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Michael Rydelnik (Messianic Prophecy)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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December 23, 2021 4:00 am

Michael Rydelnik (Messianic Prophecy)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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December 23, 2021 4:00 am

The Lord Jesus told His disciples, "Everything written about Me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms must be fulfilled." But what all was written in the Old Testament about our Savior, centuries before His birth, that foretold even the smallest details about the promised Messiah? Dr. Michael Rydelnik, professor of Jewish Studies and Bible at Moody Bible Institute, joins me to discuss, "The Moody Handbook of Messianic Prophecy." Don't miss the Thursday's edition of JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archives broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you in part by American underdog from Lions gate and the team that brought you. I can only imagine based on the true story of championship winning quarterback Kurt Warner American underdog. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters everywhere. Christmas Day is Janet Mefford today. Our confidence is in Christ alone, Sawyer is now know what you think of when you hear me read this Bible verse. Well, you probably think of the Lord Jesus uttering those words while he hung on the cross as recounted in Matthew chapter 27 and of course he did say that, but that's not where the Bible first records. Those words of the Lord they first appear in Psalm 22 verse one. The prophetic song of David that foretold what the Lord Jesus would utter a thousand years in the future when he finally came to die for our sins as prophesied how amazing that is. And this is of course just one of many, many messianic prophecies throughout the Old Testament, even the risen Lord told his disciples in Luke 24 everything written about me in the law of Moses, the prophets in the Psalms must be fulfilled.

What should we understand about messianic prophecy and its significance will really tackle that today with Dr. Michael Riddell, Nick, who is professor of Jewish studies in Bible at Moody Bible Institute is also general editor of a wonderful new book that working to discuss. It's called the Moody handbook of messianic prophecy and it is subtitled studies and expositions of the Messiah in the Old Testament.

Dr. delicate is just great to welcome you to the show. Thank you so much for being with us thinking what would you say is the importance of messianic prophecy in the Bible. Why do you think it matters so much that we understand the subject. Obviously, the prophecy yes we look at the book of acts.

There's only two primary messages that the apostles gave them was that Jesus fulfilled these prophecies and the second was that he was risen from the dead, so really the two-pronged approach of proclamation of the gospel in the book of acts was one of them was the fulfillment of messianic prophecy.

So obviously, it's crucial methods, but also I think it's really important for us personally and spiritually. How many of us think of when we think about our faith and we have doubts everyone does return. What can we do will in Matthew 11 when when John the Baptist was having some doubts there.

He was in prison and he sent his disciples and says they fiddled Lord Jesus.

He wants to know are you the promise will or should we look for another Lord Jesus look in the points of the healings that he's doing in the gospel being preached what he was doing actually was pointing to messianic predictions. Isaiah 35 in Isaiah 61 and he was saying, in essence, I have fulfilled prophecies and so it seems to me that as we struggle with issues like doubt, and when, as we seek to proclaim the good news messianic prophecy of central is so hard to argue with that. Even if you're talking to a non-Christian when you're pointing out what Isaiah predicted in Isaiah 53 or Isaiah 9 are some of these passages and you bring this to the attention of a non-Christian, maybe in particular a Jew. It gets interesting when you discuss these things and you say how in the world could Isaiah have known this so far back in time and then it's completely fulfilled in Jesus Christ. I mean, that's a very powerful argument because it's so evidential you will guide over many years ago. He worked in the motor vehicle Bureau, the state capital of Ohio.

It was when computers were first, becoming and bold he had become a follower to the Pete hyped out Isaiah 5213 through 5312 that very important suffering servant serving the Lord. Passage and he typed it out printed up no references.

It was one long pole 15 verse poem and he brought it to every single person that work with them there about 200 people and he said who is this poem speaking of, and who do you think road where the company and everyone everything will Jewish people and non-Jewish people said all that's obviously about Jesus comes from the New Testament New Testament all men and of course he been told to move. Isaiah 700 BC and that foretold Jesus, and it was true, as you say produce people that like what Jesus was predicted in the Old Testament in them, even for non-Jews. People who are Jewish. There like while there something supernatural about that. It's a wonderful way of communicating the truth that you know it's interesting you point out in your book very early on that it's become accepted in critical scholarship that this whole concept of a messianic deliverer didn't develop until the second century BC, which obviously is not the case. But how do we know that there was a clearly intended messianic message back in the Old Testament will pick you a wonderful chapter in the book was written by Posto messianic you and you deem it was recalled to the Bible and he called it the Old Testament in the Old Testament and what one of the things that he showed that the Old Testament itself reads itself as messianic. So when when the writers in the later prophets are looking back at earlier prophecies, they are almost confirming the truth of messianism in the Hebrew Bible and so I think that that that's interesting that someone like Ezekiel and Ezekiel 21 looks back at Genesis 4910 in Little Rock and the law of Moses and refit in a messianic way and so there's about 900 years separating Moses from Ezekiel and yet in the progress of revelation, the later prophets read the earlier ones messianic way. I think that's the argument I would put forward. I didn't realize that that was the case, but that is fascinating. That's really a strong argument is it that in academia. I mean this is a general question I could ask a lot of subjects, but in academia. Why are they why are they skeptical of the Messiah and messianic predictions in the messianic deliverer being present and talked about in the Old Testament.

What is the reason that they have that position well. It seems to me scholarship academia and anti-supernatural bent. I would say that yeah what's happening with our evangelical scholarship. Be shocked to find this out.

Many evangelical scholars go to secular schools for their PhD's, and they will lose all credibility with their dissertation, mentors, and with their colleagues. If they don't buy into what they're being taught at these secular schools and so as a result they came in and they began to they came up with a new approach. They said well Isaiah didn't know that he was writing about the Messiah. He was writing about something in his own day.

He probably was writing about Israel as the suffering servant, and then in the inch testament metal. This idea arose when when the Davidic dynasty was not restored after the captivity in the inch testament will.

All that they came up with a messianic idea in the New Testament writers because of the Holy Spirit leading them, show them that there's a second meeting about the Messiah, not one that the author intended. But it's a secondary dual meaning of coursework on evidence of that that they are taking the verses out of context.

In a way that we ought not to do that we can't reproduce because we we we want to have our academic credibility and include the idea of secondary meaning. So, to what extent has evangelicalism been infiltrated with this kind of mentality among scholars. I mean how widespread is that is pretty widespread. I have never done a survey. I know I went to some of the best evangelical school around and I was I would come taken aback at how many of my Old Testament professors didn't see the messianic hope in the Hebrew Bible as a direct prediction date based on the typological Lord, dual meaning way but not in that direct prediction and it was I was in my doctoral program. When I got study with John Phil Hammer that with the Lord.

Many people might normally permit NIV compact Bible commentary that he did which is, popular, but he was a great probably the best Old Testament scholar ever and that was one of his big issues was pushed seek to read the Hebrew Bible text to read it as we with literature and then the Messiah there and he was a limit is also well I got with him. It confirmed what I believe is crucial. We dedicated the book will come back with Dr. Michael redone like his book is the Moody handbook of messianic prophecy stay with us will be right back from lines. You can only imagine comes American underdog, so starting grocery shelves while trying to hold onto his dreams as my entire life serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship's venture like no other. Julie serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people.

Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center. Every day you'll be making a difference in the lives of struggling people begin your adventure today connect with us at Mercy ships.this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. These words written early in John's Gospel remind us in this Advent season that God sent his son to be our Lord and Savior that many Christians in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East have never read those words or the Christmas story in Luke two why because they have no access to the Bible. So in this season of giving. Please join by the league in sending God's word to Bible list believers around the world for only five dollars, $50 for 10 Bibles $500 for 100 call 801 ESW ORD. That's 800 yes word there's a Bible league banner and Janet seen people changed the description for this to Jeff one. Yes, somebody's in this gift you can give somebody that's 800 YDS W LRD or there's a banner to cling Janet you're listening to you today and also great to have with us Dr. Michael redone like Prof. of Jewish studies and violently Bible Institute and general editor of the Moody handbook of messianic prophecy. What an awesome book this is.

I mean, I am so enjoying Dr. Donna going through all of this in all these essays, it is such important information for every Christian to read and write, really, to be able to dig into the Bible more fully on this issue of messianic prophecy.

I'm curious because I've heard a lot of different numbers on investment. Would you put the number of messianic prophecies at a firm number I and some people say over 200. I've heard as many as 400 company are there. Would you say in your estimation hundred articles about 80 passages 85, but there are more than that. The initial marketing every passage while we miss you.

Will we we can possibly get that here is why he is 14 or pages are ready but the reason I would say there's more than less is when the Lord Jesus said the law of the prophets in the Psalms Psalms #the writings. The whole, the Hebrew Bible in October under the tubing.

That's where we get the word law profits and writings that flow Hebrew word for the Old Testament acronym means of individual predictive versus what he meant is that in the DNA in the in the very story of the Bible it it looks forward to. Let me give you an example.

Second Samuel seven Davis promised the defendant will have an eternal house kingdom throne then we look at the book of first, second Kings, there's really no individual predictions but yet what we see is every King is raised up in there compared to David is he like his father David, is he not like his father David is the only eight good kings of your member and you come to the end of second Kings and there in captivity and no one has fulfilled that promise that God made to David and the purpose of per second Kings is to say okay God made this promise in seconds able to David it's not yet been fulfilled. Keep looking. And so the idea there is in the story itself.

It doesn't have to soar like a likable person. Kings history of messianic miscalculations. Every King comes up we think it is the son of David, that was spoken of and then the reader looks back and said nope not him him that we come to the book we have to keep looking.

So it's not individual predictions so much as "even more so it's in the very story of the Bible that stick is a great point well in you. When you look at the term Messiah itself. There's been a lot of discussion about what the Jewish people were expecting in terms of the Messiah, you know, was he to be the suffering servant's they didn't really think that we talk about what happened in the New Testament the doubts and so forth. But what can we understand about the term Messiah and what that encompasses regarding who he will be and who the Jewish people should expect to see yellow word five welcome means anointed one that was used of an anointed priest accused of any person to be anointed to be separated for some, special service to God.

Even Cyrus the great God anointed his anointed one.

Could be the one to allow the Jewish people in Isaiah 45.

You've been anointed to all bring the Jewish people back from captivity.

So the word is used that way but it develops this special meaning of a particular anointed one from the house of David who will rule with righteousness and fused 1012 times in the Bible in that very technical sense of this special one serving God from the line of David. But there are other terms that development referred the same person.

Like the branch. For example, and there the branch will redeem Israel.

You can read about him in Zechariah 3. For example, in Zechariah 6 and Jeremiah 23, you can you can see other terms that develop like the servant of the Lord. Therefore servant songs in Isaiah. There's this particular servant of the Lord. Then there's the one to whom it belongs. In Genesis 49 so there's other titles that develop as well and they all refer to the special kingdom of God anointed so many different titles come up throughout the Old Testament. You talk about some of the son of God and Son of Man and wonderful counselor course we see Isaiah the Lord our righteousness. Now that's another one. And that's really key because that's getting into the nitty-gritty of what the Lord would do when he finally was resurrected on our behalf term I like most people in it but it was Jesus favorite title Lord you pay attention.

It's the Son of Man.

Yes, Daniel chapter 7 and the scene in heaven. In Daniel seven. There's the ancient of days, obviously a vision not we can actually see God but he's a vision of God the father and there are throne of the throne set there's a throne for the ancient days of their thrones for another one. In this figure comes before him and he is one like a Son of Man that you for Son of Man. He is like a sentiment, meaning he looks human but he has a throne next to the ancient of days. Obviously he is deity and this one is promised that he will come and he will reign you will descend from the clouds and he will reign over the Saints forever and so you got this title son of man which many of us think just refers to humanity, but the. The context in Daniel seven indicates deity and humanity one like a Son of Man, and of course the Lord Jesus keeps using that of himself and if we miss the point that this is a reference reference to deity at his trial, the high priest asked the Lord Jesus mattresses tells finally if you're the Messiah, and was the Lord Jesus answer you will see the Son of Man descending from on high in the clouds spending the clouds and in the high priest looks at him and you call yourself a man uses no heat tears his garments as you just committed black so you make yourself out to be God, Son of Man is a divine title so and so that's why believe the Lord Jesus uses the term Son of Man felt it really has. The implication of God, man hunt like a man that's great. Well, of course, in Isaiah 789 you got references to the Messiah being deity, there you know Emmanuel, God with us.

The references to mighty God did to Jewish people expect the Messiah to be God because when you talk when you talk about how the reaction went down when they were saying Jesus is putting himself equal with God.

Was it the case that most of the Jewish people did not expect the Messiah to be God the son. The argument is there from some really fine evangelical scholars that there is no concept of deity of the Messiah in the Old Testament mouth and if there was the Jewish people would've been expecting a divine Messiah but my response to that would be. There are hints of the idea of a divine Messiah in ancient Jewish literature. So there was something however here's what I think happened. The Jewish people went into captivity for idolatry and it was a terrible painful lesson and will I can't say that my people always obeyed and responded to God perfectly. After the captivity, they did have idolatry driven from them and then in that inch test model. In the early centuries. They were very concerned not to fall into that trap of idolatry and I believe that what they do is they shifted their understanding of those Old Testament does talk about a divine Messiah.

They didn't want to get trouble while I do think that initially when those written they were looking for a divine Messiah.

By the time we get to the later writings that you see on commentaries on Isaiah mentioned the problem with and the Mishnah and the midrash is no longer looking for divine Messiah's fearful what you mentioned this a couple minutes ago I wanted to follow up with this because I think this is an important thing we are talking about. The scholars heard people say this before that there was one mean that Isaiah had in mind but there was a second shadowy meaning that you came to what you make of that way of doing hermeneutics in regard to messianic prophecy that these men had no idea what they were writing it was all secret. It needed it was code and somehow we needed on decoded down the road. I mean, what you make of that lie within 4860 was pretty clear from the beginning. I've not spoken in secret God first in the last three verse are not spoken in secret. He is not one to hide truth you want to see it. Secondly, I did.

I really do believe that the prophets understood what they were writing about. They didn't know.

First Peter one.

People often say that the prophets didn't know what they were writing about that you know they they actually thought they were looking to see what time were person that they wrote of well they didn't know when he would come back to the time they didn't know who he would be that it would be Jesus of Nazareth of the sun of Mary and the adopted son of Joseph. They didn't know that you know the referent, but they do the Messiah was coming to visit was revealed to them they were speaking for their days for later days. So the point is that they really did understand and think about the problem that we would have with inspiration. The whole idea of an inspired God breathed text is that the Holy Spirit move man right to write God very words yesterday use their personalities to use their thoughts it with a combination work of the human and divine book in the point of this is that if the authors themselves didn't know what the Holy Spirit meant how is that confirmation of the truth of their books Holy Spirit could be something utterly different, out of context and untrue than they were really, jeopardizing our whole concept of the inspiration of the Bible. That's excellent points. That's a good one to remember to bring up if somebody starts to make that argument again. Yeah exactly mean it makes total sense and what I find really interesting. I was privileged enough to hear you speak just recently at this conference put on by the preacher research center and you are talking about. I did get a chance to talk to you and I so wanted to. That's why we so sorry long time we met. I tell you what we come back from this break. I want to get into what you talked about at that wonderful conference. Dr. Michael redundant will be right back on Jennifer today.

This archive broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you in part by American underdog from Lions gate and the team that brought you.

I can only imagine based on the true story of championship winning quarterback Kurt Warner American underdog. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters everywhere Christmas Day effort today and here's your host Joe well what a great book.

The Moody handbook of messianic prophecy studies and expositions of the Messiah in the Old Testament, general editor Dr. Michael redundant Nick is joining me and I was saying before the break, Dr. Adele, like I was privileged to be able to hear you speak recently on this topic of finding Messiah in unexpected places, and I have to say that was one of the best things I've ever heard. On the whole subject of messianic prophecy. You know, we stick with things like Isaiah 53 in Psalm 22 and here you were dealing with passages like Joel, I mean can you talk a little bit about that because Joel 3 to 13 Psi to 23 was a passage that you are talking about which you do that again because I think everybody listening would just be fascinated and what you are talking about. Sure was surprising to me. I was working on the Holman Christian standard translation and I saw the book. There's my coeditor Lou yes he was the general editor of the translation for each graduate when I was a graduate school and Ed said to me, no English, where you go when you're translating one of the books I did was droll.

Sort of turned in only Hebrew and so I did that and so what happened was I came to this passage, I thought. I don't remember ever reading back because it doesn't say that in English Bible. And so here's what the verse says even I could even get them to translate it right.

I finally convinced him in this article I did in the book, but he would not go with my translation in the atheist be children of Zion rejoice and be glad in the Lord your God in minutes is because he gives you autumn rain, pure vindication while in Hebrew.

It doesn't say autumn rain for your vindication. It says because he will give you the teacher for righteousness and it is a remarkable first because the promise was that there would be another teacher like Moses, a prophet like Moses and here many years later, Joel is saying that in the end of days during the great messianic kingdom.

He will give us teacher for righteousness and menopause up by finials and showers for you both autumn and spring rain. As before, and I was I was, taken with that because one of the great promises of the kingdom. When the king comes is that the kingdom will operate right and will get the rain at the in due season and then that's exactly what Isaiah says it also promises that there will be a teacher that will come to us and he will guide us and show us how were to walk and then it says in this one in Isaiah 31.

I believe it is this one will will guide us with a walk this way you walk behind us and tell us the way to walk and then what will happen.

The rains will come appropriate rain in due season.

The parallel passage to this so it is really a remarkable verse that it was unexpected. I didn't know it was there. I'm really happy I was even going to write the article about that in the in the little book but nevertheless the guy that had signed up couldn't do it so I did at the last minute.

I loved doing it. We redo the verse in Isaiah just you know the Lord is Isaiah 30 verse 20 the Lord will give you meager bread and water during oppression bought your teacher will not hide himself any longer.

Your eyes will see your teacher whenever you turn to the writer to the left.

Your ears will hear this command behind you. This is the way walk in it and then it goes on to say he will in verse 23 then he will send rain for your seed that you've sown in the ground and so he promises rain. Once again, when that king will come to great sign.

Of course the obvious question becomes how do you mess it up so badly in a lot of these English translation is autumn rain rain for your vindication in teacher for righteousness don't sound anything like how in the world to get the bad translations word expect or for righteousness is that it never ever in any place in the whole Bible ever is used of anything other than moral righteousness. It doesn't have any idea vindication ever anywhere. It's a bad translation. But the reason is that there is. There seems to be a textual variant in the second half of the verse where the word rain which should be Eure apparently the scribe when he was copping that he instead of doing your array which is the word for rain. He put Moret which of the work for teacher so you have to translate it teacher twice.

Righteousness will send you the teacher and latter rain or you could recognize that there is a variant or scribal error and the second word should be not Moret but you're right, but instead what they do is the they take a word Moret had a transmitter rain, which it should never be translated.

You see, in this case laymen a little bit of nervousness because now or say what where else in my particular translation might they have mistranslated something that would yield a great gem like that. Yeah well you know I things that I discovered that I really tell this people who don't know, textual criticism, like little variant readings and things like that. Variant readings of the bad translation.

The second half of the variant reading, but just read lots of English translations get one of those books that has all the traditional go online there's always websites that have all the translations. One of the things that I find when I'm studying something when I find something that have their there were probably 45 translations in English and translated this is teacher for righteousness when I find something like that. I only found that as I began to read different versions when I'm reading any passage in the Bible and I say wait a minute.

Most translated this way. But wait, there's variance, there's different approaches. There's different translations that are significantly different.

Now I know I better go do some study to write another passage that you talked about with a lesser-known messianic prophecy was in second Samuel 23 now is fascinating and you talked about David as profits and I think when people think of David. They don't often know come up immediately and say oh you know David was a prophet snake. They think Jesus came out of the line of David. David David was the king all the rest.

Why is that a significant messianic passage I so there were people in the world of service course.

David was a prophet and it's that verse just to go back a little bit.

The Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible and it's from about the second century BC first bit of background the background.

The people need to know is that Hebrew was written without foul. Yes, the valves are our legal lines and dots that are put underneath the letters okay but they weren't written that way.

In fact, they were only put in in the middle ages are Middle Ages, so we have to be alert to that sometimes the Septuagint leave the Hebrew Bible when they translated it as if there might've been a different accent to be understood in that word, and so to just simplify it.

This is the Oracle of David, the son of Jesse big Oracle of the man raised on high. That's how it is with the vowel that's put in in the Hebrew Bible today. Since the Middle Ages the Oracle of the one anointed be one anointed by the God of Jacob the delightful. One of the songs of Israel.

But if you read it with the different bowel way.

The Septuagint did the Oracle of David, the son of Jesse Oracle of the prophetic Oracle.

The Oracle of the man raised concerning the Messiah of the God of Jacob, the delightful subject of the songs of Israel and so what this says is David was when he was talking about this stuff. He was right about the Messiah, and of course that will help us read the book of Psalms little differently. Don't think so for sure what David how you do know what the spirit of the Lord spoke through me. His word was on my tongue so I was a prophet. Then he says will what we talk about spoke about one who rules the people with justice rules and the fear of God talks about how beautiful his reign will be, and then verse five.

Many versions translated wrong, but the new King James, for example, gets it right in the old King James it says were not so is my house with God is on SS I just think there's another one coming this for we can' one more break. Dr. Michael redone like my guests were discussing the Moody handbook of messianic prophecy.

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That's 800 yes word or there's a Bible league banner and Janet seen people changed the foreign yes somebody's somebody that's 800 YDS W LRD or there's a banner to cling Janet you're listening to Mefford today and no ears. Janet welcome back. Well, it's wonderful to dig into the Old Testament and all his messianic prophecies just confirms how amazing the Bible is and how amazing it was that God sent us his son, Dr. Michael redone like his with as general editor of the Moody handbook of messianic prophecy and we were discussing second Samuel 23 were talking about this being a lesser-known messianic prophecy here and you are particularly talking about verse five. Now I'm looking at the Naz B that's what I have right here that I'm looking at and it translates it truly is not my house so with God you you however said there was a different a better way of saying in a more accurate way of saying it wrong. Hebrew; interrogative pay you K under the word, not it would be hollow instead of low to ask a statement of fact question. If you are say is not my house so with God you would have to have the interrogative pay, but it doesn't have just a bad translation. It should say poor not so monotonous ways my house with God.

I'm not the righteous king, and the reason I think that verse five is translated that way is because people are avid accepted the medieval Jewish version of the Hebrew text where the beginning. David says he's writing about himself and oh yeah but if we take the more ancient bowel pointing of that text then what it is is David is writing about the Messiah, but in order to harmonize with verse one.

I think people will miss translate verse five understand that that's interesting and you tied it to to acts chapter 2 with Peter's sermon and this was great. I really loved what you had to say about this because he was talking about. Second, Sema 23 as his interpretive guide and@great when you start talking about Psalm 16 that this would not David that's one of the first things he says David is dead and buried. But, and so that's what David David but then Peter said, but David knew this because he was a prophet right just like David said how you notice the word of God work orders on my tongue so you dispersed thought about David second he says that he was a prophet. He knew that God had sworn an oath to him to seek one of his descendents on his throne. That's another thing that you will see in that passage, and second finger 23 that I skipped over before David says will David how do you know this King is coming in on that little poem that he has. He says but God made an oath.

God made a covenant with me that sperm and unbreakable in here. What is Peter's date. He was a prophet. He knew that God had sworn oath to him to seek one of his descendents on the throne and seeing this in advance, spoke concerning the resurrection of the Messiah is almost as if Peter studied second finger 23 to understand the Psalms, the author's intention and by the way, do you know who taught Peter messianic prophecy, the Lord Jesus was a trick question. I thought the Lord that someone else should be answering great you know and when the disciples gather in the upper room.

He told them. These are my words that I spoke to you while I was there with you that everything written about me in the law of Moses and the prophets in the Psalms must be fulfilled in that he open their minds to understand the Scriptures as this is what was written and so he taught them.

I was once a true story.

I was there was a professor that I was teaching with and he we were in the same school and he was teaching his class.

That's all 16 have nothing to do with the resurrection of the Messiah, so student raised his hand.

Listen Peter seem to think it was predicting the resurrection of the Messiah in this professor said well I wouldn't agree with Peter's hermeneutics and came to me and said what would you think about this. I said well I would agree with Peter's professor of interpretive rights that you know something about it. Also say when you were going through and talking a little bit about that that you Peter's sermon and asked to that phrase in verse 31 seeing this in advance. He spoke concerning the resurrection the Messiah that seems to be something you could use with these academics who say they had no idea what they were talking about back in the Old Testament, but they wouldn't agree with true good fight Kevin out somehow.

Whenever there's a little problem in the right thing for the wrong got I got it anyway. It is remarkable when one of the story okay. I was once doing a workshop at a congregation in California. True story and I met a guy who said to me you seem familiar with strategies, knowing the stuff it turned out he was my high school music teacher that he had become a believer and when I asked him how he had become a believer. This is what he said back back when I was in high school. He said there was a perfect radial guide.

Now came and spoke about what you should not believe in Jesus and some kid there kept picking up messianic prophecy in responding, and we could do a terrible job but that you have a lot of verses and he said, and so I went got my Bible and I read it for myself and when I read the Bible like I saw that there was a prediction of the Messiah and that Jesus fulfilled. That's just great. You know who the kid was the did such a bad job that guest speaker certainly know who he was, that with me 30 years. I've always waited to try and have another opportunity with that back. I did such a bad job, but I don't even know the Lord, you just reading the word for himself. Convince this Jewish man to believe in and you have a lot of verses so that and that's that's the most wonderful thing is is when somebody picks up the Bible when you read some of these passages, even if you're coming is a complete nonbelieving don't have any you know movement in the direction of wanting to become a believer, but it's hard to get around those passages. As you said before, the guy who put Isaiah as a palm and people that's about Jesus. I mean this is points out, it was seen using messianic prophecy for evangelism can be one of the most effective tools that we have limited Jewish people great with people. I've had many to show me where it says in the Old Testament about Jesus being the Messiah. And I always am happy to do it but I talked to many people who are not Jewish, who are skeptical about the supernatural nature of the Bible and its message and one of the ways that confirms it is messianic prophecy and then that Jesus would come hundreds of years later and fulfill prophecy that he couldn't set up.

He couldn't unless he is God set up that that he would be born in Bethlehem. So the fact is, when he was born and lived and died and rose again. It all was predicted and that's what people believed in being born of a virgin, he could never really manipulated that could arrange God unless he is God. That's right, that's a particular favorite prophecy when you are making an argument with someone who is trying to be convinced of what you know what, the fact that Jesus is the Messiah and the claims of Jesus to be the Messiah.

You have some go to passages that you think work the past or better than others. I think 01 paragraph one paragraph one section is Isaiah 5213 5312 because it not only predicts exactly what Jesus would be like to be ordinarily be like a weed in the wilderness, but also that he would be rejected by his own people that he would suffer a humiliating death that he would be raised from the dead will see the light of life and it explains why he would die so crucial. All we like sheep have gone astray all the sub turned her own way, but the Lord laid on him the iniquity of us all. Basically, the idea that the Messiah would come and die for our wrong for the sins that we've committed and be raised again and therefore we could be declared righteous says that that's the most important message we have and it's right there 700 BC and Isaiah's servant song so so great yeah exactly and I I really appreciate this book because you go into so many different passages and you can see, even in the table of contents while there was more messianic prophecy in this book and then I knew you know for example if if people are familiar with it outlook and all the Psalms where you see all the messianic references and Isaiah Corson and Zechariah has a number of them as well. It's just there's so many of them that it becomes really hard to deny that this is a supernatural book foretelling a supernatural Messiah it's it's even as a Christian it's thrilling to read through it all, what I'm grateful that you enjoyed it.

I'm I'm sorry we didn't meet up at the conference that were at each other, but next time I'm there. You make true pillow you got. I know I wanted so badly that you are being, you know, is swamped and I didn't have a chance to get over there. I said get on the radio. Well, thank you Dr. Dominic you are just so wonderful to have on and I just love the book. The Moody handbook of messianic prophecy. God bless you. Thanks a lot for being with you. So what. All right you take care again about the Moody handbook of messianic prophecies really terrific resource. Bless you. Thanks for being with us and will see next time here finds you in an effort to this, our team effort. Today has been brought to you in part by American underdog from Lions gate and the team that brought you. I can only imagine based on the true story of championship winning quarterback Warner American underdog. Rated PG suggested in theaters everywhere this day

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