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Corey Miller (Discrimination) Peter LaBarbera (LGBT GOP)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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November 10, 2021 4:30 am

Corey Miller (Discrimination) Peter LaBarbera (LGBT GOP)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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November 10, 2021 4:30 am

A college apologetics organization wins a court battle in Texas over discrimination against Christians on campus, while fighting another battle in Nebraska. Ratio Christi president Dr. Corey Miller brings an update. Plus: Astounding numbers of millennials are "identifying" as LGBT, as the Republican National Committee announces its "RNC Pride Coalition." Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, weighs in on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet my effort today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to Our confidence is in Christ alone on college campuses these days.

It's especially apparent when you consider that the apologetics organization rush you ST has now filed federal lawsuits against two universities for discrimination winning one of them just recently were to get an update now from Dr. Cory Miller, president CEO of Russia. Christie, a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical philosophical and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ Cory so good to talk to again how are you doing hijacker to talk with you again for grabbing on to you about want to talk to you about this recent lawsuit victory that was really quick. You filed this lawsuit against the University of Houston Clearlake and boom. All the sudden they did a turnaround tells what happened here while I think they realized, oh my God, these guys weren't playing around are actually going to hold us accountable. Yes, and so yes we did for certain universities who cannot in good patience and good faith work together with us, then we intend on giving them a continuing education about the U.S. Constitution and that's what up dear good what was at issue here.

They were denying ability to have your group on campus what what exactly went down sure so what they denied was certain elements of our cost of tuition that requires our not members but our leaders are student officers to actually be Christians and ordinary circumstances, you know, the Vietnamese club you would expect it to be Vietnamese and not European or the Democratic club you would expect the president student president to be a Democrat.

Another Republican, why should it be any different here and so they decided to treat us differently from everybody else and we notify them of that and they thought that was just fine and we wouldn't do anything about it but we did while I'm glad that that was reinstated.

It's kind of funny though I was reading that this University of Houston system, associate VP disputed that this was a turnaround and said that is not a reversal of a prior decision.

The application was never denied and was still in process when the lawsuit was filed. Is that right yeah about that. Not, I understand the facts and the attorneys understand the fact there pretty careful with that. Yeah the policies that were in place of the policy that was in place at that particular school. How did you get around the basic constitutional right of people to be able to form individual student groups and have the people leading them be in line with the purpose of the group. But what is the policy exactly that was precluding you guys from getting approval what it's it's not just University of Houston. We had another federal victory two years ago at University of Colorado on a similar issue and many universities are moving in this direction. It shows that no one is there to challenge them or some people capitulate and go ahead and yell for short-term gain across the T.DI and sacrifice their own principles we don't want to do that with all this talk about diversity. It's not a supportive viewpoint diversity. Generally speaking it's more about skin pigment and body parts when it comes to you know Christianity. It seems like these situations arise only against Christians on campus as if there's a crystal phobia in America. Yeah. Notice that I've noticed something like that.

Anyway, that's a great way. Now there is another lawsuit that you guys have filed this one at the University of Nebraska Lincoln what's been the trouble over there on that campus went over student funding. There usually for issues speech zones speech codes the kind of all comers policy like we just discussed so that everybody ought to be able to be student presidents are student officers and 1/4 one that we commonly run up against is funding for safe speakers or events coming happening on campus. In this case, students pay into student fees and then approve groups can receive monies for their events based on the student fees that everybody pays into an all approve groups get a receipt from we want allowed to receive from them because they heard about the speaker coming in and thought he had ideological differences.

Now they had no idea what he was going to speak on at that time. When they rejected us and they didn't realize oh not only was he a tenured philosophy professor in the past of this University, but he taught there for decades and he was the department head.

I'm also talking on the problem of evil and suffering so nonetheless, they decided to continue on faith. They were no I guess as humble as University of Houston. So again, we will provide them with continuing education is what this is what Dr. Robert Oddi is that the man who is scheduled to appear right. The guy wrote the Cambridge dictionary of philosophy every philosopher in the country probably possesses that book is a mainstream well-respected philosopher and yeah wow that's saying something understand. I know the ideological bent of these universities is overwhelmingly leftist and and there's no reasoning with a lot of these people but sometimes on a human level it becomes difficult to understand. First of all how they can't connect the dots that they're being unfair and second of all, if they do understand that there being unfair that they feel justified in discriminating against Christians over and over and over. The point of an education as you and I know Cory is that you present what is true to the students and you can have back-and-forth this is how students learn. Is your able to examine different perspectives with the hopes that what is right and what is true will be embraced by the student body and what they're doing is really trying to make sure the student body embraces what is false and narrow and discriminatory, which is the very antithesis of an education in today's culture.

With this meal, Marxism taking the rain and the universities discrimination is okay so long as it's practiced from the minority to the majority, not vice versa. It's like racism today. You cannot possibly be a racist unless you're a majority or pressing a minority right and there was a university in California a few years ago that openly had a policy that they could discriminate against Christians as a majority group because by definition that's not discrimination like it's not racism that happened so because there's no you know the pursuit of truth in the universities. Now it's all about power and privilege, power and privilege so Christianity is looked at as in many cases as sort of one of the oppressors in that regime. That's outrageous. Much of the discussion about hate speech and and hateful ideas and hateful ideology is lobbed your way in particular at those who are part of Russia Christy because I hear a lot of stories anecdotally about it.

They think were haters who were looking at him, saying, for God so loved the world how did you get that I'm a hater and do you hear a lot of that kind of talk and that's the rhetoric, hate or celebrate right yes is nothing in between. Their words were used to be able to say, hate the sin, love the sinner with in a postmodern mentality. You can't separate the sin in the center and so on.

The LGBT issue. For example, if you don't and Dorset, then you must oppose it, and anyone who opposes it hates the people involved. Yes, that's what they think that's what they think eight or celebrate yeah which should make apologetics that much more challenging. Have you seen a shift as identity politics is become more and more embraced and more popular on college campuses. Have you seen any kind of shift in the way that you need to really approach apologetics with skeptics on campus. We call this rhetorical apologetic part of cultural apologetics. And now, instead of doing you know just addressing the common issues like science and scripture of the problem of evil and suffering, the reliability of the Bible evidence for God's existence today were having to deal with pre-apologetic will issues on race, class, sex, gender, or nationality, ethnicity and religious dominance in the area so yeah with racism. For example, instead of hate or celebrate its do you want to be a racist or an antiracist, while no one's going to save you want to be a racist for heaven sake. Okay, so fine here on the dotted line for an antiracist and I'll tell you what it means after Dennis what it what it means is the new kind of racism where certain people who are considered oppressors part of your pressure class need to just listen and learn.

Is that interesting. While there's a lot more to talk about working to take a break coming back and talk to Cory Miller, Pres. and CEO of Russia Christy stay with us here and I disses Janet an effort for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, an ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me. Mimi was like this tiny little spectrum of hope. Nice size heart beating on the screen and knowing that there's life growing inside me sonogram changed my life went from just Candace to non-everybody that is can these gifts you guys are giving more than money. You guys are giving lots which you make a leadership gift and sponsor a machine today. These lifesaving machines cost more than most centers can afford your tax-deductible gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in a needy women's center and save countless lives for years to come. Now through match your gift is double.

All gifts are tax-deductible to donate, call 855402 baby 855402 baby or there's a banner to this is Janet math heard from Ivy League international authorities in China are making life difficult for Christians. It's against the law to share Christ with children under age 18.

We cannot preach to children under 18 practice and law. When parents bring to this church you can and then you can send gospel to them great joy. Believers are teaching English to young people using a Bible league program that uses God's word is the source of the reading assignments, and many are coming to embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior and sharing him with their families joined Bible league and sending God's word to Bible as believers in China and around the world for only five dollars per Bible $50 since 10 $500 sends 100 call now 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD were there some finally banner to click Janet met Thank you for your you're listening to you today and know it is so good to know that there are Christians on college campuses who are fighting to continue to defend the faith once for all delivered to the saints. Dr. Cory Miller is with us, president and CEO of Russia Christy and they have found some lawsuits recently with one recent win just a few days ago against the University of Houston Clearlake and another one pending at the University of Nebraska Lincoln over this issue of these campuses not treating Christians the same way that they treat other people and I'm interested to finish a little bit about what we were discussing Cory before we went to the break when you discuss this issue of rhetorical apologetics and how your having to do now pre-apologetics, as it were, on things like racial issues. This must be a little daunting though because were also in this time where people will say their triggered errors say they were injured verbally. Things like that. If you even raise an issue that might have a chance of offending then have you run into that as well.

Like there's more sensitivity when people are confronted with ideas.

They haven't heard before, all absolutely at what I would frustrate Indiana University not long ago I was charged with creating a suicidal environment because I brought up the other side to an issue on human sexuality but yeah across-the-board the big challenge now is not only putting forth the message that Christianity is true because it's believed to be faults but Christianity is good because it's believed to be bad right right well it's interesting you had written a piece not too long ago about how you and this philosopher atheist Peter Bagozzi and who is at Portland State and quit his job because he says it's no longer about truth, you can save become friends of sorts.

It sounds like it's very people little bit about that because I find that to be an interesting twist of fate and events to tell us what happened here because this is this is really kinda great when you hear about it. Yeah, grab lunch with him next week when I'm in Oregon but he had to go out of town so you were were friends we talk about each other's families and she was going on a personal level. Even though we are arch enemies when it comes to ideology. He wrote the book, a manual for creating a fused. He believes that faith is a virus and that religious believers need to be treated like psychiatric patients. Don't be mean to them, but help them through good questions through reason and science and that'll eventually lead them to a well he invited me.

At one point to lecture in his class on evidence and reasons for God's existence, which I did and then we hit it off and realized we had various things in common and we both had a common enemy for at least we don't believe the debate is hate and we believe in Voltaire's statement, the Deist that said, I may disagree with what you say but I would defend the death your right to say it in today's market.

Build that ability to have a healthy debate is not so much as exist, it's more like Stalin ideas were more powerful than weapons would allow enemies to have weapons. Why should we let them have ideas for the root of cancel. Culture is found in this neo-Marxist cultural Marxist identity politics approach that even atheists like Peter Bagozzi would've called himself our first trip subject to the skeptics finally realized where his friends are. And those people who he could build a civilization with aren't on that side of the aisle, but tend to be conservative Christians is the most kinda strike him as well.

This is ironic. Here I was fighting against people like Cory Miller is delusional and all of a sudden were friends because I noticed that the other people are not so I got I mean this is an interesting story.

It it really kinda creates a new road.

It would seem for evangelism. When you see some of these people who really seem to be solidly anti-Christian. All of a sudden waking up and saying wait a minute, this critical theory thing is really backfiring. This is not a good thing for us to have galvanized likely enemies together and I just had an agnostic professor told me last night that he thinks whenever Christianity gets attacked worse for civilization.

We have people now calling themselves atheist Christians that are authors of books who UK and in the US in MN. Just this past week I had a student approached me and ask if we could override our requirements of having our officers be Christians because he's an atheist but is the longest tenured member attending one of our clubs and they made a student president and he loves organization the first time I heard that either so well actually I think kind on the cutting edge when it comes to campuses that you know we try to engage hot issues, but we try to generate more light than heat and nonbelievers who love engaging with us because were willing to take on the hot topics, but do it in a loving and gentle manner.

That's terrific to see atheist who wants to become the leader of Russia. Christy has he considered becoming a Christian that might be a good way to get into leadership at some point yeah well I was told that a week ago or so. He was with another student in the club and was asking what the salvation by grace mean so I am inclined to think that some of these people are seeing the wickedness that is at the end of the line for atheism, especially in its Marxist approach to what's happening to civilization and that's making them reconsider. You know the foundations for what made the West great and that's part of our messaging now is that Christianity good or bad for the world.

It's good for the world in many ways, but it's not just good for the world ought to be good to the world and ethic is because it's true. That's right. It's interesting you had brought up the fact that Bagozzi and had been involved with these other atheist scholars on that hoax project. People might remember that. But tell people a little bit about that because that was a really good way to really, I would think showcase the bankruptcy ideologically of the laughed at and tell people what happened there, goodness so he and two other atheist scholars saw what was happening and they submitted, peer-reviewed journal articles to major publications in various fields and these things were completely false, completely hoaxes, one for example, took part of Hitler's Mein Kampf and replaced it with certain social justice language and it got accepted another one was talk titled something like the conceptual peanuts and it got accepted and they got awards for it. They were making stuff up. But if they sounded great with the proper language in these journals. They got accepted they got awards for it and tell someone at the Wall Street Journal had insight and blew the whistle on it and that's when things got difficult for them because it was a real embarrassment for these social justice, critical theory, meal, Marxist type journals that are really taking over in the universities to show that they're not real real scholarship. It's really pushing an ideology, not a debate for the pursuit of truth and what's so interesting to me. This is been said by many Christians in many different ways. The concept that if you have truth you don't mind scrutiny. It's when you have a lie that you have to shut everything else off. How much can you take that concept to atheists or skeptics and say the very fact that we will allow debate and we welcome debate and we want to interact with anybody who comes from any perspective because we can stand on the word of God and the claims of Christ because we know its truth. How much do you think that might begin to resonate as the laughed and the people who are the social engineers in the identity politics pushers in the society continue to shut down speeches that can I find a point at which he just hits a brick wall and people wake up what I think it is to a certain extent you're starting to see this social justice cultural Marxism spread in universities all the way to medicine, mathematics, and engineering and so it's equipped in the entire University and that what state, what happens in the University does not stay in the University so as we can see the politicization of medicine today. For example, people are starting to wake up to this and there they're sick of cancel culture especially when they now and not just the conservatives of the Christians are getting canceled. So once that's happening. It's making people realize, oh my gosh this is this is really bad. This is about civilization here and so some of these people. Classical liberals who embrace freedom even if there atheist. They still see that there is value to allowing viewpoint diversity that when Peter Bagozzi and I toured universities together. Some people try to get us canceled and one of them wrote a letter to the president that was that the letter went public and I called us logical fascists yet. We were both called logical fascists because we were trying to use Western colonialist imperialistic tools to continue to subdue the mind.

Nora ties and oppressed communities that's that's another level of crazy I am. But I mean nothing shocks me anymore. These these campuses are such a hotbed for any crazy thought that comes along. Anywhere you see this fight against critical theory had it on college campuses Cory because that's where proliferated in the first place.

What kinds of strategies need to be employed. Would you think by Christians on college campuses because we can make a difference if we actually are the salt light.

The Lord is called us to be. Take a while but we need to take a cue from the leading cultural Marxist of the Italian movement Antonio Graham. She talked about the infiltration through the institution. The long march of infiltration through the institutions because right now it is so heavily dominated secularist found a brilliant way to get Christian parents and grandparents to pay for the apostasy of their own children. Universities and you think it was about five years ago. If you've not been on the campus in the last 18 months.

You would not recognize it. So we need to as a church part of our mission. Whatever else were doing has to be focused on the University because as goes the University so does the culture as goes the US University, so goes the world for for too long. The church is not focused on the University as a mission field, and now wondering why were getting generation after generation of our own people swallowed by yeah and the irony when you look back and like the Ivy League and you see the history of the Ivy League, and so many universities and colleges founded by Christians. It's just a tragedy to see how many of them have fallen to secularism and this postmodern insanity of critical theory and critical race theory. What I want to reference Rasha if you'd like to find out more about this wonderful organization headed up by Dr. Cory Miller, I suggest you check them out Cory, always good to talk, you will be praying your lawsuit.

Your second lawsuit goes well and turns out in the right direction. Thank you so much for talking with us again. You got it. Thank you God bless you. Thank you Cory Miller will be back this archived broadcast of Janet met her today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever.

Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to Here's your host Joe find a report from researcher George Barna reveals that almost one third of millennial's identify as LGBT, and nearly 40% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 say they are LGBT think of that's almost half of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 are either homosexuals, bisexuals, or transgender's. How is that even possible. Or is that a further indication that big-game media propaganda has done its job on millions of young Americans, which was exactly what it was meant to do by the way, now also consider another important recent developments just happened last weekend. The Republican national committee announced its first-ever RNC pride coalition, Fox news reports they partnered with the log cabin Republicans to invest and mobilize LGBT communities ahead of the midterms and this was announced during last week and spirit of Lincoln gala attended by former Pres. Trump and the former first lady who is the events guest of honor, RNC chairwoman Rhonda McDaniel also apparently loves the log cabin Republicans. She says the RNC is committed to working with the country's largest group representing LGBT conservatives and allies. What will the breaking down of moral objections to homosexuality end up meaning long-term both for the church and for the nation were to talk about it now with LaBarbera, president of Americans for truth about homosexuality, Peter. Great to have you with us again. Let's start with this Barna report if we could some 30% of millennial's, including nearly 40% of adults 18 to 24 identify as LGBT key you.

How is this possible.

When all of the statistics going back quite a ways you would know more than I basically put the 3% statistic on how many people in a population usually are homosexual.

What what you make of this. And I'm not sure if I totally trust only 600 respondents huge survey but regardless of whether it's 20% 23% 37% of all those numbers are way off the charts and you're absolutely right. This is the product of decades of propaganda and media which is now come to basically be the propaganda arm of the homosexual, bisexual, transgender lobby that now called queer by the way it is. You know when you're public brainwashing. When all you hear is one side and you are conditioned to accept you have more more people are just open to the possibilities right but what does this mean for the country. If you have that many let's see these numbers actually are right when we have seen these kinds of statistics about worldview, for example, the younger you get, the worse it gets.

So if we have millennial's now it nearly 40% LGBT. If those numbers are correct that just means more will be that way. It would seem if the trends continue when you get to generation Z what is that, due to a country if that's actually accurate. I really want a weirdo but I can't say that. So, what I'm I just think where were worshiping and implosion moral implosion in our country we we know that there are harms associated with these behaviors will harm you see the pictures of these awful transgender youth with the whoever you are basically self mutilating having their bodies surgically altered in the pursuit of this opposite sex fantasy that's in there.

We know that all truths of homosexual behavior, especially between males. All the health aspect we know as Christians that the Bible is very very clear about homosexual behavior and so their souls are of course the risk of that's another aspect of the report. Of course, is that there is a declining, vastly declining belief in the scriptural book the authority of Scripture.

The need for Jesus for salvation. So many indices on this report are sort of depressing but I think the homosexuality and the transgender. You know the gender confusion is is is an incredible marker of a society that rumbling because it is, it was regarded as Just decades ago now. Now it's like the popular thing with everybody's new fad. It's just unbelievable how quickly it all went down was interesting to because I think for people of a certain generation and older and I would put myself in that category because I'm not generation Z not a millennial and a little older than that. But the world do you switch teams that worry me a lot people who are older say will wait a minute. Usually it would seem if somebody was struggling with homosexuality that that had been a long lasting thing. It wasn't as if you went along as a girl and you liked boys and then one day you decided not now.

I like girls. That's that's a conundrum that I think climaxes a lot of people who are watching this who are older what you think about it. A lot of the propaganda social media and one thing about the droid.

Of course the whole born game which was useful for a time, remember social activists use born gay because they thought they knew that for a lot of people would take the moral culpability away from it all. I was born and we will now that obviously 39% of the population under 18 to 24 was not born with an inclination toward sexual and gender perversion so that shoots that hold myth, but was useful for a time.

Now it's it's basically love is love whatever you're feeling say and when you got all his propaganda out there to an obscene degree, to the point where you can't turn on the TV show without or open a box of cereal practically catalogued you promoting sex and gender deviance.

I mean, it has a huge effect propaganda has an effect.

You know you said something important. A few minutes ago when you reference the fact that this generation never hears the other side and increasingly it would seem.

A lot of people in the church never hear the other side, either because they're so busy going around and trying to be. Oh, I apologize for how mean the church was to the gay community. There's a lot of this garbage but social media also clamps down on it. I mean I left Facebook in 2018. Because they wouldn't allow me to say two men can get married that they are wiping clean the Internet as much as they can on social media of anybody who would stand for biblical truth what is the church doing a moment like this. I mean even barn. I want to get to this because this is important. Barna himself talking about this report said that this is this generation that is disengaged from spiritual teaching and practice.

They don't have the knowledge, understanding, or experience or growth, and he says this. The resultant spiritual illiteracy virtually resigned them to a superficial worldview in which they grasp at ideas and practices that provide immediate comfort rather than lasting truth and peace and he said the moral chaos that characterizes this generation can likewise be traced to a dearth of coherent and pragmatic religious instruction, abetted by the absence of mature moral reflection. What about the religious instruction angle, Peter. What's your sense of things. Like with growing numbers.

More within the evangelical world reading oppressive sprinkle booking which he basically is using the plural pronoun for somebody you called a transgender Christian is sort of bowing to that agenda and is referring to this.

I think it's a woman should born a woman, I think, but he refers to with a report to be a Christian leader to this moral gender, sexual agenda chaos in the name of Christianity were to see more and more of that and they will use studies like this to say hey we have to cater are we after you know I just our Christian ethos to this quote unquote yokes usually growing minority generation who wants to operate according to their feelings rather than according to biblical truth, you've got an epistemological problem. I mean the sense of what is and why the things that are are the way they are. You see this all over the place with these younger generations who say but I feel this way in my truth and my identity and who are you to tell me what my identity is you can't even talk and have a normal conversation sometimes with the postmodern mind that is such a challenge for the church and I just don't see a lot of churches taking up that fight at the moment.

I don't think you're looking hundred hundred transgender books are on the market. I just read a comic book version of somebody who struggle basically androgynous and it's a narcissism that I don't think Jen older generations can even understand. And there's so into being affirmed that there demanding that people use their pronouns. These weird pronoun or doesn't see that if he heard using a single person chaos is to take a break will come back and by the way bring back the English language on that point alone. We need to argue against this nonsense will be back on Janet my for today don't go away. The UN has called what's happening in Lebanon. The worst humanitarian crisis since World War II covered 19 political upheaval, a crumbling economy and 2 million refugees, children and their families living in poverty and despair. But in the middle of it all, God is at work, more Muslim culture people than ever before are putting their faith and trust in Jesus and through your generous support heart for Lebanon is being used to bring these hurting people from despair to hope single gift of $116 helps bring a child in their family survival essentials and the hope of the gospel which lasts forever. $348 cares for this family for an entire year. We have a goal to take over 50 families off a waiting list that desperately need our help. So were hoping you'll be as generous as you can when you call 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there's a hard for Lebanon Thank you. Ask yourself what you pay for healthcare.

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Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here their own doctor and hospital find out T. Nance Liberty health call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 or you're listening to Joe Mefford today though. We've been talking about this new Barna report out of Arizona Christian University, indicating that almost 1/3 of millennial's now identify as LGBT and between ages 18 and 24. That number is nearly 40%.

This of course poses huge challenges for the church of Jesus Christ. Those of us who stand on the word of God as well as the nation, but here LaBarbera is with us from Americans for truth about homosexuality. I want to pivot a little bit Peter and bring into this discussion. What just occurred this past weekend. The RNC has announced its first ever RNC pride coalition. They're all psyched about this. Mara Lago had this event. This gala last weekend. Milani a Trump, the former First Lady accepted an award from the log cabin Republicans.

Pres. Trump was there. This is supposed to be a guess an occasion for assaulting a tickertape parade.

I think this is a disaster, not because you can't have anybody vote for any party they want. Certainly that that you you can but just knowing the gay movement as you do, Peter. What are your concerns. Anyway, the smartest are the ones working within the circle and we theater all the time, you're more likely to see a so-called gay conservative on Fox news much more likely than to see a Christian conservative, especially somebody and they won't have somebody who's. For example, X, K. Like our friend Stephen black coming out of him ever getting on Fox news are probably nil. And why is that it well. I think they're based in New York City. The city culture rules even conservative media, I'm afraid. But yeah we we see it all the time.the homosexual issue has been pushed to the side. It's like people are saying melted that over and we know as Christians that's never over the morality of the Republican Party is doing and conservative even their embracing moral relativism there rejecting biblical authority to rejecting the absolute truth in favor of this shifting sand of okay now we know about the gay issue that one's oversoul will embrace that I give him five years before they start talking about the transgender Republicans.

There's no end of this and I think what needs to happen is there needs to be the formation of an actual viable. Sort of a Christian party, a party which is standing on moral truth, even if it's not a majority party could have a conservative party type influence like I think in New York where there is a conservative party that actually has some kind of way. But I mean this is ridiculous of the Republican Party which which the votes of elections in its opposition to same-sex so-called marriage and it relied on faithful Christians for millions and millions of votes now just casting aside that truth because it will. This is the way to go because this is now the new trend crews referencing the trumps New York values. Remember that whole flap that came up during the primary season and and you know Pres. Trump. A lot of us are grateful for much of what he did but but on the LGBT staff. He was very Dead and here we are with Richard Grenell who was the first openly homosexual US cabinet official saying that all this is such a great thing he said. For example, he had been watching in 1992 when Pat Buchanan spoke at the Houston Republican convention. I remember that speech that was a barnburner of a speech, but he said he was vowing not to allow what Buchanan said to stand quote because I knew is a consistent conservative that to embrace people who wanted limited government and limited government involvement in their lives and more personal responsibility was the conservative principal and he was wrong.

I guess when he was outlining a strategy where Grenell says gay people were not welcome in the Republican Party. Here's the problem with that. When you reduce conservatism merely to fiscal concerns, you're no longer a conservative, at least not by the three legged stool standard that Pres. Reagan wants talked about you, what your thoughts and Janet. There is a very serious aspect of the whole day conservative thing about personal gay conservative so-called Republican income they want me voted for Trump but a lot of these so-called gay conservatives and also calling themselves faithful Christians. Grenell is one of them this winter.

There is himself a believer now wait a minute, since when can a Christian abide homosexual relationship. Since when can a faithful Christian being a homosexual so-called marriage is making a mockery of biblical faith and Janet going back to the previous conversation with before the break. I think what's happening here is a lot of people are saying that the LGBT movement is this, as we discussed, like a religious portion. They are all sometimes more evangelistic than evangelicals are with the gospel in their strident and they make demands and a lot of people they came because they're seeing them as the force that won't bend thing moral believer saying no, we cannot compromise. Why aren't more Republicans focusing on receipt of restoring marriage as between a man and a woman issue over now because the Supreme Court will hold it it didn't work that way for abortion why with the Supreme Court's ruling against the basically turning marriage on it said why would that stand for and will be way will be way not be accepted and the problem is when they say we want to have the log cabin Republicans and company working alongside other coalition groups to investing communities and mobilize support for the upcoming midterms this is Ramona McDaniel. The problem with that as we know from experience Peter is that with the more you bring people in to be the activists for the because the more that they're going to want to impose what matters to them will certainly this issue matters a lot to them because they are gathering in the name of their sexuality. This is not something that heterosexuals do. This is something that the LGBT community does, and they're free to do it.

But what happens is how long before the GOP says it's just behind the times. To say we can't get behind gay marriage, I think you're almost there, and it's really moral relativism, which is what we have to say it again to go varies and I think that I blame Trump as a role in this. I think Fox news of a huge role by constantly elevating gay conservatives never bring you know never bring in a challenge that is you and I think you gave up on marriage. That was a terrible decision. I think Christians need to stay in that battle because the truth is that God does not put OUT for gay Republicans in Romans one okay for the Republicans as long as you identified Republican and forget all that stuff in the Bible about homosexuality being sinful and being a sin that can be overcome through Jesus Christ. So this is really a sad day for the Republican Party directly against the space and I think Janet it cuts against the report the party's ability to recruit, you know, for example, African-American Christians who are turned off by saying gay Republicans always representing being heavily represented within the GOP while the other thing is I think they're very pragmatic politicians are pragmatic. They want the votes. This is a very closely divided nation there is.

There are a lot of people in the middle who will go one way or another. It's a very, very tight race. Every time you get to a national election. They're looking at the polls there seen the numbers of supporters for so-called gay marriage. There is no such thing.

I know legally there is but there is no such thing. According to our Lord and Savior who says homosexuality is an abomination. I didn't say it.

The Bible said it when they're looking at the poll numbers. They're saying we need these people because there are so many of them. What happens then Peter is the Christians don't matter as much. That's what I see trending is weak, we want more of the people who are embracing this agenda and fewer of those will matter. People who say that know this is wrong. This is morally wrong were not being nasty to human beings who disagree with us, certainly, but were not stand for this.

When we cannot. As Christians get behind a party who one day may be in the same camp as the Democrats now you're really with a unit party. Are you if they came on this issue. There's no difference what is that due to the voting trends among Bible believing Christians. I don't see how you could vote for either party at a certain point. What happened with the whole issue of people to judge in a so-called husband with surrogacy in the twin very very few conservative I saw publicly leaders were willing to criticize the fatal people to judge so-called husband.

They shouldn't really be parents without you know they should be creating a household that denies intentionally denies these babies mom yes that wasn't brought up it was all sort of more practical things only took three months off and you see that the shifting sand people moving away from truth and then falling out because they're basically caving in this very powerful LGBT lobby, of which I'm afraid the Republican gay activists are the most sappy of all and they're the ones were changing hearts much more than the crazy Democrat absolutely said something to keep an eye on and pray about and certainly something for Christians to communicate to their elected officials. We need to stand up for truth. We need to stand up for what the Lord says is the right thing to do and and to let our politicians know were free American citizens. We have opinions as well and I think it's important for us to voice those opinions because this could go south very very fast.

I like you Peter. I hate to say things like were down because I know Jesus is coming back or not doomed. It's good to be glorious.

But between now and then we have to occupy till he comes and part of that requirement is being the salt light that he's created us to be Peter LaBarbera. Check out Americans for truth on homosexuality over at Americans for truth.Peter, as always, thank you for being with us always great to talk to.

God bless you too.

Thanks a lot for being here. Thank you too for joining us in Janet my for today. Pray for your fellow Christians, and pray for this great nation.

There's a lot of prayer that needs to be offered up to the Lord right now on behalf of all of us will see next time

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