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Kevin Hassett (Progressive Economic Policies / Socialism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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November 9, 2021 4:00 am

Kevin Hassett (Progressive Economic Policies / Socialism)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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November 9, 2021 4:00 am

Progressive policies guarantee disaster for our country, so what can be done to stop this nation's ever-moving slide into socialism? Kevin Hassett, former chairman of President Trump's Council of Economic Advisers, joins me to discuss his book, 'The Drift." Plus: A Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals panel has temporarily blocked the federal vaccine mandate handed down by OSHA. We'll discuss that and more on Tuesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.


This archived broadcast of Janet map are today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance in the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever, now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to is our confidence is in Christ alone is the word of God says that I sort of back in 2019 of us cheered when Trump announced in his State of the Union address. We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country but look at our country. Now that it's back in the hands of progressives. We got gasoline prices and grocery prices skyrocketing. We have a supply chain crisis biz businesses are also struggling to find employees. Many are closing down altogether and all this is Pres. Biden's approval ratings are plummeting and he's apologizing at the UN climate change conference for Pres. Trump's decision to leave the Paris agreement not to mention that infrastructure Bell so we are marching right back into socialism, or the idea of socialism with the radical left in charge. Is there a way to stop it.

Dr. Kevin Hassett joins us today. He is former chairman of the White House Council of economic advisors serving in that role from 2017 through 2019. Also served as a senior advisor to Pres. Trump and help to guide the economic response to the cover 19 pandemic.

He is now a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover institution and managing director of the Lindsay group today will be discussing his new book the drift, stopping America's slide to socialism. And it's wonderful to have you with us. Thank you so much Dr. Hassett for being with us today. Oh, you're very kind to invite you okay very good. I don't like to know just now trying to give you know you got it, like Dr. Jill Biden, but we wouldn't acquaint you with her, so that's good news. But yes, what we we know and you know very very well.

We have had a very challenging two years following the beginning of the pandemic. But I wonder what your assessment is of our nations intentional economic draft. I mean just in the last two years. Not to mention what's going on right now with the infrastructure bill and some of the other nonsense were facing what you think is going on from kind of a 20,000 foot perspective when you're looking at the Biden administration's recent moves you know really what about after beginning with a lot of baseball going out of the Trump duration you. One of the question that comes up when you look at Pres. Trump's policy is to tax cuts to the regulation made it so the color incomes group. After World War II, African-American American unemployment was the lowest Benz control or to income inequality was declining. So if you are you like a social justice seeking Democrat. You would think you'd be celebrating, but instead yes the really study like what the heck is going on and it's very chilling. Describe the trip but basically really quickly.

What's happened is very far left radical totalitarian socialist could take a look at universities and they basically run everybody who would defend premarket enterprise of the traditional work IF I were to go give a talk on What you think God would be there be protests and people would be threatening to quickly write the yes these people controlled the media because the top you kid from Harvard get the job at the New York Times before you know everybody your tongue is typically indoctrinated socialism, and they control the conversation except for on the Internet and so the point of the book is the only reason were not really have lost these people already. Donald Trump used the Internet to and around their control over the media, but now they're trying to shut him down and so were at a really crucial turning point in the history of our country will defeat the socialist totalitarians or were not an end you're really beginning to see, no problem getting to see socialism in everything that they do so. For example, in the Goldbach letter, which is the worsening plan ever like to.

There's no building and there's no better the back part may be back to Obama but but plan. For example there building millions of house and into Joe Biden wants to become your landlord just like you want to use Germany or the Soviet Union.

The government government rent their starting the program literally where the government owns the means of production. They own the capital they own the building for people live in, and they charge rent and and what they want to do is they want to have control. This is why they didn't celebrate Donald Trump's victories, but what have control so that they could tell you what to do, like give the benefits of the crime, just like they do interrupt socialist countries like that as well and so you I got a lot of original research of the book from very deep dive stuff that identifies with going out places, but a lot of conservatives whine about socialism, but that really study what and what's going on to fight it exactly right.

And especially when you look at some of the younger generations of America, whose Americans really who seem absolutely swooning into be swooning over this idea of socialism.

Even though we have this long track record. All you have to do is open a book and study the Cold War and the period of time going back to 1917.

It's pretty clear that socialism doesn't work, and even democratic socialism, which they like to trot out as being a more reasonable form of it, and they'll want to talk about the downsides of socialism just because they have this idea that there will be a nirvana where equity and inclusion will be universal.

It's just a pipe dream and not only that, but if they really cared about and when equity and inclusion improved under Donald Trump at the very, very, that was your main concern you might think she's I need to study why the underdog will drop you what was it about tax-cut regulation that made the little guy got a rock and you know maybe I don't like Donald Trump. Maybe I've got like alternative views about what we could do but to simply projected at the fact that it happened and to crucify the man suggest that there's an ulterior motive in the really is an ulterior motive the ulterior motive.

They want to control the means of production than what the government to distribute the goods without them going through the price system capital system. They want give you what you gotta have and they want to control. It's just stunning to watch this all unfold and so many Americans are falling for it when you talk though about what you witnessed and experienced and participated in under Pres. Trump you reference a lot of these great economic policies that worked well, you know you talk about how he used a tariff is a trade-off you talk about the real wage increases of more than $6000 a year.

The tax cuts the regulatory relief. All of these things really did great for the economy and really affected average Americans. Why in the world are we ricocheting between Pres. Trump and Pres. Biden attained they're not even that close together at all when it comes to policy and again there are personal and what could happen you know ordinary folks see their incomes decline no real income declined, but like income corrected for what happens to inflation decline for most Americans this year. The way to think about. It is a bit after you leave the gas station how much money you have left the bike going down a lot and and that's what happened. Socialism is the one you socialize production. The production goes down and then the people get unhappy and the government becomes more and that's why the Hayek very famous book about how close you will always end up with totalitarianism and the reason is the people revolt against once we see what's going on. I really really am stunned, stunned. The extent to which, though the really really far left socialist universities, media driven Joe Biden you I know Joe by Joe Biden. I actually thought that there was a chance that he would have some common sense.

But they driven Joe Biden to pursue 100% their agenda utterly, utterly from spoken with AOC on the rest of the people on the left is Bill looks a lot like the green you deal tax hikes would give us the highest marginal tax rate in the developed world is no country in the OECD France you know that there's nobody that nobody would have a higher tax rate than us. Joe Biden plan.

The plan is adopted and this is something that I think middle-of-the-road Democrats and ordinary Americans really don't understand the party has been taken over by people who were socialist and again in my book. I documentary Kirk happened. I got a lot of ideas about all right.

There's so much I want to ask you about including some of these policies that we've seen, under the bind administration that are so destructive to our nation because we don't want to be a socialist country and we have a duty I believe is patriotic Americans to make sure that doesn't happen can enhance it with us working to take a short break will be back talking about his book the draft stopping America's slide to socialism. Stay with us on Janet effort. The UN has called what's happening in Lebanon. The worst humanitarian crisis since World War II covered 19 political upheaval, a crumbling economy and 2 million refugees, children and their families living in poverty and despair. But in the middle of it all, God is at work, more Muslim cultured people than ever before are putting their faith and trust in Jesus and through your generous support heart for Lebanon is being used to bring these hurting people from despair to hope a single gift of $116 helps bring a child in their family survival essentials and the hope of the gospel which lasts forever. $348 cares for this family for an entire year. We have a goal to take over 50 families off a waiting list that desperately need our help.

So were hoping you'll be as generous as you can when you call 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there so hard for Lebanon

Thank you.

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Liberty call now 855-565-2561 855-565-2561 or liberty help you're listening to you is so important for us to stay the course as a country and not drift into socialism, but unfortunately that seems to be the direction we're headed County acid is with us former chairman of the Pres.'s Council of economic advisers under Pres. Trump's book is called the draft stopping America's slide to socialism, and it's very interesting Kevin, when you look at this infrastructure bill that the house just past. For example, Joe Biden actually says it puts the US on a path to win the economic competition of the 21st century. What is your reaction to that response from the president when you look at what's actually in this thing basically what they're doing or pushing you that it government central plans decides where everybody should spend their money and comes up with huge subsidies for alternative energy and so on. Come and pick winners and losers in the alternative energy space there going to be better and smarter than the free market and so let me tell you, there's no country or socialist right out of the developed world, so it was more cute marks as the Democrats and the White House right now and so they think that if the government takes over the energy sector shutdown pipeline that you were all changed. Should you really thought we felt we had to stop consuming, but even then the price of those things were driven by your policy should let the free market decide what is right there picking the winners there saying oh well with you were to give you $12,000 owed by the way he believed dollars, but with Velasco to Amtrak now going to course but the bottom line is it's all about power and completed central planning will give us a it won't it won't affect the reverse. Now you talking your book about Washington bureaucrats and how much you had to fight in.

Pres. Trump had to fight during your time in the White House when there is a deep state. We like to refer to them as the deep state, but how much of a problem was that we were trying to instill commonsense policies and rollback a lot of the madness. How tough was that fight was incredible quite courage is clearly written work. He face the brunt of it, but you everywhere you turned everybody was working against you even like when I would nominated for my position. The medical percent confirmation the extent people slowly rolled my paperwork from month to month to month just to make it so the person Trump did have an economic permed until September after he did not. We chose January and that the thing is so good. Despite those negative Pres. Trump was amazingly effective at getting stuff done and in the regulatory front. For example, that we should take one off the books when when we put one on, but in fact we almost none. Thousands of books that have a huge pot on the economy. But every time we did that course, there's some state regulators somewhere who is fighting you every step of the way trumpeters he empowers us to stand up to those guys but something is not covered the outside to discover did you kill the book. It is he really built a team with a high esprit de corps which is something you probably can sort of sense when you look at St. Mary Kudlow on TV and the way he did it was that he is a little bit of a different person of the Oval Office, probably hundreds of hours White House is a different person there than you see on TV and in the much softer person you know one of my favorite stories really shocks people but it did happen was my job was very open to brief the Pres. on the economic data is in sight once in Paris doing some meeting and so my Chief of Staff lady named DJ Norquist had to go greet the president that she was really nervous about her own.

She got up early in the morning is walked out of the car and she stepped in a bottle of broken legs so distracted my sad DJ glimpse into her car to park at the White House glimpse into the oval briefs the president of the jobs report and then went back to her car to drive to the hospital and her like it quick on rail, like the president, found out about this he center the sweetest note basically saying to the hospital side little stories like that that makes it all or kind of infuriating that what is policies work and the economy got better and income inequality went down in the wages grew faster than they have since the second world war.

This guy really deep down inside towards a separate article was absolutely crucified but again I think that without digging into what the drifters in understanding what controls are universities and how organized are they and so that you won't really understand why that happened. While that's really something that's that's a good story for us all here because we all sense that from some other moments that we seen publicly. But you're right, and he had to be tough, but also he was very kind to people interested to ask you because you mention Venezuela and a lot of people have been citing Venezuela of late as they go into the grocery stores and see all the empty shelves, even Walmart and target around us are having the same problem. This is been going on for quite a while now. The supply chain crisis.

Clearly this was exacerbated by the pandemic. That kinda messed everything up, but at the same time you have an administration where people to judge who allegedly is supposed to be working to solve this kind of thing is on paternity leave based on CNET concern and I'm wondering what you make of the supply chain crisis.

Even some truckers are saying it's not semi-where there will take the stuff.

It's just things are moving the way they should. You see this whole crisis and and what's really going on here will make God is win over the country and the shelves and being empty and covered in the book a lot of examples and so with a covered start to be empty. What will they give you excuses. So right now it's a supply chain disruption.

But you know what the supply chain disruption continues into next year and into next summer, what next Christmas you have trouble getting presents for your kids. The bottom line is that half of all seeds are pursued because what they're doing is there giving everybody lots of cash they're paying people not to work, which really increases the demand for products is products are going to come off the shelves when you put on the shelves, but are also attacking business got the business but the biggest business tax hikes we've ever had in America, giving us the highest tax rate in the developed world, and so if you attack supply and cutback supply wires to me and then what happens is you don't supply you got way too much demand crisis in the shelter. That's what's happening.

It's very disconcerting.

Yeah, I mean I've been a member going to the Soviet Union when I was the Soviet Union and going into the big shoe store in Red Square. They had two pairs of shoes.

I mean it's reminding me and that's not quite that level but yet exactly. I went to like Don Riel so we turn things around. Clearly what happened in Virginia of late was a shot in the arm for a lot of people say okay okay there still some clear thinking Americans were not going down this road, but absent in our huge political turnover. You see things in terms of Americans continuing to back capitalism over socialism. When we see these dismal statistics.

Given the research on younger generations of Americans write what you entered are doing right now you need to recognize how powerful it is and how large SWAT basically brainwashed into thinking that free enterprise is a bad idea and one metric of this is never think that works your you think about Afghanistan getting 85 enemy unit inflation taking off all the things gone wrong.

You know that if anybody in the US had a worse year, the Joe Biden.

The call will, in addition to having a state hole card had this terrible cocoa catastrophe in Loudoun County where they brutalized this bad girl who was abused at school who just showed up, the school board meeting to complain about it. You generally basically so despite that virtually every Democrat voted for Terry Bacall, Terry McAuliffe won by just a wee little bit. Despite all of those negative and selected that documents how serious the struggling bit you how. How could people looking to really care about what's going on in the world and what going on with like ordinary people's incomes of what they spend on food at the gas station and you thought okay will I need to do these guys with the job and you know Glenn Young good news of reasonably moderate Republican, so I should like supported a little bit because little tell people I don't like to socialism, but they're pursuing right now almost no Democrats think that it's a really, really, really scary time because the people are willing to vote for Terry Bacall THIS year we really really are close to the struggle and the reason were close to losing the struggle in the book the trip is near the left control universities that control the media. Donald Trump was able able to have an end around play around that pretty Internet but now they're shutting down conservative voices in the Internet grounds who ran the domestic policy Council start which by the way, is the fastest growing think tank in the country called America first policy Institute and their lawsuit to try to get present Trump backup social media, but they just set up a website where they ask people to put their stories about social media and the really really close to having 100,000 stores basically say I speak up for free enterprise for And so they are trying to hold a conversation with draw respectability from anyone to grab power for themselves while we need to cite it sure reads address. Thank you so much Kevin for being with us this archived broadcast of Janet met for today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe for a quick thank you to each and every one of you who have been helping our great partners hard for Lebanon. What a great ministry.

This is the gospel of Jesus Christ is going out throughout the refugee camps and Lebanon. Because of this ministry and it is an exciting time to see the Lord at work in the lives of people from Muslim backgrounds. It's incredible what the Lord is doing over in that part of the world and every day it encourages me because I look around the United States where there's so much hardness of heart to the gospel and it just encourages me beyond belief to understand that the Lord is working in hearts that are soft and hearts that are ready to receive him as Lord and Savior.

Here's how it works hard for Lebanon is there where there is so much need at a time of absolute crisis in Lebanon.

The economies in the tank and people are in a terrible terrible state the whole country is falling apart. Basically, your gift of $116 will provide one family was survival essentials for four months and they will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Okay, let's move into the culture wars kind of laughing a little bit to myself strangely to myself because it wasn't that long ago when you had certain evangelicals bemoaning the culture wars of the culture wars are over you guys just need to get over its fighting the culture wars is so 1985 well it's never the case that the cultural wars are over. As long as there is a kingdom of light in the kingdom of darkness. You will always have wars spiritual wars until Christ returns. So we will have culture wars of some type. Until that final day. It's an interesting piece that Michael Baran put together and this is the headline. Elections show conservatives not leftists winning on cultural issues understand what he's getting at.

He's referencing what happened in Virginia he says in the Virginia exit poll, 84% said that parents should have a lot or some say in what schools teach as opposed to what Terry McAuliffe was saying to my parents for several weeks before the election took place for governor, and he was same here and shouldn't have a site with the kids learn so alright, fine. I acknowledge completely that that was a win. That was when parents rose up and said in the schools are not God.

We are the parents of these children and of course we should have a saying what's in the schools and you should be able to silence us at school board meetings and you shouldn't be able to railroad us with critical race theory and all the rest. This is kind of where he's going with this, and he says for parents. The education of their children. It is a serious matter not a phony trumped up issue and, more generally, cultural issues are more important to Americans on both sides of the cultural divide than economics not agree with that. Although Biden Democrats have argued their economic policies would help the little guy and ABC episodes.

Poll found that only 25% believe his reconciliation bill would help people like them.

32% say they would hurt and it leaves nearly half 43% not seen much difference is similarly pervasive skepticism explains polls showing majorities against passing Obama care in 2010 and against repealing Obama care in 2018.

Okay and contrast attitudes on cultural issues are more firmly rooted in personal experience and moral principles.

He says liberals and progressives are vulnerable on cultural issues because their search for the latest underdog caused a champion while sometimes producing results widely accepted sometimes puts them in lasting opposition to large majorities of voters. I like being encouraged. I like hearing that leftists are losing on cultural issues but let's be frank, when you look at the numbers of people in this country. For example, who now support so-called same sex marriage.

Those numbers are insane how high they are across the board. Now I knew and I'm sure you did to that at some point the Republican Party would have to grapple with this, they were dipping their toe in the water a little bit under Trump and I didn't like it he did fine on the transgender bathroom issue in the public schools, and that was a good thing he didn't go all in against homosexual activists. He fought enough to make everybody happy who voted for him are pretty much everybody happy, but he didn't fight so much that he could do much of anything opposed Oberg to file world you had five unelected judges make the decision that it's anti-dignity to not allow two men to be married, or two women to be married even though that defies what the actual definition of marriage is you can't have a marriage with anything between other than a man and wanted it is not a marriage you can call it something else that one time people were trying to say let's have civil unions so they'll have their own way of being together, but it's not marriage and they just that they chucked it all just now just got create gay marriage which brings me to what I consider to be a major developments in the culture wars concerning the Republican Party. Did you hear about this. This is why the daily wire. The Republican national committee announced its first RNC pride coalition this past weekend in a partnership with the log cabin Republicans to garner support in advance of the midterms next year. The partnership was announced during the log cabin Republicans, spirit of Lincoln Galli at Lago in Florida.

According to Fox, RNC chairwoman Rhonda McDaniel said she was committed to working with the group as a partner in the fight to save the country's future. Yep, McDaniel said conservatives and log cabin, don't you share our vision for a free, secure and prosperous America. They enrich it by adding unique perspectives to our party and recruiting even more diverse candidates and supporters to join our cause illness or we can have the first Republican non-binary person running for Senate and then were all going to throw our hats near and rejoice and do a jig in the streets because only we have the first Republican non-binary person on the trail insult anybody. I'm just saying, look where this is headed.

Folks use your head when you have this kind of activism it goes somewhere. It isn't static. It doesn't take a nap.

It doesn't roll over and die. All you're doing is you let the camel put his nose under the tent and listen saying that anybody in America who is involved in homosexual behavior or any of the transgender stuff for any of the long list of alphabets that that comprises the latest LGBT QRS TUV W a how that whole thing whoever's on the alphabet train fine. You can vote for whoever you want, but the problem comes when you start pandering to people who honestly have a completely different worldview and have a completely different affect that a lot of the people who make up the base of the Republican Party. You can vote no problem.

Everybody's welcome big time you want to vote for Republican you can if you want to vote for an independent, you can if you want to vote for a Democrat.

I don't know why you would, but you can you can. This is America I'm not saying anybody should be excluded from voting for whoever they want to. The problem is who gets power within a party then begins to change it and begins to move it in a direction that they deem responsible. So how long until the Republican Party, caves, and says were for gay marriage to because we can no longer ignore that voting block. How long until they say we want to support people who want to self identify as fill in the blank. We want to support people who want surgeries to mutilate themselves so they can become the opposite sex, even though that's physically and epistemologically impossible. How long if you think this is coming for the GOP. You haven't been watching and you haven't been paying close attention because it is gonna come it is going to come in less there is enough of an opposition raised to say this and everybody can be here if you want to vote for whoever the Republican is born not going going in the direction of pro-homosexuality and what will the response of Christians be if and when the GOP gets to that point because I think most Christians are of the opinion that between the two parties. There is one that is overwhelmingly closer to a biblical worldview. Decidedly not perfect, but closer to a biblical worldview in the voters minds than the other. What are they do what you do.

I don't know were not there yet, but I do not know the former First Lady millennia. Trump got the spirit of Lincoln award at this gala and she was praised by the log cabin Republicans for her acceptance to be the guest of honor. After leaving the White House and saying that it only reaffirms her unwavering support for the LGBT community. The writing is on the wall. Christians will see what happens is more to come stay with us and Janet my for today.

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Speaking of the culture wars I was referencing before we went to the break about the fact that the Republican national committee has announced its first RNC pride coalition here comes here comes when you have a big enough block of people citizenry who believe that homosexuality is no biggie, and gay marriage, so-called is no biggie, and all of this stuff is perfectly fine. Love is love, then I guess you need to pay attention to the winds of change and you need to adjust your approach to politics and for the GOP. I don't know what's gonna stop them from becoming pro-gay marriage, I don't know what's gonna stop them because politics for too many people.

By definition has nothing to do with principal. It has to do with pragmatism it has to do with how do we get the votes. How do we steal votes from the other party. How do we make some kind of political hay out of issues that are either popular or growing in popularity so we get more people to vote for us. I know what you can just picture what they're doing behind the scenes. I know what we we we need to emphasize that all Americans want a strong economy and strong national security and those are things around which we can compartmentalize and we can coalesce okay but what happens is when the activists and people who are already forming groups of LGBT Republicans their activists of a different sort.

They are probably of different mindsets on different extremes of ideology, but by and large, your ear, you're going to get the activism and then you have to cave on certain things. I don't know which certain things you can have to cave on but even Richard Cornell was in the Trump administration. There a lot of things. He's good on and he's in now is good on a lot of things but on the issue. Homosexuality then it became about promoting homosexuality and and fighting against certain laws regarding homosexuality across the globe, GOP administration, we gotta keep these things in view. There will be a tipping point, I think for a lot of us as Christians if and when this country gets as bad as it looks like it might get were just can have to sack" for these people. I died that just can't vote I can't vote, and I believe in voting. I think you should vote absolutely should votes were to have to have those conversations down the road about lesser of two evils and at what point do you say lesser of two evils is a bridge too far. I mean, I don't know were not there yet, and I'm just doing a little conjecture. I don't know where it's gonna end up, but I'm telling you when you have RNC pride coalition. It's not going well so stay tuned.

Speaking of the culture wars. I gotta get this and is well mad bay over at the Washington Post wrote an interesting article. Usually the Washington Post is absolutely horrid, but this particular opinion piece was allowed in these people knew what they were putting in here and the headline is paging Dr. Orwell, the American Medical Association takes on the politics of language.

Yep, what's going on. The American Medical Association and the Association of American medical colleges have just issued a manifesto titled advancing health equity. A guide to language narrative and concepts so goodie let's leave aside, he says, for the moment. The obvious question of why it's the AMA's business to lecture anyone about what counts as acceptable language as far as I know the folks at Fowler's modern English usage have never issued a guide to performing thyroid surgery. Be that as it made the country's most powerful medical associations have decided that the dominant narratives of any quality in healthcare must be named, disrupted and corrected according to an introduction that reads like it came from Mao's Little red book the long list of words and phrases.

The AMA now prescribes includes marginalized communities now morbidly obese and say that the homeless when you sponsor people without homes. That's better than the homeless. That's what Les means when you tack it onto a noun you can't see inmates you can't say individuals you can't say ethnic groups. You can't say racial groups and you can't say anything that could be related to violent imagery so you can't say target communities. You can't say tackle issues you have to use terms like that. So this'll really roll off your tongue groups that are struggling against economic marginalization. Yeah, that's much better. You can say people with severe obesity better than morbidly obese since the same thing. People who were experiencing homelessness. It's absolutely ridiculous. Oh also expunged other words, Caucasian minority vulnerable white paper black male black ball and slave that's good to be awkward because if you get back into the discussions that the progressives want to have about reparations when she have to say the word slave at some point slavery. I don't know the AMA is against at the folks the AMA is gonna tell you how to talk. It's ridiculous. Here's something else for instance, the AMA offers some sample well-intentioned sentences that might be problematic. Along with alternative sentences that use equity focused language.

Oh, this is going to be a treat. You might be tempted to say something like this. This is from the AMA, here's the sentence for too many prospects for good health are limited by where people live, how much money they make, or discrimination they face no no no you can't say that was wrong with that sentence. Oh, it was wrong.

Here's what you should say decisions by landowners, large corporations increasingly centralizing political and financial power wielded by a few limited prospects for good health and well-being for many groups. This guy says I swear not making the stop. The May does not get to tell us all how to talk. I have often wondered why we conservatives don't do some kind of issuing of guidelines on what everybody is not allowed to say.

From our perspective that can be a very interesting list you, what would be at the top of my list is you gotta stop calling pro-lifers antiabortion and calling Pro aborts. You know pro-choice items that may be crazy to me me crazy when I was a reporter because that was a pieced out had say antiabortion, what you're doing if you let one group have the word Pro and the other group have the word anti-you put a positive connotation on one group and a negative connotation on the other by design by design. Why don't you say pro-life and pro-death. Oh well, that's not fair okay antiabortion is not fair.

In terms of how you are labeling people there anti-their anti-their haters there know they love babies and they love women and they don't want either were to die in the course of getting an abortion which is murder and it's evil so this is where it is that then don't comply but that's okay don't comply with this. We have got to stop using the language that the left says we have to use and we have to speak any old way we want. We should speak the truth in love, as Christians, we should not let any filthy talk come out of our mouths and those kinds of prescriptions are very important as people who belong to the Lord, but forgets don't play the communist game.

Just don't don't go along with what they're trying to tell you to do and and say okay you did tell me again, can I say the word not know how there are overtones to the it just forget that say when I'm gonna say and you can just deal with it. What you need to arrest me not give it five years, who knows.

Speaking of medical stuff. I gotta get this in wonderful news. This three-judge panel at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has temporarily blocked OSHA's vaccine mandate saying the petitioners give cause to believe there are grave statutory and constitutional issues with the mandate and I believe it's at the Eighth Circuit that 11 states are suing so people have filed a lot of lawsuits against this, and there are some ministries involved in fighting back, including the American family Association and answers in Genesis, they are involved in petitioning the United States Court of Appeals for the fifth and sixth circuits to review the buying administration's federal vaccine mandate for employers with over hundred employees. This is via the first Liberty Institute know this is the thing. Think how duped we were.

Think how duped we were 15 days to slow the spread. Now it's you either force people to put chemicals in their body against their will or fire them and we, the federal government who have absolutely no no right to do this under the Constitution, because anything that is not specifically outlined in the Constitution giving the federal government specific cause and specific rights to do what it can do for the Republic is left to the state's 10th amendment it's left to the states federalism. It's not constitutional to do what they're doing and they don't care they don't care because they will do whatever they want to do and then they will duke it out in court and hope that they get some progressive judge who's going to go along with them.

That's their strategy. Beginning to end. Will see whether or not this is actually going to go the distance to the Supreme Court. I would imagine if they get another Circuit Court saying the opposite than year and I have probably a Supreme Court case and the Supreme Court will roll. I don't know. I know we have Connie apparently got Cavanagh but who knows who knows these guys have made a horrible decision. The boss.decision so you never know what they're gonna do, you never know, but I'm glad that people are fighting back against this. It's absolutely mind-boggling that were at the point where not only that the federal government is trying this kind of unconstitutional garbage but that people are rising up by the millions to say we will not comply. Even if you can't vaccine you should be one of those people out of principal. The government does not have a right to tell you to take an experimental vaccine. That's it. It's not any more complicated than that. And if we love freedom to better fight. Thank you for being with us. We got ago. See next time right here on tenant for today. Thank you so much

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