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Mollie Hemmingway (Big Tech, Media & Election Integrity)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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October 22, 2021 4:30 am

Mollie Hemmingway (Big Tech, Media & Election Integrity)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 22, 2021 4:30 am

How did the media, Big Tech and the Democrats manage to seize our elections, and will they ever be fair again? Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, joins me to discuss her book, "Rigged." Plus: Pastor Mike Stone, who was defeated for president of the Southern Baptist Convention back in June, is now taking ex-ERLC head Dr. Russell Moore to court for defamation, false light invasion of privacy and emotional distress. We'll explain on Friday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance in the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever, now 888-247-5490 980-882-4754 99 there's a banner to, our confidence is in Christ alone is the word of God says I dismantling of the rule of law, but she wasn't referring to any of the shenanigans concerning the 2020 presidential election about that.

She told her colleagues. You all know that there is no evidence of widespread election fraud, sufficient to have change the results of the election.

You all know that the Dominion voting machines were not corrupted by a foreign power. You know, these claims are false. Yet, former Pres. Trump repeats them almost daily. What Cheney was urging GOP members to do was to embrace their duty to ensure that nothing like January 6 ever happens again.

One fact we saw all kinds of nonadherence to the rule of law during the election and in the aftermath with a lot of rules thrown out under the guise of a pandemic emergency and even worse, we saw how tech giants in the media worked overtime to protect now Pres. Biden most famously, maybe by ignoring and censoring online content about his son Hunter's laptop scandal and all to ensure the desired leftist outcome.

How did it all happen.

Can we prevent it from happening again working to talk about this today with Molly Hemingway, a senior editor at the Federalist Fox News contributor and author of the new book rigged how the media big tech and the Democrats seized our elections, Molly. Great to have you with us.

How are you wonderful to be irritating. Thank you. All right.

The 2020 election as you write your book was unlike any in the nation's history. I think we would all agree with that but you said, it's almost impossible to find conclusive evidence of election fraud even though we know that doesn't mean the election if you know wasn't conducted without widespread interference.

So what you say was the most key interference that did occur during the election. Never really knew way that the election was corrupted and the biggest one or the one account with most explosive is that Mark Zuckerberg, who is one of the world wealthiest and most powerful men spent $419 million to embed left-wing activists into governmental election. It was not campaign pending the fund and him funding Democrat add during think that this with private takeover of our government election offices under the guise of COBIT funding. What was really bringing left-wing activists into handle voter registration get out the vote effort ballot design ballot translation ballot counting and that happened with hardly anyone can Ito even saying anything about it and it was really 00 and getting did that in Democrat County in between fate with targeted funding to drive up Democrat vote by embedding into our governmental offices.

It was really shocking while yeah I mean you guys had a piece over the Federalist saying the election wasn't stolen.

It was bought by Zuckerberg. So all of this money that ended up going to the center for election innovation and research in the center for technology in civic life, then that trickles down into these major cities which are blue already.

So how substantially did that alter the landscape in favor of Biden.

What's worth remembering that the 2020 election came down to 43,000 and vote across three state could incredibly quote election and it researchers have been looking at where Zuckerberg chose to end his bond and what the partisan results were and it is shocking not just the funding predominantly in Democrat County.

They defected Democrat turnout in meaningful ways. This team of researchers, which is focused in Texas. That's where their faith looked and they did a Bayesian analysis of that of the funding and determined that they were able to squeeze out 200,000 additional vote for Joe Biden at the end that he would've gotten otherwise. Because of this funding and you know Texas is the pretty Republican state that had a very good year for Republican 2020 but two years prior. I think the Senate race was determined by about 200,000 vote and you look at other states where they spent far more money like Georgia, which is a fraction of the size of Texas.

But they spent much more money therefore a $5 million and that state was decided by 10,000 votes or so, and in 2016 it went for by 5.3 Trump 2020. It went one point per Biden just across the border in Florida.

By comparison, which received much less of the funding it went to point more in the Donald Trump direction, but it had been in 2016 and felt that people learn more about the funding and just blown away by how significant it was. It just one global tech oligarch who was running our elections and I think of or anyone else, or a different year you would be hearing people screaming but he murder about it. Yeah, you're right about that, and yet it wasn't technically illegal for Zuckerberg to do it is not right. An open question. There were some legal challenges beforehand and judges tended to think that it wasn't can be partisan. Now that they know it was part funding for card and result. I think that the same lawsuits probably would have much more fruitful results in the other issue though is that a lot of states are now banning the private takeover of government election offices, but generally speaking, non-nonpartisan nonprofit groups are allowed to be partisan and this is such a clearly clear partisan activity that it might've been illegal even even before they changed the law to overtly band the private takeover of election what it's incredible and I know that you sent down with Pres. Trump in order to put your book together. What was his reaction. What did he tell you about his opinion on all of this. Clearly he's been calling election fraud. He's been very verbal in expressing his no disdain for the process and what went wrong during the 2020 election, but specifically on the Zuckerberg funding issue.

What is he had to say to you, if anything. Well, remember that one of things he said as he thought Zuckerberg should be in jail for what he did and he thought in general big tech with engaged in all sorts of nefarious activity. It wasn't just the private takeover of the election opted.

It was an untold amount of in-kind support for Joe Biden and against Republican through the suppression of new through the censorship of effective social media accounts you not just Donald Trump but mean makers and other effective conservative voices. It was algorithmic changes so that conservative or non-leftist new sites were devalued at the expense of left-wing media and corporate media and after the 2015 election. These tech oligarch all kind of federal and PO failed Dale had publicly it will never let what happened in 2016 happen again what they meant by that. What with the free flow of information. Americans had chosen a political candidate, but the tech companies didn't want. They said they were not to let it happen again. And they threw out everything to do achieve their preferred electoral outcome and eight they got it, but it took a lot to the press. Depressed people information and news in all think that we we value in this country. Yeah, you're right about that and also as you mentioned the fact that now you have Zuckerberg going to these media outlets to do fact checks and in the media obviously is very left wing you have this combating fake news, effort, and now they've just continued on with this. This is just flat out suppression of dissent from the leftist ideology that they want everybody to know get under and vote for what happens now you you have such frustration on the Republican side conservatives very frustrated with Republicans in Congress who talk a good game about reining in the big tech oligarch send do practically nothing from the average citizen's point of view. I'm actually here on Capitol Hill right now. I've just spoken with a bunch of people who do care about election integrity and it not to say that there is nothing that can be done but Democrat do control the White House, the Senate and the house there is very limited amount can be done but one thing that Republican seem to be trying to do it.

I put together some game plan for when they take back the house, which I think most people assume will happen next year. Much more needs to be done much more needs to be debated, but everybody can participate in that people with good ideas need put those ideas forward and start building support for what you did good tech company control over our information is a threat to the Republic and it there so many things that need to be done, but people with good ideas need to get out there and start advocating because the this could actually destroy the entire country.

Double-click you think about the First Amendment freedom of speech and freedom of the press, freedom of religion.

All these are rooted in the idea that we have a right to pursue truth and that's what tech companies are going to war against the major issue at our founding continue to be a major issue and it is for show how we are asking more like Soviet Russia right now. You're right, Molly Hemingway will come back discussing her book rigged here in Janet my for today. Stay with us. Hi this is Janet my for for pre-born Candace talks about finding out she was pregnant. Thankfully, and ultrasound provided by pre-born allowed her to hear her baby's heartbeat sonogram sealed the deal for me baby was like this tiny little spectrum of hope. They saw his heart beating on the screen and knowing that there's life growing inside me sonogram changed my life. I went from just Candace to mom to everybody that is given these gifts, you guys are giving more than money. You guys are giving love, which you make a leadership gift and sponsor a machine today. These lifesaving machines cost more than most centers can afford your tax-deductible gift of 15000 Dollars Will Pl. a machine in a needy women's center and save countless lives for years to come. All gifts are tax-deductible to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229.

There's a banner to this is Janet math her for Bible leak international tiny is an itinerant pastor in Ecuador in the know many cut boo-boos out of violence, pastors, Christian workers who phase we accuse thieves gardening so thus it does the program time he will travel days by foot boat in mule. He's been beaten by warlocks robbed and suffered broken bones after falling in the Andes Mountains.

What awaits him at the end of each trip, a thriving congregation of hundreds of believers in an area where Christianity is fiercely opposed. When I share Honey's story. I recall Isaiah 68. Shall I send will go. I believe this man is enduring more than some pastors ever will. Like others in the world where Bibles are desperately needed time he is humbly asking us to send God's word for only five dollars. You can send a Bible to Latin America and around the world.

Call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD where there's a Bible leak banner Janet math you're listening to Jonah's mood for years drew a lot of us are still looking back on the 2020 presidential election and saying what happened. How in the world did they get Joe Biden in the White House and the answer is very very horrifying.

If you get into all the details and Molly Hemingway does in her new book rigged how the media big tech and the Democrats eased our elections.

We are talking Molly earlier about this issue of Zuckerberg is spending $419 million to you know in these Democratic counties to bring out the vote and activists were involved. Now you know you mentioned that are number of states have passed laws against that.

What about though, the issue of coalbed 19 and how the pandemic emergency was used and exploited. I would say in order to do things that were against election laws and without the involvement in many cases of state legislatures. How much of an impacted that have a good question because of Zuckerberg funding and takeover of government election wouldn't have had the effect it did. If the laws and processes on how we vote hadn't been radically altered through a coordinated campaign by Democratic lawyers who systematically work through each state to water down election security and drastically expand the use of mail and balletic production penned of millions of mail-in ballots flooding into the system at the same time that scrutiny was lowered for them and it was in a major reason why Democrats were able to win in 2020 and thumb date made the changes as a temporary measure a lot of faith changed the law to massively expand the less secure voting method and so it is important that people understand what their state laws are, how they are in for thinning the problems that were a result of the changes in election laws and processes, or even about what the law than felt that the much as different counties interpreted them differently on Pennsylvania. It was pretty clear that you want the post inspect ballots until election day with the big legislative issue where they battled about it I decided nope you can't count ballots until election day, the one County would just put all the ballots away in a room that came in mail-in ballots style that would just wait till election day, but Philadelphia the big Democrat County responsible for most of the boat date.

They started looking at the ballots early. They looked at the envelope they should pay early and if there were problems with the outer part of the envelope.

You know, not a signature not a date.

It would take those back to their Democrat voters and get them to fix it and it resulted in a very disparate impact where voters and Republican led County they would have their ballot thrown out for the same thing that a boater and Democrat County would be able to pick and this is replicated nationwide in the chaos and confusion in 2020, and it's horrible what went on, and you know it's interesting.

A lot of people initially were encouraged. I know to see president from question the results of the election and then to see people like Rudy Giuliani jumping in Sidney Powell some others to challenge the results in court. From there, there were some narratives that were put forward that turned out to go nowhere and a lot of legal challenges that didn't work and there were a lot of questions. Why was it that with all the attempts to try to get legal help in order to right the wrong that was done, which is kept failing over and over while part of it was a poor legal strategy after the election I get into this in the book to in Pennsylvania. They had a really good case that was working its way through the court about this issue of different treatment in different parts of the state. That same issue that the Supreme Court ruled on in Bush V Gore in 2000 with a very fruitful way to pursue election challenges and then added things were deteriorating. Rudy Giuliani came and took over the case and tried to turn it into a fraud which was not what was being alleged renting people use the term fraud colloquially to describe all the problems that can happen in an election protective Pacific term that requires certain things to be met very difficult to determine, particularly in the rush right after an election, and so he when he took over the case and the altered what it was about not only did it because the failure of that case but had this kind of ripple effect throughout the country.

Attorneys who were defending the trunk campaign were receiving death threats. Great threat. Their children were being attacked and it was a really horrific environment because that's what the left is doing right now and to also be not having a legal strategy that they supported. They just decided to jump and court said that judges were deciding not that not hear anything stupid.

It doesn't mean in some cases judges just avoided dealing with real issues. Judges tend not to like to get involved in election dispute. They really should have this time around Morton. Regardless of how they ruled.

There is something to be said for just settling issues there under contention and even codify for the cream court level as they decide not to hear certain cases and adjust that they we have got to resolve these issues because there will be election know in a matter of months or years or people need to know what the rules are, and when there is a dispute, the court does have to come in and say what what's right and what's wrong and they just abdicated a lot of their responsibility and I think we saw the chaos that has resulted yeah right about that. What was your reaction particular to the Supreme Court denying standing to Texas over that lawsuit because there were a lot of us here in Texas where I am, who had high hopes.

Maybe this one.

Finally, will go forward, but they didn't go for it, I could've actually seen that case going down but not on standing though it is a good example. I think of a case that they really should've heard and then settled the issue that would have added resolution. People tend to accept results even when I strongly disagree with them. When you look at horrible legal division, microbial weight, yet people will work to secure justice and that is a very unjust decision, but they still accept that it is what the ruling why they are standing live in a regime that hat that allows abortion Princeton, but by not hearing the case, not in denying standing just left the questions unanswered.

And that is raised in that case were important note, the Constitution requires all changes to election law could be handled by state legislatures that didn't happen frequently in 2020 is a major constitutional issue.

It does require does it seem that this is something that should be resolved by cords and also that state legislatures themselves should be much more aggressive in defending their constitutional rights. Here and that didn't happen in that not Pennsylvania was pretty chaotic. As a result of their own Supreme Court. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court getting involved in a confusing way on some of the dispute and the US in court not resolving.

Yeah it was a mess, but because of the emergency excuse they used over code 19 that might be something that's not as well used. Who knows how long this pandemics in the last we might be on the 14th variance by the time the next presidential election rolls around, but how do you see anything getting better. Going into the next presidential election, at least on the issue of emergency rules being put into place in some of the things they could get away with when everybody was nervous about Cova 19 not been a probably be the same next time around. How do you see that potentially playing out major threat that if you're still been working its way through Congress Democrat hope to permanent ties. The changes that they made based on how they work well for them in 2020, and they would like to have it happen and all future election.

You will need a corporate media doesn't want people to talk about what actually happened. Probably because they also would like to see the thing used in subsequent election because most of our corporate media are so closely allied with Democrats and and down the state view that as their political party and I think people on the other end of the political spectrum have really awaken to the importance of election integrity. They are pushing their state legislative tours to do more.

Not enough is being done but some of it being done and people are to be more involved in so I think that's what key people need to personally be involved in election judges. This is a major issue. Also need to fund efforts to secure election integrity. There is a big money and legal disparity in how well finance Democrats are in their efforts to expand voting method that don't have appropriate scrutiny.

And so the other side of the aisle should wake up and battle closed with money and resources so there are a lot of things that can be done and I think it's important for Americans to remember.

We have had battles over election laws. Our entire history and one even that long ago that Democrats got in quite a bit of trouble for their Jim Crow efforts in the South, which was these efforts to suppress the black vote through to rules and requirements that disenfranchise black voters and people knew that was happening and expected in the keep going and so don't. People shouldn't despair they should just ask what the problems are and get back to work right so it's very key, then, that those who are very frustrated from the 2020 election results will want to change things and win back control Republicans win back control of the house.

What about the media Molly because we couldn't have a lot of this go on without the willing accomplices in the media going along and and not covering certain stories like the Hunter Biden laptop scandal which I think would've made a huge difference.

If that had been Donald Trump Junior. We know that would have been on every headline for months and months and months and they probably impeach him again for that. What is your take on any hope for for the media.

The mainstream media getting any more fair or doing any more balanced coverage. The next time around, and how to get around that. I mean nobody should hope that they will improve our corrupt media are the biggest threat to the Republic that we have their unaccountable political actors and a each day harm the country through their fake news or elevation of false narratives and media censorship of real news stories and so what has happened in the last few years is good people. Noted media life. They know they like four years but Donald Trump stole the 2016 election included with Russia and that he wasn't a legitimate president only to on a dime faded. Nobody could have any questions about one of the messiest election in the world. Rights and they know not to lift people but I think conservative leaders need also know to to marginalize these media figures were not media they're just propaganda and people who don't engage in propaganda for the left should be funded and supported II run a publication called the Federalist and we do great journalism.

We investigated a Russia hoax. We covered election integrity issues that takes resources and so people should fund and help out those with their doing that. We also should probably at justice, said we visit libel laws that allow the media to defame people without any repercussions in balcony to tackle.

As you mentioned before big tack which does so much to weapon.

I and and make more serious problems with our corrupt media excellence in all good rig Telemedia big Tech and the Democrats seized our elections wonderful book from Molly Hemingway, Senior editor at the Federalist, which we love Molly, thank you so much for being here, great to talk to you.

Thank you. Take care. Are you to be listening to Janet today.

This archived broadcast of Janet today is brought to you by Liberty health sheer liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty River to the years, your host Joe Milford. Welcome back. The Lord is doing tremendous things right now among the needy people in Lebanon, especially among the Muslim background refugees in the camps there. We have been telling you about our partnership with the great ministry heart for Lebanon. They are on the ground in that country providing emergency supplies Christian education in the gospel to those who are in such desperate need of help and hope hard for Lebanon is helping so many families. But there are a lot more who need help and most of all they need Jesus. We want to ensure that 52 families in Lebanon get off the long waiting list for help and obtain four months worth of survival essentials, and best of all, the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and grow in their faith which is happening in an incredible way over in these refugee camps were hard for Lebanon is hard at work right now we are about three quarters of the way there. Thanks to your generosity. Thank you so much. But there are so many more families to help. We like to assist more than 52 families as well. If we are able to your investment of $116 will help one child and his or her family to receive four months of survival essentials in the gospel which lasts forever. You can also help with the gift of $29 per month.

If you prefer that this is the number to call its 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there is a banner to or any get some more details on what is happening right now with hard for Lebanon Executive Director James Ward James it's great to have you with us. How are you granted I'm doing great. Excited to be with you today and look forward to talk a little bit about routable incredible. During Lebanon and throughout the middle.

Amen. Well, tell us what's going on, bring us up to speed.

Well Janet, I was actually just in Lebanon a little over a week ago.

Have you spent some time on the ground there with our team and of the families that are being impacted and I'll tell you this is this is truly a historic opportunity Lebanon of the country. As you probably know to probably talk about his brilliant very desperate state of Christ.

There are food shortages, you will shortages but was eruption of violence. Just last week in the capital city of Beirut and all these things as horrible as they are and they really are horrible. The economic crisis. What's happening is, it is causing people both from a Muslim background Christian background refugee families even Lebanese families is causing them to ask why, why are we in this position. Why is the world crumbling down around the and and there are no real good answers to the people are searching they're looking for answers that are looking for security and, in this moment God is uniquely positioned better to be able to to serve them physically, but to also meet their needs spiritually and be packages for distribution. The relief work that we are doing in country really serves as a tangible expression of the love of Jesus Christ that allows us in our stuff on the ground after you to build relationship with them. Surely gospel with them and ultimately lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ and were seeing it happen at the up to be a part of the baptism of two Sundays ago were over 24 men women and children, most of which were Muslim background were baptized in the church that was planted hard for Lebanon years ago routable by God's doing them unbelievable. There yeah I mean this is so exciting. You know, it's one thing I was discussing this with Tom Adam just recently and it's one thing to just give survival essentials emergency supplies and things to people who are in need of them. And it's another thing to use that and build those relationships as a means of sharing Christ with them and the response I'm just blown away by what's going on with people coming to Christ.

But how your Bible studies are growing how the church is that you planted. There are growing and how just the simple act of loving them in the midst of such desperate conditions is really having a huge effect and I'm sure you have lots of stories along those lines.

You know I do it the one that compromises with one of my favorite stories from my last trip. One thing that we do and that when we when people call up that investment allow us to bring a new family into the heart for Lebanon initiative, one of one of the things that does is it allows us to minister and serve their children as well. You have a hope on wheels program. We have Bible study club and literally just little over garage of thunder two weeks ago I was in country out gold in the one of our classrooms or hopes on her group of about 12 or 13 young girls between the ages of 11 P. Most of these girls would never step foot in the classroom. The refugee children who have been in love almost the entire lot, but there were three or four years old would never have the opportunity for the classroom. There they don't know how to read or write. But there is no safe place their learning and studying the Bible. Janet was the coolest thing is only one bottle opener the room and that was from the Bible teacher or staff member course girls can't read and write. It doesn't do a lot of good to look at Arabic bottle but there acting out these Bible stories in real time and book the leader is teaching them the memorized sure and memorize verses it was just the most incredible thing.

No, having been in the camps. Many many times myself, knowing how vulnerable young girls about HR and seeing them in a safe place.

Learning about the Scriptures and then literally two hours later, the same group a girl were in a class learning about haircutting learning Barbary how to cut here learning the skill that they can use as they grow, they become women in that culture that they got a skill, a way to add value and to help support themselves and their family. Imagine how empowering that is for these young young lady and and again it all start with that with that initial engagement that food package that relief that allows us the opportunity to build relationship with them and their family and the transformation that takes place from that point forward. As we continue to walk on thought of them is incredible that is so neat to hear so encouraging to hear how God is at work in the lives of these folks many of whom had never heard the gospel before they came to Lebanon encountered hard for Lebanon. Can you talk a little bit James about this waiting list that I mention that you have so many families are helping, but there's so many more who are just waiting to be helped. And that's why were conducting this campaign and getting listeners involved so we can get those names off the waiting list. How long is the waiting list.

What's the situation there will so Janet we last year will really up until about May of this year. We were taught we were serving a little over 2000 family and that was kind of our number that would have the capacity to do and it good way to be able to really engage and build relationships with the family, but as the situation of limited Lebanon continue to deteriorate the both of the refugee communities and in the host community began to just get worse and worse and there was more and more desperation.

We decided that now is the time to grow that God was opening up this opportunity we had. We have the infrastructure we need some additional staff of additional core supplies and infrastructure, but we have the basics they are to be able to grow and so we decided we set a goal to add an additional 1500 family and we are well into that process. Now we are well into that list but that waiting list but we talked about 1600 families that have been vetted that we have met with that we know they have a need, the need to and that's the list that were working off of them. So it is a huge lift and listen to their over 2 million refugees in Lebanon. We get done with that with God willing will will create another long as there's an opportunity in country we want to be faithful as we can be to optimize and serve as many families who got the opportunity to serve will praise the Lord and it is an opportune time for you to be able to reach as many people as possible with the love of Jesus and the gospel of Jesus. If you like to get involved $116 is all it takes to help one child and his or her family receive four months of survival essentials and the gospel which lasts forever. You can also help out if you'd like to give a gift monthly of $29, but we really do need your help. As I mentioned before were about three quarters of the way toward our goal of 52 families getting them off the waiting list and we like to go beyond that with your help we can't do it without you.

So if you're able to join us. This is the number to call its 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 for there's a banner to click a Janet met thanks to James Ward hard for Lebanon's Executive Director James. Always good to talk to you.

Thanks a lot for what you do will be praying for you so much for Sarai. God bless you and will be back on Janet today hi this is Janet met for it and I'm joined today by Matt Ballas with liberty help share a national nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry met the rising costs of health insurance really taken a toll on a lot of people, especially during this pandemic what your members recommend liberty health share will it really does change the way you approach help here when it comes to help your assuring because each individual member of liberty, health share use what we call a self-pay patient or a private patient where we are each individually responsible and able to guide a manager direct our own health care for you from the constraints of government controlled or third-party insurance systems really changes the whole methodology by which you approach healthcare to where you start shooting yourself in the owner of your help, rather than just somebody who's entitled to a program because you.

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Thanks Matt more information about liberty health share is for their phone number is 855-585-4237 you're listening to Joan at Milford today. Joe Russell Morris getting sued.

That's it.

That's the story know that's not the whole story, Russell Moore, the former head of the ethics and religious liberty commission at the Southern Baptist convention who moved on to a more appropriate job when he went to Christianity today and the liberals over there. He's getting Sudanese, not just getting sued by any old person in the SBC. He's getting sued by Mike Stone, Mike Stone, the pastor and the former head of the executive committee at the Southern Baptist convention's leadership level. That's a very high position. He also ran for president.

You might recall of the Southern Baptist convention and you might recall as well. What happened about the time that the annual meeting was set to take place last summer. This just a few months ago. What happened was that Russell Moore or somebody I need to make sure that I say this quickly. Somebody released a couple of letters that Russell Moore had penned one of them was to JD Greer but the first one was really a bombshell and he was talking about all the horrible things concerning the sexual abuse that was ignored and you know all the DD can go back and read all of that.

I don't recall every single detail in that letter. But basically what happened when he did that was dropping a bomb, and everybody knew it was politically times because they wanted Ed Lytton the plagiarist to be the head of the SBC and they got him.

Mike Stone was a threat they didn't want Mike Stone and part of the problem here is that Mike Stone was participant and a participant in a task force that was created to assess whether the actions of the E RLC at the time that Russell Moore was leading it and the leadership of the air LC were negatively affecting the physical well-being of the SBC. In other words, everybody was worried, and not everybody but the conservatives were very worried and among the SBC leadership how much is Russell Moore, affecting giving and how many problems have emerged because Russell Moore is a lightning rod for people who are worried about the leftward drift of the Southern Baptist convention sultanate. They found some substantive information along those lines, and from what Mike Stone says in this US district court for the middle District of Tennessee filing is quite eye-opening.

He is filing this complaint as it says in the filing here for the lawsuit for claims of defamation, false light invasion of privacy and emotional distress against defendant Russell Duane Moore and I read through the entire lawsuit here.

It's quite interesting when he goes through all the statement of facts he talks about his background. He's a pastor and a manual Baptist black sure Georgia we've had him on the show before, but he says his income is derived from his services as a trusted minister and local church context and not limited to, that it includes honorariums or honoraria. If you'd like to say he's a guest speaker at conferences and church services almost exclusively among Southern Baptists. He became involved with the executive committee in 2014, served as the chairman from 2018 to 2020 and then in June 19, 2019. The SBC formed its own standing committee. The credentials committee to handle all matters of cooperation with affiliates and addressing reported allegations of sexual abuse and then he goes into some of the details about what they can and what they can't do legally speaking throughout his service on the executive committee and pursuant to his related fiduciary obligations. Mike Stone says he would show that he participated in a task force created to assess the actions of the air LC and whether or not that was affecting the physical well-being of the denomination beginning on or about February 24, 2020. Within one week of the creation of the task force Russell Moore. He alleges begin a malicious, intentional and egregious campaign to harm plaintiff Mike Stone, including but not limited to, defaming him within the text of two letters strategically concealed from general distribution within the air LC adding SBC but then subsequently surreptitiously released or leaked. He puts in quotes to the news media which defendant Russell Moore knew due to the controversial nature of the letters that his prominent position within the air LC and the religious community at large and his significant connections to major media outlets would result in their widespread publication and we recall this was very heavily covered by groups like the religion news service Baptist press and other people. Let's just say arms of Russell Moore.

Upon information and belief, Mike stones Malone or I should say Russell Moore's malicious campaign against Mike Stone was motivated this filing says in part by Moore's desire to retaliate against Stone for his service on the after mentioned task force of the executive committee and to compromise his investigation into the air LC by obfuscating pertinent facts so on or about he says May 29 of this year. This unidentified member of the E RLC Board of Trustees released a letter written by and at the direction of the defendant to the news media. The first letter is originally dated February 24. It contained numerous false allegations against Mike Stone, who was then a prominent candidate for the presidency of the SBC. Upon information and belief, he writes the first letter was leaked to the news media at the instructions of Russell Moore to defame Mike Stone and discredit his campaign for the presidency of the SBC and then he references the second letter. It was written by Russell Moore and was strategically released to the media either by him or pursuant to defendant's instructions.

He says the second letter was dated May 31 of this year and written to JD Greer.

He puts copies there and he says upon information and belief, the defendant Russell Moore author. The first letter and a second letter with the intention that both letters ultimately be disseminated to the public via leaks of the same to the news media and then he talks about how it's affected his life how he's had a lot of pushback and it's been horrible for him and how he is innocent of these charges that Russell Moore was throwing out against him and that basically it was all political maneuvering on the part of Russell Moore. I don't doubt that for moments I mean it will have to be up to a court to decide, and in fact they're requesting a jury trial for $750,000 now. What I found really interesting as I was looking across social media at some of the prominent SBC accounts who follow these kinds of stories all along.

These people who are dyed in the wool Russell Moore supporters couldn't care less that he was writing this stuff and talking about all the skulduggery that was allegedly going on behind-the-scenes and all the cover-up of the sexual abuse problem above about about, but he didn't dare to mention it did mention it at all. When he actually wrote it and then it was kind of you know thrown away as well. You know he was just in the heat of the moment. Okay will then why did he have a heat of the moment, right about the time the annual meeting was about to take place.

Of course it was coordinated and of course they did it for political effect. Sounds like he was really mad and he wanted payback now did he again the jury is going to have to decide whether or not these claims hold water or if all of these allegations were true but Mike Stone has consistently defended himself on the issue of we didn't conspire to try to protect people who were predators against sexual abuse victims. Mike Stone was the sexual abuse victim. It doesn't make any sense it doesn't pass the straight face test so you just can't take this for what it's worth, but I find it incredible that these Moore defenders just can't admit anything about this guy was problematic was wrong. He's never done anything wrong, and these are the same people who were defending Ed Lytton to the hilt, the Southern Baptist convention folks, whether or not you're part of it. You need to know that this denomination is in terrible disarray you've had all of these people quit the executive committee after they decided to waive attorney-client privilege which has all kinds of problems assigned to it, but the messengers voted for it, so that's the direction they have to go and now you have Mike Stone filing a lawsuit against Russell Moore and you know what the Moore fan boys are saying you not supposed to sue Scripture says you not disposed to sue and so people who were defending my Stone are saying well.

He's obviously looking at this is no evidence that Russell Moore is not a brother in Christ you not supposed to sue fellow Christians. But this is maybe Mike stones throw down that I don't believe this guy's a Christian at all and that's why I'm able to take them to court.

Now that's conjecture. We don't know if that's what he actually believes, but if you get hung up on the issue of why file a lawsuit.

Listen if you believes that somebody is purely an operative which a lot of people doing the Southern Baptist convention. They do think that of Russell Moore without knowing him personally is to assess his actual faith in Jesus Christ. But the guys acted like a political operative from the beginning and you know, dropped his biggest bomb at the end so I really hope and pray that the Southern Baptist convention can get its act together and you know I don't blame Mike Stone. I'm not trying to be on biblical about it, but I don't blame him.

He's talking heat each talked about how it's affected is in common it's affected his emotional states and and all sorts of things.

Imagine if you were lied about and smeared in and you had those kinds of attacks launched against you, and they were not true. I can understand exactly how he feels out what the outcome of this will be remains to be seen, but it just goes back to what I said in 2014 about Russell Moore when I said this guy is not a good guy. He's not a good guy. He's not a good guy and I'll tell you when I look across Southern Baptist life and I see all of the turmoil in all of the corruption that is present within the convention. It just makes me weep. It really does and I love and support my Southern Baptist brothers and sisters in Christ, pray for your convention, pray for your leaders pray for Mike Stone, pray for us. More.

Thank you for being with us listening to Janet today. We hope you'll join us next time. As always, it's a pleasure to be here with you and bless

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