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Natasha Smith (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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December 2, 2021 4:00 am

Natasha Smith (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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December 2, 2021 4:00 am

FCC leadership nominee and progressive activist Gigi Sohn comes under some tough questioning on Capitol Hill over her bias against conservatives, We'll bring you up to speed. Plus: Natasha Smith from Save the Storks discusses her book, "Unplanned Grace: A Compassionate Conversation on Life and Choice." And the EU walks back its plans to "cancel" Christmas. We'll explain what's happening. Join us for Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This effort today podcast is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855601. Baby that's 855-601-2229 or visit show reference to our confidence is in Christ alone is the word of God says that I sort of know what about the growing problem censorship. We have been discussing this for quite a while as it pertains to so social media and it was interesting to me when the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey just stepped down a couple of days ago there were some people who thought that would be a good thing. And immediately those in the know started posting and saying wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, this new guy who took the helm, the new CEO Parag Agra wall looks to be even worse than they were showing some tweet evidence from him that if you can't separate Muslims from extremist then why should I separate whites from recess down that's never a good sign. You just look at somebody's twitter feed. It's the mirror to the soul as far as I'm concerned. Then they come out with this new privacy policy basically saying that you have to get the permission of any private individual about whom you want to post media.

So for example if you add sounds like if you want to make a funny name like so many conservatives do pointing out liberal hypocrisy and you have a picture of a private individual in that meme that's against the rules it would be removed maybe would be kicked off twitter.

You can't put photos you can't put videos. Now think about the implications of this because one of the most effective things for getting the word out on social media is when just normal people regular people horn and the media will post. For example, videos of what the leftists are doing on the city streets of America eluding and robbing and burying things and doing this and doing that, I mean it's been really important for people to be able to do that because the mainstream media's never gonna report it and they're certainly not in a show the footage. How else would you know what antique is really up to in Portland. If it weren't for people like Andy know he's posting all these videos of what's actually going on the streets of Portland and it's it's been a wonderful public service or what about the tick-tock videos showing what liberals are saying in these teachers who have been caught for example saying and doing terrible things in their classrooms, and because they're dumb enough to put out a tick-tock video bragging about their their views or bragging about what they did in the classroom. The parents suddenly are informed how stupid to be able to find out about this stuff unless you regularly troll tick-tock which most adults are not doing or even something like the Kyle Rittenhouse situation where you would see particular views of the video footage of that night when he was involved in the shootings that you sought from the wrong angle or you didn't see footage that you should've seen. In order to put it into contacts which was so important during his recent trial. That's all gonna be off limits on Twitter and I'll tell you what I don't know if it's gonna cause more people hopefully to leave twitter or if it will cause Congress to finally take action. I'm a little bit more of the opinion that people will leave before Congress does anything because they've had years to do stuff about this and they haven't done anything, Republicans or Democrats, except to show trials and yell into the camera and then tweet about themselves.

That's not going to do it.

I'm a little weary of politicians looking at them. The moment in history which were living and they would prefer to say strongly worded tweets and put out strongly worded tweets rather than actually buckle down and do something about some of these people who are just destroying America as we know it. Now let's move on to another issue having to do with censorship. You might have noticed that a woman by the name of GG Sohn was on Capitol Hill yesterday at her hearing took place on Capitol Hill. She is Biden's pick to head up the knot head up, but to serve on the federal communications committee nights slipped up a little bit there because one of the issues that came up during the hearing was whether or not there would be another bait and switch.

This is happened before were somebody gets onto a board onto some powerful agency leadership role and then after they get onto the board. Whoops, now they're gonna be in charge of it and so this was something GG Sohn was questioned about at the hearing now. A little background on her. She is described as a pro-censorship radical.

This is what Breitbart had to say about her. The fact that she has been involved in some very troubling actions and now she's gonna be on the FCC potentially as they point out just as the commission can protect consumers from tech censorship.

It can also use its regulatory might to pressure tech companies to submit to a partisan left-wing agenda and that's why they should all be relatively nonpartisan anybody sitting on that board. This woman was cofounder and CEO of the leftist advocacy group known as public knowledge, which recently called on cable and satellite providers to drop the conservative one.

American news network as an FCC commissioners Sohn would be in a position of influence over cable and satellite providers. She also personally called on the FCC to investigate whether the Sinclair broadcast group, which is a conservative run network of local TV stations should hold a broadcast license and as a Commissioner she will be able to do just that.

But one of the most troubling things that has come up about her is of course are tweets. Like I said mirror to the soul. Her tweets specifically pertaining to Fox news. What a shock right Tucker Carlson talked about this with one of the FOXBusiness Senior correspondence Charles Gasper Reno and he answers this question. Who is GG Sohn. This is One telecom, lawyer, activist, essentially far left progressive in the telecom business and she comes out against mergers which he does more than that, she advocates for certain types of speech from heard from her perch, I think, is a Georgetown to run something called public knowledge of the George Soros back back organization so we birthed florals before is always all over the voice of the bite administration particular with her was in one of the things of the good scary about this is that the Federal Communications Commission is a super powerful organization.

It affects all sorts of business. It affects our lives in so many different ways from everything from what we receive here what you see on the screen. She's been deployed in the purge essentially to regulate some of that stuff that includes to a degree speech valve. Obviously there's a First Amendment that obviously cable is not totally regulated by in the same ways by the fairness doctrine is regular television which she could have up. She could have a say. She could have a say and what does she could have a say in what tech doesn't allow on. She could have a say theoretically if she pushes and she's a radical. What were seeing on the air right now it is not beyond the possibilities and she is really scary available is all you literal words. Well, this is very important because then he goes on to read some of the tweets that she has put out this nominee GG Sohn listen to cut to but if you look at somebody's tweets there fascinating for my concerns about Facebook. I believe Fox News has had the most negative impact on our democracy, its state-sponsored propaganda with few if any opposing view viewpoints. Where's the hearing about that. She was literally calling for hearing on Fox news about Fox's but she doesn't like what we say.

Just like the opinion she doesn't everything this is really how were going one outlet on television with the different right, whatever is monochromatic and process exactly the same thing one shale subscribed to as a different view and she thinks we need hearings to shut it down right now. They obviously are talking from the viewpoint as Fox News employees and how it could potentially affect their own network, but I have honed in on radio as well and it hasn't been talked about quite as much, although the daily caller has pointed out that Sohn has received criticism from the national Association of broadcasters which is a broadcast network industry trade group. Very powerful lobbying presence in Washington. They called attention to Sohn's work at low caste, which is now defunct streaming service that illegally retransmitted TV broadcasts. That's one issue, but I have long wondered when these sensors get done with the Internet. When are they going to go after broadcasters and you bet that impacts people like me, potentially, or people who are on other Christian radio stations it could affect TV stations, not just Christians but also those who have a conservative opinion.

So this has some very, very, potentially problematic implications, and it's nothing to be taken lightly. It really is disgusting. If you ask me that there is not more of a concerted effort to put really neutral people on the FCC, at least not people who are open and obvious about their disdain for particular broadcasters or particular TV channels and just where there of politics on their sleeves all the time, enough with the activists serving in positions of power where the people desperately need neutral leaders and this is one of them. Now when we come back from this break. I'm gonna get into a couple of cuts. This was really great. Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska did some wonderful questioning of GG Sohn and I want you to hear what he had to say and more portly what she had to say were to come back on Janet Mefford today. After this, this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. These words written early in John's Gospel remind us in this Advent season that God sent his son to be our Lord and Savior that many Christians in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East have never read those words or the Christmas story in Luke two why because they have no access to the Bible.

So in this season of giving. Police joined by the league in sending God's word to Bible as believers around the world for only five dollars or $50 for 10 Bibles $500 for 100 call 801 ESW ORD. That's 800 yes word or there is a Bible league banner and Janet seeing people changed the description of those whom you confer this condition for a number of yes somebody's in this gift you can give somebody that's 801 ESW ORD or there's a banner to click Janet over the past several weeks I've been thrilled to see so many of you step up to rescue over 75 families through the ministry of heart for Lebanon. Thank you for providing survival essentials, but most importantly were grateful that you've help share the hope of the gospel with hurting refugee and poverty-stricken Lebanese families. If you didn't get a chance to participate. Please know the need in Lebanon remains urgent. It's never too late to give to find out more.

That's hard for 11 serving as a volunteer on the Mercy ship is an adventure like no other and will be serving on the largest nongovernmental hospital ship in the world, providing free care to some of the world's poorest people. Whether it's performing the surgery cleaning the deck or transporting the patient to a recovery center. Every day you'll be making a difference in the lives of struggling people begin your adventure today connect with us at Mercy're listening to Janet Mefford today and you keep an eye on censorship because what you experienced or saw other people experiencing around the 2020 election probably was just a warm up. Now we've got this radical progressive activist GG Sohn appearing yesterday before the Senate commerce committee. The Senate commerce committee facing some stiff questioning on some of the things that she has put out there for public consumption, not the least of which was some very over-the-top remarks about Fox News. Why does this matter so much because Fox News is pretty much the only mainstream channel that is giving a conservative viewpoint, not making fun of it or marginalizing it. I wouldn't even put them necessarily as far right by the longish out there a lot of people on Fox News so I think have no business being there for various reasons, but at least they will allow conservative opinions and they do have some conservative posts there and it is so lopsided because you know how everybody else is. You know how the big three networks, RN, NPR new or do you know your public broadcasting TV station.

I should say and also all of the cable channels CNN fake news, MSNBC basically radicals you know you're not getting journalism on these TV stations, and of course go after Fox News there wants to go after this was really great. Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska, grilled her and he did some tremendous questioning I thought raising the issue that sewn pics on Republicans and or tweets, which is a very serious issue because of the role she would play at the FCC and he pointed out that the FCC has enormous power regarding free speech. He began with a comment here on her tweet about Fox News being state-sponsored propaganda. This is Capri Fox News is of the most negative impact on our dark democracy. It is state sponsored property of 20 or tweets when your many twins so how is Fox News sponsored. It is MSNBC sponsored property. This goes direct the power you have. This is not some, ran tweet. Millions of Americans watch the news station I have always state-sponsored problem we needed a conservative viewpoint in America media, which obviously you don't like, so talk to me about state sponsored property yet center before I explained the tweet I'd like to explain the context and also I would most like to remind folks that among mice to Molnar. You know I you know how this community works to be respectful but I need to interrupt because I just address the tweet will need the contacts only to orders. You are to be in charge of regulating news agencies like Fox News your call state sponsored propaganda. How can you do is an honest broker when you've already put out your school, also called the Sinclair broadcast whether you have the you called for the FCC to investigate whether there call before nullified to be a broadcast licensee at all were clearly indicating your bias is more conservative news source in the you are now up for confirmation of one of most powerful positions in America on free speech. I think that disqualifies complete well said Sen. A lot of us agree with you. So how did she explain away that tweet that she put out about Fox News.

This is For.

I was tweeting during a hearing on section 230 and where the point was being made that tech companies were, you know the most harmful to our democracy. How was just how is Fox News state sponsored propaganda and how it is as it had the most negative impact on our democracy. These are your words on those exactly that was as if as a public interest advocate as part of my job, those were my words.

Those are my opinions, but they will have no bearing on how I would act if unconfirmed as an FCC commission questioning a broadcast license that would be your job of Sinclair broadcast the you recuse yourself on anything relating to Fox News or Sinclair broadcast so let me talk about Sinclair broadcast. Actually, I think it's a good question Jesse, are you gonna recuse my firm Sen. I am talking with the office.

I've assigned a ethics agreement with the office of Government ethics there any question about my bias, I will consult with them and see if I need to reach clear evidence. Case closed. I don't know what else there is to say here she's given the opportunity to explain how she can claim Fox News is state-sponsored propaganda. She won't answer the question. She dodges that tries to change the subject and then says I'll tell worry yeah those are my words but you have anything to do with my work in working with the FCC just won't have any bearing okay will find if something comes up about Fox News. Will you recuse yourself you know now you know I'll sign in at that blood blood but by you told us everything we need to know. He told us everything we need to know coming and there is a waste of time because everybody already knew what your position was, and everybody already knew what your tweeting was all about it since an insult to the American people that Biden would even put anybody like this up for confirmation. But you know that's just the way radicals roll. I just wanted you to know what's going on with your government, hopefully she will not make the cut. She has no business being there. Meanwhile, I want to hop across the pond here for a couple of minutes because this is just getting to be as you know, coming close to Christmas the time of year when the radicals come out to play and the European commission has now retracted internal communication guidelines that had proposed substituting the Christmas. With holiday. This was after an outcry by conservatives and the Vatican and the Vatican term.

This documents this EU draft an attempt to cancel Europe's Christian roots. This is from the Associated Press. This is kind of funny because they had a discussion about this over on a British news channel talking about this woke insanity. This was over on GB news listen to cut by the US been trying to ban the word Christmas apparently because it's not inclusive and potentially offensive.

Please say this isn't true to mantra while it was only in timely document cyan headline at Bally's Pacific. While at St. Nelson Tennille Gallego lot of attracting links to Italian daily Arizona not LA, which means daily and I think maybe things like wow usage you should replace the last legs denim by day and colleagues. I'm afraid my fest that was never to look at the sexist as it was in fact a poison goes). I will yeah that was things by each never seen it was Chris stands and maybe it's exclusive to affect elements of Christian culture and that was they express and colonization of laws is considered negative because it's reminiscent of cleanliness and maybe that he is sending humans to maws and I'm thinking, this is finally we found a place colonized that when not actually making from anybody that lives that will Wendy finally we can colonize a clear conscience because maws is saying you know where were taking land away from whatever leg from the stock.

The stories that there was an official complaint on the E commission was falsely told guidelines and she did say that there was any draft and we've we rent the room and went all kinds of when all can use them and how many terrible things of sponsored withdrawal yet you read the room after the Pope called and said what are you guys doing you read the room. That's a big room over the Vatican is so incredible. There against talking about colonizing Mars who exactly will be offended by using the term colonizing. It's ridiculous as they were discussing Woody and offend the bacteria offend the DOS, the dust is going to be outraged, though they probably think so. Again, this is a reminder on how important it is when you do have people in power to make sure that they are clear thinking people in power. Here's what's really funny these commentators who are just listening to say were not Christians but were all for saying Merry Christmas were all for holding up Christmas in the UK. What's the problem.

Listen to this cut six more this this show is systemically walking out of touch our institutions. Melrose Mancuso is not our institution anymore about the same things happening across across the UK.

This is what Britain is about to see a Christian country. Christian was still Merry Christmas to someone you know assuming the Christian as a whole and the nice thing nice things anymore this week. I've been saying that semi is not actually set of eyes of a successful on the rising highlight also sounds know what I find interesting about those remarks isn't so much that you have non-Christians taking a reasonable position of noting that what is wrong with saying Merry Christmas.

Nothing is wrong with saying Merry Christmas and there's nothing wrong with having a Christian country boy they'll send some people in orbit if you say that even here in the United States.

Despite our history, and despite our roots. What I find very interesting and telling about that particular discussion is they reduce it to say us to something nice.

It's just something nice. What can we say something nice. I think boys that the understatement of the year. Point is that the understatement of the year we celebrate Christmas. It's not about Santa and his elves, and it's not about Rudolph and his sleigh. It's about the birth of the Savior of the world. It's about God coming down as a baby and becoming human, in order to save you and to save me from the penalty and the price and the eternal damnation that we deserve for having rebelled against that same holy God who became incarnate, maybe it's just mind blowing.

I never get over it. I never get tired of revisiting the significance of Christ coming to earth for us when he didn't have to and so many times I wish we could just have this discussion with some of these people on these TV shows. Can we talk about what life is really all about the sin problem and what Jesus solved when he came to live to live a perfect life, in conformity to God's law and to become the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the world. Do you know what that means for you eternally that leave aside the politics of it for a moment. That's where it's so important for Christians to do their job will come back this Janet Mefford today podcast is brought to you by pre-born for $140 you can provide ultrasounds to five women in crisis pregnancies.

Call now 855601. Baby that's 855-601-2229 or visit Mefford today. Here's your host Joe Mefford Florida get into some more coverage of the very important Dobbs case heard yesterday before the Supreme Court's, but it really raises an important issue because we often hear from pro-abortion advocates, the pro-lifers only care about fetuses and not about the lives of women we hear versions of this all the time. This is never been true of course but maybe we need to more deeply understand the abortion issue and consider some ways that our churches can get more involved both in promoting life and helping women in crisis were to talk about that today with Natasha Smith from the nonprofit ministry, save the storks.

She and Britney Smith are out with a new book will be discussing called unplanned grace. Great to have you with us.

Natasha, how are you today while it's great to have you.

I'm wondering why you think first of all, the pro-abortion side always seems to be bringing up this point that pro-lifers don't care about women when there's so much evidence to the contrary, it like a crisis pregnancy centers and a lot of things that churches do you react or respond to that charge. When you hear somebody saying that pro-lifers don't care about women.

That we can listen to each other have a conversation that would help me because that attic.

And Matt Thompson showed me that they haven't done it read actually paid attention to the pro-life movement and an in-depth look at media that the believe that believe he does read on the headlines, but when you go into the pregnancy rate talk to one man who had an unplanned pregnancy and was served by the staff of the pregnancy center and get all of this care at no charge and you can't argue with the fact that they are pro-woman and those Glenn and are our house and able to stand on their feet and not be a victim of circumstance I have a huge huge difference between that the two perspectives.

While it is when you make this argument that being pro-life is akin to being pro-woman that something feminists obviously would reject to her on the side of supporting abortion or what they call reproductive rights all the time. How is it that being pro-life really is being pro-woman, what are all the overlaps there that really make the case for that.

There are so many when I think that we want and sure that women are fully educated on all their options and I have heard story after story as certain place that is not offering women. All of the options are all of the information not being able to see the ultrasound not knowing about all of the government or local 879% of women who had abortion said that they were never accountable about resources that were available to them if they were to choose life itself. Education is a huge factor in ensuring that women are fully equipped to make the best decision for them and that the huge one, and then with 73% of abortion packing because of economic circumstances, the guy how much and how willing the pro-life movement is willing. And care for women experiencing economic trial and they are there outlets example than in our book. Unplanned grace we go and feel so many varieties of the barriers that women face and how pro-life advocate in both individual pregnancy centers and other pro-life nonprofit serve when in their very solutions focused. They want to hear a woman Dori understand what trials are facing her, and then meet her needs, where she added that she can actually ride the love and not be a victim to them will know when you are using this statistic. 73% of women who get abortions have some kind of terrible economic circumstances, that's obviously a very high number but give us a snapshot of who these women are, because I think for a lot of us we we see all kinds of different statistics about women who had abortion should have Hollywood celebrities shouting their abortions, so it can be confusing as to who really is having abortions.

What are the actual breakdowns in terms of the 73%. Would that be of more inner-city abortions that you know how how does it all break down a great question number ethically in front of me, but I do know that Guttmacher had the break down that number by number. The majority Dell are African-American, inner-city individual value. Come from Latino University delete amount as abortions occur in an unmarried couple them for the unmarried women afraid and often they have unstable relationships to their afraid of being a single parent, and they maybe don't have solid employment and so typically it would be more urban, inner-city international are not international, intercultural, community, and only care about either the world and every individual within it.

We need to remember that the whole topic of abortion was started with with systemically and that is something that we need to be fighting against because we actually believe that every human life is valuable, including the unborn, but also those who are on hard times or maybe have never had a stable family background and pro-life organizations. The clinic pregnancy centers are willing to walk alongside anyone and more man who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and help them get on their feet and break the cycles of poverty or poor relationships that they might be experiencing. You know when you make that reference to systemic racism.

I'm imagining that you're referencing Margaret Sanger and the original eugenics focus of what became Planned Parenthood. And you know it's ironic a lot of people still don't know Natasha that Planned Parenthood has opened these huge abortion centers specifically in cities targeting the populations that you've named Annette that for a lot of pro-lifers is very frustrating because there say what what can we do about that that they have these huge centers there making these overtures to the women who may be have no idea that there is any other option is there something that can be done about that guy. Great tragedy that urban centers are aware, abortions are targeted and if you look at Planned Parenthood marketing there targeting individual and what we wanted. We want to come alongside and meet all of the people where they are not, but I love about what pregnancy centers offer they they will not only hear a story and get free ultrasound. The pregnancy path, parenting classes, but they will actually some of them have a continuum of care opportunities that they will find out all you don't have a housing that the three of you.

You're in a unstable relationship. Experiencing domestic violence and they will actually help women find stable having find a place to live.

Find the resources that they need to be able to get a good job on that and we have been documentaries on our on our YouTube channel that showcased best and it is incredible of women who came in no feeling like they had not think they can finish their education at the how could they get a job.

It didn't have any money, and the pregnancy centers were able to break all of the barriers off of that one.

That one in and had interviews with many women who experience but now are arriving both graduate there their business owners now and their mothers in the they haven't let anything pull them back school that's always good to have those kinds of stories that you can share and is something else that comes up is why these women choose abortion. There are many reasons depending on the women obviously but external pressure is such a big factor. Can you speak to that a bit yeah absolutely so.

Another study found that 3.8% of women who had abortion that they felt pressured to have an abortion. 58% event that that they decided to abort make somebody else happy.

I think so tragic when when there is all the conversations about women's right to I still many people don't believe they have a choice because other people are pressuring and that might be apparent to have you know that right over the how to be a partner for the same Ray that you know and that they're gonna kick out the woman executed by or they're gonna stop or withhold financial support for her because she chewed the flag so there is some kind of ultimatum placed on women and so they feel like they have to have an abortion. In order to protect themselves whether their livelihood physically and that again is a tragedy it is working to take a short pause will come back with Natasha Smith. Unplanned grace is the name of her book listening to Janet Mefford today. Maybe changes them no matter when this is the end of the story of a young mom who plan to end her pregnancy but chose life after visiting a pre-born center pre-born steps into the lives of hurting young women who were being told that a pre-born baby is not a life pre-born is the largest provider of free ultrasounds in the country and the direct answer to Planned Parenthood helping young moms choose life. I feel like it was made for me to head this is something I will reason you can be a part of choosing life with young hurting women across the country which you join with pre-born in Janet Mefford today to help save 400 babies by the end of the year for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and help save five babies from abortion and now through match your gift of $140 will actually help save 10 babies instead of five. All gifts are tax-deductible to donate, dial 855402, baby. That's 855402222985540222294. There's a banner to this is Janet Mefford for Bible league international.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. These words written early in John's Gospel remind us in this Advent season that God sent his son to be our Lord and Savior that many Christians in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East have never read those words or the Christmas story in Luke two why because they have no access to the Bible. So in this season of giving. Please join by the league in sending God's word to Bible as believers around the world for only five dollars, $50 for 10 Bibles $500 for 100 call 801 ESW ORD. That's 800 yes word or there is a Bible leave seen people changed the description for this foreign yes somebody's in this gift you can give somebody that's 801 ESW ORD or there's a banner to click Janet you're listening to Janet River today though. Welcome back, Natasha Smith is joining us from the nonprofit ministry, save the storks and she and Britney Smith are out with a book. Unplanned grace. A compassionate conversation on life and choice there so many different angles we can take on the abortion issue, but certainly, as Christians, it is in common upon us to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to those who are in crisis and facing the issue of abortion, both before and after, and the touch of this is something else that I think isn't often discussed enough and that is how women deal with abortion after the fact. I have heard a lot of testimonies from women talking about their abortion regrets and how you know they they were absolutely devastated when they recognized that they had taken the life of their child or had hired somebody to take the life of their child. How do we minister to women who are post-abortive and what are some effective ways of ministering to those women that have a wonderful question entered there will not and we might not be the expert.

That's where the thing feel so bad. But how could we be involved will that it began with the local pregnancy center and help you.

They often offer after abortion counseling healing program Bible study or they have that curriculum that they could offer within your church and your church could become a place of healing, because one in four women by the age of 45 of had abortion and for that happening all over all of our neighbors know that we have to be sensitive to this reality and so support after abortion is an organization has a full array of various ways of engaging when some people just need a one-on-one conversation. Others need a group setting alone. The reality is so many others have experienced that and it is a painful painful experience in the we know the grace of God that their healing and their hold and so I think the biggest lie that were fighting against the isolation of that pain that you're feeling is unique to you versus a and it is something that you live with the reality of you're not alone and Christ come to make up all hole we all need that grace applied to our lives for sure. Now when we turn the discussion to what churches are doing. You had one statistic in your book that was really alarming. There were more than one obviously more than one statistic that was alarming in the book, but in the spring of 2019. You know that only 4%, 4% out of 50,000 sermons delivered at 6000 American churches address the topic of abortion. That's a very small number why why are we talking about abortion from the pulpit. Why are pastors not addressing this issue more boldly. Do you think hard and been political and found it hard to engage in conversation when it seen at political and we really want to help shift is deeply personal and even now it be he never stops sure and engaging people who work here and think very difficult, very happy, and he heard them all.

Then he met them where they were, but it's a hard thing and so we really want to help equip pastors and equip churches with the restart.

I will compassionate approach.

I think that history like you. You open the program with a history of being judgmental or angry being applied to collect even on through the assumption and so I think that at some time that the hurdle pastors have to get over it that when they talk about pro-life not a judgmental shaming conversation actually place the way how valued that individual one that made the unborn child or the born child how valued every single individual is because were made in God's image so that perfectly for the gospel to shine and we can focus on that. I think that will unlock the doors that can engage this mortally yet and you know there's another subject that goes along with this and I don't often hear this discussed and I'm curious for your take on this, but the church struggles I think not only because it's a sensitive subject because the whole subject of sexual immorality is a sensitive subject. You don't hear a lot of pastors are addressing individual sexual immorality and whether or not it's premarital sex, or adultery, or homosexuality there a lot pastors who just prefer not to go there but don't those issues go hand-in-hand. Maybe in different sermons.

But wouldn't you also be advised, as you know, a pastor of our congregation that given the statistics on a abortion and premarital sex inside the church that those things are both important to address because there are a lot of people who also have never heard hey listen, don't have sex until you get married, which is the Christian position.

What are your thoughts on that whole issue that is a great point that how it had been framed historically or in any being but in the last 30 years with purity culture has, made that assumption of Christianity in the list of dealt very beautiful story of what God had been divided up into so that we Were abundant, joy filled life and he wants us to thrive in ways that we can't imagine we start when we don't follow that beautiful plan that he has orchestrated for us at him and in fact the part of that in in AA equipment and authority that he had been behind that unnamed thing is that I think that we need to reframe it in a positive light and showcase where it is beautiful and so good and not just put as the deer turned out because what what had happened.

I think in our culture is that assumption will first develop. Culture well if you know you make a steak one. Well now now everything and instead of a chat with the idea of it.

You can make an incision now to change higher living and and starting today. I'll do better there because Christ the church needs to be addressing that because if we aren't, who where where are we all.

Learning about sex from culture and culture and even Planned Parenthood aiding to get their method into the media and Bill are being influenced by ideas that are shaping how we read in ways that lead to abortion and lead to broken lives and broken marriages and so hope the broken up around the church needs to be a place that the drafting issue might be uncomfortable but we have to be reminded of what that holistic story of God's goodness and find ourselves within well and that's the point to and it's a shame that that you do hear some stories of no access during the purity culture discussions because purity is what we should be aiming for out of love for Jesus Christ, but obviously if you turn into a legalistic no sledgehammer coming down on people's heads to maybe not even are Christians, yet they just go to church and they don't know Jesus Christ you're right.

You have to really handle that with Karen. That's important. So when you're looking at the church in particular, what kind of pro-life ministries. Should the church be involved in. Obviously there a lot of different directions that you could go there a lot of churches I know that are involved with pregnancy resource centers, for example.

But what are some other practical things that churches can do to really support the pro-life cause and support the women who are affected by abortion, as well as the men the fathers of those children out of the great question and are number one call to action for churches in the parking because the church might not be the resident expert on all of the different fact that of an unplanned pregnancy, but that is that they can help the church develop more minutes. Add add needed but one great organization that we really live if embraced gray and veiny well help church and create study that talk about identity value worth and just really really like help when and where fate who are currently in an unplanned pregnancy experience the love of God and so your church can be part of throwing a baby shower for her and ended alongside her at the part of the family that niche. Maybe she had never had the support that done for the church to be a support that done to her in the really powerful thinker and great grace of the great organization. I think if churches can partner with their pregnancy Center Offer after abortion recovery and that kind of a healing program would be powerful could offer a retreat and to give women in their congregation. An open door to healing that maybe they have never felt they were maybe even worth enough to find healing. The huge opportunity as well and then anything that no one ever talk about it. To come alongside men and offer mentorship.

How many men who are in the Scenario have never had good role model or have a dad and sell for godly men come alongside other men and help them grow and understand what it means to be a good father and husband and a good man in general that will have a huge ripple effect is very very good will. There's more in unplanned grace. A compassionate conversation, life and choice by Brittany and Natasha Smith is been with us and we really appreciate Natasha thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you are a God bless you too. Thanks again for being with us. Thank you for joining us on Janet today and will see you next time

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