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Gov. DeSantis' Stop WOKE Act - Michael Woolworth (Bibles)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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December 16, 2021 4:00 am

Gov. DeSantis' Stop WOKE Act - Michael Woolworth (Bibles)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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December 16, 2021 4:00 am

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis takes aim at Critical Race Theory with his new "Stop W.O.K.E. Act," and the Left is not happy. We'll talk about it. Plus: A growing number of Americans say they have no religion, largely at the expense of Protestants, while some "conservative" Supreme Court justices just denied religious-liberty exemptions to New York's vaccine mandate. And Canada bans therapy for people with unwanted same-sex attraction. All next time on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you in part by American underdog from Lions gate in the team that brought you. I can only imagine based on the true story of championship winning quarterback Kurt Warner American underdog. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters everywhere. Christmas Day is Janet River.

Today, our confidence is in Christ alone is the Lord God says soil and now have talked about this is to ask regarding religion in the United States.

There are an awful lot of poles that tabulate this stuff and one of the things that has been talked about quite frequently is the growth of the nuns and oh NES the number of people in the United States who have no religion at all, and that number has been growing over the years. This is interesting now out from AP the growth of the nuns in the United States has come largely at the expense of the Protestant population in the United States based on this new pew survey.

It said 40% of US adults are Protestants now, down from 50% a decade ago. Now, first of all, when you use the word Protestants, who are you, including in that group are you including all Protestants as in mainline liberal Protestants and lumping those together with conservative evangelical Protestants.

It's kind of a loose term at times, but this is what it says they they profile this woman Natalie Charles and they say even in her midteens.

She felt unwelcome in her Baptist congregation with his conservative views on immigration, gender and sexuality so she left not let me just stop right there. Religion, particularly the one true religion Christianity based on the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ who is the promised Messiah and the fulfillment of prophecy in the Old Testament and are Redeemer and our Savior and our Lord. This is not up for some debate about whether or not it makes you feel good.

This should be obvious to everybody who knows anything at all about Christianity, but it is lost on this culture.

These people really believe in larger measure every single year that what has to happen is church has to be suited to me my ideas my preferences my feelings, my identity and that's just not how truth works folks, and I think we have been derelict in our duty to point this out to people over the years, but in some regard. It seems to me that we bear some responsibility for where we are now why do I say that because of the church growth movement. The church growth movement going back all the way to Robert Schuller who is the mentor of Bill Hibel's from Willow Creek Community Church when he crashed and burned.

As we all know, a few years back. No surprise there. But the whole idea of the church growth movement was we need to find out what people want in a church and then redo our churches to make sure people are happy with what they're getting, so take down the crosses take down the stained glass installed the theater seating so they'll be completely comfortable, have nice carpeting in a have this big stage with skits and cool music and make sure who stands behind the Plexiglas pulpit because it's gotta be Plexiglas make sure whoever stands behind the pulpit is dishing out feel-good Christianity that isn't too hard to swallow what we now know from years and years and years of that approach, spreading all across the United States and across the globe that they doesn't work and it's not true and it's never been true and it was one of the worst mistakes in my opinion, and all of church history, at least in the United States was this idea that will dumb down Christianity and make it palatable to pagans will now you got a bunch of pagans who are leaving churches altogether. So I ought in that regard. It didn't work, but on another note, it didn't work because it created this expectation with a lot of these people who are now calling themselves deconstructionists that the church exists to do what makes them happy. That has never been true, it absolutely turns it around. It's a 180 from what Christianity actually is what Christianity actually is is were sinners, we fell our first Adam fell in the garden of Eden and he and his wife made sure that they disobey the Lord by eating the fruit, the forbidden fruit, and from then on every single human being ever born has inherited a sin nature, and it took the second Adam mentioned in the book of Romans to redeem us, but that was the fall of humanity. It's not about us were the problem were the problem God himself has been the solution to our problem and that offer goes out across the world to anyone who will repent and believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. You can be saved and that is the good news. The best news that the world has ever received. But here we have this whole story going around this idea that would this girl just didn't feel welcome because we lied and like the church's views on immigration and gender and sexuality is not about your views and by the way, we get everything or ought to get everything we believe as Christians from God's holy word. We don't take a survey of the people who are coming in and say to you feel comfortable you don't like our views on immigration would better change and there are churches that still are doing that, by the way, I would say the woke and the SBC are a perfect example of this. Whatever the world is doing on the Gospel coalition. Whatever the world is doing whatever the world feels upset about.

We need to really dig down into our authentic selves and examine the brokenness and just repent and do what they want us to do because that's what God wants us to. It's just nauseating at this point out. By the way, a description of this woman, Natalie, Charles and 18-year-old of Haitian descent. I don't know why that matters who identifies his square right. Well, there you are there you have it.

Why in the world would somebody who is embracing aberrant sexual immorality. Expect the church to approve of what she's identifying with or what she's doing but she said it wasn't a very loving and nurturing environment for someone's faith, listen when you're being called to repentance and faith in the gospel. Nobody said it was good to be comfortable so they get into some of the details on this. According to this new survey from pew research Center. The nuns now constitute 29% of American adults, which is up from 23% in 2016, and 19% in 2011. So that's almost 1/3 of the US population leading Elizabeth Drescher, an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University, who wrote a book about the spiritual lives of the nuns to comment that if the unaffiliated were a religion they be the largest religious group in the United States. I they are the largest religious group in the United States but again new. Who are these people, it's a wide range of viewpoints that come among these people who are known as the nuns the religiously unaffiliated were once concentrated in urban coastal areas, but now live across America representing the diversity of ages and ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds in because of the Internet even in their personal philosophies. America's nuns vary widely.

For example, 30% say they feel some connection to God or a higher power, and 19% say religion has some importance to them even though they have no religious affiliation. So that kind of makes a little vague about 12% described themselves as religious and spiritual and 28% is spiritual but not religious. That's clear as mud.

More than half describe themselves as neither nearly 60% of the nuns say religion was at least somewhat important to their families when they were growing up.

It found that 30% of nuns meditate 26% pray privately at least a few times a month, while smaller numbers consult periodically with the religious or spiritual leader.

So there is some element of eternity in their hearts like the Bible says but it's not Jesus Christ. They seek it's not the true living triune God. They seek it's not the gospel they want. They want something that will make them feel spiritual but doesn't make any moral demands that seems to be the overriding theme with a lot of these folks don't make any moral demands on me. I like the idea of praying for help. I like the idea of meditating that makes me feel really good. But don't tell me that clearness is something I I can't participate. Don't tell me that homosexuality is wrong. Don't tell me that I can't be the other gender. If I feel like that's my identity don't tell me that I can't sleep with my boyfriend. Don't tell me that I can't do pot or do any kinds of drugs.

Don't tell me that I can't get an abortion if that seems to be the most convenient thing for me.

Don't make any moral demands on me. Folks, this is not reality because we do have moral demands on us. God has given us his 10 Commandments. We have broken them but his moral law still stands, and if we are in violation of God's moral law.

The responsibility is on all of us to repent and to thank the Lord, with the greatest praise and and give him the greatest glory for sending us a Savior who did obey that law and gives us credit for obeying that law and out of gratitude for what Christ is done now as new creatures in Christ. We want to obey our Lord and Savior working to take a break will come back more to come on Janet Mefford today. From what I can only imagine comes American underdog. So starting grocery show while trying to hold onto his dreams as my entire life serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship is an adventure like no other and will be serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people.

Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center. Every day you will be making a difference in the lives of struggling people begin your adventure today connect with us at Mercy ship this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. These words written early in John's Gospel remind us in this Advent season that God sent his son to be our Lord and Savior that many Christians in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East have never read those words or the Christmas story in Luke two why because they have no access to the Bible. So in this season of giving. Please join by the league in sending God's word to Bible as believers around the world for only five dollars, $50 for 10 Bibles $500 for 100 call 801 ESW ORD.

That's 800 yes word or there is a Bible leave banner and Janet seen people changed description for this to foreign yes somebody's in this gift you can give somebody that's 801 ESW ORD or there's a banner to click Janet you're listening to you speaking of wayward religions. You really have to look at all this wildness and critical race theory embracing and see it as a religion for a lot of people. Well, it is II was talking yesterday on the show about how the pandemic has become something of a religion for people. It's something they can grab onto and found she is their Pope but we also have this real epidemic of woke this as everybody knows, and we saw what happened in Virginia. Thanks to all those wonderful parents in Loudoun County who got sick and tired of the nonsense and stood up, and lots of things went in a better direction in the state of Virginia Commonwealth of Virginia.

This is very telling those signs of the times.

This is from the insider Denver elementary school.

The Centennial elementary school is facing harsh criticism for planning a families of color playground night we got the wrong direction.

Here are we supposed to be against segregation. That's how it used to be. That's what Martin Luther King Jr. said was so terrible that we should be judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. This was listed on Facebook and they had all sorts of backlash. Thankfully, a huge sign promoting the event was spotted by writer Christopher Rufo who is a senior fellow over it. The Manhattan Institute, and he put out a tweet saying he was told by Centennial elementary school at which was hosting the event that playground night had been organized by the Institute's Dean of culture but was subsequently canceled due to Cove 19 protocols. The event is currently listed on the school's website is taking place every second Wednesday of the month. Even Dallas theological seminary came under fire not too long ago for having a reunion of only graduates of color thing was just black families not stop it. What you doing what you doing why in the world would you do segregation. This is what were all supposed to be against this is what we should be against, and in light of this, I want to commend once again Florida Gov. Ron Santos. This guy so far and I'm always a little skeptical or a little careful at least about politicians been burned too many times but this case just completely on fire with doing the right thing over and over and over again and the more he does it, the more people love him.

Now he's going on the offense yet again against critical race theory.

He's come out with a proposal for a new law called the stop wrongs to our kids, and employees act or the stop woke act. His office is calling at the first legislation of its kind in the nation going on the offense against both corporate woke this and critical race theory in our schools and DeSantis and some others came out and made a public statement about it. I want to play this here comment from Gov. DeSantis following up to the parents Bill of Rights that he had already put into place, but this is all about giving more power to parents. At least that's part of it.

Listen to what he said. Cut one. You can have certain things and sometimes the school districts don't always follow it and so we are going to be including in this legislation giving parents a private right of action to be able to enforce the prohibition on CRT and they get the recover attorney's fees when they prevail with area and yes there will be a fortified ability for the state Department of Education told people people accountable.

But honestly the parents know best. What's going on in there in the best position to be able to do, and here's the thing. A lot of times these people will fear lawsuits more than a fine from the state department of education because when you do a lawsuit. You get discovery in your subject to that and when they say they're not doing CRT and then you have all this information showing that they are doing it really is an uncomfortable position for them so I think that gives parents the ability to go in and ensure that our state standards are being followed. And I think it's something that needs to here Ron DeSantis politico even points out a key piece of this proposal would do just what you heard. It would give parents the power to sue local school districts that teach lessons rooted in critical race theory saying this part, which also allows parents to collect attorney fees is similar to the bounties permitted under Texas is what they call it controversy all abortion law wonderful abortion law is more like it.

Under that law. Ordinary citizens can sue those who provide abortions and collect attorney fees in its genius go Ron DeSantis. He also talked a little bit about what woke.

This is all about.

With the rise of this woke ideology is an attempt to really delegitimize our history and to delegitimize our institutions and I view the witness as a form of cultural Marxism.

They want to tear they want to just it's not just you know people say all you know you know they're there there there left. This research is not just like taxes and all that. Yeah, they do want that and that's not good, but they really want to tear at the fabric of our society and our culture and and things that really we've taken for granted like the ability of parents to direct the upbringing of their kids. So this is really really significant and when you see these things throughout the country where they take down Thomas Jefferson statute in New York City where they take down Abraham Lincoln in Massachusetts where they take George Washington's name off schools in California that is an attempt to erase history. They want to delegitimize the founding of the country in the institutions and they basically want to replace it with a very militant form of leftism that would absolutely destroy this country that ever took hold and so we have a responsibility to stand for the truth and stand for what's right and were doing. Then we put more resources and emphasis on teaching civics on teaching people about American history, but we also have to protect people and protect our kids from some very pernicious ideologies that are trying to be forced upon them all across the country so earlier this year. I directed the Florida Department of Education to prohibit critical race theory is just awesome. He also is targeting what he called corporate sanctioned racism through critical race theory training and companies political reports the Republican governor claimed companies like Verizon teach employees that America is fundamentally racist and allege that a Google training taught that all Americans were raised to be racist, alleged reading the material. Politico DeSantis said how is it not a hostile work environment to be attacking people based on their race or telling them that they are privileged or that there part of oppressive systems when all they're doing is showing up to work and trying to earn a living exactly excellent. Every state in the union needs to do this all and then I'm looking at this piece is incredible. It's it's Jeff Raikes.

I don't know who this guy is he is a contributor to Forbes, here's the headline bad for business. How critical race theory bands are limiting American progress and out of my head almost exploded.

He mentions that 400 books recently were pulled off the shelves across the Texas school district in response to a new law limiting how educators can teach and engage with students on the subjects of racism and sexism and notes that at least 28 states and counting have passed or are considering passage of laws just like this one. He says these drastic efforts are driven by a cynical orchestrated campaign against critical race theory a catchall phrase that has been divorced from its original meaning. Sure buddy. The truth is that bands on topics ranging from structural racism to social emotional learning make it dramatically more difficult to teach an honest accounting of American history. This guy just doesn't get it. He believes in critical race theory.

So he's irritated that people are calling it out as being ridiculous. He says business leaders should call this out for what it is politicians grabbing power and making our public schools. Collateral damage in the process server go to Loudoun County, Virginia, and look at what those people are doing to our children and by our children. I mean the children of any clear thinking parent in the American's culture these days and I look at these parents were fighting for their kids in Virginia and I feel a kinship with them is as a fellow parents and their making comments.

Even the Otero McCall 00. It's not up to the parents.

What we teach. It may be. Parents can't make that decision about what's taught in the public schools, you arrogant guy.

No wonder you lost the governorship. No wonder you didn't get elected.

These people are tone deaf.

They think they know better than we do. They think they own our kids.

Kids are just targets of manipulation for these people you have to indoctrinate them when they're young, turn them against their parents.

How many years have we watched the left try to turn our kids against us from abortion and sex education and LGBT education classes and curricula. It's insane they have to do that. The family especially the conservative Christian family is a threat to these people because it's the only ideology they can stand up to their garbage and expose it for what it actually is people to love the truth.

They love the lie than they are in bondage to their father the devil at that's what Scripture says and were seen it all around us, so even a site like Forbes is yelling and screaming all this is terrible were limiting American progress by trying to stop the teaching of critical race theory. Are you the same people on the left who said you're not teaching critical race theory.

Call it whatever you want but when you have five-year-olds coming home from school crying because they're told that there racist because they're white and there's no way they can ever overcome the racism because it is a structural racism and systemic racism that will exist long after you do any kind of penance ridiculous Ron DeSantis is right.

It is cultural Marxism. It is a lie and it is just infuriating to see how many people are profiting and just enjoying the proliferation of critical race theory. We had a band this thing everywhere it's it's the 1619 project was horrific. It was a lie. The in the made-up history of the United States was not consistent with actual facts about the history of the United States. These people want to ban our founders. These people want to destroy Christianity. They want to separate children from trusting their parents on key moral issues. These people are not our friends there, just not we pray for them. Many of them are just deceived as far as people who go along with this. Maybe they don't know enough about it, but we absolutely have to hold the line because future generations are counting on us to hold the line and tell the truth that is paramount were to come back and listen to Jana Mefford today right after this. This archived broadcast of Jana Mefford today is brought to you in part by American underdog from Lions gate and the team that brought you. I can only imagine based on the true story of championship winning quarterback Kurt Warner American underdog. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters everywhere, Christmas day for today. Here's your host Joe Miller for what we are really grateful to all of you for joining us and helping Bible league international get the word of God into the hands of so many Bible lists levers worldwide. You have been amazingly generous, but of course there are still more people who need your help in places like Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and guess what, it is a wonderful way to share the love of Jesus to get Bibles into the hands of Bible as believers at Christmas time. As always, it costs just five dollars to send one Bible and a gift of $25 will send five Bibles.

Anything you can give today would be appreciated. The number to call is 800 yes word 800 Y ESW ORD or there is a Bible league banner to ready to spend a few minutes now visiting with Michael Woolworth, Senior Dir. of broadcast media over at Bible league international Michael. Always great to have you here.

Merry Christmas to you and you every time you die together lined up Janet your listeners.

We really understand the importance of God for their own lives want to hear these.

Please know we are Christians around the world who can deny God's word.

They deftly put their faith and action and waited. She literally tens of thousands of Bibles that in the up several years we work together so. Again, thanks for a few moments just put up on it keep if need be for your listeners well listen that that is all glory to God. It really is into the wonderful you know generosity of all of our listeners here Jana Mefford today. I've nothing to do with it other than just be the conduit between the message and the wonderful hearts of the Christians who listen to this broadcast and open up their hearts and want to help other Christians around the world. This is such an important thing I'd mentioned where the need is it there so many places where there's a great need for Bibles to people.

A little bit though. Michael I know because people will sometimes ask how is it that Bible Bible league actually knows who the believers are who need the Bibles.

What is that process like your 8030 or administrator is not a place on earth or we serve.

It were not connected to a local evangelical church that an absolute must for us has been again for more than a decade in ministry. We work with the under resourced church, what doesn't define the under resourced or like it. They do not lack of zeal for God love for his word. A love for his world and the sea.

People come to place your faith in Jesus Christ and begin living for his glory and honor and so we been able to engage with churches around the world. We do this in six regions, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America little bit in Europe little bit in the US but Janet, I will do this primarily through a Bible study. People start out by going Drupal 6.9 booklet that we publish decades ago. It's the gospel of John Christianity 112 pair together.

People go through and will will figure out what how is Jesus both got it. Which of the died of salt which would be to put on Christ.

When Jesus says if you want to be great in this kingdom you learn to serve them so they'll go through this Bible study is about to three months in length will often be invited a one on one with the Christian who invites them to learn more about Jesus of indigent Janet be in as they profess faith in Christ connected to a local evangelical church. We promise them a Bible in their own language and their W type of campaigns you on Christian radio around the country. People rush down workstation with a box of it all, Bibles or the basement or the attic. The problem is you will hear a speaker of Mandarin or Swahili or teach what English Bible does you no good. So that's kind of unique position. God is given by believed to be able to have the relationships to make sure the proper translation is available to those Christian can we been doing that for more than 83 years.

It's a wonderful ministry. Is there a particular place right now where the need is the greatest.

I know there's great need all across the spectrum. In these different regions that you cover.

But where is the need the greatest if you could actually pinpoint an area you tell your story or just a second abbreviated story of the trip I took to Africa, but it's Africa. That's the work. Christianity is growing in the greatest numbers in the world. Number two was Asia number three of Latin America church growth here in America all reply part of will to growth is somewhat stunted so it kind of romp should look at where is the growth happening around the world and why I can tell you to places like Africa were people at one time were characterizes want pagan to be lost right and then we can look at African slavery are leading the way as a world center of Christianity that I was there but a couple years ago it was Super Bowl week here in America can't tell you who played the game that they I will never forget what happened when we were out of the little she at the church in the country of Tanzania, Africa. We were there to give up 200 Bibles to new Christians, we make a big deal about it when they come to the Bible study I just mentioned hundred 10 day until you were probably a thousand people around that little shanty church. Some of those were Christians. Others were there to support the believers in some of those were just villagers wondering what in the world was going on this day and name after name was read and if that happened, Janet min shouted in the light of the women they ovulated a very high pitched shriek. I can tell you that did this because we knew a lot of these people had left the groups of deep spiritual darkness, and it begun to follow Jesus Christ and one of those was a woman by the name of Mabel who was Mabel 65 years of age. I found out that she had been the village witch doctor she got a very high standing spiritually in the community guided people on spiritual issues, things like that that had left all of that will gladly volunteer introduced her to Jesus Christ and Janet's caper her Bible. The Swahili language translator was able to tell me she say it 10 times louder each time a new creation in Christ. I'm a new creation in Christ, Janet, I can tell you I lost it emotionally. I had to get out of the building.

My colleagues continue to give out Bibles. But as I do it outside the church.

I could see people climbing in to see in these open windows and a pastor by the name of Abraham uses Bible league of study materials Bible.

She said Michael said this is a literal and figurative picture of Christianity Africa right now. I suppose only inside the not ashamed to say I'm a new creation in Christ, and he said those on the outside the 100 who is this Jesus was Mabel the village witch doctor she left all of that to follow Jesus. And when I participate in those type of transactions I get to travel all over the world.

It's a great privilege for me to give out Bibles to new believers represented Bible league, and I can tell you, in those moments I can't help but think and thank God for listeners like yours would've given so sacrificially over the years to see those type of kingdom transactions take place so like a taters, plenty of people like Mabel incredible stories like hers that I get to tell your absolutely amazing. Somebody's dear St. I get to me but I can tell you there's a great need for God's word and I know again that's why your listeners over the years have given so sacrificially so generously see the people like Mabel get the word of God so they can grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus is so neat you can't put a price on that when you see that thing taking place.

Someone who is just joyful is a new Christian that's gotta be incredible. You know, were it at the time of Christmas and as many people recognize we all recognize the prices of a lot of things are going up nowadays and with a lot of people wanting to give their family and friends gifts this year budgets can be a little tight. Why would you say Bible International is a good investment. Five dollars is an incredibly low amount of money for a Bible. So we are very very happy that you can get a Bible into the hands of the Bible as believer for five dollars. But what what would you say to people who say money is a little tight. I want to help why Bible league where I don't we all week one of the Lord, make me a blessing. And yet we get so much messaging we get so many factors like inflation right off of everything going up as you notice is a safe investment you trust Janet Mefford you trust Bible league, and believe you got to know us very well over the last few years we partner together and so this is a safe investment and they hear stories like Mabel's and Janet, I found out this woman over the last couple of years has led many many to Christ. She has taken the Bible and choose use that to make much of God it appointment it to him why told you that story fit. What I don't know who played the Super Bowl. I tell you I'll never forget what happened in the life of Mabel in 200 Christian Europeans and the African to think that we can step into their story from half a world away so there's plenty of other reasons I could stay but I can tell you this is a safe investment and I know it at Christmas. What a joy to think abuse Christians going forward could read the Christmas story for themselves. That's that's what it's all about and I was thinking about that same thing we take for granted sometimes that we can hear the Christmas story just pick up whatever version of the Bible happens to be on yourself and it's not that way for other Christians around the world.

But what an opportunity. The Lord is giving to all of us to bless another brother or sister in Christ I give that number out if you'd like to participate, it costs just five dollars to send one Bible, a gift of $25 will send five Bibles through Bible league international. Here's the number to call its 800 yes word 800 YESWORD 800 yes word or there is a vitally banner to and we thank you all so much for anything you can do Michael Howarth Merry Christmas thank you so much for being with us again troubleshoot Janet God bless you too will be back from what I write you I can only imagine comes American underdog. So starting grocery show while trying to hold onto his dreams as my entire life serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship's venture like no other jewelry serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people. Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center. Every day you will be making a difference in the lives of struggling people begin your adventure today connect with us Mercy ships.the mother's womb has now become the un-Safest Pl. in America with abortion being a leading cause of death and babies being aborted up to term. In some states I was afraid I was skiing.

I know what to do every byline we have a wishing pre-born is the largest provider of three ultrasounds in the country, helping moms choose life.

You see, when a mom in crisis sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat she's 80% more likely to choose life for her baby and I was like wow, something inside of me is a beautiful thing he would you join with pre-born and Janet Mefford today and help save 400 babies by the end of this year for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and now through match your tax-deductible gift is doubled saving 10 babies lives to donate, dial 855402 Beatty that's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to you're listening to Mefford today so I gotta get back to this story. This was crazy. Annie McCarthy over national review wrote about this recent decision Amy Kony Barrett and Brett Cavanaugh have now supplied another majority to deny religious liberty exemptions did you hear about this he writes for the second time in less than two months.

Barrett and Cavanaugh joined with John Roberts and the Supreme Court's three progressives to uphold the state vaccine mandate over our religious liberty challenged by medical professionals. This time it was New York's vaccine mandate, which initially included an exemption for religious objectors. These objectors included some Catholics and other Christians who oppose abortion because of how it's been use these fetal cell lines used in vaccine production and testing.

But when the new governor, the new governor Kathy Hogle of New York strip the religious exemption from the mandate.

This all came about. She made the astonishing acknowledgment that she had done so intentionally because those who resisted vaccination quote aren't listening to God and what God wants oh so she's now some kind of unassailable religious figure at the governor. The states mandate provides an exemption for those who claim to object on medical grounds. Consequently, the mandate blatantly discriminates against religion and quite purposefully so. In addition to depriving religious objectors of their jobs. The revised mandate also makes them ineligible for unemployment insurance benefits swell the six justice majority, nevertheless, turned a deaf ear to the religious objectors who had previously been praised by state government officials for the heroic medical service.

They selflessly provided to patients throughout the pandemic, especially in the early stages.

It is the second time in recent weeks that justice is Barrett and Cavanaugh provided Chief Justice Roberts in the progressives the votes they needed to defeat freedom of conscience get really sick at this are you are you getting sick of this yet, I am.

I'm getting really second that it's never the left is it on the Supreme Court when the left put somebody on the Supreme Court. Those people are devoted left is to never stray or almost never stray virtually never stray when is Elena Kagan I don't know. You could probably come up with some you know some case somewhere worry okay fine she was she was okay on that but they are ideologues and they are consistent and largely consistent ideologues and you look at the people who have been appointed by Republican presidents and you just go aside from Clarence Thomas and pretty much Samuel Alito the rest of them is like a well who knows who knows and course each, who gave us the boss.decision saying that they that the federal civil rights law protects sexual orientation and gender identity where you get that Episcopalian. Of course he's gonna be pro-LGBT. Did you not think of this before you nominated him. But again, what you do what you gonna do you just get the best you can get so there you have it.

Speaking of LGBT.

I gotta get to this as this is a big story this happened just a few days ago. Canada according to CBS News has moved to ban conversion therapy. Folks, there is no such thing as conversion therapy a controversy. Ellen debunked practice of trying to convert homosexuals to heterosexual okay man am I tired of correcting news items. That's not true there's no such thing as conversion therapy. What happens is you have some secular therapists who will help their clients meet their stated goals. That's what therapists tend to do with their clients. The client says I want to achieve acts, and the therapist attempts to get the client to acts.

That's all it is.

So if somebody was sexually abused as a child and now has unwanted same-sex attraction and goes to a therapist and says please help me these therapist try to help them and try to get to the bottom of some of their problems and try to get their situation more in line with a lot of of what they believe, which is a lot of these people come from a church backgrounder were Christians and say this is I this is wrong and I don't want to feel this way and more and more and more in the West. These activists are saying this is horrible and evil and abusive and nobody should be able to get therapy. It's ridiculous so the country Senate voted unanimously to fast-track the bill to royalist cents becoming law and Mary Simon, the newly installed governor general granted Royal assent for the first time to bill C4 officially banning the practice of so-called conversion therapy in Canada.

The law criminalizes causing a person to undergo conversion therapy removing a child from Canada, with the purpose of making them undergo the practice in another country and promoting or advertising the practice.

It also criminalizes receiving money or benefit from so-called conversion therapy and requires all advertisements for the practice be removed when he scared of Canada.

I mean, these guys are super super super committed to LGBT ideology super committed to it. Justin Trudeau called conversion therapy despicable and degrading he said LGBT Q2 Canadians will always stand up for you and your rights and announcing the new law. Canada is gone it seems not everybody in Canada is gone but Canada's gone, they are totalitarian. I don't know what's can happen, but I certainly have no desire to ever go back to Canada and the UK.

We have the same sort of situation. This is interesting. According to the Christian Post over 500 church leaders from across the UK have written to the government to say they're prepared to face criminal charges. If a conversion therapy ban is introduced in the letter they say they will continue to do their duty to God even if the proposed ban comes into force.

They right it should not be a criminal offense for us to instruct our children that God made them male and female in his image and has reserved sex for the marriage of one man and one woman. Yet this seems to be the likely outcome of the proposed legislation. We therefore very much hope and pray that these proposals will be dropped in their current form. We have no desire to become criminals and place a high value on submitting to ends and supporting our government yet.

We think it important you are aware that if it were to come about that the loving compassionate exercise of Orthodox Christian ministry, including the teaching of the Christian understanding of sex and marriage is effectively made a criminal offense. We would with deep sadness continue to do our duty to God in this matter. The open letter has been cents before this government consultation on the proposed ban and is and Christians are being urged to get involved in pushback against this like that again. We said this many many times.

You gotta make up your mind is a Christian before things get dire that if things get dire, you're going to obey the Lord that sets and you look at the example of the apostles who were told by the end of the that leaders of the day. The church leaders in the day.

Synagogue leaders of the day, you cannot speak anymore in the name of Jesus and they said we will obey God rather than man. You know were not gonna stop preaching about Jesus.

He rose from the dead. He is the Savior working to tell people about what Jesus did work on it proclaim his name and we are going to pray that people will receive and hear and believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because that's what were called to do and when earthly laws conflict with what the Lord has called us to do than Lord wins. Okay, that's a modern paraphrase, but that's essentially what the apostles were doing was in it. They were saying.

As Christians, there are certain lines were not across right so that's it and it seems to me that as we move further and further and further away from our Christian foundations as a nation, it will become more and more necessary for us to make those kinds of drawing of lines in the sand and say this far and no further and if you don't like the way I am, then I guess you have to punish me. I mean, praise God. Who knew that you had over 500 church leaders in the United Kingdom prepared to face criminal charges if therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction is banned good for these people. Of course we have to uphold God's standard for gender and which is really sax. And of course we have to stand up for marriage between one man and one woman. That's what marriage is. It's never been anything else any other combination is not God's plan and it's sinful. So, so lots. You know it it it amounts to people not wanting Christianity to be preached as Christianity and and that's that's a nonstarter. That's it. I really wonder what will happen in this country as things become more problematic and more dire. And as the pressure becomes more and more intense against Christians to compromise and to make amends with the world and decide that hey we can we can give. And here we can given their the temptation to compromise is always there is in it, and I always think about the apostle Peter and Jesus telling him you can deny me three times and he said Lord I would never deny you what happened. He experienced the pressure. Do you know this man, oh no no no, I don't know. I don't know him know know know I don't know Jesus Christ.

Now I don't know him at all.

And what happened.

He denied the Lord three times before the rooster crowed. We all know how it ended. And really what we should keep an eye on is the fact that it ended with the apostle Peter being an absolutely faithful hero of the early church because the Lord forgave him, but it shows how weak we are in our own strength. We are only strong when the Lord's strength is giving us what we need to continue to obey him under adverse conditions and pressure filled circumstances. None of us are immune to that kind of temptation to be a coward but we can't be cowards if are going to be faithful to our Savior. He was never unfaithful to us. We must always always always be faithful to him. That's my prayer for you. Thanks so much for listening will see next, Janet met for today this our tandem effort. Today has been brought to you in part by American underdog from Lions gate and the team that brought you. I can only imagine based on the true story of championship winning quarterback Kurt Warner American underdog. Rated PG parental guidance suggested in theaters everywhere Christmas Day

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