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Ron Rhodes (90 Days Through the New Testament)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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October 29, 2021 4:30 am

Ron Rhodes (90 Days Through the New Testament)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 29, 2021 4:30 am

What are the major themes of the New Testament? How does each book fit with the others, and what are the practical applications for everyday life? Dr. Ron Rhodes from Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries joins Janet to talk about it as we explore his book, “90 Days Through the New Testament in Chronological order.” That and more on Friday’s JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever, now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to, our confidence is in Christ alone, I saw you know Bible study. It is one of the most important duties that I would say privileges that we have is literate.

20 questions. The only problem is that it is often neglected and even when we do dive into Scripture. It can be daunting to try to derive all the meaning in the big themes that are in the passages and the particular books of the Bible that we read my next guest is put together a really great book in particular to help us study the New Testament in chronological order. Dr. Ron Rhodes is president of reasoning from the Scriptures ministries and working to get some Bible study help today from him. As we talk about his book 90 days through the New Testament and it's wonderful to have you here, Dr. Rhodes, how are you so much.

It's always good to be with you. Thank you so much. Not you have written as many people will know you've written a lot of helpful books and a lot of different topical issues, biblical issues, why put together a New Testament study like this in chronological order. What is the importance of this which is a great question. I really feel like were in trouble in this nation a spiritual crisis like never before.

I think our moral compass is no longer pointing north.

I think that a lot of Christians attend church or off track and fill what I wanted to do with the kind of switch by attention for a few seasons to Bible study type books to draw people back into the Scriptures because I really feel that the answer to our spiritual woes is found in the Bible and I think that in many ways. One of the reasons why we've gotten off track is that the form of Christianity.

So many people follow today is influenced by either worldly things or maybe culture and you know it's it's back to the Bible for me. Hey man I just feel like it's the missing color in the Christian rainbow today.

We just need to return to the Scriptures and you know there's a strong parallel Janet between your love for the Bible and your love for Christ and you know when I look at Christians today.

I'm not seeing the kind of love for Christ that ought to be there and I think that one of the reasons for that is that people falling away from the Scriptures because the Bible is a Jesus book's so I wrote this book on the New Testament, just as one of a number of books that I've written to draw people in the Scriptures, but to make it easy to do it and you really have done and I'm really glad to hear what you just said because I couldn't agree more with you. I think that there is a lot of assumption out there that if you are a Christian if you're coming to church every week and if you're worshiping going to Sunday school, you will know the Bible and you'll especially know the New Testament because it's all about Jesus.

But really the biblical literacy or I should say illiteracy rates that we seen sent from some of these polls indicate we are in dire trouble. What we are in dire trouble and I think that one of the reasons why even Christians have sort of a compromising attitude on a lot of moral issues may not be because when necessarily want to compromise but maybe they don't really know what the Bible teaches and I note from my perspective, you know, not just the New Testament but the Old Testament one of the things is always such a tendency among God's people is that they get into the routine of religion. They go through the motions and one of things you see God telling us people over and over again in the Bible is I don't want your routine. I don't want you going through the motions. I want a real relationship. I want a relationship with you. Hear what I say, where you learn what I teach and were you old obey me or you follow me, and I think we've gotten away from that, I think there's a lot of Christians were in the routine of religion, but I think that we have fallen away from what God really wants is of a synopsis of this close relationship in this love for the word of God's. And I think is so self-defeating we fall away from that Janet because you nor the things of Psalm 119 tells us is that the Bible can revive our souls. If you want a revival of personal revival in your heart.

It starts with your including yourself upon the word of God, just confusing yourself with the word of God and what you do that you start to see spiritual changes in your life.

Absolutely. What would you say to those who perhaps are new believers who really have never sat down and read the entire New Testament about the reason you can trust this book, the Bible in general but as were talking about the New Testament.

What is it about these 27 books that we can say unequivocally are this.

This is the very word of God will a lot of things I could say but I think I'm to begin with the fact that this is not mythology. It's not religion, but rather everything in the Bible is inspired by God and what that means is, it doesn't mean that like it's inspirational to read and I visited the liberal church in Houston Texas and the main pastor told me that the Bible is inspired in the sense that it's inspiring to read like Shakespeare is oh that is so wrong. Shakespeare was a man-made document, but the Bible is inspired in the sense it's breathed out by God. That's what the word means. And so to the extent that you are God's word you are honoring God himself, because God's word comes from God himself is not based on legend or myth, but it's based on eyewitness testimony and not only that, but when you look at how Jesus and the apostles Creed of the Bible. They treated it as having supreme authority in their lives. It just wasn't another book that you go into a store and buy the rather it was the supreme revelation of God. And when you look at how Jesus used the Bible versus how many modern Christians use it. I think there's a pretty big difference between the two. So I think that we've got to recover that sense of all that sense of devotion to God's word. I have to tell you Janet, I think I know one of the reasons why so many people are having problems here and that is because the Bible is being attacked left and right.

So yes, in the media and not only is it being attacked in terms of being untrustworthy of the document. We've also got so many people attacking the ethics of the Bible like it's the universe for forgone era it's no longer relevant for today that model works. Back in the first century, but is no longer relevant for today. I think that times may have changed but humanity still has the same basic issues and that basic issues basically is rooted in the fact that we've all fallen away from God. The Bible calls it sin. But you know we need to recognize the God's word is true for all people for all ages. Some of this relativism stuff that you see in the book of Judges know what he did what was right in their own lives is a terrific point and you think of the different passages in Scripture. For example, where where it talks about the, the word of God be living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and you see about taking up the sword of the Spirit in Ephesians 6 this is the one thing we can use on the offense and I think in less we in many respects change our view of how we should read the Bible, we will continue to be in trouble because as you mentioned before, when you know we do have this problem with Christians. Even today, being deceived into thinking that the Bible is merely an inspirational book. It'll make me feel good. I just I flipped to the verse and God will just lead me to one verse, and it just makes me really really happy and then I can go about my day and everything is great.

I think the times that are upon us right now are quickly showing us how that approach to Scripture is not going to sustain us will know it's not you know I did a little bit of study on starvation. One time I was through some work on that and aside from damage to multiple body organs.

There is weakness and loss of vitality is a very low energy.

There is stunted growth. All those things are part and parcel of starvation today.

I think that people are experiencing spiritual starvation and you can see it in their lives, their spiritual weakness and there's a spiritual loss of vitality they've experienced the stunted spiritual growth and the solution to the problem is to feast not just feed upon. But to feast upon the word of God, and that's one of the reasons I rode 90 days to the New Testament because I'm teaching you how to feast.

In fact, you know, if you look at the cover of the book you see some fish and bread and others by design. Yes, Chris is one of the parables of Jesus and Saul talks about how Jesus fed 5000 people with, you know, with just a couple efficient Somoza bread but really we can feast upon the word of God and to the extent that we feast upon the word of God no longer do we have a loss of spiritual vitality and no longer do we have that spiritual weakness is especially for those new Christians are listening. I hope you take this seriously, you know, there are so many Christians out there who soul or spirit is kind of like a desert wasteland and the reason for that is that there are no longer plugged into the word of God and so I say come back to the Bible come alive. I love that will do it when we come back. Dr. Ron Rhodes 90 days to the New Testament will kick it off.

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Esther was subjected to practices not taught in the Bible. One is arranged marriage where a woman is forced to marry someone she doesn't know the other is female circumcision done out of superstitious belief with no known health benefits. Esther lived with bitter unforgiveness until it finally volunteer introduced her to Jesus.

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We are so excited that he is here to help us really feast on Scripture as you were saying before we went to the break doctorates in Christ is the word. It isn't just diving into the word as a bunch of words on a page but Christ is the word is John teaches in chapter 1 of the gospel of John.

He is the bread of life upon which we can feast and this really is. As you said the Jesus book and when we begin to study the New Testament.

Obviously, it's all about Jesus. We start in chronological order going through those Gospels. But what is the purpose first of all, people will look at the Gospels and say while these genealogies, Dr. Rhodes, why does God make us what we kinda go through all these different names of people who preceded Jesus when we should just be able to dive right into it. At least the real Matthew and Luke for sure about why the genealogies quote for one thing, the genealogies points to the reality of the incarnation, which is one of the most important events of human history and maybe some new listeners who don't even know what the word incarnation means. And so what I mean by that is that Jesus actually stepped out of eternity as God and became a human being and there was a moment in time in which the Holy Spirit came upon Mary, who was the mother of Jesus did a divine miracle.

He created a human nature within Mary's womb. And Jesus, the second person of the Trinity stepped into that womb, and became united with humanity forever. And so when were talking about the genealogies in the world.

Looking at the different purposes in the genealogies taught just as an example in Matthew Matthews is the gospel that really focuses on convincing Jewish people that the Jesus truly is the divine Messiah and if you were a Jew living back in the first century. There's two questions that would come up in your mind about the thought claim to be the Messiah. Number one. Are you related to Abraham number two.

Are you related to David you gotta be related to both of those because she got the David covenant back in second Samuel seven and you copy your Abraham a covenant in Genesis 12 in the Messiah had to be a descendent from both of those than Abraham right for us. Really, what the Matthews genealogies does it traces the Joseph line of descendents and it traces that legal throne all the way back to the throne of David and you know this is not something this just an Old Testament doctrine.

You know that the Christ is the one who reigns on the throne of David, just is like a thread that goes all through the Bible, even into the future millennial kingdom.

And I know the different Christians have different views on that, but suffice it to say it's an important doctrine when you get to Luke's gospel. There are some differences but the differences are designed to show a different emphasis. Luke's genealogy traces Mary's lineage all the way back to the time of the commencement of the human race, thereby proving his humanity. Now Janet isn't in the important thing is Orthodox to say that Jesus is God, but another requirement for orthodoxy is to recognize that Jesus was a man right. He became a man, and when you think about that doesn't make good sense I might put it this way your good person. Janet you never get in trouble if you're back in biblical times, and you got in trouble and you got thrown in jail, it would be the job of the kinsman redeemer somebody related to you by blood to come and bail you out of jail will listen you and I are falling in sin. That's what the New Testament teaches us were falling for him.

Jesus is our kinsman redeemer. He is the one who comes to bias and to set us free from our bondage, but he had to become related to us by blood for that to happen. That's the necessity of the incarnation. Jesus became a man in order to redeem us out of the slave market of sin and Satan.

And so we talk about the genealogies not just some kind of a boring doctrine but rather it's the doctrine that this is absolutely central to the Christ coming to earth in order to rescue us for sure. And this is something that you really when you have that background and you understand the significance and the importance of the genealogies, then you understand more and more why God put that right there in the Gospels. So when we jump to their different passages. Obviously we jump to the whole New Testament.

But when we jumped to John chapter 3, for example, that you concentrate in a portion of the book on John chapter 3. Such a significant passage which talks about the new birth. Nicodemus and so forth. This is one of the major themes in this passage about the new birth, but a lot of people will boil down the discussion about being born again to just a feeling within your soul and you see this in some as some of these polls that come out in are you bored again and we really delve into some of the answers.

I am not so sure everybody who thinks they're born again are really are born again because they're not really understanding what Jesus meant what did Jesus mean you need to become born again without so important because the truth Janet also heard that phrase born again use a lot of Hollywood movies. Yes you know any Hollywood movie say born again in the sense of maybe getting a new grip on life. You may be somehow reforming your life so that things get better and that's not the case in John chapter 3 and I get to keep in mind that Jesus is actually talking to a Jewish leader, and I think that Nicodemus was actually strolling within his soul because he had heard Jesus speak. I think that the spirit was bearing witness to the truth of what Jesus spoke to Nicodemus and I think that he wanted to know more and that's one of the reasons why the text tells us that Nicholas Nicodemus came back to Jesus by night.

He wanted to find out more about all of this stuff and then Jesus is one of the most amazing things. He tells him that he must be born again. That phrase literally from the Greek can be translated born from above.

It's a spiritual birth, it refers to the act of God, by which he gives eternal life to the one who believes in Christ and at that moment your your infused in the think the eternal family of God that. Here's why this is so necessary. Janet, you got a lot of false religions out there in the world and you got a lot of cults out there and all of those cults and false religions are vying for men's minds today and in our country, we've got just tons of false religions and cults. They here's the issue.

All of those false religions and cults basically try to take bad men and make them better by ethics be a better person by ethics.

Jesus doesn't do that. Jesus comes on the scene and he wants to take dead men and may come alive to see were all dead in sin and because were dead in sin. We need to be born from above, we need to be born again, and that's what it's talking about in John chapter 3 in the moment that you are born again you got this brand-new capacity. It's a spiritual capacity and is a capacity through which you can relate to God you can understand God formerly spiritual things didn't make much sense to you. The worldly person who doesn't have the spirit of God within him, and he can hear somebody preach a sermon and think it's just nonsense. And a lot of the world of that way. But once you become born again you got this new spiritual nature.

And then the Holy Spirit starts to work within your heart so that you can understand the things of God from the Bible and at that moment, the growth process begins.

And so even when you're just born again at a moment in time there is a process that begins at that moment throughout the rest of your life where you begin to take on the family likeness's.

In other words, you become more like Christ.

And so it it's a wonderful thing to see. I know that I became born again after years of attending a church thinking that I was a Christian because I went to church and of all places, Janet. I met Jesus in Hollywood. Wow people as can anything good come as well. I became a believer and so it is just funny the way that God can work in the after God made me alive spiritually. That's when I decided to dump Hollywood not wanted in a seminarian been involved in ministry ever since and have a look back so neat and were so grateful that God did that in your life but you also made a really good point in explaining what born again, born from above is all about.

Because when you look at other religions other cults and sometimes unfortunately is some pockets of Christianity, where there is confusion raining when you are man reaching up to God. You will never be able to make yourself born from about that is something you cannot achieve salvation is of the Lord.

So is this not also something that really comes out in Scripture again and again and again that God acts upon us by his Holy Spirit, through faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He changes us and we come to him. We cannot earn our way to him. It is all from him that's exactly where I used to be.

That's where I got it wrong.

I had attended a church. It was actually a liberal church and this church had taught that we just need to do good things and not only do we need to do good things as individuals but as a group we need to do good things and try to reform society and make society better.

And if you do that you know you might experience some sensation of heaven on earth. You might experience what they call the second coming to them. The second coming is when you find God in your heart.

Allow such a complete redefinition of things, but I thought I needed to do good things and once I started to understand the true gospel I saw the even when I tried to do good things that I was still fallen and I also began to read passages like Romans seven were the apostle Paul was talking and you know the apostle Paul is about as good a God as you can get right yes but he said you know the thing that I want to do.

I don't do the things I know I shouldn't do. I do and I felt like that was a perfect description of me me to, I began to see very clearly that the hall couldn't you know bring himself to salvation in his own strength.

I mean nobody can. And so you're right it is. It's an act of God, where he supernaturally enlivens you. That's what being born-again is in the work of the spirit. The work of the spirit involves also preparing your heart and I think that God prepared my heart by making me disillusioned and when I was in Hollywood pursuing a Hollywood career is doing all those TV shows out there like the Tonight Show and some other shows, but I was so disillusioned because I was seeing that all these rich famous people that just didn't have anything together and my definition of success was wrong and I finally in my disillusionment was open to the things of God and I met up with some other Christians there and that understand the teaching of incredible what were to get another break will come back. Dr. Ron rose 90 days through the New Testament. Stay with us and this archived broadcast of Janet met today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe Mefford Dr. Ron registering me this hour talking about the new Testaments.

We should all know the new Testaments.

And yet if were really honest. There are a lot of us who have never really sat down and read it all the way through and this is a fantastic resource for you if you've never done that to dig into the major themes of the Bible to see all of the overviews of Scripture to apply it to your life it we were talking a little bit about your coming to Christ doctorates before we went to the break when we look at the New Testament we see the absolute uniqueness of Jesus. And yet, as we are talking about. John three. The need to be born again to be born from above you think of the sermon on the mount. This is another in a very major section of Scripture for sure. Matthew five through seven. A lot of people today will look at that section of Scripture and say this is Jesus, the social justice warrior. He's telling us how to be moral and Bobby say there's a lot in there about how we how we should treat one another, but what you say is the overarching idea behind the sermon on the Mount, what is Jesus really teaching at root, how should we understand the sermon on the mount that look like well I understand that any fancy theories on this know about a doctorate in theology.

So if I've heard a lot of lectures on this as well. Can I be honest yes I think there's an awful lot of people that make this so much more complex than it needs to be yeah I really do and to me it just by the very way that Jesus begins the sermon on the mount with the Beatitudes. I think the Jesus throughout this book is is not necessarily focusing primarily on social justice even though social justice may end up coming to pass.

I think first and foremost, Jesus was talking about how to have a happy spiritual life is full of the abundant life you know Jesus is our creator in Colossians 116 John 13 Jesus created everything that there is this. I know that we often talk about God as the creator, but in the Bible does say Jesus was the agent of creation and I believe that the Bible is kind of like his Manufacturers handbook and since he created as he knows how we work best. He knows I will be at our most fulfilled. He knows what to bring us the most pleasure. He knows what's going to bring us the most misery. So he tells us the kind of life for finding true happiness in life and so he basically comes down saying happy are those who are humble and patient who yearned for righteousness who are merciful to other people who are pure in heart, who are paid peacemakers in a world of hostility and that you know what a contrast. This is the modern formulas for happiness, and I'm talking of course about the self-help books that you can find in any bookstore you can find about 10 linear feet of self-help books on how to have the fulfillment in life. Why not go to the sermon on the Mount and the sermon on the Mount does tell us how to live, how to have that fulfilled life. But you know the end result of a number of Christians living that kind of fulfilled life will end up making a very positive impact on society of the words are going to be salt and light in the world and I think that that's one of the things were Christians of, but fallen away from today.

I think the today we have an awful lot of Christians who have a hideous disease know my flattened term non-rock about us like that, you know, we were ready to rock the boat because of so many people shouting us down the world and the secular world, and I don't think it was ever meant to be that way.

II think that we look at the sermon on the mount, and we feel revolution, we see a revolutionary kind of life and don't get me wrong. None of us has the power in ourselves to live that kind of life. But as you continue to read through the Scriptures we discover that as we walk in the Holy Spirit.

It is the power of the Holy Spirit that can reproduce that kind of abundant life that we read all about.

In the sermon on the mountain and so I take the New Testament of the package deal yeah you have to you have to you have to compare Scripture with Scripture and in one of the reasons why put together a whole book on the New Testament, especially in 90 days is that by the end of that 90 today. I want people to go wow was that ever something else. It's not because Ron wrote for my book note, no shirt, but because of being infused with the New Testament and maybe for the first time in your life. Understanding what it means. I consider myself kinda like a tour guide and the tour guide always, takes her by the hand and shows all the cool stuff you probably would've seen a lot.

Yeah, I'm trying to do in this book do you do now when we talk about the main events in Jesus life.

Clearly, the passion week is the most significant where we get to Jesus trial and his men, crucifixion and resurrection from the dead and then his ascension. What about though. The rest of his ministry were we see in particular, we see the Lord using parables quite a bad and we also see him performing miracles.

What was the role would you say of the E, the parable being used to teach and the miracle being demonstrated as a sign of God's power. What was the significance of those two aspects of Jesus ministry well in terms of the parable. I think that Jesus knew that we understand things are best when we have word pictures that illustrate that best with my children. You know my children are grown now, but when they were little kids.

I had to use the word pictures to help them understand the teaching the Scriptures so just to give you an example of what I mean by a word picture how what about the doctrine of inspiration. How you talk to a six-year-old right inspiration.

But the fact that God inspired Scripture so there's no mistake, the way that I put it to my kids was is that if you look at the elementary school and there's a play who visit behind the scenes to make sure that all the kids get their lines right where the teachers always backstage reading lines to make sure that all the kids get their lines exactly right.

Will Mike is understood that they picked up on that.

It's a word picture and I use that as a means of saying the same way with God's word that even though human beings were involved that the Holy Spirit made sure they got the words just right. That's great. And so Jesus uses the same kind of methodology to teach us and the fact is, is that we do have a tendency to learn better by word what Jesus is doing. He is taking spiritual concepts and illustrating them by physical things. You know him and he will illustrate different things about the kingdom of God by talking about things that people already know about. For example, when Jesus is talking about different kinds of commitment and responses to the word of God into the preaching of the word of God. Jesus tells a parable about a solar that through seed on four different kinds of soil's wayside soil. Rocky soil form written soil and good soil.

Obviously, if the fee does not take root is not can really grow up and do anything. But if the seed does take root when asking a blossom and and by that word picture Jesus helps us to understand that some people really get rooted in the word of God. And there's a lot of fruit that develops other people. They just don't get rooted in the word of God. In it, falls by the wayside in mud exciting for maybe a day or two but then they fall away from it and there are no longer committed to the word of God. So that's what I mean Jesus take some concept in the real world and the uses that illustrate a spiritual truth and Jesus was a master of doing this kind of thing that course a lot of his parables were about the kingdom of God.

This is kind of a new idea that a lot of people we talked about and so he gave many different parables to illustrate different aspects of the kingdom. For example, Janet everybody back in Bible times knew the mustard seed was among the smallest of fees but agree to be really big while Jesus use that as a way of illustrating that the kingdom of God was in the start kinda small unit with the disciples was gonna grow through the centuries to become very very big.

And so again he takes spiritual concepts and illustrates those with things that people are already familiar with the asked for the miracle is all this could get exciting time that I could preach with Excel on this part. You know the.

The miracles were often called signs, especially in the Gospel of John and signs always signify something.

For example, if I'm driving down the road and I see a blue sign with hospital audit say next exit. I know that if I exit, find the hospital kid at the sign that signifies the hospital is near us well in the Bible, the miracles of Jesus are called signs because they always signify something and what do they signify, they signify that he is in fact the divine Messiah. You might remember from Isaiah 35 in Isaiah 11 and the number of other messianic passages that when the Messiah came, the lame would walk, the deaf would hear the blind would see and just lost. When Jesus came on the scene. The blind could see in the death could hear the lame could well how about that were to go to another break, but will come back. Dr. Ron Rhodes helping us walk through the New Testament statement the UN has called what's happening in Lebanon.

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This will be a wonderful resource for you. It's Dr. Ron Rhodes 90 days through the New Testament in chronological order and it's just put together in such a way that will really help you in your Bible study and work on hitting the highlights here. Doctorates and it's very difficult to do.

The whole New Testament and in our Dr. heads are trying anyway but a great point about the.

The purpose of miracles that the work they were signs where Jesus was turning the water into wine or raising Lazarus from the dad are healing the man were aligned these things were signs of the kingdom right and you know the kingdom was present because the king was present and we know that the king was present because the signs of the king right there. You might remember when John the Baptist got thrown in the NGO member that yes and you know you he began to wonder if Jesus was the one after all and all in God.

The reason he thought that is it. From his understanding of the Old Testament, the kingdom of God is all about liberty and freedom. But here he was in jail and so he sends a message to Jesus.

Are you the one hand so you know basically Jesus responded by saying you know that the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk.

He was making the point to John the Baptist that Jesus was the fulfillment of the messianic signs and so therefore yes he was the one and so I think that the too often today, we think of Jesus. Is this the lowly carpenter we listen to some of the redefinition of Jesus that we hear about infective newspapers and so forth Get this right. He was the divine Messiah, and he proved it over and over again. Not only that but he performed the miracle of miracles, that is to say he resurrected himself from the debt to be fair, Scripture says that all three persons of the were involved in resurrecting Jesus. We know from Romans eight that Jesus was raised by the spirit. We also know that the father raised Jesus when you look at the gospel accounts. But in Jesus in John two. Jesus is destroy this temple of my body and I will raise it in three days since he didn't Jesus raise himself from the dead on its axis and the credible miracle right there. So this make sure that we get this right because like I said earlier, the Bible is a Jesus book and the New Testament is a Jesus testament and if you're missing this part. Your you're actually missing the main message of the Bible, absolutely.

It's all pointing toward Christ as the Messiah, the fulfillment of the promise that was throughout the Old Testament and here he comes to passion week.

He goes through this unjust trial. He is chosen, rather than Barabbas to be crucified. He goes to the cross. He's abandoned by everybody on the third day he rises again.

Just as he said and my favorite part of that entire week. I think when I read that the Gospels is that ripping of the veil in the temple where that the veil is torn in two from top to bottom and on that. If you would doctorates just the significance of the fulfillment of all of those centuries of prophecy. Well, it is just a glorious, glorious thing when you understand the significance of the temple of the curtain was torn from top to bottom and basically the timing is so significant is this didn't happen at the beginning of his ministry. This didn't happen in the middle of his ministry were talking about the import of Christ dying on the cross for the sins of man. You see, it says that at that time the temple curtain was torn from top to bottom and basically what that showed was that the way of accessing the God's presence was now available in only previous centuries. In all of the high priest had the first offer sacrifices for his own sins, and when the offer sacrifices for his own sins.

Even then, they would tie a rope around his foot when he went into the inner part of the temple.

They did that because if he was profane in any way and God killed them, they could still drag him out of there and then after you successfully pay for his own sins, and he would sacrifice an animal unit for the sins of the people, and there will also be the scapegoat and they will confess the sins of people onto the scapegoat and send it into the wilderness, indicating the separation of sin from the people to do that every year right now fast forward to Jesus's death on the cross. Not only did the veil break, thereby indicating full access in the very presence of God for all people. But Jesus was also the Lamb of God, and upon him as the scapegoat. All the sins of humanity report that to you.

That's me that everyone so that now we have unfettered access to the heavenly father that it can't get better than that, no, and the llamas got away and then again when you talk about the New Testament. Hebrews is a tremendous book to spend time in on this issue of Jesus being the great high priest.

He was both the sacrifice and the great high priest is after the order of Melchizedek so his kingdom will have no definite it just blows your mind when you really delve into especially more and more about the Old Testament history and Judaism and will and what the promises were fulfilled in Christ was right in the for the reasons why we say that the entire Old Testament pointed forward to the coming of Christ sure that you remember Luke 24 were Jesus is walking along the road to Emmaus with a couple disciples yes and the text says that Jesus walked them through the Old Testament pointing out all the stuff that was talking about him and I don't believe that that was just talking about prophecies you know a lot of people think maybe assist the messianic prophecies though. I think it was a lot more than that. I think that Jesus did talk about the prophecies to these two disciples, but he also pointed out all of his pre-incarnate appearances. The people in Old Testament times, the people like Moses and Abraham and he also pointed to typological institution phthalate type is something that is real in history but also points forward to something in the future. So for example you look at the lambs that were sacrificed in Old Testament times, those had typological significance because it points forward to the coming of the definitive Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, needs, and when you look at the sacrificial system that sacrificial system was typological of the reality that one day the Messiah would be sacrificed in our place and 11, just as if the Messiah was sacrificed for the whole of humanity like a group rather, every single human being that's Janet that's Juan MS everybody this listening and it's it's it's a marvelous truth. It is I'd love to have been there listening to the Lord explaining everything concerning him and the other test I hope that it was videotaped. Once I get to heaven.

I'm gonna watch the love that I would love that incredible passage so we know in the final analysis as we go through the rest of the New Testament which we don't have time to do. Unfortunately, time constraints, prohibit that. But where we see Paul's letters, the establishment of the early church and the encouragement and the rebuking and that the elucidation of the gospel and of theology in the book of Romans, and so forth. But when we are talking about Jesus in particular I and how it kinda comes around. Of course you and I have talked a lot about the book of Revelation. In the past. Christ talks in the Olivet discourse and speaks in Matthew 24 and didn't other passages Mark 13 about his return lot people are looking in the heavens. Right now the blood moons and thinking about all these things and all the signs in the Middle East. Why is this significant to consider that Christ is coming again will affect the crisis coming again is an essential doctrine of Christianity because it involves the final phase of our salvation. Any doctrine related to salvation is an essential doctrine and when Christ comes again. One of the wonderful things that happens is that he sets up his own kingdom.

You and I get resurrection bodies which are called body upgrades great no more aging.

No more arterial disease, no more kidney disease, no more anything and you can still eat food in those resurrection bodies. By the way through and within the live forever face-to-face. In fact, Revelation 21 and 22 talks about the eternal state talks about the new Jerusalem, which is in a brand-new city. The crisis created to be on a new earth. And so the bottom line is this Janet you and I will have resurrection bodies will live on a resurrected earth in a resurrected universe and that is the culmination of salvation and of course that's why the second coming so important as a second coming to brings all that about and why the church was encouraged to comfort one another with these words, our future hope that Christ is coming and you think the Christians in the Middle East under persecution like matter.

Comfort is there in moments like that than to say at at at God's judgment. This will all be made right. Well, that's right, in effect, in Colossians 3 tells us to continually keep our minds focused on the things of heaven, and I think that's probably exactly what those Christians do over there in the Middle East. What is the present tense and it's an imperative right there in Colossians 3 imperative means it's a command. God commands us to have an eternal perspective, but when it's a present tense that indicates continuing action. We are to keep on keeping on 24 seven having an eternal perspective that focuses on the things of heaven, and if you do that is going to keep the tribulations that we encounter in check yes Ruben I have many tribulations as we enter the kingdom of God. But it's that eternal perspective that puts women are sales and if that eternal perspective that helps us to have patient endurance. Amen so well set in such a great book. I just highly commended its 90 days to the New Testament in chronological order.

Dr. Ron Rhodes joining us this hour, and it always goes so fast with you, Dr. Rhodes, but I thank you so much again for being with us. It is my pleasure. Thank you so much. All right you take care and thanks again. Again, 90 days to the New Testament, a wonderful resource for you if you really want to delve deeply and east on the word of God a wonderful thing to help you do that. Thank you so much for being with us. Our website is Janet my this hour Janet met for today is brought to you in part by Hartford Lebanon call 880-247-5499 to get desperate people help in the hope of the gospel. 88 247-5499

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