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Janet - Mefferd - Today - Richard Simmons III (God's Existence)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd
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September 8, 2020 5:29 am

Janet - Mefferd - Today - Richard Simmons III (God's Existence)

Janet Mefferd / Janet Mefferd

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September 8, 2020 5:29 am

President Trump is taking aim at the use of diabolical Critical Race Theory in training sessions at federal agencies, with the White House denouncing the neo-Marxist ideology as "divisive, un-American propaganda." Will this inspire Christians in the Southern Baptist Convention to come down even harder on denominational leaders who are pushing Critical Race Theory inside their churches? We'll talk about it. Plus: Richard Simmons III joins Janet to discuss his book, "Reflections on the Existence of God." That and more on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or is our confidence is in Christ alone is sort just recently unbelievable.

He has ordered a purge of critical race theory from federal agencies I've ever seen anything like this and it is long overdue but I am so delighted to see it because this is a theory as we know that his infiltrated absolutely everything around us seemingly in culture. We see it in Hollywood.

We see it on the streets of our cities with all of this anti-fun black lives matter on rest and we all know what this underlying theory is this critical race theory, at least those of us who have been paying attention to what's going on in these law schools with people like Derek Bell and Kimberly Crenshaw on her intersection Audi this idea that there is perpetual racism and white supremacy.

Everybody's a racist, you can't possibly get rid of it. There's no repentance. There is no forgiveness there's no redemption whatsoever. You have to change the social structures that's basically what it's all about this whole theoretical framework is developed as people will know out of Marxism and it's developed out of postmodern philosophy.

It's not about individual or psychological factors or social factors per se that that indicate why there are problems in society. No, no, no, they believe that social problems are due to the structures that this would of course beg the question, how was it then that we fought a civil war to get rid of slavery. If we are inherently racist is a majority white nation, as we were back in 1865.

Why in the world did we go to war over the issue and why the world we passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 in response to all of the outcry about segregation if white people are inherently racist white people went to the mat in order to rectify some of these horrible injustices that truly were perpetuated against black people in this country.

Nobody wants to talk about that because when you want to have a revolution that advances Marxist philosophy. You have to come up with an excuse. It started with George Floyd then went to Breanna Taylor it we keep changing people. Now, Encino, Rochester, New York. It's somebody else and now somebody else in this other city better.

It's just a pretext to commit violence and to overthrow America. That's where we are in the United States today so this brings me to this new development from Pres. Trump.

I applauded wholeheartedly.

I'm standing up applauding with all of the gusto. I can manage. But the White House Office of Management and Budget has now put out this memo moving to identify and eliminate any trace of critical race theory in the federal government.

Now you might say really sure what critical race theory as I kinda described it before, but this is from the UCLA school of affairs.

This is how they say it. Critical race theory developed out of legal scholarship, providing a critical analysis of race and racism from a legal point of view, it has basic tenets that guide its framework, and here's what they say, CRT or critical race theory recognizes that racism is ingrained in the fabric and system of the American society. That's a pretty broad premise that is unfounded. It is not. I think even up for legitimate debates that there are people who have been racists of the Ku Klux Klan. For example, the David Dukes of the world. We've seen racism. I would argue from every race toward other races because that's part of the sinful nature of man is to hate other people to want other people to be harmed. It's just part of the fall folks and we've seen this again and again and again I would never deny that there are individual people who have been horrible racists, but to say that every single person because their skin color is white their racists and they can't ever get over it is insane and all it is is an excuse. As I said before for a revolution.

Now here's what's interesting about this.

There is a journalist by the name of Christopher Rufo who works over at city Journal and he actually was on with Tucker Carlson on Fox talking about this before Pres. Trump decided to go forward and I think deserves a lot of credit for calling on the Trump administration to do what they have just done. I want you to listen 1st to 1.

This is something I've been investigating for the last six months and it's absolutely astonishing how critical race theory has pervaded every institution and the federal government. And what I've discovered is that critical race theory has become in essence, the default ideology of the federal bureaucracy and is now being westernized against the American people. I'd like to share three investigations that I've unleashed that show the kind of depth of this critical race theory of cold indoctrination and the danger and destruction.

It can wreak. First, the Treasury Department broke the story on the Treasury Department, which held a seminar earlier this year from a man in Howard Ross diversity trainer who has billed the federal government more than $5 million over the past 15 years of conducting seminars on critical race theory, and he told treasury employees essentially that America was a fundamentally a white supremacist country and I quote virtually all white people uphold the system of racism and white superiority and was essentially denouncing the country and asking white employees at the Treasury Department and affiliated organizations to accept their white privilege, except their white racial superiority and except essentially all of the baggage that comes with this reducible essence of whiteness, goodness, and there's more that he talked about as well as the cut to sec. this is not by any means limited to the Treasury Department critical race theory is actually a now infiltrated our criminal justice system. Just this week I release the story that the FBI is now holding weekly seminars on intersection Audi which is a hard left academic theory that reduces people to a network of racial, gender and sexual orientation identities that intersect in complex ways and determine whether you are an oppressor or oppressed. Obviously, with the white straight male such as FBI director Christopher Ray of being at the top of this pyramid of evil, and third this is a major story on critical race theory is now infiltrating into our scientific establishment a few weeks ago. I release the story that critical race theorists at the Sandia national laboratories which creates our nuclear weapons arsenal sent their white male executives on a three day reeducation camp to deconstruct their white male culture and actually force them to write letters of apology to women and people of color whistleblowers within Sandia national laboratories have now spoken out about laboratory executives have dispatched counterintelligence teams to quickly erase their communications silence and shut them down will think about this for a moment the fact that he talks about CRT infecting our criminal justice system in the FBI. In particular, gives me one more reason to not trust the FBI and actually to be very concerned for this country because we need a working FBI that is not ideologically compromised in such a way that it's undermining American values, which is exactly what CRT is doing and for the scientific establishment to be going down this road is also very scary.

You shouldn't have some kind of weird philosophy coming out of the mind of Derek Bell and his cohorts in American law schools guiding you in any significant way. In fields where it shouldn't even come up. I'm not saying that the issue of race shouldn't come up when it comes to criminal justice that's fine but not critical race theory. Then Christopher Rufo calls upon Pres. Trump to put a stop to all of it and of course he did. But listen to this country. There are some great people in DC such as Sen. Josh all in Missouri that are starting to push back but conservatives need to wake up that this is an existential threat to the United States and the bureaucracy even under the Trump administration is now being westernized against core traditional American values and I'd like to make it explicit of the president of the White House it's within their authority and power to immediately issue an executive order abolishing critical race theory training from the federal government, and I call on the president to immediately issue this executive order and and stamp out this destructive divisive pseudoscience scientific ideology at its root, and I think that it's something that he's denounced this kind of black lives matter. A neo-Marxist rhetoric in places like Portland and Seattle of it. It's time to take action and destroy it within his own administration. Well that's what Pres. Trump is doing the president is put out by the president of the OMB has directed ensuring that federal agencies cease-and-desist from using taxpayer money to fund these divisive un-American propaganda training sessions. That's from the Office of Management and Budget, so I'm really glad to see this now. What was interesting was the reaction of a lot of Christians, especially in the southern Baptist convention, which has been laboring under this lie of critical race theory dive into that a little bit because if Pres. Trump can do something to dismantle CRT within federal agencies. What should that tell Christians about what we can do to dismantle CRT within a much more important institution.

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I would think of get more information and learn how to apply visiting Mercy versus Mercy you are listening to Pres. Trump is now said no critical race theory in our federal agencies and I think this is a fantastic memo that has come out now from the executive office of the president of the Office of Management and Budget that this is just fantastic. They say that these types of trainings that are going on everywhere, from the FBI to the Treasury Department not only run counter to the fundamental beliefs for which our nation has stood since its inception, but they also engender division and resentment within the federal workforce. This is an important point. This is that's exactly what it's designed to do. That's exactly what it is designed to do to foment total division total hatred and total breakdown of any kind of e pluribus unum, which is why every single patriotic American and especially every Christian ought to look at this is the rot that it is the rock from hell. I have been so happy to see how many black Christians have come forward and you can see this on Twitter, you can see this on social media and said this is ridiculous this we believe that every white person is racist. Yes, there are people who are racist here and there and what we talk about this, but we believe that were wanting Jesus Christ.this is an interesting point to to make because it was in 2019. You'll recall that the southern Baptist convention passed resolution nine resolution nine said that critical race theory is an analytical tool that we can use blah blah blah course, we found out later that the original pastor who had submitted the resolution actually called for the opposite. He called for condemnation of critical race theory and Tomas go from founders ministries stood up, you'll recall, at this gathering of the Southern Baptist convention last year and tried to amend that.

I want to play a little bit of this because I want to talk about how critical race theory is damaging the church and in particular sub in the southern Baptist convention and talk a little bit about what can be done but here was Tom Asko presenting an amendment on resolution nine at the Southern Baptist convention last year.

This is For this resolution clearer and more explicitly theological by offering what I hope will be taken as a friendly commitment. First, whereas I would like to offer whereas race theory and her sexuality are godless ideologies that are indebted to radical Romanism and postmodernism. Neo-Marxism resolves after the first resolved resolved that we remind southern critical race theory and her sexuality emerged from the world ideologies that are incompatible with Christianity and be it further resolved. We repudiate all forms of politics and ideology that is to choose human identity in anything other than the divine creation in the image of God and for all reading humanity.

Our common identity together, eternally united to Christ right that is what Tom Asko presented to the Southern Baptist convention's annual meeting in 2019 trying to amend resolution nine before it passed and then he explained why the amendments mattered less than a cut five just as we understand the origin of these two ideologies. They do come from godless Marxism and we also recognize the way they are commonly used today, not by members of our community that is set forth is very carefully worded resolution. We need to be aware of how these ideologies are being used in our culture and there are ideologies in go all way of seeing the world Evangelical live in churches and so we make clear about their origins and reenter size that we have our eye is in Christ and Christ alone. I just think this resolution. I hope it will be received as a friendly amendment. Now he's quite the gentleman and I think he was doing a very diplomatic presentation making some very good points on amendments. Of course with my worldview being what it is, combined with my personality. I probably would have been a little bit more fiery about it. But I'm glad that he did what he did. I think that he was doing the right thing but it didn't go over so well because this was how Dr. Curtis Woods, who is chairman of the resolutions committee responded to that action by Tomas go. This is cut six appreciated words in the sentiment of messenger we say is unfriendly amendment for this purpose. It is our aspiration in this resolution sent me to say critical race theory, and now we are simply an uncle to use tools not world and would also say that in light of time.

We don't have an opportunity to talk about origins as well as the implications of race or gender. Think about.

Construct the apostle Paul appealed to the sensualist, he appealed to the rationalist or Morris you not mean that all the rashes or the sensualist when apostle Paul communities in Todd 112 not mean all believe we are say this can be utilized to transcend above authority and string awful. A real low point in southern Baptist history and I think history will show it to be.

So as the years go on. Curtis Woods was wrong. He was wrong for saying that he was wrong for calling it an unfriendly amendment, it was not an unfriendly amendment, and it was kind of a slap in the face if you think about it to Tom Asko because he was trying so hard to be diplomatic and to say this should be considered a friendly amendment now I'm considering an unfriendly amendment then it comes out that in fact the original submission of the resolution had a completely different, in fact, the opposite intent to what it ended up being and then I passed by the SBC and what have been the effects of the Southern Baptist convention passing resolution nine in the last year. Well let's see, what about all those professors who were fired at Southern Baptist theological seminary is on the college fix Russell Fuller for example, gave an interview to the college fix saying that coping was used as an excuse to get rid of him and it says this seminary headed up by Dr. Al Mohler fired a professor for his repeated criticism of its leftward direction, but used covert budget cuts is cover to hide its true motives.

He claims Dr. Fuller told the college fix that the seminary was also requiring laid-off faculty to sign a nondisclosure agreement in order to receive their severance packages and he had been on staff as professor of Old Testament interpretation at S BTS for 22 years.

So if you don't get on board with the new vibe Uganda sorry and a nice try take off professors if you don't like the direction that things are headed with critical race theory, and we've seen no I talked about this on the show before how we've had people at Southern Baptist seminary going all in for CRT.

We think this is can and that's the question is, this can and will now you have the conservative Baptist network which put out a statement of fact strongly supporting president trumps action against critical race theory so there is beginning to be body as sub body of believers within the Southern Baptist convention were fighting back, but it's not enough. I would say I would argue to just say it's wrong and to continue to be always just putting forth positive things.

It's it is important for people to come forward and say this is wrong.

This is wrong. This is an debacle.

This is an debacle like back to something that Dr. Woods actually mentioned when he was talking about Paul with the Epicureans and the Stoics. He was refuting the Epicureans in the Stoics even go back and read his sermon on Mars Hill. He was saying, you know, you guys think you're so bright and even have this altar to an unknown God, let me tell you who God really is. That's what the Christian does. That's what the apostles did. That's what Paul did. That's what we should all do dismantle the lie. Don't let a false gospel go forward and don't let them use these sorts of rhetorical devices to try to say out now. It's just a tool. We needed tool we needed tool look at the tool how it's being used on the streets of our cities. Now you have big Southern Baptist convention leaders who are having their church is still closed. There still not meeting in their buildings and some of them have shut down their buildings for the foreseeable future. But they'll go out in March with black lives matter. Oh that's fine were not worried about Cove 19 at all, not a fit and involves racial injustice yet because your marching skin to do so much. You know what your merchandise Evangelical leaders. Your marching enables people who hold to this on godly theory of human development to make inroads into evangelicalism, making you useful idiots which was a favorite term of Vladimir Lenin. Remember, he of the Bolshevik revolution, so you guys are being used and I don't know how many people within the confines of evangelicalism understand that their being useful idiots, but they are Cove. It is so dangerous love your neighbor stay home. We minute. There's a March hey Ronnie, let's put our masks on and march down the street. Let's give cover to black lives matter. A Marxist queer organization that uses the death of George Boyd, the tragic death of George Lloyd in order to push this dismantling deconstructionist philosophy that will undo this country if Christians don't start fighting back. And I mean fighting back, not just saying this is wrong not to saying that we should hold to the Bible and we should hold to biblical principles which dismantle any sort of foundation upon which critical race theory is formulated or accepted but to fight for biblical Christianity.

Because Christianity is the foundation of this country. Never forget that we can talk all day long about our founding documents which are phenomenal and our founders who were wonderful, but don't forget who started America. It was Christians who were being persecuted over in England coming here trying to find religious freedom, and they built this nation on the foundation of Scripture. And if we don't go back to the foundation were never to have the America that was handed down to us. That's my point. And that's why we need to be ever vigilant in refuting critical race theory not only in culture but especially in our churches will come back on Janet my for today. This archived broadcast of Janet today is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or for today here's your host Joe welcome back GK Chesterton famously said, when men choose not to believe in God.

They do not.

Thereafter believe in nothing.

They then become capable of believing in anything. The question of God's existence as my next guest points out is the most significant issue in all of life not only most importantly because of the eternal consequences of denying God and enduring hell, but also because of the temporal consequences of denying him and living out worldviews that can be very dangerous and even violence. So join me now is Richard Simmons of third founder and executive director for the Center for executive leadership and he is author of the book will be talking about reflections on the existence of God. Richard so good to have you back. How are you well Janet, thank you.

The existence of God has come up quite a bit, especially with the advance of the new atheist movement in the last decade or so I would say but you say that this concept of worldview is really what explains the origin and meaning of life.

Can you expand on that a little bit because that really is true. You don't just believe something believe in God or not believe in God, what you do believe about God affects everything you do will really point out, there was very good volume series came out all the great books of the Western world and it was just a long series of essays just on the most important ideas and concepts that intellectuals and scholars have been studying over the centuries, and interestingly, the longest essay in this book series will God and one more rattler who at the time was an atheist who later became a Christian left. Why is that so he said more consequences for life flow from that one issue that all others in that it basically was referring to the fact that it has such an impact on our worldview. The course your worldview is really my perspective is everything courses but the lives which usually life I guess the simplest way to look at it, your perspective, but the way you view God has more of an impact on your worldview than anything else about it when your worldview back sure what you see morality purpose in life. Your source will happen if even death.

You see how this is so significant and is don't tell us the way you see God's is the foundation of your thinking.

The fact that all of your reasoning proceeds from that. So if you if you don't believe in God it bitterly will impact the way you see purpose in life you do believe in God that have an impact on what you see purpose in life. So, there is no greater issue in the world of the existence of God and how it impacts our lives for sure.

So when we're looking out across the world and were seen a real rise in immorality and violence in anger and in rebellion.

This could we really do have to connect it don't way to the rise in this nation in the number of nuns and oh any assets that have been statistically compiled over the last several years.

This rise in the number of people who say there is no God may be there agnostics but there are good deal more atheists now days admitted atheist in the United States.

Then there have been in decades, if ever I what is the connection would you say between atheism or or being a non-and the real moral sewer that the United States has become in the last several years.

In the book book is 57 short say about an infection and one of the sections as you point out, it is the only issue of morality and there is no doubt that the laws of atheism truly is a huge impact on just the way people actually life where they see morals because if you think about it. If there is no God. How you have, what is moral or immoral. I do go to your feelings. You look to your desires. You look to your ability to reason, Richard Dawkins. He put his orders all dancing to our DNA really and truly do think about it.

There is no God. Morality is truly subjective pictures your opinion you fall your what I say is right along mostly with the less you mob you what was wrong and it's created a really, really a rule problem in our nation all the way we view no morality.

The way we view evil. The way we view meaning in life. So all of these things come to head and I lied about each one of them a different section of the book do you think that there is really conquest. That's not the word I want to use wit when you're talking about the discovery of truth how we go about deciding whether or not something is true these days because were contending with his postmodernist culture that has inculcated a lot of the younger generations with the idea that there is no such thing as absolute truth. So when you take that out of the equation, then it doesn't necessarily have to be that people are pursuing truth based on their DNA based on their feelings or based on whatever forces come to bear on what their feeling on a given day by clicking on the Internet to mean that the discovery of truth just doesn't seem to be very popular. I don't mean a lot of people who are not Christians were interested in really finding out what is true and letting truth take them down. Whatever path is going to go and at whatever turns it takes to discover ultimately what is true and that would be the existence of God is there really any you know mode like that that you're seen a lot of non-Christian saying I want to know the truth no matter what it is. No, unfortunately, not really, Mildred is rooted in Jeremiah. That's what happened in Landa not talk about like a mess of the book about discovering what is true and how important it is to believe responsibly.

One of my favorite stories that I lied about his call and how he came to faith.

He was an atheist and very well educated and he was working as a resident in the hospital where he was working with this little lady was dying and shift and one that will what you believe. Dr. Collins was funeral committed Christian and he was not alive.

He said no and science study evidence and come to conclusions about a kind of faith. I never looked at any evidence which led them on a quest to search for God in the road a bunch of clear fluids. He read the Bible and became a Christian with a what I realized is that most atheists today are just like what they never pursue the truth wherever would lead they were atheists like our vessel well water like the big while that's important and and you talk about the problem of evil.

What role do you think evil plays and pointing us to the existence of God for the average secularist. They would say evil is the opposite of what you say God is. But of course we understand as Christians. The fall of mankind right at the beginning of Genesis. That's what got us in all this trouble. So how do you go through this issue of evil and say evil actually shows us that God does exist, only the number one argument that people might know God is that there is evil in the world. How could there be such evil such horrific events going on loving God out there but clearly over therefore to be evil of the world you have to have some type of moral standard of goodness right and where that moral standard of goodness come from infectious Lewis makes his argument in his book mere Christianity that there is a certain almost to life that there's certain ways we ought to live where that come from, and he goes on to say, nothing points out that argues very convincingly that the presence of evil is in fact a very strong argument for the existence of God. Yes, because if there is no God, there is no standard were just a bunch of animals like Darwin himself said you know we we have this animal animal passion. Please cool passions that we inherited from our animal ancestors and so when you get right down to it if there is evil is really a strong argument for the existence of God, not against course because you have to have that true North Norwest East and South are and if you have any true North set it out.

You have to have a big vote.

Let's just have 7 billion people on the face of the earth.

Vote on what is right and wrong.

I did just ridiculous. And we already know from Scripture that the law of God is written on our hearts. God put it there and that's a very important thing I want to get into it a little bit more detail when we come back from this break, Richard Simmons, the third with us reflections on the existence of God is his book will come back after this.

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Welcome back, Richard Simmons, the third is with me, founder and executive director for the Center for executive leadership he's written a really great collection of essays, reflections on the existence of God and we are talking about the problem of evil.

This always comes up anytime you talk to somebody who's an atheist or an agnostic.

Richard as you know my question though for atheists.

They often will use evil as an excuse to deny the existence of God.

If God really love the world as you Christians say that he does eradicate evil we know that God dealt with evil. At the cross.

But what are you left with except evil without any hope of its eradication or ultimate justice against it.

In other words, if you look out at the world and you say there's no God that will ever set any of this right, or if something was in a huge crime was committed against my family.

My daughter was murdered something horrific like that there will never be any justice for that.

How in the world is that not make atheists say my worldview is messed up very well to the problem and pointed out a number of different essays how atheism is so unlivable really say that the the real theme of the book is how atheism is one massive contradiction in this town just like you pointed out so easy to claim to be an atheist, but it's hard to live your life if it were true, there is a crew contradiction between logic of life and therefore you over the years of three-member atheist change from when the audit may see the contradiction of their worldview. And I conclude this really is not livable just living it contradiction and that's really what I try to drive home. In this book is to show Francis Schaeffer that this is what you might people realize that when you look at reality.

The Christian worldview is so harmonious with the real world we live in an atheism is a clear contradiction, absolutely, absolutely. What about the issue of life returned when were talking about what human beings are and we have these struggles in our culture right now over the sanctity of human life, both on the front end with abortion and also now increasingly on the back end of life, or you're having discussions about euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in these sorts of things. Can you comment on your thoughts about life. Why life matters. What human beings really are and obviously you can get different answers from an atheist than you would from a Christian. But how do you see that problem kinda playing itself out. A great example of what is a human being. What human life. If there is no.I may be of a machine basically responding mechanically to stimuli in Charles Darwin's book towardknow we talked about natural selection. The in the subtitle of the book little different means of natural selection is the preservation of favored voices of the struggle for life and basically says there is no God, and therefore the least favored voices become extinct, including including the black population it's it's it's amazing. Just what atheism does the human life diminishes it and it really helps you understand if there is no God.

Human human life is cheap.

It really is not worth anything, I would've Sophisticated animals and therefore we should not treat humans any better than we would basically create fears of a slaughterhouse. Yes, but you know you're right about that, although if they were to be consistent. Wouldn't it seem more consistent that the atheist would want to keep people alive more because this is all there is there is no God. You know you don't see a lot of atheist committing suicide because they lost hope they they want to cling many of them to their lives as long as they possibly can. Just like anybody else. So why wipe out life. If there is nothing else I mean that. It's just nihilism. At some point want to talk about the section on human experience with developing/letting Ray talk about data and know most people think atheists would not be fair not be afraid of dying you dog you going to everlasting nothingness, and yet it's amazing that if you read that section. How many of the of the famous atheists in the last hundred years, but were terrified of death dying from Floyd Darwin, John Paul Sartre Outlook Lubec Camus arrived he became a Christian, but so many of them were terrified of dying because there is a possibility that they may be wrong. I made a part of the reason is because your Ecclesiastes 314 it says that God has put eternity in our hearts. This something that we recognize innately that we are eternal beings and therefore if you don't understand what what what comes a death you terrified sure makes a lot of sense and you think about Romans one saying that you know we know that God exists from creation we can see the things in front of us that have been made by God and in it's very difficult to explain away the beauty of creation by saying it was one big accident. Although people do it. They certainly do it but it's not consistent whatsoever. You know it's interesting rich when you talk about how the human experience points to the existence of God, you reference things like the mystery of love, the question of beauty.

I know there have been apologetic arguments dealing with the issue of consciousness and how the atheist can't really address why we have consciousness. These sorts of things.

What do you look at across the human experience that you say hey atheist, you need to consider this aspect of the human experience as being something that should make you rethink your position. Ultimately, our point yogurt debacle for the deepest yearning of the human heart and it works well fit into a godless world you go back to really study to have to acknowledge that love basically is an allusion. It's like again go back to Skinner like machines were totally physical beings in machine and physical matter can't love that Daniel Webb not harbored since a lot of the effect of the unconscious physical causes for this is Richard were nothing but love is nothing but a biological reaction and so in about one of the people to talk about was a guy by the name of Don Wilton who most people always go look on the next CS Lewis and he changed his mind about Christianity and basically went back to atheism and he was real close friend Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are they related the problem of the copiers later changes money came back to Christianity. One reason was. He said that people… That we use this term simply anthropoid. A because we cannot act like an account for the basic experience of life, most particularly love them so if you are going to be consistent with love really does not exist yet – it's crazy that this goes against our everyday life experience. We all love and so is that this is impossible to live that way and if you feel hatred, which people do hatred. Also, it would seem validates the morality of Christianity because if you get mad at things like injustice, why would you be mad at injustice. I mean, either. Whatever emotion you're having is a human being. It seems to me on some level that confirms the existence of God, you're either going back to the fact that you have to acknowledge the true North or you're acknowledging that maybe Christianity really does have something to say that answer some of these questions that the atheist can answer according to their worldview. Great story of a book about a woman, Andrea Dilley, and she grew up over Africa with missionary parents as she rejected God. As she grew to adulthood because of all the injustice that you saw in the world way people treated and whether the God and one day she found himself in an argument with and she's arguing for justice and he says there is no justice is if there is no God and she she began her off that she was arguing with Scott use fixed point of view of a theistic worldview and she said that eventually what letter back to the faith was because you're all she was going to argue for justice that has to be a God. In order for that argument about except makes total sense and ultimately when were talking about the existence of God. We have to talk about the God who is not just any old God that you fashion up in your imagination. Theism is one thing in Christianity is another. But as you you really point out in a very important sense here. Christianity is a historical religion.

It's not something that you believe in Christ by faith, which we do, but it's based on real historical evidence that to me is something that is really good. I think to go back to with the atheist and say check out the claims of the Bible. Don't just think that this is some kind of feeling you have to work up or some sort of emotion that you have to have in order to be a Christian but it's based on real history, real historical events. Christ really did die on the cross and he really did rise from the dead while you gotta check out the book reflections on the existence of God, Richard Simmons, 1/3 with us Richard so good to have you here and thank you very much for being with us again so much. All right. Thank you to God bless you, thank you for joining us on Janet for today.

Always glad to have you along will see next time

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