionally neglected its consumer sector and this has resulted in chronic shortages of consumer goods and services and food supplies stick so you can go to your local restaurant. There will be any food when he taste something I've talked before about having visited the Soviet Union as a Russian student in high school to study Russian in high school and college went to the USSR.

You have to stand in line for a long time.

They're not kidding you have to stand in line for a long time to get food and we did have the experience of standing in line for food and by the time we got to the front of the line they had run out there. Not kidding about this. Moreover, they say Soviet wage scales require consumers to devote about two thirds of their earnings to basic necessities such as food and clothing. Let me ask you little activist on the streets of Portland.

Are you spending two thirds of your earnings on food and clothing, I would bet you're not maybe your dad and mom are funding your activism on the streets in your living in the basement rent-free. But you're not can have such a good time under communism. Thus, not only is the Soviet standard of living relatively low as compared to the West, but Soviet consumption patterns are also quite backward and resemble those of developing nations more closely than industrialized nations because the Soviet Union maintains a shortage economy where consumption is restricted in favor of investment. Soviet consumers often find it difficult to purchase the items they want regardless of their disposable income like fun social services such as healthcare and education are provided ostensibly free by the state but through taxes and other hidden charges.

Soviet consumers pay for almost half of all free services they going to say, like any other nation. The Soviet Union contains many poor people, but this Soviet poverty sector is surprisingly large. Given the Soviet government's concern with its image is a socialist welfare state, using Soviet estimates of minimum family income requirements. It appears that the average family.

In 1965 existed in a state of poverty. The average family existed in a state of poverty, a large number of surveys conducted during the 1960s revealed that as many as 1/4 or 1/3 of the urban working class lived below the poverty line and since rural wages are about 10% lower than urban wages and rural inhabitants account for about 35% of the Soviet population. The total number of poor people in the Soviet Union was perhaps 40% of the entire population. Communism will bring everybody down. It does not lift you up into some sort of 1% Nirvana dumb dumb is on the streets you not to get a better life under communism, you're going to get more poverty under communism.

You lose your freedom. You lose your way of life.

Are you insane. According to Soviet ideology. The socialist economic system should put an end to the alienation of labor and poor working conditions. However, aside from the low wages paid to most Soviet workers, Soviet working conditions leave much to be desired. According to even Soviet sources so your workplace isn't going to be a Nirvana either one of the Soviet Union's most impressive consumer achievements has been the creation of 2.2 million housing units per year since 1957. Despite this tremendous amount of construction though the demand for new housing far exceeds supply. Soviet citizens still suffer from the poorest housing conditions in any industrialized nation primarily because so many families do not have private apartments will wait a minute that's another sign of communist living. You don't have private apartments. The wait for a new apartment may last up to 10 years or more. If one is not sponsored by an influential organization or cannot find another family willing to engage in a housing exchange. Moreover, housing has become increasingly stratified in the Soviet Union and identifiable housing classes have emerged at what I healthcare healthcare in the Soviet Union is also highly stratified and the best medical care is typically reserved for privileged few privileged cephalic quality to you. The Soviet medical system is divided into a series of networks which serve different segments of the population. According to one's position in Soviet society and by the way it's plagued by chronic shortages of most healthcare materials.

This is your glorious future activists in the streets. I hope you're enjoying setting fires and destroying people's businesses that they built despite what former Pres. Obama would say, those people built those businesses. Those people who are contributing to our economy are the ones who are making America great because they are working and earning and saving and raising families and making America a place of opportunity for everybody and you would take it all away for what to have a worse life to have a poverty-stricken life to take your take your freedoms from you take freedom from your children and your grandchildren. And here is the bottom line when it does happen, where you can echo where you going to go when you're communist paradise comes to fruition. Where will you go I have a better idea.

Why don't we as God's people, those who love the Lord Jesus Christ and know that his gift of freedom and liberty was given to us as Americans fight to preserve it and do everything we can to preserve it by his grace and pray that the Lord will give us the opportunity once more to continue on in this great land of the free will be back this archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or Janet you're listening to Joe Mefford today. You welcome back.

It is no secret that in the last few decades, our nation has witnessed the unraveling of Christian moral views concerning marriage and the family and sexuality, but it isn't just the secular culture that's to blame for it.

We also see theologically liberal churches and denominations questioning God's fundamental design for male and female, and introducing deadly error into the minds of Americans who believe their false interpretations of Scripture.

But how should those of us who love and serve Jesus Christ faithfully respond to these challenges or to talk it over today with David Clawson, who serves as the director of Christian ethics in biblical worldview at the family research Council, and he has just written a great new called biblical principles for human sexuality survey of culture, Scripture and church history David so good to have you here. How are you doing doing well. Thanks for having me back on Janet. Well it's great to talk to you again so we have had this recent court decision. This boss dog decision of the Supreme Court in which now you have five justices deciding that we can redefine sex at what we can put in a gender identity and gender oriented sexual orientation and gender identity now can be protected classes in federal civil rights law.

This we are in times that are almost off the charts in terms of weirdness, wouldn't you say. I mean, how much further is this going to dissent before it reaches the bottom will not already at the bottom a scary thought thinking what could be worse referencing the Bostock decision that would be provided earlier this summer by the Supreme Court. That's one of the things that prompted this publication because it really is true that in such a short amount of time the really the whole moral framework that undergirds Western culture has been upended how others beliefs about the family, marriage, human sexuality, and of things that have an accepted and held for thousands of years and are only seen as dangerous but are seen as bigoted and subversive and that I really is what has motivated highly motivated me to write this publication to help Christians think through these be these issues.

Marriage human sexuality because increasingly even pastors are afraid to address these issues from the pulpit but right now when you know these questions are being debated in the public square. We need to be thinking deeply and intelligently about what Scripture says about what the church is historically thought about the question that is totally right and getting a backbone because I think that this publication really helps remind Christians hey listen you're on the same course.

The church is always been on. This is not something that we've ever seen before, necessarily, but when we stick to biblical principles on the design. God has for marriage and family.

We are on God's side. Let's talk a little bit about some of these cultural developments that you discuss in your publication that really pave the way for this moral revolution because I think this is really instructive for a lot of Christians were saying what what is going on here. You talk about the rise of urbanization that offered new opportunities for anonymity, and I think that's an interesting twist. Can you explain what that's all about and how that kinda set the stage for where we are now.

Yet a good question. My thinking a lot of people looking around today thinking oh my goodness, what happened, but you can't just point to a burger so the decision to legalize same-sex marriage in 2015, you know, we are only the tail end of a long trajectory think one of those factors is urbanization, which offered new opportunities for anonymity in effect in 1800 so just over 20 years ago.

Only 7% of the world population lived in cities today that the 5% and five think the hand of the community-based accountability that exist, and rural and less populated areas. On the other there, but the file check, you could say on premarital or extramarital affairs. But now you know with the anonymity that comes in a large population centers lowers the chance of discovery of lower the chance of exposure and is allowed more opportunity for temptation that that that's one of several factors. I think over the last couple hundred years. Obviously, the arrival of birth control.

The relaxation of certain laws. Move food decreasing power that Christianity have on who probably all of those things kinda stand in the background of what we've seen the last 20 years, which is just been an acceleration of the jettisoning of Christian morality and the embrace of what I call the moral revolution right so you take away that built-in I would say accountability that you might have in a small town if I do such and such mom's best friend will see me and tell my mom. You know those sorts of things where people know me in town.

I can get away with the same sorts of things I could get away with. If I were in a city, then you get into the issue of birth control and this is really important when you're talking about the advancements in contraceptive technology. This not only enabled people to fornicate without necessarily a pregnancy resulting but also separated sax is something that is confined to marriage in a covenant context.

Why is that such an important thing in you know, getting us to where we are now so you know of Adam and Eve, you know, sacrament the possibility of children and was, an unnatural, you could say biological check on sexual morality. However, with the arrival of birth control in on the minds of many people. They can engage in sexual behavior and sexual acts of risk-free without thinking that you know the children could could result from this and always win a lot of her birth control are actually not foolproof that many would want you to think. But again with the urbanization, the new opportunities for anonymity in this new technology, such as birth control has I think been another factor in lowering the Lee moral code that really is governed sexual ethics for hundreds of years and it is one of the factors behind what we see today with the sexual freedom is championed by so many on the left. That's right.

In these important Supreme Court decisions Griswold versus Connecticut also Eisenstein V Baird in 1972. These were really key decisions on the way to row and of course by the time we got legalized abortion that you know everything kind of exploded because now if you actually do have an accidental consequence if that's what you want to call your child. You can just get rid of your child and that's perfectly fine under American law is right to Griswold was that first court case were Brooke told me to bring portal decided 1960, fall 65. The other one 1972 legalize birth control for non-married couple and like you just bug you said that the and that will pave the way for the Roe V Wade case which again has a view of the human person and this person who has no constraints, can do what they want without the purview of the morality again.

Then, held cultures and societies and communities together force entries beforehand and so that they can apply call the moral revolution of these things that you not talk about the dominate the public policy discussions were having today haven't just been around since the last 20 years, and since Oberg told how to view.

We we're reaping. You could say the whirlwind of decade long march to where we find ourselves today. Totally true. And you know what comes to mind is when you think about how technology has impacted all of these issues. You now have IVF and you have surrogacy and these sorts of things have made it.

For example easy for two homosexual men to say were to have a baby or two homosexual women were to have a baby we can redefine family because we have the technological capacity to create children outside of a man and a woman being married very true. And you know the student of Christian ethics. We know followed a lot of the stuff and I am afraid that the churches would have been kind of left behind when it caught a comes to thinking deeply about sexual ethics when it comes to thinking about surrogacy when it comes to thinking IVF when it comes to thinking about contraceptive. It contraception, whether you know the Bible would allow for some of the things I think that that's where as believers who believe the Bible is authoritative. We need to think deeply about the fingerling in the fluoride challenge pastors to to speak prophetically to the thing we know and hear about them from Hollywood to hear about them from the media.

30 hear about them from the secular elite to dominate our school system is about my challenge and again in this publication that were talking about that I just wrote it is time I believe her pastors to speak to these issues again not to give their opinion. But the fact is that Scripture speaks then to a lot of these issues. Nothing about a description of the speed IVF in surrogacy, but it does provide a moral framework to think about the purposes and the nature of marriage and in human sexuality, absolutely, I want to get into it to take a break will come back to Dave Clawson's on the family research Council listening to Janet Pfeffer today. Are you in need of a healthcare program you're unlocking is a member of Liberty help share your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses. You can sign up throughout the year. With membership starting as early as the following month and there are no contracts or commitments program start as low as $349 per month and there is no network so you can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Liberty help share is a nonprofit ministry not insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals who understand the importance of people coming together to bear one another's burdens. Find out that's Liberty help.or/JMP or call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561.

This is the story of a young mounting crisis who felt alone and desperate when finding out she was pregnant after meeting with the counselors at freeborn and seeing her baby on an ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat.

She knew that life was the best choice may change completely from their lesson the first and a visit. It's a fact. When a mom in crisis sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat. 8/10 times, shall choose life for her baby and little goblins along need to just fill in mind this is late at freeborn is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the United States one ultrasound costs just $28, or five ultrasounds are hundred and $40. Would you please consider helping us to support pre-born in the cause for life to donate, just call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229. All gifts are tax-deductible. That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to him. I'm really glad to see this publication just out from David Clawson of the family research Council, where he serves as director of Christian ethics in biblical worldview. This is called biblical principles for human sexuality survey of culture Scripture and church history. We have got to do a fantastic job as Christians in standing for God's design for male and female marriage, the family and human sexuality, one of the things that we are talking about a little bit David before we went to the last break was all of these milestones along the way of the sexual revolution that have brought us to where we are now which also I want to touch on this before we get into some of what Scripture has to say about all of this is fourth development you mention is Christianity's loss of cultural influence that along the way as all these things were happening and I think a lot of us feel like this Christians yelling into the wind. Hey wait a minute don't seem to be listened to, very much. It's like in your your archaic your kinda caveman you guys don't really matter anymore why why why why do we see this happening all about action absolutely will be been seen. Janet and I think you're a great example of what happens when the church loses its influence third me know. 20, 50 years down the road from where we are right now culture tell us right now it's 7%. Only 7% of Americans actually have a biblical worldview which increasingly means less and less people understand basic Christian convictions, which means that with the Bible teaches about men and women. The exclusivity and permanence of marriage. God's design and purpose respects. Those are increasingly seen as strange and then you have whole denominations of theological liberal denominations. The head for generations held the line on biblical sexuality completely cave and so I think that's what you know you and you see so few Christians understand what the Bible teaches about these issues is easy for Christians to be swayed by what they're hearing on TV and with her hearing in the media and it's unfortunate but I think one of the reasons we seen such a bending of biblical morality in this country is that so few people actually know what the Bible teaches about issues related to human sexuality.

That's totally true and that's why were seeing a lot more churches and denominations fall on this issue and get things wrong and actually promotes serious error to their congregations when they should be lifting up the word of God. Let's talk about some of these key passages that really define sexuality and marriage. Let's talk about marriage, for example, Genesis 1 and two. Obviously lay out the foundation for marriage. Why are these important verses in important passages for us to really wrap our heads around a great question Janet. Genesis 1 into the first two chapters of the Bible really lays out God design in God's plan for marriage. You know, really need to think about the marriage of the pre-fall reality of man's fall, and that happened in Genesis 3, but Meredith instituted in Genesis 1 and two we learn from those early patches past due.

The marriage of the permanent exclusive sacred covenant that is created by God is built into the very fabric of creation and nothing but one of the most important verses to understand what the Bible teaches about marriage is Genesis 224 to 25 which says that a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife. They shall become one flesh. It was really interesting that when you fast-forward to the New Testament whenever Jesus whenever Paul reflects and talks and teaches about marriage. They constantly and repeatedly" verbatim. Genesis 224 through 25 about a bath in important verse for any Christian wanting to formulate a theology of marriage but to return to again and again you will rights and it's very clear who is to get married a man and a woman for multiple reasons, but those two verses those passages chapters in Scripture are very instructive. I think if you go back and just read them and say will wait a minute, why did God create a woman should be a helper to the man and he came out of as she came out of his side and got you know all of the basics that we all learned in Sunday school. I think bear repeating because I think people are so inundated with his LGBT ideology that sometimes we forget what we already know absolute truth. We we need to reiterate this, coming and going, and this is what Jesus and Paul did when Jesus was talking about marriage in Matthew 19 verse six heating quotient of 224 and he said of the man and woman are no longer two but one flesh. Speaking about the one flesh union between a husband and a wife that is unitive that has procreative potential, and in Scripture is just so clear about this, and it teaches you know openly for us who do follow due this marriage relationship ultimately represents the relationship of Jesus having the bride, the church sounds a marriage is ultimately beautiful picture of the gospel do, how we can be reunited with God and have a relationship with him so so the marriage imaging Scripture is absolutely vital to understanding Scripture at large really well, that's right. And then of course we have all the passages in Scripture that condemn homosexuality is an abomination, no matter how much they twist those passages. There they are, and yet I hear a lot from these activists were Jesus never addressed homosexuality so clearly Jesus doesn't mind many sorts of things.

As you mentioned before Jesus continually goes back and references. The early passages that you mentioned in Genesis, but also he upheld the Old Testament law mean he is God and he is the word of God and by him all things were created, he is the second person of the Trinity.

So clearly the Old Testament is his word is much as the New Testament is absolutely absolutely clear New Testament clear. Romans one. First Corinthians 6. Non-explicitly condemns homosexuality the departure from God. For sexuality and yet hold you the and explicitly talk about sexuality. He clearly teaches and reaffirms the Old Testament teaching on marriage and is an old the first century Jew. He clearly understood what the Old Testament taught about marriage. He reaffirmed the creation pattern for marriage of one about the publication is in Mark 10 when Jesus will ask a question about divorce and what if you knew you were given respond by quoting Old Testament Scripture and says, but from the beginning of creation God made them male and female. Therefore, man shall leave his father and mother hold fast to life with two shall become one flesh no longer two but one flesh. According to D.

Couple, they shouldn't divorce because marriage that one flesh relationship of one man and one woman enter into and so the idea that Jesus would countenance a departure point Old Testament Scripture purely clearly teaches is just simply a faithful reading of the text and wanted no interpreter. Scripture has helped to other than the last couple of years. When you have revisionists trying to reinterpret Scripture to conform to cultures new standards for morality exactly that is an excellent point and this kinda goes along with what you also bring up in your publication, which is that the church has history on its side. This is new I mean prior to the year 2000. Nobody ever suggested a concept of gay marriage even when homosexuality has, you know, proliferated throughout history at various times.

Nobody was saying we should allow two men to get married in the way that a man and woman can get married so you encourage biblically faithful Christians right now in this era that you know what you talk about being on the right side of history. Biblically faithful Christians are on the right side of history that absolutely right Janet and wanted things in the new publication people confided that I spent some time to study in the old text of the church, but you have people are truly in Augustine origin in every leader of the early church explicitly explain what they believe. Marriage was and what human sexuality was the super Christians who might be discouraged that they're in the minority really not standing in a long line of faithful believers who have bought gone before them 2000 years in the Christian tradition who have taught that marriage is the relation between a man and woman that points the relationship with Jesus and his church, and I think that there's just a lot of confidence, especially of the Protestant tradition who might not be as connected to our tradition to realize that the churches have one voice when it comes to marriage and sexuality absolutely. How important is it, would you say David for pastors to get into the pulpit and preach this, take these passages and preach about this to strengthen the church at an hour the like were facing it. The matter of faithfulness. The Bible speaks to these issues. Pastors I believe are obligated to speak to them very clearly and again is not getting on the pulp and giving your own opinion. It's giving of the day of the Lord, and if Scripture speaks to these issues, we as followers of Jesus must speak to them clearly as well.

God thus saith the Lord.

That's what we need for server and you can be helped out by checking out the family research Council publication authored here by David Clawson called biblical principles for human sexuality survey of culture, Scripture and church history it worldview, David. People should look at/worldview okay very good and you can read for yourself just excellent material so helpful.

If you are a pastor. This will really help you go back and bring this important biblical data to your congregation and strengthen them in the Lord, thus saith the Lord.

David Klassen, thank you so much for being here was a delight to talk to you again and God bless you for doing this great work goblet thank you so much Janet you better.

Thanks a lot David for being here, and thank you for listening to Janet Baffert today. It's a privilege to be with you every single day. Really appreciate you tuning in and help you do so next time unless he was the

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