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David Howard (The Christian Art of Verbal Chess)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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October 21, 2021 4:30 am

David Howard (The Christian Art of Verbal Chess)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 21, 2021 4:30 am

In a new article, Desiring God's Dr. John Piper oddly argues Christians should get the COVID-19 vaccine as a matter of "freedom." And this comes right after a Department of Justice lawyer is caught on tape questioning Christians' honesty in filing for religious exemptions. We'll dive into that. Plus: David Howard from Foxhole Ministry discusses his book, "The Christian Art of Verbal Chess." That and more on Thursday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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Here's the number to call 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there's a hard for Lebanon banner to As always, thank you so much I want to dive into this issue. It's very interesting to see Liberty Counsel has been representing these healthcare workers more than 2000 of them who filed suit against Gov. Janet Mills of Maine and also some other state health officials over the vaccine mandate there and the Supreme Court has rejected an emergency appeal.

I guess now there there ready to consider the case if they don't get relief at a lower court so it remains to be seen what will be done here, but it just shows a lot of hostility on the part of government officials when they refuse and reject even the concept of a religious exemption to a vaccine.

I find that part of this whole story. Quite fascinating, quite fascinating. These people are all about personal choice in my body, my choice and I make my own personal decisions and I identify what truth is. And I live out my truth. But the minute a Christian tries to do it, or the minute somebody who doesn't go along with the liberal narrative dares to do it. They find a way to punish you. What is the logic in telling somebody you have no religious exemption rights for small it's ridiculous. And second of all why does it affect you but were back to the whole thing if you allowed all of these healthcare workers to work unabated to help save lives and tend to patients all during 2020 when the pandemic was raging without a vaccine available why in the world, wouldn't you let them there now because there is this push to continue this idea that the unvaccinated are dangerous and so far I'm still waiting for all of the news that the unvaccinated are dangerous.

We just found out not just that: Powell, the former Secretary of State died of cove 19 having been fully vaccinated, but now Neil Caputo over at Fox News has covered 19 he's fully vaccinated, so we know people who are being vaccinated. Unfortunately cannot only can be a contract cove. 19 but can transmit it's so it's just dishonest but I want to turn to this interesting bit. This came from human events. They broke the story Jack for Soviet quizzes, senior editor overt human events was on human events. Daily exposing this phone call that was late and this phone call has some audio from a Department of Justice attorney named Marty Letterman, who can be heard. This is back from September. This Letterman that attorney Letterman is advising the administration on how to combat employees religious exemption requests from the vaccine mandate so actively talking about how to combat people who want a religious exemption and, as you know, one of the biggest reasons that a lot of Christians are trying to get religious exemptions is because of the abortion issue and the fact that you have fetal cell lines involving involved in the manufacture of these vaccines. So this is audio of the phone call. It's not great audio quality, but it was a recorded phone call, but listen to what this lawyer DOJ attorney Marty Letterman had to say this is got one your you will is all funeral skills were word portions so or is religion is what I believe is either nonreligious and are not religious, and probably will always respond as hospitals started as Tylenol and Thompson lines. As well is that's very interesting is that now you don't know many of these people my claim that they're gonna want religious exemption to the covered 19 vaccine, but they may not be sincere and it may not be for religious reasons. When you're demonizing people without even knowing them. It's just a blanket condemnation on anybody who would dare to exercise his or her religious freedom, religious freedom is becoming a completely foreign concept to the left. They don't understand Christianity at all. They don't understand the Bible at all, and they certainly don't understand God's people at all, but they do know enough to know they don't like us they don't like what we ask for. They don't like the way we think they don't like the way that we act. They want to be the dictators and they want us to fall in line like good little sheep, and unfortunately for them, a lot of Christians are saying I'm gonna think this through and there's nothing wrong with thinking it through.

It's fine to get the vaccine, but it's also fine to not get the vaccine and that is a very important point for us to stand on. Now I want to address this lie that was in a portion of what he had to say. I address this without Liberty Counsel attorney just recently when I vented to say this again because he was making the point. Did you know that Tylenol and Thompson Preparation H were also developed with the fetal cell lines know they weren't let go back and I'm to give you some specific dates via Tylenol Tylenol was discovered in 1955, 1955. So how was it that they were using fetal cell lines when abortion was illegal. I'm not really sure how that works here is off the Tom's website.

Tom's has been providing heartburn relief for more than 90 years, 90 years did we have legal abortion 90 years ago. Nope. Created in 1928 by pharmacist James how to treat his wife's indigestion. The Tom's brand was introduced to the public in 1930.

Did we have legal abortion in 1930, then how in the world were they developing it on fetal cell lines answer. They weren't.

Thirdly, Preparation H the guy who invented Preparation H was a man named George Sperry's Bertie who is a cancer researcher and inventor. He died in 1991 at the age of 91. This man was born in the year 1900 okay. He was born in 1900 and the company American home products that made Preparation H acquired the sunburn oil in 1935 that they then transformed into Preparation H again. That's a lot earlier than 1973. These people are throwing out these kinds of lies and everybody it's a way to make people cower. Although I guess I should give up tent did not depend on fetal cell line development.

What are you talking about. These were all medicines that were invented and marketed before legal abortion was ever brought to the United States by the US Supreme Court.

So this this is how desperate they are to make sure that you do what you are told. Now what is the church saying get into that system bed listening to Jennifer today. This is Janet Mefford for Bible league international aria lives in the Middle East and a radical Muslim family. She accepted the invitation of a Christian friend to attend a weekly Bible study and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. She took her Bible study booklet home hiding it in her room before her mother found it and gave it to her father.

He severely beat young aria and called the authorities to report her as an infidel.

They took her to a remote cell where they assaulted her and the Christian friend before letting them go. These two women didn't grow better. They grew bold and together they seen hundreds come to Christ in the Middle East where Christians are urged to support new believers. You suddenly realize how Christians just assume go, but they will that will help send God's word to believers like aria on Bible is only five dollars. Call 800 yes word 800 YDS WORD where there is a vitally when this mom came into a pre-born center to schedule an abortion. She had no idea that the life inside of her was not just one but 218043G in my life I wanted to be special when the tsunami walk and now her twins are eight and when an expectant mother sees her baby on ultrasound and here's the heartbeat she's 80% more likely to choose life for her baby. Pre-born is the number one competition to Planned Parenthood in the USA. Your donation of $28 sponsors one ultrasound and for $140 you can help rescue five babies lives to donate, call 855402, baby. That's 855-402-2229 or there is a banner to click and Janet met All gifts are tax-deductible to the here's your host Joe Mefford.

I want to turn our attention for a moment to a very odd article by John Piper, John Piper, founder and teacher over a desiring God. A lot of people follow John Piper and he wrote I'm telling you it is a really strange article.

The headline is a reason to be vaccinated. Freedom okay does that mean you are now free to move about the country Allah Southwest. If you get the mandate to follow the mandate and get the jab you can be free. You can run right into anything you want if you're not vaccinated, then you're housebound now, that's not what he saying I'm gonna pull out some of what he said in this article he says the aim of the article is to encourage Christians to be vaccinated if they can do so with a good conscience and judicious medical warrants. He says the people I have, especially in view are those who are not vaccinated because of fear of being out of step with people they respect and instep with people they don't admire my message to them is simple. You are free way to second when the second is avoiding the code 19 vaccine injection out of peer pressure seems to me as I'm looking across the spectrum of the peer pressure isn't coming from the unvaccinated insane. You better not get vaccinated either to your follow unvaccinated. I I've never seen that scenario. Maybe you have where you are and I'm misguided in making this remark, but that's not where the peer pressure seems to be applied.

Folks, the peer pressure that I see over and over and over and over again on social media is that you must get vaccinated. If you love God and if you love your neighbor. You must get vaccinated. How many times have we heard that and I'm not saying those people aren't sincere in expressing that I'm just saying for him to say people are not being vaccinated because there's scared that other unvaccinated Christians will judge them or the local woke if they get the vaccination is ridiculous. I've never met one unvaccinated person who cared if anybody got vaccinated. I've never seen anybody object to it. Now there might be some kind of situation in many situations where parents. For example, tell their kids you're not getting get the vaccination that's a different scenario, but if you have a neighbor across the street who's a Christian who gets vaccinated, and you choose not to what you care means known in out no skin off your nose if somebody else gets vaccinated before the vaccinated. Oh you're spreading code 19 you're a bad person.

So just the whole premise here is a little strange.

He says I'm not talking directly to everybody.

If the shoe fits put it on. Check your conscience.

Consult your doctor and go get vaccinated. If it doesn't go tearfully and cheerfully on your way. That mean tearfully because over 4.5 million million people have died from cover 19 worldwide and cheerfully because Christ makes it miraculously possible to love people by being sorrowful, yet always rejoicing on its lid, what does that even mean you should cry because if you don't get vaccinated. You've killed people. What I'm not sure what this means. What fuels the cooking fire before I get to the biblical argument for radical freedom.

He says consider these statistics that fueled the fire over which this article was cooked and he gives all these terrible statistics about covert, 19 handpicked by the way there there and there are no bullet points here that really take the other side. He says when people respond to this increasingly clear reality by pointing to un-trustworthy and disreputable government and medical leaders. I respond to a non sequitur. Now what is he saying there.

He seems to be saying that Christians who are concerned about the tyranny and concerned about the nonstop barrage of lies and the unconstitutional crackdowns over covert, 19, and the fact that there is a great reset that is planned by the World Health Organization world economic forum I should say, which seems to be in line with what the UN wants to do in the globalist want to do the technocrats want to do and that all of this is been exploited as the most recent serious crisis that the left won't let go to waste.

You are just ridiculous. Apparently it's just a non sequitur to bring any of that up.

The gets a non sequitur at all. I menopause briefly so you can hear this audio. This is very interesting.

This is from Australia, the premier Daniel Andrews of Victoria has stated that in unvaccinated Victorians will remain excluded from activities both economic and social well into next year you listen to this particular government leader in Australia and then ask yourself is the argument about government leaders exploiting the pandemic and exploiting the vaccine mandate issue in order to control people and a relevant non sequitur, or is it not listen to the skeptic someone alters what is it we are just just just wait for five weeks to go to the pub. Note if you like the judgment to not get vaccinated on your white out also the public and you want to see the Whiting out you want white out the varus is forcibly here for a long time. You're only protection against his burning vaccinated this will be well into 2022 well and truly to 2022.

The booster should someone be first and second because will be have you have your food and then the other ritual but he will not his works are variants coming every reason to be confident every reason to be optimistic about this is Victorians economizing.

Joel includes smiting some difficult decisions on. That's the good people who will not out of some of those venues, or mental block and so you will not be will be originally present will be any Thompson that started that's gonna function for a period of time well into 2022, for instance. Example praising article but I think this can be crowds of the Grand Prix might up with people who "Linda got off the Grand Prix itself that deceives you some sense placed on ply that time of let's just wipe them out on them will be out of the river and we want to know that will not be the case you if you like the choice B very long white and you want like this divorce okay dear tyrants, when you're talking about the fact that even if 90% of the people are vaccinated were still not can give the rights and freedoms back to the unvaccinated to go out and live normal lives.

This isn't about covert, 19 anymore. Did you catch the part. Also, where he was talking about the next. They're touting that they're talking about a terrible variant is that is now developing in the UK they're excited about the next variant.

Can we not see it at this point they want more variance they want things to continue found she wants to continue to tell you whether or not you're allowed to get together with your family at Christmas you unelected bureaucrat. No one cares anymore you have contradicted yourself so many times and you're not in charge of us and a lot of mayor of Americans have already said that. So going back to the John Piper article he talks a lot about the issue of freedom and it's very bizarre because he brings up all these different passages about being free is cry in Christ, and we live as slaves of God, we honor everyone love the brotherhood, fear God.

Honor the emperor that he says in first Peter 213, where Peter says be subject for the Lord's sake to every human institution, whether to the Emperor is supreme, or to governors, he says, how can you be subject and be free at the same time. Quote Peter's answer is that Christians are slaves of God.

In other words, when you submit to a human institution. You don't do it is the slave of that institution. You do it in freedom because you are slaves of God, not man.

God owns his people by creation and redemption.

First of all, Biden's vaccine mandate, which as far as I know, still isn't out yet the leave the Phantom mandate that's coming. He issued it.

It's not a law Congress didn't get involved in, say, every company with 100 workers or more needs to make sure that everybody gets the job and by the way there all kinds of exemptions right for Congress. That's kind of strange as it it's very strange, so were were supposed to just submit.

I appreciate what my friend Dr. Everett Piper had to say in a piece that he recently wrote of the Washington times. No Romans 13 does not say Americans must submit to Biden. We are the government. We are the sovereign. We are the authorities that distinction is so rarely made with those on the left are drifting to the left.

Oh, we just have to do whatever the government says no we don't.

The Constitution is the law of our land.

We need to uphold the Constitution and those people we elected to represent us, are required to uphold the Constitution as they swore to do and if they don't uphold the Constitution. It is our duty as free American citizens to get rid of them and elect new people. That's how the United States of America works were not living in the times of Paul and the early church where it was, not Republic clearly had an emperor and you had you had kings later on and you and you have had human history littered with all of these sovereigns who sat on the throne and you did what the king said and you did what the Emperor said you did what the czar said that's how it is, but we have a different system of government, and because we have a distant different system of government, we have the right, and I would argue the responsibility to stand up to a tyrannical government.

My goodness, how do you think we got the United States John Piper because people who were being oppressed by the king said, no taxation without representation, and by the way were here in the New World and working for a new nation apart from you. This is important for us to know our history and to understand the context in which we are living when we consider our freedom.

I think it is an abuse of the Bible when you start using the Bible as a means of oppressing Christians which I think after reading this article is really what John Piper is ended up doing. I'm not saying he did it intentionally, but he is just twisting the Bible into a pretzel. In order to say you're free so you better go get the jab.

Otherwise, you're bowing to the peer pressure of people who don't want you to get the Japanese doesn't give one example. By the way of anybody who's been peer pressured to get the job is just weird did not get the job jab I should say that he doesn't give one example of anybody. It's very, very weird. By the way, what about all these people who are losing their jobs.

People who are losing their livelihoods because they don't want to take an experimental vaccine. If you would've put this forward as some kind of future truth. We all hopefully would have said, in theory, that's horrible.

I wouldn't do it either. But when reality hits, and this is where we are. A lot of people just fold like cheap suits.

That's what happens just go along with it. We know what the problem with going along with it is that this is a violation of the Constitution and when you go along with it.

You think they're gonna stop here. It's like it's like the homosexual movement. Just give a marriage never asked for anything else. Okay now we got a transgender Adm. fantastic. That's wonderful.

What did you win by not standing up.

No Christians are free in Christ and as Americans we are also afraid let's keep that freedom as God gives it to us will be back this archived broadcast of Janet today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever.

Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there's a banner to Janet River today and here's your host Joe Milford.

Welcome back, God reminds us in Colossians 4 how important our speech is in this fallen world. Verses five and six say act wisely toward outsiders redeeming the time, let your speech always be gracious. Season with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. This can be a bit of a daunting command but maybe we just haven't considered deeply enough how important our words are and how vital it is that we speak to all people in a biblical and effective manner. So were to address this issue today with David Howard. He is a Montana state senator, former FBI agent and founder of both voxel ministries and the national radio program. The voice of truth's wake-up call is book is called the Christian Art of verbal chess speaking life into others.

Dave welcome. It's great to have you here will think you very much and I'm honored to be clear. Thank you. We appreciate your comment on what what exactly is the Christian Art of verbal chess.

I suppose a lot of things could be read into that. But how do you see the definition of that to be what is that world in today's world all Christians. We need a strategy to use verbal conflict and edifying meaningful conversation to be able to speak life into others and you will be Christian Art of verbal chess is something that really for me started years ago when I taught a communications program called the art of verbal chess, and the basis of that the foundation of it was God's word course I pool all over the country putting this program on and you know of many times I when I would give it to the secular world.

That's what was called the art of verbal chess and the had different elements in it to be able to teach you a method plus to be able to see like a chess set so you can see the boundaries you can see what info included because when you talk about communication.

It sort of unlimited but when you can put it down.

And even though you don't know how to play chess you know chess is a game of strategy right so is meaningful conversation right. What do we need it. In other words, what is the problem that mastering verbal chess, the Christian Art of verbal chess will solve what what are we doing wrong that requires us to understand how to do it right. What is you know, we all know that one of the attributes of all of us were basically selfish were so big. A friend of mine once said he said will you know I don't think I'm very selfish by asking what's the first thing you do every morning if you like. Turn on the copy I produced Apple work where we are. And the thing is is that we know the fruit of the spirit and we know that without self-control, we Have the fruit of the spirit we can be. We can be filled with with the Holy Spirit.

We all fail at that because our emotions get going and different things like that. But if we can actually look at a strategy and kinda what I do is I put on my hat, my communication hat so that I start getting into one of meaningful conversation, but I have to know what the pieces of that conversational is. That's why use the chess set. Yes, so this is not just how we are to speak when we are evangelizing right this is how we speak in everyday normal life.

Absolutely yeah the one neat thing about this communication is after you read this book, you can practice it every day. Almost every commitment of every day that your document somewhat of a good deal so let's talk about some of the pieces here in the chess set.

I think this is interesting how you put this together. The king of verbal chess you say is the character of Christ. So explain that one for us. What are you talking about their world opinion. Let's look at the character and workable integrity. Christ is the ultimate he came as true grace and truth.

So all crew goes to Christ, so we have to have integrity. We have to have self-control.

We have to have humility, gratitude, acceptance, and these are the 10 steps of the King of verbal chess so that one we we have patients we have to accept people who, for who they are. We have to be able to forgive people wrapped up faith and hope and most of all we communication we have to perseverance go stick with it. Go stick Trident trying to speak into others so that they can have like to well I think of the verse that the Bible has talking about out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks so that seems in line with what you're discussing there. If you have the character of Jesus Christ. That's the first step in worried about what comes out of your mouth this and it to who you are to begin with absolutely it is your moral foundation.

It is, and the Queen you say the Queen you say is the spirit of the game. Talk about that when you see the Queen is the skill of giving grace. If you can't give people grace you can't listen, you can't really have a decent communication process with them.

I mean how many times have how many times have we talk to people that really we didn't want to listen to. But you see, we have to understand that when we listen and we listen deeply emphatic listening in and we we really start to hear people then were giving them grace and as you know, grace is forgiveness and its love. It's a negative in its' but the thing is that you know as a State Sen., I can tell you I have people come and want my time and literally. I have to affirm them.

Give them grace because they don't always speak anything you want to hear when they walked out the door they want.

They want to realize that you have given them back grace and that takes the skill we have to understand what it is and we have to practice it because we can easily get that person.

That's all about ourselves right so we are talking about having the ability to impartially step into another's life and give them mercy and compassion to gain understanding what is the motivation there because when people say well it's not every single situation when you're having a conversation with somebody. Sometimes you have to be tough sometimes year, you're not supposed to be too empathetic because the situation doesn't call for what you do in a situation where you do have to be tough and and yet also keeping in mind that you need to season your speech with salt and make sure that you are behaving in the manner of Jesus Christ while doing it. When we have to realize this Christian that we have to stand on the side, we have to understand that you can't go to appeasement because you look up the definition of easement and literally one of the elements of appeasement is not telling all the true but you see, like it says there's a time for everything. There's times when you're talking to people that there they're willing to hear you but if you give them grace and you do your empathetic with them in the sense that your your your still dealing in reality, not in your emotions, you're able to be able to bridge many gaps because of the fact that they realize that your what kind of person you are and we want to talk to good people, we want to talk to people that can listen that can give us some empathy.

But you know what strikes me about this. Dave is the fact that our culture is going in the opposite direction from what you're trying to promote wit rightly which is just because you're talking to somebody who is not on the same side with you. Maybe the person is in a Christian maybe the person doesn't understand a particular position you'd like to have them understand but we still have to treat people with that kind of respect that is going out the window. It would seem in our culture today, so it's very countercultural. What you're proposing here but right on the money will you know culture by all kinds of things okay in the vineyard. We as Christians were supposed to be influencing the culture. So when we speak God into the culture we influence and we if we wanted to to think about one thing. Why is the culture literally going to happen handbasket. Obviously, we haven't been doing a real good job of speaking into it, we we, you know God you look at Christ and his whole method of madness that that he went through the whole strategy and everything he spoken to good in the 80 exposed evil. CTed that's right.

Well, there's more to talk about when we come back were in a dive more into Dave Howard spoke the Christian art of verbal chess.

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You have to listen to them yet graphically listened to. In other words, most of us listen thinking about what we're going to say when you can't be doing that you have to actually listen and the key thing is if this is your absolutely right all the difference goals. They teach us how to read, write and speak winter last time without a class on how to listen now and because we kind of take it for granted but boy I tell you in my lifetime.

You know I was an FBI agent for years and if you do not listen, you don't understand what's happening because people do different things they they need times they leaked their intentions.

You you with their verbiage and how they emphasize the words and how they respond. You see, what we do is we many times we ignore people we pretend listening. We selected listening.

Many times we can eat listening we act like were listening of I once did a head up company asked me to come into the company to have a morale issue. While I sat down to the CEO and I realized right off the bat. What the issue was he like to talk, but he didn't want… Nobody in that whole company listen to each other and ended the key thing is is this how do you know what's going on when you're speaking to look once. If you don't put on your listening at and deeply listening to what they're saying you can't understand them well enough to be able to give them the compassion and understanding. They need it's literally affirming them.

We have to realize that humans basic thing we need is oxygen. I scuba dive for years and I can tell you that if the tank goes dry you were heading to the top okay but the key thing about humans is they want to be affirmed. Be in the firm does not agree. If listening and trying to understand and asking questions that firms people and that's a very very critical element and going back to something I raised a couple minutes ago.

If you are for example having a conversation with a stranger say like I do from time to time on airplanes. We are sharing the gospel with somebody because there stuck there and so are you. You may or may not see him again, but it's a good opportunity. Sometimes you have an opening to be able to share the gospel with somebody you apply some of these ideas in that particular context of evangelism in a way that will help move the conversation along and not you know it we always fear when I sit down with somebody who's not a Christian and I share the gospel. It may go terribly wrong and I really want to come conversation to go well.

What tips would you have in that regard will be thing you the art of verbal chest? You go to be on time techniques which are the pawns.

The thing is you do things like for instance you introduce yourself. You talk a little bit you care about what they have to say and then what happens is you use questions to try to get to where they're going and then you listen you empathically listen to them will at that point you can build a trust so that they actually when it's time for you to speak up.

You penetrated talk to them and you understand where they're coming.

They then have the opportunity to listen to you. You see, many times what we want to do is when we we trying to sell something and sadly many times Christians try to sell Christianity instead of trying to impart the word of truth and let the Holy Spirit save them. We kinda take it upon ourselves to save them right and were not in the framing business were in the fishing but oh so though you know you don't utilize the ponds you utilize. You know you complement people you make that understand you listen to them and you and you don't speak before you understand and that's correct critical that's so true I the closing the deal.

Part of what you just said is so true this pressure that you sometimes feel like if this person doesn't accept Christ by the end of this flight I failed. But you know what you're talking about it having the character of Christ and having good ways of speaking with people. If nothing else, you will have someone walk away having a good impression of Christians and that's not a small thing because they associate us with Jesus Christ, their view of Jesus Christ. If for example you have somebody who thinks all Christians are hatemongers.

You can buy your own behavior would seem make strides toward changing that person's mind and that might be a gateway to them being more open to the gospel down the road. Maybe when they meet another Christian and you're exactly right that the minimum when of the Christian art of verbal chess is when you separate and the person walks away.

They may not agree with you, but they respect you. Yes, and they have enjoyed talking to you. Yeah, because you can listen to that's right that's right, that's a good thing is you.

We all know that but people come to Christ. Many times if were lucky enough to be able to offer someone salvation and turn them over to Christ. Hundreds of people might've talked on before we got there. That's right yeah yeah the seaplanes aware that if she that's writing to be a long trail you don't know where you are in that trail when you apply silent communication Dave. This is another thing that you talk about when you describe castles in this game of chess, what, what, when are we to be silence will the key thing is silent. Communication is our body language.

Okay it is what we actually do what you you're watching the body language of a person. For instance, you you try to create a baseline of honest responses. I try to do it with men many times about a serious conversation is to fight something they're interested in. Like for instance if they're interested in honey, not by going to somebody in the book picture on the wall of shooting a moose try to get them to talk about that and I watch their body language because what they're doing assert they're using full responses.

Truthfully showing you your body language. Many times are giving up palms gestures that type of stuff.

Their feet are not together their feet or a partnership miniature and you think you see the whole body and then you get around to something that serious, and the personnel processor likes they might go up and before they speak, but they're handled they might wipe their hair. Many times people will groom themselves when they're concerned about themselves, so you're you're watching this sort of dog you drawn this baseline of responses and you can prove that you can tell whether somebody is listening to you are not okay and you can just you watch that language is going to that person on the on a flight like you fit your talking to them their usual palms gestures and then pretty soon you're getting around in your you're able to talk about Jesus Christ and what happens and all of a sudden you see them closing up well at that point you know you don't want to keep going down that road you want to try something else.

Your you're not making headway and filled.

That's the key. I mean, my goodness, my daughters used to tell me later on in life after they grew up, dad we used to hate for you to set there in question as well. That's not a bad thing, though, and I think you're making a good point when you're talking really good if I could boil down what you just said we should pay attention to the person and a lot of what you said comes down to that.

Pay attention to the other person that such advice, but it such important advice in each of the cell phone were all we want to do is talk for five seconds and then go back to the phone I made.

That's not gonna work. No work in the real communication speak life into someone I point out on their back. The worst thing you can do is talk about anything that's important on the phone to because you misunderstand me years ago my wife and I was kind of buying a house and I was in I was 150 miles away okay and we kept getting into arguments that I finally realized. Wait a minute, she can't see me a percent of our conversation is how I project myself watching me. You can see what I'm saying. Many times people don't say it right but you can see their meaning in the body that is really wise when we got to wrap it up in Dave Howard's book is called the Christian art of verbal chess speaking license others so good to have you here Dave keeps speaking life into other people's lives. And thanks for the advice of his great-aunt. Here you are welcome.

God bless you the way you can visit the website for foxhole ministries foxhole

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