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Mike D'Virgilio (Parenting) Prudence Robertson (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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November 8, 2021 8:51 pm

Mike D'Virgilio (Parenting) Prudence Robertson (Pro-Life)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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November 8, 2021 8:51 pm

Several important abortion cases will be heard soon at the Supreme Court, and pro-lifers are praying the decisions will help spell the end for Roe v. Wade. Prudence Robertson from the Susan B. Anthony List updates us on this critical fight for life. Plus: How can the actions of parents keep the next generation from abandoning Christianity as adults? I'll talk it over with Mike D'Virgilio, author of the book, "The Persuasive Christian Parent." That's on Monday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance in the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever, now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to is our confidence is in Christ alone excited to thank you for your support for hard for Lebanon just want to give a very quick update. We are really closing in on our 52 families we want to help over there in the nation of Lebanon.

There are Muslim background refugees all over the camps they are coming out of the Civil War situation in the nation of Syria and Hartford. Lebanon is right there on the ground helping these families, but there are more families they want help then they can help right now because of funding and they just need your support and your gift of $116 will help one child and his or her family receive four months of survival essentials and the gospel which last forever because they get off that waiting list and then the children are able to receive Christian education and their able to work with those families, bringing them to Bible studies, bringing them to the church's that is set up there at the camps. It's just incredible ministry. If you'd like to help your gift of $116 will make a big difference. Or you can help with the gift of $29 per month.

If you'd like to help the number to call 888-247-5499. That's 888-247-5499 or there is a banner to Thank you thank you thank you thank you for your support. I want to dive in a little bit into this new survey that's come out from George Barna. He now is with Arizona Christian University there at the cultural research center and it is a study on millennial's so bad down the hatches. What you might expect to come from a study on millennial's in their worldview and their beliefs in the politics probably isn't far off base but I'm gonna lead with what I think is the lead in this particular report, which I will dive into in more detail later this week. 30% of millennial's. This is the younger generation, including nearly 40% of adults between the ages of 18 and 24 identify as LGBTQ as we know it stands for lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. 30% of millennial's 40% of I guess the youngest, millennial's because generations.

He is under 18 who knows where the buy is a little blurred lines on how old you have to be to be in which generation, but that's huge. And one of the things that stands out for me when I read the statistic is born gay.

Ha, that's just amazing because historically you've never had higher than I think it's around 3 to 5% of the population being homosexual, but all of a sudden 40% of them are born gay. Just at the very time when the gay revolution came about, and there's been an unprecedented propagandizing of the younger generation in an indoctrination, flooding, TV shows, flooding the Internet flooding the movies everywhere you turn pro gay this program a that rainbow flag. This pride that pride that pride that my email is not an accident. It it's called what happens when you launch a successful propaganda campaign you can get all of these kids are the running kids anymore. Their young adults to all of a sudden go you know I thought about it before, but I think I'm going to go in this direction. I change my sexuality or realize that my sexuality has always been different. Like these younger celebrities who are now calling themselves pansexual's rights. Your pansexual what is the pansexual I know what the definition is, but this should tell you what a crisis that we have in the younger generations. What is generation Z gonna be 60% LGBT key. You may be by the time you get one or two generations beyond that.

I'll just be hundred percent of the hundred percent that said, it'll be over. This is at this is almost hard to articulate what a terrible thing this is that the not only the indoctrination and brainwashing of these generations but also how little there is of biblical knowledge and biblical conviction that is present in these younger generations, and it grieves me to the core because to me it says something about the ball being dropped along the way by people who should have been at least for the adults who were in church all of their lives. Delving into solid biblical teaching. Teaching the word of God. What what has been lost. I think for too many people even inside the church these days is that the Bible says what God wants to tell us because it is his word and we are to bow the knee to his authority. What God says goes. It's not even God said it, I believe it, that settles it. Take out that metal line God said it that settles it. That's the way it is. If you don't believe the Bible is the word of God and if you don't believe that is breathed out by the Holy Spirit and written down by men, then what hope to have.

If it's just a book that you can pick and choose things from and say well I'm gonna treat this like the buffet at Luby's in our little Jell-O, maybe a little meat. Now I know what the Green Bay's believe that they are you not knowing anything about homosexuality.

That's just mean. This is what you get.

You don't as a human being have the right or the ability to pick and choose what is true from the word of God, but unfortunately this is where we are. I want to pick out some of the details here. This is by the Christian post-that after I tell you that you're probably feeling fulfilled bid in despair, like I am, but it says while most millennial's view, Jesus in the Bible is at least a little positive. Nearly 1/3 also identifies LGBT 75% of them admit to searching for a purpose in life.

A sense of purpose in life, but they they think a little bit positively of Jesus is that what Jesus demands of us understand that he who is not against me.

As for me, I understand what he's talking about in the word of God. But I also understand that being a Christian does not mean I feel a little bit positive about Jesus. Now, the world hated him. And if you follow him. And if you deny yourself and take up your cross and follow him. You are choosing innocence. If you want to use the word choosing and believing in Jesus and following him in obedience. You are in a life that will be costly. You will have trials, you will have suffering, you will have me out the hatred of a lot of people simply because you're Christian is simply because you are attached to the Lord Jesus Christ and he is your Lord not this world because you are not a part of the world system, but you are part of the kingdom of light rather than the kingdom of darkness.

The world will hate you because it hates him.

Now following Jesus is a costly thing.

I don't care where you live, and even if you live in a country that has a lot of cultural Christianity all around it. You know the difference. If you really are following Christ between cultural Christians and real ones. At least I've noticed the difference and I know every Christian I know his notice the difference.

It is one thing to say. Yes I believe in God. Yes, I believe that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. You can recite the platitudes. You can talk about the doctrines you can go through all of the creeds and say I agree with the apostles Creed or agree with the Nicene Creed or I will agree with the Athanasian Creed or I agree with this statement of faith that comes from my denomination. That doesn't mean you're Christian, even the demons believe and shutter. That's what Scripture says, my concern is whether or not people who are positive, at least to a little extent about Christianity are really saved. That's not up to me that that is up to the Lord, but it is up to me and it is up to you to accurately and truthfully tell people what the gospel of Jesus Christ is it's good news that comes as good news because there's bad news and the bad news is that we are born in San we are born in rebellion against our creator.

We are dead in our sins, we are lost we are in darkness. And God whom we've offended who would give us hell because we deserve it because justice must be served and those who break God's law need to pay an eternal price himself sent down his only begotten son to pay that eternal price. I like the way Martin Lloyd joint Jones used to put it when he said you know eat the way you get out of punishment for your sent is going to be either a finite person has to pay an eternal price or you have to have an eternal person paying a finite price for your sent so you is a finite human being who will die because the wages of sin is death, you will pay forever in hell.

If you want to pay the price for your own sent. I don't think anybody who really understands the severity of that would want to do that. But the good news is that Jesus, the eternal son of God paid a finite price on Calvary and he did the same thing for you that you would do if you had to go to hell and pay the price for your own sent but the joy of being a Christian. The joy of knowing your sins are forgiven that you've been washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ that you have inherited eternal life. All because of the grace of a God you've offended. It's the best news you'll ever ever ever ever here and these millennial's in these generation Z types need to hear that good news to break free from the power of sin because Jesus has broken the power sent praise God were to come back. Stay with us. This is Janet Matt for her to provide a link international authorities in China are making life difficult for Christians. It's against the law to share Christ with children under age 18. We cannot preach to children under 18, that is practice in law when parents bring to the church when you can teach them English and then you can send the gift of gospel to them is great joy. Believers are teaching English to young people using the Bible league program that uses God's word is the source of the reading assignments, and many are coming to embrace Jesus as Lord and Savior and sharing him with their families peace joined by billing and sending God's word to Bible as believers in China and around the world for only five dollars per Bible $50 sends 10 $500 sends 100 call now 800 yes word 800 YDS WO RD where there's a finally manner to click Thank you for your mother's womb has now become the un-Safest Pl. in America with abortion being a leading cause of death and babies being aborted up to term. In some states I was afraid I was gay. I know what to do every byline we have a wish pre-born is the largest provider of three ultrasounds in the country, helping moms choose life. You see, when a mom in crisis sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat she's 80% more likely to choose life for her baby. Kneeling, he hired me and I was like wow, something like living inside of me is a beautiful thing Nikki would you join with pre-born and Janet met for today and help save 400 babies by the end of this year for $140 you can sponsor five ultrasounds and now through match your tax-deductible gift is doubled saving 10 babies lives to donate, dial 855402 Beatty that's 855-402-2229 or there's a banner to click Janet met you're listening to Joe in move to what a back while abortion is going to take center stage soon before the US Supreme Court.

The justices will consider a case over a Mississippi law banning elective abortions after 15 weeks that pro-lifers are excited about because they think it could lead to a reconsideration of Roe V Wade, and there also challenges coming over the Texas heartbeat act, which bans abortions after six weeks gestation. This is in B.

Anthony list is now launching new efforts to urge the High Court to update US abortion law and here to weigh in with us today is Prudence Robertson communications associate at the Susan B.

Anthony list and Prudence thanks so much for joining us are happening on well it's great to have you here.

I know a lot of people still might not realize the importance of these cases that are about to become come before the court is a little bit first about what is coming concerning the Texas heartbeat act which is been in the news so much recently only glad to know the court heard argument to oral argument and paid concerning the accident you on the very girl on day mattered whether or not it can avoid judicial review nuclear armament that I that it been mocked him for that law that meet hi Rober way, it does not allow for limit on abortion before viability, they went about half and applied a very unique way and made it so that private that have been that the state bring hate to to the court challenge as opposed to bringing the case before the court felt they considered whether or not that can avoid judicial review and that way and they also considered whether or not Joe Biden, Department of Jeff that he can injunction to enjoin or the law.

Whether or not an overreach of power and we would say that it had the majority impact. Then believe in that law.

I read them pulling back the accident including Latinos when an independent support heartbeat limit on abortion and really the president laid out Rober way is unconstitutional because it denied faith outright.

The pop on abortion whenever there there. People believe that it should be the back of the Aiken attack heartbeat act and we hope that the court will uphold it but again it by it that the. The question they asked earlier this week a pre-Cathedral on and were expecting another case of any day. Very good. Well, when you're talking about the DOJ. That's an interesting angle here because it's been reported that there are people saying it's indefensible to bring a federal case to stop private citizens from suing each other in state court. What is your sense of things, from a legal perspective. How do you think that might come down because it does seem a little bizarre that the DOJ thinks it can intervene here will write a complete overreach of power and pride, but unfortunately because we know that Joe Biden and the most extreme pro-abortion administration I've ever seen.

But there standing on very shaky legal ground here because Jeff that a federal body can come into it date and you know.

A lot argument hot by the legislature and really by the people speaking through their duly elected Peter really does not unbuckle a lot of way event.

It denied our founding principles.

You know better lives on and off your feet date should be able to pass laws reflective of the will of their people so were hopeful that the court will rule in favor of the date on the issue and deny on it.

Extreme pro-abortion Department of Jeff that to intervene. Yeah, I agree completely with you it's it's interesting because a lot of people who said have said that Roe V Wade because it legalized abortion, nationwide, and they have actually had precedent blocking states from banning abortion before baby is viable that that should be a reason to overturn the Texas heartbeat act, but it sounds and and from what you're saying that the justices are just focusing on the enforcement mechanism of this law so it's a very narrow it would seem a narrow sort of case where in there and I can get into the broader issues which might disappoint some pro-lifers, but how should we really be seeing this, we should we be seen.

This is a good thing. I think that we need are all on. I mean I'm not looking in on the oral argument at all, but it didn't mention abortion one or not getting into the nitty-gritty of the of that law.

And they're not really interacting. The key question for pro-lifers that come later on. On December 1 when they can better the dog late-term abortion that that the lot… Going to address the question of whether or not we viability limit on abortion or constitutional right now. There really addressing the procedural issues and it doesn't really have to do with the controversial affect on of of abortion which must drive the pro-abortion crowd nuts because they would really like to get rid of the Texas heartbeat act, but for pretty weeks is a pretty clever approach to stopping abortion and there has been an incredible here I am in Texas and I supported 100%, obviously, but I mean it is stopped. Lots and lots of abortion.

So far, and people are rejoicing down here over that were delighted true. I mean really already knew what modern family on you know you're right law. I think 15% abortion when the state had been stop this law.

I think I think about right on and impacted by the $100 million per year. Alternative abortion program that was hacked by the eight and it really just so wonderful that lead with a lot been born in accident block to protect babies and no other really looking for tax that you go on offense for the unborn and not be of great to and after radical pro abortion leaders in Washington and make sure they know their right legislator lot and we are here in the not that's excellent. Now you could mention the Dobbs case, the Dobbs case will segue to that out of Mississippi. This is gonna be a huge case it's looking into the question of whether pre-viability limits on abortion beginning at 15 weeks of pregnancy are constitutional. One of the key things that are going to be part of this case that are important to watch absolutely about to run down a little bit about the law in question that means that they smell and act in the limit on abortion and in week and we know from polling on that headband for year of the time that a majority of Americans support a limit on abortion, but at that it can be very late to have an abortion.

And we know based on advanced that the technology and client that it is undeniable that the baby is growing in the Weimar human they are and they already you can be the ultrasound that they already look like a little perk that may have angered and code that I lead bait can coffin me on and they feel pain when undergoing an abortion and Americans were Jack that group them procedure that doing baby it can feel pain and another thing to point out and another thing that I know that the Mississippi Atty. Gen. went will be arguing before the court that the United States is a global outlier when it comes to abortion policy recent study from our research Institute, the Charlotte loader Institute show the 4750 European nation a limit abortion 15 weeks or earlier. Just like that the law and United States and one in five and nation worldwide that allow for abortion up to the moment of birth is really just so extreme and when people under and the reality of abortion law in our nation there. Jack and not quite time the lot be updated as well. That's very, very true and and the fact that these little children in the womb can feel pain is unconscionable. What kind of country are we there were allowing this to go on Mississippi on solid legal ground with this law, because Prince a lot of people are confused why thought Roe V Wade bands all ability for states to to a but you know abolish abortion in these sorts of other lot.

There's a lot of misconceptions. I think floating around about the legality of this and the legality of that. Why is it that the Mississippi law is on solid legal ground short 100 and that Rober waited that allow for abortion on demand moment of now without reading it closely on Herbert Robert Wade who stop abortion on pre-viability and they believe that viability limit abortion, but not for Kate because Rober weighed together with the over all on they thickly lay out that long. You can find an abortion was willing to fight a so-called hollow exception to perform an abortion later and pregnancy. You can get out abortion is so extreme and most people don't understand the legal intricacies of those who came together but by the 50 law accurately.

At that point is not being constitutional by broker weight. However, we know that Rober waited was founded completely and democratically by seven unelected man on the Supreme Court at the time, and they develop that so-called right to privacy that includes abortion so we know that the law should be able to stand because Rober waited. The overcurrent good deal no way to make make sense completely.

Yes, I'm glad that you cleared that up to tell us a little bit about what the Susan B. Anthony list is doing right now with some of your efforts regarding abortion laws. Scotus can bring us up to speed abed absolutely well.definitely the most important thing right now but we you know are were actually active right now and I believe they were already on the ground visiting voter thinking them about the dog.

And about current abortion monarch country were hearing from him that they also believe it time to update the law and were making sure that they understand the importance of this case in the context of the midterm elections next year, when infinity up the van to a lack candidate who are going to and for pro-life lot and stand up for pro-life Americans who believe that the law should be updated where it really looking forward to oral argument and a decision coming down in June on the top were very helpful are going to take the handcuffs off the legislator and allow them to pack pro-life lot reflective of the will of their people and is going to be up to the voter to elect who understand they have a mandate afterlife log accelerant know what were so glad you doing at SBA – is the website Prudence Robertson. Thank you so much for the update.

Keep up the good work Prudence. Thanks for being here.

You're listening to Janet this archived broadcast of Janet today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to River to the here's your host Joe Milford. We have long lamented these alarming statistics about the younger generation of Americans who have grown up in the church, but then walked away from it and Christianity altogether when they became adults now instead of Christians. They are known as nuns and oh NES, and though we often ask what the church should have done about it or can do in the future to try to arrest the attrition made.

The question really ought to be.

What should parents be doing in their children's lives to ground them in their faith in Jesus Christ all along the way were to talk about it now with author Mike D Virgilio who is out with a new book called the persuasive Christian parents and welcome Mike. It's wonderful to have you with us. How are you really know you bet were glad you're here.

What you believe we are seeing so much attrition from the church among kids who were raised in the church. It is a bit of a crisis. A lot of people are very concerned about it. What you think is going on with this generation or or multiple generations of younger kids? All already agreed on, but we live in a secular culture hospital put everything and redevelop the bucket because I wanted to curb ammunition to try to jump secular assault that it's not fairly older than your face assault. It's just their underlying goal to teachers stamps for assumptions all hopped right this is yeah do you think that this is primarily the church's fault that they are leaving or do you believe it's more the parents fault or do you believe it's the culture's fault.

How do you assess what is causing this greater loss of kids as they age out of the church because that is not something that has been a trend at least one a lot of us were young we grow up as Christians we stayed Christians that's kind of how it was most for most of us what why is this generation different with the cost of a hostile culture are you assessing the situation as the culture is grabbing hold of them more than the church is or what you think is really the reason that were seen more of it now. What happened all but we live in a time where we can't take for granted anymore due to culture affirmed anything about, so if you're not active beside our children in an apologetic Bible really is an error to book an apologetic parent. So The thing we not assume the quality and a lot of parents will surrender to talk to somebody school all day no church meetings or whatever and think about going to do it your Christianity taught the gospel and then but that's not enough, and I think one of the reasons that people young and old, is because I have a chapter in the book on plausibility and what is real for people and the culture of the possibility structured the culture will affect what we think is real and so I just like the young lady that I talked about Michael. The inspiration for she grew up in a great solid Christian home and then she went off to college and she was involved. Bible study in older and was the model moment where she could. What I she wanted something that didn't seem real Christianity no longer his whole agnostic worldview. All the professors you know what most people are looking at all the no no plausibility of what the culture dog and a great example of what you would like TV shows and they go through everything. I might go to, and God is persona non grata right Christianity bad dog very relevant. Wow. So really what what their conclusion is is that since everything around me seems to conclude that God is irrelevant and God isn't needed and if you can be nice and moral and a good person without him. Why do you need him.

Isn't that an epistemological problem, though, you know, understanding Christianity is if it doesn't work for me or if it's not needed to work for me to make my life better than why should I be interested in. It seems the premise there is completely flawed out I might have known her book up there with the chapter on the idea of what could we know how do we know it. Can we know and the Jewish historical question, but got no really what it comes down to, and the chapter on culture and a lot of times you hear people complaining about this issue is growing up will be out running away from the fate of the culture as an I turn it on because to me the culture as our kids best because when you learn what current FY called the quicker remote control. You have to be the master of your house and they can't get to keep their older tickets will be partial without stopping and interrogating them yes or yes so all so we so put that I like, and secularism to the Berlin wall in a while without those with old equipment when writing the dirt down Gorbachev you like it was a week. The look. So the people that need Christianity to go off in their flailing around all rights well but people aren't thinking that's part of the problem. I can know this to that that people are not big critical thinkers.

A lot of people not question askers.

They don't want to really challenge the assumptions of the culture that is getting on them every single day, in every single way. But the question to before you can ever pass on the faith once delivered for all to the saints on to your kids.

You have to be a certain kind of Christian yourself and your letter Christian parents talking about that, you've gotta be saved. You've got to be committed to the Lord, you have to be committed to his word and you have to be committed to discipling your kids how much of this problem involves the kinds of Christians that parents are not trying to attack parents obviously because of their a lot of things that that feed into the problem of passing along the faith to your kids, whether it's busyness. Or I feel inadequate or all those excuses we hear, but do you think really comes down to you can't disciple your kids and ground them in the faith. If you are not an and maybe it needs to beginning your life as a mom or dad if you're not up to the task and mentor apply. The title of the book, God's provision for building and your children are treated you and your gun good if you don't own it and I've heard of them failed to what you what you're selling. Can't really caught caught and coarse boat but the point here is that if you're not sold out to Jesus thing about your life than what should appear to what why should they give their life the most important people in your life.

The hobby of Google's order will think I like your hair.

Well short of the Bible is very clear. I can't argue in the book, so sociology that the most important, childlike, growing up what they believe is a doctor there in adult because the body very clear that they use generational and God hold to account what you told money and everything else in life as children.

For that reason tells me when you bring up the church is another company called uncle blank is that the church is not on the orchestra.

Why evangelical church and the intellectual historical great awakening second great awakening actually want. But most pastors don't talk about the question. The cultural I think every cost you should preach to some extent like what you were to take a break, Mike D Virgilio is with us. The persuasive Christian parent is his book will come back talking about this very important subject. When we return to listening to Jennifer today. The UN has called what's happening in Lebanon. The worst humanitarian crisis since World War II covered 19 political upheaval, a crumbling economy and 2 million refugees, children and their families living in poverty and despair. But in the middle of it all, God is at work, more Muslim cultured people than ever before are putting their faith and trust in Jesus and through your generous support. Hard for Lebanon is being used to bring these hurting people from despair to hope a single gift of $116 helps bring a child in their family survival essentials and the hope of the gospel which lasts forever. $348 cares for this family for an entire year. We have a goal to take over 50 families of a waiting list that desperately need our help. So were hoping you'll be as generous as you can when you call 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there's a hard for Lebanon

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Boy it is an overwhelming task at times, and I think there is no Christian parent on earth who wants anything more than the salvation and deep discipleship of his or her children. Such an important subject addressed in this book by Mike D Virgilio is our guest. The persuasive Christian parent get down to brass tacks here Mike if we could because there are many, yet there are many parents who are looking at the task and saying I know what I need to do. But even if I do everything correctly. My child still may wander away from the Lord, and that frustrates me because I know ultimately it is up to him whether or not my children stay in the faith, or ever were, you know real Christians to begin with. But how would you advise young parents with young children starting out and saying I want to get this right from the very beginning.

What do you advise me to do what you think is a good way to begin the discipleship journey with my kids wanted right start of you children I want in a book. I put a disclaimer if you will, because I got likable and currently we can't control anything, and we can guarantee you we have a hard time controlling ourselves told so what you do it right you have to be fully invested what started thinking about the book I like Mike or Chuck called out because the deacon bird ecology conversion.

But when the job interview conversion there will anywhere in the matter. She just didn't seem real, but there was nothing in there about she just a blockage about about and so on so forth. So Chuck was at all about them and I think that fundamental in the 21st century.

Like I told Mike and told their young adult.

What if it ain't true. I do want to know right but I don't want to help my marriage and personal life or personal. Whatever is true or not true right answer question about light got fundamental constantly address my son. What awaited you with your Florida international University P went there and came back but if it okay Dominic on why you believe that's true of backups of evidence for this position on the installer like don't go there. He laughs at the whole secularist resumption of it all week so I think I fundamental that I just more know most pastors preach that no current were not if you're not like I'm here to learn right so now you say you've got small children and that's that's your starting point. I want to teach my children that God's word is true that the gospel is true that Jesus Christ is who he said he was that he is crucified and risen from the dead, and he will return in glory one day all of those things are true which you advise young parents, then to do just kind of a basic catechesis on the essentials of the Christian faith, backed up by Bible reading Bible teaching what all needs to go into that to drive that point home especially at a young age because you gotta keep it simple.

At that age. Obviously, I I I'm terrible organ of the billboards in our being intentional and I hate that word, and I'm sorry that I hate that word. It's so overused is such a buzz term and it implies that nobody intends to do anything unless they say it's intentional makes me nuts regarding our director and I would not very good and not like, one Christian, and I was writing the book and I have a chapter there will never know my family when I was writing that chapter you know what to look at all. Yes, it would you be a prophet about 12.

You know what they learn the old underlying God solve empowered control alt I taught it all the time. Wait your question specifically, at the very very important question and I don't think it gone necessarily by 5 to 10 steps to this or that, but okay.

So every morning when I pray I think God is always hard to believe in people so I'm so grateful that he is revealed himself to us in creation in Scripture. Literally thank you God. Hard to believe but I look outside my Bully this whole thing is gorgeous because the material I call lucky jerk of the key to the extent of who we are and so Romans 120 always very quality of God is eternal power and divine nature.

You wanted to make the stress so I talked about the design and use it like three shares of the frame. My like it at all. A look at an orange all look for my daughter just grew out of the ground up dirt. It can help you live great chance adult because there's only one thing that explains created all powerful creator in the beauty of a joke of the gods played on that as you learn more more more we realize way too complex to the product itself course. That's all project.

Now what practical yet. It's kind of funny because you jog my memory. One of the things I say to my kids a lot is all I'll give some example in nature. Isn't it interesting that of all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. There are foods that are available in nature on trees, and so forth that will provide exactly what your body needs to live and to be healthy. I said it's as if somebody designed it that way.

So I started the same thing. It's true that you know that's right right that's right you know that for me. You want to do is establish the like, you could know will be coming that no, no, I do. Yes, what this ghostly program like this is exactly what you are bringing up earlier when we were talking about this, that if you are for example the that the this story that he told about being on the TV show Sina when the TV comes on and there's some silly thing on on TV about secularism and you challenge and you interact with your kids interaction is so important because you're right.

As time goes along.

They remember the little pithy line that you used or they remember the interaction or they were.

They learn to question things that goes along way it is. You know, and also of course you're backing that up by making sure they know the word of God, and they learn the word of God at the same time, but what direction I think is very helpful because it shows it for lack of a better term, it shows kids. Christianity is not a dull religion that is just stuffy and old-fashioned – nobody today believes it's exciting.

It's relevant and it also happens to be true. And that's the fundamental part but I think that's really an important part of this whole thing and I'm glad you're emphasizing that note would be great to get an agreement. I British who made it to Wembley Stadium and I was sitting in my office in his room. Okay, check it out and the guy without what was it like Wembley okay.

Nothing but the living God to give it to her daughter. Todd wrote him last week. My wife and I watched them show this person got money out of nowhere.

Utterly secular life has no you know where the person but we can God for everything.

I left what you are giving your meaning that like that so good in the name of the book is the persuasive Christian parent by my guess Mike Duke D Virgilio so good to talk to Mike Leger here.

Keep up the good work with your kids and and thank you for the management you bet. Take care God bless you for joining us here in Janet met for today. Always a pleasure to serve you and hope you can tune in with us again next


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