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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Daniel Mahoney (Political Change) Oren Cass (Economics)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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September 2, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Daniel Mahoney (Political Change) Oren Cass (Economics)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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September 2, 2020 5:00 am

What happens when a culture embraces a religion of humanity and corrupts Christianity with visions of radical political change and social justice? I'll talk it over with Daniel Mahoney, executive editor of Perspectives on Political Science, as we discuss his book, "The Idol of Our Age." Plus: Have our policymakers abandoned the American worker? I'll talk it over with Oren Cass, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and author of the book, "The Once and Future Worker: A Vision for the Renewal of Work in America." That and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or, our confidence is in Christ alone is sort of happens rather than Christianity. We've often discussed the influences of the Enlightenment or postmodernism on our society. But what is to be understood about this humanitarianism that has increasingly taken hold and has begun to corrupt Christianity itself with visions of radical political change and social justice were to talk about this today with Prof. Daniel Mahoney.

He holds the Augustine share and distinguished scholarship at Assumption College he's executive editor of perspectives on political science and book review editor of society and today we will be discussing his book called the idol of our age, how the religion of humanity subverts Christianity and is great to hear Prof. Mahoney how are you great program.

Thank you. It's great to have you here now I guess we begin with a definition of humanitarianism for those who might say I'm not really sure what that would be how do you define it you know what we ultimately put religion of humanity which is a phrase from August called from the 19th century brotherhood humanitarianism because I didn't want to be misunderstood as I recently reported an interview. I'm not critiquing any of the doctors without Borders or philanthropic work or supporting the cash of the good Samaritan were central to all Christians, amount of goodwill humanitarianism. I really mean an approach to society that emphasizes this worldly change sometimes of a very radical and utopian character that completely forgets or more or less forgets the transcendent dimensions of Christian moral witness so humanitarians often emphasize radical social change instead of personal virtue, moreover, true deference to God's will that kind of thing, and often show what tremendous lie we tell you about human nature.

You know what ignoring the sinful and imperfect nature of man short of the consummation of God's kingdom and often show what terrible indulgence toward left-wing totalitarian regimes. We all know for certain religious types of all Christian and Jewish communities who showed indulgence toward left-wing charities book to try to the Soviet Union of the old shop, so this religion of humanity IRQ was actually a very self-conscious replacement for the Christian faith.

But more and more has in fact infiltrated Christian self understanding now. Yes I noticed that very much so so what would be the roots of this. Obviously there are a lot of different subcategories I would say probably have the same impulse, but when you're talking about humanitarianism or the religion of humanity. You mention comps.

But what the roots of humanitarians humanitarianism. How far back would you go well, you know, I think we are trained or suggested in witnesses great anti-Communist memoir that in some sense this temptation to make man the measurable things goes back to the Garden of Eden. Yes to permanent human temptation, but I would say you know in your opening you mentioned your discussions about social justice and enlightenment. Radical currents of modernity and I think there's been a tendency in enlightenment port model if it much of it to you know toward what Alexander Solzhenitsyn calls anthropocentric human is amazing man in the center of all things, and forgetting that the human person has to show deference to a higher order communal and older above the human will match you know we make man sovereign. We we really and fight purity over you would be the very idea of limits and restraints is jettisoned so I would say that of course my book I talk about people like August called for the 19th century pantheists and progressive's who really did openly say we gotta replace revealed religion with the religion of humanity where man is the highest thing in the universe there are multiple sources.

It's an old human temptation, but I think under conditions of modernity is always a tendency to radicalize which legitimate in modern thought and take it to a terrible extreme right and when we have the history of the 20th century.

For example, those who are reigniting socialistic impulses, we can point back to the old Soviet Union, the Iron Curtain, the Berlin wall. We have all kinds of examples of the sailed attempt to make communism this great new utopia for mankind and a lot of Americans.

I think that I talked to have said, I don't understand why people are going back to this failed philosophy but would you equate socialism with humanitarianism or would you say there is two separate things. Well I would say that socialism is one powerful modern reflection of humanitarians.

Not all secular humanitarians are socialist but I think socialism with its sort of an inordinate emphasis on radical societal changes attraction to political utopianism which tendency what socialist tended to place an almost sacred value on imminent political change and forget that no political order. Even the most legitimate or decent is capable of satisfying the ultimate yearnings of human being.

So yes, I think there's an intimate connection between socialism and humanitarians right now who would you say are the biggest purveyors of humanitarianism in our day, especially in the United States with there be some key figures that you would identify now I don't know if I want to name names, exactly, but I do see no mention both in the Catholic and Protestant communities in the Catholic community for long time we've had us a certain wing of the church and partly represented by the present pontiff that is too attracted the liberation theology and political radicalism and you know when and really forgets as I said before the full with nature of man and the need for you know will show poor understanding of human nature. I think there are certain progressives in the liberal Protestant community, and increasingly in the evangelical community who just have the sort of reflexive understanding of social justice which you know to come back to our previous discussion rather na´vely identifies justice with socialism or state centralization has unreasonable expectations of the ability of radical political change to somehow establish if not a perfect human community. At least something that is more or less idyllic, so I think the I think the temptation is widespread in the churches.

Also, there's an there's just an openly atheistic manifestation of humanitarianism with the new way to use an offer that takes the form you know you know people like Dawkins and these others were materialists of the first-order and they yeah they really turned science and students into scientism. You know, make claims for scientific understanding that goes way beyond what is reasonable as opposed to scientific knowledge or scientific understanding but will be making the love that you don't become very destructive human dignity Lot Know I Think Humanitarianism in Some Senses Title My Book Suggest Is the Idol of the Age. This and My Deepest Concern Is That Our Coreligionists More and More Confused.

The True Message of the Gospel of the Moral Law with a Counterfeit Version That Really Has Lost Sight of the Transcendental Dimensions of Typical Faith Yeah and You're so Right about That Because You See It As You Mentioned from the Roman Catholic Perspective You See in the Kids That You Have the Catholic Wing You See It in Liberal Mainline Protestantism and in Evangelical Circles As Well and I Think of Late. We Can A Lot Of Evangelical Say Why Is Social Justice Becoming a Thing in Traditionally Conservative Evangelical Circles Will I Guess It's Just the Same Idol of the Age Just Seeping into Different Institutions Somewhere in the Opening of My Book, I Say, What Does the Word Social and to the Word Justice. Justice Is a Noble Thing Imperative of Any Free and Decent Society but the Adjective Social Is Very Murky and It Seems to Suggest the Need for What I Call Doctrinaire Egalitarianism. You Know, I Think We Have To Live As Christians and As Men and Women of Goodwill. We Have an Obligation to the Poor and to the Least Advantage, but to Identify That Na´vely and Dogmatically with Socialism You Know Economic Redistribution Some Time to Level Society Terrible What I Love That You and Let's Take a Break Will Come Back. Prof. Daniel Mahoney. His Book Is Called the Idol of Our Angel Return Right after This.

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Call Now 855402 Baby 855-402-2229 or There's a Banner to Click and Chant You're Listening to You for Today. Thanks for Joining Us and It's Great to Have with Us Prof. Daniel Mahoney and He Is the Author of the Idol of Our Age, How the Religion of Humanity Subverts Christianity. He Is Also the Augustine Chair and Distinguish Scholarship Assumption College Really Good Question. I Think Prof. When You Asked the Question What Is the Word Social Add to the Word Justice, and This Is a Really Important Point I Hadn't Really Thought about It like That but Certainly Any Christian Who Holds to the Bible Will Understand the Need for Justice.

We Serve a Just God and We Are to You Know We Live out Justice in Our World and Bring Justice People in Our Courts and All the Rest. What Do You Think They Put Social in Front of Justice Do We Know What the Origin Is There.

Well You Know Actually You Italian Jesuit Priest in the 1840s That Really Does That Was Likely a Rally Was Initially You Wish to Simply Remind Us That There Was What the Classics Called a Need for Commutative Justice, but There Has To Be, You Know an Element of Fairness and Equity and Social Arrangements, but I Think in the Course of the Next Hundred Years, and Shortly in the Last 50 Years, More and More to Me That Radical or Absolute Equality Is a Precondition of Justice Order for Precondition Even of the Christian Faith in the Hike. I Think That's a Terrible Mistake and Others Are There so You Catholic Cardinal Named Sarah, Who Grew up in Equatorial Guinea People Don't Much Know Much about This, but It Was a Country That Had a Kind of Pot Socialist Regime in the 70s and 80s That Killed Millions of Hundreds of Thousands of People and Cardinal Sarah Always Says Will Not Confuse the Gospel Which Summoned Herod to Absolute Equality Because You Know That Desire for an Unreasonable Equality Can Lead to Terrible Violence and Coercion She Experienced in West Africa under a Marxist-Leninist Regime, and He Compares You Know Some Christians Were Taken in by Transgender Russo.

It's Done in the Name of Fairness or Equality, but It Really Involves a Fundamental Denial That There Such a Thing Is Human Nature.

God-Given Nature Know We We Have We.

We Have Five People My Students. For Example, I Teach the Roman Catholic College and Half My Students Believe That We Are Absolutely Free to Choose Our Own Gender Which Is Really Appalling You outside of the Law.

If You Know This Much More Truth in Genesis's Claim That God Made Us Male and Female in the Region of Transgender Ideology Success.

Over 72 Human Created Genders That We Can Freely Choose What Will Dance a Huge Number of Students Who Believe but It's across the Board. I Mean, They're All Kind Yeah Another Kind of Different Subject, but It's a Related Phenomenon. I've Done Some Work with a Really Wonderful Organization in Washington Called the Victims of Communism Memorial Love Them I Love Them There Beautiful. They Are Speaking for Them on College Campuses and They Do an Annual Poll of Millennial's about Their Attitudes about Socialism and Communism, and It Is Appalling the Percentage of Young People.

For Example, Can't Identify North Korea As a Communist State but Also in a Recent Poll They Did 30% of Young People Said George Bush, George W. Bush President from 2001 to 2009 Killed More People Than Joseph Stalin Reese You Show What You Know Why I Asked Myself from Time to Time. What's Going on and Started College This Is Beginning Much Earlier.

They're Not Learning Anything about the Fundamentals of the 20th Century for This Totalitarian Actual Pond on Liberty and Human Dignity and One That One Wonders How OSHA When the Young People Mainly People of I Think Very Good Will Spot They Simply Haven't Been Exposed to the Fundamentals That Are at the Heart of the Western Christian Civilization.

That's Right, It's Just Appalling and into the World. I Don't Even Know A Lot I Tell the Group What I Speak and I Mentioned This Fact. People Are Actually Stop and Guess It Because It Literally Is Stomach Is Do We Miss Some Genocide during the Bush Years IME. I Don't Remember Hearing Anything about Agenda Are.

It's Just Hard to Believe but Again You Know I Am of Orange Friend Elements.

It's All Very Distinguished Historian Also Christian. He Got Here. He Is a Great Scholar or Not She Is Coming Communism in the He Only Says That He Wrote a Wonderful Book Available in English for the Sentry of Horrors from ISI Books, Which I Would Recommend to Everyone, but He Points out, Not She Is Has Legitimately Gotten It Still Is a Monstrous Genocidal and Racist Ideology the Communism Hasn't Got Just Too Many American Citizens. Too Many Politicians to Leave Journalists 20 Professors and Too Many of Our Coreligionists Simply Don't Know the Terrible Totalitarian and Genocidal Record of Marxist-Leninist in the 20th Century. I That's Why Got Me to Wish You and I Both Were Suggesting That the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Do Such Good Work Because This Education. I Think the Central Disorder, Freeing Us from These Totalitarian and Humanitarian Allusions. Yes, I Couldn't Agree More. I Absolutely Love Them Slow When You're Talking about the Underlying Problem Here. The Religion of Humanity That Is the Idol of Our Age As Your Book Title Suggests, Can You Speak to the Issue of How That Subverts Christianity and Some of the Contrast between This Humanitarianism That Has Infected so Many People's Minds Versus What Christianity Teaches.

So Far As As You Mentioned before, the Transcendence of God. The Sinfulness of Man, and so Forth. Sure, You Know, There Is a Great German Moral Philosopher, Roman Catholic Name Roberts Pavement Who Just Died Last Week Was in His Late 80s and He Said Not Too Long Ago That Too Many Contemporary Christians Get Ahead of God's Mercy. What He Meant by That, of Course, Our God, the Biblical God Is Merciful God Brought God Cannot Force or Adherence to His Grace. You Know, We Remember the Truth. The Two Men on the Cross, Jesus Was Crucified One Repented and Jesus Famously Said You Know You You You Shall Be with Me in Paradise. Mistake the Other Did Not Thank You Notes of the Panay Nikki of Christ Was Unable to Work on Somebody Who Was Not Repentant and Not Open to God's Grace. Finding A Lot Of Christians Today.

They Essentially Believe in Universal Salvation.

They Believe That They Confuse. As I Argue in the Book Mercy Which Is a Holy and Great Thing with a Kind of Loose Relativistic Compassion and I Think the Dangerů You Know, We Forget One of the Central Imperatives at the Heart of the Christian Message Was so Much Central to the Gospel of Christ, Which Is Repentance. You Know We Have To Open Our Souls to God's Grace and and Worship Were Simply No Way We Confuse Divine Mercy with Moral Relativism but I Think We've Succumb to the Religion of Humanity That Something I Think That Has Both Theological Significance, but We Can Also Say See Its Importance on the Moral and Political Playing.

Many People in the Churches to Pope Francis Yesterday Could Charge Me. Pope Francis Said That While His Great Predecessors in the Catholic Church Were All Wrong to Say That Capital Punishment Was Legitimate Because They Were Just Influenced by All Legalistic Criteria of Their Time Is Very Hard to Say That St. Paul Would Send Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas and All the Great Reprobation Philosophers and Theologians As Well As the Catholic Ones Were All Completely Wrong. 1985 We Have like I Yeah It's Interesting to One of the Other Things That You Talk about in the Book, Which I Think Is so Important for People to Consider and You Mentioned It before. Is This Idea of Social Change Is the Goal and Kinda Goes over Moral Virtue and That's That's Kind of Shift.

I Think That I've Seen in My Lifetime Where There Seems to Be More Discussion about Maybe They Don't Call It the Collective but They like to Use the Word Community. It's about the Community and Communitarianism Men and the Greater Good in These Kinds of Terms I Know Are Cropping up in Evangelicalism All the Time Now and and People's Radar Softens It Will Minute, Wait a Minute.

Yes, of Course Were Community but We Also Understand Not Just As Christians but As Americans That the Concept of the Individual Is Also Incredibly Important Is It Not to Me. This Is All Tied to Our Understanding of What Reality Is. I Couldn't Agree More, I Think, for Example, the Common Good of Ancient Medieval Lineage and It's a Wonderful Term Reminding Us That We Live in Community, but It Doesn't Mean That the Great Christian Insight Is That Were Persons Created by God and There Is an Irreducible Individuality. This Is Something You Know, Selfish, and of Atomistic Individualism. Most People Sometimes Say This Is a Recognition That the Dignity of the Created Person Always Takes Precedent over Some Coercive Vision of Community so You I Just Think You Know I Start Thinking about Some of the Things We've Been Discussing Today That This Theological and Philosophical Confusion That Has Infected the Christian Communities Send You Know and and There's No Other Way of Putting It Is That Too Many of Our Contemporaries Simply Don't Acknowledge Any Difference between Christianity and This Kind of Dogmatic Egalitarianism and Social Justice to the Country and I Think They Get Extremely Defensive Only Bring up These Distinctions Because They Have a Tendency to Think in a Very Manichaean Way Easier. Your Help. Believe in Moral Virtue of the Traditional Such but They Do Have Their Category of Fortune Five Switches You're Either on the Side of Progress, or Your Reactionary Hell Yeah, Absolutely. It's a New Kind of Religion and and I Think Sometimes My Theory on This Is. They like the Religious Cover of Being Able to Invoke Christianity, but in Reality When You Start to Break It down You See Their Radically Different People Can Read about It in the Idol of Our Age. Prof. Daniel Mahoney with Us and Just Great to Have You with Us. Thank You so but a Real Pleasure. Thanks so Much.

God Bless You Think It Was Great for Me to and Appreciate Your Being with Us and Will Be Back This Archived Broadcast of Janet for Today Is Brought to You by Pre-Born for $140 You Can Provide Ultrasounds to Five Women in Crisis Pregnancies. Call Now 855402, Baby. That's 855-402-2229 Were Janet Met and the American Worker Look around Where We See Stagnating Wages and Opioid Crisis Jobs. These Declining Life Expectancy.

Look at Those Things and It Sure Seems like Our Labor Force Is Not What It Should Be. But What Is That Exactly and What's the Remedy for What Ails Working People in American Culture Were an Attack That Today with Oren Cassa Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research and Author of the Book, the Once and Future Worker a Vision for the Renewal of Work in America or It's Great to Have You with Us. Thank You so Much for Joining Us for Having Me Absolutely.

I Will What Is Your Take on the State of the American Worker Today. How Good Do We Have It How Bad We Have It Will Depend on Which Worker You're Talking about. There Are Some Who Have a Great but I Think If You Look at Sort of the Median. You're the Person in the Middle of the Distribution or or a Little Bit below That We Would've Called the Working Class. Historically, They They Don't Have It Very Good and They Haven't for A While Right so You Have This Situation.

For Example, Where Years Ago You Would Have a Guy Young Guy, Maybe Not Even College-Educated Been Able to Get a Job in a Factory and and Able to Support a Family. Those Days Are Kinda Gone Were Globalist Society Now in Terms of Business and Many People Have Talked about How the Economy Has Changed, but What You See As Some of the Bad Policy Decisions That Have Contributed to the State of the American Worker, Especially Those Who Are Really Suffering in Their in Their Labor Right Now. I Think We've Done It for a Long Time Really Going Back about 50 Years by Week We Took This Approach.

That Said, As Long As Were Getting Economic Growth That the So-Called Economic Pie Will Keep Getting Bigger and Some People Said Automatically That Will Work for Everybody and Other People Said Work for Everybody but the People Who Doesn't Work for We Can Just Tax-And-Spend. We Can Redistribute from the Winners to the Losers. I Don't Think There Was Merely No Focus on Okay but What If You Don't Want a Benefit or or a Check from the Government. But If You Want to Be Able to Support Yourself and Showing All of These Different Areas You If You Look at How We Approach Education Policy We Push Very Hard toward This College for All Model That Says You Know Working Here. Our System toward Creating College Graduates and Lots of Folks Are Going to Fall out along the Way and Were Not Really Have Anything for Them but Our College Graduates Are Going to Do Really Well in and Drive Our Economy and We Did the Same Thing with How We Approach Trade and Immigration, Which Was to Say You Know More Trade, More Immigration, It's Good for Growth Brings Prices down. We Can Get More Cheap Stuff. And Again If It Actually Doesn't Work at All for A Lot Of Workers That's Okay. We Can Take Care Of Them Some Other Way. And Then of Course with Our Safety Net Which We Build Very Much on the Premise That You Know People Who Are Struggling People Who Don't Have Enough to Get by on How We Can Make That up for Them with with Benefits and You're One of the Real Problems with That.

It Is Then That Makes Going and Working Relatively Less Attractive and Eventually Got to the Point Where a Package of Benefits We Might Offer Someone Doesn't Work Start to Look A Lot like What They Could Earn If They Didn't Work Right and All of Those All Those Kind of Things You Care about Is Making Sure Everyone Have Enough to Consume. That's a Great Plan, but It It Really It Ignores and Abandons People As Workers Will You Touch on a Couple of Things That I Think Are Really Significant and One Was This Push to See More and More and More People Going to College What Sort of Affect His Dad Had Because There Have Been A Lot Of Discussions I Know about. We Still Need Obviously People in the Trades We Need People in Jobs That Don't Necessarily Necessitate a College Education and Now We Seen the Price of a College Education Go through the Roof Which Is Made A Lot More People Take on Extraordinary Amounts of Debt You See That Push to Puts Me Know More and More and More People into College As Affecting the Labor Force Will Empathize You Know for People Who Are Going to Succeed in College for Home.

It's a Good Pathway College Is Great.

I Don't Agree Should Be against College but We Have To Recognize That for the Majority of People in This Country. College Still Isn't a Very Good Solution. You Know Most People Don't Even Earn a Community College Degree and of Those Who Will Even Do End up Earning a Degree. Often It Takes a Long Time off May Accrue A Lot Of Debt. Often They End up with a Job That Didn't Require a College Degree. Anyway and so What What's Really Going Wrong Is That We've Said College Is the Only Path and and Starting High School. We've Turned Our High Schools into These Kind of College Prep Academy Is in All of the Emphasis at That Stage Goes to Preparing People for College and Then We've Taken All of Our Funding. All of Our Resources and Put It Towards Subsidizing College so It's It's Really Quite Backward. Actually We Say, You Know, for the Folks Who Are Likely to Succeed in College with a Good Chance of Being the Winners in the Economy, We've Got Literally Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of Support for You.

I Hear Someone Is Not Going to College or You Know Trying to Finish High School and and Find Your Way to the Labor Force. We Have No Support for You so We Shouldn't Be Surprised by the Result That We've Gotten, Which Is Further from Further Skewing toward the College Model Which Doesn't Work for a Large Share of People and with a Real Shift in Our Culture That Kind of Says the College Pathway Is the Only Respected One, and That Anyone Who Is Not College Pathway. There Must Be Something Wrong with That. That Just Creates a Vicious Cycle Which Then Pushes Even More People toward College and Can We Really Have To Get Away from That and toward Saying What People Are to Be on A Lot Of Different Trajectories Our Economy Needs A Lot Of Different Things. There A Lot Of Good Good Pathways into Good Job Better to Let You Support Yourself.

Support Your Family Contribute to Your Community. Hi, Let's Find the One That's Right for You Right Would You Think the Mindset behind This College from Mentality Is Really Tied to the Consumer Angle. In Other Words, Saying You Know You Gotta Make Enough Money to Be Able to Live in This World and College Is the Best Path toward Making More Money. Do You Think It's That's Mindset That Is Really Driving That That Push You Know I Think There's a Little Bit of That Idea That You Make As Much Money As You Can. II Think the Other Piece That's Also Tied to the Consumer Mindset Is This Idea That You Know Even Though the Point of Work of a Job of a Career Is Sort of It Supposed to Be This Way, You Kind of Achieve Self-Actualization and Find Your Passion and Do What You Love Them, but Somehow You're Working Your Career Is Supposed to Be at the Center of Your Life and Again That's Just Not Reality for Most People Know What Most People Saying Goes, They May Work to Live, They Don't Live to Work and the Job Is Something You Do to Provide for Your Family and It's Fulfilling Because It's the Way You Provide for Your Family and We've Sort of Shifted Away from That to This Idea That If It's Not, It's Not How You Have Your Fun and the Thing You Love, Then There Must Be Something Wrong with That Right Right or That You Everybody Has Some Great Passion and If They Just Tap into That They'll Have This Great Job That Goes along with a Great Passion. I Mean, That's Not Realistic, Knowing, and It's Not Even Good Advice.

I Know Not Only Is for Most People There Passion Not What They Are Likely to Be a Productive Worker Doing but It's Not Even How You Know Some People Love Throwing There Themselves and Their Energy and Their Passion to Work. But A Lot Of People Don't Want Even Their Work Be There Passion and Not Always Great to Find Yourself in a Situation Where You're Beholden to Your Job Because You Care about It so Much and so Again We Sort of We Would Find a Single Model Pen and It's Exactly the Model That Sort of You Know the Folks I Can Fill out and Recall Them the Elite Model That That the People at the Top of Politics and the Culture and the Economy That A Lot Of Them Have Embraced and Entered Sort of Established It As the Standard. It's Just Not a Good Fit at All for What Really A Lot, Maybe Even Most People Need to Build Good Lives Right Will Why You Think Policy Keeps Going in That Direction. Why I Think There Are Two Reasons I Think One Is Sort of a Mistake Made in Good Faith, Which Is That I Think Everybody Really Did Believe in This Idea of the Economic Pie That Consumption Is What We Wanted and That As Long As We Got the Growth and We Did the Redistribution Then You Know Even If Your Own Job Support You. You Your Your Your Living Standards Would All Rise and Impact That Know Some of the Criticism That That I Received for the Argument I Make Is People Say Way to Make Your Your Your Obsessing about Work, but People Don't Even like Work.

We Should Be Looking at Know How Much Stuff They Have How Well They're Doing It Mean to Be a Little Sarcastic about Helping Their TVs Are and I Think There's No Sense. We Believe That Is the Path to Happiness and We Thought It Would Work and We Were Just Wrong. Just a Moment Were to Take a Short Break Forecast with Us the Once and Future Workers Is Looking Will Come Back after This Luncheon Are You in Need of a Healthcare Program You're Unlocking Is a Member of Liberty County or Your Part of the Community That Comes Together to Share Their Medical Expenses.

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The ministry of pre-born is dedicated to helping save pre-born babies from abortion through ultrasound and every day. Pre-born is on the front lines competing with Planned Parenthood for babies lives here is Dan Steiner, president of pre-born Planned Parenthood who generated recently over $190 million in net revenue violated the terms of the payroll protection plan by taking over $80 million of coded relief funds. Meanwhile, Kriebel has received no government funding and many of our centers. Revenue is down. The ministry of pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and the direct competition to Planned Parenthood which you join pre-born in the cause for life for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds. All gifts are tax-deductible to donate, just call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 855-402-2229 where there's a banner to click and Janet Thank you. You're listening to Joe today and we are back on. Janet never today glad you're with us and glad to be chatting with Oren Cassa senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for policy research and author of the once and future worker revision for the renewal of work in America or you were talking before the break about some of these major developments pertaining to the abandonment of the American worker, one of which had to do with the economic pie.

This idea that you know you you're part of a bigger economy, and so you're all yeah kinda contributing to the GDP or whatnot, but I know you also talk about the ascent of consumers and the priority that has been given to their interests at the expense of producers. Now what is that all about wiping the economic pie like you mentioned. It is exactly the right way to think about this, which is that when we talk about the idea of the economic pie getting bigger so that everybody can have a bigger slice were talking about consumption were talking about you knowing in the sense of the metaphor everybody likes pie. Let's give everybody a big pie as we And no one ever asked what is actually I think the more important question which is both speaking to Popeye's know people. People like high living standards.

People enjoy consumption. But when you look at what's actually most important to their life satisfaction to their own health to their families to their kids to their communities. It's not living standards. It's not how much they get to consume is whether they have a role as a productive contributor and and so you see that people don't mental health and their self-esteem, you see that especially for men having work is incredibly important to family formation and family stability you see is incredibly important to outcomes for kids and so when we just take the view that says as long as the economy is getting bigger and everybody can have more stuff we should call that success we we really miss what's most important in life and what's most important to a healthy society and ultimately what you mean to me most important for a strong economy that's that's really important point and I go back to something else that you mentioned earlier on, and that was the concept of self-sufficiency and when you have more and more people on the dole. For example, you you want to say. Well, there should be some semblance of a safety net for people who truly need it. But then there can be abuses as well. Have we lost as a culture, to some extent, this idea that self-sufficiency is good in and of itself, and that's a virtue that we ought to be pursuing more what you don't. I think we are losing it. I don't think we've lost it entirely, but I think what happens is that when you think about why self-sufficiency is important why people find meaning in their work in providing for their family.

A big piece of that is because it's something that we've defined as an obligation in our society. You know people. It's incredibly important people's lives to know what is expected of them to see what obligations they are supposed to be meeting and then to feel themselves in the eyes of their families and in their their communities of faith that they have met and fulfill those obligations and historically self-sufficiency supporting yourself and your family has obviously been among those, but as we move further and further toward a model that says well if you can't support yourself will support you anyway and if you think of some of the proposals we have out there for. For instance, was called a basic income which is literally just send everybody a check every month that nobody feels like they have to support themselves. You know, not only will we will we kind of lose that economic Porsche that I have to work to earn the money, but by will go further toward a very dangerous cultural shift toward saying don't self-sufficiency if if you like it that's fine but that's not actually something that's expected of you when you say if and when you take it away is an expectation when you also take away the the respect and the reward that comes with achieving yes very much so. So when you're looking at how the policy is being handled right now and there's been a lot of emphasis obviously by the president on making America great again and having you know better. Better deals made with China and some of these other countries think were doing at the moment, or what do you think needs to be done to really make life better for the American worker and improve things in a more productive way. I think the president accomplish something very important when especially was running in his campaign and how he talked about the problem. I think one thing that really differentiated him from from both Republicans and Democrats cannot explain his success that he was talking somewhat in these terms. He was, he wasn't just explaining how he was going to grow the economy were or what programs he was getting used to spread the wealth he was talking about work and about, you know people's identity and and what they cared about in terms of being able to work and and so that I think is been a very positive development. Unfortunately, I don't think a lot of the actual policies that the White House to try to try to pursue it necessarily pushed us very far in that direction. I think if we really want to make progress, then we have to step back and say okay we know why is our economy. Having these outcomes for workers that we don't like and what we change. If we want to be economy have better outcome. So one thing we just talk about his education and over especially concerned about outcomes. Half of Americans who are getting a college degree that should be where our focus is an and I know that messing at the White House and started to talk about in the present is talk about but certainly we have a lot more work to do their fracturing to make changes and I think another area that hasn't received much attention and and I hope will is organized labor, more union, no unions or something that conservatives generally don't like him and I'm sort of cheered on the demise of these unions, the kind that were set up back during the Great Depression and that's fine.

Those unions don't work well at this point, but the idea of organized labor.

The idea that workers should be able to organize to work for each other's benefit to collaborate and negotiate with employers. That's good. We we should want that, both for their sake is workers and for the sake of a healthy society in healthy communities and so that's another area where I think conservatives in particular have a huge opportunity to draw that line and say we don't like the kind of unions that have been creating a lot of problems in the past, but we want to find a way to make organize labor work and and so we want to treat to achieve reform. I think that would make a big difference. As you seen the certain industries you know will lag a little bit more is different industries rising on the coal industry has had its issues and so forth. For example, are the car industries you look at what's going on in and always working to have to look as a country to the issue of creating new businesses and founding new businesses. This is where the questions about taxes and regulations comes into play and frustrate so many Americans do you see some reforms that would be necessary. Along those lines to encourage people to yell to start their own businesses and not have so many loopholes to get through that they actually would be more inclined to do it, then maybe they are now given what it would cost them a great question. I think it especially when you when you talk about the regulation side of things and we have two kind of regulation that we really need to focus on fixing one is as you just described to sort of the amount of red tape.

I mean, whether it licenses that individuals need just a go practice a lot of different types of work all the things you have to do if you want open up your own business.

We have to make that much easier to do and and and the other thing we have to do is look sort of at some of our biggest regulations on on things like the environment where I think everyone on all sides cares about the environment and want to have the best environmental quality.

We can, we also have to ask at what price you know every time you connect with the dial a little bit further to try to get things a little bit cleaner. You also raise costs a little bit more and make it a little bit harder to especially do the kind of big industrial project and an infrastructure and natural resources.

The kind of things and a lot of cases are the other best jobs especially for for blue-collar workers and and citing we have to take a hard look at that and say, gosh in the 1970s we had real environmental problems and in a booming industrial economy, and so we made a choice to start start typing things and that was appropriate at that point, but right now we've made so much environmental quality and have so many struggles in our industrial economy will need to go backward, but maybe let's stop tightening the ratchet. Maybe let's say at this moment we would love to get as much investment in new factories and new infrastructure. The more the better.

Even if even if that's not the best thing for the environment at every moment and try think that's another trade-off that we have to be ready to grapple with that. No, it's not free yet it has costs to but is the right thing to do if were really focused on on what workers need. I think that makes a lot of sense because certainly what you just said is right that we all want to have a clean environment. But when the regulations become so oppressive that there really stymieing growth and stymieing the labor force, then yeah, it's time to maybe think a little bit differently on the name of the book is the once and future worker a vision for the renewal of work in America.

I guess touring cast has really done a great job outlining all of these good ideas for us and you can check out the book.

Thank you so much more and it was wonderful to have you with us but appreciate it so much for talking with me all right you take care thanks a lot for being with us and we'll see next time on Janet effort to

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