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Leo Hohmann (Vax Proof) Melanie Kirkpatrick (Thanksgiving)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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November 19, 2021 4:00 am

Leo Hohmann (Vax Proof) Melanie Kirkpatrick (Thanksgiving)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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November 19, 2021 4:00 am

What role is a shadowy military-intelligence think tank playing in the push for digital vaccine passports and "SMART health cards" for all Americans? Veteran investigative journalist Leo Hohmann joins me to explain. Plus: What is the real history behind Thanksgiving? Melanie Kirkpatrick joins me to talk about her book, "Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience." That's on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Hartford Lebanon that is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance in the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116. You can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever, now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to is our confidence is in Christ alone is the word of God says that I sort of temporary setback with OSHA backing off on the vaccine mandates for companies with 100 or more employees a few weeks ago it had issued an emergency temporary standard which required businesses to implement a vaccination policy mandating that their employees either get vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. Now we have a reprieve after the Fifth Circuit weighed in and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear additional legal challenges, but don't relax too much, quite yet because it seems COBIT Tierney via big brother may just be warming up.

Why do I say that well because of something called the vaccination credential initiative. It was launched back in January and includes the involvement of a little-known military intelligence think tank called miter. Now the stated goal of ECI is to institute a QR code based vaccine passports across America and to implement a single smart health card that could be recognized across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries. This is a big step for you to get some details on it now from Leo Homan who is a veteran investigative reporter, author of stealth invasion and write some of this great material Leo is wonderful to welcome you back to the show. Thank you so much for being with us again, thank you Jan for having me and I appreciate it. Yeah. While this is very concerning. I have to admit that until I had read it on your blog. I had not heard of this particular organization.

This is called miter. The miter Corporation. Why should people be concerned about this corporation, tell us a little bit about it. Well, for starters, it is a nonprofit corporation that I would class by a quad side governmental agency because all of it sold our US military intelligence officers and sort of a revolving door between the US military and the outfit called miter. It's been around 1958 when it was formed in a joint project between the US Air Force and MIG Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and they their their mission from the start has been to develop technology that is useful for the military in terms of buying non-foreign enemies and that great yet wonderful but at some point over the years. This outfit started turning all of that knowledge in that technology that they gathered from spying on foreign enemies and turning that around the American people. I suspect it started happening after you know, a few years after 9/11, like most of the other military spy, you know, monitoring surveillance apparatus organization started doing that right now. Forbes has described this as a cloak and dagger shop that is the most important organization you've never heard of what all are they involved in concerning surveillance and in particular concerning the development of eventual vaccine digital passports for all of us.

You will face today started a couple years ago we know probably before that. But we know that for at least the last few years they've been working with the FBI. Janet and and big hat what they will do is build go into people's accounts on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and what have you. They will feel biometric data pictures and what have you from those social media accounts that that the government is interested in analyzing and they will use it to their advantage and we don't know all what they do with it once they have it.

But the fact is, in most American bill after all these years are not aware that everything they put on Facebook everything they put on Instagram or twitter is fair game. Not only for these big tech corporations, but for the government and I'm still a may note totally made at what personal information people will put on their Facebook account and how often they will update their profile pictures every time you update your profile picture on Facebook. There is and there is a retina scan a facial scan appraisal wreck.

Use facial recognition software and that is all log and turned over to the government, and it permanently within their possession.

You all. None of it right. How is this legal exactly me this seems like a total violation of privacy know because they get you to find their community standards. Their agreement, and every time you click on Facebook in login if they ask you that they notify you that there's an update to the agreement. What we do, we just click it and move on. We don't actually go in and read those agreements that were siding on rice rice that's very disturbing so they've actually collected human fingerprints. It's written here from art sites like Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. So even your fingerprints are being picked up that correct. Very creepy. That's really cranial and they also they also have ties to the world economic forum which we know is a globalist elitist organization that is run operated by Mr. Clow Schwab, who is probably one of the world's foremost trans-humanist yes and he's talking in this book is beaches for the last year about quote 1/4 Industrial Revolution. He says that COBIT 19 and that quote great reset will lead us into 1/4 Industrial Revolution in which our digital physical and biological identity will all be viewed merged into one identity and so this is where were heading Janet. It is truly a brave new world.

What is so so what is the involvement of miter in the development of digital vaccine passports tell us a little bit more about that whole effort welder group you alluded to the vaccine credential initiative which is a project that public-private partnership involving the Rockefeller foundation, the world economic forum and Microsoft there's others involved in it is well.

This group called BCI back in credential Institute and on the steering MIDI in the group is someone from the miter which describes itself as a quote longtime trusted partner to the defense and intelligence communities there also working with the world economic forum and the vaccine credential in two it's all tied together. You know going back to what you said about miter's involvement with what's going on with social media and big tack in the FBI.

The FBI doesn't have the most stellar reputation. These days, considering they are going after parents who show up at school board meetings.

I mean it.

This should really be concerning if not completely alarming to Americans that they are involved with the FBI.

With all of this surveillance and heading in much more terrifying directions. I mean, that's the problem. I think Leo you look at the fact that we as Americans most of my life. I know we always looked at these government agencies is being about the best for all of us and and having our back and defending the United States and now increasingly more of us are looking at them as the enemy. I mean what what are your thoughts on all of that. Well I have a lot of thoughts that your listeners will go to my website Leo L3 a fresh article and the title of that article is it began.

FBI raid home and terrorizes family of mom who protested local school board and election results and so they've been correcting to do this, Janet. They classified out equated with domestic terrorists since October 4 when that memorandum came out from Atty. Gen. Marek garlic and just the other day he was testifying before Congress saying oh no no no that's not what we meant by that. We are not going to treat parents at school board meetings like terrorist well just Tuesday morning the ask the FBI burst into the home of this woman named Sharon Bishop. She lives in Colorado.

She was at home in the morning home both homeschooling her three kids and the FBI breaks down her door, put her in handcuffs and manhandled her daughter, her 18-year-old daughter pulled up the stairs. If either hoodie and she remained in handcuffs costs for over 30 minutes while they searched her entire house moment Leo I have to go to a very quick break. But when we come back will let you finish that scary tail were coming back with Leo Homan talking about the digital vaccine passports coming down the pipe.

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The involvement of a military intelligence think tank called miter and their involvement with the group called BCI the vaccine credential initiative. I it's all coming down the pike and you were mentioning Leo before we went to the break that the terrifying part of their involvement. Miter's involvement with the FBI and and feeding the FBI information via big tack and some of the social media surveillance that they're doing is we know what the FBI is up to, and you are giving an example that's just come out about this mom in Colorado who was rated I mean what what was the stated reason for being rated that she had the wrong opinions on what happened that what she believes that the K they and their search warrant mentioned something about you know act to protect she somehow compromised or when and then had access to a protected computer system which she said complete baloney. She has been out poking of and has out an opinion about Tina peters who is the County Clerk for I believe Mesa County there In Colorado and she has had very outspoken opinions about what what that County Clerk is been trying to onward unveil terms of the 2020 election fraud and so she's on their targeted list. She believes because she's she's committed to taboo. She's addressed to taboo topic. What is the critical race theory at the school board meetings and the forced masking of children and then the other is the election fraud issue and she's been very involved in the election integrity issue there in Colorado so she had to black mark against her in this Gestapo Gestapo environment in which we now live where the FBI will apparently common Ranger house reserves the right to Ranger house in a predawn attack similar to what they did to Roger Stone a couple years ago in the in the middle of the night air your children terrify your family all because they just don't like your opinion incredible and not to mention not to do to get too far off the subject but it reminds me of what's been going on with the January 6 prisoners of these people hardly getting a speedy trial in their been all kinds of reports about what's being done to these people, many of whom did nothing more than it would appear to be trespassing and an ill advised wandering into the capital, but that this is where the government is so going back to this issue of minor Leo. They have apparently their own coping 19 healthcare coalition and there involved in this whole issue of bringing about passports. Now this is already been implemented in a couple of states at least a couple of states across America. How is this effort developing do you know much about how far they are down the road in trying to force digital vaccine passports on all of us is that even constitutional. What what what can you tell us about all of that, of course, not constitutional. The fifth circuit Court of Appeals just struck down at least temporarily. Joe Biden vaccine mandate and his vaccine mandates are directly tied to the vaccine passports with digital passport that is the implementation tool for the coming mandate and we all know that that the that the first of mandate for companies with 100 or more in employees that just the beginning. His Surgeon General Biden Surgeon General has already talked about their desire to apply this to small business which means you will not eventually be able to work anywhere or enter any public place. If these people get their way. You won't be able to go in the restaurant, grocery stores, libraries, stadiums, you name it, you will be you will be barred at the door in less you can show the app on your phone. Janet that shows you are up to date on your shot and at the same time we had the CDC director, yet coming out and saying that they may soon have to quote redefine what it means to be fully vaccinated as one or two shot that I do it. You now need 1/3 shot and we look what's happening in these other countries you need 1/4.this is going to continue on in perpetuity and I predicted all of this when these vaccine started being released in December of last year.

I said that they had plans not for one shot. Not for two shot but for continuous update. They want to update your genetic code at least twice a year the same way Bill Gates update update is Windows computer system and I have all the facts that I have them quoted in their own words, the chief medical officer of the Dharma called it his mRNA vaccine quote similar to Ed computer operating system you just he said your bot. The body is the hardware and his system is the software that we can quote plug-and-play update that as needed. So this is the reality to which we are going into if we let them. And you asked how how far along there are with it. They will take it as far as we let them. They will take it as far as we let them. This is why I said last year year and 1/2 ago. Do not put on Matt the man our training. The vaccine and so the vaccine is been the set up for the vaccine passports and the vaccine passports is the set up for the social credit scoring system that they have in China. This is the system that the world economic forum allow Schwab. Bill Gates and all of these elitist billionaires want to implement in the entire world book of Revelation looking pretty wise that I ever doubted it, but yet yeah that is now here we are, you know, here's the thing. When you talk about the world economic forum in its great reset in all of these chilling lines like alone nothing and you'll be happy you know it's it's straight out of Orwell, but when you're looking at the counter forces to these people and their still millions of us in the United States.

They were counteracting. What these totalitarians are trying to do to us. Is there any meaningful work being done by politicians who are on the side of the Constitution to mitigate against some of this stuff to reveal some of this and to advertise and promote the information to the American people so that they will be able to stop this in its tracks. Obviously private companies can do what they want, but on the other hand, when you have so many public and private companies working together on this vaccine initiative. This is insane. I mean Leland that they've not done this with any other disease. That's much more deadly than coping. 19. Obviously, this isn't about health know you asked if there is any politician great great question Janet, I would say no. There are three that I can think of off the bat, made somewhat of an effort, and that would be Ted Cruz, Ron.Bender 10 Cruz, Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen. Rand Paul, but even they are just sort of treating it as you know, business as usual.

You know something that they are at least taking out about, but I don't see their concerns being echoed by anyone else or do I see them you know marshaling this in any successful way, what were talking about here is is the scandal of the century. We are talking about an unknown substance be approved by the government under an emergency, you okay these shots have not been given full approval by the FDA.

They'll tell you that one of the Pfizer shot as well. Problem with that is you can't get that shot the coldhearted peacoat go to your doctor or your Walgreens and asked for the comorbidity shot. This benefit only approved by the FDA and they won't be able to provide it because it doesn't exist and so use the so-called emergency to basically the band, all regulatory actions. They've used it to suspend the Constitution when it comes to vaccine passports and we are living now in the state of so-called emergency in which apparently anything is allowed. It doesn't have to be squared up with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and if our Congress doesn't wake up those rights are going to be gone you can go right down that Bill of Rights and read every one of them and and each one of them is under assault right now and in all I see among the Congress is business as usual.

I don't see anyone really attacking this with a state of emergency, with a sense of urgency that is needed that with the same urgency that the other side of truck is trying to implement the these radical reforms can you write about that and and you have a great piece. I want people to go to Leo and also read about what you've written on Aaron Rogers and the fact that you're seen so many cases now an increasing number of cases of young very fit people struck down by cardiac arrest and that raises a lot of questions about the safety of some of these mRNA vaccines. What would you say Leo I know we've only got a minute left with you, but what would you say people ought to be doing to protect themselves. Obviously it feels overwhelming. But what are some of the things you're doing or you would recommend we do in order to maintain our freedom and maintain our autonomy in the midst of all this totalitarianism, great question. I would say let's start by taking back our biometric data and our personal data are personally identifiable information. Stop putting this stuff on Facebook. Stop giving them your pictures of yourself and your children and all that, you know, get off of the platforms the possible there's other conservative platforms that are out there is an alternative now and yet you still peek the Christian people handing their data over to Facebook and there's also the yelp. Same thing goes for 23 and me and the you know all of these you know worldly for them that we engage with. I think it's time to pull back and start asking questions and looking for alternative.

I completely agree.

It's why I have been off social media now for a while and I'm loving it. It's so important to make sure that you are maintaining your autonomy Leo.

You were right. Great stuff. I refer people of your website. Leo Keep up the good work and thank you so much for what you're doing to intervene with us today. Thank you Janet Narain you take care and God bless and will be back this archived broadcast of Janet met today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever.

Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to here's your hose back to Tim after today it is thanks the kids are out of school and were all gearing up for turkey and trimmings and maybe some football, and for many of us Thanksgiving day is a day when we give thanks to God for his grace and for his blessings even as the day hissing controversy and boycotts over the years but my next guest notes that Thanksgiving has emerged as Americans best left holiday and so were in examine how thanks giving came about in the modern experience and why it is so beloved and celebrated on into today. It's so great to have with us Melanie Kirkpatrick. She is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a former deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal's editorial page. Her book is called Thanksgiving holiday. At the heart of the American experience and Melanie it's so good to have you here. Thanks for joining us.

I'm glad to do it here and happy. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

It is a wonderful holiday and it's really interesting in your book how you trace the changes that have happened since the 1600s. What you make of the endurance of Thanksgiving, because everybody loves that time to her family and friends to gather and give thanks, which is a profound and very basic human impulse to give thanks to the Almighty for all of our blessings absolutely and you know what you think part of that I shouldn't be left out either a good meal. Absolutely it's funny too because everybody you know I learned in school about the Pilgrims and the pilgrims and the Indians.

They called them Indians back then, but the pilgrims and the Indians sitting together and having a festive meal and over the years I've learned that maybe the first grade 2nd grade version that was always told to us wasn't completely accurate.

What what is the truth about how the first Thanksgiving came together type of the first Thanksgiving. Happy time of the two people. The English and the Native Americans enjoying themselves is basically true. It was a debate date they were at peace. It was a time of fellowship and you know all the tragic things that were to befall the Native Americans were couple of decades away.

So this stereotype is essentially true right. Well, here you have the whole history of the pilgrims how they came over here for religious freedom. And yet when they came to the New World.

They really I don't think knew how bad it and tough it would be for them so they were very dependent upon the Native Americans even unable to each Morte IAI. Absolutely the want to know and Indians are really the heroes of the first Thanksgiving story there. The one who provided at the know a lot the knowledge the know-how to the Indians to help them with that first harvest.

They also show them places to hunt and fish so they were. They were very welcoming and I you think about that first Thanksgiving.

Which by the way the pilgrims would not have called Thanksgiving for the pilgrims that Thanksgiving day was entirely day of worship a day of giving thanks for a specific blessing and would be if they would've been in attendance at that worship for most for much of the day on the the day that they spent the three days that they spent with that the Indians in 1621, he has of course become known to as the first Thanksgiving. But if you could ask pilgrims if that was a Thanksgiving he he would look at you askance is right because they had different days of Thanksgiving today. That was part of the regular worship.

They were many of them separatists who came over here and she had been Calvinist and that was what they believe that that their work was not one day of Thanksgiving, but many that Trident usually affect getting was called for a very specific blessing. And what will. For example, a rainfall or military victory or recovering from an illness or something like that.

And there was a debate later in the 17th century when various places started naming days of general Thanksgiving that is just thanks for continuing blessing blessings.

There was a debate over this. What theological whether that was a good thing. Theologically people argue that it would encourage people to take God blessings for granted.

If you just had a general Thanksgiving. It was better to hold a Thanksgiving for you after specific event. It's funny when you mentioned that it was three days of feasting it back in 1621 with the Indians. We always thought about it as one meal and it wasn't even necessarily in the fall but what went on. What you specifically because I know I think you said there only really two people who had left accounts of the first Thanksgiving type.

Yet when we really know about what they did have. And we know that while the pilgrims were feasting.

They probably ate outdoors, all they had was a little one little structure that they had built.

We know that there were about 53 pilgrims that was half the number that had arrived on the Mayflower and as they went as they were there. 90 Indian warriors man armed, arrived, and you can imagine that the pilgrims were thinking these guys approached, they would've thought you know is this friendly or not they thought they had friendly relations with the Indians, but you never know.

So the Indians brought side gear which would've fed the entire group for quite a few meals again. That's another example of the generosity of the Wampanoag and also presages the tradition of all of the people bringing things to a Thanksgiving meal and they had at one point they did what I pilgrims described as exercise their arms status they had a dislike of shooting display and you have to think now with the pilgrims just showing the Indians what they could do over. They also giving them a subtle warning about how you know if things don't stay so happy. Will you we can defend ourselves. So I think there must've been some mutual wariness even though it was a time of fellowship. I think they were probably a little wary of love one another dear what about Turkey didn't have any turkey at all. Probably there is on in one of the accounts. There's a reference to wild Turkey about it certainly wasn't the star of the meal the way it is today, but there could very well have been turkey there. This is kind of fun to do to research the culinary history that they they also had a lot of seafood muscles, oysters, fish on. They probably had other fowl such as Doc indecently know that the early English settlers also shot and an eight such follower as as eagles and salon, so I know they did not have cranberry sauce. They might've had cranberries, but you can't believe there so sour you can't really eat a cranberry without sugar and the pilgrims probably did not bring sugar with them because it was very expensive on no potatoes and sweet potatoes or white potatoes because they did not grow in that part of the North American continent. At that time. No Apple apples are not native to North America and the it took a few decades before the English could plant and grow apple trees before they could have Apple and having a pumpkin pie know that was indigenous but it would've been roasted or cooked in a stew or something. It would not have been in a pie because although the pilgrims knew about pipe. I was popular in England they didn't have any wheat flour okay that well. Debbie hard when I switched and you are so right about them only because the culinary history in and of itself is very interesting. I would imagine most grocery stores would have a difficult time saying get your dear. Now I don't think that probably would resonate the way Turkey does today but you know there's so much more to the history of Thanksgiving since 1621 and some of the traditions we enjoy today, and I want to get into that when we come back from this break we are talking about Thanksgiving the holiday at the heart of the American experience Melanie Kirkpatrick with us and will return right after this. For those of us who live in America. It may be hard to believe but there are people in the country of Lebanon who never heard about Jesus. That's exactly why Hartford Lebanon is there working in the nation that home to more than 2 million Syrian refugee families who have arrived there to escape civil war and terrorism but every day hard for Lebanon is they are reaching out to these needy families in Jesus name telling them about him, and providing food, Christian education and survival essentials in the Lord is changing their lives. Let me tell you about one of those refugees anything who is 10 years old she lost her mother when she was just a toddler, but hard for Lebanon met her as they were delivering food portions to her family with no opportunity for formal education and Eva wakes her father up early in the morning when hard for Lebanon's educational fund truck is scheduled to arrive recently during a skit about God's love honey for placed her faith and trust in Jesus for salvation. And now, because her father is illiterate.

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More than that. They need Jesus and they need you.

Please call now the number is 888-247-5499 that number again 888-247-5499.

Thank you and God bless you for your generosity back on. Janet met for today and if you like me are probably in the midst of shopping gathering things together decorations and food preparations for Thanksgiving. It's a wonderful time of year we give thanks to God and have great meals and enjoy all sorts of other traditions like football and lots of fun things. It's been reduced to turkey day for some people, but it is a very enduring American tradition were talking with Melanie Kirkpatrick about it. And Thanksgiving is her book the holiday at the heart of the American experience. So we wander through and tell a lot about the kind of the political implications in the political developments really regarding Thanksgiving, which I found really interesting only because I had not known.

Some of this stuff when George Washington for example, proclaimed our first Thanksgiving. I hadn't realized that there was really a controversy involved there. What happened I development I thought it was the first Congress I it'd been meeting in Manhattan and downtown New York Federal Hall since March 1789 and September comes along and they're about to take a break when a congressman rises to his feet and proposes a resolution to go to Pres. Washington and ask him to declare a day of national Thanksgiving. Well I was. Here's the surprising part members of Congress objected to this son said unto reasons and it did these reasons that you you can recognize today and our own political discussions. One had to do with executive power. The argument was that the Constitution did not give Washington did not give the president the authority a president the authority to call a national Thanksgiving that that authority really belonged to the individual governors of the individual state that was one objection. The second objection had to do with religion and because Thanksgiving is a religious holiday. The argument went, it was inappropriate for the government to get involved in any way, including naming a day of Thanksgiving. In the end, the objections were overcome the vote was positive and a delegation from the house and the Senate went to Washington, who then did a really smart thing.

He was a he was a wise man in so many ways.

He issued an proclamation for a day of national Thanksgiving and he sent copies of it to the governors of the individual states, but he didn't help them to celebrate it. He requested them to do so. So I think that was it. Tip of the hat to the discussion that had gone to complacent Congress did something else Janet that was interesting. His Thanksgiving proclamation was religiously inclusive and he could very easily have just made it Christian because that of course was the predominant faith by far right, but instead he included people of all faiths interesting and so when you go down through the years you mentioned like a link in called for all Americans to mark the same Thanksgiving day at a very contentious time in history that is another high point really yes yes Washington the Thanksgiving that that that that Thanksgiving habit for president, died out and it was left to the individual governors to do it and actually have a state did celebrate Thanksgiving.

That would be on a different day. They didn't coordinate but on the when Lincoln came along. He called a national Thanksgiving for 1863. It was a death course a very blunt year in American history. It was in the middle of the Civil War, Americans were shooting each other were killing each other and yet Lincoln decided he was going to issue this proclamation calling for Thanksgiving for our general blessings. Can you imagine everybody yeah I just about anybody had lost a relative or friend war and yet here was linking Lincoln trying to point the way toward peace and calling on Americans to give thanks for the good things in their lives that's extraordinary when you consider the time. Absolutely.

So now when you bring into the modern era. There has been a lot of things that have come up as you talk about in the book and in boycotts and day of morning.

It always mentions about the New England Indians boycotting Thanksgiving about Thanksgiving in the modern context.

How do you see Thanksgiving regarded now is it's fundamentally changed from you. Note not even 1621, but from previous centuries elements of Thanksgiving are the same.

It's a time for family to get together.

It's a time of good fellowship. Certainly time for feasting. None of that has changed and most of all I think the the aspect of gratitude has also remain the same.

However, in very different for the original Thanksgiving were I heavily religious, almost exclusively, will it almost exclusively religious. And now the religious aspects as part of our our expression a different way it used to be that everybody went to the house of worship on Thanksgiving day today. You don't see that as much, but I think people that there's one day a year that they say grace around their dinner table. It's Thanksgiving day yeah I think you're right about that. With football it's become such a big tradition.

Obviously you know it's been a big tradition for as long as I can remember but football just because people were home eating. They knew it was a good time to put games on TV that he confided that the first American football game took place in 1869 between rockers in the end Princeton Rutgers one and not long after that Princeton and Yale played a game on Thanksgiving day in the 1870s and then in the 80s that they moved to New York City where it became just a such a popular event and you know how New York trends kind of take over the whole country is at this football mania began in New York and by 1890, or the early 1890s there were 5000 football games being played on Thanksgiving day around the country so that was really the groundswell of of the beginning of the groundswell of of enthusiasm for this board and it was it was controversial like that controversy over Black Friday. Today people argued that football detracted Americans from the true meaning of Thanksgiving and this is debated, and of course we know that football is still with us think people have come to find their own balance among the competing factors of the day yeah I think so too. I think so too, you know, one of the things that you talk about as well is the link between the first Thanksgiving and young immigrants who can relate to this idea of people settling in a new land was very interesting how have you seen recent immigrants react. For example, to the Thanksgiving story. What if you heard about the connection they feel. I went to a high school the public high school in New York in Queens New York called at the newcomers high school and at school for immigrants who had just come to this country and the kids learn English and once her English is good enough they can move on to different high school and I interviewed them about Thanksgiving and I was not prepared for the responses I got. But these kids had a profoundly personal understanding of what it meant to give thanks on Thanksgiving day they for many years. Bennett had a quasi-patriotic holiday and for these kids. That was certainly the case that demonstrated their kind of entry into America in a in a kind of formal way because they were adopting this tradition. Remember one boy telling me is that he was like the pilgrims he came here for religious freedom.

He was, he said he was from Tibet country that hasn't formally existed since 1950, when China invaded it and he said he would like the pilgrims because they too were seeking religious freedom. He came here so that he could practice Tibetan Buddhism freely and then a girl spoke up and said all I'm from Egypt and I'm a cop that is a Christian from Egypt and that was the reason her family came to this country as well that other kids spoke about coming to this country to seek better lives for themselves and their families and that of course was like the non-Puritans who were part of the original pilgrims and that was really interesting to me that on Thanksgiving day. All these kids born in the four corners of the world felt profoundly American. Yeah that is fascinating and 400 years after the fact. We still have that same sentiment at the most beloved holiday in America. I think that's fantastic.

The name of the book is Thanksgiving holiday at the heart of the marriage experience and happy Thanksgiving, Melanie Kirkpatrick, thank you so much for being with us. Thank you.

All right you take care and thank you for listening Janet met our website. God bless you mostly there. This hour Janet met for today is brought to you in part by Hartford Lebanon call 888-247-5499 to get desperate people help in the hope of the gospel. 888-247-5499

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