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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Michael Keas (Science/Bible) Linda Shepherd (Prayer)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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September 7, 2020 5:00 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Michael Keas (Science/Bible) Linda Shepherd (Prayer)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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September 7, 2020 5:00 am

There are many voices out there today, saying that science and religion are incompatible. What are these myths that circulate so frequently and inaccurately? I'll talk about it with Dr. Michael Newton Keas, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and author of the book, "Unbelievable." Plus: How do we pray the Lord's promises back to him, in every situation? Author Linda Evans Shepherd discusses her book, "Praying God's Promises: The Life-Changing Power of Praying the Scriptures." That and more on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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They told a lot of stories about why they say that's the case, the problem is that the stories they tell simply aren't true.

In fact there more about bashing Christianity than they are about science. So what are some of these myths that circulate so frequently and so inaccurately organ to find out today with Dr. Michael Newton he's a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and former Fulbright scholar today will be talking about his book called unbelievable seven myths about the history and future of science and religion. Dr. Keyes welcome. Thank you so much for joining us today.

I'm going to be good. Let's do it. Let's do it all right. Let's start with this one you think we so often hear this narrative that religion and science don't go together when you look at history, it's obvious that that was not always a problem. So what what gives with this narrative we hear no you cannot follow store and find who are not religious agree with me. The there is not overwhelming. No story of conflict, but rather cooperation at times. Sometimes just going different, but the narrative of conflict is a really noisy story that we get over and over from people like Bill I the science guy was really thrilled by the scientism guy you know the kind of as a front for his materialistic philosophy, according to which religion can't be in harmony with bias could find for the reason religion is about non-right so you have the story they want to tell regardless what you actually write so is it a matter of they start with their own premise and then they try to say negative things against religion because they are irreligious themselves. Is it a personal thing.

In other words well widely spread worldview very dominant in the media and universities, and so they are wanting to look, but some components of the stories they tell are obviously true and mean a good enough to be a mixture of truthful on what I do is tease out all artichoke how that it vastly distorts the story that they're telling, and gives an overall picture of the not true exactly. So let's dive into these you have. For example, your first met, that you discuss is the fact that premodern scholars in the Western tradition thought the universe was small and modern science displace this church sanctioned belief with a vast cosmos that revealed people to be insignificant. What what are they really saying with this particular myth and who started this math thing that most noisily billed by yeah you like like okay well understood back compared to the source is limited compared to the galaxy and fell on the scale later on. Well, humans are natural because we evolved the enormous brain that is enabled us to discover.

Well, think like the universe and our place within it. So it is his own materialistic philosophy that he projects out there and tried others have added to the owner. The long history of this because in premodern time when Christianity was so strong we thought the universe was small, actually not true. Really I show it I show in my book yeah but going back to Hebrew literature, ancient Hebrew literature in the Old Testament. Psalm eight. One of those quoted Psalms by strong numbers over for centuries that I have for centuries of astronomy textbooks to show it.

Astronomers quoting the pomp and yeah when you first look out the night sky you feel really small almost himself felt that way yet, according to the thought of yet God encounters with glory and honor and given us the illusion his image bearers so so there's the modern you know hey were small or insignificant part of it is also a story to it. Well, if you want to be on the right right of history you go with science, which discovered large and displaceable the disbelief went back to start and think with real history yet know it's not what they hope to gain know by pushing that myth. In other words, what, what are they aiming for in discrediting Christianity by making that claim will bill and I want to think that were are significant is what we make ourselves out to be polar filled up our own bootstraps. We are autonomous creatures that yeah were called macaques to shape by chance the natural law but a where we are the masters of the universe where the one who called the shots and there is no God who can tell me what yeah he's something else. It's kind of ironic, though, because as he calls himself us back and then he also wants to be master of the universe and it's kind inconsistent. You can't be both at the same time.

Can you if you can make yourself a God, you might want to be more than us back. In doing so well that my butt will get there later were once you have the void left by the early myth. Once you find of the mouth. It leaves you wide open to whole Rend option but talking about that later yeah I will absolutely pick up on that. Let's go to number two you talk about the medieval Catholic Church suppressing the growth of science. This is the second mask and this caused Europe to go into the dark ages, but you make the case. There were no dark ages that that's in and of itself, a math.

Your three called the Middle Ages, but they're not actually characterized the dark ages the church with Darth Vader logically enough it, leave it to me know.

I'll take care of everything so yeah what you find in the Middle Ages. No course civilization had to recover from the fall of Rome. There was chaos relocked fighting and bloodshed. Eventually, the new civilization arose, and Christians were at the forefront of building got out of the Germanic peoples that invaded Rome, Christianity and they forged a civilization in which education was important for an eventful death who invented the University Christian Middle Ages University got the 19th century invention that the latecomer so where is what has been the most long term home for the teaching and discovery of scientific truth will University sure it's funny that's funny they don't mention that, but again isn't going back and trying to say Christians are about suppressing truth there about putting us back in the dark ages. I mean, that seems to be the emotional component of that myth.

Christianity will make you backward if that's kind of the unsaid truth that that world math here that there pushing you blew it.

Would like to call this chronological snobbery. Yeah were better than them. We know better we live.

Later we learn more well. We have learned things you don't find today is way beyond what was in the Middle Ages, but given the time what they had available. They made some very important discoveries and the basic methodology of how you go about doing science was worked out. You know, working a course on earlier will know stuff like Plato and Aristotle were not Christians.

Obviously pagan but they still taken can still discover certain things about the natural order of their worldviews subtly misshaped some of their conclusions so Christianity we worked out and came up with a better foundation than they find it.

Science has been massively proliferating for centuries now. In the Christian West, which I know is Christianity stating: in many ways and in culture but we still are living off of that cultural capital that traces back to the Judeo-Christian tradition course course.

So it seems. Part of what we need to contend with is eradicating references to the phrase dark ages right in and to get that part of it right, you can still talk about the turbo to show how it is not an accurate label and talk about what really happened so that both part of education. While it is and there's so many other myths and I want to get you in working to work our way all through these seven myths that are outlined in your book 7 miss about the history and future of science and religion. My guest is Dr. Michael Newton keys his book is called unbelievable working to come back and dive into more about us when we return on Janet Mefford today stay with us. Did you know that over 18 million babies have been aborted worldwide since January 1 every single one of these babies die during the coping 19 pandemic lies in the world, declaring these babies is lost here. Stan Steiner, the president of pre-born a ministry dedicated to saving babies lies from abortion through ultrasound. But since God's broken heart over the issue of abortion. You see, he sees every little baby, this being formed in the mother's womb and breaks his heart to see when the lifetime that he is planned for them is taken from them violently. So often pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the United States and the direct competition to Planned Parenthood which you help show that these babies lives are not forgotten. Pre-born is there for women in crisis who want to make the right choice, but society tells them that are pre-born baby is not a human life. I was afraid I was skiing. I know what to do every byline we have?

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All gifts are tax-deductible and when you donate you'll receive ultrasound picture along with stories of other babies lives that were spared. Call now 855402 baby 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to hearing land keys. His book is called unbelief and myths about the history of science and religion and this is kind of interesting. Dr. keys when we were discussing the misnomer of the dark ages somebody else who is talked about the dark ages is someone you talk about in the book celebrity astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson now you mention him in the The myth the third math about flat earth and and this myth that you've mentioned in the book is that because of church induced ignorance.

These people are saying that European intellectuals believe he believed in this flat earth until Columbus proved that the earth was round spit.

What is the truth. What what what really went on what how is this a myth so distorted majority of all my students over 25 years of teaching college astronomy and biology story that you know, your that's just not true. And a lot of my students were actually rate educated in Christian schools but didn't realize that there was an anti-Christian plant that story wanted entered into the educational repeated without critical attention. So okay when Columbus was making his pitch to make the journey. Get funding. Of course, and the debate at the time was not about the shake of the hundreds of your oceans in relation to land so that's where the debate was Christian in the Middle Ages knew it was round if they were educated and effective education was not just a kind delete like in ancient times there were hundreds of thousands of university educated people largely Christian.

Of course, who had their disposal arguments for earth roundups such as well. During a lunar eclipse, as you watch the shadow of your cast upon the moon as it moves across the moon that edge of the shuttle's curve, which indicates earth is round, which making a shuttle so they were able to pull this out know about a half-dozen other arguments based on evidence. You can see with your own eyes to conclude your is spherical.

Ironically, many of my you only a couple of the most and many of them leave them around or something because of the authority of teachers pronouncing it… What if patient about it about knowing why you believe what you believe on good evidence exactly the dark ages you know to fix up like say the Darwinian perspective because it shoved down their throat. The textbooks and leaving out all the arguments against it got dark approach to education all about freedom of expression of ideas and pull exposure of students to arguments for and against all the major position. Yes, for sure. Well, you know, when you talk about slanderous.

There's this is still an insult. A lot of these people hurl at Kristin's uterus flat earth are without any evidence whatsoever.

You never asked me if I believe the earth was round, why you just going out that again it's back to this idea that if you're Christian you have to be anti-intellectual. They want that to be true were the smart ones he people are dumb and backwards so that's part of it. There is a tiny minority letter today and have kooky conferences where Christianity put out there but they were extremely annoying because I don't know. I've I've only known one or two Christians in my entire life who actually believe in a flatter and then I talk with them about what you to give this up and here's the reason for such a tiny minority, and then I think a lot of people are. I question the 32 contacts pump couple of NBA players later said that they were just joking about just just kidding. I don't really believe in a flatter now know that's true that's true, there is a very small minority of people who do still believe that for some unknown reason. But you're right. We have to refute that what now what about Bruno, this is another myth.

The fourth myth that you discuss when the Catholic Church burns year Donna Bruneau at the stake. They say he was a martyr for science USA.

Actually, his execution was primarily for theological reasons.

So what's the truth about Bruno heretic court, no one but I know who the Christian and most history are in favor of Bernie anybody, regardless of their IQ was a huge mistake. But he was a heretic on the on the basis of his rejection of the person and work of Jesus. He thought Jesus was one more migrating goal from planet to planet an infinite universe of infinite number planet and that that God had no choice in creation, which is completely a contract with what Scripture said and that God had insistently almost like each creates nonstop so that the universe is an expression of his greatness. So for Bruno instead of Christ being the full expression of God in human form and in the universe itself would like to Bruno of Christ being the mediator, it would be universe with the meteor and Christ was just one more migrating goal was clearly heretical, yet it's bizarre that's very bizarre. So why did they say that he was a martyr for science where they even get that will eat part of his soul migration theory, which is an ancient pedigree by the weight of your soul. Going from body to body. The body from planet to planet will involve the idea that there is a vast universe with with going around other other son, and of course at the time. There really wasn't scientific evidence for that. But later we did discover scientific evidence that made it look like wow this guy covered something that later modified like a you know, the prophet of the universe with many many habitable planet looks scientific, but his reasons for believing it work were credible, even by the scientific standards of his own day, and certainly not by our students that which is no more rigorous scientific standards, public health, scientific argument, so it had kind of look and feel of all, he was persecuted for his belief in extraterrestrial life and and and so on, and many world but it was primarily the philosophical and theological drive behind it. But what I think was really a problem with the church. The Catholic Church was in the middle of the counterreformation much more defensive than an liable overreach in and doing with heretics because of the no doing with Protestant rights. Rights, that is fascinating. Wow. So now I know when I can have time to get to every single mess. People will hopefully buy your book and read it for themselves because it's really fascinating that we just had to miss seven.

This one actually very much intrigued me because the myth is if and when we discover or encounter extraterrestrial life then that will be the discovery that deals the deathblow to Christianity. I laugh at that, because I'm thinking, how would that ever happened.

But what lawyer did this one come from where did this myth come from and and how does it connect to the earlier myth. We were discussing your body to the earlier myth and true will that leaves a huge void like you know were not special and will be no religion of dominant. We have to find somewhere else.

You, Bob Loblaw will then that leaves you wide open to the final of times.

Religion in my book like this is a new way to get significant without God.

Any any capable of making the trip to earth because of the back space in the highly unlikely situation of nearby habitable planet regarding got a pretty thorough survey it at the 4000 planets we discovered beyond forces from anyone about this really well-suited for advanced life like you have to have the technology to get here filthy.

If they seem to arrive then if you and I not saying that these creatures would have God like super intelligent stock is actually godlike super intelligent technology like magic. Think Harry Potter and moral spiritual insights that would trigger global religious orientation. It sounds scientific and some parts of it are kind of funny but but but but you can't. You can't just extrapolate from no technology to two like Harry Potter magic because there are certain limits to natural law can't make technology overcome the laws of nature, so that, and furthermore what's really the most jaw-dropping thing about this whole thing is it the devil himself appeared on this planet as an alien favor holding of the alien figure Richard Dawkins and other like-minded have no way of helping people with English between the natural interpretation alien versus the supernatural double interpretation of such an apparently exactly on their own premises they have no way of the latter-day materialism is wide open to the whole that we are now excellent point I hadn't thought about that but you're right, they don't exactly have grounds for discernment do they if they were being supernaturally deceived, they would have no idea they would just, you know, take the alien's word for it, I suppose, but that doesn't make them look intelligent. That makes them look foolish. Obviously we know you think that great you know so you're telling us that the good of each year I will have technology indistinguishable from magic. What what if the couple shows up looking like the geocoding that like you would take it to be ET you have no way to distinguish between one of the creatures really natural or supernatural. It's a good point. I'm still stuck on this idea that if supernatural, you know, extraterrestrial life showed up and that you hear they already know that these would be highly evolved being super intelligent yet met him. How do you know it would be that way of making it up as you go. It seems like these aliens are created in the minds of men would like talking, and so that by the way, they would certainly be alien with looking aliens. Whatever they would certainly badmouth the biblical God the unit held back of the growth of signs on planet Earth and aliens are here to enlighten us right right so remind you of anyone else that God is claiming to know. Kind of like the Messiah. Figure it does indeed maybe they'll come in the form of a serpentine ever. Now if they ever shall actually there is a common conception about about if you look at the scriptural references to two and Satan makes references. An angel of light, yet very attractive, absolutely yeah that's a great point. What you gotta read the book unbelievable. Dr. Michael Newton keys with us so good to have your doctor. He's thanks a lot you can go to unbelievable sounds great. Thanks again for being with us and will be back on Janet for today. This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 Janet met and here's your host Joe for today. Second Corinthians 120 tells us, for all the promises of God, find their yes and and that is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory. That is such an encouraging verse because Scripture is full of God's promises. The question is how do we take his promises to heart and incorporate those promises into our prayer lives to talk about that today with Linda Evan Sheppard. She is the president of right to the heart, ministries and author of the book will be discussing called praying God's promises. The life-changing power of praying the Scriptures and Linda.

It's wonderful to have you with us.

How are you being here and I'm doing great.

That's fantastic, will really glad you are here. What is it about God's promises that you think matters so much when it comes to your prayer life is this is a really I think important topic for Christians to understand why God's promises manner when you're praying now we know God well how loud they are over 400 God in the Bible that God will different situation playing with one ending and careening with it what they in prayer. Yeah that's 02 54/5400. That's incredible. I had no idea it was that high bathing 1.530, right, and all maker and a prominent man. He certainly is when you talk about praying the Scriptures for some Christians who might be listening, they may be saying I'm not really sure what that means. How I pray the Scriptures is a prayer supposed to be something spontaneous between me and the Lord what I do when I'm trying to pray the Scriptures.

How does that work prayer, their prayer we call out for help in many of the daily yes we intercede away and one of the ways we can intercede with the promise and so for example when I had the promises in order and then I got will go to one drink. For example, drink, and he gave power to the weak and strength to the powerless here feeling powerless turn that back into a prayer.

I agree I agree. Lord help me when I am weak and powerless. I know you will give me your power drink today and now you taking God word Amy prayed it back to him in agreement. Very powerful prayer easy know I think one of the things. A lot of us struggle with is sometimes knowing what to pray. I think this goes back to the word saying that the Spirit helps us in our weakness because we don't know what to say sometimes but also there is an objective element. It seems to what you're saying that should help us think biblically is also part of your thinking that as you are using the promises of God as you are praying to him it's helping you think more biblically than you might otherwise your praying in the will of God are coordinated. Corinthians 124 all of God, who had been fulfilled in Christ with every founding. Amen.

And through Christ our Amy and me thanks to God for his glory and sell saying yes to God, whether it be for salvation God. I believe that you think your son Jesus to die for me. God I give you my life.

Yet God your whole spirit may flow through me.I agree with your apartment for me P or Julie are drinker curry hard and forth relationship that God went with that he was thinking yeah and he went to say yes agree you I know tell a story in the intro of your book were you talking about a sick friend and how this is kind of played out in your own life.

Can you share some of your experiences with praying God's promises back to him and what sorts of results you've had from doing that here I am finally from home in 2000 miles away from home at a conference with a friend and on the way back to the airport. My friend grabbed her And look for happiness throughout. I like her to the hospital. It turned out he had the flu not drought but with pain that dumped her and content back in my rental car really had no place to go. We were in trouble. I was able to get back into the bed and breakfast we had been in and we got back and started to come down with the flu really waiting the situation like came to me, 91, of the shelter of the most high will rest in that Almighty will think of the Lord he is my and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust and he goes on to talk about all the wonderful text and begin to pray and begin to agree with that.

When you know my symptom.

The next morning my friend renewed and refreshed. We got on the plane. We got back home and in the flu came back to that, but not until we walked in the door not too excited that the flu came back hard greed with him for his promise is wild so you got a little interim break from the flu to train through Scripture. That's incredible. The promise of God's goodness will imagine there a lot of people listening to and say I wouldn't have thought to do dads. How was it that your heart was prepared to go in that direction and to go to the Psalms in a moment like that. At the rate you know one thing on the name of the Lord and that's exactly what I did and 132 Janet one of my girlfriend called me and her daughter, her daughter's little car had been any 18 wheeler on a freeway in St. Louis and her daughter Natalie walked away from the accident were overweight miles an hour and I said to her, Rhonda. You were praying some 91 over your family and she said no. I think you were looking over my family every now and the miracle what he had been Scripture. She had been praying is amazing now course, just because we pray God's promises were not always good to get an answer like that's what happens when someone says what I've been praying God's promises. I had a situation I was praying in this way, and I was applying the right Scripture and the answer was no.

Or things didn't turn out the way that I thought they might. How are we to view that answer to prayer.

In light of what God says in his word to remember that we don't control God right not. We are not bought her to a prominent greater miracle in the back thing. We are praying for you now to what for the greater miracle. For example, in my own life. My daughter who was a lovely disabled young lady who lived for 28 years after a car crash in the last days of her life. We were praying over her and the Lord took her home and that was it was hard, but at the same time. One of the things that Laura and I had in her last hours on earth. We went to all the promises have talking about how she loved the Lord how she had Jesus with her Savior how he was waiting for her and have an annual reading the promises that have been together with our in the book to you and knowing when she went from world having here why haven't no longer disabled by haven't completely healed. Once the greater miracle. It was exactly the way I wanted God to answer the prayer that my pre-year answered yes and I think sometimes we understand why we go into it for 11 tell me yeah I will exactly Linda hang on a moment, we do need to go to work with Frank Linda Evan Sheppard with a service call praying God's promises will are you in need of a healthcare program you're unlocking is a member of liberty shall share your part of the community that comes together to share their medical expenses.

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That's why Mercy ship Springs volunteer support on hospital ship, the Africa Mercy to give the world's forgotten for the free medical care they need. We have an immediate need for registered nurses, especially with specialty as a volunteer nurse. You will just give life altering healthcare will receive so much in return. Experience home and make a difference in the lives of those who have virtually no access to medical aid. Everything he said there time. What are you waiting for show mercy to someone today. I think I'll get more information and learn how to apply by visiting Mercy versus Mercy you are listening to and use just for today great to have you with us and great to be speaking with Linda Evan Sheppard.

Her book is called praying God's promises. The life-changing power of praying the Scriptures when you are making such a good point before we went to the break and I just want to express to you my heartfelt condolences on the loss of your daughter. I can even imagine what that must've been like that.

The story that you were sharing about how prior to your daughter dying you were going through these promises of God just points out how important it is for us to know the promises of God as you said at the beginning there were over 5400 promises of God in Scripture. What about the importance of knowing those promises, and even memorizing those promises so that when you do need to pray those promises there) you know them in the word.

The word Lord. We were in the word know the word. When we have a problem when we need to keep that under the understanding we can call promises and prayed him back to God. We can say yes to the promises that God has set yet to do you have a particular section of Scripture particular passage that you tend to pray more than others. Do you have a favorite well I love all of them all. My favorite that my favorite thing to read it to you it from number and it goes like this, that beautiful blessing from number the Lord will bless you and watch over you. The Lord will smile on you and be kind to you. The Lord will look on you with favor and give you the reason I love promise not reminds me that God is watching over me that the Lord went left me wanting and becoming me when I was going through a hard time back, and I know Whitney and I know that the key for me can be mine when I say yes right back to him. That's great that it's okay you know what passage comes to my mind and I love them all is well. It's hard to choose one passage of Scripture that would be any above any other passage of Scripture because they're all wonderful but I think of Ephesians chapter 1 because in there you have the praise for the spiritual blessings in Christ and Paul praises the godfather of our Lord Jesus Christ, and then goes back it when you get into the later section of the chapter.

There, he says yeah he prays for the church. I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious father may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. So what's also interesting to me in that passage is that we can pray for other people with Scripture and the promises of God do you do that as well. When you are interceding for other people may be praying for an unbeliever, you go to passages like that has that helped you to my very favorite chapter praying that my chapter on children know you. Need to be praying over the millennial God bless you yes yes I can relate yes yes is it that you know what we be praying over and know regarding our children like like this one. Proverbs 1420, there is strong trend in the fear of the Lord and his children will have a safe place knowing that if we have a strong trafficking God our children when they play many other even more exciting than that went one after another that we can pray over Eric he had and why wouldn't we be. In fact, in my book talk about help herein. Pray Psalm 72 over her son. I went I he was a little when he was I guess a handful and so she 7272. I believe we have become clear that I gave it, prayed over his son Solomon.

Little did she know that her son would grow up to fulfill everything in. He became talk about you know how that David want to be someone who will help the poor and that people will pray for all day long and that will reach out to the hurting in all of this became their who had built water wells in Haiti and help work with children in traffic and so forth and so on and in his church with him and they pray for you know what to pray over her for 40 years, came to be incredible and use only good stories like that in times of trouble you mentioned kids and immediately I always think about how much I pray for my kids safety and that the Lord would protect them and I'm doing that all the time. Like any mother would any Christian mother would what about though when you are in a trial you're suffering something you're in danger in some way. Something along those lines.

What are some of your go to passages to pray through in those times, favorite that call on me when you are in trouble and I will rescue you and you will give me glory. And that's great. That's when we can call on God to rescue the reason why he wants to do that all about that relationship building that relationship building with that and we are building with him back and forth thing he wants us to call on him and that he wants to rescue. That's right. You tell a story actually in the chapter on troubles about your friend, Cassie, you remember that story where she wanted to believe God's promises, but she was really mad at her little two-year-old daughter. I thought that was a really interesting story yet exactly right. He was having trouble being a patient mom and that author with her husband and she began to praying. Ephesians 320, 21 if he can bring glory to my story and looking for that now. I don't see often that that that that pray that Scripture over her daughter and caused her to find because she actually appeared to her daughter and she began to find peace over peace of mommy she quit being a mom and she began to find over her marriage and now today wonderful Mary is great well speaks doesn't into the power of the word to change us as we are using his word, his word does not return to avoid. It makes a difference in our lives. Have you found this way of prayer praying change you Linda when you have been praying some of God's promises. What sort of affect hasn't had on you as a Christian I don't worry – I mean, when my friend is going through a very large difficulty right now and together we did we been looking at Scripture about how God went to rescue her about how God would give her. He got Bob for her and you is making all the different she's gone from someone who could not get out of the bad someone who now have hope because she knows that even though she's going to the trial got it for her because the word got Bob, the word says hello and that he can see her through this time and one, because we all have trials and troubles that are weak and no not yet. Now that's that's really an important reminder and I also was really touched when you had the section on the presence of God that such a basic thing, but there are just times in my life where I say what I just want to remember that you're here that you hear me you love me even if I'm not feeling you per se in this particular moment. I know that your word says that you're with me and I think you quoted from the great commission were Jesus in line with you always, even to the end of the age.

I think no matter how long I've been a Christian that is always a comfort to say Lord no matter how I'm feeling today I know that you're with me because you promised that you would be monitored on reminder not God ever withdraw from one we become his children when we say I need you. Please forgive me and my says I want to follow you present, never withdrawn from the reminded all God is with me. Even right now. That's right. What advice would you give to Christians on waiting for God to answer prayer because that's another problem we sometimes have Lord answer right now he doesn't always answer immediately. Actually, I think that really about and that the trend number one thing God want from one to track him no matter what and so I think he allowed troubles in their life show. I've got it I've got you going to be okay. You can trust me, it's the one thing that we don't want want the situation to change instantly. Okay God the father anymore.

Okay I love that will time to praying God's promises is the name of the book Linda Evan suffered with us is so good to talk to you Linda God bless you and keep on praying, thank you all right God bless.

Thanks a lot for being with us. Thank you for listening today to Jennifer today

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