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Shane Idleman (Christian Courage)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd
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October 20, 2021 5:30 pm

Shane Idleman (Christian Courage)

Janet Mefferd Today / Janet Mefferd

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October 20, 2021 5:30 pm

There is a battle for courage waging all around us. How will Christians respond? I'll talk it over with Shane Idleman, lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship. Plus: An update on those Christian missionaries who are being held hostage in Haiti. And are the unvaccinated to blame for former Secretary of State Colin Powell's death? All that and more on Wednesday's JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

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This archived broadcast of Janet Mefford today is brought to you by Hartford, Lebanon, God is using hard for Lebanon to bring practical assistance and the gospel to the stricken refugee families in Lebanon for a gift of $116 you can give a child in his family survival essentials for four months and the hope of Jesus Christ which lasts forever. Call now 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 there's a banner to, our confidence is in Christ alone has found that 49% of churchgoing evangelicals are back in person at churches that are covert, 19 restriction three and this is a good trend, especially when we consider how hard churches have had to fight in court going back to last year just to stay open to the same degree as abortion clinics or liquor stores.

And while we are thankful for those churches. How many will be ready for the next totalitarian challenge that this pandemic may present what will we do about cancel culture or vaccine mandates if they cause us to lose our jobs. What if big TAC or academia or the government crackdown even harder on Christians, we don't know what the future will hold. But these days the ground is shifting fast and it is hard to know what may be in our future.

One thing is for sure that we are to be people of courage first Corinthian says be on your guard, stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. Are we being courageous as the church of Jesus Christ today were to talk about. It was Shane.

I am, and who is the founder and lead pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship in California and he is out with a new article based on one of his recent sermons.

The battle for courage Hill to die on and it's great to welcome you back Shane, have you been great to be on a been doing good under California like you imagine fighting the good fight of faith in trying to make a difference. Good for you will. Where were proud to have you here and I know we you and I talked quite a bit during the pandemic about courage and you took a stand. Very early on. So you're one of those courageous Christians.

Why do you think that this subject of courage is so important for the church to address right now we could talk about but hard to do.

Yes, you know, courage, and that's what the article really focuses on courage comes from a prepared heart you know the old saying we pray like that. We play like we practice or we fight like we prepare so it's really hard to muster it up if it's not going on internally preparing the heart setting our hearts on Christ and reading God's word being prayed and really courage is an outflow of putting it on inside. So when we see a lot of these churches not being courageous because they're not being filled with God's spirit with the spirit of boldness and encourage yeah what to say.

The battles are right now that require courage from the church I mentioned things like cancel culture and things like the vaccine mandates which are cropping up and people are scared of losing their jobs, are there other issues that you are seen on the horizon or right now happening that require courage from Christians and how are we doing on those fronts. Were you hit on to all but drape your confinement, Southern California and Los Angeles County. So we have a lot of the mandates are being pushed real members of our church from Northrop Grumman to working with the federal government to mass to the school district everyone is being pushed and so a lot of my time is being spent on helping them with the religious exemption letters or talking to their employers and taking a tremendous amount of courage because when you're jobs on the line, not to be people can go from you making a living for nothing within a few weeks the notices there giving them without pay bill put them on leave and so that's why give that sermon on Wednesday night. So many people were encouraged outsourcing if there were sing it on you know, depending on the view on the vaccines.

Of course, differing views, but the pushing and the mandating is absolutely not biblical. And so, standing up for that and really what's big and wide area is the CRT critical race theory the governors wanting that to be taught in the public schools and the big push for the LGBT Q agenda which is just an onslaught. It can really actually be overwhelming if you're if you're not staying reading God's word and broken and humble and filled with the spirit so I would say on all fronts from theology and a strong theological view because a lot of churches are continuing to drift in and you will see if they get caught up in in the CRT and these different things that are really anti-biblical they will start to drift in other areas as well.

So Christians and pastors being courageous and all of these areas while you mentioned a number of very important areas in your right about all of them and I don't think anybody is feeling the pressure is much as is the people on the coasts, particularly California. You know, here I am in Texas and it's not nearly as to accounting as it is in California so God bless you, what would you say is the Christian's response specifically in California to the issue of the vaccine mandates you have people obviously as you mentioned getting religious exemption letters together. Submitting those to their employers. Hopefully they'll be able to have those granted so they can keep their jobs. Is there any organized pushback by Christians in particular against the vaccine mandates or what is the status there yet. I was just out with a large group with Norman Grumman. We met at 430 in the morning till 730 the morning coming up cars parked about a mile long and just people outside and protesting in mom's work for California going to the school district and standing up and making a difference in there is a lot of pushback encourages contagious it really is when you see a man or woman standing up for what is right. I believe the the recent recently. The airline just capitulated, or kbit.

I should say and are not requiring vaccinations for the pilots and so we do see that tipping Amtrak could be next in and so it's it's just that that I think. But the key to what you asked is the truth is going to offend, but our attitude should in other words, I think we can be very bold but very loving and it's the bombastic, prideful, in-your-face, we can really do damage so you have to just to stand courageous and say no to my watch, but she was doing to the children mandating it here in California know about where you're out with all kids in the school districts in California and so you will. This is the beginning we don't know the ramifications long term of this type of a messenger RNA and so it's it's on it's on all fronts to the can get exhausting.

That's why believe it or not, were actually meeting at her church every night next week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday even on Halloween night were just having worship services the entire week evening so people coming from all over to be part about and so just for current encourages contagious and our kids are watching us and if you read the article I talked about courage is caught more than it's because you really can't teach it. Unless you're going to live it and kids are watching how parents are responding to all that's going on. That's right, I think there's so much wisdom in what you said about courage being caught because even they are in California you watched how the churches that stepped out to say we need to be open.

We can't have the government shutting down the church for an extended period of time when it's allowing abortion clinics in liquor stores to be open and that seemed to be a courage that was caught by other churches. They were in bold and they were made more brave because those first Christians were stepping out and and we wind a lot of court cases over time. So that's that's encouraging. When we go to God's word. Shane you you mentioned that there are some examples of a battle plan for being courageous from the book of second Chronicles. Can you speak to that you want and I want to even address we just mentioned, with the courage because all of us were feeling it, but it wasn't to like Jack Hibbs reached out to me and then we got you Rob McCoy was already involved with John MacArthur, all within an hour hour and 1/2 so that was contagious.

As you realize you're not just here it all by yourself. I would and that was very motivating.

Knowing what without those we had one conference call. I don't know hundred and 80 church pastors are California and not very many actually open so we kind of felt like oh no we go to get the momentum going, but you have a battle plan from the thank God.

God doesn't leave us without knowledge of how to handle leasing to. It's very important and I was just looking second Chronicles and I gleaned from that that you prepare your heart. You're one of the key principles in spiritual battle is repairing your heart knowing there's going to be ups and downs.

Knowing the fight is going to be difficult and you build courage by strengthening yourself in the Lord by spending time with his word, obeying his work praying and fasting and worshiping and then you stay focused on that goal. Stay focused on Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to to fill you and I think that's the key ingredient and also we know that one of the kings are second Chronicles of that so many on my find your she won the battle through through worship things Hezekiah when interest worshiping and and just God defeated his armies and so that the position of the heart, which is really the missing ingredient, I'm sure you love in the Bible like I do, the courage of the Old Testament prophets a yes yes no matter what they said they're going to gel or the Guild or something but anyway felt a great way to hang on same will come back to you senile in with us and Janet for today. Stay with us will this is Janet matter for Bible league International area lives in the Middle East and a radical Muslim family. She accepted the invitation of a Christian friend to attend a weekly Bible study and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. She took her Bible study booklet home hiding in her room before her mother found it and gave it to her father. He severely beat young aria and called the authorities to report her as an infidel. I took her to a remote sow when they assaulted her and the Christian friend before letting them go. These two women didn't grow better.

They grew bold and together they seen hundreds come to Christ in the Middle East where Christians are urged to support new believers. You suddenly realize how difficult it is for Christians not just assume go will they will prevent will help send God's word to believers like aria Bible is only five dollars.

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That's 855-402-2229 or there's a pre-born banner took like a Janet 855402 baby you're listening to Janet Medford today and appears to be strong and courageous. We often will turn to various verses about courage when we are feeling a little bit low and those make us feel better because we understand that God is sovereign and he is in control and we belong to him and no matter what happens on this earth, we will look forward to being with him and that's a sure thing. Christ is ruling and raining and he shall reign forever and ever.

And that's a wonderful thing to keep in mind Shane Heilman is with us pastor at Westside Christian Fellowship in California. He's out with a new article based on a sermon that he recently gave called the battle for courage to Hill to die on. We are talking about this issue of courage. You mentioned the Old Testament prophets, which makes me really want to go off on a tangent, but I wanted to write on this subject, but I just love the Old Testament prophet site is so that was good you had a good nerve and that way with me talk about that because boy they had courage, Jeremiah had courage. Isaiah had courage on and on and on. The minor prophets had courage. What can we learn from those Old Testament prophets in our own day will we procure the same desire is exactly what America needs is a prophetic voices that voice crying in the wilderness that voice of God's word is burning in my heart like a like a fire. I can't hold back so the bottom line, what made them so bold, without a shadow of a doubt God's were burning in the heart was because they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

The boldness Comes from surrender likely surrender their entire life to God spirit came upon them, and they were able to speak boldly so that the missing ingredient.

If we think it's been three hours on on Netflix and watch ungodly media be influenced by CNN and then speak boldly to our culture about God's word. We are greatly mistaken, especially pastors who they are all we could tutor to be when they stepped to the pulpit, quoting Koser it's what we fill her mind with in her heart with throughout the week so I think that's the missing ingredient so many. I left out of the Hartford house will not find it, but so many are just fearful capitulating they think Rome 13 means do whatever the government says in you know that the recent surveys are showing good. A lot of them are not spending much time in prayer to busy and so you're too busy for God are too busy and boldness comes from that relationship.

The more filled you are with God spirit. The more time in his word.

The more time with him. Intimacy time alone. The more the more bold you will be just a byproduct of that time with God is seen, it seems very counterintuitive that you would have to advise Christians to do basic things like reading and studying the word of God or praying or fasting or worshiping God or having fellowship with the Lord we gone off the rails that I know this is been true from the beginning of time to God's people will draft and backslide and this is not anything new, but what does that say about the health of the American evangelical scene that we have to see churches horse too scared to open or we see Christians who are not spending time in God's word. A boy they know everything on Instagram what what is ailing us well and you actually have been on the head with, you know, when Israel divided the northern kingdoms experience what 5060 years of financial prosperity and even comfort and in our blessing if we are careful will become a curse because God has blessed us to such a degree that we kind of rested, and that and there it is. It it is challenging to seek God immediate revival spiritual awakening has a cost. The cost of dying to self. The cost of seeking God. The cost was pressing in. The cost is hold used to rebook from 100 years ago they would have prayer meeting they say God finally answered God finally came, we will build heaven, since you know they were there were willing to do what it took to to experience the power presence in their life.

But today it's difficult to have to fight against the flesh of comfort convenient were looking to be pleasing men for the pleasers of God. And the more we unfortunately drift from him and his word. The more cowardly were going to become so quite answered it, but I think that's that's what's happening is it's a rare breed of person who can you just cry out to God, discipline themselves and seek him like never before.

In this type of environment where were affluent and Eve, you got it. We have backup contacts were treated to end up in the underground church in China they would just they would they would be embarrassed at our church services Friday at four in the morning. The meeting for three hours for prayer and being arrested and and so I think the blessings of America has created a kind of incubator for laziness and loneliness of not wanting to present but not using now using the screws being tightened the wheat and the chaffing divided the bowl churches from the passive churches. Now you're seeing what an ugly person. Maybe it's one of the reasons God allowed this current administration versus the last one is just the humble the church even more because were not where the pack prayer meetings where the pack churches were people crying out for more of God right were not there yet. Work work work mad but were not humble or upset but were not broken and were were very arrogant and proud but not very humble and so the gods in the braking process personally right now.

I think that's right. I think you're right about that. It strikes me when I see all these articles every single day and I know you see these two saints where people are talking about what needs to be done to get out of this terrible situation were all in is a nation. I almost never hear somebody say what you're saying which is we need to cry out to the Lord and and you know obviously lost people are necessarily going to suggest that as a solution, but Christians ought to be doing and I don't even see a whole lot Christians doing that which is shocking to me probably bless you and help bring about same drum that our only hope. Right now our only hope. But I have no hope in 2022 2024 one election was rigged the rig more to me. It's my only hope is that I wouldn't spiritual awakening when God rends the heavens and he comes down because he hears the cries of his children is the only option on the table yes and why more people are doing that, you know, I don't really know, but I'm encouraged every Sunday morning at 6 AM.

We open the doors there's between 60 to 100 people become at the 6 AM just work or just we have worship on for an hour and 1/2 ways or services and then you just just just instilling that hunger and I'll show you. You mentioned I forgot to comment on this, but you can gauge spiritual hunger. How hungry are we for the things of God, and it appears not very hungry that that appetite hasn't switched yet but it does strike me when you're talking about getting together every day. As you mentioned next week in opening their doors and you have prayer meeting. Some people are hungry for the things of the Lord.

That's however great revival began engine you know that I know you know that because we talked before about awakening but every church to be doing this and I wonder if you see what is happening in your congregation as something that may spread to other congregations.

As a result yet I do and I don't know the church names of him but different in Tennessee and Kansas City, Florida, Texas, there were you're out and there is a remnant is absolutely been awakened so I'm very encouraged that she actually I know I talk kind of hard times we bollix with the Debbie downer but is actually encouraging because we need a slap in the face. Sometimes we need a wake-up call.

We need to sell me alarm pastors are watchmen not cheerleaders all the time. Watchmen were coaches and and God only God bless you if the majority and so God is looking for those those those starter prayer meeting with 1 to 3 people God and that more than is the mega church down the street that has no fire in the pulpit is living a carnality so that's why my courage is God just God gave me the heart revival.

We talked about this before. 20 years ago, I read all the books on revival.

I love Welsh to Scotland to the New Hebrides and and just there's a passion for that and I don't think that's self-created. I think God gave me and many others that desire so we will begin seeking and dare we say fasting. We got so many people fasting right now at this church is amazing at the thought of magic winder special pill, but fasting is a is a really starving of one appetite to have a greater appetite enough you know to have prayer and fasting is been critical throughout church history now absolutely what what you seen seen you had identified some of those areas where your church and other churches in California and across the country to some degree are all struggling with the vaccine mandate issue and maybe vaccine passports on the road. The Biden administration is talked about the possibility of restricting interstate travel, so who knows if they'll try to come up with mandates for people get on airplanes who knows where this is going to go CRT, the LGBT Q plus movement etc. etc. what do you think that Christians are going to have. To have to have the most courage for the future.

What are you seeing coming down the pike that will require more courage from the church and not less, or that make me think for a minute off the top of my head. I think that we have to cut all these issues head on. I think we have to stand up for those losing their job. At the same time, stand up for the false theology coming to the church at the same time the critical race theory being pushed down our throats. It's it's kind of that that holding the line you got just got it all fight the battle you just hold the line and then and people are crying out for God, believe it or not Wednesday night after the message just open the altar. People couldn't even get to the altar because is already full, and so that hunger is encouraging to God sees that is up the cries of my children is at the heart crying out to me. Think of the few seek and you will find I hold that promise true. So I think we have to hold the line on all fronts. But obviously, everything is a priority. Nothing is so my thought is the the abortion and the theology of the air inerrancy of Scripture and twisting God's word and false gospels coming in and CRT of you. I guess that would be the foundational core and then from that. We can also push against the mandates and the different things. Try to keep creep in, but the battle is the Lord's. We gotta keep in mind as she sex really briefly sinks. I know were going to run out of time here in a few seconds, but you say full surrender is the key ingredient that most Christians are missing that goes back to the basics doesn't it, and I want to clarify that doesn't mean perfection. You know people think if I decide to be perfect no on target.

Like I give you my finances I give you my time. I give you my children I give you my fear.

I give you my doubts.

I Lord I just give you everything I've emptied completely and then watch out because here comes the filling of the Holy Spirit. Now there's a vessel I can useis teachable and moldable in the humble.

I will direct the humble.

If my people, humble themselves and pray and so I think just a matter of just giving God everything thing, Lord, how do you want to use me that he can use you. But the Holy Spirit never fills you powerfully to do your own agenda your own will. Very God well senile is the website.

The battle for courage Hill to die on.

Always great to visit with you Shane God bless you and keep pressing on for the Lord.

It was great to talk to you again and your program is very encouraging for us to keep it up. All right, you got it. God bless you senile men listening to Janet this archived broadcast of Janet for today is brought to you by Liberty healthcare Liberty healthcare is a nonprofit healthcare sharing ministry that allows you to control and manage your own healthcare and choose any doctor or hospital in the nation. If your freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare call now 855-585-4237 or go to liberty, health for more information liberty Janet Mefford today and here's your host Joe never guess I have to say a huge thank you to all of you have been helping us to support hard for Lebanon.

This is a wonderful ministry. We've been telling you about for quite a few years now and we are always honored to partner with them because they truly and literally are doing the Lords work over and Lebanon. As you know, there are many, many refugees, mostly from Syria Muslim background who are in these camps in Lebanon and they are still there. After all of these years with the Syrian civil war raging on.

And boy are they receptive to the gospel and what hard for Lebanon does is provide Christian education for their kids. It's a door opener. They provide survival essentials to these families and they reach out with the love of Jesus Christ. But they do a lot more than that. That's just a door opener.

As I said to sharing Jesus Christ with people who have never heard the gospel before and they are coming to know the Lord like you wouldn't believe. And I don't know about you, but being here in the United States were a lot of times the gospel is hated and if you share the gospel.

They look at you funny like you're not woken off. Boy is this a bomb for my soul to hear about all of these people from a Muslim background believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. For the first time and getting involved in Bible studies there in the camp and also joining churches. It's it's so encouraging. It's just such good news. Over 1200 new believers now are studying the Bible every single week. There is just amazing to think about these people from Muslim background cultures coming in of the Lord and are so excited and of course the need is huge. The need is huge hard for Lebanon is doing what they can. But as we know Lebanon is in serious crisis right now. Food shortages, electricity outages, it's just a disaster of an economy lots of spiraling currency problems black-market exchange rates are what they're all relying on so many, many problems are going on in the nation of Lebanon but the Lord is at work, so we are trying to help 52 families of four.

Receive the survival essentials that they need and also have the opportunity to hear about Jesus for the first time we are about three quarters of the way toward our goal so we here really excited about that. If you would like to participate, we would welcome you to do sell a gift of $116 helps bring a child and his or her family's survival essentials for the next four months and the hope of the gospel, which is eternal.

You can also help by committing to a gift of $29 per month if that's something you can do. Here's the number to call if you're interested, it's 888-247-5499.

Let me give you that number one more time. 888-247-5499 or there is a hard for Lebanon banner to and as always, thank you guys so much for your generosity. It's an eatery going to find out heaven someday what it was. God did with your generous donation so I'm I'm very very grateful.

Thank you so much and thank you to all of you who will continue to help us help these new brothers and sisters in Christ over and Lebanon talk a little bit about this situation with these poor missionaries in Haiti. I'm sure you've heard this story by now 17 missionaries, including a number of children with Christian aid ministries of Ohio has been kidnapped just a couple of days ago and I guess there are some ongoing efforts to try to free them. Now the Christian Post reports that the gang that kidnapped the 17 missionaries while they were on a trip to visit an orphanage in Haiti on Saturday. Once $1 million each for their safe return. It's it's crazy. The justice minister there in Haiti said the demand was made to the country, chief of the Christian aid ministries $1 million per person.

Often these gangs know these demands cannot be met, and they will consider a counter offer from the families and the negotiations can take a couple of days sometimes are a couple of weeks now. Listen to this. They kidnap missionaries include six men, six women and five children, 16 of them are Americans and there's one Canadian citizen and according to Christian aid ministries.

The ages of the adults range from 18 to 48. Some 18 you're on the cusp of being a child yourself. The ages of the children are eight months old three years old six years old 13 years old and 15 years old. This is by the way, if you don't know much about Christian aid ministries, a nonprofit organization wanting to glorify God and help enlarge his kingdom. It's a channel actually for Amish Mennonite and other conservative Anabaptist groups and individuals to minister to physical and spiritual needs around the world. The missionaries were working with this organization when they were taken by the 400 Mahwah so gang this is a gang whose name roughly translates to inexperienced men.

The gang is known for bracing killings for ransom kidnappings and extorting businessmen minister Ron Marx of the heart dunker brethren Church in Michigan told the Detroit News that several members of his church are among the kidnap missionaries. He didn't identify them, but said the youngest child is under 10 can imagine our primary focus.

He said is on God and his providence to bring us through this.

Jen sake the White House press secretary said that while she couldn't reveal the identities of the missionaries for safety reasons, the State Department and the FBI are working together to bring those individuals home safely. I have to say I pray that there will be a safer lease for all of these hostages and I would urge you to earnestly pray for these people as well. I don't have the same reaction that I used to, though, honestly, when the FP since I just don't.

I know that sounds like a downer.

I'm sure they're there working in a in the right way to try to secure the release of these poor people, but they are part of a coordinated government effort to get US citizens involved to safety South continue to keep these people in your prayers as I'm sure they're quite scared and uncertain about the future.

It's a dangerous thing to be a Christian in a lot of places around the globe as we know there are a lot of countries that are very, very dangerous.

Haiti is very unstable after the assassination of its presidents and also an earthquake, and that the it's it's solder now people are calling it a failed nation of failed states South continue to keep these folks in your prayers. Okay, one more thing I want to get to via also by the Christian Post is this new pew research Center study did you hear about this that roughly half of churchgoing evangelical Protestants are now attending worship services in person and without any code 19 related restrictions 49% of evangelical Protestant congregants. Those who say they typically attend services at least once or twice a month say that their churches are open without any coronavirus related restrictions.

That means 51% or not the resumption of in person services appears to be highest among evangelicals. Not surprising 20% of mainline Protestants say their churches are open when you know it's the difference.

I mean you can be woke out on the street on have to go to a PC USA to achieve that. That's crazy 8%. I'm not saying that the PC USA door should be open because I don't think anybody should go into a PC USA by 20% of mainline Protestants say their churches are open so that would include not just the PC USA obviously but the United Church of Christ in the ELCA United Methodist Church. Only 20% are open. Maybe not a bad thing.

The percentage drops two drops to 14% among congregants in the historically black Protestant tradition, and 19% among Catholics 80% of mainline churches are still closed, or I don't.

I don't know what that means exactly that that that's how it's reading in person in person. Services are still rare among all these different categories.

The survey report says among religious attenders, evangelical Protestants, white non-Hispanic Americans and Republicans are considerably more inclined than others to say their congregation should be open without pandemic related restrictions.

It doesn't surprise me should be open without pandemic related restrictions. They should be.

If you want to wear a mask and you have no idea that that mass that you are putting on your face is pretty much doing you no good at all and if you knew anything about what the government has said about those masks, you would already know that where the mask nobody stopping you get a vaccine wear a mask set 16 feet away from the person in front of you and it's all up to you. It doesn't matter, but at some point the church of Jesus Christ needs to keep going.

We need to keep ministering. We need to keep being a safe haven for people who are in distress or depressed or having all sorts of problems due to all the stressors that have become a part of daily life. Because of this pandemic in the supply chain crisis is in helping what is it like 66 ships are still out there.

I read today outside the port of LA Joe Biden was putting this on speed dial. They were to be open 24 seven and everything was gonna be South.

I can't help but think that the previous president and this probably wouldn't be happening under him, probably not. He would fix it. He would find a way to fix it reminds me a little bit of the hostage crisis packed with Carter and his amazing he just couldn't do anything about it until Ronald Reagan came in really come back when we do a little bit more on the reason the media is giving for the covert death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell stay with us and ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single do you pay more than $199 a month. Are you a couple do you pay more than $299 a month.

Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month with Liberty healthcare pretty. Healthcare is a nonprofit ministry insurance so your money goes toward helping other members with their eligible medical expenses and in your time of need. Other members are there for you to, you can feel good knowing your part of a community of like-minded individuals sign up at any time and here your own doctor and hospital find out T. Nance, Liberty call now 855-565-2561 that's 855-565-2561 or Liberty T. The UN has called what's happening in Lebanon. The worst humanitarian crisis since World War II, covert, 19 political upheaval, a crumbling economy and 2 million refugees, children and their families living in poverty and despair. But in the middle of it all, God is at work, more Muslim culture people than ever before are putting their faith and trust in Jesus and through your generous support heart for Lebanon is being used to bring these hurting people from despair to hope a single gift of $116 helps bring a child in their family survival essentials and the hope of the gospel which lasts forever. $348 cares for this family for an entire year.

We have a goal to take over 50 families off the waiting list that desperately need our help. So were hoping you'll be as generous as you can when you call 888-247-5499 888-247-5499 or there so hard for Lebanon thank you you're listening to you as soon as I heard about the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell said. How long will it take how long will it take because he had covered 19 and he had been vaccinated. How long will it take the media blame the unvaccinated for the death of Colin Powell not long how long it was.

It was probably instantaneous but I want to play for you. A portion of an interview that was done over on CNN's Cuomo prime time. I don't know why this guy Chris Cuomo still has a job at CNN, but they don't really care. Obviously who the employee or how incredibly corrupt their anchors are for having done news coverage of their own brothers while their own brothers were doing what former Gov. Cuomo was doing in New York. Anyway, former Trump administration Surgeon General Jerome Adams was on with Chris Cuomo talking about Secretary of State Colin Powell dying of cove 19. Of course Colin Powell had some underlying problems.

He was fighting multiple myeloma, a blood cancer which really affects the immune system so he he had other problems and he was 84 years old and as we know people who have prior health conditions are more sensitive to covered 19 and can have a lot more problems.

That's why a lot of elderly people like to get the vaccine because they will suffer more statistics.statistically.

If they were to contract that this was interesting. This was interesting because Chris Cuomo was asking him to set this up. He said what do you say Jerome Adams about the idea that Powell passing while being vaccinated is proof that the vaccination is not necessary okay will first of all, who is saying the vaccination is not necessary think people of's been saying the vaccination doesn't inoculate you that's that. The argument at any rate, this was Jerome Adams answer one of the loosely true and we got people out there who are in the vaccine resistant grout. We got people who had completely different agendas. Agendas that have nothing to do with vaccines and as you mentioned want to divide us. We really do a lot of people out there who were just prone to react to misinformation just need the correct facts and so to those people out, though, that even the movable metal. I want you to know that there been 7000 breakthroughs S since people been fully vaccinated. Starting about January this year as compared to over 300,000 unvaccinated people who died in this country.


These vaccines work oh breakthroughs we know about 6000 of them reported people over the age of 65 as general how you disproportionate number of them have been people with comorbidities as general how he was someone who was primed for a breakthrough infection is someone who did what he was supposed to do. He got vaccinated, but he proves that we can't just say were only going to protect the borrower only got worry about those people getting vaccinated, and everyone else doesn't matter. We all matter and the fact is that how died because we didn't take the proper measures to lower spread in this country. We didn't do everything that we could and there are just some people out there that can do everything right, but there's going to be in jeopardy if we continue to let this virus run unabated and that is why herd immunity is so important is what we all need to get the facts and then please please hear me, but as general how everyone else out there are doing the right thing.

Please consider getting your vaccine if you haven't yet, might I point out the mainline and that Scott was the fact is that Gen. Powell died because we didn't take the proper measures to lower spread in this country. We didn't do everything that we could so it's a collective problem we we didn't lower this spread in this country and therefore we killed Gen. Colin Powell. I reject that utterly there's a coronavirus going around. Perhaps you should look in the direction of China because China is where this came from and we all know it and at what point will China be paying the price at what point will found she be paying the price.

We already know that Francis Collins is resigning, and he should be paying a price to for all of the gain of function research that are government-funded and lied about at least found she did to Congress.

As Sen. Rand Paul has repeatedly pointed out, it's our fault. Salome's let me see if I get this straight.

Gen. Colin Powell has all kinds of comorbidities.

He gets the vaccine I've read that it's with them a dharna vaccine. He gets them in turn, a vaccine he didn't get the booster shot because of some health complications and he died but he was also talking about the fact that, don't worry about me.

I'm 84, you know these sorts of things 84 years old.

He was 84 years old and he died apparently. I don't know is it from cove made with cove aide who knows but how is it the unvaccinated people's fault in order to make that statement you would need to know who the carrier of cove 19 was who transmitted it to Colin Powell and you have no idea who transmitted cove 19: Powell, nobody does.

Why would you rush to blame the unvaccinated. You could just as well blame someone who is vaccinated for transmitting it to him because we know darn well that you have people 7000 breakthrough deaths of people who are vaccinated fully vaccinated, and these people obviously could have transmitted cove 19 to somebody else. People who currently have covered 19 more fully vaccinated could have transferred it transmitted it.

I should say to: Powell, you know, it's the same thing that I remember happening.

I wrote a blog post about it at the time back during the beginning of the pandemic.

Remember when the media started talking about churches and how churches were super spreader places and and they'd no proof of any of this and they would take one particular case or one particular death and try to link it to the church.

Even though there was no evidence that was Reno available to show that it was the churches falter.

They had some kind of break out or they had some kind of super spreader. They did this repeatedly, and they just lied because they liked the narrative of churches are hotbeds of cove 19 is not true. And I think in some cases, at least the reason that they were perpetuating that narrative was because they didn't want the church is open.

It irritated them.

They don't like Christianity. Lots of people in the media don't like Christianity and they didn't want churches open and they don't like religious freedom, and they don't like to hide and they don't like Jesus Christ right. It's a free country.

Nobody's gonna put a gun to your head and say that you have to be a Christian. Nobody's gonna force you to believe in God or believe that Jesus rose from the dead, you might want to investigate that a little bit because life is short and we know there's a heaven and how and if you die in your sins it will not go well for you. You will be in hell if you die in your sins without Christ forgiveness but be that as it may aegis you got a look at these people and say what are you doing we don't know who gave: Powell Cove at 19 and it is a tragedy that he was 84 and he had other things wrong with himself. It wasn't a case of a five-year-old diner cove 19.

It's not quite the same thing, but now comes the best,, of course, as a headline that says: Powell's death argues for vaccines not against how you too can get a vaccine, and end up like Colin Powell. I'm not really sure.

Here's what they say. Vaccine opponents are seizing on the death of: Powell fully vaccinated, yet died of cove 19 Complications to cast doubt on the vaccination effort against the virus will first of all know that casting doubt on the fact that this vaccine really is in the vaccine as if it were a vaccine, you wouldn't catch the disease right there calling it a vaccine. But it's mRNA technology with Pfizer in the dharna it's not a traditional vaccine. I've never got the measles.

I've never got rubella. I've never gotten polio. I had vaccines for those and they worked. I didn't get any of those diseases. I've not had smallpox.

I've not had tightness, but people who are fully vaccinated for cove 19 are getting it. So it's the unvaccinated's fault. Alright, so they're saying it's a potent argument now: Powell's death to vaccinate is as broadly as possible. How how is how is that an argument for broad vaccination. I don't see that it you can make some kind of statement related to the wisdom of vaccinating the elderly.

And that's fine but I don't think it's an argument for vaccines. Eddie, this is kind of an embarrassment. I would think for people to say no. I was fully vaccinated over what he still died.

I don't know these people are so so predictable that I don't know what to say about some of these people all and this is how they say it at the end from the New York Times, they say, Powell's aging condition, gave him the exceptional high risks that make generalizing about vaccine efficacy, the least accurate in his case and that of many others. Individual protection isn't enough. He needed his many people around him as possible to take extra precautions and be vaccinated to diminish his chances of encountering the virus. What you don't know you don't know nor did you report how many people had personal contact with Colin Powell who were unvaccinated. So until you know the number of those people and until you know whether or not he was somebody who received the transmission of the virus via an unvaccinated person, then you shouldn't be making such claims. I'm tired of narratives. I'm tired of working to make some kind of political point here against the unvaccinated enough with that. This is America get vaccinated.

If the vaccine works then you have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated but you guys know the people who are vaccinated can still get it.

Why don't we just be honest about that and not play political games.

Thanks for being with us here in Janet effort today. Always a delight to have you along, and we hope you'll join us for our next broadcast

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