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George Shamblin (Your Legacy) Eddie Scarry (Culture)

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December 9, 2021 4:00 am

George Shamblin (Your Legacy) Eddie Scarry (Culture)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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December 9, 2021 4:00 am

Christians are in a race toward heaven, with an eye toward attaining the prize of eternal life in Jesus Christ. But what do we owe to those who have raced before us, and are we doing all we can to keep passing the baton of faith to others? George Shamblin joins me to talk about it and his book, "The Relay: Passing Along Your Faith in the Race to Save Christianity from Extinction." Plus: Eddie Scarry, commentary writer at the Washington Examiner, joins me to discuss his book, "Privileged Victims: How America’s Culture Fascists Hijacked the Country and Elevated Its Worst People." That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies, now 855601. Baby that's 855-601-2229 or visit reference to our confidence is in Christ alone, I sort of know, ask yourself how did this country become so woke and why. Well, we can lay blame at the feet of the purveyors of social justice which my next guest calls a deadly cocktail of grievance that fights by publicly shaming its critics, angrily mobbing its opponents and seizing control of America's cultural arteries. Worst of all, after spreading for decades social justice has a sizable lead in the culture wars. Is there any way that Americans can win the battle against social justice and the elevation of societies worst people. It's a great question working to get some answers today from Eddie Scarry, a nationally recognized journalist focusing on politics and culture for the Washington Examiner and he is author of the book will be talking about, which is called privileged victims. How America's culture fascists hijacked the country and elevated its worst people. Great title and great to have you with us.

Eddie, how are you I'm doing well and think Robin right now. It's a joy to have you talked a little bit about the lead that social justice warriors have right now the culture wars what people need to know. Well, we certainly can the Democratic Party and not the focus of one of the chapters of my book privileged victims but in the Democratic Party. The first, the country's first social justice primary almost being that ideology at work right now and I think that the my theory is that the big reason why Bernie Bennett has been full because every single day you comment on the campaign trail called called president Calvary so-called called him a homophobe and not only that, he took the biggest leap any of them took it all any of the candidates when the New Hampshire debate in New Hampshire. He put on the page instead America is a racist society from the top to bottom How this whole ideology operated about grievance victimization about oppression, all on the basis of gender, race and sexuality.

So were the Democratic Party, at least at the very popular very popular concept get ahead of you had very quickly if you buy into the social justice scheme but is booming. He's the nominee. I think that that the election will be a barometer of how far down the country is down this rabbit hole but again I think the jury is out on that we don't have an answer completely yet yeah I agree with you there and you know I'm old enough to remember when people who are running for president actually talked about ideas other than just insulting the president of the United States nonstop. I mean, it's so emotional.

It's so irrational in so many ways it so Marxist in many ways to separate people into classes of oppressed and oppressors. But why is it working do you think Eddie why are so many people buying into this and and not thinking about how irrational it is to do element to Wyatt working one of which is that nobody meaning people, which is about majority of America. They do not want to be called a very good fit. I want to become confronted with being called a bigger having a good point. Why their views are not homophobic, bigoted, in any kind of way. The natural tendency for a lot of people promote people. I would say to shy away from the fight they don't like that fight. They don't like being called those names because they are the ugly names in the country, but the other part of it is good again. This is an ideology that read. It started with academia spread throughout called camp and that whole thing does rage basically every university campus across the country, the bread that infects the children it pushed out the professor than in the administrator there and in Hollywood love, the dynamic of it. The dynamic to the privilege for the oppression you grieve the victimized the story they love probably not the methods they love putting out over and over again, reinforcing the amended and at the same thing. Story of the national media look to tell that that's what happened with what happened with the Nick Sandman noted the Covington Catholic kid. This image goes around at all.

These are the white white males under the privilege, because the private school and then here's the poor victimized and oppressed in aggrieved American Indian that that's what they see. And that's what they set up in every single story that the national media love to tell. So again, not in the title. My book about the culture.

Fascists of the culture fastest because there reinforcing the message over and over and over again Hollywood, the national media, academia, men in politics. Now, one more example give you the squad.

The so-called squad of the Democratic Party AOC and fell on Omar and refused to leave the only reason that there elevated at all because they claim to have been the victim of Enterprise been agreed based on their cave in their gender and their and their right to thing that they claim other forms of victimhood and having been oppressed and again that the story that the that the media love to tell us what you there heralded on gloppy magazine glowing profiles on cable news. Just about every day. So again that the whole thing is affected every part of our country, not that's why it had been put successful because they view the culture while writing in the case of Omar, the Islamic no identity is also very key because she can get away with committing potential alleged immigration fraud by having Mary, her brother and the liberal media takes a complete blind I/O when we talk about bad to.

Why would we talk about that because I would be ready to criticize anyone but not of course you know the game. She knows that if she is criticized all she had to do if they that's right right right are coming after me because I'm I'm flat you the privilege will know were coming up here because you done some weird things you said similar things in real life guys okay to criticize you while again a lot of people don't want to be called racist about your other points about why this whole thing can be so successful that this is how they fight they call you a racist bigot. They say I'm the one who suffered at the hands of the privilege and on and on it goes well it ties and in this whole issue of my identity gives me a unique perspective on reality that you are forced not only to listen to, but to accept this, it fundamentally a totally postmodern view of life.

Big part of that ideology is with an amalgam of every one of the left worse ideas on including the postmodernism view of the world would mark the limited socialism and communism. It's feminism and queer theory, critical race theory. All of those things aren't social justice, but yet that the key feature of the way that the operators ever. Every person, depending on what level of grievance or victimization or oppression that they can claim based on their overlapping identities.they are true, then you can't possibly understand it, you need to check yourself you trust your privilege and listen to me. I'm the one who could speak now because I'm the victim. Yeah, it's kind of funny though because it breaks apart. For example, if you have all the feminists marching on Washington and screaming about Tromp and me is screaming at the sky and all that. What it negates when they're talking about shouting their abortions for example are the millions of pro-life women in this country.

So in other words, they assume these identities, but people who have similar identities who don't have the same ideology are just left out of the equation and then they turned the race factor on those people. What you don't have as much of a say as a white pro-life woman because you have not been where I've been, perhaps as a minority woman who shouts her abortion. I it's so insane.

Who can keep track of all these identities will not be culture prior to development of the left out yet are completely ignored and again the culture crashes in the news media and Hollywood, academia and the Democratic Party. Certainly they promote they promote the one that they determine being Butte of the victim of you know, when you look into because like you said there identity is more important than yours. Why, the more important because we being that they've suffered more than you have suffered to have claimed to have been a victim to have but to say that you've been a product that is to be inherently good and so she went in and the social justice sickness that the personnel all around our country. I can claim those things that than I am inherently good. I mean I'm innately superior to anyone else deemed to have privilege by the culture crashes run the country. You totally right about that in going back to something that you said a moment ago you hear lines like my truth all the time. I want to tell my truth. That's fundamentally postmodern as well because there is my side of the story or my opinion but when you're using the phrase my truth that is over and against the idea that there is objective truth and objective reality that stands outside my experience, I could be dead and Apple still fall from trees because of the law of gravity, right and actually even goes a little bit further than that of the worst part of everything in terms of the particular feature of the social justice mob. The ideology is not only do I could tell you what might you do that, but if I can claim a higher form of grievance or victimhood on the will be called intersection value scale. I can tell you know what you you may not think that what you said was rated. Let me tell you that it was great is my truth. It's my experience I can tell you that you don't get to have a say of your worst of all, a straight white male in America but if I can look to you and stated know what you do benefit from a different type privilege may be a woman but your wife so therefore me as a black woman I happen to be at what you know and yet I don't think I have never thought to myself it claim any of these types of Russian points and victimhood. You know you see me hired by the Washington Post. Yeah, that's right, Eddie Scarry will be right back. Stay with us. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international. The word became/and dwelt among us. These words written early in John's Gospel remind us in this Advent season that God sent his son to be our Lord and Savior that many Christians in Asia and Africa, Latin America and the Middle East have never read those words or the Christmas story in Luke two why because they have no access to the Bible. So in this season of giving. Please join by the league in sending God's word to Bible as believers around the world for only five dollars or $50 for 10 Bibles $500 for 100 call 801 ESW ORD.

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Would that be fair to say that that a lot of the claims that I've been oppressed and I have had this terrible grievance because such and such has been done to me. A lot of this is it true and you see this coming out.

For example, with people like Jesse some flats. I mean, you see these hate crime hoaxes all the time and is that part and parcel of how they move the ball forward to whether whether the claimant to oppression or agreement or victimhood is true is always beside the point. It doesn't really come to light and looking in cases like Dr. small at where we we fortunately found out that it looks like you think the Chicago police say that the grand jury you have determined, but he knows that in the country and he knew certainly in an multiply everyone else who catching on a bit if you want something what they said that he wanted. He wanted more money from the Fox Empire show and he wanted to get more fame if you certainly got more famous became a celebrity of a much bigger celebrity overnight.

But again, his claim was untrue and that goes that that's true for many, many, many other people. I think in particular you see it in Hollywood with the movies where the woman is she she's being held down by men about because she got confident that the hospital be heralded even if even if the movie than any good.

One example was that the ghost busters were the chart that they tried to take out all the men amendment to make them all women and all the women will be bombed because it was bad but that the be the message was more important than the quality of the message is first and foremost, what what in mind when they're trying to push the thing all the bombs you have that the Frank, the people who run the franchise of the producers.

They were looking to go back to the way that you could be awarded on Males with the role. One of the actresses are and gladly, I forget her last name was chief of the fit on Twitter was what been an all woman Will defend the message that boys are better than girl sees all they're doing is pushing that it doesn't necessarily matter that is good.

It doesn't matter if the Victor claim victimhood or oppression is real.

I'm sure she is doing just fine living on Hollywood making lots of money, but she claims it was the matter to somebody. I have a moral responsibility to go see some bad remake of Ghostbusters with a bunch of women I have no interest in St. that's on me, then it's not on their bad movie. Oh yeah sure you computed again and everything for the Democratic Party. For example, that would completely take them that the minority candidate were actually running for president or having a dropout in large part because minority voters that had sided with the white people.

The Democrats and within the party who support the candidate and then liberals in the media. Thanks always and for such a shame that all the minority keep dropping out.

This might be a racist country so there's something wrong with your party or something going on there.

Don't blame that on the country saying that were raised this country. I know when we go back to the Obama years and all the stuff that went on the Balkanization. The intentional I was a Balkanization of Americans into classes that that really ramped up under Obama. I have never heard a left is to adequately respond to the question, how in the world can you claim that America is racist when Obama won two terms in office. If we were fundamental racist. How could he have one right noted a lot of contradictions in the whole social judgment.

Ideology and aren't necessarily supposed to make that are really supposed to be arguments in fact a lot of argument of the better your to shut up and listen depending on who again claims to have been victimized the product or organ agreement based on based on their claim of that you know that because of my gender because of my race that you did to me and I'm a victim because of my sexuality and you never those things are way more important than talking about argument or factor logic. Yeah, well, what you know why use facts and logic when you can just hurl and insulted somebody and get them to knuckle under. I mean that's effectively what they've done these identity politics purveyors. There are very good at that question about border security because one of the things you address in the book is social justice and what's been going on regarding the fight over, you know, been to border walls and all the rest. What are your thoughts on how the Democrats have kind of morphed over the years from backing protected borders to screaming about kids in cages that factually speaking started under Obama anyway what what is going on here. Do you think in the broader question of social justice and its effect on politics where the right of the perforated emblem of an entire chapter my book about immigration entire tracker chapter and privileged victims about just the thing where unit Democrat that the board at one time did not be effective. Social justice and making its way through the party. They now they always know Racist thing because then again, even if you can make the case that Noah obviously is not right that we can applicant be not racist and just hope that we know who's coming to the country want a policy that that not everyone to get the dump themselves in here and we hope that your urine or contribute. We should be able to evaluate will come then, but no, this is again how you get power for that's what this whole thing is about achieving power, achieving your your advancing your own special interests and that's why the political debate within the Democratic party about why Dick taken the position that I do as nonsensical and illogical as it is they know that the fate helpful bit was right on calling your race that you have to stop talking now you have to accept that you have to accept our apology and that you collect now because we're not the races on the Republican the president trumpeted the rate of normal Americans who believe that there should be some orderly process to entering the country rather than just stepping across the river. Those people are racist. So again it's about power. This is how to do it in the this is social justice action right and this is why they don't put for example, Latinos on TV who will say hey I came here legally.

I'm all for what Trump is doing this people and get a say they don't get interviewed all right will we thought multiple times. When Trump would have a press conference and you bring up border patrol agent. The overwhelming number of which are Latino and I've been to the border twice. I talked with them. They will all say would like to border wall.

We can't we can't manage this obscene number of people while the asylum laws is the way it is, which is basically just a big gap in our immigration for them that that anyone would welcome your salon of the conflict put in the country and claimant claim asylum. All of them are looking but Trump would try to put them on TV at the White House, no. No life at the White House in a press conference that we cut away from so they don't want to hear from that because they totally disrupt their whole narrative about the privilege and who the victim is like a big portion of social justice ideology that's propped all over again. I'm serious when you talk about these cultural expansionists elevating the worst people who would you classify as some of these people, these worst people who are being featured and elevated by social justice warriors will open the Democratic Party. I would say it squad because their whole.

To my knowledge but been accomplished nothing. Nothing on the record and after lauded by the news media put on the put on black covers of magazines and note no journalists in the national news media have a bad thing today about any of them. No criticism at all in Hollywood, you would need someone like Amy Schumer who get the same as someone who does nothing but pay them of the bolder thing right then put on in their movies aren't awful. There'd absolutely terrible. I feel that as a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion.

Get the New York Times. The next thing you know one. One entire profile where she photographed wearing pop and these are the people that that benefit the most the night you are perfectly able to get that earlier was just too small. It really want money you want to get more famous pal, he claimed that he was attacked for being black and gay by July, Trump supported infinitely all outpouring of support from celebrities much bigger than him. We all know his name. Now even people in the Democratic Party were coming to his defense people in the news media were communicated to thank you. We didn't know anything about it. We didn't know if he was a good actor. You know he was a good thing or not you claim victimhood. Go ahead and elevate him be visiting them talking about now. I asked except all of us were from Chicago who heard the story that there were guys in Monahans walking down the street to Chicago ensure Jesse sure there are times in my wares in Chicago. Yeah all right sir i.e. at least could have picked a big red state, city, and maybe he would've been a little bit more belief but again it's back to the whole thing that there up to, which is to control the way people think when you see this hatted though Eddie when you're looking at the effects of social justice in this kind of groupthink that there putting on Americans at high now. Is there any chance that people can really fight back against this and and squash it because it definitely needs to be squashed but is there any hope for that will find that people are willing to fight back again.

I think a big part of Donald Trump election inlet in the 2015 campaign was a cultural answer was that with them. You know I were tired of being told we can't say what we want were tired of being told think that we were right, even though were not racist. I think I would've bigger peel you how you said you know I don't care if the national media that I'm gonna pay you because I think it's the truth. I think of the confirmation of Brett Cavanagh with another another sign, because what will the criticism of him.

It was that well did you write but why can't he properly or or legitimately defend himself well because he's a white male history lesson on everyone. The Republican should the judiciary committee defending him of the straight white male the lives why should we listen to them. Well you got confirmed in court. Donald Trump may win election again, but people do happy, willing to fight, they have to be willing to pay you know what you can call me right that you can call me but I'm not going the way I'm not shutting up. Well, what about calling out the hypocrisy. I know an awful lot of white people. I would put myself in the same category for sick and tired of being called white supremacist and white privilege and white there plenty of white people who grew up with absolutely nothing and worked their way and studied their way into achieving the American dream. And that's the dream that's available to anybody who will work hard.

I mean, that's a narrative that I think needs to be put out there that you guys are a bunch of hypocrites nor them. Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia can have a blackface scandal and nothing happens to them that never would've happened had he been a Republican all right recalled all you do have to show again some fight, think and the big reason why I wrote this book is because I felt exactly like what you're describing is a durable play like you looking for nothing while I'm at Latino and I grew up in the working-class valve my mother with an immigrant. My dad was a Marine. I wasn't given anything really and I had a really nice family, but that's about it. Not now. I will light on politics in Washington. I'm the author I'm not rich by any means, but I also don't run around claiming that been victimized been oppressed.

Maybe that's withholding to back it is but I think that you got some great great points in great stuff in this book is called privilege victims any scary with us is so good to have you here. Eddie, thanks a lot for being with us. Thank you so much horror I got blessing will be back on 10 this Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies. Call now 855601. Baby that's 855-601-2229 or visit Janet Mefford today. Here's your host Joe Mefford first Corinthians 924 asks do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize so run that you may obtain its this is one of many passages in Scripture that talk about the race that were in as Christians and encourage us to persevere in order to cross that finish line at the end of a life that is lived for the glory of Jesus Christ and often we think about the race as just ours, but in fact we can look all the way back to the beginning of the Bible and see that the race were and also is one that's in many senses, also a relay race, one in which the baton of faith has been passed down from generation to generation. How can that both challenge and encourage us today, especially when it comes to evangelism or an attack on that today with George Sandlin, who serves as pastor with the Center for executive leadership and he's also an adjunct professor at Birmingham theological seminary. He's out with a new book called the relay passing along your faith in the race to save Christianity from extinction George great to have you with us. How are you today and really incredibly exciting. Thank you so much for including me today. It's our honor to have you here.

Let's talk about this. What are some of your concerns about the state of Christianity. Right now, especially in the United States. Okay, you just did a blog that was talking about freedom communism big, even betrayal. Yes, and it's just it's so scary right now that the fundamentals of RFA pictures come under attack and in the past, we assumed that because the church at one point stood for the Bible and the word of God that still the case in right now were learning new standing firm who is falling by the wayside. I think that the biggest obstacle right now is for us as believers to stand from the one thing that is true, enduring and living word of God. Amen. Well thank you I appreciate your bringing that up because it really encourages me that you share the same concerns in many respects that I do for living in a very different period of time. It seems then a time that I can remember before ever happening you know we we always kinda look to our evangelical leaders as being sound and solid and they would do what we always expected they would do which is stand on the word of God. It is shifting sands. It seems for a lot of Christians I'm talking to their saying what is going on with us, why are we a stronger voice as a church, especially at a moment in time, like the one were living through you think the biggest concern that I have is Christians are really quiet right now. It's kind of scary. This to me. Janet scary is work picture in the entire world and it would be you and me and other Bible believing Christian were going about our day and all of a sudden the stone started preaching the gospel because we were quiet. In other words, we got to be preaching and teaching. Christians are so quiet right now and you, you may remove the passage I'm talking about were the Pharisees were telling Jesus. They should tell your disciples not to say what they're saying in Jesus say that they are quiet, the stones will cry out will I don't want that happen on my watch. No what you stand for is not going to happen on your receiver. While that that's a really convicting passage that you brought up about the rocks, crying out, and it's true I mean God's truth remains God's truth, whether or not we are talking about it or whether or not were standing for Jesus Christ, but that's why we're here were to be his ambassadors still talk a little bit about this race because I mentioned earlier that we are all in that race.

Scripture talks a lot about it but you are right, this really is a relay race. We have to keep passing that baton. It goes all the way back to Adam. Can you talk a little bit about why the relay is important when were looking at this moment. Of course, really shot with this is become a popular mantra Christians you reported. Most your listeners. It probably heard it when people say Christianity in the spring that it's a miracle that really not biblical Christianity is more of a long-distance relay we have to pass off the fate.

Nowhere in Scripture does it say beer Christian were treat all by yourself. Don't interact with others.

Don't be in community fellowship church. Don't worry about winning others for the gospel. That's not true will. I started doing what you meant. The Christian faith is more like a long-distance relay that if you and and other believers are constantly passing all the faith even more specifically, the baton, which the book is going to say is the word of God. If we are not passing off the actual Scriptures, the word of God. It takes one generation. Why can judges that says there arose a generation after Joshua who did not know the work one generation. You did not love the Lord of the things you done in Israel.

We can't let the same happen with.

That's right. So going back to some of these key figures and obviously there are many we could talk about that you highlight a few of them in your book, who I think are worth mentioning. The first being Adam.

That's kind of funny because here Adam got is the one who originally got us all into trouble by taking listening to even they, they ate the fruit they shouldn't have eaten and and and we've been in trouble ever since we've all inherited his sin nature. What about Adam's role in the relay race.

How do you see it in retrospect because he he did blow it in a big way and yet the Lord was there to continue to pass down Napa time. Okay I'm about to start coming out of my shoes, but most exciting class I took in seminary years ago we had a professor just walked in on Janet chapter 3, I think we spent weeks on just the first 10 or 15 versus an Adam's responsibility was very clear. It was a long God gave him a very clear command that he can eat to his heart's desire in the garden but there was one thing he couldn't do it from the one tree and so in Genesis chapter 3. If you, start studying it and this is very relative to the day. I think it's Genesis chapter 3 verse two Eve is going to pull back some of the forks and the power of God's work, minimize the work we could almost say that we the next verse she start adding a prohibition that's legalism. Adam is standing beside her the whole time male passivity at its worst.

Shieh EA and just like you said, here we are today as a result that's true why I never thought about it that way but that what are the implications when you understand that that really is how it went down well. The implications are, we've got to nail down exactly what the word says and don't track you don't get away from the fundamentals of the fate of very first thing that came out of the crap crafty serpent mall. Did God really say this, that's were Sandy Bay from what should be Bible believing pulpits were saying the same thing we are seeing the same thing.

Do you think enough Christians are on today after noticing what's going on in discerning what's going on. I really don't. And if I had one encouragement for people were listening today. This would you simplify so many things there is really word and I think the major upstream issue in Christianity. Here is inerrancy is the Bible 100% God's work yes or no if people would simply ask their pastors and their churches.

Just yes or no long conversation is the Bible inerrant is it 100% fruit reliable like your webpage says it's not all Como is if they would ask people in their pastors. That question, the minute the pastor said no that your answer is yes and Ryan yes I love that.

It just gets it right down to the truth which is if you have anybody who is there in your pulpit who's hedging on whether or not the Scripture is inerrant run.

I tell people that people think that's kind of mean. Sometimes boy, you know, you really need to be more tolerant. I'm say no were way too tolerant. This is why we are where we are.

We've been so tolerant that we've tolerated error. That's exactly what Jesus was rebuking the churches for in Revelation exactly right in dockage here. One thing I am so glad my brother-in-law is a Bible believing Christian.

I'm so glad you love me enough to offend me 30 years ago the gospel is is precious, but for somebody you don't want to hear it, like me, it was he loves me as I often say Jordan will tell you what you need to hear T St. George got a big problem with incredible how to pick this up on the other side of the break George Shandling with us is what is called the relay will be right back on Janet Mefford today. Every day babies and their mothers swims are fighting for life, with abortion being the leading cause of death.

I am on my me that I was in the ministry of pre-born has pregnancy centers nationwide standing by to help young moms in crisis.

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That's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. These words written early in John's Gospel remind us in this Advent season that God sent his son to be our Lord and Savior that many Christians in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East have never read those words or the Christmas story in Luke two why because they have no access to the Bible. So in this season of giving. Please join by the league in sending God's word to Bible as believers around the world for only five dollars, $50 for 10 Bibles $500 for 100 call 801 ESW ORD.

That's 800 yes word or there's a Bible league banner and Janet seen people changed to foreign yes somebody's somebody that's 800 YWO RT or there's a banner to click Janet you're listening to Janet Mefford today though. Welcome back great happy with us and great to have with us George Shandling. He is the author of the relay passing along your faith in the race to save Christianity from extinction. He's also a pastor with the Center for executive leadership George we were talking about the importance of passing that baton down and it goes all the way back to Adam that we need to continue to share the faith and be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So the faith will continue.

That's our mission as Christians. Obviously, in the great commission you were talking about your own experience a little bit with your brother-in-law.

Can you talk a little bit more about that because I think that that really resonates when people say, hey, what happened in your life that somebody passed on the gospel to you and you became a Christian.

Of course we my family grew up going to a church we never heard the gospel and often my sister started dating a guy that said you in public. We thought that was so weird he would quote Scripture and we would get angry and and we would say you're judging us and he had never said a word.

We were self can be armed. Maybe you have not said anything at that point and he just lovingly gently started telling me how big my fan problem was, but God's grace was all whole lot bigger that I couldn't do this on my own that I would always fall short that I had to trust the Lord Christ and I tell you it was offensive, but God used the power of the message to get through the hard heart and completely change my life. So I'm telling you, I'm thankful my brother-in-law loved me enough to St. George.

I gotta tell you, you got it to be an issue, but there's a wonderful cure in Christ Jesus, that is so neat, that is so neat. But that's exactly how so many people come to know the Lord because somebody else share Christ with them. So were in this moment.

So where were not seen this often happening.

I've seen some of these stats, I'm sure. Using these two George millennial's, for example, I think it was in a in a barn, a poll of late talking about sharing your faith with other people and trying to express your religious belief to somebody else is kind of intolerant.

It's kind of not acceptable to try to push your religion on other people and I thought where you have we gone wrong here in the world. Could we see the sharing of the gospel is anything but the greatest news and the greatest thing that we could do as Christians, we are all messed up on this score.

We really are and I'm doing this is probably the needed experience of my ministry.

I started telling me uncounted. As a result of this book I figure out we've got actually chump in the arena is a little kid. We would get would watch wrestling and you know the rest will be hung up on the ropes. But at some point you had to jump in the arena of the guys were to start a not so secret fraternity. I'm going to give us a play and it's a little sore. That reminds us of the sword of the Spirit wrote in the arena and we lovingly don't come back next week and lets you share the gospel with somebody else. It is been the sweetest experience now every single day I'm getting other women's groups and dear friends of mine on the taxpaying gift like mouse click, won't kill me to leave.

George, I got off the ropes.

It's that accountability enough already training enough already with us taking in more troops. We can give it back out.

It's selfish for us not to give the gospel that changed our lives back out so that others lives can be changed. I'm going to preach in.

But seriously we got to be verbal in vocal and loving with the gospel.

We do that so neat. I love hearing that that's exactly what we need to know what else.

It reminds me of is another biblical figure you highlighting your book. One of my favorites which is Josiah and I love love that that passage in in second Kings I believe is second Chronicles 34 I think is what were talking about, but where the book of the law is found hey look it's the word of the Lord. Maybe we should stop committing idolatry. Maybe we should remove all these idols from the territory belonging to the Israelites, can you talk a little bit about the importance of somebody like Josiah in keeping the faith from going extinct. Of course I know it almost like a bad joke, but it's not a joke. You've got Rob, you got a high priest and a king, and it says if we, will literally it doesn't say they're not saying we found a the Torah it says we found a Torah know what it is looking at a book think you know what this is. That's because the their predecessors. Those that came before them did not pass all the Scriptures and the word they had to rediscover it again for people out there to think that could never happen in this country. Oh, it certainly could.

The best thing we can do is make people aware, this is what the words like Tucson the whole nation turned around because the one person getting back to the word of God.

It's an incredible passage in a couple of passages. Actually, people need to go back and read those accounts because it's such a change to from where Israel was during that period of time. All of a sudden this man comes along. Oh wait, wait, what is this say here. Wait a minute. We need to make changes. I mean, it seems, in many ways that's a little bit similar to where we are.

We have Bibles all over the place. Many of us have probably 1015 Bibles in various forms and yet why is in our country. Any difference it ought to be completely different based on the fact that we have all these Bibles right it really should. Part of that gospel inoculation we get a little bit of the gospel and and we fool ourselves into thinking that I'm okay. But we become you to being completely consumed by the gospel and that's dangerous. I tell you I could not agree with you more.

We take it for granted.

We really should we just cannot take word of God that we can freely read for granted at all. When you look at some of the disciples you mention John you mention Peter you mentioned Paul when you talk about some of the New Testament figures these apostles who did so much to start the early church and and really you know were the ones who got it all going. What you learn from what they did about baton passing will you earn. When Luther you had him on talk about proclaiming Christ in a hostile world and I loved it. He went in. You went acts chapter 4 and in that setting.

You had CD seething with rage and you had distortion and misinformation and Christianity was getting shot down at every turn. And yet Peter and John said we cannot stop speaking actually speaking what we have seen and what we've heard that's today in the midst of all that the fate can grow it will grow, but we've got to be out there sharing and encouraging them be used of the Lord to that event. So, amen. I love that passage.

I'm glad you heard that because that is one of my favorite passages. It keeps me going. I think that's the frustration that so many of us feel that at a time when we wish the church were different.

We wish the church would experience revival and reformation. We wish that the church would be bolder, we have to go back and say but it's happened before and we have had all of these people whose shoulders we stand on as Christians today who were bold in the midst of worse times than were living through right now actually gives us hope you feel that way when you're going through some of these testimonies that this helps you run your race to see how these people ran their race.

It really dies and once we start getting in that arena. Why the early church did they start getting in sharing the fate really exciting things happen. I promise. I think people would be shocked right now how open the window is for people that are receptive to listen to the gospel. This whole secret return. The secret sorority not so secret we all get together and say wow I can't believe I share the gospel with somebody is not a Christian in. They hugged me, tears in their eyes they you know where the Bible that I gave him people really open to hearing they can't hear if were muted. You know we've got to be speaking truth yeah you're right about that. We in. You never know exactly.

Anytime you have an opportunity if you're sitting on an airplane or if you happen to be running into somebody in a grocery store, you never know the opportunities that the Lord can open up for you just to give somebody some help. I mean and that's that's really indicative of where we are now.

There a lot of people who are really hopeless, especially after a year like 2020 is true and so why did you hear about Dr. here trying to get off the ropes and you look at one of his patients. She had an anchor hearing, and he used the reference from Hebrews Jesus is the anchor of our soul, and he used all the uncertainty to ask this lady said how do you know what God's will for you and she did have an answer and he used her ear ring is an example to say well I can tell you about an anchor that anchors Jesus Christ. He can help you stay firm and grounded and then just with all sums that is awesome I love that sends such a great book. It's called the relay passing along your faith in the race to save Christianity from extinction by George Shamblin. He's been kind enough to join us so great to have you here George.

We really appreciate your stopping by and wonderful book. Thank you and please keep stand in firm's big family goal.

Thank you. Thank you George, thank you you to God bless you will be praying for you to stand strong as well as great to have you here. Thanks for joining us on Santa for today. The next time

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